A Tale of Two Boys

 by: Miguel Sanchez

© 2005 by the author


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This is a story about two boys each from a different part of the country and each brought up to believe differently. They each decide to fight for what they feel they believe but soon realize it was the biggest mistake of their young lives. Then these two opposites are thrust together and have to survive or else risk dying. See how they do in this tale of two boys.

Part 1


The time is 1863 and the country is at war. The South is trying to hold onto its way of life and the north wanted to keep with its belief that all men are free.

Mark was a young boy of 13 getting a good education in Pennsylvania. He believed that the keeping of people to do your work for you was wrong.

One day the Army came onto their town and was recruiting men. Mark’s brother decided to take up the call to arms. Mark looked at his brother and said, “Wait Trey, if you go what will happen to me?”

Mark wasn’t old enough to fight but he wanted to do his part. The recruiter said, “Son, we have young men as drummers. They are just as important as a rifleman or an officer. You will, however need your parents approval.”

“They’re dead Sir,” Mark said. “Trey is all I have and he just joined.”

The Sergeant went to Trey and he signed the papers on Mark’s behalf. Once all the men had been signed up, the Sergeant lined them up and they marched out of town towards their camp.

It took several hours for the recruits to reach camp and when they arrived, they were issued uniforms and rifles. The Sergeant looked at Mark and asked, “Can you play the drum?”

Mark hung his head and said, “No Sir, but I learn fast.”

There was something the Sergeant liked about Mark and said, “Alright son, I will have one of the drummers work with you and teach you what you will need to know. You will have two weeks to learn but that is all the time I can give you, otherwise you will have to go into an orphanage.”

Mark didn’t like this idea at all. He knew without his brother, life wouldn’t be worth living. He looked up at the man and said, “Yes Sir, I’ll learn. I promise.”

The Sergeant took Mark to get him outfitted in his uniform. Mark went into the office and since uniforms for boys his size didn’t come standard, he had to try on a few before he could find one his size. They didn’t have changing rooms there so Mark was embarrassed when he had to strip in front of the soldier. The first pair of pants Mark tried on was just plain to big for him and they itched. The soldier asked him, “Don’t you have anything to wear under your pants son?”

Mark shook his head no so the soldier managed to find a pair of long johns his size. Mark was finally outfitted with a uniform then returned back to the Sergeant. He was given his drum then taken to meet his teacher for the next two weeks.

His teacher looked at him and said, “What’s your name?”

“Mark Sir,” he said quietly.

“Don’t call me Sir,” he said firmly. “I’m a Private and that is how you will address me. Put your drum here and go get cleaned up before dinner.”

The Private took Mark over to the showers and said, “Strip and give me those clothes. You won’t need them any more; you’re in the Army now.”

Mark stood there and took his clothes off and handed them to the young soldier. He stood a good six inches shorter than the Private but he had already started the change. He had a little dusting of hair above his penis but that was about all.

Mark stepped into the stall and the Private pulled the rope and started the water. “Hey shit, it’s cold.”

“Soap yourself and wash your hair,” the boy said.

Mark quickly washed his body the said, “OK Private.”

“Did you wash your ass and crotch?” the boy asked. “You have to keep that area really clean so you don’t get a rash.”

Mark rewashed his groin and ass again then said, “Yeah, all done.”

This time when the water came out it was warmer. Mark rinsed himself thoroughly then stepped out. The Private handed him a towel then said, “Dry that area good then use some powder before you get dressed.”

Mark did like he was instructed then got his underwear on. He went back to his quarters and got dressed then went out and had his evening meal. Mark saw his brother and he went over and sat down saying, “Hi Trey. How are you doing with all this?”

“Not too bad,” he said putting a fork full of food into his mouth.”

“The Sergeant said I had two weeks to learn what I needed to,” Mark said drinking some water. “I don’t want to go to an orphanage so I’m going to work real hard.”

Trey rubbed his head then said, “You’re a good student Mark, I know you’ll do well.”

After he finished dinner, Mark went back to his quarters and went to bed early.


Chris was finishing his chores for the day and was about to head to the swimming hole when he saw two soldiers ride into town. He thought it was unusual for the Army to be there. Heck, there was hardly anything left in the town except for a few businesses and the orphanage. One soldier went into the general store and found one person willing to go with them. He checked the rest of the business and found five more men. They started going to the plantations and found a few more young men to add to their ranks.

Chris knew he didn’t have much of a future being an orphan. Families weren’t adopting like they were before the war started taking its toll on their livelihood. Times were really hard and he had to find a way to get out of there. When the soldiers returned he looked up at the Sergeant on his horse and thought he might have a future in the Army. The soldiers stopped to give their horses some water so Chris took a chance and went over to them and said, “Can I join too?”

The Corporal looked at him and said, “Hey Sarge, the kid wants to join.”

The Sergeant looked Chris over and said, “How old are you boy?”

Standing tall, all 4’6” of him, he said, “Fourteen Sir.”

He looked over at the Corporal then back to Chris. He said, “Fourteen, huh? We’ll see.”

He walked over to the boy and shoved his hand down the boy’s pants. He withdrew his hand and said, “How old are you really boy? You’re as smooth as a baby down there and don’t lie to me.”

Chris dropped his head and said, “I’m twelve Sir. I’m an orphan and no one cares about me. Can’t I go and join?”

There was something about Chris the Corporal liked and he said, “We could use another drummer Sarge. I’m sure the orphanage wouldn’t object to one less mouth to feed.”

The two soldiers took Chris over to his home and talked with the owner. He readily agreed to let Chris go so they signed the necessary papers and Chris was now a drummer boy in the Confederate Army.

It was about 5 miles to their camp and Chris was getting tired after a full day of chores. The Corporal took him by the arm and pulled him up onto the back of his horse. Chris wrapped his arms around the man and soon they were at their camp. On the way the Corporal told Chris, “You’re going to have to learn how to march long distances kid. You won’t be able to ride on the back of a horse.”

“I know Sir,” Chris said. “I just had a full day today. I guess I’m a little tired.”

“Fair enough,” the Corporal said. “One more thing kid, stop calling me Sir. I ain’t no officer. I’m a Corporal.”

“Yes Sir, I mean Corporal,” he said correcting himself.

When they arrived, Chris was taken over and given new clothes then went over to where the other drummers were housed. The lead drummer was in charge and he looked at the Corporal and said, “What have we here?”

“Another drummer,” the Corporal said. “His name is Chris. Show him to his bunk then have him get cleaned up before chow.”

“OK,” the older boys said. “Come on Chris, let’s get you cleaned up.”

Chris set his uniform on his bed put his drum in front of it then followed the boy into the washing area. There was a large wooden bucket on the floor and Chris looked at it and said, “Here?”

“Yep,” the boy said. “Get your clothes off and I’ll be back with some warm water to pour over you.”

Chris wasn’t sure what to make of this. He’d never had another boy see him naked before because at the orphanage they had a make shift shower. He didn’t want to disobey so he stripped and got into the rub and started washing himself. The older boy returned and said, “Don’t forget to wash your hair.”

Chris quickly lathered his hair then looked at the boy. “Stand up,” he said.

Chris slowly stood up and his hands went to cover his privates. The boy poured some of the water over his head and Chris had to rinse the soap out of his hair. The boy stepped over to him and checked his hair to make sure all the soap was out. He poured the rest over him and said, “Turn around.”

Chris turned around and the boy looked him over to make sure he was clean. The poor boy was now standing there red in the face and he said, “Am I done now?”

“Yeah,” he said. “Don’t be shy Chris. We’re all guys here and no one is gonna bother you. If anyone does, let me know and it will be handled.”

