The Bird and the Bear

 by: Miguel Sanchez

© 2005 by the author


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It was a bright sunny day as I walked down the streets of Tokyo without a care in the world. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Mitsui Yamatta but people call me Charlie. My parents are very old school and I was given the name of my grandfather. When I was younger, I didn’t mind the name so much but now I don’t much care for it. My friends all have more western names and one of my friends called me Charlie and it stuck.

I turned and went into my favorite sweet shop and got a few pieces of candy then continued walking down the street. I chatted with a few friends and was about to turn onto my street when I heard someone yelling at the top of their lungs.

I stopped to listen to the commotion when all of a sudden a boy came flying out of his house wearing just a pair of shorts. He tried to run but this man was right behind him holding some kind of a stick. He lunged at the boy and caught him by the arm then he raised the stick and swung it making this sickening sound. I looked up and he had hit the boy across the butt and the child was dancing holding his butt and screaming in pain.

I was so angry at what I was witnessing that I threw my candy down on the ground and walked towards them. I was about 75 feet away from then when I started yelling. As I got closer the boy saw me and the man went to raise the stick to hit him when I hollered, “Hey if you want to beat on someone, try me.”

The man looked up and saw me walking towards him when the boy was able to wiggle free. He ran towards me and I continued walking towards this slime. When I was about 50 feet from the man the boy hid behind me. I told him to stay put and continued walking.

My father had put me in karate when I was a young boy and it became my favorite past time. I wasn’t the biggest boy in my neighborhood and I was always being taunted and bullied. I would come home in tears, afraid to go back out and play. The karate gave me self confidence and discipline and I soon was being left alone.

I kept walking until I was about three feet from him. He just stood there looking at me then said, “I don’t know who you are kid but you just bought yourself a mess of trouble.”

He raised the stick and prepared to swing it at me and as he was coming down, I stepped to my left allowing it to hit the ground. As soon as it did, I grabbed it and now I had the weapon. I began twirling it around and around deciding what I wanted to do to him when the police showed up.

The man started yelling that I was a local hoodlum. We were separated and I spoke with an officer in Japanese. The man was looking at me as I quietly spoke to the officer but I could also tell the man didn’t understand a word I was saying. I pointed over to the boy who was crouched beside some rubbish bins and the officer went over to talk with him. He helped the boy to his feet then looked down the back of his shorts.

The man was telling the other officer how I tried to attack him to steal his money and the officer looked like he was believing him until the one I was talking to rejoined him. He said something to the officer in Japanese then both of them grabbed the man and put him in handcuffs. The police officer came over and said, “He is being arrested. Now, I just have to figure out what to do with this young man. Do you have any family here in Tokyo son?”

The frightened boy just stood there crying shaking his head no. I didn’t want his boy spending time in a state orphanage and I didn’t think he would be lucky enough to get placed in a foster home so I said, “If it’s alright officer, he comes home with me.”

I wrote down my address and handed it to him then he said, “We will stop by after we process him.”

I smiled at the boy then said, “That will be fine officer. I’m going to take him home and get him cleaned up and talk with my parents.”

I turned to look for the boy again and he was back hiding by the bins. I walked over to him and extended my hand saying, “Hi, I’m Charlie. Charlie Yamatta, what’s yours?”

He took my hand and when I helped him up I saw him wince in pain. He was about the same height as me then he said in a very soft voice, “I’m Tyler.”

I held his hand and together we walked to my house. Mom would be in the kitchen fixing supper and I wanted her to meet him but I needed to find out just how badly he was hurt. We came in the front door and I said, “Hi Mom, I’m home. I’m going to my room and I’ll be out in a minute.”

We took our shoes off then walked quietly down the hall to my bedroom. I closed the door then said, “How bad are you hurt Tyler?”

He just stood there quietly then started to cry. I went over to him and put my arms around him and said, “Tyler, can I see where he hit you?”

He nodded his head then turned red as he slid his shorts and pants down. He turned around and I couldn’t help but let out a gasp as I saw the big red slash across his small buttocks. Tears started rolling down my cheeks as I held my hand across my mouth. I turned him around and held him tightly as we both cried. I gently touched the mark and he winced is pain. I looked into his big brown eyes and said, “I will need to have mom help me here Tyler. This wound needs tending to properly. Is that OK?”

He stopped crying then nodded his head giving me a weak smile in the process. I gently lifted his pants and shorts back up over his body then we walked out into the kitchen. Charlie stood there and when his mother saw him he said, “Mother this is Tyler. He has a problem and we need your help.”

Mom looked at us and could tell we both had been crying. She smiled then said, “Certainly Charlie, what is it?”

I got really tongue tied and didn’t know quite what to say so I turned Tyler around towards me, lowered his shorts and pants then said, “Please help Tyler.”

