My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

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The sounds from the next room, as well as the image of little Enrique getting fucked, brought Jeff into full erection. There was only one thing to do. When he finally had his own orgasm and shot his sperm onto his stomach, he purposely made a groan that he hoped Ole Ben could hear. Then he lay back and started to contemplate what this summer was going to be like. In another week, his dad would be coming down to the ranch for a few days to discuss the pending sale and the expenditures that will be needed to bring the old place into salable condition. Soon, Jeff fell sound asleep.

Chapter 2 

Jeff awoke the next morning to the sound of a clanging dinner bell behind the house. It was still dark, with just a hint of red in the east. The sun was just about to show itself. The windows were open and the smell of bacon wafted in enticingly. Jeff had been told to put on his work clothes today since there were some pretty nasty chores awaiting him.

It was truly a hearty country breakfast, prepared in great quantity by Enrique. Bacon, eggs, cereal, fruit, and fried potatoes. Jeff was impressed. Ol' Ben gulped down two large helpings of everything. Enrique went about his kitchen chores without a word to anyone, not even a good morning to either of them. Both he and Ol' Ben acted as though nothing had happened the night before. Jeff kept looking at one and then the other trying to see whether there was any hint of emotion or other sign on their faces or in their demeanor of what went on between the two of them that night.

Ol' Ben finished up his plate, leaned back in his chair, and sent forth a huge rolling belch. Jeff wasn't used to this kind of behavior. His dad, Michael, Ol' Ben's own son, would never tolerate that sort of thing at the table.

Finally Ol' Ben said, "Young man, you're going to work with Jake, my Foreman, today. He'll give ya a good workout. Are ya up to it?"

Jeff nodded tentatively, having no idea what kind of rough labor he was in for.

"C'mon Jeff, let's go and I'll introduce you."

It was about six-thirty and the sun was already hot enough to produce a good sweat without ever lifting a finger. Nine rather scruffy looking individuals were lounging around on the ground outside the bunk house. Joseph, the ranch hand, who Jeff met the day before, sat looking at him with a sneering smile on his face.

"Jake," said Ol' Ben, " This here's my grandson Jeff, Michael's son. Put him to work on whatever needs to be done." Then leaning in close to Jake, he said in a low voice, "Keep an eye on him, will ya. I don't trust some of these other sons-a-bitches. He ain't exactly used to life on the ranch."

Ol' Ben departed for the house, and Jake stayed seated on the ground saying:

"Sit down, kid, I ain't ready to git to work yet."

Jeff asked, "When do you normally start work every morning?"

"Whenever I git good and ready, and I ain't ready."

"I understand that the ranch is going to be sold sometime. What are you guys going to do?"

"Shit, man," Jake retorted, "who the fuck cares? That old fart what owns this place sure don't give two fucks what happens to us.

"But maybe the new owners will keep you on," said Jeff.

"Listen kid," said Jake leaning close to Jeff. "Do you know who the new owner's gonna be? It ain't gonna be no rancher. Remember that highway you came down on the bus? That's the northern property line for this ranch. On the other side of the highway, a fuckin' housing development is goin' in. Then on this property across the road , you wait and see. There'll be big fuckin' shopping centers and motels and all that shit goin' in. This whole ranch is just one big pile of horse shit, bull shit, and cow shit. It's gonna be broken up piece by piece and sold to those fuckers for their big fuckin' ass developments. You think that fuckin' grandfather of yours gives a flyin' shit? No way."

"Well," began Jeff, "I'm sure he'll get a lot of money for all this acreage, and I'm sure he'll give you some pretty good severance pay."

Jake started laughing. "Are you kidding? That bastard is going to take whatever is offered to him so he can get outta here. That son-of-a-bitch is tighter than Enrique's little fuckin' asshole. He ain't gonna pay us a fuckin' dime. He's just gonna tell us to head outta here and git the shit off the property"

Jeff could hardly believe what Jake had just said about poor Enrique. But soon, Jake got up and said, " Okay, kid, are you ready to go to work? Take off your shirt. It's gonna be as hot as a cunt in Hell in the barn."

Jeff stripped off his shirt, as did some of the other ranch hands. He was embarrassed about his relatively white skin. Joseph, who had been eyeing Jeff all the while, said, "You look pretty soft there with your lily-white skin. Aren't you afraid you'll get a little cow shit on that pretty skin of yours?" Then he reached over and pinched the skin next to Jeff's nipple.

