Escape from There

 by: Miguel Sanchez

© 2005 by the author


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I had just picked my son up from tutoring a couple students at school when Danny said, “Stop Dad, there is something back there.”

I backed the car up and he hopped out then ran down into the alley. I put the car in park and reached onto the glove box and got the torch. Grabbing a blanket, I turned the light on and walked into the dark alley. “Hurry Dad,” my son said. “It’s a boy and he’s really bad off.”

I ran down to him and my torch shined on a lad of about 12 or so. “Bloody hell son,” I said. “It looks like he’s been to hell and back again.”

Danny lifted his jumper and looked him over then said, “I don’t see anything here Dad,”

I took out my mobile and dialed 999 and requested an ambulance to my location saying, “This is Dr. Franklin, I’ve found an injured boy of about 12. I can’t see any apparent injuries but he needs to be seen in casualty straight away.” I rang off then said, “Danny, I’m going to need you to follow us in the car. I’ll be riding with him to hospital.”

Danny ran and got my bag while I monitored his vitals until the ambulance arrived. I heard the distinctive high low wail of the vehicle as it got closer. Danny waited by my car so he could show the men where to come. The ambulance pulled in behind my car and got their gear and started slowly making their way down the alley. I shined my torch on them and said, “Come on lads, be quick about it now.”

I moved on the other side of him and got a huge whiff of him. The men put him in a collar and we log rolled him onto a back board. “When you get his clothes off be careful, he’s soiled himself.” I said. “I’m Dr. Miles Franklin, Head of Pediatric Urology at Poole Hospital.”

“Alright Sir,” the paramedic said. “We’ll just get him loaded and then evaluate him in the back.”

They wheeled him to their unit and we started removing his clothing. “Crikey Sir, he did soil himself. Look Doctor, he’s wearing a nappy.”

The medic and I checked his arms and legs for signs of fractures then rolled him onto his side so he could get cleaned up. The driver turned on the air conditioning full blast so the back could be aired out. The paramedic was cleaning his bum when he said, “Bloody hell, this boy’s been raped doctor.”

I looked at his bottom and his rectum was gaping wide open. “Who could have done this to a child?”

“I don’t know Sir,” the paramedic said. “But I’d like a few minutes with him back in that alley.”

Once he was cleaned, the medic started an IV then he asked, “Take him to Poole Sir?”

We were 5 minutes from there so I nodded yes. Danny followed as we made it to Casualty in about 3 minutes. He was wheeled onto an exam room where Dr. Freddie Drew looked at me and said, “What have you got Miles?”

“Dunno mate,” I said. “Danny spotted him in an alley as we were going home. He’d soiled himself and when the medic was cleaning him, it was discovered he’d been seriously assaulted.”

The medic was checking his vitals again then said, “Sirs, you better have a look at this.”

We went over to the table and Freddie said, “What do you make of this Miles?”

I looked and saw 3 small scars on his abdomen. “Looks like he’s had a laparoscopic procedure done sometime recently,” I said as I removed the sheet covering him. “Bloody hell, look at this Freddie.”

“Damn,” he said looking at his bits. “Why would he need this? He’s too young to be in puberty.”

“Let’s get some x-rays of his head, neck and spine,” I said. “Then I want a CT or his abdomen and pelvis.”

“You better notify the police and the social workers,” Freddy said.

“I want him,” I said moving his blonde locks out of his eyes.

“You a fosterer mate?” Freddy asked.

“It’s been a while but yeah,” I replied moving out of the way for x-ray to get in.

We stepped out of the room so the films could be taken. Danny came up to me and said, “How bad is he Dad?”

“Pretty bad son,” I said. “Someone buggered him good.”

“Why,” Danny asked as he couldn’t hold the tears any longer.

Easy lad,” I said or you’ll soil your nappy too.

“Too late Dad,” he said through his tears.

“Go get one out of your pack and I’ll change you,” I said.

I grabbed a nurse and said, “Stay with the lad until I get back or until they take him to CT scan.”

“Yes Sir,” she said.

I took Danny into an empty room and quickly changed his wet nappy. “Daddy you gotta do something for him.”

I secured his nappy and he pulled his trousers up then I got him off the table. I saw Freddie coming out of the room followed by the boy on the stretcher. “They’re taking him to CT now Miles. I called the police and they will bring a social worker.”

“He’s not going anywhere,” I said. “I’m having him admitted to my service. He’s going to need surgery to repair his rectum plus I want to know what else is going on.”

We had been talking about 20 minutes when he was rolled back into the exam room. Freddie and I looked at the x-rays first and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I was about to put the CT films up when a young policewoman and old lady came down the hall. The old biddy thought she could take over by saying, “Where’s the child.”

I moved in front of the door and asked, “Who might you be, my good Madam?”

“I’m Mrs. Bingley from Social Services,” she said still trying to push past me.

Freddy stepped in and said, “Ma’am, that is for authorized personnel only.”

The young officer looked at me and said, “And might I enquire as to who you might me?”

Freddy looked at her and said, “This is Dr. Miles Franklin. He’s on staff here.”

“Excuse me Sir, I didn’t know,” the officer said. “We got a report of child what was sexually assaulted.”

“It appears so,” I said. “But at the moment he’s still unconscious. Mrs. Bingley, I was fosterer. I want to foster him when he is able to be released from hospital.”

“How long will that be?” She asked.

“Right now I’m not sure,” I said. “He’s going to need several operations to repair his rectum plus what else may be wrong with him.”

“Miles,” Freddie said from inside the exam room.

He was standing looking at the CT films. “What the hell?” I said not believing what I was seeing. “Does that look like he’s had surgery there?”

“It certainly looks like it,” Freddie says. “But I can’t tell why though.”

I looked at the films and could not for the life of me figure out what this boy was put through. I wanted him put into a private room and there was one available on the pediatric unit. We started to move him up to his room when he started moaning. “No don’t please. No more, I can’t take it.”

I stopped the nurses then went to his side. “It’s alright lad,” I said softly. “You’re safe now. You’re in hospital.”

A nurse came along side of me and he screamed, “NO PLEASE! I can’t take it any more. Don’t put anything else in my bum.”

I looked at the nurse and said, “Step back out of his vision.”

She stepped back and I looked at the boy and said, “No one is going to put anything in your bum son. Please trust me now, you’re safe.”

Mrs. Bingley came around to the other side and said, “Now what’s your name son?”

He turned his head, looked at her and passed out. “Get him to his room straight away,” I said. “You madam, come with me.”

I went into the doctor’s lounge and said, “Just what were you doing? Didn’t you see the fragile state he was in?”

“I was just doing my job Doctor,” she said. “We have to find out who he is and notify his parents.”

“Even if they were the ones who did this to him?” I asked. “I was about to get his name if you’d just let me handle it. For right now, no female is to have any contact with him because of his mental state.”

“If you want to foster him,” she started.

“If you don’t want to be permanently barred from this hospital and your supervisor notified that you caused the boy to pass out because of his fragile state of mind, you’ll follow my instructions. Do we understand each other?”

She thought about it then finally relented to my orders. “Very well Doctor,” she said. “But I need to know who he is for our records.”

“For right now, his name is John Doe,” I said. “Now I have to find a male nurse to care for him. I will be in touch.”

I left the lounge and went to the lift. The policewoman was standing there and said, “I’ll get a male officer here. I know a young man who is very good with children. He won’t say anything to him until you let him know it’s safe.”

