A Train Trip to Remember
 by: Miguel Sanchez

2008 by the author


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JC was lost in thought. "I dunno. I do so I can tell him how sorry I am but I'm scared. What if he tells me to fuck off like I did him?"

Ike rubbed his back. "There's only one way to find out, isn't there?"

He looked up at his great uncle. "Yeah, I guess there is."


Chapter 4

Ike pulled out his cell phone. "Hi Jerry, where are you?"

"I'm out here in the parking lot."

I heard Ike take a deep breath. "Are you alright?"

"I feel like I've been kicked in the balls and I can't get the pain to go away. I can't believe he told me to fuck off."

There was a short silence. "Jerry, he's a kid; a scared kid who had a doctor that took advantage of his position and molested him."

"Dr. Finch merely asked him a question and he went off on him. I don't know if I can handle him when this side of him starts showing."

I heard him giggle. "Of course you'll be able to. He admitted he didn't think very well but let's face it, how many teens really do?"

I thought about that for a moment. "Yeah, I guess you're right. So what's going on?"

"He's pretty scared Jerry. Right now, he firmly believes he's lost you and now he's all alone again."

I didn't want him thinking that. "I guess you want me to come back up there?"

"Yeah I do. This mess really needs to get cleaned up."

I headed towards the door. "Alright Ike, I'm on my way."

"Hold on a second," he said before I hung up. "You'll probably see him nursing a sore rear end."

I was surprised. "You spanked him?"

He giggled, "Yes I did. He deserved it and he knew it."

I managed to catch an open elevator and pushed the button for the 3rd floor. Fortunately it didn't have to stop at the 2nd so I was up there fast. I almost ran to Dr. Finch's office and I saw him sitting in his waiting area. He pointed towards the door. "They be in there laddie."

I opened the door and JC started to run to me then stopped. I wanted to hug and kiss him while at the same time give his ass another warming like Ike did. The ache I was feeling was gone but my mind was still reeling. He slowly came up to me as the tears began to fall. "Jerry, how can you ever forgive me?"

I so wanted to hug him but I held off. I just stood there looking at him when his quiet crying soon became uncontrollable sobbing. I couldn't stand that any longer as I pulled him into my chest. I led him over to the chair then sat down pulling him onto my lap. I held him while he cried himself out then lifted his chin up so he could look me in the eyes. "JC, in 7 days time you've wiggled into my heart but what you said today really hurt."

"I know," he said softly standing up lowering his shorts and underwear. "I'm so sorry Jerry and if you want to spank me too, I have it coming."

I turned him around so I could see how red it was and it was just a little pink. I got him redressed. "No son I'm not but if I ever hear those two words come out of your mouth again, all bets are off. Do we understand each other?"

He held my eye contact. "Yes sir and I promise it won't happen again."

He wrapped his arms around my neck and hugged me tightly. I kissed his cheek then whispered, "Don't you have someone else to talk to?"

He blushed as he went to the door. JC stepped into the outer office then walked over to Dr. Finch. "Doctor Finch, I'm very sorry for cussing at you. I know you were just asking if I was sure and not saying you didn't believe me."

Dr. Finch held his arms out and JC quickly ran into them sitting on the man's lap. "Lad, I was asking if ya were sure about that because I dunna want a doctor on my staff that's taking advantage of wee ones like yourself. If he's done it to you, chances are he's done it to others."

Dr. Finch helped JC to his feet then he stood heading towards his office. "But who's gonna believe us, we're kids and he's a doctor."

I saw the door open and in walked Dr. Finch holding JC's hand. "I can really use your help now son."

JC gasped. "You want me to see him again?"

I saw him pull back a little. "Now don't ya worry none laddie, we won't be far away."

JC looked like a deer caught in headlights. "Wh, what do I need to do?"

"Just relax now lad," Dr. Finch said picking up the phone. "If you act nervous he'll know something's up."

I sat down and held my arms out. JC quickly came over and sat on my lap. "Don't worry son, I'll not let anyone hurt you."

Just then we heard a voice overhead, "Dr. Moore extension 3210; Dr. Moore extension 3210."

A few minutes later the phone rang. "Dr. Moore, JC Martin is here."

"When Dr. Moore gets here wait in my private exam room until I come and get you." No sooner had Dr. Finch said that when there was a knock on the door then Ike and I hurried into the exam room. "Come in."