Jake pushed Joseph away, and told him to keep his hands to himself. Then Joseph said, "What's a little fucker like him gonna be good for? Is he gonna dust the cow shed with his little hankie?" At that, Jake swung at Joseph and, hitting him squarely on the side of the head, knocked him to the ground.

Jake took Jeff by the arm and led him into the cow barn. "Now, kid, you see that big pile of manure over there? We need that shit cleaned outta here. Shovel it into that wheelbarrow and wheel it out to the manure pile behind the woodshed."

Jeff wondered why he had been looking forward to his summer on the ranch. This wasn't at all what his dad and Ol' Ben had promised. Hard work, yes. But shoveling manure, that wasn't explained to him. Periodically, Joseph would pop his head in the barn and snidely ask if he had gotten any of his "pretty" white skin dirty yet. At the end of the day, Jeff had hardly made a dent in the pile. The manure was wet and he couldn't put too much in the wheelbarrow at one time or it would be impossible to push. At the end of the fourth day, Jeff finally wheeled his last wheelbarrow full out of the barn and onto the manure pile. Each night, he would take a shower and scrub his skin to get the smell off, but all night long, he was able to smell that cow shit. He was convinced it was permanently embedded in the membranes of his nostrils.

After the job was completed, Jeff and Jake sat alone on a step outside of the bunk house. Jake told Jeff that he thought he worked harder than some of the other guys on the ranch and complimented him on sticking with it until it was done. He admitted to Jeff that he gave him this dirty job right off, thinking that Jeff would surely give up and want to leave the ranch as soon as possible. But he was glad that Jeff did such a fine job and told him that he was glad he would be there for the rest of the summer.

Jeff had been thinking about something else that had troubled him over the past four days. "Jake, you said something the first day I was here about Enrique's little fuckin' asshole being tight. Is there something you want to tell me about Enrique?"

Jake thought for a minute and said, "Tell me, do you know anything at all about Enrique?"

"The only thing I know is that I think Ol' Ben was playing around—you know, sexually—with Enrique several nights since I've been here. But I might be mistaken."

"Well," started Jake, "Let me tell you the whole fuckin' story." After your dad left the ranch and went to school and then got himself married, Ol' Ben hired himself a cook and a housemaid. Her name was Marta and she belonged to a migrant worker family. One day, the truck that was carrying a load of workers had a collision with another truck, and about eight workers were killed. Marta's parents were among the dead. Marta was only sixteen, and Ol' Ben took pity on this orphan and hired her. I knew her, and she was a damned good worker. But about two years later, she got pregnant. Somehow, she was able to hide it from everyone, and gave birth to little Enrique. She claimed that Ol' Ben was the father, and Ol' Ben finally admitted it. Look at Enrique sometime, and you can see he has Ol' Ben's eyes and mouth. Ol' Ben's wife knew all about it, but she couldn't do nothin'."

Jeff was incredulous. "Then Enrique is really my dad's half-brother. What did you mean, though, when you talked about his tight little fuckin' asshole?"

"Well, Jeff, Marta died the next year of infection, and Ol' Ben felt obligated to raise the little fucker, which he and his wife did. But it wasn't long before his wife died that Ol' Ben started taking Enrique to bed with him and fuckin' him and talking openly about it and describing what they did. He always talked about how he loved Enrique's tight little asshole."

"What is Enrique's feeling about all this?" Jeff asked.

"Enrique doesn't talk much. He just does what he's told."

Jeff went into the house and saw Enrique in the kitchen preparing dinner. Jeff just stood in the doorway, unnoticed, and looked at Enrique and felt so sad that this child was being used this way.

After dinner, Jeff went directly to his room. He was exhausted, but first he sat down to write a letter home. Just as he was about to start, Enrique knocked on the door and asked if he could come in. He had made some hot chocolate for Ol' Ben, and he wondered if Jeff would like some. Jeff said he would, and as Enrique was putting the mug down on the end table, Jeff asked him to please sit down for a few minutes since he wanted to ask him some questions.

"Enrique, are you happy with your life here? Does Ol' Ben treat you well? He seems to make you work so hard."

