Love on the Road
 by: Miguel Sanchez

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I looked at my watch and it was almost 1 in the morning and I really needed to get some sleep. “We’ll have plenty of time to watch one,” I said getting comfortable. “We’ll have time tomorrow night after we pick up our next load. You’ve had a pretty full day yourself, so how about we get some sleep?”

He yawned saying, “Yeah I have.”

I turned the light off and turned onto my side as I felt Randy spoon himself against my chest. I felt his hand feel around then pull my arm across his chest as I heard him drift off to sleep.


Chapter 2

I was awakened by someone banging on my door and I had to crawl over Randy to see who it was. When I stuck my head out, it was the warehouse manager telling me they were open and I could back down the ramp so they could unload me. I nodded my head then got dressed.

I threw my clothes on then opened the blinds and was greeted by the morning sun. I left the curtains to the sleeper closed so Randy could sleep a little longer. Now normally Ozzie would be up and wanting me to feed him but he was curled up against Randy taking in a few extra Z’s.

I got out and took my lock off the trailer door then quickly backed down the ramp. As soon as the manager broke the seal, he raised the door and I pulled out the paperwork and handed it to him. I made my way through the warehouse and headed for the bathroom to empty my screaming bladder.

While they are unloading the truck, I got back to the cab and worked on my log book. I heard Randy start to stir then Ozzie came out to greet me with his feed me routine. I went and got him his morning canned food as Randy stretched showing his morning wood. “They have a bathroom in the warehouse,” I said putting the food down for Ozzie. “When you’re dressed, I’ll show you where it’s at.”

Randy got dressed and his wood did go down as we walked to the bathroom. On our way back, I noticed they were about half finished with the unloading so we went back to the truck so I could check in with my terminal and get my next load.

I fired up my laptop and turned on my cell phone then quickly did my log book while the computer was booting up. I finished my logs then went to my company’s site and signed in. I had another load waiting in Richmond that I could have and they were expecting me by early afternoon. I plugged my printer in and soon had all the bills of lading.

Once that was done, I called the office and they told me how much the load I was delivering was worth to me and that 10% was available to me by COM check if I needed it. I loved these short hops because they didn’t take much time at all and I could make a decent profit on them.

I have two bank accounts set up at work. In one, 20% goes for living expenses such as food, clothing and toiletries. The other 80% is for all truck related expenses. I have an ATM card for both accounts so I can easily pay for things.

I looked over and Randy had the GPS in his hand. “Looks like it should only take 3 hours to get to the place Bill,” he said handing me the unit.

I was amazed at him. I’d never shown him how to use this but he programmed our next stop in and knew how long it should take to get there. I felt a bang on the inside of the trailer letting me know it was empty. “Damn kiddo,” I said smiling at him. “How’d you do that without me showing you how?”

“I’m good with things like this,” he said as I leaned over and ruffled his hair.

He surprised me by giving me a hug then I said, “It looks like I have a good partner on my hands. Let’s go get our papers signed then get on the road.”

“Sure Bill,” he said. “Uh I’m hungry.”

“No problem,” I said. “There are pop tarts in the cabinet above the fridge. That should hold you until we get loaded then we’ll get a real meal.”

When we went back into the warehouse, Randy saw some vending machines. “Hey Bill, can I get us some coffee?”

I handed his some change and said, “Sure thing, I take extra sugar and cream.”

I got the paperwork signed then took the office’s copies and stuck them in a business envelope and had it put in with their out going mail. I have free envelopes from the company so it doesn’t cost me anything and it keeps me from having to make special trips there. I pulled the trailer door down and locked it then Randy and I headed to the cab.

I started her up and pulled up the ramp so another truck could get unloaded then shut her down again so I could check the oil and fluids before heading into Richmond. While waiting for the oil to drain back down, Randy and I finished our coffee and let Ozzie out so he could do his business.

A trucker saw him run over to the woods, “Man, that’s some protection you have there,”

I looked up at him, “I pity the poor fool that tries to enter the cab if I’m not there or asleep.”

I saw Ozzie come out of the woods then jump up on Randy’s shoulders. We walked over to his truck then the driver said, “Shit man, that’s one big cat.”