The boy handed Chris a towel then said, “Make sure you get your crotch and ass real dry. There is some powder over there and I advise you to use it. It will keep you from chafing.”

The boy left and Chris dried and powdered his body. His hairless body felt better after a bath and his dark hair was shinny again. At 4’6” tall, he was a little shorter then most kids his age. He was a very good looking young man but he just couldn’t wait until he grew taller.

He wrapped the towel around his waist and went back into the main area. The older boy came over and said handing him his undergarments, “You might want to bring these with you next time.”

“Thanks,” Chris said to him as he put them on.

Chris dressed and followed the others so he could get something to eat. He had a good meal of stew and bread and then retired early.


Mark was sleeping soundly when a bugle sounded reveille and the Private came in and shouted, “All right people rise and shine. You have ten minutes to dress, make your beds and be outside for morning formation. Let’s move it now, come on move it.”

Mark groaned then remembered where he was. He threw his uniform on and quickly made his bunk like it was when he got in it. He put his boots on then grabbed his drum and joined the other in formation.

After the colors (the flag) were raised, the Sergeant came over and inspected the drummers. He told the Private his men looked sharp and he was proud of his hard work. The Private dismissed them then Mark put his drum back and went to breakfast.


The head drummer walked onto the tent and shouted, “Up, come on boys, time to get up.”

Chris sat up and rubbed his eyes. He had to hurry and dress or risk getting the older boy upset at him. He got dressed and made his bed and stood there waiting to see what happened next. The lead drummer came up to him and started yelling at him saying, “What are you doing standing here? Don’t you know what to do? Are you lazy, or what?”

Just then the Corporal came up to the lead drummer and backhanded him right in the mouth. The boy picked himself up and stood before the soldier as he said, “Is this how I trained you? Did I yell at you like that when you didn’t know what to do?”

The boy stood at attention and said, “No Corporal.”

“Then why are you treating him like that?” The Corporal bellowed at the boy. “Is that how I treated you?”

“No Corporal,” the boy said again.

“I expect you to treat him and train him like I trained you,” the Corporal said beginning to speak to the boy now. “If I see you mistreat him again, I will take my belt to you. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Corporal,” the boy said.

“Take charge of your man now,” the Corporal said. “Dismissed.”

The boy went over to him and said, “I’m sorry Chris.”

Chris didn’t know what to say so he just smiled and nodded his head. The older boy put his arm around Chris and led him over to the mess tent and helped him get his breakfast.


Mark finished breakfast then met back up with the Private for his morning lessons. Mark was shown the proper way to hold his sticks, hold his wrists and the proper way to keep time while walking. Mark and the Private tapped on the table in their quarters for two hours straight until the youngster’s arms were tired and sore.

After drumming lessons Mark had marching. He had to learn how to walk in step the military way. Mark thought this was ridiculous because he knew how to walk. He asked the Private about it and he was told he had to walk the Army way.

By the time lunch rolled around Mark felt like he had walked five miles. His legs were as sore as his arms and this was only the first half of the first day. When the Private told him it was time for lunch Mark asked, “Man, my legs are really sore. I thought my arms were going to fall off too.”

“You’re out of shape,” the Private looked at him saying. “This afternoon I want you to work on your drumming skills. Tomorrow we’ll be back out marching again so you can build up your legs. I’ll have you in shape in the two weeks the Sarge has given me.”

Mark rolled his eyes then said, “Yeah, but will I be alive at the end of that time?”

The Private laughed at him and said, “I’ve never lost anyone from training. Come on, let’s go get lunch.”


After breakfast Chris and the lead drummer went back over to their quarters and they got their drums. He showed Chris how to wear it properly then said, “Do you know how to play it, Chris?”

Chris picked up the sticks and started playing. The lead drummer started playing and took the lead and Chris followed like an old hand. The older boy stopped and waved to Chris to get him to stop then said, “Whoa boy, who taught you to play like that?”

“No body,” he said. “Just something I kinda picked up myself.”

The older boy saw the Corporal heading towards them so he tapped his sticks together and he and Chris started playing. The Corporal heard this and came in to listen. He smiled at Chris and said, “You’re a fine drummer, boy. We gotta just teach you how to march and you’ll be a good little soldier.”

Chris beamed when he heard the Corporal say that. When he heard the part about marching he said, “I know how to walk. I’ve been doin' that for a long time.”

They laughed when he said it then the Corporal said, “We have a way of marching that we use here and we’ll teach you how to do that. It’s not hard but that’s why we need you drummers.”

“OK,” Chris said. “When will we start the marching?”

“Now,” the Corporal said.

The older boy stood up and took Chris’ hand and positioned him beside him and said, “Now, when we start off, we start out with our left foot.”

They took of with the older boy saying, “Left, right, left right, left, right.”

Chris was doing well when he looked down and he was out of step. He quickly corrected himself and they marched around the camp for about thirty minutes. Chris looked over to him and said, “Can we stop for a minute? I’m getting tired and thirsty.”

The Corporal came over and said, “Chris you’ve done well this morning. It’s almost time for chow so you can rest until then. After lunch we’ll decide what we will need you to do.”

Chris went back over to his quarters and sat on his bed. He took his boots off and rubbed his feet then stretched out and rested. The lead drummer came in and shook him saying, “Hey Chris, it’s time for chow. Let’s go before there’s nothing left.”


Mark hobbled over to the mess tent and got his lunch. He found a place to sit and took a load off his feet. Trey spotted his brother and joined him asking, “Did you have fun this morning?”

“Oh yeah,” Mark said. “I had a real good time. I banged those drum sticks so much my arms hurt then walked and walked until my feet wanted to run away without the rest of my body.”

Trey was giggling as his brother was telling him about his morning. He swallowed his mouthful of food and said, “Are you learning how to play the drum?”

“Yeah,” Mark said. “If I still have my arms left to hold the sticks.”

“I’m sure you will little brother,” Trey said laughing.

“I’m glad you find this funny,” Mark said glaring at Trey. “What did you do this morning?”

“Marching like you,” Trey said looking at Mark. “Then we learned the Manual of Arms. That’s how to carry the rifle and bring it into other positions. After that, we were learning how to shoot.”

“Now shooting sounds like fun,” Mark said. “I could do that all day long.”

“Yeah right Mark,” Trey said. “That rifle is bigger than you are. It would knock you on your ass when you pulled the trigger.”

Mark stuck his tongue out at Trey and several of the others just laughed at the brother’s conversation.

When lunch was over, Mark met up with the Private and they talked about what he needed to do that afternoon. The Private said, “I want to work with you on your marching for a little while then you can practice your drumming on your own for the rest of the day.”

“Oh man,” Mark said. “My feet are ready to leave me as it is.”

They worked on some of Mark’s weak points for about an hour then he was given the rest of the afternoon off so he could practice on his own.

Mark practiced his drumming for another hour then went and lied on his bed and rested. He got up and went over to the showers and saw a bathtub. He found the Private and said, “Would there be a problem if I soaked in the tub?”

He looked at Mark and asked, “Do you need to soak your feet?”

“Yeah,” Mark said. “They’re really hurting.”

“Go ahead,” the Private said. “I’ll see you at dinner.”

Marked took a nice hot bath then met the Private in the mess tent. They had a nice evening meal then Mark took it easy until he went to bed.


Chris got in line and got his lunch and found a spot to sit and eat. The lead drummer came over and sat beside Chris and said, “Well, what you think of things so far?”

“OK, I guess,” Chris said with a mouthful. “I mean my feet hurt but maybe it’s cause of these boots. I’ve never worn these kind of shoes before but I reckon I’ll get used to ‘em soon enough.”

