My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

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Jeff had never seen his dad getting fucked. He watched intently and could tell how much his dad loved it. Michael had a look on his face like he was oblivious to everything around him. Jeff had never fucked anyone and had never been fucked. That was something he looking forward to, but he wanted his first time to be with his dad when they were alone.

Soon, all were sound asleep. It was now 3:00 a.m. and all seemed well with the world.


Chapter 4 

Enrique awoke alone when the first rays of dawn came streaming into his window. Corky had long before dressed and returned to the bunk house. Enrique hurried out to the kitchen to fix breakfast, the last meal he would have to prepare before the house would be closed up. Michael and Jeff also arose after only about two or three hours sleep. Jeff leaned over to kiss Michael, but Michael pulled away, saying, "My God, I can't believe what we did last night."

Michael left Jeff lying in bed while he went into the bathroom where he quickly showered and shaved and went into the kitchen. Jeff had the distinct feeling that Michael regretted what they had done that night.

Jake was at the door to help Enrique carry the large pots of grits and sausage gravy over to the bunk house for the men's breakfast. Michael sat down at the kitchen table and Jeff soon joined him and asked what was bothering him.

"Jeff, you know, last night just didn't seem right. I had talked about just you and me privately as lovers, but I wasn't talking about getting into an orgy with three other guys. And another thing, Enrique is just a child. To have him in the middle of all that just doesn't seem right. I just don't want to go that far. I want it to stop with just you and me."

Jeff stood up and without saying anything, looked out the kitchen window at little Enrique over at the bunk house setting up the long table where the pots of food would be placed. "Dad," said Jeff at last, "I kind of feel the same way you do about Enrique. He's so young. But remember that he and Ol' Ben were getting it on almost every night for years. And he is fifteen."

Enrique then came back to the kitchen to get the biscuits. He neither looked at Michael and Jeff, nor spoke. Jeff tapped him on the shoulder and said, "Hey, aren't you going to say good morning?" Enrique just left without a word.

Later, when the kitchen had been cleaned up, Jeff asked Enrique to sit down and tell him what was bothering him.

Enrique just said, "Nothin's botherin' me."

"Enrique, is it last night? Is it something about last night that's bothering you.?

Enrique, tracing his finger on the flowers painted on the oil cloth that covered the table said, "That was Ol' Ben's bed. It was just for him and me. I kinda wanted you to take his place, Jeff, but not like what we did. I didn't want Corky to do that to me. He lied when he said he did it to me before. I was really scared last night with all three of you on top of me. It frightened me."

Jeff went over and put his arms around Enrique and said, "That will never happen again, Enrique. I promise."

Michael had answered the phone and came back into the kitchen to inform Jeff that Ol' Ben's lawyer, Jonathan Shortwhistle, had called and was coming right over to talk to them.

Mr. Shortwhistle presented himself as a fastidious, self-assured, somewhat pompous young man, carrying a large important looking briefcase. Michael showed him into the living room where he deliberately dusted off a straight chair with his handkerchief before sitting.

"Mr Walker, I have not had the pleasure of meeting you before this, but I have worked with your father for some years on all of his legal matters, as well as his last will and testament. The reading of the Will will take place tomorrow morning, with your permission, in my office in Goliad. I was designated by your father to be the administrator of his estate. I have notified your brother, Jared, that he should be present also."

Michael quickly interrupted and said, "Mr. Shortwhistle, we were planning on closing the house up today and going back to Monroe, where I live. Is there anything unusual about the Will that I need be present to hear?

"Mr. Walker, I have no idea. But since you are very likely the—or one of the—beneficiaries of this estate, it would be important that you stay at least another day. After the Will is read, of course, the estate will have to be probated before any of it can be disposed of."

"Well, how long will that take," Michael sputtered.

"It could be weeks or it could be months, depending upon the nature of the estate and the provisions of the Will. And you have to expect that the wheels in this state do grind slowly in these matters. Will we see you tomorrow morning in my office? Shall we say about ten o'clock?"

After Mr. Shortwhistle departed, Michael went to the door and shouted for Jake, who was nearby. "Come into the house, Jake, I need to talk with you." Michael explained the situation and said that Jake could inform the men that they need not leave yet, and that they will be able to keep their jobs on the Walker Ranch for the time being until unexpected matters of the estate have been settled.

