David’s Surprise

 by: Miguel Sanchez

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For almost the first time since last Christmas Eve, things in the Saunders home settled down to a routine. It was without doubt a more hectic routine than this house had ever seen before, but a routine all the same. In no time at all it was the first week of June, and the last week of school. Exams had all been written and passed; the three boys had finished their year with flying colors. Adam was looking forward to spending a good part of the summer in Cherokee, but there was one more base to be covered first.

Two days from now, Tuesday morning at 9 AM, there was a court hearing. This hearing would decide once and for all the fate of two little homeless twins Ben and George, David's attorneys, had been pushing for weeks to get a final hearing. They had pressured Mr. Dennings, trying to get his support for an adoption that the twins already believed had happened. They wined and dined him; they coerced and threatened him. They tried to reason with him, tried to find out if he had any alternatives. But Mr. Dennings had flatly refused to give in. He had a major problem with two black children becoming the sons of a white bachelor, and nothing, it seemed, was going to change his mind. He wouldn't say why, and he wouldn't reveal what alternatives he had for the twins. George was confident that, given the twins' superior performance for the past five months, the judge would overrule Dennings unless he could provide a good option. But they didn't know if he could do that or not. Denning finally agreed to meet with George, Ben and David late Friday afternoon. David didn't like it. He had no idea why, but he suspected something was up; and when he saw the shit eating grim on Dennings' face as they met for the meeting, he was sure of it.


"How'd the meeting go?" Adam asked absently as they all munched on the pizza David had brought home. Like the twins, he had lulled himself into believing the he had two little black brothers, and all this legal mumbo-jumbo was just that. It was a chance for a lot of lawyers to make a lot of money doing what had already been done: giving two boys a home.


"Total waste of time," David grumbled his reply. "Same old fuckin shit, round and round. Dennings is such an asshole!" "Dad," Eric scolded, "You told us not to use language like that!" "Not now, Eric," Adam warned. "I think Dad's had a pretty hard day."


"Yeah, and tomorrow's gonna be worse," David said as he spilled his glass of water. "Tomorrow we're getting a visit from my mother and father, thanks to Mr. Dennings!"


"Really, Dad?" Eric asked. "Are they going to be our grandparents?"


David got up and went into his room. He really needed to calm down and get his head together before he said and did something he would regret. Eric had a blank look on his face trying to figure out what he had said wrong. Adam had followed David upstairs; he walked into the room and sat beside David. Putting his are around him he asked, "Are you alright, Dad? I've never seen you this upset before."


"Damn that Dennings." David growled "I'll get that son of a bitch if it's the last thing I do. He went behind my back and brought my parents into this."


Adam looked at him and said "Well, that should make things easier for us then. Right, Dad?"


David shook his head. "No son, it won't. In fact, it could only serve to make things worse. My parents resent everything about me."


"I don't understand, Dad." Adam started saying but David stopped him. David continued "Son, if you hold on a second, I will try to explain about your grand, ah.. my parents. My parents are middle class people. My Dad worked hard all his life. We had a regular looking house and all that. He worked regular hours, 5 days a week 50 weeks a year. He got two weeks off in the summer when we took a family vacation. Actually it was their vacation, I just happened to be along for the ride because I was just a kid. Son, even back then I was looking at boys. When you're 9, you know girls are well, just that, girls. But to me, boys were not only fun to be around and have for friends, but they were becoming more to me.


Adam spoke while David took a break saying, "This seems like a family I wish I had, Dad."


David composed himself and said, "Adam looks can be deceiving and I have only scratched the surface here. When we get everything smoothed out downstairs, you and I can talk some more. I owe you that much, son. Fair enough?"


Adam smiled at David as he moved in front of him. "You got it, Dad." As he finished the sentence, Adam kissed him as if it would be his last. David's eyes got big and his pants grew as Adam went on a search and rescue mission with his tongue. "You keep this up and we will never get back to the twins." He said with a big grin.


They headed down to the guests and the twins were the first to meet David. "Are you alright, Dad?" Eric asked giving him a hug in the process.


David kneeled down and reaching for both boys said "Yeah, guys. I fine now." He kissed each boy on the cheek and all you could see was white teeth from their grin.


Suddenly, David got an idea.  Adam had seen this look before. A look the said David had a devilish plan up his sleeve. And what a plan it was. He was about to make Dennings' look like a complete fool in front of his parents, and he didn't give a fat rats ass about them, he just wanted Dennings to look like a total incompetent. He walked over to the phone and punched in some numbers. Someone on the other end answered and David said,

"May I speak to Mr. Dennings, please?"