“Thanks officer,” I said as the lift door opened.

I entered the lift then pressed 3. I got off when the doors opened then walked to the nurse’s station. I found the head nurse and requested she call the nursing supervisor. Once she was on the phone I said, “This is Dr. Franklin. I have a patient who is in a very fragile state and the sight of females makes him most upset. I need three male nurses with pediatric experience.”

“There is one on in another area of the ward Doctor,” she said. “If you let me speak to the head nurse I’ll make the arrangements.”

While I was on the phone, Danny had followed me to the floor. He walked down the hall and saw the boy lying there in his bed. He slipped inside and closed the door so no one would see that he was in there.

I got the room number from the nurse and took his chart with me then went to see if he was awake again. When I walked in I got the start of my life. The boy was awake holding Danny’s hand like a life line. “How’d you get up here son?” I asked startling both boys.

“I knew where you work Dad,” he said.

As Danny was speaking to me I heard the boy gasp. “Oh no,” he said as his bladder emptied into his nappy.

“Relax mate,” Danny said. “That’s me Dad. Remember me telling you about him?”

“O oh,” he said wiggling.

“What happened?” Danny asked.

The boy started crying and said, “I soiled meself. I’m sorry Sir, I can’t ‘elp it”

I walked over to him and said softly, “It’s alright lad. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Danny stood and undid his trousers and showed the boy the white nappy hidden beneath them. “See mate,” he said. “I wear them too.”

The boy relaxed some then said, “Oh, I guess I don’t feel so bad then. I just wish I could get things to work so I don’t.”

There was a knock at the door then a young male nurse came in carrying a large supply of nappies. “The head nurse said to bring these down when I came, Sir,” the young nurse said. “I’m Bradley Porter. I’ll be here until tomorrow morning.”

“Thank you Bradley,” I said looking back over to the boy. “Tell me lad, what is your name.”

“Jennings Sir,” he said. “Oliver Jennings.”

“Nice to meet you Oliver,” I said pulling up a chair. “I’m Dr. Franklin and this is my son Danny.”

Bradley set the nappies on the cart then left to continue with his other duties. Oliver was squirming in the bed then said, “Sir, could I trouble you please? I really need a change.”

Danny stood up and said, “Would you like me to do it?”

He started blushing when Danny asked the question then said, “Uh sure, that would be great.”

Danny went over and got a nappy off the cart then took a wash cloth and got it wet with warm water. Danny pulled the chair over and climbed onto it then lowered the covers. He undid the tabs then lowered the front of the nappy. “Lift your bum mate,” Danny said as he tugged on it.

Oliver lifted as the wet garment slid out from under him. Oliver was watching Danny as he gently washed his little penis and carefully retracted the foreskin making sure to clean thoroughly around the head. Danny rewet the cloth then washed what was Oliver’s scrotum and inside his thighs. Danny nudged him and he rolled over onto his side so he could clean his bum.

Once that was done, Danny placed the nappy on the bed and Oliver rolled back on to it spreading his legs. I handed him the lotion and he squeezed some into his hand then rubbed it into Oliver’s skin so his skin wouldn’t break down. Oliver rolled back onto his side and Danny quickly rubbed some into his bum.

Oliver rolled back onto the nappy then Danny shook some powder onto his crotch and then pulled the nappy up and secured it tightly with the tabs.

I helped Danny off the bed as Oliver said, “Danny, I didn’t mean to stare but what’s wrong with you?”

Danny put the things away then said, “Nothing’s wrong with me mate. I’m a dwarf, but we prefer to be called little people.”

“Oh,” he said. “Is that why you have to wear a nappy?”

“Yep,” Danny said. “And before you ask, it’s doesn’t bother me. I have a small bladder and my stomach pushes on my intestines and I can’t hold my bowels very well.”

I looked at my watch and it was well after 8. I’m glad it was Friday and Danny didn’t have school. I wanted to talk with him in detail about what had happened to him but I was hungry and I knew he had to be tired. I saw him yawn and asked, “Are you getting sleepy kiddo?”

“Sorta Sir,” he said. “But I’m afraid if I do, someone’s gonna come in and put something in my bum again.”

I pushed the call bell and Bradley came in and said, “May I help you?”

“Bradley will you please tell Oliver here who else is allowed in this room,” I asked.

“Other than you Sir, no one,” he said. “Can I get something for you Oliver?”

I looked at Oliver and said, “I can get you something to help you sleep if you’d like.”

“How would I take it Sir?” He asked.

“It’s a liquid,” I said. “You just drink it.”

“What does it taste like?” He said suspiciously.

“It’s cherry flavored,” I said.

“O Oh OK,” he said like he still wasn’t sure.

I wrote an order for 5mg Ambien liquid then said to Bradley, “5mgs of Ambien liquid.”

I handed him the chart before he left and a few minutes later he was back with the medicine. Oliver sniffed the liquid then looked at me and said, “This won’t hurt my stomach, will it?”

“No son,” I said. “Not at all.”

“Dad wouldn’t lie to you mate,” Danny said.

Oliver drank down the liquid then said, “Mmmm, it does taste pretty good.”

We stayed there with him until the medicine took effect and as he got drowsy, Danny was holding his hand. Once I knew he was sleeping soundly, Danny and I let him sleep.”

We walked outside and I saw Bradley at the nurse’s station. He looked at me and said, “Yes Sir, what can I do for you?”

“Check in on Oliver a couple of times during the night and make sure he’s not wet,” I said. “Also, be careful around his rectum.”

“Yes Sir,” Bradley said. “I’ll take good care of him. What is it about females?”

“I’m not sure,” I said. “Maybe it was women who abused him. But what ever it is, I’ll find out when I talk with him more tomorrow. Call me if there are any problems with him.”

Danny and I left the hospital and tried once again to get home. We were both starving so I got us each an order of fish and chips to go. We got home about 10 and Danny looked at me and asked, “What are the chances of fostering him?”

“Dunno son,” I said taking my dinner from the bag. “That old worker really had her knickers in a bunch after I told her off but I have a few friends there.”

Danny took a couple of chips and stuffed them into his mouth looking lost. “Why’d someone cut his bollocks off?”

“I don’t know son,” I said. “That wasn’t the only thing that’s happened to him either. I just hope I can figure what did happen and be able to correct it.”

“You’re a good doctor,” Danny said. “You’ll be able to.”

“Dunno there son,” I said swallowing a bite of fish. “It all depends on what I find wrong. Some things just can’t be fixed when someone goes in and deliberately damages them.”

“You think it could be that bad?” Danny asked sipping on his soda.

“Could be,” I said. “I won’t know until I can go in and have a look around.”

“I really like him Dad,” Danny said.

“I saw the looks son,” I said. “Just be easy with him. He’s quite fragile right now. I dunno how he’d take to being changed by someone gay and not telling him. And with his balls gone, he won’t get a stiffy to let you know how he feels.”

“Those butchers,” Danny said finally losing the battle with his tears.

I wrapped my arms around him and said, “I know son. If I can ever find out who did it, they will be in prison for a very long time. When he’s a little older, we can start him on hormones so he’ll grow and develop like a normal lad. Now come on and finish your dinner, it’s late and I have to see Oliver tomorrow.”