“You will,” the other boy said chuckling. “My feet hurt for a week.”

“I guess I know what I’ll be doing before supper then,” Chris said taking another mouthful of food.

“Soaking your feet?” His new friend said.

“Yep,” Chris said.

The two boys finished eating their lunch then Chris had the afternoon off so he could practice marching with his drum. He needed to work on walking and playing at the same time so his sticks would hit the skin and not the rim.

Chris went back to his quarters and rested his aching feet for a little while then grabbed his drum and started practicing. He had been at it for about an hour when the Corporal came up to him and said, “Looks like I was right about you boy. You got the makins’ of a real good drummer. Keep up the good work.”

Chris practiced for little longer then gave in to his aching feet. He saw the lead drummer heading his way so he asked him, “If it’s alright, think I can take a bath and soak my feet?”

“Sure,” the lead drummer said. “I’ll get you some hot water for the bath.”

Chris went to his bunk and put his drum up then stripped to his underwear. He walked into the room where the tub was and quickly removed his under garment and hopped into the tub. “Shit, it’s cold.” Chris yelled as the lead drummer came in with a bucket of hot water.

“I told you I was getting some hot water,” he said laughing. “Stand up and cover your privates so they don’t get burned.”

Chris stood up and the boy poured the hot water into the tub making it perfect to soak his aching feet. “Thanks,” he said sitting back down into the water. “I didn’t realize the water was quite so cold.”

Chris soaked until the water started getting cold then he dried himself then put powder on his crotch and butt. He put his underwear back on then redressed in his uniform. He relaxed on his bed then had dinner with the lead drummer. He took it easy for the rest of the evening with his new friends until he could no longer stay awake.

Part 2


Mark’s arms got stronger and he had proven to the Sergeant that he could learn to play the drums and march properly. He still had a few little things to work on but that would take time. The Private came up to him and said, “Do you think you’re ready to march with the troops?”

“Really,” Mark asked smiling broadly.

“That’s right,” the Private said. “But here’s the catch Mark, you have to be able to handle five miles. Do you think you can do that? We’ve done almost that much and there will be breaks so the men can rest. What do you think?”

Mark thought about it for several minutes then said, “Yes Private, I can do it.”

“Very well,” he said. “I’ll let the Sergeant know. You’ll need to be ready in about an hour.”

Mark wiped his boots and rested until the bugler sounded formation. Mark took his place in line and The Sergeant said, “Attention!”

The Sergeant gave the command and Mark sounded off on his drum. The men moved out and Mark never missed a beat. Mark played proudly and for two and one half miles he never stopped or said he was tired. The Sergeant had the men take a break and he looked at Mark and said, “Good job soldier.”

Mark was beaming with pride. This was the first time he’d been referred to as a soldier and it made him feel so good. When the Sergeant had the men fall back into formation, Mark felt like he could march another ten miles and he played and marched all the way back to camp. After everyone was dismissed the Sergeant came over and said, “Are you tired soldier?”

Mark looked up to him and said, “A little but I’m alright.”

“Good,” he said because I hope you’re strong enough to carry these now.”

The Sergeant held up a pair of Private stripes and Mark was so moved, he started crying. He quickly composed himself then said, “I’m sorry Sergeant. Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me Mark,” he said smiling. “You worked very hard and earned them.”

The Private came over and said, “Congratulations Private.”

Mark was still beaming and said, “Just call me Mark, OK?”

His friend looked at him and said, “Sure and you can call me James.”

The two boys went over to the mess tent and had dinner. Mark was really hungry after that march so he went back for more. After dinner James helped him sew his stripes on his uniform then he took a shower. When he got out of the shower, the day’s activities had caught up with the teen so he went to bed.


Chris had finally managed to get his boots broke in and he could march with the best of the soldiers. The Corporal came up to him and said, “Chris, you’re doing a good job here. You’ve learned well and you can march like a big boy. Today you’re going to march and play. This is going to be a long march and you’re gonna have to keep up.”

Chris looked at him and said, “Yes Corporal. I can do it. You’ll see I won’t let you down.”

After Chris uttered those words he thought to himself, ‘Now just what have I got myself into?’

The lead drummer cam over and saw Chris lost in thought. He looked at the boy and said, “What’s wrong Chris?”

“Aw man,” Chris started. “I think I just stepped in it big time. I told the Corporal I could do a march with the men today.”

“You’re ready,” he said. “We’ve marched and played for hours.”

“I’m so nervous I’m sweatin’ rivers,” Chris said.

“That’s not a problem,” the drummer said. “Come on, go over to the bath and get undressed. I’ll be right there.”

Chris wasn’t sure what was going to happen but his friend hadn’t let him down so he did like he said. Chris stuck his hand in the water to feel it but as hot as he was, he decided to step in it anyway. He sat down and enjoyed the cool water then his friend came in carrying a bucket of warm water. He gently poured the water in and Chris leaned back and relaxed. The drummer then handed him the bar of soap and said, “Wash up now then I’ll rinse you off.”

The boy left and Chris scrubbed his hide then his friend was back. Chris stood up and the boy took the soap and quickly washed his back then poured the water over him. He handed him a towel and Chris dried himself thoroughly. He went over to the powder and rubbed it into his crotch then the drummer started putting powder all over him saying, “This will help keep you from sweating and rubbing yourself raw. Make sure you get down there real good.”

Chris grabbed some more powder and rubbed his penis and balls again. He reached in between his legs making sure all his skin was covered. The drummer handed him a clean pair of undergarments and Chris was moved at his generosity. “Thanks,” Chris said stepping into the garment. “Why give these to me?”

He just smiled and said, “They don’t fit any more and you can use another pair. Now get dressed.”

Chris quickly got dressed then met the older boy outside. The men started forming for the march and once again Chris started getting nervous. He looked at his friend and said, “I’m nervous man.”

The boy walked over to him and said, “Look, you’ll be fine. We’ve marched miles now and you’re just as good as me.”

The Sergeant came out and called the men to attention. Chris took his position behind the NCO and started playing. The troops turned and began marching out of camp. After several minutes of marching and playing, Chris began to relax. He played his cadences as the Sergeant gave his commands and when they took a break the soldier said, “Chris, you’ve learned well. You will make a fine addition to a unit.”

The young boy beamed with pride and when they got back to camp he was now called a drummer.


Two days later the Sergeant came up to him and said, “Mark, it’s time for you to leave us. You and several others are being assigned to your units. Before you say anything, you and Trey are going to the same unit.”

Mark looked at James and said, “Are you going to?”

James shook his head saying, “Nope. I’m assigned here. I work with guys like you who don’t know how to play.”

Mark looked at the ground then back to James saying, “I’ll miss you. You’ve become a real friend.”

“I’ll miss you too Mark,” James said. “You and your brother take care of yourselves.”

Mark went to his bunk and got his personal things packed then he and the others were loaded onto a wagon and taken to their new camp.

Mark was the youngest person there and he started wondering if this was the smartest thing he’d done. He found his brother and he didn’t have a tent mate. He walked over and said, “Trey, I don’t think this was such a hot idea.”

“Getting worried Mark?” Trey asked.

“Yes and no,” Mark started. “I’m not worried with you here but I guess it’s being out here. It’s not like the other camp.”

“You’ll get used to it,” Trey said.

What Mark and Trey didn’t know was that things were about to change from bad to worse.


Chris woke to the lead drummer shaking him. “Huh,” Chris said realizing the sun hadn’t even come up yet. “What is it?”

“You’re moving out to your unit,” his friend said.

