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=== I  n    M  e  m  o  r  i  a  m ===
10-year Memory of the openly Gay people who died on
September 11, 2001




Recommended Stories off-site.

by: Charlie
Located on Nifty, a true story of love
between two boys as the grow into men!
'Author' doesn't do him justice.

"Substitute Dad"
by: Scribe 1971
Located on Ted Louis site, but a truly
wonderful tale of love and friendship
between a boy and his substitute dad.

"Nick and Jonathan"
by: Stonewolf
Located on Nifty, a warm and
loving story, with a touch of
the super natural.

by: Gerry Taylor
Located on Nifty, good authoritarian
tale of 1 man's descent into
Arabic slavery & rise into Mastery.

We're deeply saddened, as I'm sure you are,
at the increase in teen suicides.
I suppose we can't easily stop the physical abuse of teens,
straight or gay, and the hatred and bullying inflicted on gay teens.
View this video; it might help!



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