A Train Trip to Remember
 by: Miguel Sanchez

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He smiled and kissed me gently on the lips. “Alright old man, I’ll humor you.”


I saw him let out a big yawn. I looked at the clock and it was 10:45. “It looks like someone’s ready for bed.”


Chapter 8



He nodded his head so we did our business and got some well needed sleep. I fell into a deep sleep and sometime during the night I was having a very erotic dream. I swore I could actually feel a warm mouth on my dick and my balls were letting me know I was about to explode. I managed to come out of my dream and saw a head under the covers down by my crotch. I gently rubbed his back not wanting to startle him. He lifted his head up smiling at me. “Please don’t stop me Dad. I’m a big boy and I know what I want.”


My big head was telling me I shouldn’t but my little head was enjoying this way too much. “Turn around son.”


He quickly switched into a 69 position and I dove onto his dick and started sucking for all I was worth. I ran my finger over his nether region and I saw his balls pull up tight and I was rewarded with a huge load of the sweetest boy cum ever. As soon as I felt his first volley hit my mouth, I fired. We both swallowed the gifts we were given. JC came off my now soft dick and smiled. I pulled him to me then we kissed deeply and passionately exchanging cum with each other. “Oh Dad, that was fantastic.”


We came back down to earth snuggled together. I was dozing off to sleep when there was a knock on the door. I tossed on a pair of shorts and JC did the same. When he was dressed, I looked through the peep hole and saw the police officer from last night was there so I opened the door. “Yes officer, what can I do for you?”


“It took me a while to find where you were staying. May I come in?”


I opened the door the rest of the way and let him in. “Is there a problem?”


He shook his head. “No sir, not at all. I just wanted to let you know the man confessed so you and your boy won’t have to come back for a trial. The next thing is I was wondering if your boy would like a dog.”


JC started jumping up and down. “A dog, cool, can we Dad please? I’ll take care of him. You won’t have to do a thing.”


Oh the promises a boy makes to get a dog. “I’ll hold you to that son. What kind of dog is it officer?”


“He’s a retired police K9. He’s 4 but was shot once and he can’t run like he used to. Would you like to meet him?”


I was worried now and JC saw it on my face. “Please Dad? Where is he sir?”


“He’s outside in my Blazer. I’m off duty right now. I’ll bring him in.”


When we went outside, I looked at my boy. “Be careful son. I don’t know how he’ll react to strangers.”


The officer left the door cracked so he came inside without me having to let him in. When he returned there by his side was a beautiful German shepherd. When JC saw him he was in awe. “He’s beautiful, what’s his name?”


The dog was sitting obediently by the officer’s side. “His name is Zeus. You can pet him if you’d like?


JC walked over then stopped. He held the back of his hand out and Zeus sniffed it. He got up and smelled my boy as he stood perfectly still. What happened next amazed even me. He sat and extended his paw as if to shake hands. JC leaned down and shook it then he got his first doggy kiss. Zeus was wagging his tail like he was trying to dust the place then JC relented and rubbed the top of his head. “Does this mean he likes me ah officer?”


The officer smiled. “Where are my manners, I’m Jake Costello. In answer to your question, yes, Zeus approves of you. He’s great with kids but is careful with older teens and since you have passed his nose, you’re in.”


I looked at the officer. “How come you’re giving him up?”


“I’m getting another dog. After he was hurt, it took him a while to recover then he just couldn’t handle all what was required. I got to keep him but I really missed working with the K9 unit.”


JC looked at the dog then up at Jake. “I take it having 2 dogs wouldn’t work?”


Jake shook his head. “No son it wouldn’t. Zeus would get jealous every time my new partner left for work and that wouldn’t be fair to him. I talked with the department and they’ve given me permission to give him away.”


He pulled out some papers and handed them to me. “So what do I do?”


Jake explained what I needed to fill out and sign. “He responds to all the basic commands and he will protect you both. If he ever does have to get protective and you want him to heel, you say ‘out’ and he’ll back off. He’ll still be on guard to protect until the person leaves.”


I looked at JC and he was beaming with pride lavishing affection on the dog. I walked over and put my arm around JC just so I could see what he’d do. He stood up and gave me the once over then JC rubbed his head again. “It’s alright fella, that’s Dad and you better be nice to him.”


