The Dream and the Basement

 by: Miguel Sanchez

© 2004 by the author


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My name is Tony and I’m 16. I live in a nice middle class neighborhood with my parents and sister. Our house is your usual four-bedroom two-story house but there is one thing that makes it better for a solitary teenager. When I was 14, my father got me and my sister our own computer and since they had computer’s of their own, he thought it would be practical if they were to get cable internet and hook us up through a router. I had a friend take my computer and put it under lock and key so no one but me could turn it on. My father didn’t much like it but my mother said, “He saved his own money to get the work done and you did tell him it was HIS computer.”

My parents were definitely old school people so they put a net protector on our computers so we couldn’t find all the “good stuff” that’s out there. My friend Justin was not only my very best friend but he was also an expert with computers. He was able to hack into the passwords on all the safe guards my father put on my machine so I could turn them off any time I wanted to.

We got into a heated discussion about it once when I had to do a report for health class about the human body and every time I went to look up things like breasts or penises, my net protector would deny me access. After about thirty minutes of trying to come up with different ways to write the report, I finally went to my parents and said, “How can I do my work when I can’t find the information. I’m 16 and I think it’s about time you treat me like an adult. I do know the differences between guys and girls.”

My father looked at me and said, “If that is what you want, I’ll randomly check your computer to be sure you aren’t going where you shouldn’t be.”

My mother heard this and said, “How about I do that to our computer George? I know the garbage you look at on it so I would appreciate it if I didn’t have to see it when I turn the computer on.”

I have to give my mother credit for one thing; she tried to keep things equal for everyone. The one thing I knew she would never be able to keep equal was my deepest darkest secret. There was only one person who knew about that and it was Justin.

I was a junior in high school and all the girls thought I was such a great catch. I stood just under six feet tall and weighed 175 pounds. I wasn’t into sports but I did enjoy working out. When I was 14, my father got me a weight set and I had the perfect area in my room where I would work out.

I’m getting a little ahead of myself here. I guess I should tell you what my humble abode looks like. My father made the basement into a bedroom apartment for me. I have my own private entrance off the driveway and a second door coming down the steps from inside the house so I can have my privacy. I have my bedroom area walled off and a bathroom with my own shower. I have a small living area with my own television and stereo system. In the corner, I have my weights so after a good workout; I can go and take a shower. I would workout for two hours every day and everyone thought I would be a great jock but my interests were in computers. I loved designing programs and Justin was teaching me everything he knew.

After working out for three years, I have to admit I did have a nice looking body. I wasn’t loaded with muscles but I was far from fat. While Justin was teaching me computers I worked with him on developing his body. Justin was 5’6” tall and weighed 140 pounds but he didn’t look bad. In fact, I thought he was perfect. When he would look at me with his emerald green eyes and flash his perfect smile I would melt on the spot.

I met Justin when we were in the seventh grade, just after I came to the realization I was gay. The first time I saw him he totally stole my heart but I wasn’t about to do anything to jeopardize us becoming friends. We slept over at each other’s house many times and he never thought anything of dropping his clothes when he went to take his shower. He had a shower off his room like I did and I thought it was so cool. He was always trying to get me to join him so we could shower together but I knew there was no way I could keep my boyhood down, so I was always having to say no. That was until this one thing happened.

At night, we would lie in bed and talk about everything and like normal teenagers; our talks would turn to sex. Since we were becoming good friends, we were able to be honest and admit we didn’t like girls yet. After I had taken my shower on this one evening, I came back into his room and there he was on the bed masturbating like it was nothing. He saw me come in and he said, “Hey dude hope you don’t mind, but I just couldn’t wait any longer. Care to join me?”

My tool sprang to attention so I decided to join him to relieve my now aching balls. I looked at him and said, “Have you got an extra towel?”

He picked up the one he had off the floor then I joined him and quickly popped my nuts. Our friendship grew and I was able to keep my secret from him for almost three years. All this time, my heart belonged to Justin and I wasn’t interested in girls at all.

The only person I wanted to hang out with was Justin and he with me. My father was always giving me grief about why I’m not dating girls but I was always able to just put him off. One evening he started really getting on my case and I looked at him and said, “You keep asking me the same stuff time after time. Dad, I’m tired of saying I’m not interested in girls because all they want to do is get inside my pants.”

“You sly kid you,” Dad said winking at me. “You know they have a wonderful invention, don’t you?”

“George!” Mom said. “Is that what you want to teach your daughter?”

“I’ll skin her alive,” Dad said.

“Then shut it up right now,” she said. “I give Tony a lot of credit. He sees girls that just want him and are looking for only one thing. He’s not risking a disease or getting them pregnant just so he can have a conquest. I don’t want you getting on Tony any more with this. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah dear,” Dad said. “You protect him like he’s a fruit loop or something.”

Mom threw her napkin on the table then stood up and slapped him across the face saying, “Don’t you ever use words like that in this house ever again. Just because he’s not out there screwing every girl in town doesn’t mean he’s gay. I will ask you again, is that what you want your 14 year old daughter to do as well? Do you want her to go on the pill and get condoms so she can have sex with every guy that wants to?”

