A Train Trip to Remember
 by: Miguel Sanchez

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The boys were right. While the furniture here was still good, some if it didn’t go with the decor of the new house. “Alright guys, we’ll go furniture shopping for the new house. What I think we should do is decide on what from here we should take with us and then buy accordingly.”


Both boys were excited about getting stuff for the new house. For them, it was a true family project and I would see to it that they each had a say in what we bought.



Chapter 22


A few days later, we went shopping. I checked my savings account balance and there was more than I realized I had. As soon as we got to the store, the boys split up. JC was looking at living room things while Charlie was in the bedding area.


A salesman was heading over to Charlie. I came around from a different direction just as my boy saw me. “Hey Dad, this bed will look great in your new room.”


He had a good eye. “OK son, now I’ll need a dresser and a chest of drawers that will go with it.”


The salesman just stood there watching as Charlie studied each piece. I think he thought he could give Charlie a hard time but I managed to foil his plan. After a few minutes, I casually walked over to him. “Are you just going to stand there or are you here to work?”


I must have caught him completely off guard because he started tap dancing trying to avoid stepping on his tongue. “Ah well yes sir, how may I help you.”


Over in the living room section, JC was busy studying the different pieces of furniture as he pictured them in the house. He went over to a recliner and sat down in it as another salesman came over. “May I help you young man?”


He saw the man smiling. “Actually sir, you can. My Dad, brother and I are looking at some new furniture for our new house. I have some things in my mind but I’d like to get him this recliner on my own.”


“Oh would you now,” the man said somewhat sarcastically.


JC stood up and reached for his wallet. “Yes sir I do and I can pay for it too.”


He snatched the card out of JC’s hand then took one of the cards off the recliner. “We’ll just see.”


He walked towards the registers then I heard a page, “Store manager to the check out area.”


It seems the salesman I had was also the store manager. “I’ll be right back with you folks.”


The man took off but that page had me worried so I followed him from a distance. When the manager arrived, the salesman jumped him immediately. “This kid’s trying to pull something here. I’ll bet this card is stolen.”


The manager looked at JC. “Son, are your father and brother here with you too?”


“Yes sir,” JC said quietly.


“I see,” the manager said turning towards the man behind the counter. “If this young man wants that piece of furniture, LET HIM HAVE IT!”


The salesman turned bright red. “But sir, this is stolen.”


The manager held out his hand as the salesman put the card in it. He looked at JC and asked, “Debit or Credit sir?”


JC grinned at the sales man. “Debit sir.”


The manager rang up the sale then swiped the card. He handed JC a little keypad. “Put your PIN number in then push enter.”


JC did as the man had instructed, then they waited. A few seconds later the register started printing out the receipt. The manager handed JC the paper. “Thank you sir, you’ve been very helpful, unlike your salesman there.”


The manager was glaring at his man. “I am very sorry for his actions sir. I know your Dad and brother have things picked out. Should I put this with that order?”


“Thank you,” JC said smiling. “I’ve picked out some furniture for our living room but I want Dad to look at it first.”


JC turned to start looking for me so I quickly hurried back over to where Charlie was. The manager was very helpful and when it came time to check out I was amazed. “Sir, with all that you’ve purchased today, I would like to give you a 10% discount for shopping with us.”


I looked at JC and he just had a shit eating grin on his face. “Why thank you very much, you’re very kind.”


I made arrangements for the furniture to be delivered then the boys and I stopped and got some Chinese take out for dinner.


The weeks went by fast and we were a couple days from closing. I called the agent and asked if we could take possession of the house early. I’d also reminded her about her end of the bargain. She came over with the keys about an hour later. The boys were out back with Zeus when she arrived. I opened the front door and she came in. I could tell by the look on her face she wasn’t happy about me having to remind her of the agreement she’d made. “Here are the keys to the house; it’s vacant so you can move in anytime. Here is the other item as promised Mr. Miles.”