I wanted to be out there with JC but I trusted Dr. Finch. "Well JC, you gave me a scare when you didn't show up yesterday. What do you have to say for yourself?"

"He doesn't have to say anything," Dr. Finch interjected. "I called your service letting you know he was not going to be admitted after all. Why didn't you return your page?"

Dr. Moore started stammering. "Ah well."

Liam was definitely annoyed. "Next time I page you, I expect you answer it."

"Yes sir," Dr. Moore replied softly. "Come along now JC, I want to examine you."

Dr. Finch interrupted. "We don't need blood yet. Use room 301 to examine JC."

I heard the door open and close then Liam came to get us. "I didn't like his tone."

"We have closed circuit TV throughout the hospital to protect the children. There is a one way mirror in the room Dr. Moore is going in and I have a hidden microphone so we'll be able to hear what's going on."

I went over to the door and I was surprised that the door going out to the hall was open. I hurried over and heard JC. "Oww that hurts damn it."

I couldn't risk opening the door. "Shut up kid and get your ass in there. You know the routine, NOW STRIP."

I ran back inside Dr. Finch's office. "They're in there. I don't know what he did, but I heard JC yell out in pain."

Dr. Finch turned the lights off in his office then removed a painting covering a one way mirror. "I'm going to have to have private talks with all his adolescent patients."

Ike and I stood there and watched as JC slowly got undressed. "Come on kid, you can move faster than that."

JC took everything off except his underwear then got up on the exam table. Moore pushed him back onto the table then yanked his briefs down. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Shut your mouth brat," he said as he finished removing JC's undies then pulled out a paper waving it in front of him. "I can do anything I want to and get away with it."

JC sat up as he heard this revelation. I looked at Ike and his mouth was hanging open. "Just what do you mean you can do anything and get away with it?"

Stephan wiggled the paper again and this time JC grabbed it. "That's just a copy kid. As you can see, I have your parent's permission to do ANYTHING I want to and no one will ever believe you."

Dr. Finch was livid and I thought he was going to make a new door going into the exam room. "Calm down now, we have him where we want him."

Just then Dr. Moore turned around and reached for a pair of rubber gloves. JC jumped off the table as Stephan turned around. "Get your fucking ass back on that table you brat, I'm not done with you."

I knew JC would try and stand up for himself but I didn't think he'd stand much of a chance against Moore. He tried to make it to the door but Moore was too quick and managed to get hold of his right arm. "Let go of me you son of a bitch."

SLAP "Shut up now and get back on that table."

I'd seen plenty. I turned to get him when Ike took hold of my arm. "Not yet Jerry, I know this is hard for you to see but you'll get your chance."

JC stumbled after getting slapped in the face but managed to get back up on the table. He got on his back then I saw tears streaming down his face. "Wha, what are you going to do?"

He turned around looking on the table and I saw a sadistic looking smile on his face. "If you behave, you just might enjoy this."

He picked up a tube of lube then put it into his lab coat. He faced JC then reached down between his legs and started fondling his penis. JC's eyes were clinched shut as he tried to keep from getting hard. Stephan took out the lube and put a little on the head of JC's penis then started to rub it around. It took several minutes but JC lost the battle and finally became erect. I was openly crying now and I had to look away. "How much more of this is JC going to have to endure?"

I sat down and put my head in my hands. Ike came over and sat beside me. "I think I've seen enough Jerry. You can go in there now."

I stood up and looked into the one way mirror. Stephan had changed positions and was rubbing JC's balls and nether region with his dry gloved hand. I saw him pull out those funny looking feet rest and put JC's feet in them. JC raised his head up. "Hey, what the hell are you doing?"

I ran out the door as Moore ran his finger down towards JC's anus just as he sat up moving his legs. He pushed the boy down pushing on his stomach. "I said I could do what ever I wanted you little brat."

I opened the door to the exam room and JC looked at me. "Dad."

Moore turned and looked at me then JC quickly pulled his feet up and kicked Stephan in the back as hard as he could sending him flying right towards me. His arms were flapping as he tried to keep his balance and his gut was wide open and I wasn't about to pass this opportunity up. I balled up my fist and let him have it as hard as I could just under the ribs. As soon as I connected he dropped like a sack of garbage letting out a load groan. JC ran over and wrapped his arms around me. I picked him up carrying him back over to the table and sat him down and started looking him over. "Are you alright son?"

I could still see the nasty red mark on the side of his face and it was starting to look real ugly. "Yeah Dad, I am now but my face really hurts. I managed to hold onto this. It's a copy of a letter my dear parents wrote him."