“When,” Chris asked sitting up reaching for his pants.

“After breakfast,” the lead drummer replied.

Chris finished dressing and got his things together. He and the lead drummer ate together then Chris asked, “Are you coming to?”

“No Chris, I’m not,” the drummer said. “I’m here to teach new boys that come. You’ve done a good job learnin’. Y’all take care of yourself now, ya hear?”

The lead drummer gave Chris a little hug then Chris got his gear and he was put in a wagon with the other men. It took most of the morning to travel to where his unit was camped. When Chris hopped out of the wagon, he looked around and saw that this camp wasn’t anything like what he left. Chris found an open tent and put his gear in it. He took his bed roll out and fixed his sleeping area then thought, ‘I wonder just what I’ve gotten myself into here. I’m beginning to think I should have never left the orphanage.’

Little did Chris know that his thoughts weren’t so far from the truth.

Part 3


Mark and Trey spent two days at their camp when the order came for them to move out. They packed all their belongings and struck camp putting everything they couldn’t carry into the wagon. The Captain addressed the men saying, “Men, for some of you this will be the first time you’ll be in battle. It may be hard for you to aim your rifle at another human being and pull the trigger. I want you to just remember one thing. The person you are aiming at will be trying to shoot you. It’s kill them before they kill you. I know you’ll all do fine. Good luck men.”

Mark was now worried because he knew he would see men die. This was no longer a game, this was real and it was war. Suddenly, Mark knew this wasn’t where he wanted to be.

Trey cam over and said, “Come on mark, it’s time for lunch.”

Mark looked at him through wet eyes and said, “Trey, I wish I hadn’t signed up now. Please be careful so you can take me home.”

Trey wrapped his arm around his brother and they headed over to the chow line. He leaned down and kissed the top of his head sand said, “Don’t worry Mark. I’ll be fine.”

They sat eating in virtual silence. Mark was lost in thought wondering what he’d do if anything happened to his brother. If anything happened to him, he would truly be alone.

The men had briefings and they kept their weapons clean for the rest of the day. Dinner was different than what he had when he was in training. He had enough to eat but it didn’t taste anything like what he had gotten used to.

When the sun started going down, all the men went to bed except for those on guard duty.


Chris was having his eyes opened at the new camp. The big tents he had before were gone and the smells of good food cooking were replaced with men trying to prepare what they had. The Corporal came over and said, “You’ll be sharing my tent Chris. You’re the youngest member here and I just don’t want anything to happen to you.”

After he got his things put away, the Corporal took him over to get lunch. After lunch an officer came over and talked with the men about going into battle. Chris looked at the Corporal and said, “I really wished I hadn’t done this.”

The Corporal looked at him and said, “When the bullets start, get down. You’ll be near me and I’ll protect you.”

‘Man what am I doing here?’ Chris thought. ‘The next time I want to leave home, I’ll walk across the street.’

“What are we doing this afternoon?” Chris asked the Corporal.

“You don’t have anything,” the soldier told him. “I have meetings for the rest of the day.”

Chris hung around camp and helped out in the cooking area just to have something to do. The Corporal came back from his meeting and said, “I want you to get to bed after dinner. We move out in the morning.”

Chris’ stomach did a loop the loop when he heard that. He stayed close to the Corporal for the rest of the day and went to bed as soon as it got dark.


Mark and his unit were awakened before sunrise. They had breakfast then moved out. They were heading south hoping to find the Rebels as they tried to attack some of their smaller units. The Sergeant came up to him and said, “Keep your eyes on me closely when I tell you to stop playing. When you hear shooting, take cover.

When breakfast was finished they moved out. Mark took his position and started playing the cadence. They marched most of the morning stopping to rest twice. When it was time for lunch, the men had beef jerky and water. At that point in time, Mark was hungry so he ate it without complaining. The Sergeant said they had another ten miles to go so it was time to move out again.


When a soldier came in to wake the Corporal, Chris heard them talking and said, “What’s going on?”

“We’re moving out after breakfast,” the Corporal said. “We have a right good distance to cover today.”

“How far we gotta go?” He asked the soldier.

The Corporal looked at him as he put his pants on then said, “Fifteen, maybe twenty miles.”

Chris felt his heart drop down into his stomach. ‘Twenty miles,’ he thought. ‘I’ll be dead by that time.’

Chris got himself dressed and quickly ate breakfast. He knew this wasn’t going to be a fun march but hoped he could do what was expected of him. The Sergeant had the men fall in and Chris started playing. The march started at a comfortable pace then once everyone was warmed up, he quickened the pace. The Sergeant kept the quick pace up for what seemed like forever then he called them men to a halt.

Chris grabbed his canteen and drank down some water to quench his thirst. The Sergeant decided to let the men eat so jerky was passed out to everyone. Chris walked over to the Corporal and said, “How much further to we have to go?”

The Corporal thought for a minute then said, “Not sure Chris, maybe another five miles. We made pretty good time so we should be able to slow down a little.”


Both units had moved out and were headed for their appointed camps for the evening. Mark’s unit was only a mile or so from their camp when a Rebel scout heard them coming down the trail. He turned and ran back to the Rebel troops and reported his findings to the Sergeant. “There are about 50 Yank soldiers heading up the trail Sergeant,” the scout said. They’re about a mile and a half away. Looks like they’re fixin' to meet up with more troops.”

“Good work soldier,” the Sergeant said.

The Sergeant marched the men towards the on coming soldiers then they went into the woods to wait for them. The Corporal looked at Chris and said, “Stay down boy. It’s gonna get noisy and messy real soon. I’ll protect you but you have to stay down and stay put.”

“I will,” Chris said with a shaky voice.

The men took their positions in the woods and waited until they heard the drummer. The Sergeant passed the word to load their rifles but wait to fire until he gave the command. He waited until the Yanks were close but not so as to give their position away. The men took aim then the Sergeant said, “FIRE.”

The bullets started flying fast and furious. Mark heard the shots ring out and he immediately went and hid. He jumped behind a tree but forgot his drum. He was about to reach for it when two bullets hit it so he decided to leave it there. He looked up and the first thing he saw was the Sergeant going down from a shot to the belly. Soldiers all around him were getting shot.

He immediately thought about his brother Trey and he knew he had to find him. He crawled through the woods staying low going from soldier to soldier. After going past many men, he found Trey lying on the ground. He stroked his cheek but he didn’t open his eyes. He was crying so hard he didn’t hear the battle going around him until a bullet whizzed just over his head. He could see men still fighting but without Trey, his life seemed over. He crawled up the line until he couldn’t hear bullets flying anymore.

Chris was keeping his head down but the sounds of the musket fire was deafening. He kept his hands over his ears and his eyes closed until he heard someone fall landing almost on top of him. He opened his eyes and saw it was the Sergeant. He started crying as one of his friends just died. He tried to look out to see if the Corporal was still alive but the smoke was too thick. The wind changed and blew some of the smoke away and then he saw the Corporal holding his hands over his chest.

Chris crawled over to him and the Corporal said, “What are you doing here boy? Didn’t I tell you to stay put?”

Chris was still crying but said, “Yes Corporal.”

The man looked at the boy and said, “When I get better, I’m gonna tan ur hide fer not listenin’ to me. You got that boy?”

Chris smiled at him and said, “Yes Sir.” Chris went to wipe the sweat off his face when his friend closed his eyes and stopped breathing.

The boy knew this wasn’t the place for him. He looked around and saw only a few men still fighting so he decided to try to get him self out of there. He got down onto his belly and started crawling up the line. He kept gong until he couldn’t hear the bullets or the gun fire any longer. He found a large tree and sat down against it and started crying. All his friends were now dead and he didn’t have a clue as to where he was. Chris was truly alone and scared.