When Mom saw the big red slash on Tyler’s bottom she covered her mouth then said, “Come here my little bird and we will care for you.”

She extended her arms towards his and instinctively he raised his arms towards her. As she picked him up, his shorts and pants slid off his legs as she carried him to the bathroom. She drew a warm bath and put some herbs into the water. She went to lift him onto the water and he drew back. “Is it gonna hurt?” He asked in a soft voice.

“No little one,” my Mom said in a soothing voice. Charlie soaks in this all the time when he comes home from the Doh Jo.”

Tyler looked at me and I nodded my head yes but he was having none of it. Mom looked at me then said, “Maybe if you get in he will see there is nothing to be scared of.”

I stood up and started undressing then stepped into the warm water. I slowly sat down then held out my arms to him. Mom helped him into the water then he joined me sitting in the water. Mom sat on the toilet then I got up the courage to ask him what was going on between him and who I guessed was his father. I took his hands in mine then asked, “Why was that man hitting you Tyler?”

He started looking at the water then said, “Because I was a bad boy.”

My Mom was fighting to hold back the tears when she said, “What did you do little one?”

He looked up at her and said, “I didn’t pick my room up after I was done playing.”

“So he beat you with a stick?” I asked getting mad at his father again.

He looked at me then said, “I also didn’t come fast enough when he called me. He says a son must be obedient to his father.”

Mom couldn’t take hearing this any more so she left us in the tub. While we were soaking my father came home from work and Mom must have told him about Tyler. He came into the bathroom and said, “Hello son and who is your friend?”

I stood up and he handed me a towel. I wrapped it around my waist and said, “Father, this is Tyler.”

I leaned over and helped him out of the bath and Dad saw his butt. He didn’t say anything but I could tell he was upset. I patted his bottom dry then did the rest of him. Dad picked him up and carried him to my bedroom and laid him on his stomach. He went across the hall into his room and returned with a jar of salve. He took some of the salve and gently rubbed it into Tyler’s butt making sure the marks were covered then I helped him up and handed him a robe to put on. I put a robe on too and we went out to the living room when I introduced my parents to Tyler. My mother came in from the kitchen then I said, “Tyler, I would like you to meet my mother Mitchiko Yamatta and my father Kensi Yamatta.”

Tyler walked over to them and shook their hand and gave each one of them a hug saying, “Thank you for helping me. Your son is very brave just like a bear. I owe him a lot. Thank you Charlie.”

He turned around and ran over to me wrapped his arms around my neck and just hugged me for the longest time. He started wiggling his crotch against my stomach when I thought it might be best if I put his pants on him in case the robe opened. I stood up and said, “Please excuse us for a minute. We will be right back.”

I got Tyler’s shorts and pants then took him to my room and had him put his pants on. When he opened his robe his 4 inch boner was sticking out from his body. I was in awe of him then I asked, “How old are you Tyler?”

“Almost 13,” he said smiling at me. “How old are you?”

“I just turned 14,” I said returning his smile.

“Are you upset I rubbed myself against you?” he asked shyly looking at the floor.

I walked over to him and lifting his chin said, “Oh no Tyler, I’m not upset. I had you put these on so my parents wouldn’t see you if the robe came open.”

Tyler put his pants on then closed the robe and tied the belt. We went back to the living room when my Mom said, “Tyler, are you hungry?”

He smiled and said, “Yes ma’am, a little.”

Mom went back into the kitchen then there was a knock on the door. My father went and answered it and he returned with the two police officers who arrested Tyler’s father. Tyler saw them and came over beside me and cowered. I wrapped my arm around him as the officers talked with my father. Dad came over to Tyler then said, “Tyler, these men need to see your bottom. Don’t worry because Charlie and I will be right there.”

Tyler stood up and removed his robe then blushing dropped his pants. One officer gasped then said, “We are so sorry little one but we need to do this.”

The other officer kneeled behind him and took a couple of photos as evidence then had him dress again. Tyler hopped on my father’s lap then the officers started asking him questions. I went into the kitchen and helped Mother finish fixing dinner.

It took Mom and me about fifteen minutes to finish dinner and I was about to check on Dad and Tyler when they came in to see how we were doing. I saw Dad and asked, “What is going to happen to Tyler?”

Dad said, “I’ll explain everything over dinner.”

I looked at Tyler and he just shrugged his shoulders which meant Dad probably talked in Japanese. We brought everything in and Mom fixed the plates. I started eating and let Dad eat also but this suspense was killing me. I was about half finished when I said, “Dad, please. What is going on?”

He swallowed his food then said, “The first officer said that they were going to charge him with assault with a weapon on a minor, child abuse, battery and mistreatment of a child.”