I turned and looked at Stephan lying on the floor. I wanted to hurt him so bad for what he just did to my boy but I didn't. Just then the door opened and there stood Dr. Finch and Ike. I reached down and snatched Moore up by his lab coat as Liam stood in front of him. "What have you got to say for yourself?"

Stephan was still gasping trying to find a way to breathe after I nailed him good in the diaphragm. "I don't have to explain myself to you."

Liam's Scots/Irish temper was beginning to show. "I woulna be so sure about that laddie if I were yu. Now, I'll ask ye again, what do yu have ta say fer yourself?"

He had managed to stand on his own 2 feet but he was still holding his midsection. "The brat tried to assault me in the hall."

I clinched my fist and was about to nail him when Ike reached out and took hold of my arm. "Right and just how did he attempt to do it? You stand a good 8 inches taller then him."

"He tried to kick me," Moore said causing us to bust out laughing.

"Yeah right," Ike said through his laughter. "So how come he's got a huge bruise on the side of his face AND he's naked?"

Liam got into his face then. "And don ya go handin me none of yer bullshit saying it was part o' yer examination."

He just stood there and said nothing as I looked at JC then back to Stephan. I was about to speak when there was a knock on the door and in walked 2 officers from HPD. Stephan tried to talk but Ike beat him to the punch. "Arrest this man. The charges are assault and battery on a minor, lewd and lascivious conduct on a minor, sexual assault on a minor and attempted rape."

Stephan was shouting. "Attempted rape? I never touched him."

JC was still sitting on the table but now his hands were over his crotch. "Oh yea, in the hall you said you were gonna dry fuck me silly and there wasn't a thing I could do about it."

Stephan pointed. "That boy is lying, I never touched him."

JC forgot all about the fact he was nude and jumped down off the table. "You fucking liar. Look at the side of my face."

"Why you little," Stephan reared back and I reacted to protect him letting fly again in the diaphragm.

The officers quickly stepped in putting Stephan in handcuffs. Liam tapped one of the officers on the shoulder. "Do you have a camera?"

"No sir we don't but I'll radio headquarters and have a juvenile detective get over here. That's a real nasty bruise on his face. Did he touch the child any place else?"

JC nodded his head. "He smeared lube all over my penis so he could make it hard then he was gonna put his penis in me."

Before he finished his sentence JC broke down crying. I wrapped my arms around him. "Don't worry son, he'll not touch you ever again."

He looked up at me through the tears. "Thanks for being here Dad."

Stephan was being led towards the door but managed to break free then turn around. "Officers, I don't know what kinda crap they're pulling but that is not the boy's father."

Ike stepped forward. "Are you sure about that?"

Moore puffed his chest out. "I'm positive. I've met them both and had a long conference with them discussing treatment options."

JC got into his face then. "Does that include molesting me?"

"I can," Stephan started then quickly shut up.

"What was that?" JC asked going back over to the table reaching under the pillow. "You can do anything you want?"

Stephan didn't say another word. JC reached for his underpants just as another person walked in. "Just what the hell is going on here?"

One of the officers looked at her. "Easy detective, we have the perp in custody. That young man is the victim."

She didn't look impressed. I looked over to Ike and he closed his eyes telling me not to push things. "I'm Det. Flowers. Young man, do you always stand around nude?"

Dr. Finch stepped up. "I'm Dr. Finch; ma'am this boy was just assaulted. Are you going to photograph his injuries or shall I?"

She set a briefcase on the table then took out a small digital camera and took several photos of his face. She looked over to the 2 uniformed officers. "Get him out of here. Dr. Finch, you better have him seen in the Emergency Room."

Ike stepped in front of the detective. "What about getting a statement from the boy?"

"I'll be next door."

Ike nodded as the 3 cops took Dr. Moore out closing the door behind them then Ike stepped in between Liam and me. "Liam, get on the phone and have a security officer parked outside Dr. Moore's office then get up there and find all his files on JC. Jerry, after the detective talks with JC, take him down to the Pediatric ER. I think his cheek and jaw should be x-rayed."

Liam looked at Ike. "Why do you want me to look for those files?"

JC handed Ike that paper. "Uncle Ike, I can't believe my parents would do such a thing."