My father was still rubbing the side of his face where Mom slapped him. He looked at her and saw she was still livid over his earlier comments. He looked at his plate then said, “No dear, I don’t. I want Amy to be a virgin when she gets married.”

“So why can’t you want the same thing from your son?” mother fired back. “He should set an example for her.”

“I suppose you’re right darling,” he said.

“I’ll have you know that I have met Justin and he’s a delightful young man,” Mom started saying. “He is very polite and Tony is teaching him to work out. Justin is teaching Tony computers and I’ve seen his work. He is very good and Tony has already made some money from what Justin’s taught him. Not everyone is interested in driving trucks like you dear.”

“Did you say he’s already made some money at what Justin’s taught him?” my Dad asked.

“That’s right,” Mom said. “Now please ease off Tony. He’s got a bright future and he’s not going out getting into trouble like other kids.”

Well, that seemed to make things easier for me for the time being. Justin and I were able to hang out and my parents were even letting spend the night at our place. Justin would come over right from school and he would work with me on my designing then after dinner we would work out then shower and relax watching television or a movie.

When we would be downstairs, I wouldn’t lock the second door to my room but I bought wireless intercoms so they wouldn’t have to run downstairs. This comes in handy because there were many times I was in the middle of a great jack off session thinking about Justin and I would have hated to have someone come in and see me with my tool in my hand.

School was going by pretty quickly and even though I wasn’t into sports, I did hold my own in gym class. The only thing keeping me from totally getting picked on was the fact I worked out and it impressed many of the jocks so they thought I was cool. Little did they realize, however.

On this particular Friday, I decided I was going to have a talk with Justin and tell him just what I was feeling about him. It hurt too badly to be this close to him and not tell him I loved him with all my heart. I had designed a screen saver with both our pictures on it and a red heart being pierced by an arrow. It also had our names and the number 4 and the word ever in the center of the heart. Every time we were alone, his hand would brush against mine or he would put his arm around my waist and pull me close to him. I lost track of the number of times I wanted to wrap my arms around him and say, “Justin Cole, I love you with all my heart.”

We were the first ones home as was usually the case on Fridays. My sister had dance classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s from three-thirty until five. Dad got home shortly after mom and Amy. We came in through the front door and got ourselves something to drink then went downstairs to my room. As soon as the door closed, Justin’s hand touched mine and I felt the biggest surge of electricity ever pass through my body. I turned and looked at him and those green eyes pierced my heart all the way to my soul. I looked at him and thought, ‘It’s now or never.’

I took his hand and said, “Justin, I have something I want to tell you but there is something I would like you to see first. Please don’t say anything until you’ve seen it. I hope you like it but if you don’t I totally understand.”

Not knowing what to say Justin nodded his head as we went downstairs and I turned on the computer. It took a few minutes for it to completely boot up then I called him over to look at the monitor. When he saw it, his eyes started to tear as his beautiful smile came back across his face. He wiped his face then said, “That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. How long have you loved me?”

“About five seconds after I first saw you,” I said.

“Why didn’t you ever say anything to me Tony?” he asked taking a drink of his soda.

“I didn’t want to scare you off or hate me,” I replied sipping some if my drink. “I was content just being your best friend and having you teach me everything you have about computers.”

We moved over and sat on the love seat and continued our talk. Justin smiled and said, “Do you know how many times I wanted to shove my hand down your boxers and then suck on that gorgeous tool of yours?”

“The feelings mutual Jus but I just didn’t want to risk losing the one I love. Justin Cole, I do love you.”

He leaned over to me and kissed me ever so gently. I returned his kiss and then as if on cue we both leaned in together and kissed passionately. I felt Justin’s hand come down and touch my crotch and that was all he wrote for me as I blew my load in my jeans right there on the spot. Justin smiled and said, “Damn love, did I just cause you to do that?”

Considering I hadn’t jacked for three days I had a lot saved up but his kiss lit a fire in me that sent me right over the edge. “Hehe, yeah that you did babe. But that’s all right, I’ll last longer next time.”

I got up and went over to my dresser and got out some clean boxers then I saw Justin drop his jeans. He looked at me smiling then asked, “Can I borrow those?”

I stripped and tossed him my used boxers then Justin added his load in with mine. I looked at him then said, “What are you going to wear now? Do you have more than one extra pair?”

Now free balling is a wonderful feeling but not in brand new jeans. Talk about getting rubbed raw, that will do it for sure. “I hadn’t thought about it, he asked. “Can I borrow a pair of yours?”

I found a pair of boxers that were too small for me to wear and gave them to him to put on. Man oh man did he fill those out nicely. I walked over to him looking at his half dressed body I smiled then said, “I can’t wait until after we workout tonight.”

Justin leaned in and kissed me passionately again causing my tool to harden again. He said, “Babe, I want you to make love to me. I have wanted you for the longest time and tonight I will have you.”

I heard the front door close because I had the intercom turned on upstairs so I would know when someone got home. I looked at Justin and said, “I can’t believe it’s almost five thirty. I guess my sister’s class went over. Let’s go up and say hello. Dinner won’t be until about seven then we can work on the computer.”