With a big smile—the first Jeff had seen—Enrique said he was happier than he could ever hope to be. Ol' Ben gave him a household budget and lots of authority, like what food to buy and what menus to have for the meals. He had the cleanest job on the ranch and nobody yelled at him. He said in his broken English, "I leeve like da king of Tehas. But I am very sad that Ol' Ben won't need me no more after he sells."

"But Enrique, I need to ask you if Ol' Ben really treats you okay. You sleep with him sometimes, don't you? Does he hurt you?"

"Oh, no! We love each other very much. He does not hurt me. I want him to do the things he does to me. And someday, I will have a big enough cock to do the same for him. I love him.

Jeff went over and put his hands on Enrique's shoulders and asked, "Enrique, do you know who your father is?"

"No, but I think he left and went far away after my mama died."

Jeff just stood there silently.

"But I don't know what is going to happen to me when he sells. Where will I go?"

Jeff put his arms around Enrique and whispered in his ear that nobody will send him away when the ranch is sold, and that he would see to that. Jeff kissed him on the cheek and asked him if he was going to be with Ol' Ben that night. Enrique's eyes lit up and he said, "I hope so!"

By the time Jeff had finished his first week at the ranch, his father, Michael, arrived to talk with Ol' Ben about financial matters connected with the improvement of the place and its sale. There were no other guest rooms made up, so it was decided that Michael would sleep in with Jeff. The room had a king -sized bed that had once been Ol' Ben's bed until it started to sag and he purchased a new one.

On Michael's second day, he noticed that Ol' Ben seemed particularly tired and lethargic and seemed to have difficulty concentrating. Michael had tried to engage him in planning the improvement of the property and the sale. Ol' Ben finally told Michael that he wasn't feeling well and that he would go and lie down in his room. Enrique sat with him for practically all of the rest of the day. That night, when in bed, Michael talked to Jeff about Ol' Ben and how worried he was over the way he was acting. They lay there for quite awhile, and Michael told Jeff story after story about his childhood there on the ranch with his dad, Ol' Ben, and all the wonderful things they did together.

"Jeff, it was terrible losing my mom last year, but the thought that I would ever lose my dad just can't be. I can't believe that that wonderful man won't live on forever."

Jeff could start to hear Michael's voice begin to choke up. He rolled closer to Michael and said, "Dad, please. Everything will be alright. I don't think anything is seriously wrong with Ol' Ben. He's pretty tough." The reflected light from the yard lights attached to the house gave a glow in the air that reflected on the tears in Michael's eyes. Jeff instinctively reached over and put his arm over Michael's chest and kissed his tear-soaked cheek and said, "I love you, Dad. Please don't cry. I'm going to cry too if you don't stop."

In a thick emotional voice, Michael said, "What would I ever do without my dear sweet Jeff." He then brought his hands up and held onto Jeff's arm lying across his chest. With Michael and Jeff holding on to each other and both crying softly, they quickly went to sleep.

Michael and Jeff woke with a start when the breakfast bell rang outside their window. Michael jumped up and ran into Ol' Ben's room to find him awake and smiling. He said he felt much better, even though he had a little chest pain. Michael urged him to stay in bed for the day, which the old man reluctantly agreed to do. In the meantime, Jeff still lay in bed thinking about the night before. He, of course, had always been attracted to his dad's body and had many, many times seen him naked. But last night was the first time that they lain totally naked together in the same bed. And when he moved closer to Michael's body to comfort him, Michael welcomed him and held him there. He hadn't gotten hard at all while he was lying next to his father's naked body, as he thought he would when that time would come. But now, lying in bed alone in the early morning, just thinking about having slept all night naked up against his dad's naked body, his penis became hard as a rock. He threw the sheet back and started stroking, using saliva to augment his pre-cum as lubricant. He stroked faster and faster, and started to say in a soft half-voice, "Kiss me, Dad. Kiss me, Dad. Kiss me, Dad," over and over. And then suddenly he saw Michael in the doorway watching and listening to him repeat "Kiss me, Dad." Michael, whose own penis suddenly popped to life, threw himself on the bed next to Jeff and started masturbating in rhythm with Jeff's hand. They watched each other closely and when they sensed the other was about to cum, they both let loose with ropes of white cum shooting onto their stomachs.

They both lay there out of breath for several minutes, when Jeff said, "We always jack off by ourselves in separate places. But this is the first time we jacked off together in the same bed. Wow!" Michael gave Jeff a light slap on the thigh and went into the bathroom and brought back two wet hand towels. They cleaned themselves up, and then sat there talking about Ol' Ben and the ranch and all the work Jeff had been doing.