We finished our meal then took Danny into his room and changed his nappy. After that was done, I did my nightly routine and crawled into bed setting the alarm for 7.

It seemed I was barely asleep when the alarm was waking me. I staggered into the loo and took a leak then put the kettle on for my tea. I went back to my room and quickly showered and shaved then put on my suit for work. The electric kettle had the water steaming by the time I came back. I fixed my morning Earl Grey and toasted a bagel. I checked on Danny and he was still sleeping soundly. I left him a note telling him I would try to be home by noon but would be home for tea.

I parked out front and went to the third floor where I immediately saw Bradley. “What time do you get off?” I asked patting him on the shoulder.

“I’m already off Sir,” he said. “I’m just talking with Sandy here before I head home.”

The morning head nurse came to the station and Bradley bid a hasty retreat towards the lifts. “Who will be assigned with Oliver this morning?” I asked.

“That would be Albert Styles,” she said looking at the assignment sheet.

Just then we heard a commotion down the hall and the head nurse took off to see what was going on. “I’m sorry but you can’t go in there,” a male voice said. “Those are the Doctor’s orders.”

The head nurse said, “Well if you’re with her officer.”

I finally got close enough to see who was causing the commotion then said, “She still isn’t allowed in that room.”

Everyone turned and the head nurse said, “That is Dr. Franklin, the boy’s attending.”

The lady tried to quietly leave unseen when I said, “Going somewhere Mrs. Bingley?”

She stopped in her tracks when I said her name and the officer said, “You know each other?”

“Yes officer, we do,” I said looking at the woman. “She came in last night and after I saw the state the boy was in after seeing women, I’m not allowing any woman to see him for right now until I can sort things out. I told Mrs. Bingley this but she persists in going against my orders.”

The officer looked at the woman and said, “You told me this child wasn’t being looked after.”

“Lady if you’d just give me some time with him,” I said. “If all you want is his name then you could have gotten that at the nurse’s station. Now, what else do you need?”

“I need to know his details,” she said. “I need to know what happened to him.”

“As soon as we find out you’ll be the first to know,” I said. “It was late when he came to after your stunt and I thought it best if he got some rest. I can tell you this though, and that is what ever happened to him was caused by a woman or women.”

“I didn’t know,” she said.

“Why do you think I asked you to wait until you heard from me?” I asked. “I’m not going to deny a case worker to see him but what good would it do if you went to talk with him and he worked himself into hysterics.”

“You’re right Doctor,” she replied. “I do apologize.”

“Nothing against you Mrs. Bingley,” I said. “I do think you care about young Oliver but given the situation, I think it best if a male worker had his case. I believe a woman has abused this lad and this will take a lot of time for him to get over.” I looked at the officer then said, “Now, I don’t want the police trying to hound this boy either. I know it’s important for him to give you a statement about what happened. Are you the officer they sent to talk with him?”

“Yes Doctor, I am,” he said. “The other officer told us about what happened and she even felt a male would do better.”

“I’m going to talk with him and if he’s willing, so he will only have to tell it once, I will have you there so you can record or make notes as to what happened,” I said.

“That sounds more than fair Doctor,” the officer said.

Mrs. Bingley looked at me and said, “Dr. Franklin, I did a query into your license and it is still good. I will recommend that you be allowed to foster him when he’s ready to leave.”

“Thank you,” I said. “Now if you’ll excuse me I would like to see Oliver.”

I went inside and Albert was helping him get cleaned up. He had just put a softer nappy on and I said, “How are you today Oliver?”

Albert got him sitting up in the bed then he said, “Feeling better today Sir. I had a real nice rest last night.”

I went over and did a quick exam on him then I asked, “Do you feel up to talk with me for a little?”

He looked down then said, “I guess so Sir.”

Before I started I said, “There is a young officer out there that needs to take a statement from you. Would you mind if he sat with us?”

“It’s not a woman is it Sir,” he asked.

“No son,” I replied patting his leg. “It’s a man.”

“Alright,” he said. “If you’re gonna be here with me, he can come in.”

I got up and went to the door and saw the officer having a cup of tea at the nurse’s station. I walked up to him, “He said you could sit in while I talk with him. Now I’ll ask the questions and if there is any you want asked, write them down and I’ll ask him. Do you have a recorder?”

The officer reached into his jacket pocket and pulled one out along with some extra tapes if needed. We walked into Oliver’s room and approached his bed. He looked at the officer as I said, “Officer, this is Oliver Jennings.”

The officer reached his hand out and said, “Nice to meet you Oliver, I’m Officer Wilson. But you can call me Evan.”

“Nice to meet you Sir,” he said.

I pulled up the bed tray and said, “Evan here needs to record your statement son. Don’t worry about it, just talk to us.”

“Who’s gonna ask the questions?” Oliver asked.

“If I have one, can I ask it?” Evan asked.

He thought then said, “I guess so Sir.”

I looked at Oliver as Evan turned on his recorder then I asked, “Son, can you tell me what you were doing in that alley?”

“I was exhausted Sir,” he said. “I’d been getting rides and walking for I dunno, must be a couple weeks now.”

“Where were you going?” I asked.

“Dunno where I was going,” he said. “I was trying to get as far away from them as I could.”

“Those people,” he said.

Evan stepped in and asked, “Who were those people Oliver, and where are they?”

“I don’t know the name of the place,” he said. “I don’t even know if it has a name. All the time I was there, I never heard it mentioned. Those people are a bunch of women who run everything.”

“Where are your parents?” I asked.

“Dunno sir,” he replied matter of factly. “Never knew em.”

“You didn’t have parents?” Evan asked.

“None that I ever knew,” he replied. “I lived in this dormitory with other boys.”

“How many other boys were in there with you?” I asked.

“Ummm,” he said while thinking. “Maybe 4 or 5 of them, all of them younger than me. They were between 4 and 6 years old.”

“What about girls?” I asked. “Were there girls there too?”

“Oh yeah,” Oliver said. “There were girls there and they were treated like royalty.”

“Do you know what happened to you?” I asked.

“A little,” he said. “I remember waking up one morning after a strange dream and the nurse came in to change me.”

“Change you?” I interrupted.

“Yes Sir,” he replied. “I still wore nappies.”

“How old are you Oliver?” Evan asked.

“I’m 13 Sir, almost 14” he said.

“Alright son, carry on,” I said.

“Well,” he said. “I saw this white stuff in my nappy and asked about it but they said it was nothing to worry about so I thought nothing more about it. A few days later I woke up with a stiffy and more stuff in my nappy then they put me in a nappy but no rubber pants then later on that was removed and I was naked. I had these things on my hands so I couldn’t scratch if I had an itch then they came in and tied my hands apart.”

“Were you given food during this time?” I asked.

“Oh yes Sir,” he replied. “I got my regular meals then they stretched me back out on the bed. It didn’t hurt.”

“Oh,” I said. “Please continue son.”

He took a sip of water then said, “The next day the doctor came back and then strapped me to this table. She played with it and when my willy was stiff they put something in my mouth. A woman started playing with it and I started getting this funny feeling in my tummy when the doctor shoved her finger in my bum. I felt weird then it felt like I peed.”

“What that the only time this happened?” I asked.

“No Sir,” Oliver replied. “Three more times.”

“What happened after that?” I asked.

