Nothing Comes Easy

 by: Miguel Sanchez

© 2006 by the author


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Things settled down and one afternoon, Ben and Jeff wanted to take the boys out. I was tired so I really didn’t feel like going. “How about if I just stay home and rest, would that be too much on you two?”

Drew and Mo were looking at each other and had devilish grins on their faces. Drew went over to Ben and hugged him. “Mo and I will stay here with Dad.”

I didn’t mind the company but I wondered what was going on with these two. Jeff came over and sat down on the edge of the couch. “Are you alright with these two or should we take them with us.”

I looked at my son as he stood there holding Mo’s hand. “I’ll be fine guys. You go on and have fun.”

The four boys ran outside then Benjy came back grabbing Ben’s hand. “Come on Papa, you’re slow.”

I sat up and leaned back against the arm rest and giggled at Benjy leading Ben out by the hand. Jeff started laughing as he headed to the door. “We’ll see you when we get back.”

When everyone left, I looked at the boys. “Alright guys, what gives?”

Drew came over and sat down on my lap. “Dad, can you explain how to make love?”

Mo came over and sat beside his boyfriend. “We know how to make love Drew, it’s getting prepared properly we don’t understand.”

I thought Ben and I had explained all that to Dalton who in turn talked with Mo and Drew. I looked at the boys seriously. “Are you both sure about this?”

They looked at each other and nodded. Drew looked up at me then smiling. “Dad, I’m 13 now, I’m not a little boy any more.”

I wrapped my arm around my son. “I know son but I wanted you both to be sure about this. This is the ultimate act of showing your love for each other and it’s not something to enter into lightly.”

The boys looked at each other then Drew smiled. “Yes Dad, we’re sure.”

“Alright then boys,” I started. “I’ll explain how to do it properly, but first I want to see your hands.”

The held their hands out as Mo had a quizzical look on his face. “Why do you need to see our hands?”

I took one of their hands then rubbed the tips of their fingers. “You need to trim your fingernails. If your nails are too long, you can cut the other person’s rear.”

Drew’s face sunk. “I sure don’t want to do that to Mo.”

I got the nail clippers and they trimmed their nails. “The next thing is getting you clean on the inside. There is nothing worse than having poop inside and you hit it with your finger or your penis.”

Drew wrinkled his nose at that. “That’s gross Dad.”

I giggled at my son’s facial expression. “Yeah and it can make your first attempt at love making uncomfortable and you decide you don’t want to do it again.”

Mo snuggled against Drew. “What do we do Papa?”

“Come on with me guys,” I said as we headed towards the door.

We got into the van then headed to the local pharmacy. We went inside and I got two Fleet’s enemas and a tube of KY jelly. The boys didn’t say a word but I could tell they didn’t have a clue. I paid for them at the counter then we headed back home. Mo looked at me. “What are they for Papa?”

“I’ll explain everything once we get back to the house, OK.”

It only took a couple minutes to get back home then we went back inside. After sitting back down on the sofa I explained what they were for. “Earlier I mentioned you need to be clean on the inside, well, that’s what they’re for.”

Drew reached into the bag and took one out of the box and started looking at it. “How does it work?”

I took the bottle from Drew then removed the cap. “The tip is pre-lubed but I recommend you put a little of the KY on your partner’s rectum then gently slide it in then squeeze the bottle and the liquid will go inside him. Then you lie there for about 10 or 15 minutes until you feel the urge to go. Once you’re done, you give the other person his. The next thing is a shower. Now that can be fun and very romantic. Once you’re clean and dried, now comes preparing your partner.”

Mo looked at me with a sly smile. “I know what to do now Papa. I loosen him up with my fingers.”

I nodded my head. “Just be careful and take your time. There’s no rush for anything.”

Drew turned around and wrapped him in a big hug. I held my arm out and Mo joined him. “Can we take our showers after everyone else tonight Dad?”

I nodded my head. “Yes you can boys. Take these enemas and put them in your room. If Benjy saw them he’d be asking questions, not that they’d be bad, but I don’t think he’s ready for what you’re using them for.”

Mo took the two boxes and went upstairs while Drew looked at me. “Dad, if we have a question or run into a problem, can we come get you?”

I thought for a moment but what kind of father would I be if I allowed them to do something where they could get hurt. “Of course son, come get me and I’ll help you if you need it.”

The boys smiled at me then took off upstairs. Drew suddenly stopped then came back over. “Thanks Dad. I love Mo a lot and I do think I’m gay. Do you think Benjy will think differently of me?”

I shook my head. “Of course not son, he loves you and nothing will change that. He knows Ben and I are gay and he doesn’t care about that.”

Drew thought for a moment. “I suppose so Dad. What’s it feel like when you get an emenna?”

I giggled. “That’s enema son and it feels a little weird when the liquid is going in then you’ll feel real gassy inside. You have to try and hold it for as long as you can then you sit on the toilet and let it out. You might feel a little cramping but that will pass.”

I could see him getting nervous. “Ah Dad, umm do you think you could give it to me?

I smiled then gave him a gentle hug. “If you want son or I’m sure Mo would go first so you can see how things are first.”

I could see him mulling that over in his head. “OK Dad, I’ll ask Mo if he’d mind going first.”

After dinner, the twins went up and took their showers. I looked at the lovers then over to Sasha and Benjy. “Boys, it’s time for your showers.”

Benjy sat up with his mouth open. “Daddy, we went first last night. Why do we have to go first again?”

I didn’t want to come right out and tell them the real reason. Just then, Sasha got up and took Benjy by the hand. “Come on Benjy, we can have some fun a little early.”

My little one got a grin from ear to ear then went with Sasha. As he passed Mo and Drew, he stuck his tongue out at them. Try as I might, I couldn’t keep from busting out. Benjy just grinned as the two boys went upstairs. Ben looked around then over to me. “Benjy had a point babes, what gives?”

I looked over at the boys and they nodded. “Well love.”

Mo went over and sat on Ben’s lap. “Papa, Drew and I wish to make love tonight. We stayed back this afternoon and had Mike explain a few things.”

Drew looked at Ben. “Yeah Papa Ben, Mike explained about an emenna and what it’s for.”

Ben giggled but understood what he meant. I looked at Ben and hoped he wasn’t upset because he was left out. He wrapped his arms around the boys then gave each of them a kiss. “Just remember, after you first enter your partner, stop and give him time to get used to something being in his butt. Once he is and he lets you know it, slowly start sliding in further. Who ever is on the bottom, you need to let your partner how you are. Communication is the key.”

Just then the twins came down stairs. As soon as they got close to the 4 of us, their heads started looking around then they stared at each other. Dillon looked at the boys. “Is something special going on?”

Mo and Drew got up and took the twins by the hand leading them upstairs. Dillon stopped and looked at us. “Dad’s laying down, he’s got a bad headache.”

As they were about half way up the stairs, Sasha and Benjy started coming down. “Where are you guys going?” Benjy asked.

Drew stopped and looked at his brother. “The twins are going to show us something.”

Benjy stopped and turned around. Drew looked down to me with a pleading look on his face. “Benjy, you and Sasha come on down here.”

He stopped and looked at them. “Why Daddy, why can’t we see too?”

Dalton took Benjy’s hand. “This is special Benjy, just something between Mo and Drew.”

Benjy put his hands on his hips and looked at his brother. “Now you’re keeping secrets from me?”

Ben looked up at him. “No son, that’s not true but this is a private matter.”

Benjy looked at his brother and started to pout. “But I wanna know.”

I could see Sasha getting annoyed then he took Benjy by the hand. “Come on nosy, it’s none of our business.”

The little ones came over then Benjy crawled onto my lap and started to cry. “Why couldn’t I know Daddy?”

I held my little boy gently rubbing his back. “When you and Sasha have something special, that will remain between just you two.”

He looked up at me with tears streaming down his face. “I don’t understand Daddy.”

I looked up and Sasha got a look on his face then he slid off Ben’s lap walking over towards us. He leaned down to Benjy’s ear. “I think they’re doing it.”

Benjy’s eyes lit up. “Really? Why didn’t they just say so?”

I gave him a stern look then Sasha lightly tapped him on the shoulder. “Now stop it baby. Papa already told you why now let’s watch some TV.”

