Goodbye Saigon, Hello Tokyo
by: Miguel Sanchez
(© 2008 by the Author)

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The time is 1974, and the place, Saigon, Viet Nam. I was stationed there with the 125th Military Police Company. My name is Troy Murray and, at the time, I was a 21 year-old sergeant in charge of fifteen other soldiers. We patrolled a ten-block area of the city that included some residences, small stores and clubs that both the locals and soldiers frequented.

It was just after lunch. I was riding down the main street in our area and saw a guy dressed as a GI dragging a local kid in between two buildings, and I had my driver stop. He got his M-16 while I checked my .45 to confirm it was loaded. I chambered a round, then eased the hammer forward and put it back into the holster.

As we crept through the narrow opening between the buildings, I saw the guy holding the kid with one hand while trying to unbutton his pants with the other. He was an older guy and his shirt showed he'd been promoted and busted more times than my current enlistment. Now, the last button on fatigues is a real bitch to undo, especially if you're holding onto a squirming child. While, he tried to unbutton his pants, the kid got free and made a run for it toward my driver and me.

The guy furiously tried to grab his pants and the boy at the same time, but found himself looking down the barrel of my driver's rifle. With a desperate expression, he smiled up at me and said, "Hey Sarge, I can wait my turn. The kid's all yours now."

I gave him a withering look that told him he had lost this round, and said, "Button it up and let me see your ID card."

My driver piped up, "I've seen this slob before Sarge. He has a thing for kids. I'm wondering if he's been responsible for some of the bodies that have been found out in the patties."

The kid looked up at me with a mischievous expression and said, in broken English, "GI want Kam to give him fuckie, fuckie."

Ignoring his offer, I smiled at the cute little guy and asked, "Kam, are you a boy or girl?"

He giggled and replied, "Me boy, me no mamma san. Me Kam Quong."

I tousled his hair and said, "Okay kiddo. Where do you live?"

He pointed to a small building of run down apartments. I patted his bottom and sent him on his way. Turning to the fat soldier, I said, "Okay Private, you're under arrest."

I held my driver's rifle while he cuffed our prisoner. We took him back to the Provost Marshall's office and filed charges of attempted rape and child molestation. I had my driver see what kind of package this guy had and learned he had six Article 15s over the past three years, all for sexual related incidents. I wondered why this guy was still in the Army.

I filled out the report and went to see the OIC to have the charges approved. I knocked on the door and said, "Sgt. Murray requesting to see the Lieutenant, sir."

"Enter Sergeant and at ease," he replied.

The Lieutenant read over the charge sheet and signed off on them. I asked, "Do you think he'll be Courts Marshaled this time?"

"I think so Murray," he said. "Good job. Dismissed."

I returned to the office. My driver was putting the slob into a cell when Kam came in with his parents. He pointed to me, and then started telling them how I saved him from being assaulted. His father bowed to me and said, in very good English, "Thank you for saving our son, Kam. You have honored us with your kind deed. Please allow us to repay you by having you for dinner at our house. I am Soon Quong and this is my wife Mai Ling."

One thing I've learned in my two tours here is that you don't refuse an offer like this, for it would bring shame to the person who was indebted to you. I bowed and said, "It would be an honor to dine with you this evening Mr. Quong."

Kam showed his thanks by jumping into my arms and giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, in front of my colleagues. I wrapped my arm under his little butt and he sat there for a few minutes, then took my cover from my belt and placed it on his head. I smiled and said, "You like my GI hat?"

His little face formed a cute smile. "Yes Sergeant, thank you."

I complimented him on his use of English. Mr. Quong said, "Kam knows your language very well, but when he is excited or under stress he tends to forget, then it is hard to understand what he says."

I told his father that I had no trouble understanding what he was saying before and I was happy to be there. Kam gave me another kiss but this time it was on the lips and I had to quickly put him down to hide a problem that was rapidly becoming apparent.

When I finished my shift at 1530 (3:30 PM for you civilians), I went to my quarters to shower and changed into my Khakis. I put my MP armband on and hung my ID from my pocket, then went over to the apartment building where Kam and his parents lived. As I got close to the Provost Marshal's Office, I saw a small figure running toward me. A soldier stepped in between us and I shouted, "Back off soldier."

When he saw my armband, he stepped back. I held out my arms and Kam ran into them. The soldier said, "I'm sorry Sergeant. I didn't know you knew him."

"That's all right," I said, and walked on toward Kam's apartment building. Even in Saigon it's hard to tell who is South Vietnamese and who is VC. There have been hundreds of attacks where children of the Viet Cong act sweet and innocent then explode a hand grenade and take out a group of soldiers.

Kam showed me to the apartment where he lived, and out of respect, I knocked on the door then entered with Kam. I removed my shoes then bowed to my host for the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Quong were dressed in oriental robes similar to those worn in Japan but done in traditional Vietnamese designs.

Kam went to his room and came back dressed in a similar fashion a few minutes later. He took my hand and started pulling me away. I was wondering what he wanted when Mrs. Quong smiled and said, "What is your name Sergeant?"

I replied, "My name is Troy ma'am."

Mr. Quong said, "Troy San, Kam wants you to go with him. He has something for you and would like to assist you also."

Again, not wanting to bring disrespect to Kam or the Quongs, I bowed and went with the little boy. He took me back to his room and said, "Troy San, I have a gift for you. I would like to assist in giving it."

"All right Kam," I said. "What do I need to do?"

Without saying a word, he stood on tiptoe to unbutton my shirt. He still wasn't tall enough, so I knelt down. Carefully unbuttoning my uniform shirt, he removed it and folded it neatly, setting it on a small stool. He then pulled my T-shirt over my head and folded that too. Next, he tried to undo my belt, but didn't know how it worked, so I did that for him. He was more successful unbuttoning my pants and pulling down the zipper. I stood up and he slid them down my legs. After I stepped out of them, he tugged down my briefs before I could stop him. He stood back, looking at me and said, "Troy San, you're so handsome."

He touched my inflating dick and I said, "Oh Kam, please baby, don't."