It was not much later that morning when the ranch received another visitor, who introduced himself as Jorge Martinez.

"Mr. Walker, I have a rather delicate matter to discuss with you. Is there a place we can be alone?" Michael motioned to the chairs on the porch where he thought they could talk privately.

"Mr. Walker, I am the proprietor of J. E. Martinez Photography, Goliad's largest photographer and photography supply company. Your father was in the possession of a number of photos that we were commissioned to take. I hesitate to say this, but they were of a pornographic nature, and we feel that these pictures should either be destroyed or returned to us now that Mr. Walker is no longer . . . er, living."

Michael said, "Mr. Martinez, I did come across these pictures the other day, and I believe they are now mine. I'm his son. By the way, did Ol' Ben ask you to come in and take those pictures?"

"Oh, no, sir. It was Mr. Jared Walker who commissioned them and who subsequently paid for them as well as for several hundred reprints."

"Mr. Martinez, are these pictures the only ones you have been involved in taking and reproducing?"

Martinez quickly said, "Certainly not. Jared Walker had brought in hundreds of negatives, also of a pornographic nature, from which he paid us well to produce prints in great quantities."

Michael concluded that Jared was obviously trafficking in pornographic pictures, some of which included his own father. He said, "What will you do with these photographs if I return them to you?"

"Jared has asked that I destroy them."

"Mr. Martinez, I will think about this and let you know what I decide tomorrow after the reading of the will."

Michael was fuming. "That God-damned Jared is at it again, I see. I'm sure he's trafficking in pornography, and he's going to get caught one of these days by violating postal regulations." Michael went over to the kitchen window and stared out over the property. Jeff came up behind him and put his arms around him and hugged him.

"Dad, forget about Uncle Jared. He can't hurt us." Jeff reached around and put his hand on the front of Michael's pants. "Do I feel a little something growing here?" Still standing behind Michael, he unzipped his dad's pants and reached inside. "Let's just see what this little thing that's growing here is." Letting his dad's penis pop out, Jeff said, "Oh! It's a little penis!" As Jeff fondled it, he said, "It's so soft and sweet, I need to kiss it." Crouching down between his dad and the counter he was leaning on, Jeff kissed the head of Michael's growing penis several times and said, "Oh, I think it's leaking. You really need to get that leak fixed. Maybe I can fix it."

Michael said, "Jeff don't be so silly. If you're going to suck it, suck it." Jeff sucked in the whole length of his dad's completely gorged penis. As he was working on it, Michael could see Jake come out of the horse barn and head for the house.

"Jeff, keep going faster. Jake's on his way over and he'll be coming in in a minute." Jeff pounded away as fast as he could on his dad's cock, and just as Jake approached the porch steps, Michael let out his usual yell and shot his load of thick white sperm into Jeff's mouth and down his throat. Michael quickly poked his penis back into his pants, but Jeff was still sitting on the floor with white cum dripping down his chin as Jake walked into the kitchen. Jake simply smiled and quickly departed.

The next day, Michael drove into Goliad for the reading of the will at Mr. Shortwhistle's office. There he met his brother, Jared, who had driven down from San Antonio. They barely spoke. The reading of the will took only a few moments. According to Ol' Ben's wishes, $100,000 was to be put in trust for Enrique's college education, and all of the rest of Ol' Ben's property, real and otherwise, was to go to his son, Michael.

Jared's complextion turned red, but he calmly said, "We'll have that overturned in court. That fucking old fart has been incompetent for years."

Michael countered, "Jared, I was with him for awhile before he died, and there was nothing incompetent about him. I don't think you will find anybody who will testify otherwise at a competency hearing."

After the reading was concluded, Michael and Jared met again in Martinez's parking lot. Jared said, "That little Mexican fuck-head getting a hundred grand! That kid will never go to college, He's, what? About fifteen years old? He's never been to school a day in his life. Ol' Ben never intended to send him to school. And you call that old man competent?"

Michael was determined to confront Jared about the pornographic pictures. "Well, Jared, what the hell big scheme are you into now? Martinez came to see me yesterday and wanted all of Ol' Ben's collection of dirty pictures back, and he also intimated very clearly that you are involved in a pornography ring and are trafficking in pornography."

Jared blurted back, "That fucking Martinez, what does he know?"