The boys wanted to watch a tape of cartoons so Ben and I relented. The boys cuddled together and were happy. The twins came downstairs and headed for the kitchen motioning for Ben and me to come. I looked at the little ones then we joined the twins. “What’s up guys?”

Dillon came over to us so he could speak softly. “Drew was a little nervous but Mo went first. He was afraid that the nozzle would hurt Mo but I told him to just slide it in.”

I didn’t need all the details. “I take it Drew’s alright?”

Dalton nodded his head. “Oh yeah, he’s fine. Mo got him nice and relaxed before he did anything. Then Dillon and I showed them how to use their fingers to loosen each other.”

They had a sexy grin on their faces at Dillon’s comment. I looked at Ben then we drew them into a hug. Ben kissed Dalton on the head. “Thanks boys, you helped them more than Mike or I ever could.”

We returned to the living room only to find two boys sound asleep. “Shall we get them up to their room?”

Ben nodded then we picked our sleeping boys up and carried them to their room. When we went into their room, the bathroom door was open and I could see the light on in Mo and Drew’s room. We put the boys in bed, covered them up and kissed them good night. I looked at Ben and it was as if he could read my mind. We both were thinking then shook our heads no so we returned down stairs. When Ben and I returned to the living room, the last pair of boys were busy swapping tongues while doing some body exploration. Dalton raised his eyes and saw us standing there. He broke the kiss with his brother turning a little red. “Sorry, we kinda got carried away.”

I was getting sleepy and ready to call it a night. “I think I’m going to turn in. I’ll look in on Jeff before I do. I think you two might want to continue this in your room.”

The twins came over and gave me a hug and kiss then gave the same to Ben. I went down the hall and quietly looked in Jeff’s room and he was out like a light.

The next morning Ben and I were in the kitchen when our love birds came in. Ben was drinking his coffee when Mo came over and gently sat on his lap. “How do you feel son?”

He looked down. “I’m sore Papa.”

I looked over to Drew. “Are you sore too son?”

He nodded his head, “Yeah, a little.”

I looked at Ben and he at me then he looked at Mo. “Can I see your bottom Mo?”

He giggled. “Of course you can Papa, you’re a nurse.”

Mo stood up and bent over. “It is red son but you’re not torn and I don’t see any signs of bleeding. How many times did you make love to each other?”

Drew looked over his shoulder. “Just once Dad, but we took our time at first then Mo said to go faster.”

I looked at my boy’s bottom and he was inflamed also. There wasn’t any damage that wouldn’t heal with time. Ben and I would talk with the twins and have them talk with the boys. “Boys, go and take a warm bath and soak your bottoms.”

Mo took Drew by the hand and led him upstairs. “Do you think they over did it Ben?”

He shook his head. “I don’t think so. How’d Drew look?”

I brought my coffee over and sat down. “He was red and puffy. There was no sign of bleeding.”

Ben lit his pipe. “I think the twins will help them get through this. I need to go downtown and find some cigars later. Would you like to come along?”

I thought for a few minutes. “Florida is tax free right now on school supplies. Prices are cheaper here than home. I was thinking of taking the boys to get their school supplies and some new clothes.”

Ben giggled. “I’m sure they’ll love to spend a day shopping for school things.”

Just then the twins came in. “Hi Uncle Ben, hi Uncle Mike. We just talked with Mo and Drew. They’ll be alright. Did I hear you say something about shopping for school stuff?”

I nodded my head. “Why, did you guys need some things?”

Dillon brought coffee mugs over for him and Dalton. “Dad is going to take us this weekend. But we’ll go with you Uncle Mike. What do you need downtown Uncle Ben?”

“I need some cigars,” Ben replied heading to the coffee pot.

Dalton quickly sat on Ben’s lap as soon as he was seated again. “I know this great place I can show you.”

I was about to check on Mo and Drew when 4 boys came walking into the kitchen. Benjy crawled onto my lap and rested his head against my chest. “I’m hungry Daddy.”

Dalton stood then went over to the cupboard. “What kind of cereal do you want?”

Soon there were 6 naked boys at the counter fixing their breakfast. Soon, 2 boxes of cereal were history then Ben and I got the boys together. Ben slid Sasha on his lap. “Boys, Mike and I have some shopping to do. The question we have is this, who do you want to go with? Sasha spoke first. “Can I go with you Papa?”

Benjy wanted to go with me so it was decided. Jeff was home sick so I used his van and Ben took the rental. We got the boys dressed then Dillon went with Ben, Mo and Sasha while Dalton came with Drew, Benjy and me. I took off for the Broward Mall. Ben looked at Dalton, “Ok kiddo, where to?”

Dalton traded places with Sasha. “OK Uncle Ben, head over to Las Olas.”

Ben took off and after a 30 minute drive they found a place to park on Las Olas. “Hold hands boys, the traffic is really crazy.”

Sasha didn’t need a reason to hold Ben’s hand. “OK Papa, I hold your hand tight.”

They walked up the street then Dalton pointed to a small shop. “In there Uncle Ben. They have good cigars and they’re priced pretty cheap.”

Ben raised his eyebrows. “How do you know this son?”

He giggled. “Daddy gets cigars there sometimes.”

We went inside and looked around. A woman behind that counter greeted us. “Welcome, is there anything I can help you with?”

Sasha heard the thick Russian accent. “Вы действительно из России? (Are you really from Russia?”

The woman smiled at him. “Да, я - из Минска. Я приехал сюда с моими родителями, когда я был маленькой девочкой.” (Yes, I'm from Minsk. I came here with my parents when I was a little girl.) Он ваш Папа или только человек? (Is that your Daddy or just a man?)

Sasha stared at the woman. “Нет, это - мой Папа. Он принял меня и моего брата Мо после того, как наши родители оставили нас. Я люблю Папу.( No, that's my Papa. He adopted me and my brother Mo after our parents abandoned us. I love Papa.)

Ben looked over and saw Sasha was upset. He went over and knelt down and picked his boy up. “What’s wrong son?”

The woman came over and rubbed Sasha’s hair then looked at Ben. “I must apologize sir. I questioned him as to weather or not you were his Papa. In Russia, many children are orphaned by their parents and then picked up by men. They are forced to do unspeakable things. Many are made to call these men Papa and documents are often forged so authorities don’t question them.”

Sasha looked at the woman. “Papa is a good man.”

The woman smiled. “Я могу видеть что немного один. Я очень сожалею о том, чтобы быть непочтительным к нему.” (I can see that little one. I am very sorry for being disrespectful towards him.)

Sasha leaned over and gave her a quick hug then Ben set him down. He’d found some cigars he liked then brought them over to the counter. “Those are very nice cigars. We sell a lot of them.”

Ben paid for them then decided to light one. “Come on boys, let’s get going.”

The boys hurried outside while Ben said farewell to the woman. When he came out, he saw a strange man stop the boys. Mo stepped back as the man tried to reach for him. “Leave me alone.”

Ben ran up to the strange man. “You better back away and now mister.”

The man tried to push Ben but Ben sidestepped the man and held him against the wall. “You let go of me, I’m a diplomat,” the man replied in a think Middle Eastern accent.

Ben held him firm. “I don’t care who you are, you touch my son and we’re going to fight.”

“You don’t know who you talking to,” the man said. “That MY son.”

Ben looked at Mo. “He’s you’re father son?”

Mo stared at the man. “He was my father Papa. He left me.”

Sasha ran back into the cigar store. “Пожалуйста, назовите полицию. Человек пробует травмировать Папу и взять моего брата.” (Please, call the police. A man is trying to hurt Papa and take my brother.)

She grabbed the phone and looked at Sasha. “I’m calling them right now little one.”

Back outside, Ben still had the man pinned against the wall. He was seething. “You left your child alone to fend for himself? What kind of father are you?”

Sasha ran back outside. “Papa, lady inside store said she call police.”

The Middle Eastern man spit at Ben. “You infidel, you know nothing. That boy as you call him is a man.”

Mo moved behind Ben. “Yes, by our customs I am a man but I was still in school. I had no means to support myself. No one would give me a job, rent me a place to live and how could I buy food?”

The boys heard the sirens. Dalton went to Ben. “The police are on the way Uncle Ben, I can hear them.”

