Taylorís Christmas Present 

Miguel Sanchez

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Taylor moved into the neighborhood with his mother two weeks before Christmas. It was bad enough that he was going to be the smallest kid in his class but he would be in a new town at the worst time of the year. Christmas for Taylor was always a sad time for him ever since the one love in his life died two years before in a freak accident that Taylor mostly felt was he fault.

Taylor's friend Toby and he were sledding down a steep slope that dumped out onto a frozen lake. All the kids had used the lake for skating and playing hockey so neither of them thought it wouldn't be safe for them to sled on. That day, the sun came out and the temperature was a little warmer than normal. All the kids were skating on the ice for about 5 hours then there was a pick-up game of ice hockey. Taylor and Toby waited until everyone was finished so they could sled down onto the ice and not risk hitting anybody.

Once the ice was clear, the boys decided it was time for them to have some fun. Since it was Toby's sled, Taylor thought it fair that he go first. Toby put his feet on the controls and held the rope tight as Taylor gave him a shove. Toby started off slow when gradually built up speed going down the hill. Faster and faster he went and he came sliding to a stop about 3 feet onto the ice.

"Damn dude," Toby shouted. "That was a killer slide. I'll be back up there in a few and you can have a go."

Toby ran back up the hill and gave Taylor a turn. Taylor was lighter than Toby so he flew down the hill and slid almost 2 feet further than his pal. He looked up at his boyfriend with a huge grin on his face. ďYouíre right babe, killer run.Ē


The boys had a blast sledding for almost an hour. It was starting to get dark when they decided to make a tandem run for their last one of the day. Toby got on first then Taylor. He wrapped his little arms around Toby's waist and pushed off to start the run. Down the slope they went, slowly at first then picking up speed. The boys started yelling and whooping so much Toby didn't see they were off course until Taylor hollered. "Baby, watch out!"

Toby turned the sled sharply so he would miss the tree but in doing so, Taylor lost his grip and fell off the sled sliding against a tree. Toby was going very fast and hit the ice at a great speed. He dug his heels into the ice trying to slow down when he hit a weak spot and the ice caved in taking both Toby and the sled under.

Taylor was paralyzed with fright and fear and didn't know what to do. He was about to run to get help with Toby's father came looking for the boys. Taylor hysterically told the man what happened and he quickly called for an ambulance and rescue team. All during the rescue, Toby's father comforted Taylor and never blamed him once for the accident. After 2 hours of searching, the divers finally recovered Toby's body. The doctors at the hospital tried using every hypothermic warming method they knew but try as they might, they just couldn't bring Toby back.

Taylor was hysterical and would not stop crying until he had to be sedated. After the funeral, Taylor was hospitalized for severe depression and after 6 months of therapy he was finally able to admit the accident wasn't his fault. 

As Christmas time got closer and closer, Taylor started getting depressed again. His mother did the only thing she could so she decided to move, hoping this would bring her son out of his gloom.

Taylor looked at her and said, "Mom, I don't know why you had to move us away? You know I get sad this time of the year but I'm not going bonkers or anything. Now I'm going to have to make new friends two weeks before Christmas. I'm not only going to be the new kid in class but I'm going to be the smallest. We have one week of school before the break. How about I get my schedule and start after the new year?"

"No chance son," His mom said. "Your grades have fallen to just below a B and you're going to need all the help you can get if you're going to keep them from going even lower."

"Oh Mom," Taylor said. "You make it sound like I'm failing."

"Not at all," she said. I just want you to do the kind of work you're capable of, that's all."

"Thanks for all the support," Taylor said as he stormed off into his room and slammed the door."

The one thing Taylor had in his room that he loved was his computer. He could log on to the internet then chat with all his old friends. He had two good friends who knew he was gay and that he loved Toby with all his heart. One of them was in a group of other young gay teens and he heard there were a couple of gay kids in Taylor's area but didn't have a clue who they were.

His friend Bobby told him to keep his eyes open because he was certain they went to his school. One was in the seventh grade and the other was in the eighth. Taylor said he would and he promised to keep them informed if he found out who they were.

The weekend passed very slowly for Taylor and when it came time for bed, his mother said, "I don't want you staying up late young man. You have school tomorrow and you will be going. Do I make myself clear?"