When she left, I started making phone calls to get the utilities transferred over and schedule movers. I was lucky, the second company I called said they could come out, pack load and move everything in a single day. The biggest thing was getting our clothes packed so we could move them to the new house. The day before the movers arrived, we attacked our rooms. I lost count of the trips but by 3, everything was over at the new house. The day the movers came, I took Zeus over to the new house and let him get acclimated to the new place. He loved the dog house and I had to admit it was a nice accent.


The movers had the house packed and loaded the things we were taking in their truck by lunch. The movers broke for lunch so the boys and I got something to go and met the furniture store for their delivery. They were waiting on us when we arrived and it didn’t take them long to have everything set up as we wanted. No sooner had they left when the movers arrived to get to the business of getting us settled in.


While they were unloading the truck, JC and Charlie were busy in the master bedroom making the bed and putting the new linen away. As soon as the bed got put together in their room, they quickly got that made. I was showing the men where boxes went when the boys came down. “What’s next Dad.”


“I think we should concentrate on the kitchen, once that’s done, we can slow down a little and get the living room done.”


By 6, the movers had the truck empty. I got them paid then watched as they drove away. As soon as the front door was closed, I heard the pitter patter of puppy feet. Zeus was busy checking out his new inside surrounding. The boys came over to hug me and I saw both of them with smiles on their faces. Charlie kissed me on the lips followed by JC. “Welcome home guys.”


We unpacked a few boxes in the living room then JC disappeared. “Hey Dad, can you come here?”


I looked at Charlie and he shrugged his shoulders. I was walking down the hall to the master suite when it dawned on me as to what he probably wanted. When I walked in there was my new recliner. With everything going on it had slipped my mind. “Oh son,” I said as tears fell from my eyes.


He patted it so I went over and sat down. As soon as I got comfortable, I was joined by my boys. JC kissed me on the cheek, “Comfy Dad?”


I was in heaven. “I’m totally comfortable son. Do you think you and Charlie can help me get this into the living room?”


The boys quickly hopped up and soon we had it placed in front of the TV. After dinner, the boys wanted to christen the shower so I relented. The size of it gave each of us plenty of room so that we weren’t bumping into each other but I still had them close at hand as they wanted to wash me from head to toe and every place in between. Charlie got a serious look on his face as we were drying off. “Umm Dad, do you think it would be OK if we umm well, went naked?”


I was surprised at the question considering he was the shyest of us. “Not at all son, I’ll put some shorts on and close the curtains.”


I got dressed then went out into the living room and closed the curtains giving us the privacy we needed. I came back and stripped then returned to the living room only to find JC and Charlie waiting for me in the recliner. As soon as they saw me they stood so I could sit down. I extended the foot rest then I was joined by my boys. I got the remote for the TV and found something we all liked and enjoyed our first evening in our new home. During the movie, I noticed the boys holding hands and quietly exploring each other. I didn’t say a word about it and I’d also noticed they’d caressed me a number of times. Just before 11 I could tell something was on the boys’ mind, “A penny for your thoughts boys.”


The boys stared at each other then they stood holding out their hands. I joined them standing as JC turned off the TV. They led me down to the master suite then Charlie pulled the covers down. He patted the bed so I went and stretched out getting comfortable. The boys joined me and I was now the meat in their little sandwich. I was trying to figure out what was going to happen when I soon felt their hands caressing my body. Charlie leaned over and kissed me very passionately. I was wondering if I should stop this before it went farther than any of us wanted but I decided to just let the boys have the lead.


I closed my eyes as their caressing felt really good. I reached my hands out and began rubbing the boys’ legs. I felt JC’s hand gently lead my right hand upwards until it found his hairless crotch. “Oh yeah Dad, you still have a super soft touch.”


Charlie watched as I was causing JC’s dick to get hard as a nail. After several minutes of this, I felt Charlie take my left hand and bring it into contact with his now very hard dick. I gave him the same treatment I was giving JC. “Oh Dad, that feels super.”


I kept this up for several minutes then Charlie leaned down and kissed me passionately again. He nibbled on my ear lobe then kissed me on the neck. I felt his mouth close to my ear again. “Dad, would you make love to me?”