The sirens grew louder then stopped. Ben relaxed for a moment then suddenly he went sprawling backwards onto the ground. The man went running towards a briefcase on the roof of a black car. He opened it then pulled out a gun. Just then a voice shouted. “Drop the weapon.”

Ben looked over and saw a cop standing there holding his gun on the Middle Eastern man. “I’m a Diplomat. I take my son now.”

The cop looked at him. “I don’t care if you’re the Queen of Sheba, I said drop the gun and do it NOW!”

The man spat at the officer. “I am Amheir Raines, I am a diplomat and I have Diplomatic Immunity. I take that boy now.”

Just then, a man exited the black car heading for the man with the gun. He reached out and took the weapon while saying something to him. He put the weapon back in the briefcase then closed it as the officer came forward. “Just what in the hell do you think you were doing?”

Ben went nose to nose with Mo’s father. “You try to put your hands on MY son again, I’ll break it off and shove it up your fucking ass.”

The officer stepped in between the two men. “Let me see some ID now. Mr. Raines, you damn sight better have Diplomatic Immunity or you’re going to jail.”

Ben got his passport out and handed it to the officer. Dalton was standing behind the others holding onto Mo and Sasha. Just then, the woman from the store came out and wrapped her arms around the boys. Sasha looked up at her and smiled. “Как вас зовут? (What’s your name?)

She leaned down and kissed each boy on the head. “Меня зовут Нэйталия Коникофф” (My name is Natalia Konikoff.)

Sasha smiled then introduced the other boys. He brought Mo around into a hug. “This is my brother Mo. My Papa ‘dopted us together a couple of months ago.”

Natalia smiled and shook his hand. “It’s nice to meet you Mo and who is this handsome young man?”

Dalton giggled at being called handsome. “This is my best friend Dalton. He has a twin brother named Dillon.”

She leaned down and gave Dalton a kiss on the top of his head. “Two handsome boys that look alike, how does your Papa tell you apart?”

The boys laughed then Dalton smiled. “We’ve tried to fool him but he’s learned us.”

The police officer was looking at Ben’s passport. “Would you happen to have your boys’ passports too?”

Ben reached into his pocket and took them out. Just then, Amheir tried to grab them out of Ben’s hand. The police officer grabbed the man’s arm and twisted it behind his back. “If you try something like that again, I’ll put you in handcuffs.”

The man took a swing at the officer then his driver stepped in. “Amheir, stop that. You can not hit an officer of the law.”

Amheir was quickly handcuffed by the officer. “Where is your passport?”

Amheir started struggling. “I have immunity, let me go this minute. That man stole my son! I want him arrested NOW, I am a diplomat.”

The driver went over and reached into Amheir’s jacket pocket and took out his passport handing it to the officer. “I am Caliellel, Mr. Raines’ driver and attaché. I must apologize for my employer’s rudeness.”

“Shut up this minute Caliellel,” Raines shouted. “I am diplomat and have immunity from you American infidels.”

As Raines was spouting off, another police car pulled up and a Captain stepped out. Raines saw the officer and continued to rant until his driver came over and covered his mouth then stared at him. “If you keep this up they can hold you until someone from our Embassy can come to get you.”

Ben stepped over and handed the Captain Mo and Sasha’s passport. “That man tried to kidnap my son.”

Amheir started again. “I diplomat.”

The captain turned and glared at him. “Being a diplomat does not give you the right to try and kidnap someone and especially someone from another country.”

“That my son,” Amheir shouted. “I have his birth certificate.”

The Captain’s eyes got big until Ben added, “I also have the court order from Belize granting the adoption. What this big mouth has not told you sir is how he abandoned his son in a foreign country. The boy was forced to survive with nothing, NOTHING you heartless bastard.”

Amheir puffed his chest. “I had work to do.”

The Captain was shooting daggers when Mo walked over. “Was your work more important than me?”

“Shut up child,” Amheir spat. “You’re an adult. You were 13, in our country…”

Ben lost it and grabbed the man by the shirt collar. “IN YOUR COUNTRY?!? You weren’t in your country! Just what kind of father leaves their child in a foreign country?”

The captain stepped in. “Let him go sir. I know you want to hit him but I can’t let you do that.”

“HE’S MY SON,” Amheir shouted. “You give him to me right now!”

The captain pulled out his cell phone. “Do you want me to contact The US State Department? I’ll tell you right now, this man and his children are not American citizens. He can press charges against you and by law, we will hold you until someone from your Embassy can come and gets you. Is this what you wish Mr. Palmer?”

Ben looked down at Mo. “Is that what you want son?”

Amheir shouted, “HE’S MY SON!!!”

Mo walked over to him then spit on him in the face. Dalton ran over until Caliellel put his hand up. “You are nothing to me. You are dead.”

Ben looked at the two police officers. “Take him away. I don’t want to have to worry about him while we’re here on our vacation.”

The officer led Amheir towards his patrol car. “I’ll kill you infidels.”

Caliellel walked over to Mo’s father. “You had best stop your ranting sir. Our country will not be able to help you.”

The officer was about to close the door. “You get me out of here.”

The Captain came over and looked at Mr. Raines. “Sir, the US State Department has deemed you a Persona Non Grata. Mr. Palmer, enjoy your stay here in the US.”

Ben held his hand out then Sasha stopped and ran back to Natalia. “Спасибо Нэйталия, Вы очень хороши. Nока пока.” (Thank you Natalia, you're very nice. Bye bye.)

Natalia picked him up and hugged him tightly. “Dasvidanya Sasha.”

Ben watched as Sasha came running back then took Mo’s hand. “Are you OK?”

Mo looked up at Ben and held his arms up. Ben picked his eldest up as he hugged his Dad tightly. “I’m fine now Sasha. I have MY PAPA, my brother and cousin here. I have a real family that will never leave me like he did.”

Mo buried his face in Ben’s shoulder and broke down. Dalton picked Sasha up because he started crying when he saw Mo break down. Ben and Dalton carried Mo and Sasha towards the van. Mo had calmed down by Ben’s rocking was he walked. “Papa, please call Papa Mike. I need to talk with Drew.”

Ben pulled out his cell phone and punched in the numbers. I was inside Wal-Mart looking at boys clothes when my cell rang. “Hey Babes, what’s up?”

“You wouldn’t believe the day,” Ben growled and I knew right away something was up. “Is Drew around, Mo wants to talk with him.”

I caught up with the boys. “Drew, Mo wants to talk to you.”

Drew stopped in his tracks. “Hand me the phone Dad, please.”

I handed Drew the phone. His body language was a little unusual but I couldn’t judge if anything was wrong or not. He started walking around but I was leery on following because I didn’t want him to think I was eves dropping. I looked around and spotted Benjy and Dillon. I walked over and joined them while still keeping an eye on Drew. A few minutes later he returned and handed me the phone. “Papa Ben wants to talk to you.”

I took the phone and put it up to me ear. “Yeah babes, what’s up?”

I heard him sigh. “How much longer are you guys going to be? There is something I need to discuss with you but not on the phone.”

I thought for a moment. “I got all the boys their school supplies and some other things for Drew and Benjy. I just need pick up a couple pair of jeans for them. Theirs are pretty ratty looking.”

“OK, how much time should that take?”

I was about to answer when I looked up and saw 2 people around the boys and Drew was going off on them. “I’ll call ya back.”

I closed the phone and all but ran over to them. As I got close, I was able to make out what Drew was saying. “Get your hands off Benjy. What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

When I got to the end of the isle I saw the woman trying to put her hands on Benjy. “I suggest you keep your hands off MY son NOW!”

The man looked up at me. “Excuse me, but what did you say?”

I walked over and picked Benjy up. “I said keep your hands off MY boys.”

Drew looked up at the woman. “What the hell are you doing here? You take off leaving us behind with nothing; no food, the water wasn’t even running, no money, NOTHING.”

The woman walked over and tried to stroke Drew’s face but he knocked her hand away. “Drew son, there are a lot of things you don’t understand.”

Benjy started wiggling to turn around. I moved so he could look at both the adults. “Why Mommy?”

I looked at her then back to then man. I could see them both thinking and trying to come up with something to say. “What’s the matter, can’t you answer him?”