When his mother said that, Taylor had no hopes of talking her out of it. He just sighed and said, "Yes ma'am. I'll be in bed no later than ten-thirty."

His mom closed the door then Taylor quickly found his spot in the story he was reading on Gay Teen Authors. He finished reading the story then used the bathroom before going to bed.

Once in bed, Taylor's thoughts went to the story he was reading and then to Toby. He missed his boyfriend but he could still remember everything they did in his mind. The best thing he loved about Toby was the way they would just cuddle close together and let their hands roam over their bodies. Toby had talented hands and soon, Taylor was sporting major wood. He slid out of his boxers and let his hands roam over his little tool. Taylor had Toby in his mind now and soon was using two fingers on his little dick and his other hand to caress his little balls.

Taylor's body wasn't very big. At twelve years of age he stood only four foot six and weighed just eighty pounds. His tool had managed a little growth and he even saw a few wisps of hair along its base. The one thing he could do however was have wet orgasms. He had been doing that for a few months now and he had so wanted to share that with Toby.

After a few minutes of jacking, Taylor put his two fingers in his mouth and got them wet with his saliva. As soon as he started jerking again, he felt his balls start to churn letting him know his release was near. He envisioned Toby's hand stroking his boy cock and he then felt the liquid pleasure beginning to work its way toward the tip of his dick. Faster and faster he stroked and then he erupted. "Umph, ungh, oh Toby," Taylor said in a muffled voice so his mother wouldn't hear him.

He let loose with three small watery blasts of boy juice onto his heaving stomach. He lay there recovering from his orgasmic bliss then goes into his bathroom to clean off the mess he made then drifts off to sleep.

The next thing Taylor felt was his mother's hand shaking him. "Wake up son. It's time to get ready for school. Breakfast will be ready in fifteen minutes. Now get your shower. I don't want you late on your first day of school."

"Oh alright Mom," Taylor moaned from under the covers hoping she wouldn't yank them down because he was still naked from his pleasure excursion.

He pulled himself out of bed and walked to the bathroom so he could get his shower. Since he solved his problem last night, he didn't have more than his usual morning wood to contend with. He was in and out of the shower in record time and eating breakfast without having to hear his mother yell at him again.

Taylor ate quietly while his mother drank her usual morning coffee. After he was finished, he put his plate in the dishwasher then went to wash his face and hands. This never made sense to him since he had just taken a shower but it was one of those things he doesn't argue with his mother about.

It was now seven-thirty and time to face the music. He knew this was going to be worse than getting a cavity filled at the dentist. In fact, Taylor would rather be there than Woodland Middle School. His mother pulled the car in front of the school and Taylor tried to bolt before receiving his usual and customary kiss from his mother. "Have a good day sweetie. I'll see you at home after work."

'Right Mom,' Taylor thought. 'Don't you mean you'll be home to bury the corpse?'

"Bye Mom," Taylor said with a forced smile on his face. "I'll see you later."

Taylor closed the door and headed off to face the music. As Taylor was walking towards the front doors, a kid came up to him and said, "Look at the new munchkin. It looks like they're making them smaller this year."

Taylor wanted to hide on the spot. He just looked towards the ground and did his best to ignore that taunt. As he was getting his thoughts together another voice said, "Hi. My name is Andy. You look new here."

Taylor stopped in his tracks and looked around at where the voice was coming from. He looked to the front again when he saw a boy who wasn't much taller than he was. He smiled and said, "Ah, yeah. I am Taylor Murphy. My Mom and I moved here Friday. Great time to be a new kid, huh?"

"Don't worry about it," Andy said. "There's only three days then we're out of here until next year. One more thing, don't let those ninth grade guys get to you. I know someone who has those guys' number. If they try to give you a hard time, Marvin will get them."

Taylor silently giggled when he heard the name Marvin but then thought someone with that name had to be tough. He looked at Andy then said, "Three days? My mom told me a week. I guess it won't be all that bad after all. Can you show me where I go to get my schedule?"

Andy smiled at him and said, "Sure thing Taylor, follow me."

