My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

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Author's Note: The following is the first chapter of my novel, "My Father, My Son." The story is mostly fictional, but contains some elements that are true from the author's own experience. The story contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity among family members. The story contains no violence, and all sexual activity is with the complete consent of all the persons involved. Anyone who is offended or otherwise disgusted by this kind of material should read no further. The author welcomes any comments at any time, whether constructive or destructive, and whether praiseful or damning. Suggestions of any kind are equally welcome. Send to: 

Chapter 1 

Rain fell throughout the day on the first of June in the small community of Monroe, Texas. It was a special day, however, for one of its residents. Jeff Walker had just graduated from high school with top honors that morning, and his parents were celebrating at home with a small gathering of relatives and friends. Jeff's father, Michael Walker, was his usual outgoing, ebullient self, mixing drinks, passing around a huge platter of cold cuts and small pieces of rye bread, and telling all who would listen about Jeff's scholarship package down at the University in Austin.

Marion Walker, Jeff's mother, gave most of her attention to her two older spinster sisters, who sat glumly next to each other. Aunt Cassie, the older sister, had the annoying habit of greeting every man who came into the room with a very obvious intense stare at his genital area. The male members of the family were quite used to this, but others found it unnerving.

Jeff's father Michael had been brought up on a cattle ranch in south Texas. He had become a good horseman and wrangler, but as he grew older, he became less and less satisfied with the lonely life on the ranch. His several visits to the city of San Antonio made him long for the bright lights and excitement he knew was waiting for him there. Michael's father, known by all as Ole Ben, had done what he believed to be the proper thing with his son Michael, and took him aside one day to explain the "facts of life." Of course, the sexual activity among the animals on the ranch was clear for all to see, and Michael had learned very early what was going on as he watched the various animals engaged in "humping," as they called it. Ole Ben's job was merely to put a human face on all this kind of activity and bring it into the world of civilized behavior.

Ole Ben had done the routine with his oldest son and was now very confident that he could impart his knowledge with no difficulty to Michael. He went over the particulars of the sex act as it applied to humans; things like: "A human don't always climb on the back of a woman when he's humping, but often humps from the front." He described where the vagina was located on a woman and found himself getting farther into an erotic description of the actual act than he had intended to. He eventually got control of himself and talked about responsibility in matters of sex, contraception, and masturbation, and very importantly, the pleasure that one gets from sexual activity. Through all of this talk, however, Michael was still very curious about the actual sex act and kept asking Ole Ben to describe it in more detail. He asked if he and his mother still did the sex act. Ole Ben, rather than going on much longer about it, said that he and Michael's mother did still do it for pleasure. Still hearing Michael ask for details, Ole Ben decided to simply say "Our bed is very close to the back window in our bedroom, and sometimes we can very easily look out and see the moon, which is very romantic."

Michael quickly got the idea that Ole Ben was trying to hint at. The next night, fourteen year old Michael went out into the backyard of their sprawling one-story house and, standing some feet away from the window in the dark, he saw what he had hoped to see. His mother and father were actually fucking, and his father was doing it doggy fashion. Michael became so hard that he dropped his own pants and began stroking himself. When Ole Ben was about to cum, he pulled out and shot several long ropes of white cum all over his wife's back. Then he glanced over at the window and smiled just in case Michael had taken the hint and was out there watching. He took the view that he and his wife were doing nothing wrong. If Michael was spying on them, it wasn't because he was asked to. Michael continued his voyeuristic nightly outings in the back yard almost until he went away to college. Ole Ben told him years later that knowing that Michael had been watching him always heightened his orgasms. They complimented each other. Michael was the voyeur and Ole Ben was the exhibitionist.

When Michael was away at college, one of his favorite pastimes was to go dancing. He was so good at it, and had such a fine physique, that one of the girls that he dated talked him into learning how to be an exotic male dancer and stripper. Thus began a career during college that netted Michael a fine income. He frequently hired himself out for sorority parties, bachelorette parties for brides-to-be, and other miscellaneous engagements at local gay bars and clubs. It was at one of the sorority parties where he met his wife, Jeff's mother. She always delighted as the years went on to repeat the story of how she was able to snag this gorgeous man when his pants were down. As a fairly well-known and respected businessman in the area, he was now embarrassed to have his exotic dancing and stripping days brought up. But Marion Walker seemed to find endless joy in telling the story.