I was angry at several things. First, these people waltz back into the boy’s life and second that it happened on our vacation. The lady walked over towards Benjy and he just buried his face. “Look, you don’t understand. I love my children.”

“Bull shit,” Drew spat.

I looked at him as I was surprised but definitely not angry. I put Benjy down and called Drew and Dillon over handing them some money. “Dillon, take the boys over to the snack bar and get what ever you want. I’ll be over there in a few minutes.”

Dillon led the boys away as I turned to look at the couple. “Alright, what is it they wouldn’t understand?”

They knew the boys were out of haring range so not answering wasn’t an option. The woman looked me in the eyes. “We had to make a fast exit.”

“What were you involved in that brought that about?”

She stood there himming and hawing. “They were going to kill David.”

I assumed David was the father. “So you two up and take off leaving your boys behind? Didn’t anyone stop and think what would happen if they came, found you two gone and the boys there alone? Geez, what were you two into and what the hell were you thinking?”

David stepped over by this wife. “Don’t treat Ann like that. Look, that’s all in the past.”

“That’s right,” Ann professed. “Everything has changed.”

David decided to try to push his luck. “That’s right so we will be taking the boys with us.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. He didn’t really want to push this. “Excuse me, you what?”

He puffed his chest out. “You heard me; I said we’ll be taking OUR boys.”

I started laughing. “You really think they’ll go with you?”

Ann looked at me. “We are their parents.”

“Biologically yes, in reality not so. You’ve been out of their lives for almost a year.”

David reached into his pocket and pulled out a cell phone. “I think the police can solve this.”

I decided to let these jerks have all the rope they wanted because I would be the one to hang them with it. I watched as he talked with someone for a few minutes then he closed it and started whispering to his wife. She had a big smile on her face. “Sir, I think you should prepare the boys.”

I was starting to get a little steamed at their smugness. “There will be time for that. I’ll wait until the police get here.”

We walked towards the front of the store and I saw two uniformed officers. Dave headed over there at a quick pace then brought them over. Dave started spitting things out fast and furious and the officers were having a hard time keeping up. “Hold it sir. You claim this man has your two sons?”

Dave nodded his head. “Yes sir, that’s correct.”

The officer looked at me. “Is that correct sir?”

I shook my head. “No sir, I have MY sons. I think he’s left more than a few details out.”

The older officer took the lead, looking at me. “Alright sir, what is your name?”

“My name is Mike Parker,” I replied. “The boys and I along with my partner are here on vacation.”

The officer took out his notebook and started writing. “How long have you had these boys?”

I stopped and thought, “Almost a year.”

The officer looked at David. “During this time, did you know the whereabouts of your boys?”

Both people shook their heads. “No officer, we did not.”

The older officer stared at me. “Mr. Parker, are you admitting you had the boys in your custody for almost a year without their parent’s knowledge?”

I managed not to giggle because I didn’t want to tick off the two cops. “Well, I don’t know what these two people knew or didn’t know but yes, they were in my custody. Mr. Silva, would you like to tell these men what you told me earlier or should I?”

All of a sudden their tune changed. “Officer, I have no idea what this man is talking about.”

That did it. “Ok jerk, I’ve stood here and listened to your bull long enough. Officers, do you really think I would take boys off the street and keep them from their rightful parents? I’ll answer that question for you, NO I would not. Now, what these two people so conveniently failed to tell you is where they were at the time and what THEY did. Should I go on Mr. Silva?”

Now I’d piqued the officer’s interest. “Sir, would you care to tell us?”

He tried to bullshit his way out of this. “We went out and when we returned home they were gone.”

The officer looked at me then back to Mr. Silva. “And where was this sir?”

I watched him swallow hard. He tried to speak then his wife did. “It was here in Ft. Lauderdale.”

I just rolled my eyes. “You have got to be kidding.”

The old cop shot a look at me. “You’ll have your chance Mr. Parker.”

I’d had it. I was getting fed up with this shit and I also wanted to get home. I reached into my back pocket and pulled out my trump cards. “OK, I’ve had it. Officer, here are our passports. Like I said, the boys and I are visiting here from Belize. The boys and I are not American citizens. These two people abandoned their two boys, left the country and couldn’t have cared less what happened to them. Here are certified copies of my adoption certificates. So, they are MY sons. Now what do you have to say?”

David tried to grab them out of the officer’s hand. “Let me see them, they’re obviously fakes.”

The officer pulled his hand back and glared at David just as Dillon, Drew and Benjy came over. My youngest raised his arms to me and I picked him up. “Daddy, when are we going home?”

Drew looked at his former parents. “Officer, those aren’t our parents.”

Benjy nodded. “That’s right, Daddy Mike here ‘dopted us.”

The officer’s eyes hadn’t left David. “So they’re probably fakes huh?”

David swallowed hard and Ann got mad. “This can’t be legal. We’ll sue you here in court.”

The young officer came over. “Your claim isn’t in this country Ma’am, it’s in Belize. Now, if you bother these people again or try to bother his children, you could be facing Federal attempted kidnapping charges.”

Ann unloaded. “Well that’s what we’ll do. We’ll fight you in Belize.”

I looked at both of them. “You’re welcome to try but I will be making a phone call to the Social Worker who handled Drew and Benjy’s case informing her that you and your husband will be returning to the country. I’ll ask her to inform the judge of this fact so that warrants for your arrest can be filed then placed on the immigration computer system. The minute you present your passports for validation, the warrants will show and you’ll both be taken into custody.”

She put her hand over her mouth. “You wouldn’t do that would you?”

I nodded my head. “After what you two did to these boys, if I could do more I would. Now, if I can have our passports back, we would like to be on our way.”

The officer handed me our passports and adoption certificates. “I’m sorry for the inconvenience sir. If you have any more problems with these two, don’t hesitate to call us. Have a nice day.”

We quickly finished our shopping then paid for our purchases. Benjy had hold of my hand and wasn’t about to let it go. When we got to the van, we put the bags in the back and the boys climbed inside. As soon as I got inside I turned and looked at Drew and Benjy. “Are you boys OK?”

Benjy was on Drew’s lap and I saw my oldest son in thought. He managed to get Benjy off his lap and seat belted in then he looked up. “Dad, I can’t believe them. They really expected us to run back to them like nothing ever happened. They don’t realize what it was like before you and Ben met us. If I could have slugged him I would have.”

I stifled a giggle. “I know you did son but I’m glad you didn’t. Benjy, what are you thinking son?”

He looked up at me and I saw tears coming down his eyes. I got him unbuckled and brought him onto my lap. “I was scared Daddy. I saw them and I was afraid they’d take us.”

Drew rubbed his knee. “Dillon and I wouldn’t have let that happen.”

Benjy looked up at me with those sad eyes. “Daddy, it was kinda good to see Mommy but she was fibbing.”

I got some tissues and wiped his eyes. “Yes son, I know she was and so did the police.”

I heard his stomach rumble and he let out a giggle. “I’m hungry too.”

I slid him off my lap and he got into his seat and buckled in. I was about to start the van when my cell phone went off. “Hi babes, I’m just leaving now. We got a little detained.”

I could hear the other boys in the background. “Oh shit, what happened?”

I looked back at the boys and Benjy kinda frowned at me. “How about I fill you in when we get home, I have 3 hungry boys in the van.”

Ben giggled. “I know what you mean, there are 3 boys here claiming they’re going to starve to death. I have dinner going so I’ll see you guys when you get home?”

“Ok babes, we should be home in about 30 minutes.”

I closed the cell phone and started the van. We got into traffic and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but it still took 45 minutes to get home. I pulled into the driveway then unloaded our purchases and headed for the door. As soon as we entered Mo charged over hugging Drew. I looked at Ben with a confused look on my face. He walked over and put his mouth close to me ear. “His Father showed up and caused a big scene.”

I gasped. “Shit babes, so did Drew and Benjy’s but I have that well in hand.”

The twins were watching the goings on then they started telling each other about their respective day. Jeff was sitting on the couch and cleared his throat. The boys stopped what they were doing to look at Jeff who now had his arms out. The 6 boys went over and gathered around him. “Mo, as long as you’re here, you are safe. I suggested to your Papa that he call Beth back in Belize and let her know what happened.”