"Jared, he told me enough to make me believe he knows plenty. He has absolutely no reason to lie to me about it. I'm going to turn those damned pictures over to you and you can do what you want with them. You can burn them or you can put them all out on the net or you can get them out in the general market by sending them through the mails. But one of these days you're going to get busted, and don't look to me to bail you out."

"Don't need ya!" yelled Jared. "I'm going to follow you back to the ranch and pick up those fucking pictures now."

"Okay, Jared. But do you think I could just keep those two pictures of you fucking your own dad? I'd like them just for sentimental reasons. At that, Jared snapped, "Go fuck yourself Michael!"

After supper, Michael and Jeff sat out on the back porch and talked about the ranch. Michael said, "You know, Jeff, I'm beginning to think that I ought to keep this place. I would be the fifth generation of Walkers to run this ranch, and if you wanted it someday, you'd be the sixth. The only thing that worries me is that the developers, who seem to be crowding in on us down here, might force my hand to sell to them. But I think we could make some money on this ranch. The thing we need to do is to get into the natural gas business in a big way. There's plenty of natural gas under our feet. In fact, Ol' Ben already had about a dozen natural gas wells dug and then had them capped. If we opened them up and drilled several dozen more wells, we wouldn't have to rely soley on our cattle."

Jeff said he saw two problems with the idea. "Dad, the first thing you need to do is decide if you're going to move down here and run it yourself or lease it out to a manager. Also, you've got to think of Mom. Even though she was raised on a ranch herself, she says she always hated living in the country so far from everything."

"I'll call mom tomorrow and see how she takes to the idea. You know, it's been a long time since I went out and looked at every corner of this property. I'm familiar with the ridge and the creek off in that direction, but it's been forever since I've been over in that direction where you see that clump of Mesquite trees over there. It's still light enough, let's take a walk over there."

The clump of Mesquites grew on a sort of mesa. Looking down from this promontory, they could see the land sloping down for many miles to the west. It was a beautiful sight of rolling range land and streams. Michael and Jeff sat on the ground and marveled at what they had. How could this beautiful land which had been in the family for so many generations be discarded to the developers?

"You know what I'd like to do some day," Michael said. "I'd like to built a little house right here on this knoll—right there in that little clearing. It would only be one room, but it would be a place I could come and be alone whenever I wanted to be. I would have a big window looking out to the west so I could see the range and this beautiful blue Texas sky and these wonderful sunsets every night. And all around the place, I'd have Mesquites and Cottonwoods.

Jeff put his arm around his dad's shoulders and said, "Dad, let's stay and build that house. The land will never leave our family as long as I live."

Michael turned to Jeff and kissed him very lightly two or three times on the lips and then kissed him deeply, with their tongues intertwined and reaching as far down the other's throat as possible. They both fell back on the ground, still with their arms around each other and kissing passionately. Michael pulled away just long enough to look into Jeff's eyes and say, "I love you, Jeff, I love you, I love you, I love you! I can hardly bear to think what it will be like to have you gone when you are off to college this fall."

"Dad, if you keep the ranch and operate it yourself, there's no reason I can't take one year off and help you do it. I'll take a vacation from going to school for a good cause."

Michael only murmured, "Well, we'll have to think about that."

Jeff rolled over on top of Michael's body. They could both feel the hardness between each other's legs. The sun was approaching the horizon, and everything was cast with a pink hue.

Jeff said, "I want to get naked. It is so wonderful being naked outside like this." Jeff took everything off, except his boots. Michael thought Jeff was so cute with no clothes on, but still wearing his boots that came up to the mid-point of his calves. There was something very erotic about that. And as Michael lay there smiling at his son, Jeff helped him remove all of his clothes. The grass was thick and soft, and, laughing, they rolled together down the incline a short way. There was a gentle breeze and Jeff could see the beautiful hair on his dad's inner thighs rustling as the breeze blew over it. Michael spread his legs to allow Jeff to bury his head into his crotch. Bringing his tongue along the soft hair on Michael's inner thighs, Jeff soon had each of Michael's balls in his mouth. Then, reaching underneath, he slowly massaged his dad's asshole with his forefinger.

