My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

© 2000-2008 by the author


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Michael broke the kiss for a moment, and holding Jeff's head between his hands, said, "Jeff, I love you so much. So much. I love you so much."

While they smiled at each other through their tears, Jeff got up and closed and locked the door and then fell back into his father's arms.


Chapter 3 

Michael had a full head of dark brown, slightly wavy hair. It had fallen down over his forehead and over one eye. As Jeff climbed back into bed, he propped himself up on one elbow and gently pushed his dad's hair off to the side and out of his eyes.

"Dad, your hair is so soft. It's like baby hair." Tracing his finger lightly over Michael's eyebrows, which arched off appealingly upward to each side, Jeff said, "I know you're tired and you probably should go to sleep now. Would you like to sleep a little while?"

Michael put his hand behind Jeff's neck and pulled his head down on his chest. "Jeff, I don't feel like sleeping now. I know you probably don't understand, but you are the greatest comfort to me right now I could ever have." He began caressing the back of Jeff's neck and across his shoulders.

Jeff held his head tightly against his father's chest, which was slightly damp with perspiration. The warm, heady, masculine smell of Michael's skin against his cheek was almost more than Jeff could bear. He turned his head slightly and kissed Michael's chest and then tasted it with his tongue. He thought, "Can this really be happening? Am I really lying here running my tongue over my dad's skin? His skin is so smooth and it tastes so good."

Jeff could see that his dad had an erection that was bobbing up and down every time he put his tongue on his dad's chest. Jeff began moving his hand down Michael's stomach and could feel the hard ridges of muscle that he had for so long seen and admired on his dad and had yearned to touch. Jeff's erection was now pressing hard against Michael's thigh, and he could feel Michael purposely pressing his leg tighter against it. When Jeff moved his head slightly, Michael released his hand from his neck so that Jeff could move more freely. Jeff ran his tongue down the whole length of Michael's stomach and into his navel. At the same time, Michael moved his hand down Jeff's back and began lightly caressing his ass cheeks.

Michael said, "Your buns are just like a baby's bottom. They are just as nice and silky feeling and firm as they were when you were a baby. I used to feel them when I would change your diapers."

They both chuckled a little, and Jeff said, "You'll have to let me feel yours, too. They always looked pretty smooth and firm to me, too."

As Jeff brought his tongue all over Michael's stomach and into his pubic hair, he cupped his father's balls in his hand. Michael said, "Jeff, your tongue on my skin feels so good. It makes me feel so relaxed." As Michael then ran his finger into Jeff's ass crack and over his asshole, he said, "Now, this is something I didn't do when you were a baby. But I sure did wipe a lot of shit off that little pink asshole of yours."

Jeff finally turned his head and looked up at Michael and said, "Dad would you mind if I kissed your penis? I know it isn't the same, but even the president of the United States had his penis kissed." Jeff didn't mention it, but he remembered what an explosive experience it was when Jake sucked him off. Because of that, he was sure that his dad would love it, too, if he hadn't already been given a blow job by someone else.

Michael smiled and said, "Jeff, I want you to do whatever you want to do. It's so wonderful to have you with me like this."

Jeff moved his tongue down through the mass of black pubic hair to the base of his dad's hard penis. Then he slowly brought his tongue up along the top side of the penis and onto the head, which was dripping with pre-cum. The feel and the taste of this semen was so good. Then slowly, he sucked in as much of his dad's penis as he could, just like Jake had done. He tried to imitate the great tongue action that Jake had performed on him. But soon, Michael put his hand on Jeff's head and said, "Be careful! I'm getting pretty close!" Jeff lifted his head, stretching out a long string of semen running from his lips to his dad's pee hole.

Jeff wasn't really sure he wanted his dad to cum in his mouth, anyway. He always ate his own cum and loved it, but he wasn't so sure about someone else's. At the same time, though, the thought of eating his dad's thick cum was terribly exciting to him. With Michael's encouragement, Jeff then brought his tongue down over his dad's balls. The ball sack was so wonderfully soft with it's slightly salty and sweaty taste. Michael was quietly groaning with pleasure, as Jeff sucked each ball separately into his mouth.