Zeus looked at JC then over to me. He sat and put out his paw which I shook as Jake laughed. “It looks like he’s accepted you too.”


I rubbed his head then looked at Jake. “I have to ask this but what would Zeus do if I had to raise my voice to JC? I am his parent.”


I could see Jake thinking. “I don’t know. Can we give him a little test? I’ll be here and can control him.”


I knew it had to be done but I didn’t like the idea of a police K9 possibly taking a bite out of me. I looked at JC and he nodded his head. We started a little father son talk then gradually let it increase. JC played the part to the hilt and told me to kiss off and started to walk away. I knew it was my turn but I wasn’t sure what Zeus would do when I put on my authoritarian voice. “JC, get your butt back over here now.”


JC turned and looked at me. “Come and get me.”


I walked over and put my hand on his arm gently pulled him towards me. “Don’t you ever talk to me like that again.”


I’d raised my voice and Zeus was sitting there. Once things got quiet he came over in between JC and me nudging our hands with his nose. I looked at my boy and then we looked down at the dog. “I don’t think he likes us yelling Dad.”


I pulled JC into a hug. “I don’t like having to scold you either son, even if this was just for play.”


We knelt down and gave Zeus some much needed attention. Jake rubbed the dog too. “I guess he’ll be ok but if you do need to have a talk with JC, you might want to do it in private.”


It was a good idea. I signed the papers and JC had himself a dog. Jake handed JC his lead then he took him out for a walk while Jake and I talked. We stepped outside and watched as JC let Zeus roam free in some grass. Zeus found a tree to christen then started walking back over towards JC. Just then a man came around the corner and stopped to look at JC, “Hiya son?”


JC looked at the man. “Hello.”


The man put his hand on JC’s arm and pulled him. Zeus suddenly stopped and stretched out never taking his eyes off the two. “I don’t think a cute boy like you should be out here all alone. How about you come with me?”


JC pulled trying to get away. “Hey, get off me you jerk.”


The man pulled on JC again but Zeus bolted towards them. The man saw the charging dog then let go and backed up. “Sorry kid.”


The dog was still charging towards them. JC stepped in front of Zeus, “Out.”


The dog slowed down then sat beside JC. Jake and I watched as the man quickly disappeared back where he came from. JC and his guardian angel came walking over. “Wow Dad, that was really cool. I like having Zeus with me; it makes me feel really safe.”


I liked that idea too. When the two of them were together, I wouldn’t have worry. “Well Jake, Zeus just made a very big impression on me. He’ll have a loving home with a boy to dote over him.”


JC gave Jake a hug. “Thanks Jake, I know that sounds cheeky but I really mean it. I love Zeus and I’ll take super good care of him.”


“I guess we should get cleaned up then hit the highway.”


We shook Jake’s hand and watched him drive off. Zeus followed JC and I into our room then JC quickly stripped. “Dad, when do you think you’ll be able to make love to me?”


“Not for a while son,” I replied as I sat on the bed. “You’ve seen my dick and while it’s not all that long, it is in its girth. I’m not about to risk hurting you in any way, shape or form.”


I saw that impish look on his face again and knew the wheels were turning. He came over and sat on my lap. “Umm, since you can’t put yours in me do you think I could well?”


JC was now bright red and I knew what he was trying to ask. “You want to make love to me?”


He was looking down fiddling with his dick. “Well yeah, I do love you.”


I lifted his head up then kissed him gently on the lips. “I think that can be arranged but not here. We need to get a shower then head home.”


He smiled then ran into the bathroom. We got our showers then as I was drying JC, he got into a playful mood. He started tickling me then I turned the tables and started tickling him. I had him wrapped tightly in my arms and he couldn’t break free. “Help Zeus hehe, Dad’s hurting me hehe.”


Zeus came into the bathroom and saw JC giggling up a storm. I looked and he was just sitting there watching. JC saw him and realized he wasn’t going to get help. I let JC go then playfully popped him on his butt. “So you thought you’d get help huh?”


He glared at Zeus. “I thought you were my protector.”


Poor Zeus let out a little whine. “JC, you shouldn’t have scolded him. He’s going to get confused so when you really need him, he’s not going to know whether or not you’re playing.”