“Complete with attitude,” Randy said smiling knowing Ozzie had taken to him.

“Can I pet him,” he asked climbing down from his cab.

“Long as you don’t try to hurt Randy,” I said. “And just cause he lets you scratch him don’t think he’s instantly your friend.”

Now Ozzie has a very loud and distinctive purr. At times it almost sounds like a low growl. The man decided not to try to pet Ozzie so we went back to the truck and checked it out then headed south to Richmond.

Randy was pretty good with the time estimate except he didn’t take into account my speed limit which was different from the posted one. We left our first delivery at 9:30 and rolled into our pick up point at 11:30. I backed in and they got us loaded and on the road a little after noon.

I looked at the bills and got the address and gave the information to Randy who loaded it into the GPS. We were heading to Charleston, SC and I knew I could make it there before dark. It was just over 425 miles and I would beat most of the rush hour traffic.

I got on 95 south again and found a TSA (Truck Stops of America) I liked. They have good facilities and better than average food for the price. I looked at my fuel gauge and I had ¾ of a tank so I was fine. My truck was equipped with twin 100 gallon saddle tanks so I still had plenty for the trip back and out unless I would be going further south.

Randy and I went into the restaurant and sat down at a booth. I noticed two state troopers at the counter. “If they come over here, you’re my son.”

Randy looked over at them and said, “Sure thing Dad.”

I just smiled at his retort as the waitress came over and said, “What can I get for you boys?”

I decided to order for Randy and said, “We’ll each have steak and eggs with hash browns, toast and coffee. Fix the steaks medium rare.”

She nodded her head and left as Randy said, “Why did you ask for medium rare?”

“That way it will be done medium,” I said. “They tend to over cook everything so if you order it like that, it will be how you like it when it’s served.”

The waitress brought us our coffee and we were talking when one of the Troopers came over and said, “How come this boy isn’t in school?”

I looked up at him and said, “First off, this boy, as you refer to him is my son. Second, he’s home schooled and does his lessons in the truck.”

“Where are you from?” He asked.

“We’re from New York,” I said showing him my license.

“How about you show me his work on the computer?” He said.

“How about we eat first then we will,” I said as I saw the waitress coming with our meal.

The two troopers waited around while we ate then I couldn’t put it off any longer so I paid the bill. As we were walking to the truck I told Randy, “You start the computer and log into your school work. You need to do that anyway.”

“OK Dad,” he said as a trooper came beside us. “You better stay back until I get in there.”

Randy hopped into the passenger’s seat and turned on the computer. The trooper was being impatient and went to stand on the step tank so he could see inside. About that time, Ozzie stuck his head out. “Holy shit,” the trooper said jumping off the tank. “What’s that?”

“Told ya to stay back until I said it was OK to come up here,” Randy said grinning at me.

Randy logged into his school and showed the Trooper the site and downloaded his assignments for the day. He looked at his grades and said, “I’m really impressed. You two have a safe trip.”

We got on the road and Randy started doing his lessons for the day. The kid was really bright and I knew that he had a good future ahead of himself doing just about anything he wanted. It was almost 5 and the traffic started getting heavy outside Charleston and it wasn’t until 7:30 that we found the place. There was a truck stop about a half mile from the hospital so I figured it would be a good place to spend the night.

After we parked, Randy fed Ozzie then we got some clean clothes and headed for the shower. I paid the attendant and we headed back to the showers. The showers had cubicles that you could lock so you didn’t have a bunch of strangers staring at you naked. I looked at Randy and said, “Do you want a room of your own?”

He looked around and heard a bunch of other showers running then said, “Oh no Bill, I’ll share yours if that’s alright.”

Since I told him about me last night I wasn’t too uncomfortable with the fact we would be seeing each other naked. We went in and I locked the door and proceeded to get undressed. Randy wasn’t the least bit modest and he was sitting on the bench and had everything off except his briefs. He stood up and started the water running then quickly stripped them off standing just as the day he was born.

For being 15 he still had some maturing left but what was there was adequate. He had started developing a nice set of abs and his legs were becoming defined. His arms looked strong and I knew he would be an asset if I needed him to help unload. I had turned to remove my boxers and when I looked back, Randy was staring at my semi-erect dick. I looked at his package and his dick was standing tall at what looked like to be about 5” in length. We were both blushing as I said, “Sorry for staring son.”