"You don't like, Troy San?" he asked with a disappointed expression.

I pulled him to me and said, "Oh Kam, that's just it baby, I do like it. I like it very much, but you're just a little boy. How old are you, seven, maybe eight?"

The Vietnamese were known for being very short statured and always looked much younger than they were. He smiled said, "No Troy San. I'm not eight, I'm much older." Kam smiled as he stepped back and opened his robe. And there, nestled above his four-inch erect tool, was a small neatly trimmed patch of black pubic hair.

I reached out to him and he stepped forward. I slipped his robe off and surveyed his body. "Oh Kam, you're beautiful."

He blushed and said, "Thank you."

I lifted the robe back onto his shoulders and he tied the belt back in place. Smiling proudly, he went to a small cabinet and took out a box. Opening it, he removed a black robe with a beautiful Bengal tiger on the back. I knelt down while he slipped it on me, then I stood so he could tie the belt. Satisfied with his handiwork, he then took my hand and led me back to the main part of the apartment.

Mr. and Mrs. Quong bowed to me, and Mr. Quong said, "I see Kam has given you his gift Troy San. He picked it out himself because he thinks you are very brave."

"I was just doing my job," I said trying to politely play down the event.

"He knows this Troy," Mr. Quong said. "But his heart is also telling him something. Something he feels he can only share with you."

I was beginning to understand something here. Kam was slow going through puberty. It was also possible that some of his desires were already known to his parents. In some cultures a homosexual child is not shunned like they are in the US, but are just as accepted as their heterosexual counterpart.

I looked pointedly at Mr. Quong and said, "Sir, I get the feeling he might already have."

The man studied me critically for a moment, and then asked, "Troy may I ask you a very personal question?" I nodded. "I know you could get into very serious trouble if what I suspect ever came out into the open."

I saw my career flash before my eyes. Returning the man's critical look, I said, "Yes sir."

"Are you homosexual?" he asked.

I swallowed hard. "Yes sir, I am. Is it also fair to say Kam is also?"

"Your instincts serve you well Troy San," he said smiling. "But Kam is very innocent in certain parts of homosexual behavior."

Kam sat beside me and took my hand when his father made that statement. I was getting a picture in my mind of what I thought he was saying but I wasn't totally clear about it.

His wife bought tea and rice cakes and we sat to eat while we continued to talk. I looked at Kam then at his father and asked, "Am I to understand that Kam wants me to show him what he doesn't yet understand?"

"In a sense yes," he said sipping his tea. "But there is a more permanent side to it also."

Now I was confused. Here was a young boy whose values and virtues I just saved, yet his father was asking me to possibly take some of them away. "I don't understand sir," I said sipping my tea as casually as I could.

Kam moved onto my lap putting his arms around me, as he cuddled. I rubbed his hair and looked into those dark mysterious eyes. He leaned up and kissed me ever so softly yet with a passion I had never felt before. There I was, sitting in front of his parents, being kissed and getting a major hard on in the process. His father coughed getting Kam's attention. "Kam is permanently in your debt Troy San. As he is still young, that means we are also in that debt. I am a man of great means, but I don't know how long we will be able to stay here."

He was right. The peace talks were in the final stages of negotiations and that meant that the American troops would be pulling out soon. Even with all this, I still didn't understand what it was Mr. Quong was saying. I ran our conversation through my mind again and one word seemed to stick out the most: "permanent." I asked, "Are you saying that you wish your son to live with me permanently?"

"In a sense, yes Troy," he said. "We would like to arrange this for you.

This was something I had never heard of. I know gay couples that live together and have done so for years, but someone my age and someone his? I wrapped my arms around Kam and said, "Sir what your proposing isn't possible."

He smiled and said, "In our culture it is. See Troy, I am not Vietnamese. My wife is and my son is half but I am Japanese. I came to this country many years ago and established my business and have become quite well off. I have sent much of my money back to Japan where I hope to return. I know you have your military service to complete but I have friends who could get you transferred to Japan, near our home. But, we do have one problem that we might need your help with."

I knew exactly what that problem was. With the rumors of American personnel leaving the country, many civilians were afraid that there would be no one left to protect them, and they wanted to leave also. Many of them were trying to immigrate to the United States and our office was the first stop in their search for freedom. If the Military Police signed off on the first part of their petition to leave, the American Embassy would look more favorably on their request; although, nothing was certain.

With Mr. Quong being Japanese, his request would be met more favorably. He would not need asylum in the US, he and his family merely needing to come to the US so they could get to the Japanese Embassy. I could assist them preparing the paperwork and get it to our Embassy.

I looked down at Kam snuggled against my chest. Never before had I felt anything like what I was feeling now. I was falling for this little guy who not more than four hours earlier was just another kid running and playing on the streets of Saigon. To his father, I said, "I'll do all I can to see that you get out of here so everyone can be safe."

While we were talking, Mrs. Quong brought in dinner. We had boiled fish, white rice and a wonderful soup that I had no idea what was in it. Vietnamese cuisine could be very simple yet very tasty.

After the meal, I looked at my watch. It was 2000. I still had three hours before I had to be back in quarters for the evening. I was an NCO but not deemed capable of staying out without being checked on. The kicker was, once I made E-6, I could. I didn't understand military logic, but those two words never seemed to go together anyway.

Mrs. Quong discretely excused herself to allow us three men to talk in private. Presently, Kam said, "Father, can Troy San and I have some time alone?"

"What is it you ask my son," he said. "You know not all the ways."

Kam giggled. "I may not know all the ways yet father, but I do know enough."

I had come to have a very healthy respect for this man and I could see that he truly loved his son. He looked at us both then said, "Yes son, you and Troy San can go back to your room."

I couldn't believe this. Here was a father giving permission for his son to take a grown man to his room for what he had to know was some form of a sexual encounter. Kam hopped off my lap and took my hand. His father stood likewise. Both Kam and I bowed to the man before we left the room.