I shut my computer down and locked it before we went upstairs. I opened the door and Amy came over saying, “Hey Justin, can you help me install this program?”

He walked over and looked at it then said, “Turn on your computer, put the disk into your CD rom and follow the step by step instructions. If you have a problem, I’ll help you after dinner.”

I knew there was a reason I loved that guy. He could please everyone and we still have time together. We went into the kitchen to see what Mom was fixing and Justin said, “Hi Mrs. Mathis, something sure smells good in here.”

“Thanks Justin,” my mother said. “I’m making country fried steak. Dinner will be about seven. If you and Anthony want to do some computer work until then, that will be fine.”

“MOM!” I moaned. “You know I hate that.”

She did that to push my buttons and it worked. She laughed saying, “Come on son. You and Justin go on downstairs until I call you both.”

We headed towards the stairs and Justin took my hand. Just then I heard a voice behind me say, “You can turn the intercom off from up here now.”

My heart jumped into my throat when my mother was standing there. I let go of Justin’s hand and looked at her saying, “I will Mom.”

We shuffled towards the stairs when I heard her say, “Relax son.”

I saw Justin turn his head towards her and just smile. He took my hand and led me towards the stairs. We walked back downstairs and then he took me in his arms saying, “Tony, for God sakes man, relax. Your Mom knows and she’s totally cool with it.”

“You don’t know them like I do babe,” I said as my heart was still beating like it was trying to come through my chest. “The first time she and I are alone I’m going to catch holy hell from her. I don’t want her breaking us up just after we’ve got together.”

“No one is going to break us up,” Justin said holding me close to him. “I’ve waited just as long for this as you have.”

We did manage to get the things we wanted to done on the computer. I heard the door open and a voice call down to us, “Tony, Justin, can I come down?”

I was about to say no when Justin shouted, “Sure Amy, come on down.”

I was saving the last file when she was staring at the screen saver I’d made. I turned several shades of red then she said, “Hey Tony, it’s cool. You don’t think I don’t know about you two. I’m your sister. I know all the crap you’ve taken from Dad and I know why. Besides, I like Justin and you make a good couple. Your secret is safe with me guys.”

“Why?” I asked getting somewhat pissed off. “I don’t recall you ever doing something for nothing for me Amy, so why now?”

She sat down on the love seat and said, “Maybe it’s because I’m getting older.”

Justin looked at her and said, “Maybe it’s because you have a boyfriend yourself.”

Not only was Justin cute he was smart. I never got into my sister’s business because I could really care less but Justin could sit back and see the whole picture without really trying. Amy looked at him then said, “So what if I do? Don’t worry Justin; I’m not having sex with the guy. I like him and he’s cute but I sure as hell aren’t about to let him get in my pants.”

Then she did something that was so out of context for her. She walked over and gave us each a hug and kiss. Amy picked my chin up and said, “No matter what you think Tony, I do love you very much.”

Justin looked at her and said, “Is this what you wanted or is there a problem with your computer?”

Amy smiles and says, “The program won’t work. It’s loaded and everything but it just won’t work.”

He smiled saying, “Did you restart the computer?”

She turned red then started laughing. Shaking her head no, she left climbing the stairs then I heard the door close. Justin slid over to me and took me into his arms and just held me. I saw the clock on the computer and it was almost seven. I wanted to stay like that forever but I knew dinner would be served shortly. I stood and took Justin by the hand and led him to the bathroom. We got cleaned up then headed to greet my father.

We climbed the stairs and saw my father fixing himself double bourbon on the rocks. He looked over and said, “Hi boys. Justin thanks for getting Amy’s computer fixed. What do you guys have planned for tonight?”

I looked at my father and said, “We still have our workout planned then we’ll probably relax and watch some television before going to bed.”

He went over to the table and sat down sipping his drink. I swear I could see him looking right through me down to my very soul being able to read my mind knowing Justin was the light of my life and my reason for living. Mom came in carrying dinner and she said, “Can you two bring in the potatoes and the vegetables?”

We went into the kitchen and I heard her giving my father a lecture about not starting anything tonight because she wasn’t in the mood for any of his shit. I heard him tell her he just wanted a nice quiet evening and he had no intentions of saying a word.

We brought the rest of the food into the dining room and I hollered for my sister. She came bounding down the stairs and took the seat I had planned to sit at so I could be next to Justin. My mother just looked at her and she calmly slid over to her usual seat.

Dad took his food first as was the custom in our house followed by Mom. I stood and fixed plates for the rest of us then we all dug into Mom’s feast. One thing about Mom, she was a fantastic cook and I think Justin comes over just to get one of her great meals. He swallowed his mouthful then said, “Mrs. Mathis, you’ve out done yourself tonight. I don’t suppose I could talk you into adopting me, could I?”

Dad looked over at the both of us and just went back to eating. Amy smiled broadly when she heard what Justin said. She emptied her mouth then said, “That sounds like a great idea.”

Mom said, “I don’t think Justin’s parents would care for that idea so I don’t think we should go there.”