I knew he was a virgin except for the time he’d put a cucumber in his rectum so I was a little shocked when he asked me this. “Are you sure son? I know you’re still a virgin.”


I looked at him as he smiled, nodding his head. “Yeah Dad, I’m very sure.”


JC leaned over and kissed me. “We’ve talked about it Dad. Charlie will only let one other person touch him sexually besides me.”


I was really moved that he would want me, rather than JC to take his virginity. “Son, I’m honored but I’m going to put a stipulation on this. Please hear me out now. Charlie, I know you’ve been through a lot of pain in your young life and I’m not about to add to that. Before I enter you, JC and I are going to prepare you first.”


JC smiled at me then giggled. “Dad, I’ve already thought of that and I’ve gotten him cleaned on the inside.”


I was surprised to hear that but I wasn’t going to ask for details. “OK son; that was one thing I was going to talk about now the next is properly stretching him. JC, since you have the smallest fingers, I want you to go first.”


I reached into the nightstand then remembered the lube was still packed with the other stuff still in the bathroom. I was about to say something when JC got up. He returned a few seconds later holding it in his hand. “OK bro, lie on your back.”


Charlie did as instructed pulling his legs up so JC could reach his most intimate of places. I quickly took a peek at his hole and he was no longer swollen and red from his attempt at putting the vegetable in there. JC put an ample amount of lube on his fingers and gently rubbed it around. He slowly inserted his middle finger causing Charlie to moan in pleasure. “Oh god bro, that feels wonderful.”


“Dad, he’s really loose. Would you care to take over?”


I nodded my head then we switched places. I lubed my fingers and gently inserted two fingers. Charlie moaned again in pleasure. “Oh Dad, put another one in please.”


Once I was certain I wouldn’t hurt him, I slid three fingers into his hole. I hit his prostate then he started leaking precum like a broken water faucet. JC saw this and quickly took his brother’s dick into his mouth. As JC sucked I started working my fingers in and out of his ass. Charlie was bucking his hips furiously so I had to be careful I didn’t get my fingers to deep into his hole. Between the two of us, Charlie didn’t last long and was soon blasting his load into JC’s mouth. While Charlie was returning to earth, JC was smiling like a Cheshire cat. “I take it someone enjoyed that?”


JC kissed me; and I got a taste of Charlie’s nectar, “Sweet, just like you son.”


Charlie leaned up on his elbow. “Dad, please make love to me now.”


I was concerned that I was going to hurt him. Now, I’m not the biggest guy in the world but what I do have is quite wide. “Alright son but you know the stipulation.”


He looked at my dick then nodded his head. “I know Dad and I can handle it.”


I lubed my dick then had him roll over onto a pillow JC placed on the bed for him. As I put my knob at his entrance, I stopped for a minute. “Bear down son, like you’re going to take a crap.”


He bore down and his hole opened. I gently pushed forward and as soon as my head entered him Charlie let out a gasp. “Oh man Dad you’re really big.”


JC leaned down and looked at his face then shook his head. “I’m taking it out son.”


Charlie shook his head. “No Dad please, it’s OK, I can handle it.”


I pulled out and his hole was really stretched. “No son, I told you I will not hurt you.”


He rolled over and I could see the tears streaming down his face. I stretched out beside him then took him into my arms. “I would have gotten used to it Dad.”


I kissed him gently on the lips. “But at what cost son? I wasn’t about to risk tearing you.”


JC was massaging his butt while I held him. “Bro, Dad won’t make love to me for that same reason. I’ve told him that only 1 other person will ever touch me sexually and that’s you. I loved it when you made love to me.”


Charlie flashed that million watt grin of his. “Then will you make love to me bro?”


I shook my head as my hand went in between his legs then felt his hole. “Not right now son, your hole is swollen.”


I could see his face sink then JC kissed him. “How about you make love to me?”


Charlie’s dick was still soft after his climax. I watched as he tried to get it up but couldn’t and that was probably due to the pain he was in. “Umm, I can’t get it up bro.”