A few days later I was put on a bed with wheels then something was shoved in my bum and I don’t remember anything until I woke up,” Oliver said. “I was very sore and in a lot of pain. My bum and willy hurt really bad and I was always having to get changed. I would soil my nappy and I could never tell when I went. I do remember before I knew when I was going.”

“How long ago did this happen, Oliver,” I asked.

“I dunno Sir,” he said. “But I knew I didn’t like wearing nappies so that’s when I decided to run away from there. One day I hid on the supply truck and when we got far away I started running. I was so tired, hungry and thirsty I must have passed out.”

“Were there any older men there?” Evan asked.

“Yes Sir,” he said. “But they all worked in the fields.”

“What did the girls do?” I asked.

“Other then go to school, nothing.”

I thought about what Evan and I had just heard then said, “Well Oliver, I think that tells us everything we need for now. If we think of something else, I will ask you.”

I looked at him and telling us his tale was getting to him. I was rubbing his hand when the door opened and Danny came in. He saw Oliver about to let loose it and he walked over to him and sat on the edge of the bed. Oliver fell into Danny’s arms and just started crying. “What happened, Dad,” He asked.

“We know what happened to him now,” I said. “It wasn’t pretty either.”

Evan and I walked into the hall while Danny calmed Oliver. “Shh now,” Danny said softly. “It’s over now mate and you’re safe.”

“What’s gonna happen to me Danny,” Oliver said through the tears.

“Don’t worry about that,” Danny said. “Dad will handle that.”

“Do you think he would let me live with you?” Oliver said. “I really like you Danny.”

Danny kicked his shoes off and climbed into the bed with Oliver and said, “I’ll talk with him. I like you too and I wouldn’t mind having a little brother.”

Danny knew that it would have to come out sometime and he didn’t want it there at home after he’d fallen more in love with him than he already had. “Oliver,” he said softly holding his hand. “There is something you should know about me.”

Oliver looked at Danny and asked, “What’s that?”

“Um well you see mate,” Danny started “Oliver, I’m gay. I don’t like girls.”

“I don’t like girls either, mate,” Oliver said.

“I don’t think you understand,” Danny said. “I don’t like girls as in for girlfriends.”

“After what they’ve done to me Danny, I don’t think I could trust another woman,” Oliver said. “What girl would want me?”

Oliver hugged Danny then broke wind soiling his diaper. “What girl would put up with this Danny,” Oliver said.

Danny rang for the nurse then said, “Whoo man, you are strong.”

“Sorry Danny,” Oliver said as Albert came in.

“Can I help you Oliver?” Albert asked.

“Uh I soiled myself Sir,” Oliver said softly.

Albert got his things and said, “You don’t have to call me sir, Oliver. You can call me Albert. I see you have a mate.”

“I hope he’ll be my brother,” Oliver said. “Dr. Franklin might foster me.”

“Oh that will be nice,” Albert said as he lowered the covers and loosened the tabs on the nappy.

Oliver turned red as the stench filled the room. “I’m sorry Albert.”

“Nothing to be sorry for son,” he said as he picked Oliver’s legs up and carefully wiped his bum “It all has to come out sometime.”

Danny looked over and said, “Albert, could I trouble you for a favor when you’re done with Oliver?”

“Do you need one too little man?” Albert asked as he continued to clean Oliver.”

“I’m afraid so,” he said taking his trousers off.

After carefully washing Oliver’s bum and rectum, he placed him on a clean nappy with an insert in it to help catch all the liquid from his bowels and bladder. “This should help keep you a little dryer mate;” he said as he lotioned and powdered Oliver’s groin.”

“This feels really nice, Albert,” Oliver said as he felt the nappy being secured around his body.

Albert went around and changed Danny next and Oliver quietly gasped when he saw Danny without his nappy. “Your willie is huge mate,” Oliver whispered softly into Danny’s ear.

“That’s the only part of me that isn’t small,” Danny whispered back.

Oliver stuck his hand into his nappy and felt around to see if he was like Danny. “Albert something’s wrong, where are my balls?” He cried. “ALBERT, WHERE ARE MY BALLS?”

I was standing out side talking with Evan when I heard Oliver scream. I hurried inside as Danny was half changed holding onto Oliver. “Easy now son,” I said. “Look, I can’t lie to you. They were removed by the doctors where ever you were. Why this was done, I don’t know.”

“I can’t believe they did this,” he cried. “God I hate them.”

Danny held him as he cried. Albert managed to get his nappy secured with Danny on his side. When Albert left the room, Danny stuck his hand down Oliver’s nappy and said, “I kinda like it mate.”

“I don’t know why,” he replied. “I got no bollocks. I’m worse than a girl.”

“No you’re not,” Danny said. “I happen to love you just like you are.”

Albert knocked on the door and said, “Mrs. Bingley is here to see you Sir.”

“Tell her I’ll be right there,” I said.

As Danny climbed out of the bed and put his trousers on I looked at Oliver and said, “I would like you to meet her son. What do you say?” We’ll all be here with you.”

“Alright Sir,” he said softly.

I walked over to the door and saw Mrs. Bingley standing there. I said, “Would you please come in.”

Danny was right beside Oliver as the elderly woman came up to me. “Mrs. Bingley, this is Oliver Jennings.”

“It’s so nice to meet you Oliver,” she said. “Please forgive me last night. I didn’t mean to scare the wits out of you.”

“It’s alright,” he said trying hard to look at her.

“Dr. Franklin I have good news for you,” she said. “Your request to foster young Oliver here has been approved. And who is this fine looking young man here?”

Danny walked over and shook her hand saying, “I’m Danny Franklin. That’s my Dad.”

“Mrs. Bingley, that’s wonderful,” I said. “I wanted to take Oliver out for a furlough and with this, it will be easy.”

“I have some forms for you to sign then it will be official,” she said.

We went out to the nurse’s station and I had to sign more forms than when I went to Uni. When I came back into Oliver’s room he almost jumped into my arms when I got close to him. “Oh Sir,” he said. “I’m so happy now.”

Danny looked at Oliver and said, “You don’t have to call him sir now.”

“What should I call him?” He asked.

Danny grinned and said, “Well why not call him what I do?”

“I can’t call him Father or Dad,” Oliver said.

“Why not, I do,” Danny said smiling. “He is your foster father.”

“Oh could I Sir,” he said out of force of habit.

I picked him up and said, Of course you can son.”

He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me as he softly cried into my shoulder. I made arrangements for Oliver to come home with us and while I was doing that, Danny went to Asda’s to get him proper clothes to wear and some nappies that would fit him proper.

Danny wasn’t sure about sizes so he got him a pair of sweatpants, pull over sweater, some socks and a pair of cheap trainers in case they didn’t fit. I kept Oliver’s fluid intake to a minimum before we left. I had his IV removed because he really didn’t need it and converted to a heparin lock. The boys sounded a little noisy as their nappies crinkled as they walked.

Our first stop when we left hospital was Asda’s again so Oliver could try the clothes on. We were walking up to the entrance when a boy said, “Look at the babies. You can hear their nappies.”

Danny got angry that someone could say that about Oliver and he quickly grabbed him and said, “You got a problem with it mate. One more word and you’ll get a good bashing. Now piss off.”

I stood and watched as he stood up for his new brother. When he let the boy go I looked at Danny and said, “Fighting doesn’t solve anything son.”

He looked up and said, “Maybe but he would have had a bashing coming if he’d said another word.”