Mo buried his head on Jeff’s shoulder. “Uncle Jeff, you didn’t hear what he said. I don’t want anything to do with him ever.”

Jeff rubbed his head. “I know you don’t and you won’t have to. Your adoption is final and it can’t be over turned. I also know you’re scared but no one is going to let anything happen to you.”

Sasha went around and gently kissed Mo on the cheek. “Remember what you told me once Mo, you have to trust Papa.”

Mo looked at Ben then ran over jumping into his arms. “I trust you Papa.”

The twins had the other boys wrapped up in hugs and Dalton looked over to me. “Drew said his parents showed up too?”

I nodded my head. “Yeah they did but I have them where I need them. Tomorrow, I’m going to call Beth and tell her what happened. I am going to ask her to talk with the Judge who signed the adoptions. I think once she learns they might try to come back, she'll issue a warrant for their arrest and then contact Immigration. If they then try to enter the country, they’ll have a big surprise waiting for them. Ben, what about Mo’s Father?”

Ben set Mo down. “He is a Diplomat. He tried to grab Mo and he pulled a weapon. After the police arrived he really showed his ass and threatened the police. They made a couple of phone calls and he’s being sent home.”

I had more questions but didn’t want to ask them in front of the boys. Jeff stood up and went into the kitchen to check on dinner. I was about to speak when he came back out. “Boys, go and get washed up for dinner please.”

Ben and I followed Jeff into the kitchen as the boys headed upstairs. I looked around to make sure we were really alone. “Babes, if Mo’s Dad is a diplomat, I’m worried that he may get into Belize and try to take Mo.”

Ben put his arm around my shoulder. “When you get done talking to Beth tomorrow, I want to talk with her. The US has deemed him a Persona Non Grata and has detained him until someone can come and get him. Now, since he’s not broken any laws in Belize that I’m aware of, they might not be able to do anything now but at least they will be aware of his actions here.”

I looked at the floor then back at Ben. “When will this end? Why can’t we be left alone to raise the boys in peace?”

Jeff put his arms around our shoulders. “Beth and the Judge know what kind of Dad’s you are and how much the boys love you. Mike, are Drew and Benjy’s parents American?”

I nodded my head. “Yeah, that’s why I don’t think they’re going to try anything. They know they’ll be facing long prison terms if they try and enter the country.”

Jeff went over to the oven and pulled out two huge roasted chickens. My nose led me over to the pan as my mouth started drooling. I was about to snitch a piece of loose skin when I heard Benjy. “Daddy no fair now, remember what you tell us.”

I looked over my shoulder and there were 6 boys staring at me. I felt like a little boy who just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “Alright guys, you got me.”

Jeff swatted me on the butt. “Why don’t you all get the table set while Ben and I get the food dished up?”

In no time we had the table set while Ben helped Jeff with the food. I helped them carry in the platters then helped fix our boys’ plates. As soon as everything was dished up, we dug in and not a word was said. The only sounds that were heard were those of the knives and forks and the occasional mmmm the boys let out from the good food. After dinner, we all pitched in and helped load the dishwasher and clean the kitchen.

We all got comfortable and started watching television when Ben and I remembered the boys needed showers. The twins gladly volunteered to help and soon all 6 boys were back downstairs in their all together.

The next morning, Jeff took one more day off so he could be sure his illness had gone. I got up first and after using the bathroom, went to the kitchen for my coffee. I didn’t hear voices so I thought I was alone until I saw Jeff. “Morning Jeff, how are you feeling now?”

He was at the table sipping coffee looking at the newspaper. “Better but I called in so I can make sure this bug isn’t going to come back. Is Ben still sleeping?”

I nodded my head as I poured myself some liquid wake up. “Yeah he is. I guess the hell Mo’s father put him through yesterday had him drained mentally.”

We’d been talking for about 30 minutes when I heard Ben cough. I got up and poured him some coffee then set it on the table as he walked in. “You still home Jeff?”

Jeff finished his coffee then went to fix another cup. “Yeah, I’m taking today off just to be safe. Not meaning to push but do you want to call Beth before the boys get up?

I looked at the clock and it was almost 9. I knew she made rounds sometimes but it was worth taking a chance now so we’d have some privacy. I went to get my cell phone but Jeff pointed to the phone on the wall. “I’ll pay you for this call Jeff. I’m not sure how long we’ll be.”

He nodded his head then I got her card out of my wallet. I punched in the numbers and it started ringing. “Social Services, Beth speaking.”

“Well hello darling,” I said with a smile on my face.

“What are you doing calling me while you’re on vacation?”

“If this wasn’t business I wouldn’t be,” I returned sitting down. “We’ve had a couple minor problems here. I’ll tell you mine first then turn you over to Ben. I had Benjy and Drew with me yesterday shopping and their parents showed up.”

I heard Beth gasp. “OH my God Mike, what happened and are the boys alright?”

I accidently let out a little giggle. “Yeah, the boys are fine. I had to give Drew a lot of credit however. He was not afraid or ashamed to tell both of them exactly what he thought.”

I heard her breathe a sigh of relief. “So what happened?”

I gave her the short version. “Well, they thought they could bullshit their way out of it when they demanded the police come to the store.”

Beth interrupted me then. “Are they citizens of Belize?”

“No they aren’t and they didn’t know we were. I held that as an ace in the hole. When they got done with their bull I told the police that the boys had been legally adopted. I had all our passports with us and I brought a copy of the adoption decree just in case. When the police looked at them and then told the Silva’s we were not American citizens, they tried to grab the papers saying they had to be fakes. The police didn’t take kindly to that and had we been American citizens, I really think they’d have been arrested on the spot.”

I heard Beth giggling in the background. “So why did they call then?”

“Well Beth, I don’t think they’re going to try to come back into Belize but you never know. I know the Judge won’t be happy about this. Would you be willing to have a talk with her? If I know her like I think, I’ll bet she’ll issue an arrest warrant if they try to return and once it’s on the Immigration Computer, they can be arrested on the spot if they ever try.”

I waited then heard the unmistakable sound of Beth sipping coffee. “I’m sure she would do that Mike. I know she’d love for them to answer for what they did to those boys. Now, what’s up with Ben?”

I debated weather of not to say anything but I decided to let him talk with her. “Well, I’ll let him tell you.”

I handed Ben the phone. “How’d she take what you told her?”

I took a mouthful of coffee then swallowed. “She’ll talk to the Judge.”

Ben took the phone. “Hi Beth, I had the same thing happen. Mo’s father showed up raising all kinds of hell.”

“Damn Ben, is Mo alright?”

He lit his pipe. “He’s fine. He even said he was dead in his eyes. The problem I see is this. Amheir Raines is a diplomat. He was detained and is probably back in his home country but the problem is he could come into Belize and raise hell all over again.”

“Ben, I never knew diplomats could abandon their children. They don’t have special rights in that respect.”

Ben motioned for me to refill his coffee cup. “I know that Beth but I don’t want Mo to have to go through that again. I’m also worried he might try and get the adoption over turned.”

“Ben, he can try all he wants but I do not think the Judge would do that. She might not be able to put him in jail but I wouldn’t under estimate her. She can be very feisty if she’s pushed to far. I’ll have a talk with her about him when I see her about the Slivas.”

I was watching as Ben puffed away on his pipe. “OK Beth, but I want you to know this too and that is I’m prepared to fight to keep him.”

Beth giggled at his statement. “I know that Ben and I wouldn’t want that any other way because it shows how much you love him. When you all get back, come see me and I’ll be able to let you know something.”

Ben took his pipe out of his mouth. “Alright Beth, we’ll be in touch.”

Ben hung up the phone then sank down in the chair. He looked like he was deep in thought then I noticed Mo standing there. He quietly went over and sat on Ben’s lap then kissed him on the cheek. “I love you Papa. You’re more of a Papa to me than he ever was. He’d send me away to some boarding school in what ever country he was assigned to then he didn’t have to be a father. He was mad when there weren’t any in Belize.”

Ben wrapped his arms around Mo and just held him close. “I couldn’t do that. You guys are important to us. You don’t have children to ship them off.”