Both boys went inside and headed off to the office. Andy showed Taylor the way then said, "Here you go dude, I have to run. I need to study for a test in science and I need to cram or else. Hope you're in a few of my classes."

Taylor suddenly seemed alone again but said, "Sure thing Andy. Hope you pass your test. Catch you later."

Taylor went inside the office and looked at the lady sitting at the desk behind the counter. She looked up at him and said, "Is there something I can do for you young man?"

"Yes Ma'am," Taylor said. "I need to get my schedule. My name is Taylor Murphy."

The secretary looked his name up in the computer and Taylor heard paper being printed. The lady got up then handed him his schedule. "Here you go young man. There are only three days of school this week so there isn't much you will be able to do. You will get to meet your teachers and make a few friends. You will be able to dive into your classes when we return from the holidays. I have your transcripts from you old school and I see you're a good student. Good luck here at Woodland Middle."

'Nothing like a pep talk before dying,' Taylor thought as he took the paper from the secretary.

He went out of the office and walked slam into a kid and fell backwards onto his ass. He looked up at the kid and tried to focus thinking, 'Man, I really did it now. Mom can bury me next to Toby.'

As Taylor's eyes cleared up and he saw the kid lean down saying, "Are you alright little dude? I sure hope you aren't hurt?"

The kid reached his hand down to Taylor so he could help him up. As soon as they touched, Taylor felt something go through his body he hadn't felt in a long time. He managed a smile as the boy helped him to his feet. Taylor quietly said, "I'm OK. I just bruised my pride a little, that's all."

The big kid said, "That's good. I really don't like hurting people."

Taylor relaxed and thought, 'Man, this kid is huge. I don't know if his name is Marvin but if it is, I like him. Just remember not to piss him off because he can sure pound the hell out of me.'

"Don't worry about it," Taylor said. "It was my fault for not looking where I was going. I better get to class."

"You're new here?" the kid said. "Where is your first class?"

"Room 104," Taylor said.

"Go straight down that hall and it's on your right," the kid told him.

Taylor started walking in the direction told and said, "Thanks. I would have never found it."

Taylor's first class was health and they were discussing human sexuality and reproduction. He showed the teacher his schedule and took a seat near the back of the class. He hoped his size would come in handy for not being called on. It worked because hardly any one knew he was even there.

When the bell rang Taylor saw Andy and showed his young friend his schedule. They had the rest of the morning together and Taylor felt his day seem just a little brighter.

During lunch, Taylor asked Andy where he lived. He was disappointed when he learned Andy lived several miles from him and there was no way they could see each other without the help of their parents. Andy looked at his friend and said, "Don't look so down Taylor, school is going to be out and I'm sure I can get my mother to get me over to your place. I've got a computer too and I have Yahoo Instant Messenger."

Taylor's face lit up when he heard that. "Really, so do I? I love to chat and I stay in touch with all my old friends from where I used to live."

Taylor scribbled his screen name down for Andy and his friend did like wise. Andy smiled and said, "Great. I'll add you when I get home and we can chat as soon as I get all my homework done."

"Sounds good Andy," Taylor said and they were off for their afternoon classes.

The boys were about to turn the hall when Taylor said, "Look at that dude Andy. He helped me up this morning. For a big kid, he seems nice. Is that Marvin?"

Andy quickly turned to see what his friend was talking about but said, "Who are you talking about Taylor? There's no one there."

Taylor looked down the hall and said, "Guess he went into a classroom. Ah, never mind."

The boys headed off together for Math, History and Social Studies. Andy was in two of Taylor's final three classes and after school they met back at their lockers. Andy looked at his friend and asked, "How are you getting home?"

"I live just a few blocks away so I have to walk," Taylor asked. "How about you?"

"My mom is picking me up," Andy replied. "Maybe tomorrow I can get you a ride but I have to go to the doctor's for my monthly allergy shot."

"No problem," Taylor said smiling. "I'll catch you online later tonight."

The boys split up and went their own ways. Taylor went out the side door as that was closer to his street. About half way home the kid that called him a munchkin started in again with the taunting. "Well, well if it isn't the little squirt again. How about you show me what you have in that bag?"