We took our time and looked around and found some clothes Oliver could wear that wouldn’t show his nappy easily. I looked at the different kinds and found some that were quieter than the ones the hospital uses. Once that was done, Danny said, “We’re getting hungry Dad. What’s for lunch?”

I thought for a minute then asked Oliver, “Have you ever been to a pub?”

“No Dad,” he replied sticking his head into the mirror.

We headed for the pub that was down the street from our house and we found a table to sit at. We looked at the menu then went up to place our orders. I wanted steak and kidney pie while the boys had bangers and mashed with minty peas. The boys got sodas to drink and I decided to have a pint since I wasn’t going anywhere for the rest of the day.

Once the meal was rapidly consumed, I paid the bill then we took Oliver to see his new home. Danny took his things into his new room and together they had everything hung and in its place in very short order.

I was just about to turn on the telly when Danny hollered, “Dad, can you come here please?”

I followed the voice and saw Oliver on the bed and Danny was kneeling beside him in the middle of a change. “What is it son?” I asked heading towards the bed.

“Something doesn’t look right here,” Danny said as I got beside him.

I got down on my knees so I could look at what Danny was referring to. Danny had his cheek spread and I could see his rectum. It was dilated so someone could put two fingers inside the boy without any problem. Oliver was patiently lying there when he finally asked, “What’s going on Dad?”

He slid his hand around and touched his hole when I heard him gasp. “Dad is it supposed to be like that?”

I grabbed the lotion bottle and rubbed some into his cheeks then had him lay on his back so I could do his front. As I was rubbing lotion into his diaper area I could see he was worried. I pulled the nappy between his legs and then secured the left side followed by the right. I reached down and lifted him onto my lap then said, “In answer to your question son, it’s not supposed to be like that. In fact, this was something I wanted to talk with you about.”

Danny had crawled onto the bed and was sitting beside us when Oliver asked, “What is it?” Did you see my bum before?”

“This is the frist time I’ve seen your bum son,” I said. “I mean your hole. I saw some things on an x-ray I did plus there are some small scars on your tummy.”

“The scars were there when I woke up that day,” Oliver said. “My bum also hurt real bad too and it really hurt to pee.”

Danny looked him in the eyes and said, “Dad might need to operate on you to try to fix some of these problems. Your bum isn’t supposed to be like that.”

I made a fist and showed him the side where my index finger and thumb came together and showed him how his bum should be. Danny tried to make him feel better by saying, “Don’t worry Oliver, Dad is a good Doctor. He can fix you right proper.”

I kissed Danny on the head saying, “Well, I will certainly do everything I can.”

“When would you do this and what would you have to do?” He asked looking worried.

It was almost time for tea so I set Oliver on his feet then we headed out to the kitchen. “When you get back to hospital on Tuesday, I will talk with some other doctors and we will discuss everything. What we will have to do son depends on what we see when we look inside you.”

“Do you think you can fix my bum?” He asked.

“I think we can fix it,” I said. “I just don’t know if you will be able to totally control your bowels.”

“You mean I might be in nappies for ever?” He asked as tears started falling.

Danny was already hugging him when I said, “There is that chance son. I won’t lie to you but we will do everything we can to fix you.”

I went over and hugged both my boys as this was making even Danny upset. The kettle was sounding off so I fixed us some tea and Danny took a roast out of the slow cooker. He’d also put some potatoes and vegetables in with it.

Oliver and I cleaned up the kitchen then Danny took Oliver to show him the bath. Oliver walked out and asked, “Dad, would it be alright if I asked Danny to shower with me?”

“If that’s what you want son,” I said.

He scampered down the hall and I turned on the telly. There was a football game on between Manchester United and Arsenal. The score was 2 all when I sat down but I didn’t get to watch much of the game. The phone rang and it was the head nurse. Evan was there looking for me so I gave her my address and said to send him over.

Oliver and Danny got out of the shower then returned to Danny’s room so they could put their nappies on. They came out just in that and I said, “You might want to put something more on boys, Evan is coming over.”

“He’s seen me in my nappy Dad,” Oliver said.

“That was in hospital son,” I said. “You’re home now and when there is company, I think you should have something on maybe like your sweatpants and a tee shirt.”

“Alright Dad,” Oliver said as he and Danny headed towards their rooms.

I turned off the telly then there was a knock on the door. “Sorry to bother you at home Doctor,” Evan said as I led him inside.

“That’s quite alright Evan,” I said putting on the kettle. “What can I do for you?”

“I need to ask Oliver something,” he said as I fixed us a cup of tea. “Scotland Yard has taken over the case and they are actively searching for the place Oliver ran away from.”

I was about to call for the boys when they came walking into the kitchen. “Hi Evan,” Oliver said walking over to shake the officer’s hand.

“Hi Oliver, hi Danny,” Evan said as he sipped his tea. “Oliver, if I were to show you a map, do you think you could show us where this place is?”

“You you’re not gonna send me back there, are you?” Oliver asked starting to shake.

Danny ran to his side as Evan replied, “Oh heavens no. We want to know where this place is so Scotland Yard can go there.”

Oliver was crying now then said, “I’m sorry Sir. I just got frightened for a moment. Ah I’ll try to see if I can find it.”

Evan pulled out a map and placed it on the table. Together Evan, Danny and Oliver looked at the map and Oliver said, “I remember this place. The driver stopped and I saw the town sign.”

“That’s brilliant son,” Evan said smiling as he wrote a couple of things into his notebook. “I’ll turn this over to Scotland Yard and maybe they can find out what’s going on there.”

Evan left and I turned the telly back on hoping the football game was still on. The game was going off but I did manage to see that Manchester won 3-2. I found a couple of comedies on and I was surrounded by the boys. Oliver asked, “Will I get something to help me sleep?”

“Do you think you will need one?” I asked.

I saw him let out a big yawn then said, “I don’t think so.”

“You try and sleep and if you can’t, I’ll see what I can do,” I said as he leaned against me.

The last show went off before the news and both my boys were sound asleep. I nudged Danny awake then picked Oliver up and headed towards his room “Dad,” Danny said following close behind me. “Can Oliver sleep with me?”

I didn’t think Oliver would object so I brought him into Danny’s room. I placed him on the bed and got his tee shirt off then removed his sweatpants. I checked his nappy and he had soiled himself. I got a basin of water and got him cleaned with Danny’s help. I had rolled Oliver so much it’s a wonder he didn’t wake up but he never did. I took a nappy and put a double pad in it and secured it in place. They had ample gathers in the legs so he shouldn’t leak during the night.

Danny had undressed himself and removed his nappy and was ready for me to clean him. I washed him completely and I saw him holding Oliver’s hand as I was rubbing lotion on. I was about to bring the nappy in between his legs I said, “Easy son, you got a stiffy now.”

“Can’t help it Dad,” he said hopping off the bed and going into the loo.

He returned a few moments later then took the rag and washed his penis again. I got him in his nappy then kissed both boys before going to bed for some well deserved and needed sleep.

Sunday flew by with Monday needing me to make rounds at hospital. I let Danny watch Oliver while I saw my patients then caught up with a colleague. I went to the Urology Department and Dr. Anderson was looking at some films on the reader. “Dr. Anderson,” I said. “Have a moment Sir?”

He turned around and said, “Miles, what a nice surprise. I always have time for you. How are things on Pediatrics?”