Michael said, "Push your finger in as far as it will go and then suck my cock like you've never sucked it before!" Jeff plunged his mouth over his dad's throbbing penis until his lips were resting on his dad's pelvis. The breeze began to increase a little and it felt so good blowing over Jeff's ass cheeks and down around his balls. Very soon, Michael said he was close and wanted Jeff to take his penis as far down his throat as possible. Just as Jeff pushed as hard as he could, Michael yelled, bucked his hips wildly, and shot his sperm so powerfully into his son's mouth that Jeff could feel the pressure of each surge again the back of his throat. Jeff lay for a long time between his dad's legs, just batting at the slowly wilting penis with the tip of his tongue.

Michael said, "I don't want to suck on your penis this time. I want to just lie here and watch you jack off and shoot your sperm. Sit on my thighs and face me and jack off so I can watch your penis get very hard, and watch your face as you start to screw it up in ecstasy when you shoot and have your orgasm.

Jeff sat on Michael's thighs and stretched his legs out on either side of his dad's head. As he slowly started stroking, Michael could turn his head slightly and kiss and suck on the soft hair on Jeff's Calves. It was so erotic for Jeff to watch his dad's face as he ran his tongue over his legs. Soon Michael raised himself up just enough to be able to reach Jeff's balls. He tickled his balls very lightly. Jeff looked down and could see the hard ridges of muscle across his dad's stomach as he reached for his balls. There was simply no holding back. The orgasm was rising rapidly and his whole body seemed to tingle. Suddenly, Jeff lunged his hips forward and shot four or five long streams of hot white sperm onto his dad's face and chest. When it was over, Jeff, leaned forward and kissed his dad deeply, smearing his cum all over both their faces. Jeff licked his dad's face clean, and Michael licked Jeff's face clean. Jeff rolled over on his back and they both looked westward as the last sliver of the sun was dropping below the horizon. The sky was flame red, and their skin reflected the crimson light.

Father and son lay there on the cool grass with the breeze steadily blowing across them until they fell sound asleep. Very shortly, though, with the sound of Coyotes howling in the distance, they awoke and picked up their clothes and ambled back to the house.

Over the next two weeks, Michael was successful in convincing his wife, Marion, that they should move to the ranch. He put his business in Monroe up for sale, and agreed to allow Jeff to delay starting at the university in Austin for one year. The Admissions Office had assured Jeff that his acceptance to the University would be valid for a period of one year. After that, if he had not yet entered, he would have to go through the re-application process.

Several of the old ranch hands had decided earlier to leave, and they were replaced. Jake, Joseph, and Corky remained, however, and were most grateful for the last minute turn of events. Michael believed that Enrique had been mistreated by Ol' Ben by making him do all the cooking for everyone, as well as all the laundry and cleaning of the house. Enrique was just a boy, small and not particularly strong. Michael soon relieved Enrique of his burdensome job by hiring a cook from Victoria. And at Marion's insistence, he also decided to employ a full-time housekeeper.

Michael had a long talk with Enrique one afternoon about the changes that would be happening. "Enrique, you know that Ol' Ben loved you very much. He was thinking about your welfare when he left you all that money toward your college education. But Ol' Ben did not do the right thing when he didn't send you to school when you were about six or seven. You can't go to college until you have enough education and knowledge to pass the state high school equivalency test. So that's going to mean we have to somehow get you in school now or have someone privately tutor you for a few years."

Enrique interrupted, "I don't want to go to college. I know all I want to know now. Are you going to send me away somewhere to learn stuff?"

"No, we'll keep you right here. But you might have to go into Goliad or Victoria to school during the day and then come back here every night. I have to talk with some education people and counselors about this before we decide what to do. But I promise you, just as Jeff promised you before, I will never send you away. This is where you belong."

Tears rolled down Enrique's cheeks as he reached for Michael and hugged him.

"In the meantime, Enrique, I'd like to see you outdoors more, and away from that kitchen. I'm asking Jake to kind of take you under his wing, and you can help him on things he needs help on. How does that sound to you?"

Enrique wiped his tears away with his hand and said, "I like Jake. He's a really nice man."

It was now mid-September and Marion had finally installed herself as the "lady of the house." She had been successful in convincing Michael to get rid of all the old ugly and worn out furniture that Ol' Ben lived with, and she transformed the place into a home that reflected her own tastes.