Jeff had always been attracted to Michael's legs. They were moderately muscular, but beautifully shaped. They were very tan and covered with a light layer of soft light brown hair-almost blond hair. Jeff scooted down and began sucking on the skin and hair of Michael's inner thighs. Michael instinctively spread his legs and bent them slightly at the knee. The thrill of going over his dad's legs with his tongue almost gave Jeff an orgasm without even touching his penis.

Suddenly, Michael said, "Come on up here, Jeff. Please." Jeff stretched out, bringing his head up even with Michael's. Michael grabbed Jeff's head with both hands and began to violently kiss him on the mouth. His tongue searched wildly every recess in Jeff's mouth. Then he went almost wild and started licking Jeff's face—his lips, his nose, his eyes. Then his chin and cheeks and ears. Jeff felt like he was about to go over the edge into some kind of other world with the feel of his dad's tongue and saliva all over his face. Then Michael rolled Jeff over on his back and began giving him a total tongue bath—down his arms, his chest, under his arms, his stomach, his hips and pubic hair. Then running his tongue up and down the underside of Jeff's shaft, his balls and down the legs. His tongue went so lightly over the hair on Jeff's legs that it tickled erotically to the point where he called out for his dad to stop, which he didn't.

Michael told Jeff to roll over on his stomach. He then tongue bathed him up the back of the legs and into Jeff's ass crack. Jeff raised his hips in such a way that his dad could get his tongue down deeper into his ass. Then he could feel the rapid swiping of his dad's tongue over his asshole, as well as the pressure when his dad tried to enter.

Jeff rolled over on his back again and pulled Michael down on top of him. Their hard penises were pressing against each other. Michael, with his face only inches from Jeff's said, "Jeff, I just can't help this. I hope this isn't bothering you. I have this to say to you. I love you, Jeff. For a long time I've wanted so much to have you as my lover. I really am sorry if this is upsetting to you. I just can't help it." Not letting Jeff say a word, Michael went on. "And don't say that I am doing this because I am upset over my dad's death." His voice began to chock. "My love for you and my love for your body has nothing to do with my dad's death. It has everything to do with just you and me. I want us to be lovers, Jeff."

Tears began running down Michael's cheeks, and Jeff kissed his face wildly, licking up his dad's salty tears as fast as he could. In spite of Michael's denials, Jeff knew that the shock of Ol' Ben's death had likely had a big effect on his dad's emotional state of mind. This was a time when Michael needed all the love anyone could give him, and he just couldn't prevent all of his feelings of love for Jeff to come pouring out. It was what Jeff had long wanted, and he secretly thanked Ol' Ben for this last great favor.

"Dad, from this moment on, we ARE lovers. You said everything to me that I wanted to say to you. I always wanted to taste your skin and feel the contour of your body, and have it warm and moist pressed against mine. The weight of your body on mine is what I dreamed of so often."

As Michael was lying on top of Jeff, he began to hump so his penis was rubbing along the side of Jeff's penis. Jeff told him to stop. He said he wanted to get his dad off with his mouth. "It will be my first time, Dad. And I always wanted my first time to be with you."

Michael said, "I would love that, Jeff. But you can pull off when I tell you I'm cumming."

"No, Dad, I want to take it all. I really want to taste your sperm. It's important to me."

Jeff scooted down and plunged his mouth over his dad's hard penis and started vigorously sucking.

"Slow down, Jeff. Take it easy. You'll find it not so tiring if you go slow, and it will also make it last longer for me. When you get done, I'll show you myself.

Jeff slowed down to a more even pace. As he sucked, he ran his hand up and down his dad's legs. The feel of the contour of his legs was so erotic. After about five minutes, Michael's legs began to tense up, his breathing became faster, and he was beginning to buck his hips. Jeff could feel his dad's penis get larger and harder in his mouth. Then suddenly Jeff could feel his dad's penis begin throbbing powerfully and filling his mouth with sweet tasting cream. Michael let out a loud yell as he was coming. Jeff remembered hearing that yell many times at home from his mom and dad's bedroom at night. Jeff was forced to swallow most of his dad's cum, but he kept a good deal of it in his mouth, moving it around with his tongue so its marvelous taste could continue as long as possible. To Jeff it tasted so much better than his own sperm.