“That’s what I’ve come to talk with you about,” I replied as I set the films on his desk. I have a 13 year old that came in Friday. I had a CT of his abdomen done and I’m not quite sure if I believe what I think I’m seeing here.”

He took the films he was reading down and put those of Oliver up. He started looking at them then said, “Bloody hell. What’s been done to that poor child? Is he bladder incontinent?”

“Yes he is,” I said looking at the films. “You haven’t seen the half of it Ian. His rectum is permanently dilated, and they’ve cut his bollocks off.”

“Damn,” Ian said. “There’s no way we can save his ability to procreate but with hormones he might be able to have some kind of sex life. I think with some microsurgery we should be able to re-close his rectum.”

“But will he be bowel continent?” I asked.

“That depends on the amount of scar tissue and weather or not we can remove enough of it when we try to reattach the tendons,” Ian said frankly.

“He hates being in a nappy,” I started. “Right now, it’s not so bad because Danny has to wear one but the other day we went to Asda’s and a boy made fun of him because it was noisy.”

“I can imagine Miles,” Ian said removing the films. “But there is just so much we will be able to do.”

“I know,” I said putting the films back into the envelope. “I’m just afraid there maybe even more surprises in store.”

“We won’t know that until we see the boy,” Ian said. “When did you want to schedule the surgery so I can book a theatre?”

“He’ll be back tomorrow morning but I don’t want him to be NPO in front of Danny when he’s eating breakfast,” I said looking at my schedule. “How about Wednesday morning and since I don’t know how long this is going to take, we should have the theatre booked for all day.”

“I’ll give Trevor a call and have him assist,” Ian said. “He’s a first class micro surgeon.”

“Good,” I said. “I’m sure there have been loads of nerves that have been cut as well.”

“Alright,” he said heading for the door. “I’ll see you sometime tomorrow so I can examine the lad. I’ll get anesthesiology to come in and see him too.”

“Thanks Ian,” I said as we headed out the door of his office together.

Since I hadn’t received any pages, I checked out of the hospital and returned home. When I got there, neither of the boys was in the sitting room so I wondered where they were. I checked Danny's room and I was surprised at what I saw. Both boys were naked and Oliver was masturbating Danny. I was about to leave when Danny climaxed sending his load all over himself and Oliver. “Bilmey mate,” Oliver said. “That was wicked.”

“Thanks mate,” he said gasping as he was returning to earth. “Me bollocks don’t hurt now.”

I needed to talk with them so I said, “Feel better now Danny?”

Oliver jumped up and said, “Uh Dad, it’s not what you think.”

I went over and patted him on the back and said, “It’s exactly what I think son, and it is ok. I know Danny is gay and if you are too, no worries.”

Danny looked at Oliver saying, “I guess I should have told you Dad knows and it’s ok with him.”

I kissed Oliver on the head then said, “I need you boys to get cleaned up because I need to talk with Oliver.”

I left them to tend to getting dressed and put on the kettle for some tea. I had just sat down when the boys came in and Danny asked, “Dad, are you mad at us?”

“No son,” I said kissing his cheek. “I need to sit and talk with Oliver. You can stay here too.”

“What is it Dad,” Oliver asked fixing himself a cup of tea.

I sipped some more tea then said, “I talked with Dr. Anderson when I was at hospital today and we think we can fix some of the problems you have.”

“Really Dad?” he beamed. “You mean I won’t have to wear nappies any longer?”

“I’m hoping to get that sorted son,” I said. “But we won’t know what we will be able to fix until we get in there. I can’t make any promises but we will do everything we can.”

“When will this happen, Dad?” Danny asked.

“Wednesday morning,” I replied. “I know you’re going to want to be there but we don’t know how long the surgery is going to take. You can come after class and see him as soon as he wakes up.”

“Alright Dad,” he said frowning.

The next morning was I up at my normal time and I went to Danny’s room to wake Danny for school and Oliver to return to hospital. Ian came in about 11 and examined Oliver and when he did examine his rectum, we both got a huge but distressing surprise. When Ian went to feel Oliver’s prostate, he found it was the size of a pea and not that of a normal healthy 13 year old male.

I felt it then said, “I don’t know if hormones will help him have a wet orgasm or not.”

Oliver was crying and shouted, “I’M A BLOODY FREAK, THAT’S WHAT I AM.”

I sat down beside him and he threw himself into my arms and just cried. I had no words of comfort as the tears started to fall from my eyes and mixed with his. I couldn’t imagine who could do this to a child but I prayed Scotland Yard could find them.

I let him cry himself out then he fell asleep in my arms. I got him comfortable back in his bed. I went out into the hall and talked more with Ian then asked, “Will he ever be able to get an erection?”

“When the shots start to take effect, he should. We won’t know how firm an erection it will be for some time but he should be able to feel pleasure if stimulated.”

“That’s a start,” I said as Ian headed for the lifts.

It was almost lunch so I grabbed myself a sandwich then saw two patients in casualty. I decided to leave early because I was going to have a very big day tomorrow so I headed back to check on Oliver before I left. Anesthesia was just coming to see him so I stood by while the two of them chatted.

After that doctor left, I sat on his bed and said, “Tonight you won’t be able to eat or drink anything after midnight. I’ll have a nurse bring you something to help you sleep because you’re going to need your rest. I will be here bright and early tomorrow and will see you before you’re brought down to theatre.”

“Dad, I’m nervous,” he said. “I wish you could stay here with me.”

“I know son,” I said kissing his cheek gently. “Danny needs me too son and he will visit you for a while when school is out.”

The door to Oliver’s room opened and Danny came in smiling. “Hi mate,” he said as he climbed up on the bed and gave Oliver a kiss. “Dad, I had an idea and please hear me out first. “I went by the house on my way over and packed some clothes for tomorrow. How about you let me stay here tonight with Oliver then I can go to school from here.”

“Can he Dad?” Oliver pleaded. “Please?”

I thought it over and knew Danny wouldn’t sleep much worrying so I said, “Alright under these conditions. First, no wanking. You never know when the nurse will come in. Second, you both will sleep. Oliver will get something tonight and I want you to sleep too Danny.”

The boys looked at each other then Danny said, “Fair enough Dad. I promise we will both go to sleep when the nurse brings Oliver his medicine.”

I made sure Danny had a few quid so he could get himself some dinner. He had a few extra nappies in his bag so he wouldn’t need the ones from the hospital. I gave each boy a kiss and told them I would see them in the morning.

I went to the lifts and waited for it to arrive. While I was standing there my mind started to wonder if doing this was really the best thing for Oliver. When the lift arrived I got in then took it to the first floor. I checked out then headed home stopping for some fish and chips on the way.

I ate dinner and watched the telly for a bit and at 10 I called the hospital and had Bradley go and check on the boys. He reported that both boys were sleeping soundly and he would check them from time to time during the evening.

I decided it was time for me to get some sleep too but thought it best if I showered and shaved first. Once that was done, I slipped in between the sheets and quickly fell asleep.

4:30 came too early but I had a lot to do before Oliver’s surgery at 7. I rolled out of bed and headed to the bathroom then down the hall to put the kettle on. While that was heating I went back to my room and got dressed. By the time that was done, the kettle was letting me know the water was hot.

I fixed my morning Earl Grey then turned on the radio for the BBC’s morning news. I started listening to the news when I looked and saw it was now 5:15. I made myself another cup of tea then began thinking about how to best proceed with Oliver.