The voice told David to hold on for a moment and she would connect him. After waiting for several minutes a voice came on the line David knew all to well. "Denning's here."


David spoke quickly, "Mr. Dennings, David Saunders here. I heard you were bringing my parents into town. I hope that Social Services have made arrangements for their stay. My parents expect only the finest in suites and meals and I have no room here at my house. Had you been decent enough to inform me of this sooner, I would have been more than glad to handle those details but since you didn't, this is your responsibility, my good fellow Good day, Sir." And with that, David hung up the phone.


Arnie was in stitches. He stomach was hurting so bad from laughing, he had to sit down.


Then Ben spoke busting everyone's bubble saying "I fail to see what's so funny here, David. Nothing has changed one bit. In fact, you may have made things worse by having Dennings come off looking like an incompetent fool. You know he will remember this."


David looked at this stuff shirt and said "Ben, stick a sock in it. I know all too well that Dennings will remember this. In fact, I am counting on it. There is one thing you seem to have forgotten here. I don't just get even, I get ahead. Now, here is what I want you to do. I want you to get that private investigator I pay so well to get off his ass and have him start earning his money. I want to know every family Dennings has checked out as potential adoptive parents for Jody and Eric. Then I want him to find out everything there is to know about those people."


Ben looked at him "Everything?"


David barked back "Yes, everything. I want to know the last time they took a shit and what color it was. Got it! Good, now get your ass out of here and you two start earning some of that money I pay you."


Arnie sat there stunned. He hadn't seen this side of David in a long time. The last time he saw David like this was when he was fighting with IBM over his program that he developed and made him wealthy.


As Ben and George headed to the door, Arnie asked quietly "David, are you alright?"


"Yeah, Arnie." David started. "I'm fine. Why?"


Arnie answered saying "It's been a long time since I've seen you fight like this."


David cut him off. "Pal, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Dennings' started this by dragging my parents into this. This is going to get ugly and I don't want you, Val or the kids around when the shit hits the fan. In fact, I don't even want the twins' here for that matter. Can they stay with you?"


Arnie shook his head. "Sure, David. You know you don't even have to ask that."


"Dad, why?" Jody said with tears falling like rain.


"Son." David said picking him up and wiping away his tears. "This is something you and your brother shouldn't be around to witness. There will be things said that I don't want you guys hearing because I don't want you getting upset like you are now. See, my parents are very close-minded people. They think that you should not be adopted by me and they will say things that are ugly towards you and Eric.


"What will they say, daddy?" Jody asked.


David looked at his little black beauty and said, "They think you should be kept with people of your own color. But they won't say it like that."


"How will they say it, dad" Adam spoke up.


"Unh unh," David said, "I'm not going there. I don't use words like that and those words will never be said in your presence."


Adam asked reluctantly "Dad, do they use the "n" word?"


David said "Yes and a lot worse. I refuse to subject the twins to this."


Adam looked proudly at David and said "That's why I love you so much, you know that?"


David just smiled and kissed him. Adam and twins washed the dishes and put away the left over pizza. Since there was only one slice left, Jody finished it before Eric had the chance to get to it.


"Hey!" He said. "Who ate the last slice?"


Jody was quickly trying to chew and swallow while saying "I don't know. Why don't you ask Adam?"


Eric was about to do that when he saw his twin with a mouthful of pizza. "Why don't I ask you?"


Jody handed him what was left of the slice thinking he would refuse and said "Want the rest?"


Eric took the food and ate it saying "Thanks. Don't mind if I do."


Jody's eyes got big as his brother polished off the remainder in one mouthful.


David was walking Arnie and the gang to the door then he remembered "Shit, the twins. My par...ah.....Mr. and Mrs. Saunders are due here sometime tomorrow. Can they ride with you now?"


"Man what a stupid question." Arnie shot back. "If I didn't let them stay with us, the kids would give us hell. Billy likes playing big nephew and Karen loves to fuss over them."


David shouted "Adam, can you get the twins ready to go to Uncle Arnie and Aunt Valerie's. The rents will be here in the morning and I will not let them be here when they start talking trash about the twins."


"Their stuff is already packed but they need to get a shower first." Adam returned.


"They can do that there." David said again."