Taylor tried to ignore him and kept walking but the kid wouldn't leave him alone. As he walked past him, Taylor felt a hand grab hold of his back pack and throw him to the ground. Taylor tried to stay strong and said, "Why don't you just leave me alone? I haven't done anything to you?"

"Why?" the big kid said. "Why, because I'm bigger than you and I can do what I want."

Taylor looked away fearing he was going to get hit when all of a sudden the bigger kid went flying. Soon, Taylor was being helped up by the same mystery boy he walked into earlier that day. As he was being helped to his feet, Taylor said, "Thanks again. We always seem to be meeting this way with me on my back and you helping me to my feet."

"No problem," the mystery boy said. "I hate seeing kids like him try to bully smaller ones like you."

Taylor's eyes were clear this time and he had the quickness to stick his hand out and say, "Well thanks any way. My name is Taylor. What's yours?"

The boy shook his hand but said something that totally shocked Taylor. He said, "Ah don't worry about it. I know you'd laugh like everyone else does."

Taylor took a chance. "Is your name Marvin, because if it is, I would never laugh at you or your name."

The boy looked surprised at Taylor's answer. A small smile came to his face then he said, "Yeah, I'm Marvin. I helped your friend Andy when he came here too. It seems like I'm going to have to teach that kid over there a lesson on not picking on smaller kids."

"Marvin if you do that, you're going against everything you stand for. I think if you just tell him to leave us all alone or else, he might get the point and you won't have to hit him or anything else."

Marvin thought about it for a minute. "Come on with me Taylor."

Marvin and Taylor walked over to the kid still lying on the ground. He had a very shocked look on his face when he heard Marvin say, "Look kid, I don't know how many times I'm going to have to say this but it's the last time. If I ever see you or any other bigger kid try to pick on Taylor here or any other smaller kid, you will regret it. Do we have an understanding?"

The bigger kid nodded his head yes then got up and ran away. Taylor was amazed at what just happened. He looked up at Marvin then asked, "Would you like to come over to my house? I can fix us something warm to drink?"

Marvin thought about it for a minute then said, "I don't think so Taylor, not today. My Dad expects me home at a certain time every day and I'd really get it if I'm late."

"Well," Taylor said coyly. "How about you tell him you're going to be a little later tomorrow and you can come over then? One more thing, would you like to be my friend?"

Taylor had stuck his hand out again and Marvin took it. "I'll talk with my Dad tonight and sure, I'd like to be your friend. Most kids in the neighborhood are scared of me because I'm so big. It's nice to have a friend who likes me just for me."

"I sure do," Taylor said. "You're the second friend I've made today. Maybe the holidays won't be so bad after all."

Before the boys went their separate ways, Marvin reached his arm down and drew Taylor into a little hug. Taylor smiled inwardly to himself as this was happening but also felt he might have more than a friend in Marvin. Marvin released his little friend and said, "If you give me your number, I'll call you later."

The boys exchanged addresses and phone numbers then went their separate ways. Taylor was walking home with a huge smile on his face. When he turned onto his street, he saw his mother was already home but not even that could remove the grin. He opened the door and said, "I'm home."

His mother came into the living room and said, "What took you so long. I was getting worried and look at you, your clothes are filthy. Did you get into a fight?"

"Well almost," Taylor said smiling again. "I made a new friend and he got the bully to leave me alone. I don't think I will be having any more problems from the bigger kids at school any more. His name is Marvin. He's real cool and man is he big. He looks like he's 16 but he goes to our school so I think he's probably 14. I want to have him come over tomorrow afternoon for some hot chocolate and to show him my room. Is that alright?"

Taylor's mother had to think about it for a few minutes but considering her son doesn't know anybody she said, "All right Taylor. He can come over. I don't suppose you have any homework?"

"No ma'am," Taylor said smiling. "Oh one more thing Wednesday is the last day of school. Here is the paper the school sent home with everyone."

"Great," she said frowning. "There's no way I can get Thursday and Friday off from work. As it is now, I'm going to have to get you a sitter for 10 days. I can't afford two more."

"A WHAT?" Taylor shouted. "I'm twelve years old. I don't need a babysitter. I can check in with you at certain times during the day and I can let you know if I'm going to a friend's house or something. Also, one day I might be going over to my other friend Andy's house if that's alright with his mom first. Here is Andy's number so you can put it in the phone then call his mom when we can work those things out. Also, here is Marvin's number."