He went over and sat beside his dog giving him some loving. “I’m sorry boy, that wasn’t nice of me and you didn’t do anything wrong.”


I sat back on the bed and JC came over for a little cuddling. Once again his hand went down and started playing with his dick. “Are you horny son?”


He shook his head. “Not really, I just enjoy playing with it sometimes.”


“You realize when you and I have our private time we’re going to have to keep the door closed because Zeus might not understand all the moaning.”


He looked at Zeus. “I guess you’re right. I can get a little carried away with what you do to me because it feels so damn good.”


We got dressed and checked out of the motel. We got on the road about 10:30 and after a few stops for potty breaks and food, we pulled into the driveway just before 6. JC let Zeus smell around the house and take a dump. “Son, inside the garage are some plastic bags.”


He wrinkled his nose. “Oh Dad you don’t mean?”


I nodded my head. “Yes I do. Doggy poop will kill the grass and I really don’t want to step in his land mines.”


JC did his job after Zeus did his. “Dad, we need to go to the store. Zeus doesn’t have any dog food.”


He was right. “OK son, Zeus can stay in the back yard while we run up and get him some food.”


We made a quick trip to the store and got him some food, water bowl and a food bowl. When we pulled into the driveway we heard Zeus barking from around back. JC ran to the front door and unlocked it. I had the food and his bowl and was right behind him. We got to the back door and there was someone against the back fence cowering while Zeus held him at bay. JC and I walked out and over to the dog. “Hey, get that fucking dog away from me.”


We just stood there watching. “Get him away from you? What the hell are you doing in my backyard?”


He went to reach behind him but Zeus growled. “Are you going to get him back?”


I shook my head. “Not until you tell me what the hell you’re doing on private property.”


I saw JC running towards the house then he came back out with the cordless. “Here Dad, let’s call the police.”


The man started getting antsy and I saw him look at the fence. “Go ahead man, make his day. He’ll be on your ass before you can make it to the fence.”


I saw him relent. “OK, I have some papers to give you. When no one came to the front door, I hopped the fence thinking there was someone back here.”


JC giggled. “You were right, there was someone back here.”


I walked up and rubbed Zeus on the head. I patted my leg and he backed up and sat beside me. “Now, what kind of papers do you have for me?”


He reached into his back pocket and handed them to me. “There, you’ve been served.”


I looked at the papers. “Fine, now get your ass out of here.”


He looked towards the back door. “How am I going to get out?”


I held Zeus by the collar. “The same way you got in and you have exactly 5 seconds to leave.”


“What?” He shouted.


I let go of Zeus, “Tick, tick, tick. 4 seconds, 3 seconds.”


The man jumped up on the fence and quickly left. “What’s that Dad?”


I handed him the papers. “Marsha Flowers is suing you for custody. Who the hell is she?”


I shook my head. “I don’t know son but I’m going to find out real fast. Hand me the phone.”


I called Ike. “Ike, Jerry Miles here. Some bastard process server just served me with a damn lawsuit. Some bitch named Marsha Flowers is suing me for custody of JC.”


I heard Ike sigh then my stomach tried to climb into my throat. “Marsh Flowers is JC’s great aunt. She was that detective who came to JD and took Dr. Moore away. I recognized her and bit my tongue. I was hoping she’d leave and never bother you but I see I was wrong.”


“What the hell are we going to do now?”


“Calm down Jerry,” I responded. “We’re going to fight this. I know for a fact she hates kids. I haven’t a clue why she’s assigned to juvenile.”


“I’ll be over in a few minutes. I want to see these papers.”


I hung up and looked at JC who was sitting on the ground holding on to Zeus crying his eyes out. I went over to him and held my arms out. He jumped into my arms and continued to cry. “Oh Dad, what am I going to do?”


I held onto him while he cried. “You don’t think I’m giving you up without a fight do you?”


I carried him into the house and sat down with him on the sofa. I don’t know how long I held him but the next thing I remembered was hearing a knock on the door. JC sat up then went over and opened the door seeing Ike standing there. He wrapped his arms around the man and cut lose with tears again. Ike rubbed his back while JC got his emotions under control. “Now, now son, I’m not letting anyone take you away from Jerry.”