I looked at Tyler then asked, “How long will he be in prison?”

Dad looked at Tyler then said, “The most he could do is 30 years but they didn’t think he would get the max unless he had done this before.”

Tyler looked at him and said, “He’s done this for as long as I can remember. This is just the first time the police ever showed up.”

I looked at Dad then said, “The only way he will get more time is if there was solid proof the he beat Tyler before. One more question, what will happen to Tyler? Who is he going to stay with?”

We had all finished eating but no one wanted to budge. Dad looked at me then Tyler then said, “I told the officers that we would be Tyler’s foster parents for as long as he needed us.”

We both went to Dad and hugged him when Tyler said, “Thank you sir. I don’t know what to say.”

Dad smiled then said, “Someone from social services will be here in the morning with some papers for us to sign.”

We all cleared the table and put the dishes in the dish washer then Tyler and I went into my room for a little bit. I looked at him and said, “Ty did anyone ever take any pictures when your Dad beat you before?”

He just hung his head but didn’t say anything. I looked at him and said, “Please Ty; did someone?”

He nodded his head. “I have them hidden,” he whispered.

“Wait here,” I said as I went to talk with my Dad. “Dad, Tyler has proof that this happened before. He has photos hidden at his house.”

Dad came in and Tyler took us up to his house and he gave Dad the photos. We came back home and Tyler ran over to Mom and curled up in her lap and started crying again. Mom rocked him and started singing a lullaby to him in Japanese. He laid there still crying while she sang then she said, “Why are you crying little bird?”

“Those pictures,” he said burying his head into her chest. “He hurt me bad then. My friend Chris helped me that time but he moved away.”

I saw Dad looking at the photos and I went over to Mom and Ty because I didn’t want to risk seeing them. Tyler turned onto his side and wrapped his arms around me. “Are you alright Ty?”

“Can we go back to your room my bear?” Tyler asked me?”

I smiled at him and said, “Sure thing my little bird.”

It was late and Tyler and I had a full day. I said good night to my parents and even Ty hugged them too. As soon as the door was closed Ty was in my arms hugging me. We hugged for a few minutes then he started grinding himself against me again. I kissed him on the head and said, “Let’s get our teeth brushed and use the bathroom so we can go to bed.”

We did our nightly business then we returned to my room. We took our robes off and I turned out the lights then we slipped into bed. Ty was back in my arms again and I started rubbing his back and I discovered he was naked. I ran my fingers over the welt and he didn’t wince in pain. I was about to explore his body when I heard on knock on the door. The door opened and my father came in carrying the salve. He set it by the bed and said, “Rub some into the wound in the morning son.”

He leaned over and kissed us both good night then left closing the door behind him. Tyler had his head on my chest and he started rubbing my chest. He kept this up for a few minutes then he said, “Charlie, do you like this?”

I was harder than I’d ever been and I whispered back saying, “Yes Ty, this feels very good.”

“Charlie can I touch you?” he whispered while he continued to rub my chest.

I turned on my side and said, “Yes and can I touch you too?”

“Oh Charlie please do,” he said in a shaky voice.

I felt his hand start to travel down and he gently touched my dick. I shuddered as he wrapped his fingers around it and started to stroke. I rubbed his stomach then slid down to his dick. He moaned as I started stroking then he said, “Charlie I’m going to shoot my sperms.”

Tyler had no staying power but neither did I right now. I felt my sperm come to the surface faster than it ever had before. “Tyler I’m going to shoot too.”

We each fired our juices on the other’s hand and we laid there breathing hard. I reached under the bed and got the towel I use for times like this and got us cleaned up. I felt Tyler’s tears on my stomach and he said, “Thank you my bear.”

I kissed his cheek then said, “Like wise my little bird.”

I wrapped him in my arms and we both slipped off to dreamland. I woke at my usual time and Tyler was still in dreamland on his stomach. I reached over and got the salve and rubbed some into the wound. I was amazed the nasty welt on his butt was almost gone. I felt my bladder tell me it needed to be emptied so I covered Tyler back up then went to the bathroom.

I went into the kitchen and saw Mom at the table having her morning tea. “Morning Charlie,” she said as I went into the fridge and took out the orange juice.

I kissed her then said, “Tyler is still sleeping. The welt on his butt is nearly gone.”

What Mom said next took me by surprise. I sat at the table when she said, “Did you and Tyler have fun?”

I didn’t know what to say. I sipped my juice then said, “What do you mean Mom?”

“Just what I said,” she said. “I know you are not like other boys. You father and I just want you happy.”

I never did anything that would make her suspicious that I didn’t like girls. I looked at her and said, “Yes Mom, we did but please don’t say anything to Ty. I don’t want him feeling bad. I will talk with him and let him know everything is alright.”