Everyone acted like they were starving so leftovers were nonexistent. When everyone was finished, we carried the dishes into the kitchen and let them for Amy. Tonight was her night for dishes and as usual, she started complaining about having too much to do. Mom looked at her and said, “I’m tired of this now. If I hear one more word about it, you’ll be doing dishes the rest of the week.”

Justin and I went down to my room to begin our workout. Before we started, we changed onto our workout clothes that consisted of shorts and a white tee shirt.

I walked over to the small fridge and took out two bottles of water so we could stay hydrated. We did our usual warm-up stretching exercises then set out on our routine. We just got the bar set up when I heard a voice over the intercom. My father was asking if he could come down and watch us work out. I know he liked that I worked out but never before had he wanted to watch me go through my routine. Justin looked at me and showed me a pair of green puppy dog eyes. He knew I was sunk when he did that so I shouted up for him to come on down.

I always went first on a low weight so I could then spot for Justin. I started doing my reps when my father said, “That’s not weight. That’s sissy weight.”

I heard his voice and I could tell his drink or was it drinks was starting to hit him. I did my usual 25 reps then sat up saying, “If you knew my routine, you wouldn’t be saying that. I’ve been taught by some of the best here in town and I do happen to know what I’m doing.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he started saying again. I can out lift you anytime, just say the word.”

I walked over to him and said, “You’ve been drinking and it’s going to your head. You know I can out lift you and I could easily prove it inside of ten minutes but I’m not having you get injured on my conscious.

“Sounds like an excuse to me,” he said with slurred speech. “But I bet it’s because you’re just scared I just might out do you. Come on chicken, take on your old man.”

I was really pissed now. He just insulted me in front of my boyfriend and I wasn’t about to let that pass.”

I quickly started working my weight limit up to what we normally do and then went 20 pounds more for good measure. I had 150 pounds on the bench then said, “Alright Dad. The weight is at 150. Think you can handle it and who do you want to go first?”

He looked at the bench then said, “150 is no problem. I’ll let you go first.”

I had Justin spot for me then I took my place on the bench. 150 for me was a warm-up weight so I pressed it with ease. I got up and my father took his place on the bench. He laid back and I could see that he wasn’t in any condition to attempt to lift weights. I took Justin’s place and spotted for him. He put his hands on the bar and just went to lift it. He got the bar clear then his arms quickly left him and the weight started to fall towards his throat. I grabbed the bar and set it back on the stand then said, “That’s it Dad. You’re not lifting anything else tonight. Go on upstairs and let us work out. This IS supposed to be our night.”

He stood up and started to stagger so Justin grabbed him and held on so he wouldn’t fall. He regained his footing then stormed back up to the main house. I went to the door and closed it so we could get back to out workout. The interference was done for the evening so I decided to get a little more comfortable. I went into the bathroom and removed my boxers and went free balling for Justin. If he was going to work out, I wasn’t going to make it easy for him. I wanted to give him all the distraction I could.

I got Justin warmed up and we started lifting. I lifted 170 without a problem and then it was his turn. I moved up to the bar and he laid back then looked up to place his hands. No sooner had his hands touched the bar then his eyes went right to my crotch. He looked up and got the best view I could give him. He sat up and said, “Are you trying to distract me?”

“Would I do that to you?” I said with a sexy grin. “If you want, you can do the same thing.”

We cut our routine a little short and decided we needed to take a shower to remove the gym smell. I checked my watch and it was only eight-thirty so the only thing on my mind was the shower. Justin and I were in the bathroom and the moment of truth was upon us. It was now time for us to see each other totally naked. I leaned in and kissed Justin passionately then hooked my thumbs in my waistband. Justin saw me do that and he did like wise. We looked at each other for a few seconds then I nodded my head and we dropped them at the same time.

When I saw Justin I was totally amazed. He was beautiful and I reached out and pulled him into me so I could hold this wonderful piece of man flesh. I looked into his eyes and said, “I am so sorry I waited so long for this night baby. You are totally gorgeous. I love everything I see.”

He looked at me then said, “God Tony, I love what your weight lifting has done for you. You are totally perfect. I can’t wait until we’re in bed together. Come on and lets get our shower.”

I felt Justin’s hand grip my dick and it shot up and mach speed. I grabbed hold of his joystick and together we went into the shower. We help each other while the water got us totally wet then I took the shampoo and started washing his beautiful red hair. I massaged his scalp and I swore I heard him moan while I was doing this. I had him rinse his hair then I gave him a second washing. After it was totally rinsed, I put some conditioner on it while I washed his beautiful body. Justin was far from a hairy person. He had hair under his arms, around his dick and on his legs. The rest of him was as soft and smooth as a baby’s behind. I didn’t want to get him excited in the shower because I wanted all his cum for tonight. I gave him a good washing but I wasn’t going to spend an over amount of time around his jewels. I made sure his front, back and hole was completely clean. Once I had him squeaky clean, he did the same for me. I loved it when he washed my hair. The only thing I could say about it was it was a sensuous experience and one that I would love to have done many times. He then washed my body making sure my parts in the middle were really clean.