The three of them appeared at the door and David kissed two sad boys good-bye.  "Boys, if they weren't going to say things I know would hurt you, you could be here. You know I love you both very much and refuse to allow anybody to hurt you physically or with words. Do you understand what I am trying to say?"


The boys expressed themselves just fine. They wrapped their little arms around David's neck and smiled at him and gave him a kiss that said more than words ever could.


David went upstairs and got out of his clothes and went into the bathroom to take a shower. Before he could turn around, he felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist and a tongue explore his ear. David had a grin on his face as he turned around to face his Indian god.


"Is there something I can do for you?" he asked that perfect creature.


"Kiss me, you fool." Adam answered in a raspy but sexy voice.


"Or?" he returned.


"I will have to take your scalp." Adam came back a little more firmly this time.


David put his hands on his head and said. "Why would you want this thinning head?"


"Wrong head," Adam replied.


David answered in the most innocent voice he could muster "Take me I'm yours, Mr. Indian."


Adam went on another search and rescue mission with his tongue as he kissed David in such a way that had his lovers legs turn to rubber. David was about to go on a mission of his own when he was rudely interrupted by the telephone.


"Damn!" Adam complained.


"Great timing," David thought. "Hello."


A nightmare from his past answered. "David, is that you? It's mother. How are you, dear?"


David took all this in. How are you, dear? What the hell is she up to, he thought. "Hello mother. I'm fine, and you?"


"We're all fine, my dear." she said. "We can't wait to see you tomorrow."


"Why are you here, mother?" David asked.


"We can discuss that when we see you tomorrow, son." she said.


"We can discuss it now, or there won't be a tomorrow." David said with a very short tone.


"For you, son," She said. "Mr. Dennings thinks we can help you."


David heard enough for now. "Very well, mother. Until tomorrow. Good bye."


He hung up the phone and new something was rotten in Wisconsin, and it wasn't cheese.


Adam saw the change in David's demeanor. "Was that your mom?" Adam asked his Dad.


David sat there and just nodded his head. His thoughts were running through is head. Dennings thinks they can help me? Yeah, right. Why in hell would I want their help? Fuck him, I don't. Dennings doesn't want me to get the twins, the rents are first class homophobes and he will use that against me. They hate my guts and can't stand the fact I made something of myself on my own, added to it the fact I'm gay will all work against me and I will be screwed. How can I have all this work for me? I think I'll tape everything and see if this will help me. Shit, it sure the fuck won't hurt.


David got up and went into his office and looked for his micro recorder. "Where did I put that thing? Shit, oh..wait. Here it is. Good, I've even got three hours of recording time. This should be plenty."


"Dad, talk to me." Adam asked. "What's going on?"


David went into the kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee. He headed to the den and Adam was right behind him. David sat down and Adam curled up right next to him.


David finished telling Adam the rest of the story.


"As I was saying, my dad worked hard all his life and I was expected to follow in his foot steps but I wasn't about to go down that street. I was into computers and earned a scholarship so I could do what I wanted to instead of my fathers. This only served to drive a wedge between us even further. When I decided to go into the Air Force after graduating from college and becoming a pilot that set us even further apart. After I got out, I tried dating and you know the rest of the story from there. My father hated the fact that I "got lucky" with the program from IBM, but when I turned PowerNet into a successful business, the rift became insurmountable.


"He should be happy that you made a good life for yourself." Adam said.


"Depends on what you mean by a good life, son." Davis replied. "To me, this is a very good life. To my father, I'm a queer fucking loser."


"No your not!" Adam shouted "I'll tell him so!"


"Cool down, son." David said. "I'll handle things. I may not even have you here either."


"Dad, don't do this to me." Adam said, almost in tears. "I'm your son now. There ain't shit he can do to me. Not even that asshole Dennings!"


"Ok, Ok." David said. "You can stay, but only if you follow my lead."


"Deal." Adam said.


Suddenly there was a knock at the door. David looked at his watch. 9:30 PM. "Who the hell is here at this hour?" he said.


Adam walked to the door and said. "Dad. A man and a woman."


David said, "Don't answer it. We are doing this by our rules now. They will not get in and if the try to open the door, it will set off the alarm and the police will be here before they can do a thing."


Adam turned and went back to the den and left the people standing outside. They could freeze for all they could care but they were now doing things according to David's rules. They said they would be here tomorrow at 10:30 AM and that's when he will open the door.