I was debating on going laparoscopic versus a traditional midline abdominal incision. I knew using the scope would require less healing time but depending on what we saw when we got there the possibility of needing a midline incision was still possible. I called the hospital and spoke with Bradley. I had him call the lab and get Oliver typed and cross matched for 3 units of blood just in case.

It was now 5:45 and it was time to get on the road. I unplugged the kettle, shut off the radio then grabbed my keys and left. The drive was quiet and quick because of the early hour. I found a place out front then entered the hospital. I checked in letting them know I was in house then proceeded to Oliver’s room.

I looked in and the boys were still sleeping. Bradley was about to wake them and get each boy ready for their respective day.

I went to look at Oliver’s chart and saw that the lab had been up and taken a blood sample from him. I wrote and order for 5mgs of Valium and 2.5 of Versed IM to be given just before he is taken down to pre-op.

I finished my orders and went into the room and both boys were awake and changed. Danny was finishing getting dressed when I had my little 16 year old in my arms. “Hi Dad,” he said greeting me with a kiss. “Thanks for letting me sleep here with Oliver. We slept all night.”

I set Danny on his feet then went and kissed my other boy. “Hi son” I said. “Did you sleep alright?”

“Like a baby Dad,” he said.

“Oh good,” I said pointing to his arm. “The lab has already been here.”

“Bloody hell,” Danny said. “When did they get here?”

It was going on 6:30 and Bradley was in with Oliver’s injection. He saw the needle and said, “Oh no Dad, please.”

“This will relax you son,” I said. “It’s given to all the patients before they go down to theatre.”

He rolled over and Bradley said, “This might sting just a little lad.”

Bradley undid the nappy and wiped his hip. With a quick poke, the needle went into Oliver’s hip. Bradley quickly gave him the jab then removed the needle and massaged his hip. “That wasn’t too bad Bradley,” Oliver said as the transport team from theatre arrived.

Danny and Oliver hugged and kissed each other then Oliver was placed on the gurney. Danny stayed with him until he reached the pre-op area then fell into my arms. “Please Dad don’t let anything happen to him. I love him so much.”

I sat down and said, “I know you do son. I know you probably love him more than a brother. We’re going to do everything we can to correct what’s been done to him. You know we can’t undo his castration, don’t you?”

“Yeah Dad,” he said. “I know that.”

I hugged him once more then I had to get changed into my scrubs. I quickly changed then saw Oliver in the pre-op ward. He already had his IV started and he was sleepy and giddy at the same time. “How do you feel son,” I asked rubbing his hair.

“I feel fine Daddy,” he said giggling.

I leaned down then kissed him gently before saying, “I’ll see you when you wake up son.”

I headed off to the scrub room and Ian was already there. I saw another man scrubbing I didn’t recognize. “Ah Miles,” Dr. Anderson said as he put a hat and facemask on. “This is Trevor Marsh, the micro surgeon I told you about.”

I was able to shake his hand before he started scrubbing. “Nice to meet you,” I said putting on a hat and facemask. “I think you might be busy today.”

“Based on what Ian here says, I will,” he said. “Sad thing what happened to the lad. Hope they catch the bloody blighters. I’ll do everything I can to help him.”

“I was thinking on starting with the laparoscope then going to a midline incision if we need to,” I said while scrubbing my hands.

“Are you sure it just wouldn’t be better if we opened him up?” Trevor said. “I mean you’re assuming that it can be fixed through the scope. Remember mate, I do need a decent field to work.”

“I have to agree with Trevor,” Ian said. “I don’t want to have to keep the lad on the table any longer than is necessary.”

“Alright,” I said. “A midline incision it is.”

We finished scrubbing then went into the operating theatre. A scrub nurse helped me on with my gown and tied it on me then held my gloves for me so I could put my hand in them. I then went over to Oliver and he was already under. Ian and I stood across from each other as a nurse was cleaning the boy’s abdomen and genitals. “Alright ladies and gents, let’s get started,” Ian said.

He took a scalpel and made an incision starting just above the pubis and ending just below his navel. Once all the internal organs had been moved out of the way, we could visualize the bladder. “Christ,” Ian said. “It looks like the bundle of nerves that controls his bowel and bladder has been severed. Trevor, looks like you’re up mate.”

Trevor positioned the microscope over the field and said, “This is gonna take a while mates. I’m going to have to carefully resect the nerves and blood vessels then reattach them properly. Miles, can you aid me?”

I stood looking through the microscope telling Trevor which nerve was which so he could reattach them. It took him two hours to get just that done. “Superb job mate,” I said as I widened my field of vision in the scope. Holy shit Trevor, look at the neck of the bladder.”

“What is it,” Ian said.

Ian stepped up to Trevor's side of the scope and looked. “See the neck how big around the bladder neck is?”

“That’s why he’s bladder incontinent,” Ian said. “I can try to put a small piece of tendon to draw it back closed.”

Trevor was listening to what was being said then asked, “Let me have another look Ian.” He studied the area then said, “I have an idea. Miles, resect me a small piece of tendon about 5cm. I’m going to try to do some fancy needle work around the neck of the bladder. Nothing personal Ian, but I’m going to be using a smaller piece than you’re used to working with.”

Trevor told us how to hook the microscope to the monitor so we could all watch as he fashioned a sphincter like structure at the end of the bladder. It took him 90 minutes to complete that. I asked the anesthesiologist, “How’s he holding up?”

“Doing fine guys,” he said. “How much longer do you think you’ll be?”

The next thing was his rectum so I asked Ian, “We ready to close here?”

“Let me finish irrigating him and I want to make sure the bladder isn’t leaking,” he said as he suctioned the antibiotic wash out of Oliver’s abdomen.

I looked into the field and it looked clean and dry. “Give me a sponge count nurse,” I asked before we started closing.

“We started with 50 doctor and all 50 are accounted for,” the scrub nurse said.

We closed Oliver’s abdomen then positioned his legs into stirrups so we could work on his rectum. I made an incision in his perineum and I could immediately see what was done. “Look Ian,” I said. “They’re cut and stretched the anal muscle and held it open while it healed. Repairing this won’t be too much of a problem but allowing it time to heal without it being torn again will be.”

“I hate to say this but we should probably give him a temporary colostomy,” Ian said.

“All things considered, that’s probably the best thing,” I said agreeing with Ian. “While I’m repairing this why don’t you two start on the colostomy?”

“Already doing that mate,” Trevor said. “Just be sure to remove all the scar tissue before you start suturing the muscle. Just don’t draw it too tight. Let me have a look before you close the perineum.”

He came around and looked and said, “Let me have a seat there mate. “I need to reattach some tendons. We don’t want a chance of him leaking if he gets the runs.”

“By the way Ian,” I asked. “I think we better put a catheter in him.”

“Agreed,” Ian replied as he finished the colostomy. “But we only want it in him for as little time as possible.”

Trevor finished up on Oliver’s rectum then closed the perineum. Oliver was taken off the anesthesia and allowed to start to wake up. I looked at the clock and it was now 3:30. We had been in there 8½ hours. Oliver was wheeled into recovery while the 3 of us removed out gowns and washed up.

I went out of the theatre and there was Danny sitting there waiting patiently. He looked up and saw me and ran asking, “How is he Dad?”