Michael's head fell back on the pillow, and he lay there panting for a few moments while gently caressing Jeff's leg, which was stretched out close to his head. Jeff continued to suck on his dad's penis, even as it was deflating.

"Dad, from now on I want to take all of your cum. Whenever you want to cum, I want to be there to take it."

Jeff rolled over on his back, and Michael got up on his haunches between his legs. He began fondling Jeff's balls and would lean over and give Jeff's penis little kisses and lick off the drool of pre-cum running out of it. Each time he would lightly kiss the head, Jeff's penis would jump. But soon, his hard penis had been sucked deep into his dad's mouth. As Michael slowly brought his lips up and down over the shaft, he continued to fondle Jeff's balls. Then very slowly, he moved his hand down under Jeff's ass cheeks and into the crack. As he continued to suck Jeff's penis and swirl his tongue around it, Michael gently pressed a finger into Jeff's asshole. Jeff let out a yelp. Michael just held it there for a minute until Jeff became a little more comfortable with it. Then he slowly pushed it deeper and deeper into Jeff's rectum.

Jeff found the feeling of his dad's finger in his asshole so wonderful that he could feel his orgasm building just as it had when Jake gave him his first blow job. Michael pulled off of Jeff's penis for just a moment so he could ask him if his finger was making him too uncomfortable. But at that moment, Jeff let out an agonizing groan and shot a huge load of sperm right into his dad's face. Michael was surprised that he hadn't felt any warning, but he just kept his face where it was so that every one of the long ropes of thick while cum from his son's penis would cover his face. As the cum dripped down into Michael's mouth, he lapped it up eagerly. He wiped off as much as he could with his fingers and ate it. Then he told Jeff to lick the rest of it off his face. Jeff took hold of his father's head and licked his face as vigorously as he would an ice cream cone.

Jeff and Michael finally collapsed stretched out next to each other, both playing idly with each others soft penises. Jeff said, "Dad, how did you think my sperm tasted? Did you like it?"

"Jeff, I can say it is the best sperm I have ever tasted. If you want to eat all of my sperm from now on, then you'll have to let me eat all of your sperm. Deal?"

Jeff rolled over against Michael and they kissed very deeply for a long time. Michael then asked, "Was my finger in your asshole very uncomfortable?

Jeff replied, "At first it was, but I soon hardly felt it."

Michael said, "The best orgasms I have are when I have something up my ass. We'll try something more than just one finger next time."

"What? How about now?"

"Jeff, I think I would really like to take a rest now. Why don't we both go to sleep right here together?"

Michael and Jeff awoke suddenly with a loud knocking on the door. Jeff jumped up and opened the door to find Enrique very agitated. He had gone to sleep in his room, but was awakened by gravel that was being thrown at his window. It was 5:30 in the afternoon, and the gravel thrower was Jake wanting to know what he and the others were supposed to do for supper.

Enrique had always prepared the meal for the ranch hands before he made supper for Ol' Ben. But today, he was so distraught over Ol' Ben's death, he had gone to his room and fallen asleep.

Jeff told him to come in and sit down. He got dressed quickly and went into the pantry to see if there was anything that could be fixed for the men in an emergency. He found dozens of cans of stew and of baked beans, a great number of packages of frozen wieners, bacon and other packages of a great variety of meat in the freezer. Jake saw Jeff through the kitchen window and knocked on the door. Jeff let him in and told him that Enrique was too upset to do anything about supper.

Jeff said, "I can either throw a dozen cans of stew in a pot and heat it up, or I can put a pile of wieners in a pot of water and boil them up. We have plenty of bread and mustard and ketchup. We also have about five gallons of milk. I don't know how to cook otherwise, so you guys will have to settle for something that I can just heat up in a pot."

Jake said, "Just boil up the wieners, kid. We'll make do with that okay. How's your old man? I know it's tough on him. You know, I gotta talk to him pretty soon because we gotta know what his plans is about this place. You know—what about us? We gotta know something. I know we're all gonna get fucked out of our jobs, but I hope Michael will remember some of us from the old days and give us something to live on till we can find another job."

Jeff, unwrapping several packages of wieners and throwing them into a big pot of water, said, "Jake, my dad is pretty shaken up right now. But I know he's now the one who's got to take care of everything, so I'm sure he'll talk to you about it tomorrow morning. I'll ask him to."