I kissed him on the cheek. “Your butt is still sore and you just had a huge orgasm son. I’m sure it’ll work just fine after your body has had a chance to rest.”


He nodded his head then had a devilish look on his face as I saw him wink at JC. He reached down and started fondling my cock. “Ungh what are you doing?”


Charlie leaned down and kissed me passionately on the lips. “Just lie back and enjoy it Dad. This is something I can and want to do.”


I closed my eyes as the boys touched, kissed and sucked me to one of the best orgasms I’ve had in a long time. When I finally returned to Earth the boys were watching me with huge smiles on their faces. “Did you enjoy that Dad?”


I had a smile on my face that pretty much said it all. “Oh yeah guys, I really enjoyed that.” We then went into the bathroom so we could get cleaned up then we cuddled close as we drifted off to sleep.


The next few days were spent unpacking and putting things away. Charlie came out of his shell and no longer needed the tranquilizers Liam prescribed for him. With all the things going on, neither of the boys made it back to school that year. I took both of their adoption certificates and had them enrolled into a local private school. They weren’t happy about having to repeat the 10th grade but when they learned it was an all boys’ school, they seemed happy.


Over the summer, there were loads of kids the boys’ age but neither of them seemed to take an interest in making friends. This had me somewhat concerned and I even discussed it with Liam at JC’s last checkup. He thought that given a little more time, they would come out of their shells.


The love they had for each other continued to blossom and they even started sleeping in their own room. During the first week in June they talked me into getting a boat so we could enjoy the water that surrounded us. After doing some looking around I found a nice 24 footer. It had a cabin below deck and plenty of room to enjoy cruising the waterways.


The day we brought the boat home there were a couple of boys watching as I backed the boat into the driveway then guided it through the double wide gate. Once I got it straight, I put the Hummer in park and we got out. “Hey guys, looks like you have a chance to make a couple of new friends.”


JC was the first to walk up. “Hi.”


The taller of the 2 smiled warmly. “Man, that’s a nice boat. I’m Jason, this is my brother Max.”


I watched as JC talked with the boys but Charlie hung back. “What’s wrong son?”


“I dunno Dad, guess I’m still a little scared.”


I wrapped my arm around his shoulder. “You gotta try and remember son, no one is going to hurt you here. JC and I will protect you and so will Zeus.”


Just then JC started walking over with the two boys in tow. “This is Jason and his brother Max. Guys, this is my Dad Mr. Miles and my brother Charlie.”


I extended my hand out and each of the boys shook it, “Nice to meet you boys. Where abouts do you two live?”


Max pointed up the street. “We’re a couple of houses down on the other side of the street. Would you like to come and shoot some hoops?”


I nodded my head and the boys went off hopefully making some new friends. I backed the boat into the back yard the closed the gate so Zeus would could run around without getting loose.


I went into the house and fixed a cold drink and watched the afternoon news. About an hour later, the boys came home hot and sweaty. “Well, did you boys have a good time?”


They nodded but neither of them seemed happy. JC sat down beside me. “Dad they’re OK but well, they act stuck up.”


“How so son?” I asked surprised at his terminology.


Charlie came and sat on my lap. “Well, it’s like they’re better than us. They have a nice home and when we were playing they’d start changing the rules on us.”


I’d heard stories about kids of wealthy people thinking their shit didn’t stink. “I’ll let you boys decide if you want to go back or be friends with them.”


JC got up heading for the staircase. “I don’t think they’ll be back. I sunk the winning basket and they didn’t like it so they just went inside without saying goodbye or anything.”


“That was very rude on their part son. If either of you did that I would be a little upset because I want to raise you better.”


Charlie kissed me then hurried up the stairs with his brother to get showered. I fixed dinner while they were showering then watched a pay per view movie on the television.


The boys and I got comfortable in our new surroundings as even for me, living in this upscale neighborhood was a bit of a culture shock. The following week, I got a call from Ike. “Jerry, I know this might upset JC but Stephan and his parents are going to trial the day after tomorrow.”