She thought for a moment then said, "Well, we can give your idea a try this week and if you are good about calling and letting me know what you're doing, I might cancel the sitter.

Taylor thought about it for a minute and said, "I will mom and I hope you do more than just think about it."

Taylor went upstairs and turned on his computer and added Andy to his Yahoo buddy list. After he did that, Taylor went and stretched out on his bed and thought about the day's events.

Over at Marvin's house he was telling his father about the kid he protected while they ate dinner. He stuffed food into his mouth while saying, "I tell you Dad that bully didn't seem to take the message I gave him when he went after Andy, the other new guy at our school. Taylor is the guy I stuck up for today and he did something that really made me think."

His father swallowed his mouth full of food then said, "Now son, I hope you're not moving to fast here. You remember what happened at the last school?"

"Geez Dad," Marvin said. "How can I forget when that stupid homophobe outted me in front of all my friends and I got the crap beat out of me? Besides, I feel something special for Taylor. It's something like I felt for Byron before his parents up and moved. I get this strong feeling he's gay Dad but I'm not going to say a word to him until I know him better. But any way, Taylor said that if I pounded this kid, I would be going against everything I stood for in helping smaller kids without beating the bully's up. I did put the fear of God into him if he ever picked on anyone again."

"I think this Taylor boy just might be the kind of friend you need son whether or not he turns out to be gay," his father said smiling at his only child."

Marvin was a tall muscular kid who stood five foot three inches and weighed just over one hundred and twenty pounds. He loved to play soccer and was one of his team's top goal scorers. Away from the field however, Marvin was a very lonely boy. All the kids in his neighborhood were much smaller and they were all somewhat scared to play with him. If they only knew he would never hurt them he would love to teach them all how to play soccer properly. Well Marvin learned to cope with being big so he just kept to himself and watched out for all the bigger guys that loved to pick on smaller kids.

Marvin looked up at his dad and said, "How come you didn't kill me when you found out I was gay? I mean Mom split and divorced you. Why didn't you put me out or up for adoption?"

Tears started to fill his father's eyes when he heard his son ask that question. He pulled his son onto his lap and said, "It's like this, when you have a child he's yours to raise until he is eighteen years old. You still have four years to go then you can move out if you want. If you want to go to college, you have a place to stay while you're there. This is your home too son and I could never put out my only son. Sure I was disappointed that I won't have a grandchild but seeing you with a boyfriend, growing old together will be good enough."

Marvin had tears rolling down his face when he heard what his dad just said. He cleared his throat and said, "Dad, I know I don't say this enough but I want you to know that I do love you very much."

"I love you too son," his father said as he kissed him on the cheek.

"Oh Dad," Marvin said sitting up. "I almost forgot that Taylor invited me over tomorrow after school so we can have some hot chocolate. May I go, please?"

The older man thought for a minute then said, "If you don't have any homework it will be alright. Just please call me when you get there so I know you're alright."

"OK Dad," Marvin said. "I don't really think I will because tomorrow is the next to the last day before break."

"Speaking of that," his dad said. "What are you going to be doing while you're out of school and I'm at work? I don't want you hanging around the mall because of the shoplifters."

"I don't know yet Dad," Marvin started talking. "I might just hang with Taylor if it's alright with his mom. Here is their phone number."

"Did you look closely at this paper son?" his dad asked.

Marvin reach for the paper then said, "Oh wow. They live on the next street. How cool is that. We're practically neighbors. Will you call her and see if we can play together either at his house or ours? We won't make a mess, I promise."

His father was laughing at his son's antics. "Sure I will. I'll do it while you're in the shower. Now scoot my big little kid."

Marvin inwardly hated that nick-name but he know his dad said it with love so he never said anything. He got up off his old man's lap and headed to his room for some clean underwear.

Back at Taylor's house Taylor was chatting with his friends from his old neighborhood. The chat went like this:

Cooldude1: Man this kid is big but God is he sooo cute. When he hugged me I popped a bone so big I was afraid he was going to feel it then really pound me.