Ike wrapped his arm around JC's shoulder. "Listen son, people do some pretty stupid things when money is involved. Your Grandparents were really shrewd people. Your Grandfather worked hard all his life to provide for your Mom. Your mother had plenty of chances to get an education but never would. When she got pregnant with you, my sister thought this would open her eyes but sadly, that didn't happen."

JC got dressed then I took him over to Liam's office so he could give Det. Flowers a statement. When he finished, our next stop was to the emergency room.

Down on the first floor, Detective Flowers looked at the 2 uniformed officers. "I'll take this guy in and do the report."

One of the officers looked at her. "We still have our report to do."

She shook her head. "I'll handle that."

The other one stepped into her face. "Listen lady, we have procedures to follow as you well know."

Alright, just make sure I get a copy of it." Flowers replied

Alright," the taller one said.

The two uniformed officers left as Dr. Moore looked at the female cop. "Get me back to my office."

She shook her head and led him outside. "Not on your life. What the hell were you thinking?"

He just smiled. "I was thinking I could do ANYTHING I wanted to do to that little brat now get me back up to my office."

She just shook her head as she opened the back door of her car motioning him to get inside. "Not a chance. I may not like kids but I'll not let anyone get away with abusing them like you did; now get your ass in the car or you'll find out what I do to those who resist arrest."

Back in the hospital, Liam headed to Dr. Moore's office with Ike in tow. Liam unlocked the door and went inside. "What is it we're looking for?"

Ike looked around. "Where's his private office?

Liam walked over to another door and pulled out his keys. After going through several keys, he was able to unlock the door. Ike went over to the desk while Liam looked in the file cabinet. Ike opened the bottom drawer and looked in there. "Ike, look at these. I wonder why he'd have 2 files on JC."

Ike was still looking through Moore's desk when he found a manila envelope with the names Douglas, Vikki and JC Martin on it. He grabbed it then the two men left. "Let me call the ER so JC won't have to wait to get x-rayed."

JC and I were waiting in the ER when a nurse called his name. She led us back into an exam room. "Dr. Finch just called down. He wants JC's cheek and jaw x-rayed. We have a special machine like dentists use and that will give us the best views. Who ever hit you young man, really did a number on you. Come on with me and we'll have this done then I'll get an ice pack for you."

The nurse got JC some Tylenol then took him with her and about 10 minutes later they were back followed by Ike and Dr. Finch. Dr. Finch had the films with him as well as a digital camera. "You're a lucky laddie, nothing is broken. Now let me take a few photos of my own then you can get out of here and back home."

Dr. Finch took his photos then JC leaned his head against my chest. I'm sorry I'd ever asked him to go with Dr. Moore. "I'm getting hungry Dad plus I could use a nap."

I got my boy out to the Hummer and stopped for something on the way home. It only took a few minutes to get from the burger place to the house then we were inside having our lunch. We sat on the sofa and JC ate his burger in record time. I put my arm around him and drew him against my chest. "I'm so sorry I put you through that today son. I never thought he'd hit you."

I finished my burger then went into the kitchen and made an ice pack. I wrapped it in a towel then brought it to my boy. "It's ok Dad. I know never to make Uncle Ike mad."

Ike was well older than me and was raised during a time when kids got their backside's warmed for using foul language. As hurt and as mad as I was at JC for his cussing, I don't think I could have ever brought myself to spank him. "Well, you did deserve it son."

I watched as he turned red then kissed me on the cheek. "I know I did. I'm sorry I said that to you Dad. In the time I've known you, you're treated me better than my parents have these last couple of years. I really thought I'd screwed up big time and you were going to tell me to leave."

"As hurt as I was son, that thought never crossed my mind."

I held him until he started getting drowsy. I looked down at JC and he was sleeping peacefully against me. I eased my arm under his legs then wiggled my butt close to the edge of the couch so I could stand up. I carried him down to my bed and put him down gently as to not wake him. I took his shoes and socks off. When I went to take his shorts off he was smiling at me. "I love the way you take care of me."

I had to admit I really enjoyed looking after him. JC sat up and removed his tee shirt then shucked his shorts and undies in one move. "Is someone trying to tell me something?"

He giggled. "Only that I don't like sleeping with clothes on."

I quickly got undressed then joined him in bed for a little nap. I don't know how long I was asleep but I was gently awakened by JC getting back into the bed. "Are you OK son?"

He scurried back into bed and cuddled next to me. "I am now, my eyeballs were floating."

I giggled at his actions. I looked over at the clock and it was almost 5. "Do you have any idea on what you'd like for supper?"