“You two make an unlikely pair but one doesn’t question the heart,” she said patting my hand.

I smiled at her then said, “Mom, we’re going to need to go back to his house and get Tyler some clothes.”

“If he has a key that shouldn’t be a problem,” she said.

“We were down there last night but I didn’t think of it,” I said upset with myself.

“You were worried about Tyler,” Mom said as she started to fix me breakfast.”

“What was he worried about me for,” a voice said.

I looked up and Tyler was standing in the kitchen door. I smiled at him and said, “Last night Ty, when we were at your house. I didn’t think to get some clothes for you.”

My little bird came in and sat beside me and I poured him a glass of juice. He looked at me worried then said, “We can get some but will he be back?”

“We don’t think so,” Mom said as she fixed out plates. “We can ask the social worker when he gets here. You can wear some of Charlie’s clothes for now. You both get a bath when you’re finished eating.”

We put our plates in the sink then went back to my room. I dug through my dresser to find some shorts that would fit Ty because he was even shorter than I was. I managed to find a pair that fit him then found him a pair pants. We went onto the bathroom and I started filling the tub then stripped. I saw Ty’s tool proudly standing at attention which caused mine to do the same. Tyler stepped forward and started caressing it then kissed me passionately. What he did next almost made me cum on the spot. He leaned down and kissed my dick. I gasped and said, “Oh Tyler that felt good.”

I regained my composure and cut the water off to the tub. I stepped in first then helped Ty in. He saw my stick still standing tall and this time he did more than kiss it. He kneeled down and took it in his mouth. I closed my eyes and sucked wind and totally wild feelings overtook me. Ty bobbed his head up and down for a couple of minutes then without warning I stiffened and shot into his mouth. He stood up smiling and said, “How did that feel?”

“My god Ty,” I said catching my breath. “That was great. Where did you learn that?”

“A friend showed me,” he said.

I wanted to try that but I knew now wasn’t the time. We had to get our bath and be done before the social worker arrived. We sat down and I washed Ty’s back half while he did the front. When that was done we switched places and he did me. I let the water out then we quickly got dried and dressed. We just finished when Dad came home and said, “I need to be here with your mother to sign papers on Tyler.”

The social worker came and Mom and Dad signed the papers and he looked at the other bed room that technically would be Tyler’s. We told him we had to go back and get clothes for him from his house and he said that wouldn’t be a problem. After he left, Dad went with us to get Ty’s clothes. When we went in this time, Tyler seemed distant and mechanical when we went to get his clothes. He got just what he needed and nothing else. It took us about 15 minutes to pack everything then we left. As we were walking back towards our house Tyler said, “Charlie, I don’t ever wanna go back to that place again.”

Dad heard the comment and said, “We’ll do everything we can to see that that never happens, son.”

After we got Tyler’s clothes put away we went out and played with some of my friends. A few of my friends had said they’d seen him outside his house but could never play because he said he had to be there if his father called him. I felt myself getting sad again at the existence Ty had before he was about to get out of the house. I stood back and watched him play with the others and it was as if he was six instead of twelve. We got a game of football (soccer) up and he was a natural at the game. I played keeper (goalie) and he scored the winning goal for his team.

Afterwards we walked around and then stopped at the sweet shop and I got him and me some candy. It was getting late so we all said our good byes and we headed home. We were hot and sweaty and when Mom saw us she said, “To the bath with you two now.”

Tyler smiled at the knowledge that he would again get to see me naked. As we walked down the hall I noticed Ty’s shorts bulging in the crotch. When we got into my room Ty immediately hugged me. I could see his eyes tearing so I asked, “What’s wrong Ty?”

“Charlie, I had a wonderful time today,” he started. “I’ve seen some of your friends before but I could never go and play. I feel so safe and free and I love you all. I meant what I said about never wanting to go back to my old house again. But most of all, I love you Charlie. You’ve saved me and shown me kindness no one has before.”

I held onto him and let him get everything out. I started undressing him and he let me do this for him. Once he was naked, I removed my clothes then went across the hall onto the bathroom. We took our bath and had a few gropes here and there but nothing more. We were in the middle of the hall when my Dad said, “Did you have a fun afternoon?”

Ty looked up at him and said, “Yes sir we did.”

We quickly got dressed and then set the table for dinner. After dinner we watched television and Ty seemed comfortable watching Japanese programs. Mom would sometimes talk to him in Japanese and he seemed to understand what she was saying and answer appropriately in English. At 10, Dad said it was getting late and we needed to get to bed. Ty asked my Father, “Sir, can I still sleep with Charlie?”

I nodded my head saying it was alright with me so my Dad said, “Yes Ty, as long as it is alright with Charlie, it is fine with us.”