Mark was crying as his brother and Sergeant had both been killed. He wasn’t sure where he was but thought he could find his way out of the area. He stood up and started walking back to where he came from. He stopped at a few of the dead bodies and found some food and took another canteen with water so he could at least eat and drink. He walked through woods for several hours until the water he took in, had to come out.

Chris saw a dead soldier and he went and took his food and canteen so he could eat. He walked quietly through the woods until he saw what looked like a Yankee soldier with his back to him. ‘I’ll get that guy for killn my friend,’ he thought as he crept close to him.

Chris was about fifty feet from him when he bent down and picked up a good sized stick then ran towards the soldier. Chris pulled back and to swing at him but his aim was a little off. Instead of hitting him across the back he swings low and gets him right on the butt.

Mark holds his ass and yells then turns to see who or what hit him. He sees a boy, not much older than he is, in a Rebel uniform holding the stick. Mark gets angry at the loss of his friends and charges at the Rebel. Chris sees this boy in a Yankee uniform charging him so he prepares to take another swing at him but the stick breaks before he makes contact.

Mark jumps onto Chris and starts swinging wildly hitting him any where he could. Chris reaches out and is able to roll on top of Mark and started pounding away on him. “God damn you Yankee,” Chris says cussing as he is flailing away at Mark. “You killed my friends.”

Mark takes several good shots to his face and head then manages to grab Chris by the hair and pull him off. He jumps onto the boy and starts pounding back saying, “I didn’t kill no body. You did Rebel.”

Mark is starting to connect with his punches. He nails Chris in the nose and blood starts flowing. Chris pushes Mark up then puts a foot into his stomach and kicks him off. “I didn’t kill no one,” Chris yells at him.

Chris gets to his feet and charges his opponent again. Mark is stunned by the charging boy so just stands there for a moment. Chris reaches up and grabs a hand full of Mark’s hair and lets him have it in the jaw. Mark staggers backward and Chris moves in again but Mark connects with a punch to the stomach. Chris takes this and connects with Mark’s nose. Mark screams and falls backward against a tree holding his bleeding nose.

By now, the fight has gone on for about fifteen minutes. Chris tries to jump on Mark again but his legs just won’t take his weight and he kneels on the ground to get his breath. Mark sees this and tries to stand himself but his legs aren’t working any better.

Mark looks at the boy, still holding his nose and asks, “What were you doing with them then?”

Chris looks at the boy and yells, “What were you doing?”

Mark scoots back against a tree and says, “I was a drummer. I didn’t shoot your friend.”

“Me too,” Chris said still gasping for air. “I just want to get out of here.”

Mark is able to stand so he walks over and reaches his hand out to Chris. Chris takes it and gets to his feet. Mark rubs his butt and says, “I just want to get out of here too.”

Chris sees Mark rub his butt then asks, “Are you OK?”

“Yeah,” Mark says. “I will be.” Finally, seeing his nose has stopped bleeding, “What’s your name?”

“Chris,” Chris says looking at the ground. “What’s yours?”

“Mark, Mark Jeffers,” he replies. “What is your last name?”

“I don’t have one,” Chris says crying. “I’m an orphan and no one ever told me what it was.”

“Don’t worry about that now Chris,” Mark said. We just need to get going.”

“Go where?” Chris asks suspiciously.

“Out of here,” Mark says. “Back to civilization, a town somewhere there are people. Look Chris, if we are going to get out of here alive, we need to work together. We also need to find something else to wear. I don’t much care for this uniform any more. By the way, I guess I’m an orphan now too. My brother was killed back there.”

Chris looks down and says, “I’m sorry Mark. Do you know where we are?”

“I have an idea,” he says as they start walking. “But I’m not totally sure. You might want to get your canteen back there.”

Chris runs back and gets his canteen then catches back up with Mark. Chris takes a sip of water then asks, “Do you know what state we’re in?”

“I think we’re in Pennsylvania,” Mark says.

“Damn,” Chris said. “I didn’t know I’ve come this far.”

“Where you from?” Mark asked.

“Virginia,” Chris said stopping to sit and rest in the shade.

“Let me ask you something,” Mark said looking at the boy. “Do you want to come north with me or what do you want to do?”

Chris thought about the other boy’s question for a long time then said, “I don’t have anything for me back there. I’m only 12 and with out parents I’ll be put back in another orphanage. I reckon I’ll go with you cause I know I’d never make it home by myself.”

“I know I’d never make it back alone either so I’m glad for that,” Mark said looking at the boy. “Look, we have to trust each other now. We’re all we have.”

Part 4


The boys started walking Mark on one side of the trail and Chris on the other. Chris wasn’t sure what to make of a boy from the north. He seemed alright, like the other kids in the orphanage but he wasn’t up to trusting him totally just yet. It was getting late and the sun was starting to set. Mark pulled a piece of jerky out then said, “Man, this stuff is bad.”

Chris looked over at what he was eating and said, “Yeah, that’s what I have too.”

“We need to find something better to eat,” Mark said.

“Is there any water around?” Chris asked.

Mark remembered a place the men stopped when they had lunch then said, “Yeah, not to far if I remember. How come?”

Now Chris was a country boy and he’d learned how to trap small animals for food. He reached into his boot and pulled out a knife and cut a small vine. When Mark saw this his eyes got big and said, “You could have killed me.”

Chris looked at the knife and said, “Yeah, I reckon I could, but I don’t cotton to killin’.”

He slid the blade bask into his boot then asked, “Would you have killed me?”

He rubbed his sore nose then said, “No, I don’t think I could have. I just don’t know why people think it’s alright to own other people.”

Chris thought about it and shrugged his shoulders saying, “I dunno know. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember.”

Mark looked at him and asked, “Would you like to be owned?”

Chris continued working on the vine and said, “No, reckon not.”

“What are you making?” Mark asked.

Mark turned and went off into the woods and Chris followed. Chris saw the lake then started looking around the area. Chris saw a low branch, shinnied up the tree and tied one end of the vine to it. “I’m making a snare,” he said as he looked for small sticks and another small piece of vine.

Within a few minutes, Chris had made a snare in hopes of catching a rabbit or squirrel. There were still a couple of hours of daylight left and Chris was hot. He walked to the edge of the lake and took his clothes off and stepped in to cool off. Mark watched what he was doing and knew the cool water would feel good. He took his clothes off too and slid in and cooled off.

The boys were in there for a while when Chris looked over to his snare and saw it moving like crazy. He got out of the water and ran over to see what he’d caught. There in the snare was a rabbit. “Mark, get my knife,” he hollered.

Mark brought the boot over and Chris took out the blade and with one quick stroke, slit the animal’s throat.

Mark turned his head as the animal died and Chris hung it so the blood could drain out. After wiping the blade, he put it away then put his clothes back on. Chris looked at Mark and said can you make a fire?”

Mark put his clothes on then went onto his pocked and pulled out a piece of flint. He dug a pit and set some small twigs in it and using a hard rock, struck the flint creating a spark to catch the wood on fire.

Chris took the rabbit down then skinned and gutted it. Once the fire was going, Chris got a green stick and ran it through the animal so it could cook.

Chris leaned against a tree while Mark watched the meal cook. “Where’d you learn that?”

“Some of the boys at the orphanage taught me,” Chris said looking at the rabbit to see if it was done. You ever have wild rabbit?”

“No,” Mark said. “But I’m so hungry right now I’d eat almost anything.”