I hadn't taken anything out for dinner and I didn't think JC would want to go out in his present condition. "How about Chinese, we can get it delivered. I really don't want to go out."

We got out of bed then went down to the kitchen. I dug through some delivery menus then found my favorite Chinese one. "Here you go son, look through here. I'm sorry with all that happened today we didn't make it to the store."

JC found what he wanted then I placed the delivery order. After I hung up the phone he broke out into a fit of giggles. "OK laughing boy, what's so funny."

Try as he might, he just couldn't stop laughing. "Well Dad... hehe, you kinda hehe look like me right now... hehe."

It took a minute for all that to register then I looked at myself. In my haste to get out to the kitchen to place our dinner order, I forgot to put on some shorts. I picked him up then we went down to my bedroom and got dressed. "I guess I was in a little bit of a hurry."

He kissed me on the lips before I set him down. "I think you look good."

We quickly got dressed then he hugged me again. "Thanks son, I try to keep in shape but I've let things slide a little."

He ran his hand over my chest and stomach continuing down to my crotch. "This all feels pretty good to me."

I felt my dick getting hard then we heard a knock on the door. "Come on son, we don't have time for that now."

We went to the door and our dinner had arrived. JC took the food while I paid the driver. JC ordered chicken lo mien and I got sweet and sour shrimp. "There is a movie on the television I'd like to see. Can we eat in the living room?"

Normally I don't like to eat in the living room but I'm learning to relax a little. "OK son, what movie is it?"

He smiled, "Lord of the Rings, Return of the Kings."

The Lord of the Rings trilogy was a favorite of mine. "Alright son, I happen to love those movies too."

He took off into the living room and closed the curtains then hurried down the hall. As soon as I saw the living room get dark, I knew what he was doing. "Come on Dad, you can get comfortable too."

I tossed him a kitchen towel to cover his lap with. "I will but not until after we're done eating. I don't need hot food in my lap."

He giggled then covered his dick. "Ouch, that would hurt. Thanks for the towel."

The movie was just coming on so we hadn't missed anything. We shared our food and JC ate the lion's share. By the time the movie was half over he was telling me he was hungry again. That's the bad thing about Chinese food, it fills you up quickly but a few hours later, you're hungry again. "There are some ice cream sandwiches in the freezer if you'd like."

During the next commercial he was bringing us each one. The movie was over at 11 so it was time to hit the hay because we were going to have yet another trying day. I secured the house then on the way to the bedroom, JC looked up at me. "Can I sleep with you again?"

He batted those puppy dog eyes at me and I melted. "Ok son, aren't you going to try out your bed?"

He nodded his head then I heard the dogs next door sound off. I don't know why but JC had his shorts with him so we got dressed. "Here Dad."

JC handed me the phone. I quickly called the police and told them there was a prowler. There must have been a car in the area because no sooner had I hung up when there was a knock on the door. "Did you call the police sir?"

I looked around and I didn't see JC but I soon heard him. "DAD, THERE'S SOME PERVERT LOOKING IN THE BATHROOM WINDOW!"

We went outside and I opened the side gate. I saw an officer on his radio. When we went through the gate I saw someone running towards the back fence. He got about half way up the chain link fence when another police car pulled up in the alley. The two officers grabbed him and pulled him down and quickly had him in handcuffs. I felt JC as he brought my arm around him. The two officers led the man towards us. "Do either of you know this man?"

As they got closer I couldn't believe who they'd caught. JC tried to get at him but I managed to hold onto him. "Yeah officer, we know him. His name is Dr. Stephan Moore and he was arrested earlier today. What I don't know is how he managed to get out so soon and how he found out where I lived."

They led him out to their car and put him in the back seat. An officer got into the front seat and started typing on the computer. "It seems Dr. Moore managed to get bail set and he bonded out but this little stunt will revoke that bond."

JC was glaring at him. "Dad, maybe we can get a couple of very quiet guard dogs."

I laughed. "Yeah, ones the take a bite out of crime first then bark later."

The two officers laughed at that. "We'll take it from here sir. All we need is for you to sign this report."

I quickly signed the report then they took Dr. Moore back to where he belonged. We secured the house then called it a night. After doing our business we got into bed and JC's hands started roaming. "Twice today you said we didn't have time, how about now?"

My little head was taking over and it was hard to refuse him. "Alright son, I can't say no now especially since it is your birthday."

To be continued...


Posted: 05/23/08