As we entered his bedroom, Kam dropped the dark colored cloth that acted as a door then led me to the small thin mattress that was his bed. I let him make the first move. He undid the tie of my robe and gently pulled on the sleeves. The robe slid off my shoulders and I stood naked before my boy. Breathing heavily, I dropped to my knees and undid the belt of his robe. I slid it off his shoulders and gazed once again at his youthful beauty. Boldly, he placed his lips against mine, giving me another of his passionate kisses. I never knew it was possible to be aroused by a kiss, but I was soaring with desire and he wasn't even using his tongue.

I sat back on the mattress and brought him into my arms, where I simply held him and caressed his skin for a while. Then, I leaned down and gave him soft pecks on his lips while caressing his chest. Next, I let my fingers run over his little nipples, drawing moans of pleasure from him. I took this opportunity to caress his lips with my tongue, probing until they parted.

As soon as my tongue touched his teeth, he opened his mouth and we indulged in our first French kiss. Kam shuddered a little while our tongues dueled. Directly, I felt his hand caress my throbbing dick. He wrapped his little hand around it and began to stroke ever so slowly. I broke the kiss and looked at him but all he did was giggle and continue his ministrations. I whispered in his ear, "I take it you do this to yourself?"

He kissed my cheek and said, "Oh yes Troy San, I do this all the time. It feels so good when I do it."

My fingers slid down his stomach and found his boy toy. I stroked it gently, working the foreskin back, feeling his natural lubricant leaking from the tip. With my thumb, I rolled the precum onto the head and started jacking him again.

Kam pushed on my chest, wanting me to lie down. He sat beside me and proceeded to inspect every inch of my groin. He felt my balls and ran his finger up and down my nether region, making me hotter and causing my dick to leak more precum. As his finger crept down to my asshole, I lifted my legs, allowing better access for his inspection. He stroked lightly over my most private area and I gasped at the feelings he was causing.

He started jacking me again, but this time, he wrapped his hand around the head, using the precum as a lubricant to increase the sensations. He used his other hand to skillfully manipulate my balls. I could feel my orbs start to churn as this young boy played my dick like a baby grand piano. I closed my eyes and said, "Kam I'm going to shoot soon baby. Please don't stop. This feels wonderful."

Kam began running his finger up and down my nether region as he pumped my dick faster and faster. I felt him rub my hole. Then, as I was about ready to cum, I felt his finger enter me, hitting my prostate. I tensed as I felt my load make its way to the surface, then explode over each of us. I fired harder and farther than I ever had. And, my load was of a volume I had never seen before. As Kam pumped the last of my sperm out, he removed his finger from my ass and kissed me. Smiling, he asked, "You like, Troy San?"

Though I was still breathing heavily, I managed to say, "Oh yeah sweetie, I liked that very much. Where did you learn all that?"

He giggled. "Little things I try on myself. If they feel good to Kam, they must also feel good to my Troy San."

I couldn't argue that point because they damn sure did feel good. In fact, they felt great. I kissed his cheek and said, "Well it was good, baby. Now lie down because Troy San wants to make you feel good too."

He reached under the mattress, pulling out a cloth and proceeded to wipe the mess off my chest and dick. I chuckled when I saw the cloth. He had told me he masturbated, so I knew what it was for.

As Kam stretched out on his back, I took my turn exploring his beautiful body. I ran my hand over his now soft dick and rolled it against the palm. He shuddered when I pressed the covered head gently against his abdomen. As his dick began to harden, I ministered to his marble size balls, gently rolling them between my fingers. Then, as he had done, I began to trace my finger up and down his nether region.

Now, he was fully hard. I took his tool between my thumb and forefinger and started to jack my little boy. As my finger explored under his balls, Kam raised his legs to allow me access to his private place. When I gently touched his back door, he moaned, "Oh Troy San, that feels much better than when I do it."

I pulled his foreskin back, lubed the head with his precum, and rubbed his hole more firmly. As I stroked his hole, it opened, wanting my finger inside. I gently pushed against the muscle and my digit slipped in with hardly any effort at all. I gave him time to adjust to my intruder while I continued to jack his dick. He began to buck his hips, so I slid my finger a little deeper inside his chute. I found his pea sized prostate and began to massage it while picking up speed on his dick. I could see his eyes close and his breathing start to get faster, so I said, "Are you enjoying this, my Kam?"

He opened his eyes a little, but before he could answer me, I saw his balls pull tight against his body. His hole clamped down on my finger and his body went stiff as he shuddered in climax. He cut loose with five small watery blasts of sperm as his hole contracted on my finger. I milked the last of his seed, then slid my finger out of him.

As he returned to earth, he smiled lazily and said, "Oh Troy San that was the best cum Kam ever have. You make Kam very happy. Promise me you do that more for me."

I took the cloth and cleaned his chest and belly, then pulled his foreskin back to remove the sperm from around the head. Once that was done, I stretched out beside Kam and gathered him into my arms. I couldn't believe that in less than six hours I was falling for this gorgeous creature. I pulled him onto my chest and held him close, running my hands over his back and butt. I kissed his nose and said, "Yes my little Kam, I promise I will do that as much as you wish."

Kam looked into my eyes and said, "Oh thank you Troy San. Kam loves you. You don't know this but I watch you every day at work. You are nice to people and keep everyone here safe from VC. You make me feel safe and I have come to love you very much Troy San."

Wow! I had just heard him confess his love to me. I never knew he had been watching my driver and me as I went about my daily routines around Saigon. I could feel my heart beginning to open as it never had with another person. I kissed him softly and said, "I love you to my Kam."

Reluctantly, I looked at my watch. It was now 2200. I had an hour to be in quarters. Tomorrow was Saturday and normally I would have been able to stay out but I had desk duty. I had eight hours of sitting at a desk being bored out of my skull. Capt. Jenkins was the Officer of the Day and he wasn't a bad guy to be around. Quite often when things were slow, he would come out and talk with the rest of us lowly enlisted people.

I sat up and set Kam on the mattress. He said, "Troy San diddy mao?"

I kissed his cheek then stood to dress. "Yes my baby, Troy San diddy mao. But I will see you when I get off work tomorrow, I promise."