We dried off then decided to do things one better. We popped the footrests on the love seat out and watched television with just a towel around us. Before I sat down, I buzzed Amy to see if my Dad was still in a shitty mood after I wouldn’t lift weights with him. She told me he was watching television but was scowling. That gave me my answer but she also said he was having a hard time staying awake so that seemed to be a saving grace.

I finished talking with her then went over and joined Justin on the love seat to watch the tube. He found and episode of Charmed on cable and was just getting into the show when I sat beside him. He leaned over and wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close to him. I leaned my head on his shoulder as he began to gently stroke my face. After a few minutes he let his hand roam down towards my chest and his fingers found one of my nipples. I softly gasped as I felt him send shudders throughout my entire body and my tool quickly stood tall in preparation for lift off. He kept this up for about five minutes and he then looked at me saying, “Do you think we can get a little more comfortable?”

I kissed him passionately replying, “Your wish is my command love. Let’s go.”

I turned off the tube and led Justin by the hand to our bed for the evening. I turned the light on low so it would set a proper mood for what we both wanted. I turned to face him and wrapped my arms around his naked waist and pulled him close into a soft hug. His head laid against my chest and I gently stroked his back running my hand down to his towel. I made several passes then took my finger and undid it letting it fall to the floor. I went back to my stroking but now I was able to caress his soft buns. Justin began rubbing my back also and soon my towel had joined his on the floor.

I had already folded the cover back on the bed and I scooped him up and set him down on the middle then covered his body with mine. Justin’s eyes were locked on mine as he said, “Baby, you’re making my biggest dream come true. Come here and hold me close.”

I laid my body on top of his and slid my arms around his shoulders. I allowed my weight to totally encase Justin and then I felt our dicks to come into contact with each other. I felt him shudder as they made contact then he tried to hump his pelvis against mine to keep the feeling going. I rolled both our bodies onto our sides and whispered in his ear saying, “Easy babe, don’t go to fast. We have all evening and I know you want me inside you as I do you in me. Tonight we will have the chance to do everything your heart desires.”

“Oh love that sounds so wonderful,” Justin replied. “I want to feel your penis in my mouth along with your love juice, my hands all over your body and then you inside me.”

I looked at his magnetic eyes and let them draw me towards his face. I started kissing his ears and then worked my way around toward his eyelids and nose. Justin had the cutest pug nose. It’s as if it stopped growing and to me, that’s one of his most sexy features. I kissed his nose several times as my hands caressed his chest. I used my thumbs to rub his nipples until they were standing as tall as his boyhood.

I was hearing Justin moan as I played with his nipples and then I knew for sure I was doing what he wanted. I felt his tool being to leak precum against my abdomen so I began to work a hand down towards his swollen tool. Justin wasn’t the biggest guy I had seen but it was absolutely perfect for his body. He was about an inch smaller than me but I felt it better since I had never had a dick in my mouth before. I found his treasure and began tickling his balls with my fingers. He started sucking air through his teeth when I said, “Hang on babe, I hope I don’t hurt you.”

I took my tongue and licked all the way down his chest and stomach going straight for his joystick. I wrapped my hand around it holding it up like an ice cream cone. I saw some precum on the tip and I took my first takes of his precious liquid. I cleaned the tip then allowed the flavor to mingle on my tongue. I swallowed and I was hooked on his sweet nectar. I began circling the head with my tongue then I decided to go for all the gusto I could. I took his whole tool in my mouth in one gulp. I’m glad he wasn’t any bigger because I would have choked myself for sure.

I started moving my head up and down trying to give Justin all the pleasure I could. He moaned saying, “Oh shit love, you’re going to blow the top of my head off.”

I lifted my mouth of his dick and said, “That’s not what I’m trying to blow love.”

I went back to what I was doing when I felt a hand wrap around my dick. Justin’s thumb rubbed across the tip smearing my precum over it and it sent me into sexual overdrive. As soon as I felt this, I began sucking him for all I was worth.

Neither of us had ever done anything more that beat off so our staying power was next to nothing. I could take more and more of his precum in my mouth then I felt his body start to tense up. I swung my body around so I could have his lower half with both my hands. I started to rub his balls with one hand and his cute bubble butt with my other. I had him moaning and I felt his hands grip the sheets. His hips were jerking up and down like he was trying to fuck my face. His breathing became faster and faster and it seemed his dick grew another inch in length. He was trying to talk but all he could get out were quick grunts. His legs got tense and his butt tightened up and then the tip of his dick swelled and the next thing I knew I was getting my first taste of his cum. His first volley hit the back of my throat with such force I had no choice but to swallow. Justin then managed to say, “I’m cumming love.”

Justin gave me four more shots of his nectar and I didn’t let a single drop go to waste. I felt his butt relax and somehow my finger grazed his hole. When I touched it, Justin fired off another round of juice into my unsuspecting mouth. I quickly swallowed and was surprised at this turn of events. I licked his shaft clean then crawled up beside him. I cradled him into my arms as he returned from Space Mountain. I gently kissed his lips then asked, “How do you feel my love?”

