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friends, readers and fellow authors in remembrance of Miguel Sanchez



lt.dreamer@ : Looking through your list of Authors, I see one that I sadly need to let you know.

Dear Miguel Sanchez Past away January of 2016 from a heart attack, after a lengthy battle with health issues. I personally know he is in a better place, and will miss my dear friend deeply.

With Sadness,


shybuddy7@ : I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Miguel. I know he is a happy man being with his son Cody again after all of these years.


durante1206@ : It would be great if we had a place to leave comments about our favorite authors who pass away suddenly. I for one will miss the great stories by Miguel Sanchez. After following the "Presidents Son" for 81 chapters there will be Story Shock I'm sure for myself and many others.

Thank you


mikki545454@ : It is with great sadness and with a heavy heart that the management team here at Fantastic groups have to say goodbye to a long standing friend and fellow author Miguel Sanchez. He has been a huge part of these groups for several years and I personally feel I have lost a good friend.

so please Join Bill and myself in passing our deepest condolences to his family and close friend

Rest in peace old friend until we meet again goodnight and god bless

Mikkiwriter and Bill Reed


bloodmac13@ : I have enjoyed Miguel’s stories for years. He will be missed. May he find peace with Cody and look after us poor mortals.



bingomax1@ : My heart is hurting now. The years Miquel gave me hours and hours of wonderful reading. exchanged email at times. My heart is very heavy now. My sympathy goes to his friends and family.

Bill Koch


normanahogg@ : I am deeply saddened by the death of Miguel while I never met him personally I felt I knew him through his wonderful stories.


I will miss his writings and wish him all that he wishes where he is going.







revchet2002@ : I truly will miss the wonderful stories of Miguel Sanchez, because each one had a well thought out storyline, and he told the stories well. I've read all of the stories he posted here, and enjoyed them all, especially this one, "The President's Son," because it told a unique tale of Secret Service Agents!!!

May he Rest In Peace and Rise in Glory!!!

With Much Love, in Christ Jesus, A Servant of The Most High God,
The Rev. Chet Thompson
Romans 1:16-17; Jeremiah 29:11-14



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