“Don’t be Bill” he said coming over. “I was checking you out too and you sure look good.”

I wasn’t sure where this was heading but where ever it was, I didn’t want it happening in there. Randy stepped closer then wrapped his arms around me giving me another hug. I felt our dicks press together as he leaned up and kissed me. “Thanks for everything you’ve done for me Bill,” he said softly as our dicks continued rubbing together.

All of a sudden Randy got stiff and started shaking as I felt him explode against me. The sensations of his orgasm sent me over the edge as my cum started mixing with his as I fired rope after rope against his body. “Oh son,” I said with short gasps. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

“Don’t be Bill,” he said pulling me down so he could kiss me once more. “I shot off too and that was so sexy I can’t wait to do it again when we have control over ourselves. That was one of the best loads I’ve shot in a long time because I wasn’t forced into letting some ass wipe suck me off and grope me.”

I must admit it was pretty good for me too. I’d never found myself attracted to someone this young but I really wasn’t that much older than he was. I was just 35 and he was a hot looking boy. We got in and washed each other’s bodies and when we turned the water off, Randy was sporting yet another erection. “Save it for later sexy,” I said grinning at him.

“You mean it Bill?” He asked grinning from ear to ear.

After I’d felt him blast against my body, I knew I wanted to taste the hot looking piece of meat standing tall in between his legs. “You bet I do kiddo,” I said smiling. “I want to taste that dick of yours.”

Just then he stepped back into the shower and quickly jacked off shooting for the second time in about twenty minutes. He turned around and said, “That’s for later too. I want to really enjoy it.”

We finished drying ourselves off and packed up our dirty clothes then headed back out to the rig. I put the clothes in an outer compartment then got our coats out of the truck as the temperature was really beginning to drop. I plugged the bed warmer so Ozzie would stay warm until we got back after dinner.

As we were heading back inside, Randy looked at me and asked, “Think we can watch one of your movies tonight?”

“I think we can,” I said pulling him close to me.

We were just about to enter the restaurant when a big fat dude almost knocked us down as he pushed both doors open to leave. He was in such a hurry he didn’t hear Randy gasp as he flew past. We went in and took a seat as he said, “That’s one of the guys that Kenny made me take care of. I hope he’s not around.”

“Don’t worry Randy,” I said. “If he shows up, I have a few surprises for him. And I don’t mean Ozzie.”

The waitress came over and Randy wanted fried chicken for dinner and I wanted the pot roast. We sat and talked about a lot of different things while waiting on the food and when it arrived, we dug in as if we were both starving. It wasn’t the best pot roast I’d had but it was filling. Randy wanted desert and then I paid the bill and we went back to the rig for a nice quiet evening.

We no sooner stepped out side when we noticed a hoard of State Trooper’s cars around three trucks. “Look Bill,” Randy said pointing to one of the trucks. “That’s the guy who almost knocked us down.”

We continued walking to our truck when the fat guy said, “That’s them officer, that’s the guy who sold me the stuff.”

A young trooper came over and said, “Have you seen this guy before?”

I laughed at his comments and asked, “You mean before he almost knocked us down as we were going into the restaurant?”

“Huh,” he asked.

“No Sir,” I said. “We haven’t seen him before. He came flying out of the restaurant and damn near knocked us down as if his pants were on fire. What’s going on?”

“We got a tip he was carrying drugs in his load,” he said. “What may I ask are you carrying?”

“I’m not totally sure what all we have,” I said. “But it’s a shipment bound for the Charleston Medical Center. It’s a sealed load plus it has my personal padlock on it. Would you like to see the paperwork?”

“Please,” he said as we headed for the truck.

I unlocked the cab then climbed up and dug out the bills. I started the engine so it could get warm and Randy climbed into his side as Ozzie made an appearance. “As you can see officer,” I started saying. “We were loaded a little before noon. We stopped and had lunch then drove straight through arriving here a little before 8 after we found the hospital. My son and I took a shower and here is a cash register receipt with the time stamped on it.”

“Thank you sir,” he said handing me back my papers. “You’ve been very helpful.”