“Oh my god baby,” he said smiling. “I’ve never felt anything so wonderful in my entire life. I can’t wait to give you the same pleasure.”

I held him for a few more minutes the got up and went to the mini fridge I have in my room. I took out two sodas and brought them back to bed. I gave one to Justin then slid back under the sheets and into my baby’s arms. I took several big pulls out of the can then set it on the nightstand. Justin rolled onto his side and quickly pulled me into a very powerful kiss. I felt his hand begin to tickle my nipples into erection then he licked his way to the erect object. He took it in his mouth and began to suckle on it like a baby would a mother’s. My dick was so hard with what he was doing I was afraid I would cum right there on the spot.

Justin’s hand worked its way between my legs as he returned the favor I gave him earlier and he almost caused me to explode on the spot. I closed my eyes and let my brain try to take in all these feeling Justin was giving me. I swear I didn’t know anything could feel this good. He began circling my other nipple now causing my dick to leak even more. He felt my precum on his hand and he stopped to clean it off smiling at me when he did.

After spending several minutes on my nipples he worked his way down my belly towards my tool. He laid his head on my stomach as he studied everything about my dick. Every once in a while he would stuff his tongue in my belly button causing me to giggle. He stuck his tongue out and licked the tip of my dick and I gasped saying, “Oh god baby. Now I know what you felt love, it feels awesome.”

He got a tongue full of my precum and he said, “Umm, sweet as honey. I hope your cum is just as tasty?”

Justin’s was the first cum I’d ever tasted so I couldn’t answer him. He lifted my dick and encircled the tip with his tongue sending my brain into a whirlwind of sexual bliss. He licked it several times then slid it inside his warm mouth. I sucked wind and raised my legs because I remember what happened when my finger grazed his asshole.

Justin started slowly sucking on my dick as his hands began to explore the rest of my body. He caressed my ass and I loved the feeling he was giving me. He took his free hand and began playing with my balls. I felt them start to tighten inside my sack so I knew I wouldn’t be lasting long. I let my legs open then Justin too his finger and lightly touch my virgin back entrance. I don’t know why but it relaxed and opened as soon as he touched it. As if he had done it before, Justin licked his finger then touched my hole again. As soon as it opened, he gently slid his finger in me. I moaned saying, “Oh baby, that feels great. Don’t take it out.”

Justin started bobbing his head up and down letting his tongue slide over the head of my dick. I started bucking my hips up and down trying to get more of his finger inside my hole. I got into a rhythm then one time I relaxed my hole and it opened letting his finger go all the way inside. I moaned and started twisting my head from side to side as Justin was sending me into sexual overload. He stopped briefly to ask, “Am I hurting you baby?”

I couldn’t answer him then he started moving his finger in and out matching his head movements then he lifted the tip hitting my prostate. I couldn’t hold back any longer. My ass clamped tight onto his finger as my dick swelled in his mouth. I gasped saying, “Baby, I’m gonna cum. You better get ready or else move your mouth off.”

He circled the tip once more then received the fist shot of my boy juice. I started gasping and firing that I lost track of the number of times I shot. Justin kept wiggling his finger in he as long as he felt me shooting in his mouth. When he didn’t feel anything more come into his mouth, he removed his finger and gently cleaned the tip with his lips. He came up to my head and took me into his arms as I did him earlier then said, “My god love, that was better then when you did me. I love sucking your dick better than I think I like getting sucked. Don’t worry though, I still love it and I don’t every want you to stop.”

I couldn’t speak my heart was beating so fast. Justin kissed me several times before I finally could then I said, “Sweetheart you were wonderful. I don’t know what you did in my ass but you caused me to shoot so much I didn’t think I would ever stop.”

“I hit your prostate,” Justin said. “I learned about it on the net. I also love to finger myself when I jack off so I knew you would really like it.”

“Umm,” I said smiling at him. “I’m glad you did. You can do that anytime you want. If your finger feels that good I can’t wait to have your dick in me.”

Justin’s look turned serious when I said that. He looked at me then said, “Babe, that’s going to take some work. I can’t just lube your hole and my dick then shove it in. I need to stretch you first so it won’t hurt as bad. It will at first but then when you’ve totally stretched and relax, it will be the greatest feeling ever. I read this on the net too and I’ve already been working on myself hoping one day we would be where we are tonight.”

I looked at him then said, “Baby, you seem to have more knowledge about this than I do and since I totally trust you, tell me what we need to do.”

“Well,” Justin said getting up to go to the bathroom. “Do you have some lube? I like KY myself, it’s water base and won’t eat through a rubber.”

I joined in to relieve my bladder and said, “Yeah I do. I use it when I jack, it makes it feel much better than a dry hand.”

On the way out, Justin grabbed a towel. He looked at me and said, “This is so we can clean up after we’re done. The other towel is to put on the bed so you don’t mess up the sheets.”

“You think of everything,” I said smiling.

“I try,” he said back.

We crawled back into bed cuddling together enjoying the closeness we now shared. Hind site being what it is we were both cussing ourselves for not saying something to the other about how we felt. I looked at the clock on my bed stand and it was almost eleven-thirty. I can’t believe we were going at it for over two hours and I still want more. Justin kissed me and said, “Are you ready for more?”