When I was dressed, Kam took my hand and led me to the living area, unashamed that he was totally naked. Mr. Quong sat, sipping some tea. He smiled and said, "I take it you two enjoyed your time alone together?"

Strangely, I couldn't feel embarrassed by his question, considering he gave his blessings to be with his son. I simply bowed to the man and said, "Thank you sir, we did."

Kam jumped into my arms and hugged me close, kissing me. Mr. Quong asked, "So Troy San, I take it we will see you tomorrow?"

I smiled at the man and replied, "Yes sir, if that is alright with you."

He nodded in approval and I kissed Kam one last time before setting him down beside his father. I made sure my ID was on my pocket and left to return to my quarters.

When I arrived, there was an envelope taped to my door. I pulled it down and went inside, taking my shirt off while I opened a cold soda, my usual routine. I sat down and took a big swig of the cold liquid then ripped open the envelope. It was a letter from Capt. Jenkins telling me to report to him at the PM's office at 0630. This was unusual considering my shift started at 0700.

I took my trousers off and hung my uniform back in the closet, and removed clean fatigues and got them ready for tomorrow's shift. I finished my soda then took a piss before crawling into bed. I closed my eyes and dreamed of Kam and everything that had transpired over the last eight or so hours.

My alarm woke me at 0500 and I staggered into the bathroom to take my morning piss. I put my uniform on then headed over to the building that was used as our mess hall. After breakfast, I went over to the office to see what Capt. Jenkins wanted that caused me to have to be up earlier than normal. I saw his office lights were on so I knocked on the door and waited for a reply.

He bid me enter, I saluted and said, "Sgt. Murray reporting as requested sir."

"At ease Sergeant," he said looking at me. "I heard about what happened yesterday and the soldier has confessed to some rather serious and sick crimes. He's been transferred back to the states where he will be tried. The Provost Marshall has read the report also and should be here any minute."

The Captain stood and went out into the office. I hollered, "Attention," and everyone jumped to their feet as he entered the room.

He was about to let the men relax when in walked Col. Murphy, the Provost Marshall. We all stood at attention until he said, "At ease men."

He walked over to Capt. Jenkins and shook his hand, then turned his attention to me and shook my hand saying, "Good job soldier."

I nodded my head and said, "Thank you sir."

He handed the Captain a piece of paper then addressed me. "Attention to orders. Sergeant Troy Murray you are hereby promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant. Signed by order of the Provost Marshall, this 22nd day of November 1974."

I stood firmly at attention while the Colonel and Captain cut my sergeant's stripes off my sleeves and pinned my new staff sergeant's chevrons onto my collar. Col. Murphy then stuck out his hand and said, "Congratulations son, you earned it."

I saluted him and said, "Thank you sir."

Feeling both proud and bewildered, I took to my desk duties and work seemed to go by faster that day. During lunch, I hurried over to my quarters and got two of my khaki uniform shirts and dropped them at the tailors so I could get my new chevrons sewn on. The lady there said they would be ready after 1530. I was just going to grab some lunch when a voice said, "Troy San, Troy San."

I turned around and there was Kam running full speed toward me. I leaned down and let him run into my arms and into a huge hug. I started to return the hug when Col. Murphy came up and there I was with a local boy in my arms. I tried to set him on the ground but Kam's arms and legs were wrapped around me like an octopus. I stood firm and saluted him saying, "Afternoon sir."

He laughed and returned it saying, "Looks like you have your hands full there Staff Sergeant."

"Yes sir," I said laughing with him. "This is Kam Quong sir. He is the young man in the report from yesterday."

I managed to get Kam onto his feet, then he looked at the bigger man and said, "Troy San saved me yesterday. He saved my life Colonel San."

The Colonel shook Kam's hand then said smiling, "Your Troy San is a good man son."

When Kam heard that his face turned into one giant grin. I could see the old man was getting ready to leave, so I saluted him saying, "Have a nice day sir."

The officer returned my salute then got into his vehicle and drove away. Kam scurried up my leg for another hug then kissed my cheek and said, "You coming over tonight Troy San?"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world baby," I said smiling at him.

"You go work tomorrow?" he asked as I put him back onto his feet.

"No, I don't work tomorrow," I said looking at him, wondering where this was leading. "Why do you ask sweetheart?"

"Maybe you spend night with Kam," he said looking at me with those haunting dark eyes.

I didn't have to worry about bed check now, so I was free to do as I pleased, as long as I reported to work on time. I rubbed his hair and said, "I think I can do that."

He hugged me and I popped him on his butt as he ran toward his apartment. I went back to the office and finished the day, then signed out and went back to my quarters, after stopping at the tailors. I took a shower then changed into my Khakis and gathered my dirty fatigues and dropped them off at the laundry. I have ten full sets so I only have to do this once a week. I made a quick stop back at my room to get a clean set of fatigues and my boots for work on Monday.

I climbed the stairs leading to the Quong's apartment and knocked. Kam answered it, dressed in his robe. I stepped inside and removed my shoes. Today, Kam brought me a pair of slippers so my dress socks wouldn't be ruined. I knew the drill, so I bowed to Soon and Mai Ling then followed Kam to his room. I hung my uniform in his small wardrobe then knelt while Kam undressed me. I loosened my belt so he could remove my trousers. He folded them and put them on a hanger. Next, he unbuttoned my shirt and put that on the hanger too. He slipped my T-shirt off, then I stood so he could remove my briefs. Standing naked before my love, he reached out and gently stroked my cock. He kissed the tip then helped me on with my robe.

I heard Mai Ling say something to Kam in Vietnamese, that I only partly understood. Kam answered her and said, "Mom wants me to have a bath before we eat. Can you wash me Troy San?"

I picked him up and tickled him saying, "You bet kiddo."

I carried him into the room where Mai Ling had just finished drawing water for the bath. She left the room as I removed Kam's robe and set him gently into the tub. I removed my robe so it would not get wet, then washed every square inch of my little love. When he was done, I toweled him dry and slipped him back into his robe.