It was soon time for breakfast, and Enrique had already laid it out on the kitchen table for them. He had taken Ol' Ben's breakfast to his room and was sitting with him while he ate it. Michael and Jeff ate quickly because Michael wanted to talk more with Ol' Ben and get him to sign some papers before he had to drive back to Monroe in the early afternoon.

While Michael spent the morning with Ol' Ben, Jeff was put to work in the horse barn where he was shown how to clean out the stalls. Every stall had a Dutch door leading to the outside, and the top halves of all of them were open, which allowed a good comfortable breeze to blow over Jeff's shirtless body. He was soon startled when Joseph appeared in one of the stalls.

"You got nice big titty nipples," Joseph said as he reached for them. Jeff pulled away and told Joseph to get out of there. Then Joseph turned around, slid his pants down, leaned over, and spread his ass cheeks so Jeff could see his ass hole.

"How would you like to fuck that? Huh?" blurted Joseph.

Jeff could only say, "Get out of here, Joseph, or I'll get Jake to take care of you."

Joseph laughed. "He already takes care of me, you little queer. He fucks me all the time. But I want to see what you got in that big basket of yers." With his pants falling down to his ankles, Joseph lunged for Jeff, and they both fell onto the thin layer of hay on the floor of the stall. As he fell, Joseph scraped his head on the rough wooden partition between the stalls and blood began to run down the side of his face and into his beard. While they struggled, Joseph kept reaching for Jeff's crotch. His blood was now smeared on Jeff's chest and arms, and with all his strength, Jeff grabbed Joseph's head and banged it against the partition twice. Joseph was so stunned that he loosened his grip and collapsed, and Jeff scrambled to his feet and stared down at that pathetic figure with his pants half off and blood all over his face and shirt. Joseph's semi-erect penis stood up, arching over like a wilting sunflower, and his balls were the biggest Jeff ever remembered seeing.

Leaving Joseph where he lay, Jeff went back to the house. As he approached, Michael was just coming out to leave for the long drive back to Monroe. When he saw Jeff with so much blood on his chest and face and arms, his mouth fell open, but Jeff quickly explained. Michael was furious and took Jeff by the arm and they walked over to the chicken yard where Jake was repairing a fence.

"Jake, I want you to hear this. Go ahead Jeff," Michael said, motioning to Jeff to tell the story. Jake listened patiently as though he knew all about it and had heard it all before.

"Well," drawled Jake, "Joseph is a regular fucking machine. He loves to get fucked in the ass, and any cock'll do. I already told him to stay away from you, Jeff. He gets all the fuckin' he wants from the rest of us. I can see I'm gonna have to beat the shit out of him again to make him understand what I mean when I say 'Don't fuck with the kid.'"

Michael looked at Jake and said, "What are you talking about—he gets all the fucking he wants from the rest of you?"

Jake smiled and asked, "Do you know how good a good tight asshole is to fuck?" Both Michael and Jeff shook their heads no. "Joseph can't live without getting' fucked every day, and the rest of us are always there to oblige. Joseph ain't worth a bucket o' wet shit normally, but he can clamp his ass hole around your cock like a snappin' turtle."

"Well, Jake," warned Michael, "whatever you do with Joseph, I would appreciate it if you would see to it that he is kept away from Jeff. Okay?"

Jake said he would see to it. Michael walked to the car and told Jeff to call him the minute he had any more trouble with Joseph. One more incident and he would see to it that he was fired. He and Jeff gave each other a big hug, and Jeff kissed his dad on the neck. As Michael drove away, Jeff followed Jake back to the chicken yard. As Jake began working on the fence again, they saw Joseph wandering out of the horse barn holding his head and going back to the bunk house.

"I'm curious, Jake, do you and the other hands really fuck Joseph?"