I jumped back into the cab and Randy had already turned the heat on. I turned on the television and was able to get a local weather report. It wasn’t supposed to go below freezing so I wasn’t worried about the fuel tanks.

I dropped the blinds in the front then locked the doors and drew the curtains on the side windows. Randy was already down to his briefs and under the comforter. I sat down to take my shoes and socks off then quickly took my shirt and jeans off. I pulled my tee shirt off as Randy lifted the comforter. I looked up at him and now he was naked under there. He smiled at me letting me know he wanted me to join him naked so I quickly shed my boxers and slid in bed with him.

I pulled the curtains closed then Randy cuddled close to me. Before we did anything, I kissed him gently then asked, “Randy, are you sure about this?”

“I’ve seen how you’ve treated me since I’ve been with you,” he started. “You’ve never once tried to do anything with me even after knowing I was gay. You showed me in the shower what love and tenderness is all about. So in answer to your question, I’m very sure.”

Randy sat up and started looking at the movies but I didn’t want him seeing anything with intercourse on it just yet. I didn’t know how far he’d gone or been forced to go and I just wasn’t ready for that right now. I found one where a couple of young guys go swimming and then decided to work on their tans and a few other things in the process.

The one thing I liked about the truck was it was well insulated. Even with the engine running it was very quiet in here. The same could be said from the outside. When the engine was running, I would be watching television and no one could hear what was going on.

I put the disc in the player and turned it on and Randy scooted so close, he was almost on top of me. As the swimming scene progressed, they guys managed to de-trunk each other and when they came out, both were naked. “Damn Bill, they’re really hung,” Randy said.

He was lying a little on his side and I could tell he was stiff as a board. As the two guys headed for the lounges, they were erect and feeling each other as they walked. No sooner had they sat down then they started kissing each other.

Randy leaned over and gently kissed me then I felt his tongue gently rub my lips. I opened my mouth a little and soon he was checking out my oral cavity. I rolled onto my side and pulled Randy close, “God Randy, I can’t believe I’m getting feelings for you already.”

He kissed me passionately, “Bill, I’ve never had someone care about how I feel before. If this is how it should feel, I never want it to stop.”

I started caressing his chest and he gasped when I lightly stroked his nipples. I started lightly playing with them, “Oh god Bill, rub my dick, let me cum please.”

I kissed him once more then ran my tongue down his chest and headed for his tool. I licked the head of his cut dick and tasted he precum. As I thought, it was as sweet as he was. I ran my tongue around his tight nut sack then took his tool in my mouth and suckled it. “Oh gawd Bill, that feels wonderful, please don’t stop what you’re doing,” Randy moaned.

I had no intentions of stopping. I started bobbing my head up and down as I caressed his balls. He started bucking his hips to my movements and all too quickly I heard him say, “I can’t hold out Bill, I’m gonna cum. Ungh, I’m cumming.”

Randy blasted five teen sized shots into my waiting mouth and I quickly swallowed each one. I held his dick in my mouth until I had every drop of his juice. I cleaned the tip with my tongue then slid up beside him. I took him in my arms and held him until he came back down from his orgasmic high. I moved his hair out of his eyes then said softly, “How was that? Was that better than the others?”

I had my eyes closed as I kissed his nose and when I opened them I saw him crying. He opened his eyes and looked at me then said, “That was wonderful. I never felt anything as good as that before. Bill, I know I’m just a kid but I love you. It’s not the sex, well, it was. But you showed me something special that I don’t ever want to lose. You showed me love and just how special it is.”

I couldn’t believe it but I loved him too. I’ve had lovers and even was in a relationship but this was more than that. I actually was in love with him. At that point in time I had fallen deeply in love with him. The sex was beautiful but that wasn’t what defined that moment. I think it was when he gave himself to me that I felt it. Even if I had stopped at that point and went no further, I would still be in love with Randy. I kissed his forehead and said, “You’re not a little kid Randy,” I said. “You showed me love tonight too and that’s something I never want to lose. I love you also baby.”

I turned the TV and DVD player off then shut the light off in the sleeper. I gently kissed Randy and held him as we drifted off to sleep.

To be continued...


Posted: 08/15/08