Jake stepped up to Jeff and smiled. "I know you'll do everything you can to get your dad to help us, Jeff." Grabbing hold of Jeff's crotch, he said, "If you want more blow jobs, just ask, buddy. There's nothing like a good blow job to make a fucker forget his troubles!"

"I'll keep that in mind. And by the way, I don't think I ever did tell you what a great time you gave me that time in the shower. It was my first time, you know."

Meanwhile, in Jeff's room, Michael and Enrique were having a conversation. Enrique was asking what was going to happen to him. Michael replied that he didn't know what was going to happen to anybody who worked on the ranch. He suggested that, although all of the others would need to go out and find their own employment, perhaps Enrique could be placed with a willing family, possibly in Goliad or Victoria. Enrique started to cry and Michael told him to come over to the bed where he hugged and kissed the boy.

Jeff came back to the room announcing that he had a big pot of wieners cooking in the kitchen for the men, and that they seemed to be alright with that. Enrique ran over to Jeff and threw his arms around him and, sobbing, said, "You told me I would never be sent away when the ranch was sold." Choking on his tears, he gasped, "Please, Jeff I want to stay with you. Don't send me away."

Michael looked at Jeff questioningly, and Jeff merely said, "Dad, I'll explain all that to you later. It's complicated. Please, I can't talk about it now."

Michael and Jeff slept fitfully throughout the night in each other's arms. Jeff rose early and went down to the kitchen at about 5:30 and met Jake at the kitchen door. "Well, Jake, since you had the wieners last night for supper, it's either the canned stew or the baked beans for breakfast. What's it going to be?"

Jake opted for the stew.

Michael spent the morning arranging for Ol' Ben's funeral in Goliad, and for his burial in the town cemetery in the old Walker family plot. He also decided to turn the place over without any delay to a real estate broker to sell the property as soon as possible—as is—with no improvements. In the afternoon, Michael visited the bank of Goliad to see what loans and mortgages Ol' Ben had outstanding and what cash there was on hand. When he returned to the ranch later in the afternoon, he looked for Jake and found him in the cow barn. The two of them sat down in the hay, and Michael informed Jake that he was going to shut down the operation immediately and sell the livestock for whatever he could get for it. The sale of the land, the buildings, and the machinery and equipment would be handled by a realtor, and would most likely be sold at auction. He told Jake that there was enough cash on hand to pay all the hands two weeks wages starting the next day, and that everyone should pack up his gear and head on out. If they want a place to sleep, they'll be welcome to stay in the bunkhouse for those two weeks.

Jake's hard, leather-like face started to change, and tears began to fill his eyes. Looking down at the hay beneath his feet, he said, "I drifted in here when you was five years old, Michael—around forty years ago. I don't know nothin' else. Your daddy was a tough old bastard to work for, but he kept me on, even when I made mistakes. I like to think I helped raise you, Michael. Remember all the great times we had over yonder shootin' them fuckin' rabbits and quail? You was a great shot when you finally learned to do what I told ya."

"Ya, I remember. Those days were some of the greatest."

"Hey, have you ever had a blow job as good as I used to give you? And remember when we jerked our dicks off and you shot your load for the first time in your life?"

"Jake, the first time is always the best, you know that."

"I taught ya a lot, didn't I Michael."

Jake reached over and patted his hand on Michael's cock. "Hey, how 'bout a little suck just for old time, Michael? You'd enjoy me doin' that again, wouldn't you?"

"Oh, I don't know, Jake. It's getting pretty close to supper time."

Jake started to rub the growing bulge in Michael's pants. "This will be the last time it will ever happen. And you're never gonna see me again." Sounding almost like a pleading little boy, he said, "Please, Michael."

Michael smiled and leaned back on the hay and put his hands behind his head. Jake, slowly undid Michael's belt and pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees.

Jake looked at Michael's penis standing up hard and rigid and said, "I remember when you didn't have a single hair around your little one-inch cock. Now you got a hard-on at least seven inches long with big luscious balls and a big bush of hair. The last time we did this, Michael, was when you went off to that college, remember?"