The remainder of our time in the states was uneventful. The Silva’s didn’t bother us but I really didn’t think they would. What did surprise us was Mo’s father didn’t try to find him even though he was back in his home country.

The day before we left there were 6 miserable boys. It was sunny and quite warm yet they were mopping around the house driving Ben and I totally nuts. We were trying to get laundry done and suitcases packed. After a couple hours of this Ben had had it. “Boys, you have a choice. You can help us with the laundry, which means each of you will fold your own things OR you can get your bare bottoms outside and into the pool.”

They all stopped and looked at him with their mouths hanging open. Drew looked at me and he was one of the guiltiest culprits. “Don’t look at me son. You’ve been under foot more than the others. Now why don’t you all go outside and play in the pool?”

He looked at the floor. “But Dad, we’re leaving tomorrow. We won’t see them again.”

This was shades of the twins leaving Belize. “Now who said that? Did anyone say you’d never see them again?”

He shook his head no then Ben picked him up. “You all know better than that. Now go outside and play while you can.”

The boys shuffled out the back door while we went back to work. It took us another couple hours to get everything washed, folded and packed. We went into the kitchen to get something cold to drink and Ben tapped me on the shoulder. “Man you gotta see this.”

I looked out the window and the boys were gathered around each other and the looks on their faces told us both what was going on. “Looks like they’re finally having a good time.”

Ben smiled then reached into the fridge. “Oh yeah.”

We got our drinks then waited until they were finished with their group moment then we went out onto the deck. We got comfy on chase lounges then we were quickly surrounded by 6 soggy boys. Benjy started pulling on my arm. “Come on Daddy, come play with us.”

Ben and I knew there would be no rest so we relented and went into the water. An hour later and I’m not sure how much water I ingested, I had to call it quits. It was almost 6 and the boys were now starving. “You guys go and get the chlorine off then get some clothes on; we’re going out to dinner.”

Twenty minutes later, we were all showered, dressed and ready to go. We went to the Cheesecake Factory and had a feast. Ben and I were stuffed and the boys put away more food then we did but they still managed to have room for desert. By 9, we were ready to go and the boys managed to waddle back to the van. When we got home, the boys went to their rooms and immediately stripped then came back downstairs. The boys all got together on the sofa and formed 2 threesome cuddles. There was an old Harry Potter movie on so that was the consensus. The movie ended at 11:30 and the boys were fighting to stay awake. Just then, Jeff came in from work. The twins broke the group and ran over for hugs. “Are you guys still awake?”

Dillon got to Jeff first and jumped towards his Dad. “Yeah Dad, we wanted to see you. Uncle Ben and Uncle Mike took us out to dinner.”

Ben and I started laughing while Jeff thought we’d lost our minds. Ben got his giggles under control first. “After what those guys put away, it’s a wonder they can walk.”

Sasha heard that. “Hey, we didn’t eat THAT much.”

Ben’s head snapped over so fast I thought he was going to hurt himself. “Oh you didn’t huh? You had an appetizer, a big dinner and a piece of chocolate cheesecake for desert.”

The little guy got a cute grin on his face. “It wasn’t that much.”

If I had stuffed myself with that much food I wouldn’t need to eat again for several days. Jeff gave his boys hugs then set them back on their feet. “OK guys, it’s late and we have to be up early. It’s time for you to get some sleep.”

Dalton came over and stood in front of Ben and me. “Can the boys sleep with us, please?”

Ben and I looked at each other then Ben nodded his head. I saw Dalton smile. “Alright Dalton, they can but if I hear any noise then it’s everyone into their own beds.”

Dalton nodded his head. “Sure thing Uncle Mike. Come on guys, let’s go.”

6 bare bottoms took off for the stairs then Benjy came back. “Are you going to come tuck us in Daddy?”

“Go on and use the bathroom then get into bed and we’ll be up.”

Jeff, Ben and I talked for a few minutes then we went upstairs to tuck in the boys. When we got into the twins’ room and looked at the bed, it was a mass of arms and legs. We all made the rounds giving hugs and kisses, then the adults called it a night too.

The next morning came too early for all of us. We struggled to get the boys up and dressed then down to breakfast. Once that was done, it was another issue getting the boys into the vans as they all wanted to ride together. Finally we were on the road heading to Miami International Airport. Traffic was abysmal heading south and it took just under an hour to arrive. Jeff found a place to park while we returned the van to the rental agency. Once inside the terminal, Jeff kept the boys while Ben and I got everyone checked in. We had just over 2 hours until the flight left so we found a restaurant so the boys could have something to drink. While everyone talked, I took a little stroll towards the security check point to see just how backed up the place was. I hustled back to the group. “Babes, the security check-in is a mad house. I think we better get in line now so we won’t have to rush.”

He nodded his head then went over to the boys. “Guys, we have to go.”

That brought loads of sighs and long faces. They started giving hugs then Jeff went over. “Look guys, I know it may seem like a long time but we’ll be down over Christmas.”

The twins came over and we gave them goodbye hugs and kisses. I got Dillon last. “We’ll be down over Christmas. I love you Uncle Mike.”

We gathered our brood then headed for the security check point. Drew looked at all the people. “Man, we’ll be here forever.”

The lady looking at passports and tickets heard it. “Excuse me young man?”

Drew didn’t think he was heard. “Will we make our flight?”

I handed the woman our passports and tickets. “Excuse me sir, can I see a letter from the children’s mother?”

Benjy looked at her. “We don’t have no mother. Daddy Mike ‘dopted us.”

She looked at me with a strange look on her face. I pulled out the court order. “I’m a single parent. I adopted these two boys. Here is the court order.”

She looked at it then down at the passports then handed them back. “You and the children go to line 4.”

Ben came up next and handed her their passports and the adoption certificate. She gave him the same short answer then went and talked to a TSA inspector. A young man came over then I noticed a supervisor standing watching. The boys and I took off everything that was metal then I went through the metal detector. The light turned green then I waited for the boys. Benjy went through first then Drew. “Excuse me sir, can you tell me why a single male is traveling with 2 young boys?”

Before I could answer the supervisor came up. “Sir, you do not have to answer that. Mr. Brown, I want you to report to my office NOW!”

I stood there dumbfounded. “What was that all about?”

“That agent who looked at your passports didn’t like the fact that you’d adopted these boys. I told her it was none of her business. I got tied up or else I’d have brought you through myself.”

I noted Ben waiting and the supervisor waved him through then Mo and Sasha. The man extended his hand to me. “Thank you very much.”

He then shook Ben’s hand. “You guys have a safe flight back home and I must say you have a nice looking family.”

We headed down towards the gate then checked the flight departures on one of the many screens. We still had 45 minutes before first boarding call. Sasha looked up at Ben. “Papa, I have to pee.”

I looked at my boys and Benjy had his penis in a vice grip. “I guess you have to go too Benjy?”

He nodded his head then started that dance boys do when it’s getting to be a real potty emergency. We headed for the men’s room and the boys all ran for the big handicapped stall. A few seconds later I heard Benjy and Sasha sigh as their bladders were much happier. Ben and I took the opportunity to empty ours while we were there. On the way out, Drew looked at me. “Dad, I’m hungry.”

I looked at Ben and there was no need in asking the others because when one was, everyone was hungry. We got the boys each a large cinnamon bun and a cup of hot chocolate. 20 minutes later we had 4 chocolate covered sticky boys to wash up. After another trip to the men’s room to get the boys cleaned, we headed to the departure gate. No sooner did we arrive than they made the first boarding call. Since we had children, we were allowed to board first. Drew looked at Benjy then up to me with the ‘he had the window last time’ look on his face. I stopped Benjy and let Drew go in first. This brought the customary whine. “Dad, why can’t I sit by the window?”

Drew sat down then looked at his brother. “Because you had it when we left home.”

I slid in and took my seat while Benjy stood in the isle pouting. “It’s not fair Daddy.”

Mo came over and tapped Benjy on the shoulder. Sasha had our window coming down, would you like my seat?”

He looked at me with big eyes. “OK Benjy, you can trade with Mo.”

The plane quickly filled and soon the doors were closed and we were getting pushed back. I heard the engines start up and we were on our way. After a smooth take off the flight was really uneventful and I’m truly glad Ben and I got the handheld games for the boys. After the boys had a can of soda, they returned to their games and soon, we were landing in Belize City. Oh to be home again.