After dinner, I decided to take Kam out for a walk. It was an adventure strolling the noisy streets of Saigon at night. Even with all the MP's around, the street hookers were out trying to hustle the soldiers. One of the girls tried to hustle me even though I wore my MP armband. Kam kissed the back of my hand and said something that made her leave very quickly. Amused, I asked, "What did you tell her sweetie?"

He giggled. "I told her you were my tiger and he didn't fuckie, fuckie with girls."

I laughed and hugged him close. "I love you baby."

We walked around for about two hours then stopped at the PM's office to see what was going on there. I looked over a few reports then decided to return to Kam's place before his parents started to get worried.

Back at the apartment, we talked about getting them out of Saigon. Since I was now spending half my time on the street and the other half in the office, it might be easier to get their requests approved.

Kam and I went to bed about eleven. I was thrilled and excited because it was the first time I had ever slept with anyone. Oh, I'd had sex with guys, but it was just that, sex then I was out of there.

As we lay caressing each other, I marveled that Kam was so small, compared to me. It was really hard to believe he was really as old as he was. Eventually, I rolled onto my side and he scooted back against my chest with his butt against my abdomen. He pulled my arm over his chest and murmured, "Nite my tiger."

I said back, "Sleep well my little cub."

I slept until almost ten. For me, that was really sleeping. I opened my eyes and there was Kam sitting, just watching me. I pulled him on top of me and started to tickle him under his arms. He squealed with delight. "Troy San sleep well?"

I smiled and kissed his nose. "Yes my cub, Troy San slept very well."

I got up, used their facilities to empty my bladder then I took a few minutes to shave before putting on my robe. Mai Ling fixed me a traditional American style breakfast with eggs and bacon cooked to perfection. I looked at Soon and said, "That was fantastic sir, thank you very much."

Soon smiled, sipping his tea. "Troy San, you need not thank us for this. We truly enjoy having you in our home. You are like a part of our family."

I nodded my agreement. "Yes Soon, I understand that. But it is still considered good manners to thank one for a good meal."

Soon sat for a moment in thought, then he smiled. "You are correct. I must try to understand more of your ways as you are trying to learn and understand ours."

Over the next several months Kam and I were to became totally inseparable. I would go to work then walk with Kam to my quarters then go over to his place. I was for all practical purposes, a member of his family.

On Monday, I had desk duty all day, so I suggested to Soon that they come in and get the papers done. Monday morning I was at work and Col. Murphy showed up totally unannounced. He was inside talking with Capt. Jenkins behind closed doors for more than two hours. Soon came in with Kam and handed me their papers. I looked them over and made a few corrections. He said, "Troy San, do you think there will be any problems?"

I smiled at him and said, "The big man happens to be here today. If he approves them, you won't have any problems."

To prove my point, I was about to knock on the Captain's door, when they both came out. Capt. Jenkins looked over the papers, then asked, "Are these people looking for asylum Sergeant?"

"No sir," I said. "Soon Quong is Japanese. He just needs to get to a Japanese Embassy, but the one here in Saigon has closed. There is no way he can get to Japan from here. All flights are either canceled or military only."

Col. Murphy said, "Quong? Isn't that the name of the boy you saved Sergeant?"

"Yes sir," I said.

"Let me see those," he said. "I think for what one of our soldiers was about to do to that child, the least we can do is try to help him get to Japan. The best we can do is get them to Hawaii."

"That should be fine sir," I said. "I believe there is an embassy in Honolulu. Thank you very much."

I brought the papers out and smiled at Soon and Kam. I handed them to him and said, "There you go. I'm off tomorrow and I'll go with you to the embassy to get these approved."

I woke with Kam running his fingers through my pubic hair and his dark eyes staring at me. "Morning my cub," I said, as I kissed his cheek.

He giggled. "Hi Troy San. I love playing with it," he said, indicating the location of his little hand.

"So I see," I said taking his tool in my hand. "Better be careful though, it might go off."

"I'd like that," he giggled.

"I know darling but we don't have time," I said. "You know you can have it all you want at night."

I put on my dress uniform, preparing to take Soon, Mai Ling and Kam to the American Embassy. I went over to the PM's office and signed out a jeep for the trip. It took about thirty minutes for us to make it through the crowded streets of Saigon. I pulled in front of the gate and showed the Marine my credentials then we were allowed to pass. We were escorted inside where we met with an aid to the Ambassador. I showed him the papers and he looked them over, and then went into another office. He was in there about twenty minutes then he came back and said, "Everything has been approved. We're not sure exactly when things will start Sergeant but we will keep you informed. I think you should be ready to leave rather quickly so it might be best if you had your belongings packed. All you will be able to take will be a few clothes and that's all so I would suggest one small bag for each person."

Things started heating up in April. American troops were being sent home, as the South Vietnamese Army started taking over. Some of the MP's with the 125th had started receiving orders sending them stateside and others, like myself were still there.

I had trouble sleeping one night and even Kam was restless, so we tried to calm each other with a good round of oral sex. Getting to a 69 was impossible because Kam was just too short, so he decided to play my flute first. He did a wonderful job and when he hit my prostate he had a hot load of fresh cream to satisfy his appetite. When I returned to earth I took his tool in my mouth and brought him to a screaming orgasm with my finger rubbing his prostate.

We finally managed to get some sleep and 0500 came way too early for me. I heard an unusual amount of commotion on the street so I quickly jumped into my fatigues to find out what was going on. As soon as I stepped outside I saw my driver directing traffic. I asked, "What's going on Corporal?"

"Evacuating the city," he said. "Aren't your friends going to the states?"

I nodded. "Yeah they are. Are they moving those people out now?"

"Yeah," he said. "Better get them to the Embassy pronto. I heard rumors of an impending attack so you better get your weapon on."

I got the Quongs up and told them what was going on. I said I was going to the office but would be back with a jeep to get them to the embassy. I walked into an empty office but managed to find my .45 still in my desk. I found the holster and pistol belt and put it around my waist. I checked the ammo pouches and there were two extra loaded magazines. I went into the compound and found the jeep I always used then went over to the Quongs.