Chris took the rabbit off the fire and cut off a piece of the meat and handed it to Mark then took some for him. “How is it?” He asked chewing a mouthful.

“Not bad,” Mark said. “When we’re done eating here, that fire will have to go out.”

“Yeah,” Chris said. “I need to bury the stuff from the rabbit so other animals don’t smell it.”

After they ate, Mark put the fire out and Chris buried the remains of their meal. They refilled their canteens then hid themselves in the brush by covering up with the underbrush.


Mark was awoken but the sun coming through the brush covered hiding place. He slid out of the brush then stood and stretched. He went over to where Chris was and said, “Hey come on, wake up,” Mark said.

He waited a few minutes then took a stick and reached in and started poking the sleeping boy. “Unh, stop,” Chris said still groggy.

“Come on get up,” Mark said. The sun’s already up. We need to get moving.”

Chris crawled out from his makeshift bed and stood stretching the kinks out of his body. As with every boy in the morning he had his morning wood along with the very emergent urge to find a tree and piss. Chris ran over to a close tree and pulled his tool out and let fly. Once that chore was done, Chris got his things and the boys took off.

They followed the lake and Mark had tried to get Chris to open up and talk but all he did was look around keeping to himself. By midday, the sun was beating down on them and both boys were hot and tired. Chris found a patch of shade and sat down to rest. Mark looked at his counterpart and said, “What’s wrong with you? I’ve talked with you and it’s like I’m not even here.”

Chris looked up at the boy and said, “Nuthin’.”

“Look Chris,” Mark said. “I’m trying to be your friend here. Why is that so hard?”

Chris had had it drilled into him that all Yanks were bad and all they wanted was to take their land and take away the way of life they’d had for a long time. He thought if their life was so good then why was he stuck in an orphanage with hardly anything?

He liked Mark but it was just hard to get himself to be his friend. He had decided to head north with him with the hopes of a better life. He felt that he should try to get to know him since he might be spending quite a while with him. Chris looked at the boy and said, “It’s not you Mark. I dunno, I guess it’s just everything. If we’re gonna be together getting out of here I reckon I should be more friendly and try to be your friend.”


Over the next several days, the boys kept heading north. The heat was unbearable so they decided to move only during the cooler times of the day and sleep during the hottest ones. One afternoon, Chris decided to go into the pond they were at to cool off. As he stripped, Mark was beginning to notice more about Chris than just friendship. Chris walked naked down to the water while Mark stared from behind him with a raging boner between his legs. Mark started to rub it but it was too hot so he stripped and joined Chris in the water. Mark was so worked up that his dick didn’t go down when it hit the coolness of the water. He was standing in water up to his waist when he started rubbing his tool again.

Chris was standing behind his friend and saw his hand in between his legs. This vision caused his tool to stiffen also. He could tell Mark was enjoying what he was doing so he copied his friend. After several minutes, Chris saw Mark’s body start to shake. He wasn’t sure what happened but he continued playing with himself and watching Mark.

What Chris didn’t know was Mark had enjoyed an orgasm and shot a load of cum in the water. Chris began to feel something strange in his dick and was getting stronger by the second. Pretty soon he started to shake and then he felt something shoot out the end of his dick. He was so overtaken by the sensations that he let out a loud moan that was heard by Mark.

Mark turned around and saw Chris just standing there. He wasn’t sure what had happened so he walked over to him asking, “Are you all right?”

Mark looked down into the water and saw Chris’ dick still hard. Chris looked at Mark and with a gasp said, “Un yeah, I’m ok.”

Chris was still shaky on his feet so Mark took his arm and helped him out of the water. As soon as they got to the bank, Chris was noticing Mark’s dick start to inflate again. As soon as he saw this, his did the same thing. Chris took his free hand and covered his now hard tool and then grabbed his shirt to cover his groin.

Mark was suddenly aware that he was hard again and his heart was beating like he just ran through the woods. He looked over at Chris then said, “Ah, I have to pee. I’ll be right back.”

Mark jumped and went into the woods still holding his very hard dick. He found a big tree then leaned against it and jacked off a second time. When he calmed down, his dick was back to normal so he went and rejoined Chris.

The boys got dressed and moved on until they came to a small deserted building. Mark remembered this and said, “I remember when we passed this. We’d been riding a pretty good ways so I think we still have maybe 30 miles or so until we get back to where I was living.

Chris looked at him and said, “At the rate we’re goin, it’s gonna take us forever afore we get there.”

“I know,” Mark said. “It’s hard going with all this heat but we’ll make it.”

“How far you think we’re come today?” Chris asked.

“Um, couple miles maybe,” Mark said sitting down against the building.

“It’s starting to get dark,” Chris said looking up at the sky. “Reckon we can stay here tonight?”

Mark got up and the boys went inside to see what was inside the old place. Mark looked around and said, “Looks like others have stayed here too. I guess it will be alright for one night.”

Chris went out and set a couple of snares and came back to the cabin. He’d noticed that since he’d allowed himself to get to know Mark, he was actually beginning to like him. He was sitting there looking at Mark when he started getting the funny feeling again in his dick and he felt it getting hard. He got up and said, “I’ll go and check the snares.”

Chris hurried out the door and into the woods. When he was away from the cabin, he slid his hand inside his pants and started rubbing his hard tool. All this was new to the boy. He could never remember his dick getting hard like this except for when he had to go to the bathroom.

He opened his pants and slipped them down so he could have better access to his tool. He started rubbing it like before and soon the feelings were coming back again. He leaned his head back against the tree and stroked his dick a little faster. The feelings were getting stronger this time and soon he felt his body start to shake again. He closed his eyes and saw stars as he let out a muffled groan.

When his senses came back to him, he fixed his pants then went to check on the snares. Chris was lucky today, he’s hit the jackpot. Each snare had a rabbit in it so there would be plenty to eat tonight. Chris dug a deep hole then cleaned and gutted the animals. He returned to the cabin where Mark had a fire going. There were a couple of metal rods against the wall so they used those to cook the rabbits on. After dinner the boys were tired so Mark put the fire out and the boys fell asleep.


The boys were finding the going getting tougher because it was hot all the time but they were able to make a couple miles a day. One afternoon the boys were walking through the woods because it was cooler in there. They were walking and talking and Chris wasn’t paying attention when he tripped over a small log twisting his ankle. “Oh shit,” Chris said cussing.

Mark looked at him and asked, “Are you alright? You didn’t break a bone did you?”

“I don’t think so but it’s mighty sore.” Chris replied trying not to cry.

“If I help you, do you think you can stand on it?” Mark asked with a concerned look on his face.

“I don’t know,” Chris said. “I can try.”

Mark helped his friend up and Chris wrapped his arm around Mark’s shoulders and gently put some weight on his foot. Chris got a sharp pain in his ankle but said, “If you help me, I should be alright.”

Mark held onto his friend and together they managed to get another mile under their belts. They came to a stream and Mark said, “Try to get your shoe off and soak it in the water.”

Chris slipped the shoe off and they could see it was indeed swollen. “Man it’s big.”

“It’s not that bad,” Mark said. “Do you want to put your foot in or all of you?”

“I’m hot so I’d like to go in,” the boy said.

Mark helped Chris to his feet and started to remove his clothes. Chris got his shirt but when he went to take his pants off, he winced then sat back down on the ground. Mark finished taking his pants and undergarments off then went over to help Chris.

Chris looked up and was staring right at his groin. Chris’ dick started stirring as Mark helped him to his feet then said, “Hold onto my shoulders.”