Jake, always ready to stop work and talk, laid his tools down and sat on the ground. "Jeff, you're just a fuckin' kid. I know you don't understand a lot of things. There are things that go on in this shitty world that guys gotta do to keep alive and keep their head from goin' crazy. You've got everything in the world, kid. Your daddy's got more money he knows what to do with. You have everything you ever need or want. Your daddy's a good man, though. He's a decent man and he's makin' a decent man out of you. I knew your daddy when he was just a boy. Ol' Ben is a crude old son-of-a-bitch, but as a father, he was pretty good. Your daddy loved him more than anybody. But ya see, me and these other fuck-heads who work here are another breed. The only guys that'll do this kind of shit are bums and drifters. And that's what we are, Jeff. We git our pleasures where we can find it. We ain't been brought up with all the education you got. But we got horny, though! And we ain't got the opportunity to date a girl and play courtin' games with her. Jerkin' our dicks off all the time is really great as far as it goes, but when we find a good hole to stick our cocks into for a good fuck, we ain't gonna get particular."

They sat silently for awhile. Jeff did understand, and suddenly felt a little sorry for Joseph. It's true, Joseph didn't know how to play the games that boys and girls and men and women do to bring themselves to the point where they have sex. Jeff realized that all Joseph knew how to do was to just come right out and present his asshole to Jeff for his pleasure.

"I feel badly, Jake, that I hurt Joseph in there."

"Aw, shit, Jeff," said Jake getting to his feet. "He'll be okay. He doesn't get rejected very often."

Jeff then asked, "Where do you do this fucking, anyway?"

"We do it just about anywhere, anytime. Everyday, when we're all in the gang shower over there, one of us always ends up with his cock up Joseph's ass. We don't need grease that way. The soap lather makes it slide in real easy. Then the rest of us like to watch it and jerk off our dicks. As I said, we git our pleasure wherever we can find it."

Jeff could feel his penis jump slightly at the thought of all those guys jacking off at once. "I'll bet it is really something to see."

Jake put his arm around Jeff's shoulders and said, "You need some country-style education, boy. You're gonna take yer shower tonight in our bath house. You need to see how the other side lives."

Jeff's penis took another little jump, and he said, "I'll be there!"

By the time Jake yelled, "Quittin' time!" all the ranch hands had already quit and were getting ready to shower off the day's dirt before supper time. Jeff followed Jake into the bath house. They were the first ones there. They got out of their clothes and stepped into the shower. Jeff had never seen such a big shower room. It had twelve shower heads. As the two of them stepped under the water and began lathering up, the others came drifting in. Jeff's penis went to full erection almost immediately. He thought that some of these young ranch hands had bodies just like some he'd seen in men's fitness magazines. Joseph finally came in, and Jeff could see the really bad scrape he had on the side of his head. It wasn't bleeding anymore, but looked as though the whole side of his head had gotten badly swollen. All the men lathered up their bodies really good and started almost immediately stroking their penises.

Several of the men asked Jake what the boy was doing there in the shower with them. They were wondering if he wanted to get fucked also. But Jake assured them that he was simply invited in to see just another aspect of ranch life. One of the men, a twenty-five year old named Ron, had gotten his penis worked up to the full ready. Without a word Joseph backed up to him and bent over holding his ass cheeks apart. Everyone turned his way and moved a little closer to watch. Ron grabbed hold of Joseph's hips and in one smooth thrust had the whole length of his lathered-up cock inside of Joseph's ass. As Ron pumped away, everyone else was "jerking their dicks," as Jake put it, as fast as they could. Jeff had the almost overpowering urge to rush up and bury his face into Ron's ass crack. Ron's buns moved so erotically at each thrust he made into Joseph's ass. Then suddenly, Jeff felt a hand moving gently on his own buns. Looking around, he saw Jake smiling at him and gently running his finger back and forth over his ass hole.

Jake said, "Don't git all scared. Little boy asses begin to look cute to us out here in the middle of nowhere. Just relax."

Soon, Ron began to pump harder, and Jeff could see the sensuous muscles in Ron's thighs begin to tighten, and he could hear Ron breathing harder. Then with a loud yell, he pumped his load of sperm into Joseph's ass. The effort so exhausted Ron, that he slumped to the floor and just sat there leaning against the wall. Then, no more than a minute after Ron's penis had pulled out of Joseph's ass, Jake stepped up and rammed his own cock into Joseph's ass. All in all, four of the guys fucked Joseph, and Joseph was still pleading for the rest to ram their cocks up his asshole, too. But the others had all finally jacked off and shot their sperm on the floor.

Jake asked Jeff if he wanted to have a go at Joseph before they left, but Jeff had no interest. Jeff said, "Jake, I never fucked a guy before. For that matter I never fucked anybody before. The only way I ever got off was to use my hand."