During those nights when Michael performed in gay bars, he always had dozens of hands groping him and feeling him, which he eventually learned not to mind. As time went on, he also allowed himself to be taken to some secluded room in these bars where the bartenders would give him blow jobs. Several times, he gave in to their requests to fuck them. Michael learned to enjoy these encounters. He found that blow jobs with the gentle lips and tongue of a man produced far and away more powerful orgasms than his own hand. He had only fucked one woman in his life, and that was his future wife, Marion. But he found even more excitement from entering the very tight butt holes of men.

It was very much expected of Michael to marry and have kids, like his older brother had. He enjoyed sex with Marion and it wasn't a very hard decision for him to go ahead and marry her. But now he was forty-three years old and was about to send his younger son off to college. He was sorry in a way that the house would now be empty of kids. He really had had a great time bringing up the two boys. Since Michael had been used to open nudity in his home when he was growing up, he made Marion agree that there would be free and open nudity in their home, as well. She agreed, but said the nudity rule would not apply to her. She wished to be dressed when around the boys. Since Michael's performing days in gay bars, he had developed a fascination for male genitals. He was extremely interested in all the various stages of development of his sons' penises and testicles. He even found himself, as the boys grew up, getting aroused by the sight of their developing bodies. Michael soon told himself that he needed to be honest and admit to himself that he might be bi-sexual. His fantasies while having sex were practically always about other males.

Even though sex with Marion occurred two or three times each week, Michael continued to masturbate at least once a day. He would do it at anytime and anywhere it was convenient. One afternoon, the mood struck him when he was in the garage, where he was fixing the windshield wipers on his car. He simply dropped his pants down to around his ankles and leaned against the car and started to jack off vigorously. He hadn't seen Jeff who was outside and about to come into the garage through the side door. When Jeff opened the door and entered, Michael suddenly exploded with an orgasm and shot his load onto the concrete floor. Jeff then ran into the house and up to his room.

As soon as Michael could get himself cleaned up and pull his pants up, he went upstairs and knocked on Jeff's door.

He called, "Jeff, can I come in? I need to talk with you."

Jeff said he could come in, and Michael entered and found Jeff lying on his bed staring at the ceiling. Michael sat on the side of the bed.

After an awkward silence, Michael began, "Jeff, now that you are twelve years old, I have been meaning to talk with you about sexuality and all that just like Ole Ben did for me. But I'm afraid I wasn't quick enough and I want to explain about what you saw down there in the garage."

"Dad," Jeff interrupted, "I know what you were doing."

"You do?

"You were jerking off. I just didn't think adults jerked off when they were married."

"Jeff, sexual desire doesn't die when you become an adult."

"I know, but you have mom to do it with," retorted Jeff.

Michael knew this was the time when the "facts of life" needed to be talked about. For the next two or three hours, Michael explained everything he could to Jeff about sexuality of both men and women, as well as the mechanical and psychological processes involved in sexual arousal and desire. It wasn't long before Jeff began to open up and ask questions about almost every facet of sex. Michael stressed the pleasure aspects of sexual activity, but also talked about respect for one's partner and being responsible in the matter of sex with girls.

"You won't be old enough for a few years to be able to handle sex with a girl responsibly. I actually didn't realize you had started masturbating already, but that's a good thing. There is no reason why young men your age who are able to achieve orgasms should not have full enjoyment--but only through masturbation. Personally, I need to have that sexual release and enjoyment almost every day, while your mother doesn't need it that often."

"You don't have to worry about me having sex with girls," Jeff said. "My friend Curt and I jack-off all the time together after school and we don't think about girls."

"I know," said Michael. "You're just too young. The time will come, though."

"No, dad, that isn't it. We think about the gym teachers who get naked and always take showers with us after our gym classes. We would really like to have bodies like those someday. And sometimes they get erections when they're in there with us. And that really makes us hot."

This took Michael a little by surprise. Since Jeff was able to achieve orgasm, he was obviously capable of thinking or fantasizing about sex. But when Michael heard that Jeff thinks mainly of men when he thinks of sex, he didn't know quite what to make of that.

Jeff didn't mention it to Michael, but he found himself enormously aroused by the sight of his dad with his pants down around his ankles and shooting sperm onto the garage floor. He had always secretly been attracted to his dad's body and would frequently fantasize about it when he jacked off.

Over the years, Michael and Jeff made no effort to hide their individual masturbation activity. They were already quite used to seeing each other naked, and as Jeff went through his high school years, there was no embarrassment in catching each other masturbating, whether it be in bed, in the shower, or anywhere else. And although there was no embarrassment, neither Michael nor Jeff ever spoke to the other about the physical attraction they had for each other. To Michael, such thoughts bordered on the unspeakable. As much as he tried to put these feelings aside, he remained disturbed over the sexual attraction he had increasingly felt through the years for his own son. Jeff also suffered a mass of confused feelings over his sexual desire for his father. Neither father nor son knew of the other's feelings.