Mark undid Chris’ pants and slid them and his underwear down then he stepped out of them. Mark went to stand up when he was looking at Chris’ now very hard dick. When Mark saw this, his dick went to full hard itself. Chris had been looking down as Mark undressed him and he was starting to feel funny in his crotch.

When Mark stood up he saw Chris smiling when Chris said, “Mine’s like yours is too.”

Mark went to wrap his arm around his friend when Chris’ dick brushed against his leg causing Chris to gasp. “Are you alright?” Mark asked holding onto his friend.

“Yeah,” Chris said breathing hard. “It just rubbed against your leg.”

“Did I hurt you?” Mark asked as he helped his friend into the cool water.

“Oh no,” he said. “Felt good.”

When the boys got into the water Chris held onto Mark but soon the water helped ease the pain and he was able to stand on his own. Mark let Chris stand in the water then start to rub his swollen member.

Mark closed his eyes and started stroking himself to relief while Chris watched a few feet away. He started doing the same thing but wanted to get closer so he could see better. He started easing himself over when he hit a little hole and gasped. Mark opened his eyes and said, “What’s wrong?”

Mark turned red then he realized his hand was still on his dick then Chris said, “I found a hole. What were you doing?”

“Making sperm,” Mark said. “I saw my brother doing it and it feels good. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“Oh no, you didn’t,” Chris said. “I saw you doing it a few days ago and I’ve done it to.”

“Were you doing it when you were getting closer?” Mark asked.

Chris blushes a little then said, “Yeah, guess I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

Mark came over and reached his arm around Chris to support him. Mark looked at his friend and asked him, “You still want to do it?”

“I can’t and stand,” Chris said.

“Would you like a little help?” Mark asked looking into his eyes.

“I guess so,” Chris said blushing more.

Mark got a good grip on Chris then reached down and touched his stiff member. Chris groaned when he felt the boy’s hand touch him. Mark started stroking his friend and was amazed at the feeling it was giving him too. Mark kept up a steady pace and he heard Chris’ breathing increase.

“This feels better than when I do it,” Chris said gasping.

“Glad you like it,” Mark said as he quickened his pace.

Chris started moaning louder then his body went stiff as he shuddered. Mark felt his tool soften as Chris got weak in the legs. He held onto him for several minutes until he got his legs back then they came out of the water. They sat down on the shore and Mark’s tool was still hard. Chris looked at him and said, “What me to help you now?”

Mark thought about it and said, “If you want to.”

Chris reached over and touched his tool. It was hard but it felt soft in his fingers. Chris ran his fingers over it then started stroking it. Mark sucked in air then started moaning as the feelings started getting stronger. Mark loved this feeling but all too soon it was over. Mark moaned then his dick erupted sending three small shots of liquid onto his stomach. Chris was in awe of what he just saw. He said, “Wow Mark, was that sperm?”

Mark fell back breathing hard. He lay there for several minutes breathing hard then said, “Yeah, that’s sperm.”

The boys got dressed then Mark helped Chris set up his snares. Today they had squirrel for dinner. Mark looked at it and said, “How does it taste?”

“Hard to describe,” Chris said. “It does have a different taste than the rabbit.”

Chris cooked the squirrel and both boys ate then called it a day.

Part 5


The days past and Chris’ ankle healed and was back to walking unassisted. The weather cooled off and the boys were able to walk about 5 miles a day. Mark had learned to build and hang snares and their friendship and grown into a strong bond. Today started much like every other but on this day; something would happen that would bring the boys even closer together.

The boys followed the water as far as it would take them when Chris asked, “Any idea on how far we are from your town?”

“Ummm, maybe ten miles or so,” Mark said. “But now things can get tricky.”

“How so,” Chris asked.

“About quarter mile though the woods is the trail,” Mark started telling his friend. “That trail can get pretty busy.”

“Soldiers,” Chris asked again.”

“Yeah,” Mark said. “We’re going to have to keep our voices down and our eyes open. When we walk, we’re going to have to watch where step so we’re not making a lot of noise.”

Chris nodded then they stayed on the far edge of the woods. They were making pretty good time and Mark spotted a small dwelling he remembered during his days of training. They came up to the clearing and Mark said, “They have two boys about our size. I always saw clothes hanging outside. You stay here and I’m going to ease over and have a look around.”

“What happens if you get caught?” Chris asked.

“I don’t think that will happen because they seemed to be gone this time of day,” Mark answered. “But if they should see me, they will just think I’m out with the soldiers.”

Chris looked at Mark then said, “Just be careful cause I don’t want nothin happenin to you.”

Mark smiled then rubbed Chris’ hair then took off heading for the back side of the house. Chris watched him disappear then just had to wait for him to get back. Mark was staying near the tree line so he could hide if he heard anything coming. Sure enough, there were boys clothing hanging outside drying and Mark quickly grabbed two shirts and two pairs of pants.

After what seemed an eternity to Chris, he finally saw Mark heading his way. Chris went back into the woods and waited for his friend. It took Mark another several minutes to make his way back to where Chris was waiting for him. This wait caused Chris’ anxiety level to rise again and when he finally saw him, Chris ran up and hugged him. Mark could see something was bothering his friend so he said, “What’s wrong?”

Chris’ eyes were watering a little when he said, “I was starting to get worried. It seemed to take you forever to get back.”

Mark smiled at him then gave him a quick hug saying, “I wasn’t gone all that long. Here, I got us some new things to wear. I figured if we did get stopped by soldiers, we wouldn’t look like them ourselves. Besides, it would be kinda hard explaining to them what I’m doing with a Reb.”

“I don’t think of myself like that no more,” Chris said. “I’m just a boy who wants to live a normal life.”

The boys went back into the woods and got out of their old clothes. Mark didn’t like the long johns he was using for underwear so he took them off and cut the arms off and shortened the legs. No sooner than Mark was naked, Chris’ dick started getting hard again. Mark saw this and said, “Have you got a problem again?”

Chris smiled and said, “Yeah, it happens every time I see you like that.”

“Are you saying it’s my fault?” Mark asked smiling.

“Yes it is,” Chris said. “Now what are you going to do about it?”

Mark walked over and ran his hands over Chris’ naked body. Chris closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling Mark’s hands were giving him. Mark caressed his body then slid his hand down to Chris’ hard tool. He ran his hand under his ball sack then took his dick and began slowly jacking it.

Chris reached over and caressed Mark’s body and then started returning the favor to his friend. Both boys were stroking and within a few minutes Chris said, “Mark it’s getting there. The feeling’s coming.”

Mark quickened his pace and then Chris got stiff and shot his first load of semen. Mark held onto his friend as he felt his legs get weak. Chris hadn’t felt Mark shoot yet so he continued jacking him. Mark closed his eyes and said, “My turn Chris. I’m gonna shoot.”

Mark shot three blasts onto Chris’ hand and Chris had to hold Mark now. The boys finally settled back down when Mark said, “Look Chris, you made sperm.”

“Wow,” Chris said excitedly. “That’s the first time I’ve done that.”

Chris leaned over and hugged and then kissed him on the cheek. Mark looked surprised and Chris stepped back unsure of how Mark took it. Mark smiled and said, “I’m not mad.”

Then he leaned over and kissed Chris on the cheek.

The boys got their new clothes on and buried the old ones in case anyone came into the woods then back on their journey. The boys continued on and until if got near dark. Mark went and set the snares and came back with 2 rabbits. After eating dinner, the boys made themselves a hiding place and went to sleep for the night.

Both boys were sleeping soundly when something woke Mark. He lifted his head so he could hear what it was when Chris woke up. Mark put his hand of the boy’s mouth then put his finger to his lips telling him to be quiet.