Ty smiled and said, “Oh thank you. I love Charlie so much.”

We did out nightly business then stripped and jumped into bed. We wrapped our arms around each other and kissed and cuddled. I felt Ty’s hand caress me then work its way down to my dick. He rubbed it and it grew under his soft touch. I started caressing Ty’s nail and his soft balls.

Remembering what he did to me earlier, I leaned down and started licking his tool. Tyler felt this and started softly moaning. He turned his head towards my crotch and started licking my tool also. We laid there each sucking the other’s tool trying to give the other the utmost in pleasure. I felt Ty’s dick start to swell then a sweet watery fluid shot out across my tongue. I knew he just orgasmed and that sent me off as well. I cleaned Ty’s dick in my mouth then I let it go and he did likewise. I turned around and held him in my arms as sleep overtook us.

The next few days flew by for us and we were getting closer and closer each day. My heart was really opening up to Ty and I can finally say that I really do love him. He was still asleep and I eased out from under the covers and went to the bathroom. I pulled up a chair and just sat there watching my little bird sleep. He finally stirred then I leaned over and kissed him gently on the lips. He looked at me then I said, “Morning sleepyhead.”

He yawned and said, “Hi yourself. Do you know you’re cute when you stare at me?”

That’s the first time someone has called me that other than my mother and it made me giggle when I heard Ty say it. That was another reason why I loved him so. He had this uncanny way to say something and be so totally innocent about it. I smiled at him then said, “Thanks and you’re cute when you sleep too.”

We put our robes on and went to the kitchen to eat breakfast. We were both surprised to see Dad sitting there having a cup of tea. We both hugged him then I said, “What are you doing home?”

It seemed the prosecutor was coming over to talk with Tyler about the case and Dad wanted to be there in case he got upset or scared. They also couldn’t talk to him without Dad being there now that he is his legal guardian. Dad sipped his tea then said, “There is a man coming over to talk with Tyler about the trial. He is going to explain what he has to do.”

When Ty heard this he started shaking. “I d don’t know Dad,” he said stuttering. “Do I really have to?”

Dad picked him up and set him on his lap then said, “It will be alright son. Charlie and I will be there in the courtroom and no one will be able to hurt you.”

“But my Father will be in there,” he said as tears started to fall. “I’m still scared of him.”

“I know little bird,” Dad said wiping the tears from his cheeks. “But he won’t be any where near you. We will go to the courthouse and I can show you just how it will be, how’s that?”

“I guess so,” Tyler said still not sure if he liked what was going to happen.

It was almost an hour later before the man arrived and Tyler was a nervous wreck. We spent most of that time back in our room cuddling. I told him, “It’s going to be alright baby. Dad and I will be there.”

“I know,” he said. “It’s just the fact my father will be there.”

I looked right into his eyes and said, “I love you Ty, I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Ty wrapped his arms around me and just held on. I was rubbing his hair and holding him lost in our own world and never heard Dad knock on the door. I don’t know what made me look up but I saw him standing there smiling. He rubbed both our heads then said, “Come on boys, it’s time.”

We stood up and walked to the door. Before we went out, Ty took my hand. We went out to the living room and got surprised that there was a woman sitting there instead of a man. Ty stayed close to Dad as she explained everything to him. She sat across from them and said, “Tyler, I’m the assistant prosecutor and I will be the one who will ask you questions. Your Father will be in the courtroom but he won’t be able to hurt you or even talk to you. Officers will be on both sides of you as you come into the courtroom and go to the witness box. In fact, officers will be beside your father if that helps you feel better.”

Ty just sat there listening to everything she said. She asked him if he had any questions and he asked, “Can Dad and Charlie be there?”

“Of course,” she said. “Your Dad must be with you and Charlie can be in the courtroom too.”

Ty was getting antsy on Dad’s lap so he said we could go out and play. As soon as we were outside, Ty reached up and took hold of my hand. We walked around just holding hands not saying anything. We went over to the playground and a couple of boys decided to try to start something. I didn’t know who they were but I said, “I don’t think you really want to start anything.”

“Really,” one boy said? “Why don’t you take the little baby home and give him a bottle?”

I was getting mad but I didn’t want to resort to fighting. Just then several of my friends showed up and Takashi said, “Hey Charlie, are these guys trying to give you a hard time?”

“Not really,” I said. “He’s just running off at the mouth.”

“That’s what I thought,” he said. “All mouth like always. Senji, why don’t you and your friend get out of here before you end up getting hurt?”

The two boys decided the numbers weren’t in their favor so they left. Tai and Sam were with Ty calming him down. Takashi and I want over to Ty and as soon as I got close, he wrapped is arms back around me. I rubbed his head and said, “It’s alright now. Everything is fine.”