Now that Jeff had his high school diploma, he had arranged to work over the summer down on his grandfather's ranch. He was promised that the work would not be easy. Not only did the daily chores need to be kept up with, but a large number of general repairs were needed to be done in preparation for putting the ranch up for sale during the coming year. Ole Ben had lost his wife the year before from a heart attack, and neither of their sons was interested in taking on the ranch. Jeff took the bus down, and was let off at the road leading into his grandfather's property. It was a hot dry day and the road was nothing more than two sand and gravel ruts. As the bus started to drive away, a cloud of yellow dust was blown up which stuck to the sweat on Jeff's face. He could see the house and some outbuildings in the distance and figured it must be at least a two-mile walk. By the time he arrived at the house, his suitcase felt like it was filled with rocks. Ole Ben came bursting out onto the front porch and, putting his arm around Jeff's shoulders, led him into the house. He called to Enrique, his Mexican houseboy, who spoke very little English. He told Enrique to set up some iced tea on the back porch for them.

Leading Jeff out on the porch, Ole Ben said, "Now, my young lad, where do you want to bunk? You can stay either here in the house, or out there with the hands in the bunk house. It ain't air-conditioned either place, so it makes no difference that way."

"Well ... I think I'll stay here in the house," Jeff finally stammered.

"I think you'll be happier here, my boy. Them guys are pretty rough characters. Besides, you can have yer own bathroom, instead of having to use them big gang showers out there."

Ole Ben and Jeff sat on the porch talking about the ranch for about two hours, and Jeff drank an entire pitcher of iced tea.

Turning to Jeff, Ole Ben said, "Enrique here has been a great help to me since your grandma died. He works all the time. He cooks my food and cleans the house when it needs it and does the laundry. He's a good boy."

Jeff said, "Does Enrique live in the bunk house?"

"No, he lives right here so he can be close when I need him. He's a good boy."

Several of the hands came up to the porch to see who the visitor was, and Ole Ben proudly introduced Jeff as Michael's son. Some of the men were old enough to remember Michael when he lived there as a boy. One of them, who Ole Ben called Joseph, winked at Ole Ben and said, "Christ! He's just as handsome as his old man!"

Enrique soon heated up some canned stew for supper, which really put Jeff into a sweat. As soon as they were done eating, Ole Ben said, "Well, I can see it's time for bed."

"But it's just eight o'clock," Jeff said. "Why are you going to bed so early?"

"Well, Jeff, we always get to bed early out here. We have to get up at five to git a jump on the work before the heat of the day."

Jeff actually felt tired enough to go to sleep this early, so he said goodnight and went into his room at the end of the hall right next to Ole Ben's room. As he was about to close his door, he heard Ole Ben calling to Enrique.

"Come along now, Enrique. You can leave them dishes until tomorrow. And before you come, git in there and pee first. Remember what happened last time.

Jeff lay in bed listening to noises made by the outdoor critters and wondered about Enrique. He was a handsome, slender, and sensuous young man with a beautiful dark complexion and long straight black hair that hung almost to his shoulders. Having been told that he was fifteen or sixteen, it was hard for Jeff to believe because of his small stature. Then he heard Ole Ben's voice through the wall giving some sort of instructions to Enrique. He couldn't make it out. But soon, he heard one command very loud and clear:

"Get up here closer, Enrique, and raise your fuckin' hips a little more, damn it!"

Ole Ben was having his way with Enrique. Jeff wondered whether that was Enrique's pay for his labors or just part of the job. Presently, after a fairly long silence, there came a long, low growling moan from Ole Ben. There was no mistaking it. It was the sound of a very satisfying orgasm.

Jeff thought, "So that's what the old fart is up to."

The sounds from the next room, as well as the image of little Enrique getting fucked, brought Jeff into full erection. There was only one thing to do. When he finally had his own orgasm and shot his sperm onto his stomach, he purposely made a groan that he hoped Ole Ben could hear. Then he lay back and started to contemplate what this summer was going to be like. In another week, his dad would be coming down to the ranch for a few days to discuss the pending sale and the expenditures that will be needed to bring the old place into salable condition. Soon, Jeff fell sound asleep.

To be continued...


Posted: 08/22/08