Jake said, "You mean you never had nobody give you a blow job even?"


Jeff and Jake were the last to leave the shower. But before they did, Jake took hold of Jeff's shoulders and backed him against the wall. He looked at Jeff in the eye and said, "Listen, kid, you know I'm not queer or anything like that, but when you're with only a bunch of guys all the time, day in and day out, ya make do with what ya got." Jake's right hand slowly made its way down Jeff's stomach and onto his penis. "If you're gonna to be with us for the rest of the summer, you're gonna have to know about blow jobs."

Jake then slowly settled down on his knees in front of Jeff. With his hand he gently cupped Jeff's balls, and with his tongue he sucked in the long string of pre-cum that was dangling from Jeff's penis. Jeff felt like he was fading into a dream. He instinctively moved his legs apart. Jake's tongue slowly and gently encircled the head of Jeff's rock hard penis. And slowly, he began to suck the full length of the shaft into his mouth. Jeff could feel his heart pounding and his muscles stiffening. Never had he been able to massage his penis with his own hand to give the same feeling that Jake's tongue was giving. He slowly put his hands on Jake's tanned and muscular shoulders and pulled him closer. Never with his own hand had he so quickly begun to feel the orgasm building deep in his groin. Jake was holding onto each of the cheeks of his ass so tightly that it felt like knives going into his flesh. But it didn't matter. To be held so tightly in the arms of this most masculine of male bodies and to feel his penis about to explode was all that mattered. It kept building and building; he felt his eyes rolling back into his head and his fingers were digging deep into Jake's shoulders. Then it happened. The powerful pulsating of his penis thrust shot after shot of his sperm into Jake's mouth. As his orgasm subsided, he began to feel very weak, and Jake, sucking the last drop of cum out of Jeff's penis, picked him up and carried him out of the bath house. With both of them still naked, Jake walked down the path across the yard in the back of the house, up the steps, past Enrique, who was in the kitchen fixing the evening meal, and up to Jeff's bedroom, where Jake put him on his bed.

Jeff was as limp and relaxed as a rag doll. Jake quietly closed the door and left, again passing Enrique, who stood open-mouthed at Jake's nakedness. Jake paused briefly to shake his now flaccid penis at Enrique, and then laughing, ran back to the bunk house.

Jeff didn't move. He kept his eyes closed and relived in his mind every moment of what just happened. It was a strange feeling, but through the whole experience alone with Jake, he remembered that he wasn't aware that he was with Jake. He was with his dad. Every touch of the tongue on his penis was with his dad's tongue. The hands that held his ass cheeks so tightly were his dad's hands. Those tan, strong shoulders he held, were his dad's shoulders. It was even his dad who carried him naked in his arms across the open field and into his bedroom. He felt his dad pressing his head against his strong chest as they walked.

Suddenly, Enrique was at the door delivering Jeff's clothing that Jake brought back from the bath house. Enrique had that knowing look on his face; it was obvious to him what had just happened between Jake and Jeff. He leaned over and, with a smile, kissed Jeff on the cheek and said, "I hope he didn't hurt you."

The summer continued on, hot and dry. Jeff felt himself growing stronger with the constant heavy work he was asked to do. Most of the time he wore shorts and boots, but no shirt. His tan had gotten almost as dark as Enrique's skin. And he began to admire his body every chance he could get in the full-length mirror on the back of his bathroom door. He continued to masturbate at least once a day, and his favorite way was to stand in the shower with the shower door open so he could see himself in the full-length mirror. He would lather himself up until the suds almost covered his body. Then he would watch himself in the mirror as he jacked off. Since both he and his dad, Michael, had similar physiques, he could easily imagine that he was watching his dad masturbating. Sometimes, Jeff would talk in quiet voice while he was doing it, as though his father was talking to him: "Okay, son, watch me stroke my cock here. In a minute, I'm going to shoot my load of sperm and I want you to come here and take it in your mouth." These imaginary commands from his father drove him to have some of his best and most powerful orgasms.

Although Ol' Ben never seemed to fully recover from the sudden illness he suffered early in the summer, he and Enrique continued their almost nightly bedroom sessions. One evening in mid-August, Jeff without thinking burst into Ol' Ben's room to speak with him about something and realized suddenly that he was interrupting. There was Enrique on his hands and knees. Ol' Ben had mounted him from the back and was slowly pushing his hard penis in and out of Enrique's asshole. When Jeff started to back away and leave, Ol' Ben yelled at him to stay.