They watched TV and David checked the door a few minutes later and saw the three of them walking towards their rented car. David snickered to himself as he knew he just won a small battle if this war. Tomorrow would be another battle. He thought, if he played his cards right, he could win. He knew it wouldn't be easy, but it could be done.


At 11, Adam was asleep in his lap so he decided to put him in bed and get ready himself. He carried his Indian God to his proper room and tucked him in. He leaned down and kissed his on the forehead and went into his room. He wanted to sleep with him but, he knew if anything was done wrong from here on in, the twins would never be his.


David rose very early. He never was up before 9 but today he was awake at 6:30. At 7, the phone rang and it was his private investigator. He'd found something he thought David could use so he had the man fax it over right away. It was a report on the people Dennings' had interviewed as potential adoptive parents for the twins. David was fixing his first cup of coffee when the fax machine started spitting out paper. He looked at the report and just put it into a file folder in his desk. Good, he thought. This is another piece for our side.


Adam did his usual, slept until nine then went and had a swim then a shower. He came into the kitchen and fixed himself a cup of coffee and sat beside David. "Morning." he said quite chipper.


"Morning, son," David replied as he fixed his third cup of coffee. "Hungry?"


"No, not really," Adam said. His face lost the smile he had a few seconds ago. "I'm a little nervous."


"Me too," David replied. "Just remember. Follow my lead and don't loose your cool."


David finished his coffee and went to take a shower. "Son, I want you to out in your best suit. I want you dressed to the tens when they get here."


Adam nodded his head as he took another sip of coffee. He thought to himself. Fine, Dad. We'll do this your way. You've never lied to me before so I know you won't start now. I just hope you have a plan.


David was putting on his very best suit, tie and shoes. He was successful and he was going to look his best for this meeting. he had the hidden video cameras all working and recording. He couldn't trust Dennings' as far as he could throw him so he was making sure all his bases were covered. He picked up the phone and called Arnie to see how the twins were doing. Billy and Karen had kept them busy all night and when they finally went to sleep, it was almost 2 in the morning. David asked Arnie to come over. He was the only person, whose mere presence could keep him calm. Arnie was David's closest friend. He knew more about him than he new about himself.


At 10:15, the door bell rang. It was Arnie and he let himself in. He walked into the kitchen and fixed himself a cup of coffee. David had made a huge pot because he was having company, but this was all he intended on fixing. Any meals would be had out in a restaurant. He was not going to pick up their bill, so he was going to suggest only the finest places in town. He knew how to wine and dine clients. Just this time, someone would be paying the bill. Social Services.


At 10:30, the bell rang again. Right on time, he thought. David started the cameras and turned on his tape recorder.

He opened the door and got his expected greeting.


His mother barged forward kissed him like she always did when he was a child, on each cheek before he could even move. She always had to be the first in everything. He looked up at his father and saw him in a suit. Strange attire for him David thought, he only wears that for church. David took his father's hand and shook it, as well as Dennings' so he would make a good impression.


David thought his mother never could wait for anything nothing had changed in all these years.


"Come in out of the cold." David said. "You must be cold. Can I get you some coffee?


Dennings' said. "That would be nice Mr. Saunders. Can I be of some assistance?"


David replied. "No thank you, I'll bring it into the study. Please follow me." David led them into the study then excused himself as he went for the coffee. He returned with the large pot on a wheeled cart with all the trimmings. He was the perfect host. Arnie helped pour the coffee then David asked "How are you doing, father? Have you retired yet?"


His father didn't answer but his glare spoke volumes. When he did he said. "I see your living fat off the hog. Is this how they live? With all these rooms, I expected you would have a house full of them."


David stayed calm and said, "What do you mean by that?"


His father shot back "You are probably sleeping with every guy in the town. It looks like they are paying you well."


Arnie stepped in. "Mr. Saunders, I am David's business partner, Arnold McDougal. David's business just expanded another 20% and he is working very hard for his money. He has the right to spent it any way he wishes."


Yeah!" his father replied. "Buying every male whore in town."


"Sir, that is not true." Arnie shot back. He was starting to get pissed. "I see the look in your eyes, so don't say it. I am married with two wonderful children. David is the closest thing to an uncle they have. I trust him with their lives. So you can stop that talk right now."


David's father spat. "You’re probably one....."


Dennings' was seeing things going up in smoke. "Mr. Saunders, I don't think you should say any more."