Marion had been a part of the selection process when both the new cook and the housekeeper were hired. The cook's name was George, but he insisted that he be called Maggie. Maggie was a flaming homosexual by his own admission and, although his demeanor was flagrantly feminine, and sometimes repulsively so, he managed an impeccable kitchen and produced meals that were nothing short of sublime. The housekeeper was a round and rosy Irish woman of good nature, who claimed she was at last settling down after four unsuccessful marriages. Her last husband had duped her out of the fortune she had inherited from her father. Now she was penniless, but enjoyed having her own room, which she decorated with lace curtains and a thousand little trinkets she had collected over the years.

Jake was thoroughly enjoying having Enrique in his charge. The boy was never asked to perform tasks that were beyond his ability or to carry objects that were not compatible with his strength limitations. When the work was done, Jake would often take Enrique up to the Ridge and show him how to shoot rabbits and quail. Maggie was always delighted to fix a gourmet rabbit or Quail dinner. Sometimes, Jake would have the men saddle up a couple of horses so he and Enrique could ride off to the far reaches of the ranch and back. Enrique seemed to be a natural horseman. He was able to control the horse easily, even when it was at a full gallop.

Jake and Enrique spent many hours over the next few months sitting by the stream up beyond the ridge and fishing or just talking. Since Enrique was being "educated" now, Jake tried to make a real effort to clean up his language for the youngster, but he was rarely successful. He soon started calling Enrique "Ricky," which was much easier than the three-syllable "Enrique." One day, Enrique wanted Jake to tell him what his real name was and where he came from.

"Well, Ricky, the name my Maw give me was Jacob McKeever. She and my Paw came over from Scotland. They didn't have no money and Paw had a real hard time keepin' a job. He always liked to fight and then he'd get his ass fired. And he drank up what money he ever earned. My maw had a bitch of a time. She had her fuckin' hands full with five kids, all boys. I was the youngest. There was one thing I remember. Paw had a set of bagpipes he brung with him from Scotland, and ever now and then, when he was sober, he'd play 'em. The neighbors hated to hear 'em, but I sure did love the sound of it. He taught me how to play them pipes and ever day I'd practice."

Enrique was fascinated. "What ever happened to the bagpipes?"

"Well, one day I come home ready to practice on 'em and maw told me to forgit it because paw had took 'em down somewhere and sold 'em. I guess he needed the money for more fuckin' booze."

"I'm sorry, Jake," said Enrique, as he rested his head on Jake's arm.

Early in September, Michael had arranged with two retired elementary school teachers in Victoria to come out of retirement and to tutor Enrique. They turned him down at first, but when Michael told them that they would each be paid $50.00 an hour, for four hours a day, they happily accepted. Early each morning, one of the ranch hands would take the Jeep and drive Enrique to Victoria and then pick him up and bring him back between 11:30 and 12:00 noon. He was now learning how to read and write and do simple arithmetic.
Michael frequently cursed his father silently for having deprived the boy of his education.

Jeff had become so in tune with the operation of the ranch, that he needed little direction. In fact, Jake often allowed him to direct the work of the other men. He was not nearly as strong or muscular as the other ranch hands, but he believed he was well toned and in good shape for an eighteen year old. He was now more frequently taking his showers with the others in the bath house, instead of in the comfort of his own bathroom. Joseph was still offering his asshole to whomever wanted to fuck it, and neither Jake nor Corky would ever pass up the opportunity to leave their load inside of his rectum. Some of the newer ranch hands were initially stunned at what went on in the showers, but quickly fell in line and took full advantage of Joseph's offerings. Jeff never participated, but always had great jack-off sessions while he watched.

On one occasion, Joseph had gone into the kitchen to deliver groceries he had picked up in Goliad. Before leaving, he dropped his pants, bent over, pulled his ass cheeks apart, and pointed his asshole directly at Maggie, just as he had done to Jeff the previous summer in the barn. Joseph said, "Would you fuck a ranch bum?" Maggie's eyes almost popped out of his head. He dropped the bowl of egg yokes he was holding and started screaming uncontrollably.

Jake, who was just outside the door, ran in and yelled, "Joseph, get the fuck outta here." As Joseph rushed out pulling up his pants, Maggie sank into a chair, moaning as though he were dying and fanning himself with an oven hotpad.