Jake took off his shirt. He liked to be naked or nearly naked when he gave blow jobs. He knelt down between Michael's legs and slowly lowered his mouth on Michael's waiting penis. He said, "Michael I want you to tell me if you remember the special way I always sucked you off. You always told me my tongue action was the secret."

The whole experience was turning out to be every bit the same as Michael remembered it from years before. Jake's tongue was indeed a magic instrument. Just as he remembered doing years before, he would give Jake a slight signal with his hand when Jake was to slow down and make it last. Over the next ten minutes, Michael gave the signal to slow down at least five times. He was beginning to sweat profusely and could feel his entire body tingling with each rising and then subsiding pre-orgasmic feeling. He became so frantic with desire, he started shouting, "Suck me, Jake. Suck me, Jake."

Suddenly, the barn door creaked open and there stood Jeff. He was shirtless with only his boots and a pair of shorts. Michael was so close to cumming that the sight of Jeff looking on sent him over the edge. As he shot his load into Jake's mouth, he yelled that yell he always did when he was cumming. Jeff's penis became as hard as a rock, and he rushed over and lay down next to his father and watched the look of total abandon on his face that one always has when one is going through an orgasm. Jeff then begged Jake to take him also.

After Jake sucked Michael dry, he switched immediately over to Jeff's penis. Michael wanted to lean over and kiss Jeff on the lips, but did not want Jake to see that there was that kind of a relationship between him and Jeff.

Jake asked if his tongue felt as good on Jeff's penis as it did the last time, and Jeff said, "Better!" Michael looked at Jeff and said, "Ah, I see you have, yourself, come under Jake's spell before. His blow jobs are hard to beat."

Jeff began to stiffen up and moan loudly, then yelled, I'm cumming, you cocksucker, and blew his load into Jake's waiting mouth. Jake didn't swallow it immediately, he rolled it around in his mouth and let some of it dribble out and run down his chin.

As Michael and Jeff lay side by side with their pants down at their ankles and their penises rapidly collapsing, Jake asked them if they would please stay right there while he jacked off in front of them. He took off all his clothes and sat leaning against a post with his legs apart. He had a magnificent physique for a sixty-year-old man and a cock which was clearly at least eight inches long. As he stroked, he looked at Michael and Jeff and asked them both to strip down completely naked. He said it would give him such pleasure to jack off and shoot his load for the last time on the ranch while looking at the two of them, father and son, lying naked before him.

As Jake stroked, Jeff reached his foot in between Jake's legs and tickled his balls with his big toe. As soon as he started doing that, Jake stiffened up and started bucking and let our a yowl as he shot great long ropes of hot thick white sperm all over Jeff's leg, from which, when he was finally done, he lapped up every drop.

Michael finally said, "My God, how could the afternoon have ended in a more special way?" He turned to Jeff, and said, "Since I now know that you had been favored with Jake's talents before this, I have to tell you, to give Jake even more credit, that he and I were special buddies when I was growing up down here on the ranch, and it was with Jake when I first masturbated successfully, and it was Jake who, from the day I turned fifteen, showed me the joys of being given blow jobs." Jake smiled broadly and felt that there could have been no parting tribute to him more fitting than that.

Since it was time to get the supper meal going, they quickly got their clothes back on and hurried back to the house.

Enrique was in the kitchen doing his best to resume his duties as the cook. The meal he prepared for the men was judged passable, but not one of his best efforts. After he cleaned up, Enrique went into the living room and turned on the TV set.

Michael and Jeff each took a bottle of beer and went out on the back step to talk. Michael soon suggested that they take a walk over to the ridge by the creek that ran through the property. He hadn't visited that part of the ranch since he was a child. They sat down on the edge of the creek, and Michael told Jeff, "It was just about on this spot where old Jake used to suck my cock when I was a little kid. I thought he was so young and good looking then, but he's so worn down and tired looking now."

After a short silence, Jeff said, "Dad, about Enrique . . . "

I know Jeff, we're going to have to find a family who'll take him in. He's too young to fend for himself."

"No, Dad, let me finish. You know that Marta died shortly after Enrique was born, and Ol' Ben and your mom took him in and raised him. Had you ever heard who Enrique's father was?"

"No, but I figured it was some other migrant who knocked her up and then disappeared."

"Dad, Ol' Ben was Enrique's father."