I ran up the stairs and into the apartment, this time not standing on ceremony. I grabbed Kam and his bag then said, "This is it baby. You and I are going to have to say goodbye for a little while. When you get to the embassy I want you to stay with your parents. No matter what happens, keep going to where they tell you and don't worry about me, I'll be fine. Do you understand?"

Kam tried to be brave and not cry but he lost the battle. He said, "Tory San, will I ever see you again? Please you're my tiger and I'm your cub. I can't be away from you."

I carried him down to the jeep and said, "It will only be for a short time sweetheart."

I started the engine and took off. I used the blue light on the MP jeep so I could get in and out of traffic easier. All of a sudden everything was stopped. I turned off the main street then headed up an alley toward the embassy. I came back out on the road and was about 100 yards from the gate. I grabbed Kam and the Quongs followed as we ran toward the gate.

I showed the Marine the papers and they opened the gate just as gunfire erupted. Soon was inside and I handed Kam to him. I reached to grab Mai Ling when another shot rang out. I pulled my .45 and cocking the hammer when I saw a VC soldier raise his weapon. I squeezed off two rounds. The first one missed the target, but the second one found its mark. He managed to get off one more shot before being hit but it too found the mark; my shoulder. I still had Mai Ling's hand but when I turned to tell her to run she was dead. The VC's bullet hit her and continued on into my shoulder. I screamed in pain just as Kam shouted, "Troy San, Troy San."

He tried to run to me but Soon held him firm. I shouted at him saying, "Go! Go with the men now. Be brave my cub."

I heard him yelling and crying. "No Troy San, No. Troy San," He cried as my lights went out.

The next thing I remember is waking up in a bed on a ship. I looked around and found a corpsman and tried to speak but he said, "Relax soldier, you've just been through major surgery. You're on the USS Enterprise and your next stop is Tokyo."

"How long have I been here?" I asked.

"Two days," he said.

I lay back in my bed and wondered where Soon and Kam were by now. I spent another two days on the carrier before I was stable enough to be flown to Tokyo. I had been at the Naval Hospital for about five days before I was well enough to get out of bed. Since I was a staff NCO I had a semi-private room with a telephone but for the life of me I couldn't figure out who to call. I rang for the nurse and asked to see one of the Chaplains on duty. A Commander came in and said, "What is it I can do for you my son?"

"Sir," I said. "I need to find out about two people who were evacuated from Saigon. Now, I know you're thinking that I must be crazy to think anyone would know the whereabouts of two people out of the thousands that left. These two people would have gone to Hawaii, to the Japanese Embassy for papers to return here."

"Do you have their names?" he asked. "It just so happens I have a friend who works here who might help."

"Yes sir I do," I said. "Do you think your friend could come here?"

The Commander nodded and picked up the phone. After being put on hold and transferred several times, he finally spoke with his friend. When he hung up he turned to me. "Sam said he would be here in about an hour. I'll bring him to you when he arrives."

This was the best news I had in almost two weeks. Time crawled but finally the Commander returned with his friend. I gave him Soon and Kam's names and he made a phone call to the embassy. His call seemed to go on forever, but when he hung up, he had a smile on his face. He said, "Passports were issued for a Soon and Kam Quong yesterday. Mr. Quong was able to transfer some funds so that they could purchase airline tickets to Tokyo. Flights out of Hawaii to here are not that often so we were able to find out their flight number and when they will be arriving."

He stopped talking just as he was getting to the good part, so I asked, "When will they be here?"

"They will be here the day after tomorrow," he said. "It seems Mr. Quong has been making inquiries about you also. Mr. Quong is much respected here and wants you to be transferred to our finest hospital here in the city."

I didn't know what to think, but I decided not to offend the father of my cub. I said, "If that is what he wants, make it so."

After lunch, I was taken by ambulance to Tokyo General Hospital and put in a very nice private room. I had anything and everything I wanted and after dinner the phone rang. I couldn't imagine who would be calling but as soon as I picked it up I heard, "Troy San, Troy San."

My cub had found his tiger and I was in tears. We talked for a good hour then I talked with Soon. I thanked him for his generosity and he said he was once again indebted to me for saving their lives. The only thing I was truly sorry about was that I couldn't save Mai Ling and for that they weren't indebted to me. Mr. Quong said otherwise because the indebtedness was for life.

Over the next 48 hours my shoulder continued to improve. I had just finished lunch when my doctor came in and said, "Sgt. Murray how are you feeling today?"

"Very good doctor," I said. "The shoulder is still sore but isn't too bad if I am careful how I move it."

"Nice to hear it," he said. "Do you think you can stand for me?"

I got out of bed and stood. The door opened and in rushed my little cub yelling, "Troy San, Troy San."

I quickly got to my knees and wrapped him in my good arm. I wrapped my left arm under his but and picked him up as we both cried. Through my tears, I saw Soon, standing there with a smile on his face. "Ah, it is good to see the tiger stand once again with his cub."

The doctor left us to talk in private. I looked sadly at Mr. Quong. "I am so sorry about Mai Ling. I never saw the VC soldier until the last second."

"You did everything you could for her and I believe she knows it," he said, still smiling.

I didn't know how he could take the death of his wife so calmly. He said that he tried to get her body sent home but it was impossible because the city had been overrun. He said he would have a private ceremony when I was able to leave the hospital.

I put on my robe and we walked around the grounds so I could get some fresh air. We had walked for about an hour when an officer in an Army uniform approached us. I acknowledged his presence and he said, "Sgt. Murray, I'm Col. Moore with the Military Police Detachment here in Tokyo. I've received orders transferring you from the 125th to my unit. I've spoken with the doctors both here and with the Navy and they both agree that you're not yet ready to return to duty. At present, you are being put on convalescent leave and you are to report to the Navy hospital every two weeks to be examined. When they feel you are ready to return to duty you will report to me at this address. Are there any questions?"

I thought for a minute then said, "Do I have to stay in quarters or can I live where I wish?"

He said, "If you have somewhere you would rather stay that is up to you but the cost is your responsibility. There is one more thing I have for you Sergeant."