Maggie cried, "I think I'm going to faint. Who was that disgusting person waving his asshole all around my kitchen?" Jake did his best to explain that poor Joseph was a good worker, but he wasn't too bright in the head.

"Maggie, he likes to get fucked, and he thought you might like to do it."

Maggie replied, "I'm the one who will choose who I fuck or who I will be fucked by. Now if you'll excuse me, Jake, I need to go take a pill and lie down for awhile. Please go and tell that vulgar, ill mannered person that he is never to enter my kitchen again!"

Jake had an idea. That little fagot in the kitchen obviously needed his card punched. After talking to several of his ranch hands and making all the arrangements, Jake went to Maggie and told him that he and a number of the workers were going to have to ride out to a far corner of the ranch the next day to do some major fence repairs. And they would all like a good hardy meal while out there. Would Maggie be willing to ride out with them and serve the meal in his own special way. Maggie, of course, was flattered and quickly agreed to do it.

There were six ranch hands altogether, including Jake, who rode out to the site on horseback. Maggie followed a short time later in the jeep. When he arrived and disembarked from the vehicle, the men slowly and deliberately began to strip off each item of their clothing, doing so as though they were oblivious to Maggie's presence. Maggie's mouth hung open at the sight. He was as hard as a rock watching this display. When they had finally all taken off the last piece of clothing, they stood there and slowly stroked their penises until they became hard and rigid. Saliva was beginning to run out of the side of Maggie's mouth. Then Corky walked slowly over to Maggie and picked him up and carried him over to a spot where a large blanket had been carefully laid. Corky warned Maggie not to move, or he might get hurt. The rest of the men formed a sort of circle around Maggie, whose eyes fastened on the penises and balls hanging over him. Corky and one other man got down and slowly took off each piece of Maggie's clothing until he was totally exposed with his hard-on bobbing up and down with anticipation. Corky turned Maggie over and told him to get up on his knees. Then Corky screwed his hard cock into Maggie's waiting asshole. Maggie swooned and sighed. He loved it. As soon as Corky shot his load into Maggie, each of the others approached and pounded their hard penises into his asshole, which by now was visibly twitching with desire and anticipation. Sperm was now oozing out of his asshole and running down the back of his thigh. Jake was the last one, but he made no move to mount Maggie. Maggie looked up at Jake and, with tears in his eyes, begged him, "Fuck me, Jake. Fuck me, please!"

Jake kneeled down in front of Maggie and said, "I'm gonna fuck you really hard, but only when you promise you won't carry on like a fuckin' woman the next time Joseph comes to you. Joseph may have his little fuckin' quirks, but Joseph is our friend, see? And you're gonna respect that. You frightened Joseph with all yer shit-ass screamin' and yer gonna apologize. Okay?

Maggie just said, "Okay," and then Jake slowly went around behind Maggie and looked at his big red asshole with all the cum dripping out of it. "Shit," he said, I'm not gonna stick my cock into all that shit. Git up and go on back to your fuckin' kitchen. But leave the food here!

The next day, Michael and Jeff rode into Goliad to look for some new saddle blankets to replace the old worn out and dirty ones that Ol' Ben had insisted on keeping. They found some good ones at a reasonable price and threw them into the back of the car. Then Michael suggested they stop off at Tyler's Bar and Lounge for a couple of beers before heading back.

After downing about three very large draft beers each and talking about various decisions that needed to be made in regard to managing the ranch, Michael looked at Jeff and said:

"Jeff, I've been meaning to talk to you about something, and with a bunch of beers in me, this seems to be probably a good time to do it. I know that we have gone kind of beyond the limits of normal father and son relations. I've been thinking, and I think I need to talk with you about where I'm coming from on all of this." Michael stopped for a few moments, trying to figure exactly how he was going to tell Jeff what he wanted to tell him. "Jeff, you know that I love your mother and that she and I have had a very good marriage. But somehow, I've needed more. I've come to the conclusion—and I don't want you to think badly of me—I've come to the conclusion after thinking about it for a long time, that I am definitely—you know—bi-sexual in my sexual desires."

Jeff nodded and said, "That means you are attracted to both men and women, right?"


Jeff reached under the table so no one could see and grabbed his dad's leg just above the knee and squeezed it. "You mean you've been worried about telling me that? How could I have not known that—as much as we love each other. And I know you love Mom, too." Then with a laugh, he added, "I'll try not to get jealous!"