I kissed him back then said, “With you babe, always.”

“Alright,” he said. “Do you want to make love to me first or me you?”

That was an easy question. I rolled on my side and said, “I want to feel you in me first.”

“Alright,” Justin said. “This is going to take time and might be uncomfortable at times but it’s necessary. I sure as hell don’t want to hurt you.”

“I trust you totally love,” I said looking into those green eyes. “It could hurt like hell and it would be heaven because it’s you loving me.”

“I could never hurt you babe so if we do start and it hurts, I want you to tell me,” he said very seriously.

“I will,” I said kissing his cute nose.

I handed him my tube of KY and I watched him squirt some on his finger then rub it on my hole. I got this wonderful feeling and my dick got hard right away. I felt my hole relax and open then he slid his finger back inside like he did before. I felt him start to slide it in and out and I felt so relaxed it was like it belonged there. After a few minutes Justin said, “I want you to bear down like you have to take a crap. When you do, I’m going to slide a second finger into you. Alright?”

“Alright,” I said and I pushed like he said.

As soon as I did, Justin slid a second finger in just a little then stopped. He asked, “Are you ok?”

I felt a little tight but it didn’t hurt. I said, “I’m fine. Go ahead and slide in now.”

I pushed again and he went in with his fingers. It was uncomfortable until he started twisting them around. He hit my prostate and my dick twitched sending me right up the wall. I started moaning as he started wiggling his two fingers in my ass and I could feel my dick start dripping with the attention my hole was getting. Justin kept this up a few more minutes then said, “Do you think you’re ready for a third finger yet?”

I was getting hotter by the minute and it felt that if he rubbed my prostate one more time I would blow without being touched. I felt him wiggle his fingers again so I said, “Go for it love. You have me ready to let you take me now babe.”

“Not yet sweetheart,” I don’t want to hurt you. “Once I start to add the third finger, I‘ll be able to slide in without causing too much discomfort. I made a cardboard cut out of my dick and I know how big around I am. I know that sounds weird but I don’t want you feeling nothing but pleasure.”

The way I was feeling right now I didn’t care what he did. I pushed out then said, “Alright baby, I’m all yours.”

I felt his next finger slip in and my hole got tighter. He paused like he did with his second finger and said, “Relax and bear down.”

I did like he said then he did something that hurt and felt great at the same time. Justin slipped the third finger out and dove the first two back in and rubbed my prostate sending me into bliss. As soon as he felt me totally relax, he put his third one back in and went in half way stretching me. I moaned and said, “Damn babe, you do know what you’re doing. Take me now love, please.”

Justin rubbed his fingers around a few seconds then started pushing them in and out. My dick was dripping so bad I didn’t think the towel would hold it all. He slipped his fingers out and I felt empty. I got on my hands and knees then rested my head on a pillow. Justin was putting KY on his tool when he said, “As soon as you feel my dick touch your hole, you know what to do.”

I felt him slip in behind me and I couldn’t wait to feel my lover join with me. He held onto my hip then he brought his dick to my hole. I pushed out and he slid into the first ring. He waited until he felt my hole relax and open. I wanted him in me now so I said, “Take me love, I’m ready for you.”

I pushed back against his tool and got a little more in so he held onto my hips with both hands and started to slowly make love to me. He pushed forward a little more then said, “I’m two thirds in baby and now we will go to heaven together.”

Justin began working his dick in and out of me slow and smooth. He did this for about five minutes going deeper and deeper with each stroke. On one stroke I felt his balls come in contact with my ass. I was now his and it felt wonderful. I wanted to see him make love to me so I said, “Let me roll over baby. I have got to see your beautiful face while you love me.”

He pulled out and I flipped onto my back and raised my legs for him. He put his tool back in and I laid my ankles on his shoulders so he could properly love me. We would kiss as he came forward and then I felt his breathing get heavier. He started going a little faster as I know he was going to blast off to the moon. His strokes got shorter and erratic then he said, “Baby, I love you with all my heart. I’m going to cum.”

He started speeding up now and hitting my prostate with each stroke. I felt my balls churning and my cum worked it’s way out causing me to erupt. He kept pumping faster and faster them my ass clamped down around his dick. I began to cum without a single person touching my dick. After I blew my first wad, I felt Justin push in all the way. His hot molten seed began to fill my love chute. Blast after blast came out of our dicks then Justin collapsed on my sticky chest. He kissed me sweetly and said, “I love you Anthony Mathis with all my heart and soul.”

“I love you too Justin Cole,” I said as I felt his dick soften and slide out of my ass.

I felt empty yet with him lying on me, I felt complete. Justin kissed me and said; “I think we need to clean up a little before you make love to me.”

I started to get up but Justin grabbed the towel and brought it in between my legs so his seed wouldn’t roll out and make a mess. I saw him smile when the towel looked like a diaper and I said, “Don’t you even say a word.”