He reached into his briefcase and pulled out a small box. He turned it around and opened it and inside was the Purple Heart. I swallowed hard remembering how I received the wound for which I received that medal. I took the box from him then closed it handing it to Soon. "I want you to have this. I don't want Mai Ling to have died for nothing."

"Ah my tiger," he said. "She didn't die for nothing. She got us back to this country safe and with Kam. See Troy San, she saw the soldier and she put herself in between you and him."

I had to sit when I heard that. I couldn't believe she gave her life to save mine. I looked at him astonished. "Why?"

"That is easy son," he said smiling again. "So your cub would always have his tiger."

We went back to my room because my arm was getting sore. When we returned, there was a larger bed in the room. I gave a knowing smile to Soon asking, "Will I be having a guest with me until I am discharged?"

"Yes Troy San, the doctor gave his approval," Soon said. "Kam has something very special for you tonight so please allow him to give it to you."

I nodded my agreement just as the door opened and in strolled Kam holding the small remains of an ice cream cone. Judging by his face I couldn't tell how much was in him and how much was on him. He finished it and I took him into the bathroom to clean him up.

I looked at the clock on the wall. It was almost time for dinner to be served. Soon said he had a few arrangements to make regarding a business affair. As he prepared to leave, I felt a bow for everything that had happened just wasn't enough. I hoped I wouldn't upset him. As I stood, I bowed in respect and then I embraced the man I felt so indebted to. I took his hand in mine and said, "Soon, you tell me you are in my debt yet I am receiving so much more than what I have given. I hope that I never bring dishonor to you, the memory of Mai Ling or to Kam."

Soon smiled and said, "For all you are doing for Kam, Troy San, you bring honor to us. When you get out of here, you will have a place to stay and we hope that it will be your home for a very long time." I was speechless. All I could do was bow and let him leave.

About ten minutes later dinner came. The young man removed the cover and there were two lobsters steaming and removed from their shells. I couldn't think clearly because I was totally stunned by the generosity of Soon Quong. The man plated the meals for Kam and I then left us to enjoy our food.

After dinner, I got into bed and decided to watch some television. I loved the fact that they had programs in English so I didn't have to rely on subtitles. Kam snuggled close to me and I felt his hand slide onto my soft dick. I knew it had been many days since he had been satisfied and that he would be one very horny boy. I lifted my butt so he could remove my shorts and underwear. Getting my arm out of my shirt was going to be a trick. I had Kam help me off with the sling, then he gently lifted the shirt over my good arm first then off the bad one. I let the arm drop and there was only some mild discomfort.

I lifted Kam's shirt over his head and removed his shorts. As soon as the shorts came down, I noticed he wasn't wearing any underwear. "Where did you put your underpants?" I asked.

He giggled. "They're in the bathroom. I took them off the last time I use the toilet."

I playfully smacked his tiny butt and kissed him. I wrapped my arm around him, holding him close, caressing him. After several minutes, he said, "I have a gift for you Troy San. You are my tiger, my hero and the one whose life I am indebted. Tonight I give myself to you not just as a gift but because I love you with everything I have."

He leaned over and took my tool into his warm mouth and started sucking me like there was no tomorrow. At first I was worried about someone coming into the room, but then realized that Soon had probably told them not to disturb us unless we needed something. As he worked on my dick, I caressed his small buns. He was squatting, which caused his cheeks to part allowing me easy access his back door. I rubbed my fingers lightly over the hole and found he had started preparing himself already. I reached around and took his boy tool and slowly started jacking it when he stood and brought his legs across my chest. He leaned over and gave me that sensuous kiss of his.

Kam lifted my dick and raised his hips as he aimed it toward his virgin hole. He rubbed it across the entrance a couple of times then I felt the contact as he began to slowly insert it into his chute. I said, "Bear down like you have to poop."

I heard him grunt then sit down on the head and it slipped in. I saw a look of pure pain sweep over his face. I was about to lift him off when he said, "No Troy San, don't. Kam okay your dick bigger than I thought. I'll be okay."

I held onto him so he could get used to that big thing of mine in his small body. He smiled at me, so I let him go. He began the slow dissent down onto my shaft. After about ten minutes I felt his butt against my pubes. This was the hottest feeling I ever felt, but I wasn't going to rush anything because I wasn't about to let my little cub injure himself.

In a few minutes, he started moving up and down on my dick and I could see his tool jump and twitch as he did it. I held his hands but soon my right arm was getting sore. He leaned forward and put his hands on my chest and started moving up and down a little faster. His eyes closed and his dick began leaking. I noticed his balls were tight against his body signaling his impending release. I could feel my balls start to churn and my juice was starting to speed to the top looking for a way out. I arched my back, going deep in his hole, and said, "UNGH my cub, here it comes. Here comes your tiger's seed."

I threw my head back and fired five hard ropes of sperm deep into Kam's love chute. After my second shot crossed his prostate, he erupted over my chest and stomach. Kam fell forward and we held onto each other as we came back from our respective orgasms. Kam kissed me softly, and then said, "Troy San, now I am yours."

We lay there resting for another several minutes, then I carried Kam into the bathroom. I lifted him off my deflating tool and onto the toilet. When he had finished, I wiped his backside and examined his anus. To my surprise, he wasn't even red.

When we were cuddled in bed once more, I said, "Tomorrow my cub, I give myself to you."

He exclaimed, "Oh no Troy San. You don't have to do that. I am your cub."

I smiled at him and said, with a peck on his rosy lips, "You gave yourself to me, now it is only proper I give myself to you. This way we can truly be one."

Kam smiled and said, "Okay Troy San. I would like to feel myself inside you. It felt so good with you in me. I can't wait."

We turned out the light, and I slept very peacefully. It was like I was safe with Kam in my arms and all was right with the world. The next day, Dr. Chang said I was well enough to leave the hospital. Soon was there to take us home and he showed us our apartment. It was spectacular with every convenience available. We had a full kitchen, but Soon told us that we could have lunch and dinner with him. I got the feeling it was more than just a casual comment.