Michael looked at Jeff with disbelief in his eyes. Then he got up and walked over to the ridge. Looking back toward the house, he said slowly, "That fucking old son-of-a-bitch. Why didn't I ever know?"

Jeff stood up and said, "Everyone on the ranch knew because he admitted it and told everyone that Enrique was his little 'love child.' Come on back here, Dad, and sit down. I have something else I have to tell you." Michael returned and sat down where he had been earlier and waited for the next shoe to drop.

"Dad, there is something else that I know you're going to hear about before we leave here. Ol' Ben was using Enrique for his sexual pleasure." Michael put his head in his hands. "He was fucking Enrique almost every night and going all over the place telling everyone what a tight little asshole Enrique had. And Enrique knew that everyone knew, and would tell everyone that he loved Ol' Ben."

Michael looked up. "Does Enrique know that Ol' Ben was his father."

"I don't think so. Everybody says Ol' Ben made a point not to tell him, and he warned everyone else not to tell him."

Jeff moved close to his dad and kissed him on the cheek and whispered, "Let's go back to the house. It'll be dark soon." Without speaking, they walked back with their arms around each other's waists.

Ol' Ben's funeral service was to be held in the morning at ten o'clock at Bleeker's funeral home in Goliad, followed by a grave-side service. Only Michael, Jeff, Enrique, and a handful of Ol' Ben's acquaintances from some of the feed and farm machinery stores where he did business attended the service at the funeral home. Since Jake and the other ranch hands didn't own any clothes decent enough to be worn in a funeral parlor, they were asked to attend only the grave-side service. Jake was the only one of them who actually owned a tie, and he wore it on his least worn out blue denim work shirt.

Jake arrived at the cemetery with his men in the back of a truck. He immediately apologized. "I have to beg your pardon for this bunch of fuckers. I know they look like a bunch of garbage dump dogs, but at least I got 'em to take a bath this morning."

Jeff had earlier searched through Enrique's clothes, and quickly discovered that Ol' Ben had never given him very many nice things to wear. The best he could find was a white short sleeved shirt with a collar and a pair of white short pants. The best shoes he had were a pair of athletic shoes-the kind that made his feet look like they were encased in huge parade floats. When Jeff saw him all dressed in white contrasted with his beautiful dark skin, he couldn't resist going over to him and hugging him very hard and kissing him several times on his arms and neck and cheeks. Enrique stood out like a small angel at the gravesite amidst those bunk house denizens who had come to pay their respects.

The minister began, "Man, that is born of a woman, hath but a short time to live, and is full of misery. He cometh up, and is cut down, like a flower; he fleeth as it were a shadow, and never continueth in one stay. In the midst of . . . ."

Jeff stood next to Enrique with his arm draped loosely around Enrique's waist. Those white pants were far too big for the boy, and as the minister spoke, Jeff found his hand slipping down inside of the waist band in the back. To his surprise, Enrique had not put on any underwear, and Jeff's hand could easily slip down between Enrique's soft, yet firm, little cheek buns. His forefinger found the famous little rose-bud asshole and slowly entered as they watched Ol' Ben's body being lowered into the ground. The minister intoned his final words.

"Unto Almighty God we commend the soul of our brother Benjamin Walker departed, and we commit his body to the ground; earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, in sure and certain hope of the Resurrection unto eternal life, our Lord Jesus Christ; at whose coming . . . ."

Enrique pressed himself tighter against Jeff, and tears began to roll down his cheeks.

Jeff said, "Enrique, I'm sorry, am I hurting you?"

Enrique tried to wipe the tears from his eyes and looked up at Jeff. "Could I sleep with you tonight? Please. I want to be with you so badly now that I can't be with Ol' Ben no more."

"Why do you want to sleep with me? You have your own bed."

"I want you to do what you are doing right now. But I want you to do it with your cock like Ol' Ben did for me."

The very thought of having this sweet, lovely boy lying naked next to him in bed made Jeff very hard. He could think of nothing else for the rest of the service. As dirt was finally thrown upon the casket, the ranch hands climbed back into the truck to be transported back to the ranch, and after Michael gave the minister a twenty dollar bill with his thanks, he, Jeff, and Enrique drove away.