We got our carryon things then made our way to the front of the plane then went down the stairs only to be greeted by the heat. We went into the arrival area and stood in line to get our passports stamped. The lines were moving quickly and I handed the man our passports. He stamped them and bid us a “Welcome home.”

I waited for Ben and his boys. I watched him hand the man his passports then suddenly all the color drained from his face. I looked around. “Babes, what’s wrong? It looks like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Standing under the exit sign Mike, that’s Mo’s Father.”

I looked back at Ben and then saw a worried look on Mo’s face. “I don’t give a fat rat’s ass who he is. I’m in no mood right now for his crap. I just want to get our luggage and find the driver who is going to take us home. Come on, if he knows what’s good for him he’ll stay the hell out of our way.”

The boys had their back packs on so we each had a hand of our respective boys. We headed for the baggage area and he started to walk our way. I looked at Mo and I could see a little fear come across his face. We were about half way there when he started coming towards us. We ignored him and kept heading for the baggage carousel. Just then he reached his hand out and Benjy screamed. I turned and went face to face with him. “I take my boy now.”

Ben stepped over. “You’ve been told already he’s not your son.”

Amheir reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. “I have paper from court, now I take boy.”

I didn’t think he’d been to court in San Ignacio without us being notified. “Let me see that paper.”

I looked at it and it wasn’t written in English. “Order from court in my country. I am diplomat, I take boy now.”

I stuck the paper back into this outer pocket. “That order isn’t worth the paper it’s written on so you can just use it to wipe your ass.”

He reached out and tried to grab Mo but his hand was firmly locked into Ben’s. I grabbed him by his suit jacket and started shaking him. Just then someone from Immigration stepped over. “Sir let go of that man now.”

I held firm onto his jacket. “This man just tried to snatch that child.”

Amheir started ranting again. “I have court order and I am diplomat with Diplomatic Immunity.”

I took a better look at the Immigration Officer and then it hit me, he’d checked us in. “You can not come into this country and try to abduct a Belize citizen, diplomat or not.”

He tried to push by the Officer. “I don’t have to listen to you. I take my boy.”

Just then, two other men came up and grabbed Amheir handcuffing him. “Now you will listen. You will leave our citizens alone or you will be detained until someone from your country can claim you, provided we remember to call them. If you wish to try and get our courts to return the boy to you, then you will have to file claim in the court which issued the orders. Do I make myself clear? One more attempt by you to touch this boy and you will be held in jail.”

Raines tried to squirm and shout. “I have Diplomatic Immunity.”

The plain clothes Immigration Officer shook him by the shoulders. “Not when it comes to trying to kidnap one of our citizens. Now, do I make myself clear?”

Raines knew he was risking getting sent home again then he’d never be allowed back into Belize. “Yes, I understand now let me go.”

The officer looked at us next. “Gentlemen, if you’d get your luggage then you can leave.”

Raines started struggling. “Let me go now. I’ve agreed to your terms.”

I watched as the man spun him around. “And I’ll let you go when I’m damn good and ready. One more word out of you and I’ll be calling our Department of State then you will be leaving the country.”

We found our bags then another man came up to us. “Mr. Palmer, Mr. Parker, I’ll take your bags for you. Now please follow me and we’ll get on our way.”

We watched as the man loaded the bags onto a cart then headed outside. He opened the back door for us, stowed our bags in the trunk then we were on our way home. I pulled out my cell phone and it was good to see bars. I called Beth and let her know we were back and on our way home. I also told her Mo’s father was in country but as far as we knew, didn’t have a clue where we were. She was glad to hear that but she’d contact the Judge.

The boys started playing their games while Ben and I talked. The next thing we noticed the boys were sound asleep. The limo was quite roomy and Ben I even managed to get comfortable and doze off to sleep. The next thing I knew Ben was shaking my shoulder. “Come on babes, we’re home.”

I opened my eyes and the light inside the limo was dim from the tinting on the windows. I cleared the cobwebs then we woke the boys. As soon as the driver opened the door, the heat blasted us and it was home. Ben gave the driver a tip then we went inside. Drew went and turned the air conditioning down so the house would get a little cooler then we started unpacking and putting the clothes away. No sooner than that was done, there was a knock on the door. Sasha came running past in his birthday suit. “Hold it son, you’re naked.”

He stopped. “It’s Miss Beth Papa Mike.”

He opened the door and sure enough, Beth was standing there. She came in then kissed Ben’s youngest. “Hi sweetie, how was your vacation?”

“It was fun.” Then Sasha stopped and looked down and got real close to Beth. “Mo’s Papa showed up. He’s mean.”

Beth hugged Sasha. “I know Sasha and that’s what I need to talk with your Papa and Mike about.”

Sasha scooted off down the hall back to their room leaving Beth, Ben and I to talk. I looked at Beth with a curious look. “OK Beth, what gives?”

She sat down on the sofa. “It seems Mo’s father pulled some strings somewhere. He’s found out what court heard your adoption case and has requested an emergency hearing. It seems he’s got some proof that he did not abandon Mo here in Belize.”

Ben sat up quickly. “That’s a load of crap Beth and you know it.”

Beth nodded her head. “Calm down Ben. You know it, I know it and so does Judge Ramirez but she can’t show partiality either.”

Now I sat up then. “You mean she’s granted the hearing?”

Beth slowly nodded. “I’m afraid so guys. It’s tomorrow in her courtroom at 9AM.”

Just then we heard a gasp and Ben looked up and saw the boys standing there. Mo was in tears. “You mean I may lose Papa?”

Ben shook his head as he held out his arms. Mo ran over and jumped onto his lap. “No way son, I’m not about to give you up without one hell of a fight.”

The next morning, we were back in Judge Ramirez’s courtroom. We looked around and we were the only ones in there. It was 8:55 but we’d have thought Amheir would have wanted to be on time. Just then Amheir came in with another man I didn’t know. I looked over to Ben. “That’s his attaché and driver. His name is Caliellel and seems to be the only one of the two with any common sense. When he pointed his gun at me, Caliellel came over and took it away from Amheir.”

The two men continued to talk even as we heard, “All rise, this court is now in session. The Honorable Judge Rosa Ramirez presiding.”

The elderly Judge walked out of her chambers then climbed the steps to the bench. She looked out and saw Amheir and his driver still talking. “When my Bailiff says all rise, I expect everyone in this courtroom to be standing with their mouths closed. Do I make myself clear gentlemen?”

Caliellel immediately got quiet then looked at the Judge and nodded his head. Amheir continued to talk not paying Judge Ramirez any mind at all. Caliellel had to silence his boss. “Quiet now Amheir. The Judge is speaking to you and she is not happy.”

He turned around and was looking at the woman in a black robe. “You talk to Amheir like that? You a woman?”

The judge slammed her gavel on the block. “Silence sir or your will face sanctions.”

He glared at her. “What gives you, a mere woman, the right to talk like that to me? In my country…”

Caliellel put his hand over Amheir’s mouth. “Quiet, we are not at home. We are guests in this country and this is their system.”

The judge heard what Caliellel said. “That is very good advice your friend has given you sir, if I were you, I would heed it.”

Amheir stood. “I’m a Diplomat in your country. I know not of your ways.”

The Judge didn’t buy his answer for a minute. “Well sir, I suggest you learn them and quickly. Now, shall we get on with this case? What is this case about Bailiff?”

“This is a hearing requested by Amheir Raines requesting the adoption of his son Mohamed be over turned.”

Judge Ramirez looked out at the man. “Prey tell sir, why should I vacate this adoption? You willfully abandoned your son forcing him to have to live on the streets until he was taken in by Social Services then placed with a foster parent.”

Amheir stood. “I did not abandon my son Judge. I was called away on urgent business of my country. I have statements here to corroborate this. I also sent an aide to get my son.”

This was all news to us. I looked at Beth and she shrugged her shoulders. “No one from his Government ever approached this department.”

I leaned over to her ear. “I wonder what bull shit he has.”

We looked up at the Judge and I could tell she was thinking about letting Amheir present his evidence. “Very well Mr. Raines, step forward and be sworn in.”