“Shit Ike, did the DA try to make a deal with them?”


I heard Ike sigh. “Yeah he did but Stephan flat refused to accept any plea.”


“Why the hell not,” I almost shouted into the phone.


“Calm down Jerry. Dr. Moore has this warped sense that the letter JC’s parents gave him allowed him to do anything he wanted without any consequences.”


I stood there shaking my head in disbelief. “That’s bullshit Ike. Will JC have to testify?”


“I don’t know in all honesty. That’s why I’m calling, to let you know. I’ll call Jack and see if he’s on the witness list. I’ll call you back if he’s not, otherwise, I’ll see you in court.”


As I hung up the boys came in along with Zeus. “JC, Ike just called. The trials of your parents and Dr. Moore are the day after tomorrow.”


Charlie started shaking so JC wrapped him into his arms. “Calm down bro, I can handle it. Dad, I want to be there when the judge lets my sperm donor, and incubator have it good.”


I giggled at his description of his parents. “OK son. Ike is calling the DA to see if you’re on the state’s witness list for Dr. Moore’s trial. He flat out refused to make any deal.”


JC’s face turned to one of anger. “That bastard, I hope he has some big ugly dude for a cell mate.”


I giggled. “I’m sure he’ll get his in due time son. Now, what do you guys want for dinner?”


Neither of them could decide so I took out a package of steaks and got them defrosted. About an hour later I fired up the grill and began cooking. Once everything was done, we chowed down then the boys surprised me by cleaning up.


I didn’t get a call from Ike so on Thursday, we were off to court. Ike and Jack saw us and waved. We shook their hands then Jack looked at me. “We’re in Judge Foley’s court. He’s not going to take any crap from Stephan Moore.”


We went inside and sat behind Jack. A few minutes later, Stephan was led into the courtroom and sat beside his attorney. “All rise; this court is now in session; The Honorable Judge Thomas Foley presiding.”


The Bailiff brought up a file and handed it to the judge. Judge Foley read it then looked at the defendant. “This is The State vs. Stephan Moore, how does the defendant plead?”


Stephan stood then blew a kiss towards JC. “Not guilty Your Honor.”


Jack turned to look at us. “I think I can do this with calling just 1 witness.”


I looked and there was Liam coming into the courtroom. Jack saw them then stood. “Your Honor, the state calls Dr. Liam Finch to the stand.”


The Judge nodded his head. “Dr. Finch, come forward and be sworn in.”


I could tell Moore was not happy as Liam was sworn in then sat down. “Dr. Finch, did you see Mr. Moore.”


Stephan stood and interrupted Jack. “THAT’S DR. MOORE TO YOU JACKASS!”


BANG, BANG, BANG!!! “Control your client Mr. Abrams. Mr. Moore, that outburst will cost you $100.00. Next time the fine will double and you’ll be picking up some serious jail time.”


Moore glared back at the judge. “I’m A DOCTOR.”


Liam reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. “This is from the State Board of Medicine. Dr. Moore’s license has been suspended indefinitely.”


He handed it to the judge. “I see, this will be admitted into evidence. Continue Mr. Malone.”


Dr. Finch, as I was saying, did you ever see Mr. Moore abuse JC Miles?”


“Objection,” Mr. Abrams shouted. “Assumes facts not in evidence?”


“Over ruled,” Judge Foley replied. “Your client has been charged with sexually assaulting JC Miles.”


“Not so fast,” Abrams said. “The victim was JC Martin. I move for a mistrial.”


BANG, BANG, BANG. “The victim was adopted and his name was legally changed to Miles, now sit down. Dr. Finch, you may answer the question.”


Liam cleared his throat. “Yes and the assaults were captured on the hospital’s closed circuit surveillance system.”


Jack went over to his briefcase and pulled out 2 video tapes. “Your Honor, I would like to enter these tapes into evidence.”


“Objection,” Abrams shouted. “These could be manufactured.”