Soon had a second car he let me use to get around. That afternoon, Kam and I went for a little tour of Tokyo. We got hungry and found a little place that served a big meal at a reasonable price. I told Kam I had to lock the car because we decided to take a walk so we could see things better. I left him standing in front of the restaurant. When I returned, there was a man holding onto Kam's shirt collar hassling him. When I asked what the problem was, he said, "Mind your own business Joe. I don't like this shit here."

I said, evenly, "Leave him alone, now, or I will make it my business."

The guy was a little taller than me, so I weighed my options for taking him out. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Kam gave me a devilish grin. I knew what he had in mind, so I just took a half step to the left and waited. The guy was watching me carefully, waiting for me to make my move, when Kam grabbed him by the balls. He screamed and Kam was able to free himself and run. The guy tried to charge after him when I dropped down and delivered a sidekick to his kneecap. The guy went down hard, cussing and holding his leg. A police officer came over and Kam explained what happened. The officer looked at me and said, "May I see some ID please?"

I showed the officer my ID card and my orders assigning me to the 181st MP Detachment. I said, "I did only what was reasonable to defend both the child and myself."

At that point, Soon drove up, seemingly from nowhere. He strolled over to us and calmly asked, "Is there a problem here Troy San?"

The officer asked to speak to Soon alone. After a few minutes, he handed my papers back to me and said, "My apologies for questioning your judgment Sergeant. This man will be punished for trying to assault the child."

Life in Tokyo was very fast paced, but it was a life that I truly enjoyed. I was able to return to work two weeks later, but wasn't allowed to patrol the streets for another two.

The day I was to start back to full duty, Kam started back to school. I was able to pick him up in the afternoon and I became a hit with some of his friends. Every day when I appeared to pick Kam up, his friends would bow and say, "Ko niche wa Tiger San."

I would return the bow then get mobbed by the children. Since Kam wanted to stop for a piece of candy after school, I would walk with his friends and get sweets for them all.

One evening at dinner, I asked Soon how much the utilities and other things would run at the apartment. He looked at me blandly and said, "Troy San, you have no bills. You have an allowance to cover everything you need."

In my mind, I couldn't live with Kam and still have his father support him. I said, "With all due respect Soon, if Kam is my responsibility, isn't it my job to support him?"

"A very good point Troy San," he said sipping his tea. "When Kam reaches majority then that will be your job, yes. While he is in school and college it isn't."

"But sir," I said softly, "I make good money in the Army, I can support him."

I know that Troy San," he said, patiently. "I will gladly invest your money so that when you need to, it will be there and also greatly increased."

I couldn't argue with Soon there. I would need a decent monthly income once Kam was out of school, so I gladly agreed to what he proposed.

That night Kam and I were cuddling, caressing and kissing each other when I rolled over and said, "Come my cub, take your tiger again."

He started licking me all over and stroking my dick as he suckled my balls. As I felt his hand slide toward my hole, I lifted my legs so he could find his target. I felt something cool on my pucker and then I relaxed as Kam's fingers entered. He started massaging my prostate, making me hotter by the second. I pulled him to me then took his now almost five inches in my mouth and got him wet and hard. With lust in his eyes, he asked, "Now, Troy San?"

I lifted my legs and nodded. He moved behind me and aimed his tool at my waiting hole, then gently slid it in. His hard cock filled me, hitting my prostate with every deep stroke. I squeezed my ass muscles onto his dick with every stroke, and he would drive it in deeper. After about ten minutes of this, I felt my balls churn and draw up, telling me I was going to cum, without touching my dick. Kam was pumping faster giving me all he had, and I saw him close his eyes then thrust in deep and hold it. When I felt his first blast it sent me over the edge. I groaned and yelled, "Take me my cub, UNGH! Your tiger is going to shoot."

I fired my load over my chest and stomach. When I cut loose with my first volley, that sent Kam over the edge. Kam grunted as he fired in me. I felt his five loads coat my insides before he fell forward onto my heaving chest. As I wrapped my arms around him, kissing him softly, he crooned, "I love you Troy San. I love taking my tiger."

I smiled at him, stroking his silken skin, and replied, "I love it when you take your tiger too my cub."

I made a halfhearted effort to clean us with a towel before we closed our eyes for a good night's sleep.

I watched Kam grow and mature into a young vibrant teen. On his birthday I was promoted to E-7. Washington had learned of my deeds in Viet Nam and I was awarded the Army Commendation Medal. I stopped by the PX after the ceremony and purchased a new ribbon holder and decided to wear my Purple Heart. I felt it was finally time to honor Mai Ling in my own way.

The Army begged me to reenlist so I worked out a deal with them. I would reenlist for eight years if they guaranteed, in writing, that I would stay in Tokyo for the entire tour. It was something that I wanted and the Army wanted me to stay in. So after some calls and letters and a conversation with Soon, the Army had me for another eight years and I was able to remain with my cub.

By the time Kam graduated from university I had sixteen years invested with the Army. I was able to do another four year hitch and then I could muster out with a nice retirement package. If you're wondering, yes I still stayed in Tokyo and retired as a Command Sergeant Major.

When I retired, I was thirty-seven and Kam was a vice president with his father's company. Kamís father offered me a position as his head of security, which I gladly accepted.

I now had my retirement from the Army and the day I was hired with Soon's company, he handed me a check for over $2 million dollars. He had made some wise investments, but I wondered how much of his own money was in that check. I put it in the bank and let it grow and Kam and I were able to live more than adequately on our salaries. We used the interest to take special trips or holidays, always bringing Soon along. This time we paid and didn't take no for an answer.

Today, we walk down the street hand in hand with no one saying a word about what they see, for many there know that the tiger walks with his cub. Soon retired from his company and now Kam is running things. Soon is still on the board but he has let it be known that Kam and I are his heirs and will inherit the business upon his death. Kam and I know how his father ran things and we plan to carry on just like he did.

Isn't it ironic how a kid from Saigon and one from America can meet through strange circumstances, fall in love and make three cultures merge into one? Love truly IS a wonderful thing.

The End.

Posted: 07/11/08