Ike came in and Zeus stood watching the man. JC turned and looked at him. “Lie down Zeus, Uncle Ike is family.”


Zeus walked over and quickly sniffed Ike then sat lifting his paw. “Shake it Ike; that means you’ve been accepted.”


Ike shook Zeus’ paw then we went to the dining room table and talked about the law suit. Ike read the lawsuit out loud. “It says here she’s filing for custody as your last living blood relative on your mother’s side.”


I was confused. “Ike, I thought you said JC’s Mom was an only child.”


Ike nodded his head. “She was.”


JC stepped in. “If my real Mom was an only child, how can this Marsha Flowers person claim she’s my last living blood relative on her side.”


He dug into his briefcase. “This is where she’s lied on the papers. She’s not blood, she was adopted after your mother put you up for adoption. I managed to find the papers after my sister passed away. Your grandmother adopted Marsha but learned shortly after the adoption was final, she was nothing but a gold digger. That’s another reason she left everything there was to you.”


I looked at Ike. “Then you should be able to get this suit thrown out, right?”


Ike nodded his head. “In theory yes but you never know for sure. Since she’s bringing this action, she has the burden of proof.”


Just then the phone rang. I answered it and Dr. Finch was on the line. “Ah Jerry, just the person I need to talk to. JC is due in tomorrow for his final chemo treatment. His blood work looks great so after this treatment, if it’s still good, he won’t need anything else.”


This was good news considering what we just got hit with. “Thanks Doc, that’s great news. What time does he need to be there?”


“Have him here by 10. The treatment should last a couple hours but he might need to be admitted.”


I didn’t need to hear that. I wasn’t sure how JC would take wanting to be separated. “We’ll take that as it comes but I’ll have him there at 10.”


I told JC what the call was about and I could tell he wasn’t happy. Ike had put his papers away and closed his briefcase. “Jerry, I’ll prepare a response to this lawsuit and push for a hearing as quick as possible. If you need me, don’t hesitate to call.”


The next morning, I had JC at the hospital as scheduled. Dr. Finch was getting JC’s IV going when a lady came busting into the room with a nurse trying to keep her out. “This area is for patients and staff only. You’re not allowed here.”


Dr. Finch turned around. “Nurse, call security STAT. Lady, you have 2 seconds to leave.”


She huffed at Liam. “I’ll do no such thing, I’m from DCF.”


My asshole sucked wind but then I got angry. “Let’s see some ID lady and fast.”


She stuck her nose into the air. “I don’t have to answer to you buddy.”


Just then 2 security officers came in. Liam pointed at the woman saying, “Lady, I’m the head of oncology so you better identify yourself and FAST!”


She reached into her purse and pulled out an ID card. “My name is Justine Grissom and I’m from the Jacksonville Department of Children’s and Family Services.”


Liam shook his head. “I’m sorry lady but you have no jurisdiction here.”


She smirked and pulled out a piece of paper. “This is a court order from the Family Court in Jacksonville giving DCF custody of Jasper Martin.”


I was fuming. “Based on?”


She smirked, “Based on our investigation.”


“Investigation of what?”


She decided to get into my face. “We were given a tip that JC’s parents were kidnapped and the boy was being held against his will.”


Liam looked confused. “So how did they know just where JC would be?”


“That’s none of your business. I’m here to take custody of the child and he’s going to be placed in a locked facility for his own safety.”




She went over towards JC. “You’re going to learn respect right now brat.”


She raised her hand and a security officer was on her quickly. He had her in silver bracelets as she started fighting them. I went into her face then. “Lady, you have a lot of explaining to do.”


“Let me go now and I don’t have to explain anything. I have a valid court order.”


It was all I could do to keep from belting her in the mouth. “You say JC’s parents have been kidnapped?”


She smirked at me. “That’s what I said.”


I broke into laughter. “They’re not kidnapped lady; they’re in the Broward County Motel.”


She looked confused. “The Broward County Motel?”


JC giggled. “Yeah lady, they’re in jail. They’ve been in there for the past several days. Now don’t think for a minute you’re taking me anywhere because this man is my new Dad. He has the papers signed by a judge here so now read my lips carefully. GET OUT!”