We just sat around for a little while and finally Tyler came out of his shell and started playing. It was good to see that side of him return. We played around there until lunch then we all agreed to meet back there later for another football game. Ty and I went home and washed up and Mom had chicken sandwiches for us. Ty was hungry because he ate very little at breakfast. I had just finished my first one when Tyler was finishing his second. Mom got up and made us some more and after finishing his third sandwich, Tyler was finally full.

After we ate, Dad had us go with him into the living room. He sat us on the sofa and said, “I need to let you both know that the trial will be in two weeks. Charlie, I know you love and care for Tyler and this is going to be very difficult for him. Tyler, our little bird, we know this is going to be rough on you but you have people who care for you. Please don’t withdraw from us. Allow us to help you because we want to and we love you.”

Tyler went over to Dad and sat on his lap. He hugged him saying, “I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have you all right now. I think I might have tried to kill myself or something. I just know I wouldn’t have been able to have the strength to do this. I just hope after all this he is put away for a long time.”

Dad rubbed his head then said, “We are all going to do our best to see that happens.”

Ty hopped down and he seemed to be in pretty good spirits. I looked at him and said, “Are you ready to play football?”

He flashed that special smile of his and said, “Yeah man, are you going to play keeper again?”

“Yeah,” I said smiling at him. “You’re not going to beat me like you did last time.”

“Oh yeah,” he said laughing as he walked over towards me. “We’ll just see now, won’t we?”

We went back out and caught up with our friends at the park. We chose up teams and went at it for several hours until we were all to tired to move. In the end the score ended up tied. We took our bath when we got home and this time, we just relaxed in the tub.

After dinner we sat with Mom and Dad for a nice evening of family time together. We were watching a movie on television but the next thing I remembered, it was daylight and I was looking into Ty’s brown eyes. I felt Ty’s hand rub my chest then as was usual for him, it traveled south. What I felt next I didn’t expect though. I felt his hand encase my soft dick and begin to caress it. It seems Dad undressed us before putting us in bed. I scooted over and went exploring Ty and found his tool already erect.

Ty dove under the covers and I felt him lick my thighs. I shuddered then spread my legs because it tickled. Ty started licking my balls and I felt my dick start to leak. This lasted a few minutes then he took my dick in his mouth and started going to work on it. I pulled Ty on top of me so I could get his dick in my mouth and we were locked in our oral expression of love. I felt my balls churn then fire into Ty’s warm mouth. I no sooner started shooing then he did the same. I loved the feelings his mouth gave me but I wish I could last longer before shooting.

Ty was out of his shell all day and for most of the time until two days before we were to be in court. I’d noticed that he started clinging to me and more to the point, Mom. It was if he was reverting back to a little boy and Mom was the only person who could pacify him. At night he wanted me to hold him and caress him while he cooed then would drift off to sleep.

The morning of court Ty seemed to snap out of it. We got up and took our baths before rather than after breakfast. We went into the kitchen and Tyler was first to hug Mom. It was if there was some unspoken language going on between the two of them but it seemed to give Ty the strength he needed.

We went back to our room after we finished eating and got ready for court. We got into some school clothes, a nice pair of slacks and a dress shirt then came out so Dad could drive us to the courthouse. As we got closer to court, Tyler started getting quiet and reached for my hand. He held onto it the rest of the way there letting it go only to get out of the car. We went inside the building then found the room where the case was going to be tried and waited for the assistant prosecutor.

About fifteen minutes later she came walking in with another man and she informed that he would be prosecuting the case. The lady said we had to wait out here until Tyler’s name was called. At that time we could enter and Tyler would be escorted to the witness box. Once he had testified, he could stay in the courtroom if he wanted. Tyler looked at her and asked, “How long is he going to go to jail for?”

She could see he was really scared so she walked over to him and said, “We’re going to try to put him away for as long as we can.”

She rubbed his head then had to go into the court to get ready for the case. We waited another half hour until we heard Tyler’s name called. Two officers came out and he quickly gave Dad and me a hug. We went into the courtroom and found a seat then Ty with his escorts went by. They led him to a box where they put a stool for him to sit on so he could talk into the microphone. One officer helped him onto the stool then walked to the back of the court.

The assistant stood and asked him some basic questions at first. She asked him his name and where he lived and if he knew what was going on and why he was here. He answered her questions clearly and didn’t mumble. She showed him a picture of his rear end and him to tell the judge how he got hurt. Tyler looked at her and said, “My father hit me when I didn’t pick up a few toys off the floor in my room and when I didn’t run to him fast enough when he called my name.”

She asked him, “Is this the only time he’s hit you like this?”

Tyler looked at her and said, “No Ma’am. He’s hit me worse than this before.”