He did as the Judge requested then faced the Bailiff. “Raise your right hand. Do you solemnly swear or affirm the testimony you shall give in the matter now pending before this court shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

Amheir glared at the man. “I tell truth.”

Amheir took the stand then looked at the Judge. “You may proceed Mr. Raines.”

Amheir took the papers and started looking at them. “I was called away very quickly by my boss Mr. Ali Achmed. He told me I had to get packed right away as I was needed in the Middle East on very urgent business. Mohamed was in school and I had no way to get in touch with him.”

He stopped and handed the Judge one of the papers. She started looking it over. “Go on sir.”

“I did as I was commanded then had my driver take me to the airport. On my way, I called an aide and told him of the emergency and for him to come get Mohamed and bring him to me at my new assignment.”

Again he stopped and handed Judge Ramirez another paper. She took it nodding her head. “Continue sir.”

“Two days later, I received a call from my aide telling me that he could not find Mohamed. Mohamed was an adult so I had thought he had found adequate lodgings so he could continue his education. I never give up on my son Judge. This was all a terrible mistake and misunderstanding. One that I assure you will never happen again.”

Ben was fuming. It took all Beth and I could do to keep him from yelling at Amheir. Amheir stood and started to step down. I quickly stood and addressed the court. “Your Honor if I may. Might I ask Mr. Raines a few questions?”

He froze in his tracks and glared at me. I looked at the Judge waiting. “Return to the chair Mr. Raines. You may enquire Mr. Parker.”

I approached Amheir. “You say you had no way to contact Mohamed or the school, is that correct?”

He nodded. “It is.”

Why didn’t you then pack your son’s clothes and then have your driver go to the school so you could pick him up there? The school would have gotten him for you with out a problem.”

He started to speak but stopped. “Uh well, time was of the essence.”

I looked at him. “You mean your son was not of any great importance.”

“How dare you,” he shouted jumping up causing the Bailiff to take a step. “My son is very important to me.”

I looked at him. “Uh huh. Now you say you called an aide to come and get Mo then have him brought to you at your new assignment. Is this your testimony?”

He was shooting daggers out of his eyes at me. I looked at Caliellel and he was just sitting there. He glanced at me then over to Mo. “Yes Mr. Parker, that is what I said.”

I thought for a moment. “Umm, where was your aide? Was he in San Ignacio?”

Raines shook his head. “No, he was in my home country. He was flown here.”

“So Mo was left alone, by himself with nothing?”

Raines shouted again. “He was an adult.”

Caliellel could take no more. “He was a child Amheir, a child!”

“Silence,” Raines spat as he left the witness chair. “You infidels know nothing. He is MY son and I will take him.”

The Judge banged her gavel as Raines headed towards us. Ben stood and put himself between Mo and his father. Just then the courtroom door opened and three men entered. Raines stopped dead. The Judge banged her gavel once more. “Who are you men and why are you interrupting these proceedings.”

The men stopped and the one in front bowed before her. “Please accept my apology for these interruptions Your Honor. If it pleases, I am Ali Achmed and I am Mr. Raines’ superior. It has been brought to my attention that he, while in our service, has committed several grievous crimes, for which he will be severely punished.”

Mo looked at the man and smiled, “Uncle Ali.”

Our heads started turning between Mo and Ali then my ass sucked wind. Mo had family and I knew family would have priority when a child was up for adoption. The man walked over towards Mo but Ben was still in total protect mode. He stopped a few feet from us then looked at Mo. “How are you Mohamed?”

Mo came around Ben then looked at him. “Ali is my Uncle. He is the Uncle to all the diplomat’s boys.”

That statement didn’t make me feel much better. Ali stepped towards Mo then caressed his fine black hair. “You have grown. I also see someone here who cares a great deal about you.”

Mo smiled then took Ben’s hand. “Yes Uncle, Ben is my Papa and he loves me.”

Just then Amheir ran towards us shouting. “He is MY son, I will decide what is best for him, not some infidel.”

Just then, the two men with Ali stepped forward and grabbed Amheir holding him tightly. Ali calmly walked over then slapped Amheir in the face. “Silence, you have brought disgrace to your position. You have caused great embarrassment between our country and the United States because of your stupidity. You will be returned to our country and your service as a diplomat ceases right now.”

I looked at Judge Ramirez and she was shocked at what she was witnessing. Ali looked at Mo. “Do you love this man as your Father?”

Mo smiled broadly and reached for Sasha. “Yes Uncle, I do love him. He is a good Father. He even adopted my little brother Sasha.”

Ali smiled and caressed Sasha’s hair causing him to giggle. Ali then turned and looked at Judge Ramirez. “Again Your Honor, I beg your forgiveness at our rudeness. In our country the head of the diplomats is given an honorary title of Uncle. We are not blood family. Amheir Raines has broken your laws and the laws of our country. He has been stripped of his diplomatic status and is free to be punished by your laws but I ask you to let this matter be handled in our country.”

Judge Ramirez thought for a moment. “Very well Mr. Achmed, you may have Mr. Raines.”

Ali bowed to the Judge. “Many thanks Your Honor, now for Mohamed. He was adopted legally in this country and yet his father still demands his rights be given back. Amheir Raines, I have an order here from our Family Court stripping you of your rights. Mohamed is no longer your son. Your Honor, I see the bond between Ben and Mohamed. I also saw how Ben was ready to protect his son with his life. This is the true sign of a Father. I ask that you please allow the adoption stand.”

Judge Ramirez was looking at Ali, Ben and Mo. I could tell she was mulling everything over in her mind. “I must say this was the most interesting case I’ve ever presided over. For the record, I did not believe Mr. Raines for a minute. Therefore it is the order of this court that the adoption of Mohamed Raines by Mr. Ben Palmer stands. This court is now adjourned.”

She banged her gavel then we all stood as left the bench for her chambers. As soon as the door closed, Mo jumped into Ben’s arms. “Papa, you’re mine forever now.”

Ali was watching the interaction. Ben kissed Mo on the cheek. “Yes son, I’m your Dad for ever.”

Ali stepped over and extended his hand. “Ben, having you two torn apart wouldn’t be fair to either of you. Mo, I would like you and Ben to listen to what I have to say. In our country, it is the parents’ duty to raise their children through their educational years. Yes, it is our custom that when a male reaches the age of 13, he is an adult but not for working but more ceremonial. Now, because of what Amheir did, he will forfeit some of his properties and 75% of his monies. We will sell the properties and take that along with his cash and send a check to your Dad so he can set a trust up for you.”

Mo thought about that. “But why Uncle?”

Ali stepped closer. “Mohamed, I know you are young and do not totally understand our customs and ways. You see, when a child is created, it is sacred. On the day you were born the responsibilities of being parents were explained to your Mother and Father. They understood what was expected of them and they took that very seriously but after your Mother died, your Father thought he could ship you off to various boarding schools in the countries he worked in. We found out about this and we talked to him. He promised that it would not happen again. When he abandoned you, that broke our most coveted rule and that is why he will be forced to pay. Your trust will grow until you are 18; then his debt will be paid.”

Mo listened carefully to Ali. “I see Uncle. Now that he is no longer a Diplomat, will you still be my Uncle?”

Ali leaned down and kissed Mo on the top of the head. “That is one thing that won’t change. I am not your blood Uncle so nothing will happen.”

Mo leaned out and Ali took him from Ben. “I’m glad you’re still my Uncle. Will you be able to come and visit us?”

Ali laughed. “Yes little man; that can be arranged. I can’t stay this time as I have matters that need my attention but I promise you that I’ll visit soon. I must leave now but I know that you are with a good man who will continue to raise you right.”

Ali set Mo on his feet then took Ben’s hand. “God smiled on Mohamed, Benjamin when he brought you two together. I can return home knowing he is in very capable hands. Good bye all.”

He left the courtroom and as the door opened, I could still hear Amheir yelling. The boys quickly gathered around Mo for individual and group hugs. I looked at Ben and he sighed. “Let’s get out of here and go home.”

We gathered our respective crews then headed out of the courtroom. On our way out to the car I thought about our lives and how much joy our boys have given us and will continue to do so. I looked at them and realized that with our lives, nothing comes easy.

The End


Posted: 10/03/08