“Let me see that paper, if there really is one.”


I reached into my pocket and pulled out my wallet. I removed the paper and held it up so she could see it. “Now, who called you with this hot tip?”


Liam looked at me. “I’d love to know how they knew that you and JC would be here. Security, get this person out of here. If you ever come back on to this property again, I’ll have you arrested and charged with trespassing.”


Liam came back over and got JC’s chemo drip going. “JC, I told Jerry yesterday that your blood work looks great. After this treatment, I’ll need to see you back in a week to draw some more blood. If that looks as good as I’m hoping it will; you won’t need any more treatments.”


JC broke out into a huge grin. “Does that mean I’m cured?”


Liam returned his smile. “Well, it means you’re in remission. We’ll have to monitor you closely to make sure the disease isn’t coming back but I think you’ll be able to lead a fairly normal life.”


I saw tears start to fall from his face. I went over and sat beside my boy. “Oh Dad, I can’t believe it. I won’t be a pin cushion any more.”


I held him as he stopped crying. JC got comfortable and I sat beside him in a chair while the fluid dripped into his vein. I found a magazine to read and was lost in an article when my cell phone went off. I had forgotten to turn it off but when I saw who it was, I was glad I’d forgotten. Ike was calling me and with what happened this morning, I was glad. “Yes Ike, what’s up?”


“Jerry, I know JC’s getting a chemo treatment today but I managed to get a hearing on the lawsuit this afternoon at 1.”


I looked over at JC and he was dozing. The bag was still about a quarter the way full. I looked at the clock and it was a little after 11. “God Ike, I don’t know. JC is napping now and the stress from a hearing could cause him to start getting sick. You know I don’t want that to happen.”


“I hadn’t thought about that Jerry. I’ll try and get hold of the judge hearing the case and let you know something when you get here.”


Dr. Finch came in and checked JC’s medication. When he was done, I motioned to him and he followed me outside. “Ike got a hearing scheduled for this afternoon but I’m worried about the stress causing JC to get ill and start throwing up.”


I could see a look of concern on his face. “I can’t in good conscience let him go Jerry. He’s still my patient and under my care.”


When we came back in JC was looking right at me. “Where’d you go Dad, I got a little worried.”


I hurried over to his side and took his hand. “I was outside talking with Dr. Finch. You were sleeping and I didn’t want to disturb you. Ike has a hearing scheduled for this afternoon.”


JC’s eyes got wide. “Great, now this can be over with.”


I sat down beside him, “Easy tiger.”


“Easy?” JC almost shouted.


I nodded my head. “Yes easy tiger. Dr. Finch says he doesn’t want you there considering you just got your chemo. He doesn’t think you can handle the stress if things get out of hand.”


He was fighting back tears. “B…but what if you don’t come back?”


Dr. Finch stepped up and closed off the drip as he had finished the bag of fluids. “Now don’t go getting yourself worked up laddie.”


Just then another voice was heard. “That’s right JC, he’ll be back.”


JC looked and saw Ike standing there. I could see him relax some then. “Alright Uncle Ike but I wish I could be there.”


Dr. Finch got another small bag of fluids and hung them then I saw a syringe. He looked at me. “This is to flush his system and this is so he won’t be sick. He’ll he drowsy soon.”


I sat down and sure enough JC was fighting to stay awake. He finally relaxed and drifted off to sleep. I stood quietly then leaned over and kissed JC on the cheek. Ike, Liam and I walked outside so we could talk quietly. Ike and I could tell something was in Liam’s mind. “OK Doc, what’s on your mind?”


Liam didn’t pull any punches. “This tug of war going on with JC needs to get settled and fast. His blood work is fine and he is in remission but the stress he’s put under has to be kept to a minimum.”


I looked at Liam then over to Ike. “He’s right Ike. When we left for Jacksonville, I thought this was finally over now some supposed blood family member shows up. Tell me, how many others are left that could come crawling out of the woodwork?”


Ike shook his head. “No one Jerry and I’m going to do my damndest to put an end to this once and for all.”


This was getting to be worse than instant replay. “Let’s hope so Ike. My patience here is starting to wear thin.”

To be continued...


Posted: 05/30/08