The boys heard footsteps a few feet away from where they were hiding. Chris started getting scared so he took Mark’s hand and held it. Mark recognized one of the voices as the Sergeant from the training camp. If he had been by himself he might have came out but not now when he had Chris with him. Mark reached over and wrapped his arms around his friend and held onto him so he wouldn’t make any noise. They lay perfectly still until they heard the soldiers leave. Once Mark was sure they were gone he whispered to Chris, “It’s alright now, they’ve gone. They are heading back to camp.”

Chris was shaking in Mark’s arms and he leaned his face against Mark’s then said, “Are you sure?”

“Yeah,” Mark said scooting back down taking the boy into his arms. “Don’t cry Chris, they’re gone. We’ll be in town tomorrow. I can get us around the camp so they won’t see us.”

“You sure,” Chris asked hesitantly.

Mark kissed his cheek then said, “Un huh, I’ve done it all the time when I was there.”

Chris put his head on Mark’s chest then they drifted off back to sleep.


The boys slept peacefully the rest of the night and Mark was the first to stir. He lay there watching Chris sleep thinking he was the most precious friend he’d ever had. He was beginning to feel more than just friendship for the boy and knew he never wanted to be away from him. He was thinking how the two of them could remain together.

He reached his hand over and gently stroked Chris’ face then leaned down and kissed him softly on the lips. Chris’ eye fluttered open and he smiled saying, “That felt nice.”

Mark was a little embarrassed that he’d been caught but then relaxed when Chris returned his kiss. Mark felt his dick stir and saw the Chris’ was already hard. Mark started kissing Chris all over his body and he even kissed him right on his penis. Chris gasped when he felt this. “Did I hurt you?” Mark asked.

“Oh no,” Chris said rolling on top of Mark. “It felt great.”

Chris started kissing Mark now and he smothered his face with kisses. Mark smiled then looked at Chris and said, “Chris, I have something to tell you and I’m not sure how. I hope when I say it you don’t get mad and hate me.”

“Mark,” Chris started. “You’re my friend and I could never hate you.”

Mark kissed Chris then said, “Chris I’ve really come to feel more for you then just friendship. I’ve come to really care about you and never want to be away from you. What I’m trying to say is that I love you.”

Chris looked at Mark and smiled at him saying, “I don’t ever want to be away from you either. You’ve become much more than a friend to me and I love you too.”

Mark started kissing Chris again then began smothering his body working his way towards his penis. Mark then stuck his tongue out and licked it. Mark then took it into his mouth and began bobbing up and down and swirling his tongue around the head. Chris started moaning and bucking his hips at the feeling got stronger and stronger. Mark started adding a little suction with his up and down action when Chris said, “It’s here Mark, the feeling’s here now.”

Chris shot his little load of juice in Mark’s mouth and he swallowed it. He slid up Chris’ body then kissed him again. “I love you Chris,” Mark said smiling.

Chris returned the kiss and said, “I love you to and I want to do it to you now.”

Chris started kissing Mark like he’d done to him then took his tool into his mouth and started bobbing his head. Chris was copying everything his friend did to him and soon he was rewarded with Mark’s load. Chris swallowed the liquid then said, “It tastes sweet and I like it.”

Mark got his breathing under control then said, “Come on now, we need to get going. We’re just a few miles from town.”

The boys crawled out of their shelter then quickly peed and got dressed. They made pretty good time then Chris saw the training camp. “Mark,” Chris said. “Look, soldiers.”

Mark took Chris by the hand and led him into the woods. After a long trek, they came out well away from the soldiers and a few miles from town. They started walking towards town holding hands and talking like normal boys. A few soldiers were on the trail but didn’t give them a second glance. It was mid afternoon when they walked into town then Mark said, “Come on, I’ll take you to where my brother and I lived.”

They walked through town and came to a small house. Mark opened the door and showed Chris around. Chris hugged mark saying, “We made it. I can’t believe it Mark, we made it. I love you so much. Thank you for bringing me here.”

Mark kissed him the said, “I didn’t know how things were going to go between us but now I’m sure glad I did.”

Mark went upstairs into his room and dug around under his mattress then came back down showing Chris a hand full of coins. “It’s still where I hid it,” Mark said smiling. “My secret stash of money is still there. Let’s go into town and get something to eat. Just one thing we’re not having though, NO RABBIT.”

Chris laughed and said, “Yeah, I don’t wanna see one for a long time. How much do you have?”

Mark set the coins on the table and counted them. He ran back upstairs and came back with another few then said, “I have $3.75. We can get a nice dinner and have money left over.”

The boys walked back into town and over to the hotel. They went into the restaurant and sat at a table. There were only a couple of people in there and then a waiter came over. The man looked at them and said, “What can I do for you boys?”

Mark said, “We want to get something to eat.”

“Alright,” the man said. “Do you boys have money?”

Mark looked up and smiled saying, “Yep, I sure do.”

The man said, “OK, what do you boys want to eat?”

Mark looked at the menu board and said, “We’ll have the steak, potatoes and corn.”

The boys were sitting away from the door and they didn’t see the stranger sitting at the bar. He was sitting there watching the waiter with the boys. The waiter said, “Do you have a dollar and a quarter for each of them?”

Mark looked at him and said, “That’s not what the sign says.”

The man smiled at him and said, “Yes it is.”

Mark looked at the man and said, “You think I can’t read?”

The waiter stood and said, “I know what it says and I want to see.”

The man got mad at the way he was treating the boys. He went into the room and said, “You let them boys have what ever they want and you better not try to over charge them.”

Mark turned around and looked at the man, He jumped up and ran to man saying, “Matt, Matt.”

The man picked mark up and said, “How are you? I came to visit and I heard you and Trey were gone.”

Mark came back over to the table and said, “Matt, this is my best friend Chris. Chris, this is my cousin Matt. He lives in Ohio.”

The waiter brought the boy’s food out and they inhaled it like they hadn’t ate in a month. When they were done, Matt asked them, “Would you like some desert?”

Chris smiled and said, “Yeah, do you think they have apple pie?”

Matt saw the waiter and he motioned him over to the table. When he got there Matt said, “Two pieces of apple pie. Better yet, make it three.”

Matt went to the bar and got the boys each a glass of fresh apple cider. They each tool a sip and said in unison, “Ummm, that’s good.”

After the boys ate dinner Mark asked, “Where are you staying?”

“Here, at the hotel,” Matt said.

“Why not come out with us?” Mark said. “It’s just Chris and me.”

“Alright,” Matt said. “Let me get my things.”

Matt went up to his room and got his bag then he and the boys walked back to the house. Matt looked at the boys and asked, “What do you guys plan on doing now? Who do you have to look after you?”

Mark and Chris looked at each other and shook their heads then Mark said, “No one Matt. We’re all alone but I’m not leaving Chris alone. We’re together now.”

Matt wrapped his arms around the boys and asked, “Would you like to come back to Ohio with me? You two can stay with me and go to school. You’ll be able to have a normal life.”

Mark and Chris jumped into Matt’s arms and said, “Yeah, when can we go?”

Matt kissed them both and said, “There is a train leaving in morning. Would that be alright?”

Chris jumped up and down saying, “Yeah, yeah. Are you going to be like our daddy?”

“No Chris,” Matt said. “Mark had parents. I’ll be your guardian and I will always be here for you.”

Mark hugged Chris and said, “I told you, I’m not leaving you. We will always be together now.”

The boys went upstairs and crawled into bed holding onto each other then they caressed and sucked each other to climax. After coming down from their sexual high, they cuddled close and drifted off to sleep with the knowledge that tomorrow they will start a new life together.

The End


Posted: 08/29/08