Buddybear: If you got that kind of vibe from him, I don't think he would have hurt you. What did you say his name was?"

Cooldude1: His name is Marvin but he didn't tell me his last so I don't have any more than that.

Buddybear: I will see what I can find out. I think I might know who he is and if it is the guy I'm thinking about, he is gay and available.

Cooldude1: Don't yank my chain Bud. I can't get my hopes up and then take a crash.

Buddybear: No shit dude. This guy is looking and hard too. He got outted at his last school then his boyfriend's parents moved and left him high and dry.

Cooldude1: Oh wow, what a bummer. I hope he is the guy you know. He is going to ask his Dad if he can come over for a while tomorrow.

Buddybear: Great news. Just be cool and have a good time. Hey, I have to go. TTYL

Taylor logged off and shut his computer down for the night. He was just about to take his shower when he heard the phone ring. He grabbed the extension in his room and then heard a man and his mom talking. He ran downstairs saying, "Is that Marvin's Dad?"

"Yes," his mother said. "Go take you shower and you can call him when you're out."

Taylor flew to his room stripping as he went so he could take the quickest shower on record. When he got done he said, "Mom, I took my shower. Can I call Marvin now?"

"Yes you can," she replied. "But I want you in bed in thirty minutes. You have school tomorrow."

Taylor wasn't happy that he had so little time to talk but it was better than nothing. The two boys talked like they had known each other for years and then Marvin said, "Hey Taylor, I have to go but I can come over after school. I'll see you then, alright?"

"Way cool," Taylor said. "I'll meet you at my locker. Do you know which one it is?"

"Yeah I do and I'll meet you there," Marvin said and he hung up the phone.

Taylor was beyond happy. He was on cloud nine and had trouble falling asleep. After a sexy jack, he was finally able to drift off to sleep.

Taylor was up bright and early and this surprised his mother. She smiled at him and said, "Are you sick son? Am I going to have to take you to the doctor's.?"

"Come on Mom," Taylor said. "Thanks for letting Marvin come over this afternoon.

She looked at her son and said, "Look Taylor, I know about you and Toby and I was very sad for you when he died. I know you loved him and you two were boyfriends. Marvin sounds like a wonderful boy but he might not be gay. I don't want you to get your hopes up on something that might not be."

"I know Mom," he replied. "I just want to be friends for right now. If he is gay and we become boyfriends, cool. If not, I will still be his friend. He's to cool to loose."

School flew by for Taylor that day and soon he was at his locker waiting for his friend to meet him so they could go home together. He turned his head and saw Marvin heading for his locker. He closed the door and ran towards him jumping in the air to give him a high five. Marvin said, "Nice leap Ty. I hope you don't mind me calling you that. I think it fits you."

"Not at all," Taylor said. "I had a friend back home who called me that."

"I'm not bringing back memories am I," Marvin asked.

"A little but they're good ones and I don't think he would mind," Taylor responded.

The boys chatted like old friends and soon they were at Taylor's house. As they entered, Marvin said, "Hey I didn't tell you that I live on the next street."

"Really?" Taylor said. "That's so cool. Maybe we can have sleep-overs?"

"Sounds good," Marvin said as he took his muddy shoes off by the door.

Taylor fixed the hot chocolate and took Marvin to his room. He was impressed with everything he had especially his computer. He didn't have one but he had asked his dad if he could find him a used one for Christmas. It was the only thing he wanted.

Between chatting online and playing video games, the boys lost track of time until Taylor hear his mom say, "Boys I'm home. It's almost five-thirty."

Marvin jumped up and said, "Man I better get going or my Dad's going to ground me."

Mrs. Murphy heard this and said, "No son, you won't be grounded. Your Dad thought you guys might hit it off and told me to have you home by six. It's very nice to meet you and it's good Taylor here has made some new friends already."

"Thank you Mrs. Murphy," Marvin said. "Ty here is a cool dude and I'm the lucky one."

The three of them talked until it was time for Marvin to leave. Mrs. Murphy said, "Marvin, tell your father it's alright if you guys play together over the holidays. I think you will help keep Taylor here out of trouble."

Taylor turned a few shades of red then said, "Oh Mom. I don't get into trouble but thanks for letting us hang out. You're cool."