He laughed and helped me to the toilet. I sat down and Justin told me to act like I was taking a dump so I could get the bulk of his cum out of my ass. While I was doing this, he ran the water warm and cleaned himself off. When I was finished, he gently cleaned me then looked at my now stretch hole. He smiled and said, “All the things I did paid off love. You’re stretched but that’s all. Are you ready to take me now?”

I nodded my head and then he led me back to our bed. I brought in another towel because if this round was anything like the last one, we would surely need it.

We climbed into bed and Justin lay on his back and pulled his legs up and spread them so I could have easy access to his love chute. I got the bottle of lube and put a good amount on my fingers and rubbed it over his hole. I felt him push out so I inserted my middle finger. I saw him close his eyes and his dick went hard immediately. I began working my finger in and out then Justin said, “Put another one in love. Remember, I’ve prepared myself for you. This won’t take long before you’re in me.”

“Alright babe, here it comes,” I said.

He was right. His hole was loose because my second finger slid in as easily as the first. I felt his prostate as I brought my fingers out and I saw his dick jump each time I hit it. I could tell he was getting hot like I was because he was really leaking even though he had already shot two huge loads already. Justin moaned saying, “Come here love. Put your third finger in me while I lube up your dick. I need you now baby.”

I scooted close to him and he squirted a large glob of lube onto my dick then started rubbing it. I slid my third finger inside then pushed in and out. I had to enter him because if I didn’t I would fire all over his hand. I pulled my fingers out and moved behind my lover in preparation for my grand entrance. He lifted his legs up and I aimed my dick at his waiting hole. I slid forward and he dropped his legs on my shoulders so I could give him every inch of my tool. I touched his hole and he pushed out letting me slide in. I popped in with no problem then stopped to let him get used to my invasion. I looked into his eyes and asked, “Am I hurting you love?”

“Oh no love,” he said kissing me softly. “Go slow but I want you all the way in me.”

I knew Justin was a virgin like me but I wasn’t sure if he could take all six plus inches of me in one shot. I looked at him saying, “Are you sure love? I am bigger than you are.”

“Yes love,” he said. “Slide all the way in.”

I slowly did as he instructed. I felt my balls contact his ass and I knew my mission was complete. I leaned forward and sent my tongue on a search and rescue mission for Justin’s tonsils. I let him get used to me being inside him then I began to slowly pump in and out.

Upstairs my father was waking up from his mid-evening nap. He saw the television was off but mom had left a lamp on so he could find his way to bed without breaking his neck or anything else. He was about to check the front door when his bladder told him he needed to empty it in a hurry. He went upstairs to the bathroom and took care of that problem then checked on Amy and Mom and both of them were sleeping soundly. He was about to join Mom in bed when he remembered he hadn’t turned the light off in the living room. He went back downstairs to turn the light off then he did something that was totally out of context for him. He decided to check on me.

Now I usually lock the bottom door leading into my room so I’m not disturbed when I’m sleeping but on this night, I had a major distraction. The steps leading down to my room were carpeted very heavily because there is nothing worse than squeaky steps.

I was getting into a nice slow pumping rhythm in Justin’s ass and his eyes were closed enjoying the light show he was seeing. I was thankful I had already blasted two loads because I wanted to make this last as long as I could. I know I could keep this pace up for at least fifteen minutes, maybe longer.

Dad checked the front door then headed towards the stairs leading towards my private quarters. I was in my own world and didn’t hear him open the door. The one thing I had done was close the door leading from the bedroom out to other the area. There was a light coming out from under the door so he could see a way to get there without tripping on my love seat. I was pumping away on Justin’s ass when my father opened the door. The next thing I felt was a hand hitting me hard against the side of my head throwing me off my lover. The look on his face and in his eyes really scared me. The last thing I remember was him saying, “I knew my thoughts about you were correct. You’re nothing but a fucking fruit loop and now you both are going to get it.”

He had gone over and locked the bottom door and took the key so Justin and I couldn’t escape. The only way out was up the stairs and out the front door. All the way upstairs, my father was yelling and screaming at the top of his lungs. I was so hoping his verbal tirade would wake my mother up.

I don’t know how long he was gone but I was starting to come around after being clubbed with god knows what. I heard him stomping back down the stairs and he was still cussing to beat the band. He came back over to the bedroom door and said; “Now you’ll both learn what I do to faggots.”

My father took his hand from behind his back and raised a gun up and pointed it at me. I looked over at Justin and took his hand when I heard a voice say, “DADDY! DADDY NO!”

Suddenly I heard “BANG, BANG” then the lights went out.

My mother ran down the stairs and saw everything. She called the police and paramedics. My sister was sitting on the love seat saying, “He was going to hurt them. He was going to hurt them.”

The police arrived and took statements from everyone and Justin and I were taken to the hospital. We were checked out then mom brought us back home. I don’t know what time it was but the next thing I remember was my mother sitting on the side of the bed gently shaking Justin and me. She was saying, “Come on boys, it’s time to wake up. Did you both sleep well?”

I looked into Justin’s eyes and then over at my Mom. I smiled at her saying, “Yeah Mom I did, but I had the wildest dream ever last night.”

The End


Posted: 09/12/08