It was now early afternoon, and once back at the ranch, Michael and Jeff decided to go through all of Ol' Ben's personal belongings and pack up those items that should be kept by the family. All of the furnishing in the house would be sold at auction later. The long task of meticulously going through all of Ol' Ben's papers and memorabilia lasted most of the afternoon. They eventually came to a large cardboard box at the bottom of one of his bureau drawers that contained seemingly hundreds of 8 by 10 inch glossy photographs. It was a pornographic collection of unimagined proportions. Most of the photographs pictured Ol' Ben himself in every kind of sexual situation one could imagine. Michael and Jeff looked at the pictures one by one open-mouthed and in stunned silence.

There were a number of pictures of Ol' Ben fucking Enrique in various positions, as well as Enrique both sucking Ol' Ben's penis and eating out his asshole. There were also a number of photographs of three, four, five, and even six men and women, including Ol' Ben, having sexual orgies of every kind. There were several photographs of Ol' Ben and two of the ranch hands that Jeff recognized when he had taken the shower with them some weeks before. Neither one, however, was the infamous Joseph. One of them was the beautiful young twenty-five year old who was the first to fuck Joseph that time in the shower. He and the other ranch hand were fucking and being fucked and were sucking cock. Jeff and Michael could hardly believe what they were looking at.

Near the bottom of the box were two photographs that neither Michael nor Jeff would have believed if they hadn't seen the picture themselves. They were pictures of Michaels older brother, Jared and Ol' Ben. In one of them Ol' Ben was holding Jared's legs in the air and fucking him in the ass. In the other, Jared was sucking Ol' Ben's penis. Michael collapsed in a chair and just said over and over, "I can't believe this. Jared and I used to jack off together a lot, but he never gave any signs that he liked to do this sort of thing. In fact, he always rejected the advances of Jake."

Jared had gone off to college two years before Michael did, and after graduation, had married and had a son and a daughter. Michael had never had any indication that his brother was interested in the least in being fucked or giving blow jobs.

As they were looking at the pictures, Enrique came into the room. Noticing the pictures, he saw the ones of Jared and Ol' Ben and said, "There were some pictures of Jared fucking me, too, but Ol' Ben let Jared have them."

Michael closed up the box and put it aside with the other things that he was going to take home with him. Enrique departed for the kitchen to start dinner, and Jeff said he was going to take a little walk outside. He went directly to the showers where the crew was taking their late afternoon shower. He spotted the young man who was in the picture with Ol' Ben and called him aside before he went into the shower stall. He learned that his name was Corky.

Jeff tried to act as nonchalant as possible. "Corky, I know that you have had some activity with Ol' Ben—you know, sexual activity. We're trying to clean out his stuff and we noticed that he had some pictures of you and him that you might like to have. We haven't got them all sorted yet, but why don't you come on into the house after supper and we'll dig them out for you."

Corky said, "Yeah. Uh, uh, I'm not sure what pictures you're talkin' about." Jeff could tell that Corky knew exactly what pictures they were.

This was going to be the last night they would stay in the house. In the morning, those items that would not be sold would be packed in both Michael's car, as well as in Ol' Ben's car that Jeff would drive, and the house would be locked up.

At about eight o'clock, Corky arrived at the door. Jeff and Michael brought him into Ol' Ben's room and opened the box. Most of the pictures spilled out onto the bed, and Jeff sorted through them to find the one's with Corky.

Corky's eyes seemed to pop out of his head as he looked at all the wild pornography before him. Jeff looked down and could see that Corky's cock was like a rock extending down the left leg of his jeans. Finally Jeff found the one with Corky. But Corky looked puzzled.

"Where's the one of me fucking Enrique?"

Jeff though, "My God, Enrique's little hole must be like the Holland Tunnel! Is there no one but me who hasn't fucked him?"

He said, "Corky, Michael and I and Enrique are leaving tomorrow for good. I was wondering if you would like to spend the night here with us—just for this last night."

"Sure! Golly! Sure!" It was obvious Corky was ready to play. Just then Enrique came into the room. Corky saw him and said, "Hey, ya little fucker, how ya doin? I'm gonna spend the night here with you guys. Ain't that somethin'?" Enrique's eyes lighted up at the idea.

Jeff went into his own room where Michael had already climbed into bed. "Dad, I think this should be a big night for all of us. It's going to be the last night the Walker family will ever spend in this house."