“Still sleeping at the moment,” I said. “We tried to fix everything we could. Reattached nerves so he can feel to pee and poop, closed his rectum and tried to make him bladder continent again. He has a bag on his abdomen to catch his poop for a couple of weeks while his rectum heals. He has a cath in him for right now but that will be out as soon as he is fully awake.”

“When can I see him Dad?” He asked.

I took him by the hand and headed towards the cafeteria. I got us something to eat and some tea then sat down to answer his question. “As soon as he wakes son,” I started. “I have a feeling that he won’t really know you’re there until tomorrow.”

“Dad,” Danny said through teary eyes. “I gotta see him.”

“You will son,” I said sipping my tea. “He should be out of recovery soon.”

It was now after 4 so we walked quietly towards recovery and Danny sat while I went to see about Oliver. I checked the drainage from his incision then went to the nurse’s area and found his chart. I knew with this type of procedure he would be in a lot of pain. I wrote orders that he be given his pain medication every four hours, weather he asked for it or not. I found the nurse assigned to him sitting behind the desk and said, “When will he be moved to his room?”

“Haven’t a clue Sir,” she said. “You’d have to ask his doctor.”

I dropped his chart on the desk and said, “I am his doctor.”

She looked up startled saying, “I’ll take care of it.”

I went beck to him and checked his vitals and then saw his eyes start to open. The nurse came with another person and started yanking on the bed jarring Oliver. He started moaning in pain then I said, “That’s enough. It’s obvious you don’t know what you’re doing. I’ll get the head nurse and she can help move him.”

“What seems to be the problem,” a young man asked carting Oliver’s chart.

“This nurse here can’t seem to roll a bed without shaking and jarring a patient,” I said looking at him.

He walked over and released the brakes and said, “It’s easier if you do that nurse.”

He then took a syringe out of his coat and injected it into Oliver’s IV tubing. “I just medicated him Doctor. I’ll move him to his room now. Orderly, will you assist me please?”

The male nurse and orderly got Oliver back to his room and Danny was right there by his side. Oliver did manage to open his eyes a little but we weren’t sure he recognized Danny.

We stayed there about an hour then decided to go. “When will he wake up Dad?” Danny asked.

“He should be awake when you see him tomorrow son,” I replied as we stepped onto the lift. “Now he’s going to be very sore for a few days so you can’t get into bed with him. I’ve ordered pain medication for him so he can rest while he’s healing.”

“Alright Dad,” Danny said as we got off on the ground floor.

That night Danny had a lot of work so his mind was occupied with that and not on Oliver. I watched the local news and there was a breaking report. The headline said, “Scotland Yard and local police raid village in valley.”

Danny was just getting ready for bed when I said, “Come here son, you might want to see this.”

“What is it Dad,” he said just as the news came back on.

The reported said, “Scotland Yard this afternoon raided a small village after a report that they had abused and mutilated a boy that lived there. Police arrested several women and placed all the children into protective custody with Social Services.”

Inspector Jeffery Morrison, with Scotland Yard said,” We received a report from a child that he had lived in the village and had been abused. Upon examination by Doctors confirmed that the boy’s body had in deed been mutilated.”

The reporter went on to say, “We are unable to learn what injuries the child received due to the fact he to, is in the care of Social Services.”

A woman who was led from one of the buildings said, “We love all the children here and they grow to lead happy and productive lives here. We give them the finest care, an education and job skills. No child is abused here.”

“That’s great Dad,” Danny said. “Oliver will be glad to hear that.”

The next day I went to see Oliver and he was awake but in a lot of discomfort. I was sitting beside him when he opened his eyes then said, “Hi Dad, how did everything go?”

“It went pretty good son,” I said leaning over and kissing his head. It will be a while until we know for sure how successful we were.”

He rubbed his stomach then said, “What’s this bag fere?”

“That’s something we did so your bum will have proper time to heal,” I said trying to explain what it was without scaring him. We were able to fix your bum but if you try to poop now, it might tear everything, that’s why we did what we did son.”

He asked about the catheter in his penis and since he was on the medication, I thought it best it be left in until he can stay awake better. He began to nod off so I didn’t push talking with him at that point. I finished my rounds then went to have some lunch. I had just sat down when Evan came in. “There you are,” he said smiling. “Mind if I join you?”

“Not at all,” I said as he headed to get some tea.

He said down and said, “Have you heard the latest?”

I swallowed a bite of my sandwich then said, “Saw it on the news last night. I can’t believe the woman actually made a statement.”

“That was the last one’s she’s made,” Evan said. “She wanted a lawyer and he’s not letting her speak.”

“I think she’s pretty much said it all,” I said. “You have a good statement there and should use it against her.”

“That’s for the lawyers to sort out,” Evan said. “How’s Oliver?”

“As well as can be expected,” I said. “He’s in and out because I’ve ordered his pain medicine to be given to him every 4 hours so he rests.”

Over the next few days, Oliver’s pain level started getting better. We removed the catheter and put him in some training pants with his jug right on his stand in easy reach. He did fairly well but did have a few accidents which isn’t bad for someone who was never trained. He was getting only part of the signals the nerves were supposed to be sending him.

We noticed that when he was up walking if he were to feel pain from his incision, he would wet. We decided to put him in a pull up style nappy that way he could drop them when he needed to pee.

At one week post op his rectum was healing nicely. When I would touch his anus, it would contract like it was supposed to do. I wanted to know how the sphincter was healing but decided not to push things.

That afternoon Evan came to visit Oliver then asked, “I know you’re been through a lot mate and I know you have one more operation left. You know we went to the place you told us about and several people have been arrested. I have a series of photographs I would like you to look at then I want you to tell me if you recognize any of the people.”

Oliver looked at 3 different sets of pictures and pointed to once person in each set. He picked out the doctor, the nurse who changed him and the one who was with the doctor when he was masturbated.

At two weeks, we decided his rectum had healed sufficiently enough for a little trial run. I told Oliver what I wanted to do and reluctantly he agreed. I put on a glove and then a dollop of lubricant and gently inserted my finger. I was satisfied the anus would open and close like it was supposed to so it was time for Oliver’s last operation.

Oliver was in hospital another week following the reversal of the colostomy. I never saw him as happy as he was they day we left to go home. The reunion between him and Danny was priceless. They stood and hugged each other for at least ten minutes before Danny needed a change.

Oliver still had periodic accidents with his bladder and it was appearing that he wasn’t feeling when he had to go. His bowel function had in deed returned to normal and we started training him to use the toilet. Oliver realized that he could not control his bladder so he accepted the fact that he would always have to wear nappies.

He has been with us now for about 6 months and I have started proceedings to formally adopt him. Ian and I agreed it was also time for him to begin hormone therapy. He has had several injections and a few days ago came in showing me a little erection.

The three of us went through the psychological evaluations and studies and the day came when we went to court so the adoption could be made permanent. The judge was amazed at how well he has recovered from his ordeal and commended both Danny and myself for our work. He signed to order then wished us a long and happy life together as a family.

Oliver is almost 15 now and continues to wear nappies like his older brother. The two of them still share the same bed and I think that is something that will never change. Even though Oliver can’t produce semen, he does manage to have dry orgasms at Danny’s ministrations.

I can’t believe how much our lives have been enriched with Oliver’s presence. I’m so glad Danny told me to stop when he saw the boy that escaped from there.

The End


Posted: 09/05/08