He reached into his pocket and handed her an envelope with pictures in them then said, “This was a bad one. I managed to get over to a friend’s house and he helped me get cleaned up and his Mom took these pictures. It took me almost a month to heal from that one. I don’t know what would have happened if school had been open.”

“Did your father allow you to go out and play with other children?” She asked Tyler.

“No ma’am,” he said right away. “I could sit outside on the step but then I had to be able to hear him if he called. If I didn’t come fast enough when he called me, he would punish me.”

She thought for a minute then she asked him, “If Charlie hadn’t helped you, do you think your father would have hit you again?”

He looked at her and said, “Yes Ma’am, I do.”

She smiled at him and said, “Thank you Tyler.”

His father’s lawyer walked over and said, “Isn’t it true you talk back to your father all the time?”

“No sir,” Tyler said.

“Isn’t it also true you try to strike your father when he disciplines you?” He asked.

“No sir,” Tyler answered again.

“Aren’t you a child that has to be constantly corrected?” he asked.

“About as much as you do,” Tyler said looking at the lawyer.

The lawyer turned then went back to his seat and Tyler came over and sat in between Dad and me. The next person to testify was Tyler’s father. His lawyer asked him to describe Tyler. He father stated that he was a difficult child who was always getting into mischief and when he was at school he was unruly, disruptive and always getting into fights.

He then asked him to tell the judge what really happened that day. His father said that Tyler and been playing his music loud and refused to turn it down. He had spoken to him several times and on the last time he asked, Tyler became verbally abusive and hit him with a metal car he threw at him. When he went over to him he said Tyler struck him then ran out of the house. He said he chased after him catching him outside and he hit him once with his hand. He stated that Tyler picked the stick up and all he did was take it away from him. He then said it was at that time that Charlie came along and took the stick away from him and tried to strike him several times.

His lawyer didn’t have any more questions for him then went back to his seat. The prosecutor walked up and asked him, “Can you explain how this welt, which is in the same shape and size of the stick you had got on his body?”

“I don’t know sir,” he said. “I suppose that other boy hit him with it.”

He then asked Tyler’s father, “How was it then that one of the police officers on the scene also saw the same mark and Charlie was still standing near you when the other officer took the stick away from him?”

“I have no idea,” he said.

He then showed Tyler’s father the photos from an earlier beating and asked, “How long did you punish Tyler this day, sir?”

“I didn’t,” he said. “Tyler was in a fight at school.”

“Really,” the prosecutor said. “Then why haven’t we been able to find one single boy who has ever been in a fight with your son? You claim that he is constantly in fights sir, you would think we could find one person then.”

“I don’t know sir,” he answered.

The defense didn’t have any other witnesses. The prosecution called one final witness and that was Tyler’s teacher. She told the court that he was a very quiet boy who didn’t give her any problems and was liked by the other students. She said she had often seen Tyler come in with bruises on him but his clothes were always clean. The defense had no question for her so the case was turned over to the judge.

The judge looked over the information presented to him then said, “If there is no objection, I am prepared to render my decision.”

Neither lawyer had any problem with hearing the verdict now so the judge continued saying, “Sir I find you guilty on all charges and I hereby sentence you to a term on 3 years in prison at hard labor. Court is now adjourned.”

We were stunned by how little time he would be spending in prison. I looked at Tyler and said, “You’re safe now and we will see to it you don’t have to go back to hem when he gets out.”

The assistant prosecutor came over to Tyler and said, “We will be back in court next week to have his parental rights severed. This way you will be able to stay where you are until you become an adult.”

We shook their hands then left the courthouse and went home. Tyler was quiet yet he wasn’t holding my hand like he was before. I became worried wondering how this would affect him. When we went inside he went right to Mom and curled up on her lap and started sucking on his thumb. He looked lost in his own world and when I went over to him he turned away from me. I tried to rub his head and he moved it away from me. I just stood there trying to just touch him but he wouldn’t let me. I saw Dad sit down and I just ran over to him and started crying saying, “We let him down Dad. It’s not fair.”

Tyler heard me crying and he came over still sucking on his thumb. He took his thumb out and kissed me on the cheek. He rubbed my hair and said, “You didn’t let me down Charlie. I guess justice was served and he will have his rights removed so I can stay here.”

I turned around and hugged him saying, “I love you Ty and I will always be here for you.”

He smiled at me and reached out his hand. I kissed my Dad then got up and took it as he led me down the hall. He took me to our room then hugged me and started crying again. I picked him up and sat him in the bed then got him out of his good clothes. As I was getting undressed, Ty curled up under the covers. I got in and took him into my arms and drifted off to sleep. We slept a few hours until Mom came in and woke us for lunch. We ate then spent the rest of the afternoon playing video games and just staying close to each other. That night we held each other until we drifted off to sleep.