Michael nodded and said, "I agree with you Jeff, let's let the good times roll, as someone said. Where is that ranch hand, Corky. He sure looks like he could be the life of the party."

"Dad, I left him in Ol' Ben's room with Enrique."

"Well, Jeff, we had better go in and rescue him."

When they arrived, they found Enrique on his back on Ol' Ben's bed, with Corky holding his legs in the air and pumping his hard nine-inch cock into Enrique's ass hole. They both seemed oblivious to Michael and Jeff. Enrique was moaning, "Push harder! Push harder!"


Corky was growling, "I'm gonna rip your fuckin' asshole open and jam my fuckin' cock so far up it's gonna come outta your fuckin' mouth!"

Michael was standing there naked and Jeff literally ripped his own clothes off and jumped on the bed behind Corky and tried to tongue-fuck him. But Corky was pounding Enrique too fast and Jeff couldn't get his mouth close to Corky's asshole. Michael reached into the bed table drawer and found a dildo and some Vaseline and handed it to Jeff. Jeff jammed it into Corky's asshole and Corky let out a yell and then started purring like a kitten. Jeff kept fucking Corky's ass very vigorously with the dildo, and both Enrique and Corky were moaning.

Michael couldn't stand anymore of this, and jumped on the bed and straddled his hips over Enrique's face with his own ass facing back toward Corky. As he continued to fuck Enrique, Corky leaned forward slightly and was able to get his tongue into Michael's asshole, while Michael had his own hard penis in Enrique's mouth. Jeff then put his head down on the bed next to Enrique's ass and was able to lick around his asshole while Corky's hard penis was steam engining itself in and out of the hole. At the same time, Jeff was jacking himself off, and Enrique was likewise jacking off.

It was still late August, and the weather was still hot, humid, and sultry. The four partners on Ol' Ben's bed were dripping with sweat. Jeff's face was covered with sweat that was dripping off of Corky's balls and crotch. Suddenly, Michael said he was cumming. He pulled out of Enrique's mouth and shot great streams of hot sperm all over Enrique's chest and stomach. Just then, Enrique started to have his orgasm and cried out "My penis is shooting cream!" and his sperm also shot onto his stomach, flowing into the pools of Michael's sperm. Corky started pounding Enrique's little asshole harder and harder and grunting louder and louder. He then just in time pulled out of Enrique's asshole and shot his load of thick white sperm over Enrique's penis and on to his stomach, enlarging the pool of creamy white sperm even more. Jeff then got up on his knees next to Enrique and let go, with a loud yell, four or five long streams of thick sperm that looked like liquid paste. It literally splashed into the virtual lake of hot white cum on Enrique's stomach.

Michael, now off of Enrique, leaned over and buried his face in the pool of sperm and took a good mouthful. Then Jeff did the same, and Corky also went down. With sperm smeared on their faces, each of them leaned down to kiss Enrique and transfer the sperm in their mouths into Enrique's mouth. By the time they had each done that, Enrique's face was covered with white sperm, and it was drooling out of the side of his mouth down his cheek.

Everyone on the bed was totally spent and lay completely exhausted. After resting for about a half hour, Corky seemed to be revived and rolled Jeff's dad over and proceeded to eat out his asshole. Then Michael said, "Fuck me, Corky. Really fuck me. And Jeff, come up here and sit on my face while I'm getting fucked. I want to suck on your balls and on your asshole." Jeff lowered his crotch onto his dad's face, with himself facing down so that he could see Corky's cock going in and out of his dad's asshole. Jeff could feel his dad's tongue forcing its way into his own asshole and the feeling was so wonderful. Suddenly Corky stiffened up and pulled out of Michael's asshole and shot another big load onto his stomach. This time, Enrique leaned over and sucked all of Michael's sperm into his mouth.

Jeff had never seen his dad getting fucked. He watched intently and could tell how much his dad loved it. Michael had a look on his face like he was oblivious to everything around him. Jeff had never fucked anyone and had never been fucked. That was something he looking forward to, but he wanted his first time to be with his dad when they were alone.

Soon, all were sound asleep. It was now 3:00 a.m. and all seemed well with the world.

To be continued...


Posted: 08/22/08