The rest of the week flew by and Marvin and Taylor were becoming fast and close friends. Andy came over one day and got to meet the big kid for himself. They all had a great time.

The days were quickly counting down and Christmas was getting closer and closer. Each boy was asking their parent for the same thing. They each wanted to get the other a special gift just to say how much they valued the other's friendship. Marvin got Taylor a gold chain with his initial and Taylor got the same thing for Marvin.

On the evening of December 23rd, Taylor got a phone call that totally destroyed the plans he had hoped for. The phone rang and it was Marvin saying, "Hey Ty, it's Marvin. I kinda have some bad news and I wish I could do something about it but I can't. My Dad and I have to go see my Aunt. We're leaving tomorrow morning and we will be back on the evening of the 25th."

Taylor was crying hard now. He said through streaming tears, "Alright Marvin. I know you wouldn't do this unless you had no choice. I want you to know I'm going to miss you and you're my best friend. I will see you when you get back. Please be safe."

Marvin was crying now and he said, "I will Ty. You're my best friend to. I'll be over as soon as we get home just to wish you a Merry Christmas."

Taylor hung up the phone and ran into his mother's arms. He said crying loudly, "He has to go away for Christmas Mom! He can't be here. I've never said this to him but I love him. I don't want a thing except him for Christmas now."

"Clam down my little boy," his mom said softly. "I know you love him. I can see it in your eyes when the two of you are together. We have some last minute things to do tomorrow so that should help the day go by a little faster. Please son, don't go getting depressed. He'll be back the day after tomorrow."

"I won't Mom," Taylor said. "I was thinking about asking him if he would be my boyfriend. I know he's gay Mom. I can just feel it."

"Alright son," she said stroking his hair. "If you want, I'll call his Dad so we can all talk with them if he should say no. How does that sound?"

"That sounds good," Taylor said. "I'm a little sleepy Mom so I'm going to get some sleep. Night and I love you."

She kissed him on the head and said, "I love you too son. Sleep well and I'll see you in the morning."

Taylor drifted off to a fitful sleep dreaming about Marvin. He never knew he could love someone else after losing Toby. He was in some ways just like his first love. But in more ways, he is different and that's what he likes about Marvin.

Taylor woke about nine thirty and just before lunch time, he and his mother were off to the mall for last minute shopping. Mrs. Murphy did the one thing she never did while shopping there. She and Taylor had lunch in the food court. Taylor ate himself silly and his mother a little lighter in the cash department.

They finally got home just before supper so they decided to finish wrapping the gifts after dinner. Once all the gifts were wrapped, Mrs. Murphy looked at the clock and said, "Son, it's almost eleven-thirty and you look exhausted. Why don't you head on off to bed?"

"Yeah Mom," Taylor said. "I am beat. I'll see you in the morning."

When Taylor got his nightly rituals finished, he kneeled beside the bed and said, "Dear God. It's me Taylor. I know we haven't talked in a real long time but there is just one thing I would like you to do for me. My friend Marvin is visiting his Aunt and well, I wish there could be some way he could get home a little sooner so I can give him his very special Christmas present. I really understand if you can't make this happen but I just wanted to ask any way. Thanks God. Amen."

Taylor crawled under the covers and fell off to sleep dreaming yet again about Marvin. Taylor woke up and eight and went to see if his mother was awake. He opened the door and found her bed empty. When he came down the stairs, she had breakfast already prepared and on a television table by the couch. The boy was starving and he ate the food with lightning speed. His Mom took the plate from him then handed him a small gift she'd bought him.

It was a new CD he had been wanting and he gave her a hug when the doorbell rang. He got up and slowly went to see who it was. He opened the door to find Marvin standing there with a huge smile on his face saying, "Merry Christmas Ty. Would you please be my boyfriend?"

Taylor jumped into the big boy's arms saying, "Yes Marvin, I would love to be your boyfriend."

Marvin carried Taylor back into the house and when Marvin set him down he looked and saw a strange man standing behind Marvin. Marvin said, "Everyone, this is my Dad, Marvin Beller."

The boys exchanged gifts and Taylor said, "This is the best Christmas I can ever remember."

The End

Posted: 04/24/09