Then Michael, in a very serious tone, said, "And it's the same with you, too, isn't it Jeff? I mean you're bi-sexual, too, aren't you?"

Jeff looked down into his beer mug for a long time and finally looked up at his dad and said, "You're the only one I really love, Dad."

"But you'll meet a girl someday who you'll love as much."

"I'm afraid not, Dad. I'm only attracted to guys—I mean sexually.

Michael looked hard at Jeff.

"Dad, don't look at me like I'm a fucking queer. Well, I guess I am a fucking queer, but don't look at me that way. Oh, Dad, stop it, please!" Tears welled up in Jeff's eyes and he put his hands over his face so no one around them could see.

Michael took Jeff's hand and pulled it away from his face and said, "Jeff, no, no, no. I'm not thinking anything like that. What I'm thinking is that we have come out in the open to each other and one of the deepest secrets that each of us has harbored most of our lives is now being shared by both of us. We love each other Jeff. And nothing or no one can change that. With what we just told each other, I think the love we have for each other is even stronger now."

"Then you aren't upset that I don't like girls?"

Michael responded, "Of course not. Let's go. We'll talk more during the drive home."

As Michael pulled out of the parking lot onto the highway, Jeff unzipped his dad's pants and reached inside. Holding tightly onto Michael's balls, he said, "I don't know how a person can love another more than I love you, and I don't know how anyone can lust after someone's body more than I lust after yours."

Jeff undid his dad's belt and, while still driving, Michael lifted his hips so Jeff could pull down his pants to around his ankles. Michael's penis was hard and rigid and stood almost straight up. Jeff lay down on the seat so he could get his mouth around his dad's penis. While running his hands lightly over the soft hair on his dad's legs, he brought Michael so close to orgasm, that Michael had to pull off to the side of the road, where he could close his eyes and yell as he shot blast after blast of his sperm into Jeff's waiting mouth. Without pulling up his pants, Michael continued on to the ranch, Jeff had pulled his own pants down and was jerking off as fast as he could. When the car pulled into the yard, Jeff had still not cum, so Michael leaned over and started sucking. Jeff could see Jake coming across the yard towards them, and said, "Go faster, Dad, Jake's coming." It was too late. Just as Michael was sucking up and swallowing Jeff's sperm and while Jeff was in the midst of his orgasm, Jake arrived at the car and peered into the window. He stood there without saying a word for about a whole minute and then, smiling, he turned away and returned to bunk house.

Enrique and Jake had become quite close good friends. Enrique was fascinated by the idea of Jake playing the bagpipes. He talked with Corky and asked him if, the next time he went into either Goliad or Victoria, he would see how much bagpipes cost. He said, "Maybe we could get some for Jake so he can play some songs on it for us."

Corky said, "Aw, shit, Enrique. Nobody's got bagpipes. Thems ain't never used around here."

Enrique was insistent, and on the following day, Corky went into a musical instrument store to inquire. They told him nobody sells bagpipes around here, but he could try a used furniture store down at the end of the street where they sometimes sell old used musical instruments. Corky went down and talked with the old gentleman who was the proprietor.

"Well, young man, I've got an old piece of junk in the back that I picked up some forty years ago that I was told was bagpipes. It's a real mess, though. Do you want to look at it?"

Corky just asked how much he wanted for it. The man said he'd sell it to him for ten dollars. Corky just said, "Aw, shit," and turned to go. Then the man said I'll give it to you for five. Corky looked relieved and said he would be back.

Enrique had just a little over five dollars saved up in a jar. He gave it to Corky and told him to go buy it and bring it back, but not to let Jake see it yet. When Corky returned to the ranch with what the store owner very rightly called a "piece of junk," Enrique was thrilled. It was covered with a thick layer of dirt and dust with tube-like things sticking out all over it.

Enrique looked at it and then at Corky and said, "Are you sure this is a bagpipe? It looks like somethin' a truck ran over." Corky put the instrument into a big garbage bag so that Enrique could get it safely into his room without suspicion. Enrique stuffed it in the back of his closet and put an old rain coat over it to hide it. Then Enrique lay down on his bed and smiled. He thought about how happy his friend, Jake, will be when he sees his new present.

To be continued...


Posted: 08/22/08