"Ya might as well stay, Jeff. You'd find out someday anyway," said Ol' Ben as he continued to hump away at Enrique's small ass.

Jeff said, "Grandpa, I already knew that you did this. I'll leave you alone."

Jeff left the house and sat out on the front porch. It was a hot, still night, but Jeff just wanted to be out of the house and catch whatever random breezes there were. After seeing Enrique with Ol' Ben, he just couldn't believe that Enrique was enjoying what the old man was doing to him. Enrique was a sweet boy. He needed to be hugged and kissed and caressed, not fucked like an animal and then told to go back to his room (or his cage). Tears started to roll down his cheeks. He thought to himself that he also wanted to be hugged and kissed and caressed by someone. He missed his dad and began wishing the summer would be over soon so he could go back home.

Finally, Jeff began to feel very sleepy and went to his room. He slipped out of his shorts and got into bed. He listened for awhile to see if there was anymore activity in the next room, and then fell asleep.

Jeff was soon awakened, though, when he heard Enrique yelling and crying in Ol' Ben's room. He jumped up and ran in to find Enrique shaking Ol' Ben who was lying on the floor next to his bed. Jeff thought that he may not be breathing, and ran to the phone and called 911. It was not long before the fire rescue paramedics arrived from the town of Goliad a few miles down the main road. They worked on him for several minutes and then announced they were taking him into the hospital. Jeff closed up the house, and he and Enrique followed the ambulance in Ol' Ben's car.

It was not long after arriving at the emergency room when they were given the news that Ol' Ben was dead. He had apparently died suddenly of a massive stroke when he tried to get out of bed and go to the bathroom. Jeff was now being asked about insurance and what the disposition of the body should be. But he had no idea what to do. It was close to 4:00 a.m. now, and he decided to call Michael. After Michael talked with the clerk in the emergency room, they told Jeff he was free to go. Mr. Walker would handle the arrangements when he arrived later in the morning.

Jeff and Enrique drove back to the ranch. Enrique was beside himself with grief and closed himself in his room. Jeff went out and found Jake to give him the news. Jeff started crying while he was with Jake, not for Ol' Ben's sake, but only out of sadness for his dad, Michael.

Michael arrived by car at the hospital in Goliad shortly before noon. After making the necessary arrangements, he drove to the ranch. Jeff greeted him on the front porch where they threw their arms around each other and cried openly. Jeff kissed his father over and over on the cheeks and on the neck. The taste of his dad's tears made him want to never let go. They finally went inside and sat next to each other on the sofa in the living room. Michael brought Jeff's head over close to his chest and held it tightly there, kissing the top of his tousled hair.

Jeff stammered with a choked voice, "Dad, I'm never going to be away from you again. I love you so much, I missed you so much." He kissed Michael's hand that was holding his head. "I want to stay just like this forever. And I'm so sorry about Ol' Ben."

Michael, with tears still running down his cheeks, moved Jeff's head away from his chest and looked at him directly into his eyes, and then kissed him very gently on the lips several times. Their tears continued to run down onto their lips as they touched, and they mingled into a salty wetness that made them feel a part of each other like they never felt before. At length, Michael said, "I really want to lie down. I am so exhausted."

Jeff took his dad's hand and led him into his room. He told Michael to lie down. He said, "Let me help you get undressed. You need to be comfortable when you sleep." Michael, still with tears in his eyes, let Jeff take off his shirt and pants and shoes and socks until he was down to his jockey shorts. Then Michael took off the shorts, and looked at Jeff.

"Jeff, please lie here with me for awhile." When Jeff started to lie down, Michael said, "No, I want you to take off your clothes too."

Jeff pulled off his clothes quickly and rolled onto the bed close to Michael. Michael pulled Jeff close to him until their bodies were pressed tightly together. Jeff found his father's lips and ran his tongue lightly over them, and as Michael parted his lips they kissed deeply.

Michael broke the kiss for a moment, and holding Jeff's head between his hands, said, "Jeff, I love you so much. So much. I love you so much."

While they smiled at each other through their tears, Jeff got up and closed and locked the door and then fell back into his father's arms.

To be continued...


Posted: 08/22/08