Jack continued to approach the bench. “Your Honor, these tapes have been authenticated by the FBI, here is their certification.”


Judge Foley looked at the paper. “Over ruled, the tapes are admitted. You can play the tapes Mr. Malone.”


Once the taped finished playing, Jack handed them back to Judge Foley; “Your Honor, the state rests.”


The Judge took the tapes then looked at Abrams. “Very well Mr. Malone. Mr. Abrams, do you wish to cross examine this witness?”


Abrams looked at Stephan. “You really cooked yourself.”


“I had permission.”


Abrams shook his head. “Not to break the law. Now, if I put you on the stand and you keep that up, there’s nothing I can do to save your butt.”


Judge Foley was waiting and I could tell he was getting impatient. “Mr. Abrams, do you wish to cross examine Dr. Finch.”


He shook his head. “Sidebar Your Honor.”


He motioned for him and Jack to approach. “What’s going on?”


“I can’t call him to the stand. He’s under the misguided impression that the letter he got from the Martins gave him the right to break the law.”


Jack giggled. “Then he’ll just sink himself.”


Abrams nodded. “He’s sunk now. There’s no way that evidence can be disputed.”


Judge Foley looked at the lawyer. “Then you have to decide on what’s best for your client.”


Abrams nodded his head then returned to his client. “Your Honor, the defense rests.”


Judge Foley waited because he felt Moore would explode. After several minutes he finally spoke. “Very well Mr. Abrams. The court is ready to render its verdict. Mr. Moore, will you stand?”


Moore stood as the judge continued. “Mr. Moore, this court finds you guilty of sexually assaulting JC Miles and guilty of physically assaulting him. This court will pass sentence on you in 2 weeks time. This court is now adjourned.”


BANG! “All rise.”


We stood as the Judge left the bench returning to his chambers. Moore turned and shouted at JC. “You think you’re gonna live fag?”


JC smiled then laughed. “You think you’re so smart don’t you? Well I’m in remission thanks to a real doctor so go and enjoy your life in prison.”


The bailiff took Moore by the arm and led him towards the holding cells as I wrapped my arm around JC. He looked up at me smiling. “I’m proud of you son, you said what you had to and didn’t cuss.”


He and Charlie giggled. “I wanted to Dad more than you know.”


We talked for a few more minutes then the bailiff brought JC’s parents into the courtroom. I put my arm around JC and watched as they just sat down and didn’t acknowledge him. Jack turned around and patted him on the leg. “I’ve made a deal with them son, is that OK?”


He looked up at me then back to Jack. “That’s fine sir, I have a Dad that really loves me now.”


Just then the judge came back in. We stood while he took his seat then spoke to Jack. Jack laid out the plea agreement which both parties agreed to. Douglas Martin was sentenced to a total of 15 years in prison with 10 of it coming from the pornography. He was also ordered to be placed on the sex offender’s registry. Vikki was sentenced to 12 and one half years. She drew 10 years for child neglect because of her telling Dr. Moore to intentionally withhold treatment to JC. The remaining time was because she knew what her husband did in trying to accuse me of being in a pornographic photo. She will also have to be on the sex offender’s registry. When the judge banged his gavel we stood then watched as they were led out of the courtroom.


When the door to the holding cells closed, I heard JC sigh. I rubbed the back of his head as he looked up at me. “They couldn’t even look at me but that’s OK Dad. Maybe they realize they don’t have a son any more.”


Charlie hugged him tightly. “It’s their loss and my gain as I have a super brother now.”


JC kissed Charlie on the cheek as they each took a hand. He had a smile as he looked up at me. “Come on Dad, let’s go home.”


We walked out of the courtroom and headed to the Hummer. Both my boys had seen their pasts come to closure and they now could concentrate on the rest of their lives. I only hoped with this, they could now make friends. Only time would tell.


On the way home, I thought back as to how JC came into my life and all that had happened since it had. My life got turned upside down but looking back on it I wouldn’t have changed a thing since it all started with a train trip to remember.

The End.


Posted: 08/01/08