Ty started staying out of his shell longer and longer until every day he was a happy carefree boy. When school started he had made many friends. He has a wonderful and out going personality and was popular at school. The love we had for each other has grown and Mom and Dad support it.

Time flew and Tyler had all but forgotten about his father until the day the prosecutor came by to inform him he had been released. Tyler had just turned 15 and Mom and Dad were his permanent foster parents. The prosecutor also had the judge issue an order of protection which meant he wasn’t allowed to be with in 500 feet of Tyler. He had also been ordered not to return to the city.

Ty started getting scared again and didn’t want to venture out to see his friends. I looked at him and asked, “Are you going to let him dictate your life forever?”

“Oh my bear,” he started. “You’re still the strong one but I will try to be what I was before he got out.”

He hugged me then we went out for a couple of hours and his friends were happy to see him. It took him some time but the Tyler from school was back again. One day all our friends got together for another football game and after several hours of hard play the game indeed in a tie as I stopped Ty’s scoring attempt.

We stopped in at the sweet shop for our favorite candy and a soda. We all stood around and talked for another few minutes then some of the boys needed to get home. Tyler, Takeshi, Sam and I decided to go by Sam’s house. We were walking and talking when Sam and Tyler started joking around. They were pushing and shoving each other just acting like teens when Sam jokingly punched Ty in the arm. Ty looked at him then started chasing Sam around trying to catch him. The two boys stopped the horseplay and rejoined us then Sam punched Tyler again and took off running down the street. Tyler took off after him followed by Takeshi and myself. Sam slowed to a walk allowing Tyler to catch him and I passed Takeshi to get to Tyler.

I had almost reached Ty when a saw a figure step out from in between two building holding a large pipe in his hands. He raised the weapon above his head then everything started going in slow motion. I started running faster then I hollered, “Tyler DUCK!”

Ty turned to look at me but in the process his back was turned to the assailant and couldn’t see the weapon. Using my knowledge of the martial arts, I propelled myself so I could deliver a flying sidekick to his upper chest. I thought I was going to hit him first but he swung hitting Tyler on the side of his neck. When the assailant swung he flexed a little in the knees and when I made contact with his body I missed his chest and hit him in the head and neck instead.

When my feet came back to the ground I ran over to Tyler. Sam saw what happened and called the police. I looked at Tyler and I knew not to move him so all I could do was hold his hand and caress his cheek. I looked down at him as my tears fell. I turned and for the first time saw who the assailant was; it was Tyler’s father. I heard sirens coming and I still had Tyler’s hand in mine. Not only did the police arrive, but so did paramedics. One of the officers wanted me to come and talk with him but I wouldn’t let go of Tyler’s hand. The paramedic looked at him and looked at the officer and said, “This young man is dead.”

I fell onto his body and cried saying, “NO TYLER, NO! You’re free now little bird. I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you from your father.”

I was crying so hard I didn’t feel the officer and paramedic pick me off him. They sat me in the officer’s car while the paramedic went to check on Tyler’s father. The paramedic told the officer he too was dead. When I learned he was dead I wasn’t sorry but it wasn’t my intention to kill him, just prevent him from hitting Tyler.

Much to my surprise Takeshi had seen everything and told the police what had happened. Sam called my parents and then next thing I really remember was my Dad stroking my hair and holding my hand.

The police took everyone’s statement and I was released to my parent’s custody pending a decision by the prosecutor. My Dad took me home and I spent the rest of the night in the bed I once shared with Tyler. My parents came in and sat beside me and I broke down again. “Why Dad?” I asked. “I loved him so much, why Tyler? Why did his father hate him so much? Tyler was such a good boy and he never hurt anyone. He didn’t deserve to die.”

Dad picked me up and set me on his lap and said, “Son, Tyler’s father was just mean. I agree that he didn’t deserve to die and you did everything you could to protect him. There is so much hatred in this world. Do you think his father knew about his secret?”

“I don’t think so,” I said looking at him. “Tyler never said much to me about it but that was probably because I already knew about it. He never gave me any indication that that was another reason he feared him. What am I going to do now Dad? I’ll never find someone as good and caring as Tyler.”

“Don’t ever say never my son,” Dad said. “Never is a very long time and there are people out there you haven’t met yet. I know you will never meet another Tyler again because he was one of a kind.”

Dad and I talked for another few minutes then we went out and had dinner. Two days later Tyler was buried in our family plot. Dad didn’t hesitate to put him there because he considered him a member of our family.

After the funeral I spent several days in my room remembering all the good times we had in the almost three and a half years we were together. I guess Mom was right when she first told me we were an unlikely pair. I guess looking back she was right but still to me it seemed so right having a bird love a bear.

The End

Posted: 08/01/08