David knew he was getting some good stuff on tape and Dennings' just may have given him all he needed. Just then Adam walked in. Arnie did a double take when he saw him. Adam was stark raving handsome. The grey suit he was wearing had been made to perfection for him. The shirt highlighted his eyes. His hair was combed to perfection and it rested on his shoulders like a cape.


He walked over to Mrs. Saunders and said extending his hand like the perfect gentleman "You must be Dad's mother. He has told me so much about you. How you do, ma’am?"


She was speechless. When she finally did speak she said. "I'm fine, young man. Thank you. Did you call David, Dad and where do you go to school, the local high school?"


Adam smiled at her and said. "Yes ma’am, I did. David is my father. I go to the Rivercrest Academy. I just received my progress reports and I have a 3.8 grade point average. I am studying computers so I can go to college."


When she heard that, she almost spat out her coffee. "I see. You are a very intelligent young man." As she regained her composure, she shot daggers towards David.


His father spoke up and said, "I wonder just what you have done to him?"


Adam answered saying "He is the perfect father. Any child would be lucky to have a man like Dad for their father."


David's father was totally speechless. Dennings was thinking of how he could get his parents to say something about the twins; then he had the perfect statement."


Dennings said, "I wonder then, if the twins would be lucky as well. How could a single white male raise twin black nine year olds?"


David's father jumped on that. He said, "Twin niggers? He wants to adopt twin nigger boys? I knew he was sick, but this is sick and crazy."


David interrupted saying "That word will not be used in my house. I will not stand for any racism here at all."


"Listen, fag boy!" His father spat. "I'll say what I want when I want. You got it queer?"


David said, "Yeah, I got it. But if you say that word one more time, Dennings' will have to stand up in court and tell the judge you are a racist."


Dennings smiled and said, "I didn't hear anything racist."


David answered, "I might have known you would say that."


David spoke again asking. "Well, mother. What have you got to say? You never said how you feel that I made something of myself, how I live or anything for that matter.


His mother thought for a minute and said, "As far as your success, you have done well there. You always had drive, so I felt you would have a decent career. You house is lovely. A true sign of your success. As far as you being a father, I know that is a mistake. A single man has no business raising children. Children need two parents. You hit the bottom of the barrel when you adopted this savage. He belongs on a reservation where they can be supervised. It's a wonder he hasn't stolen all your things of value. You can dress him up in fancy clothes, but he is still a low life, uneducated savage void of any morals. And as far as you wanting to add a couple of niggers here, forget it. They need to be with their own kind. White people should adopt white children, period. Add to this whole thing you are queer, well I won't stand for it for one minute. I'll say and do everything I can to see this doesn't happen."


David took a deep breath and said. "Well, I guess everything that needs to be said has been said?"


Dennings just gave his usual smirk when David said that. "It's appears Saunders, you won't be getting those kids after all." With that, he proceeded to light a cigarette.


David excused himself for a minute and Arnie went with him. "Arnie, Go check the tapes then see about Adam. I don't want him upset over this. Tell him I'll be there in a few minutes. No smoking in my house. Put it out, now!"


David played his trump card. "Mr. Dennings, I have taped this entire conversation. This recording will be played for the judge so he can see just how low you will go to keep children in unfit foster homes with people who put them on the street just to make room for guests."


Mrs. Saunders eyes got big when she heard that but kept her thoughts to herself.


Dennings just laughed when he heard that. "I have a very secure job with the city. I make $80,000 a year just to sit on my ass and do what I want with these little bastards. They get what they deserve. Shit man, I even got a couple of cops doing my bidding. If they find certain kids on the streets, they get put in jail then they are out of my hair for good. My foster parents for these brats have been selected by me. They have them do all their shit jobs. Hell, several kids have jobs, but they don't get to keep a single penny. They have to give that to them for their upkeep. They still get what we pay them, less my percentage. I will see to it your tape isn't allowed to be heard. So, what do you have to say now?"


David looked at him as said, "You think you have it all arranged, don't you? Well, I have a few surprises for you, too. What are they, you ask? You will find out in two days and then we will see who is laughing then."


Arnie nodded when he returned to the den. When Arnie entered David said. "As far as I'm concerned, this meeting is over. He went over to his father and whispered into his ear "Listen you son of a bitch if you ever come here again, I'll have you arrested. You are not welcome here any more. Just leave and never return." He made sure he said that so low the tape recorder didn't pick that up.


They went to the door and David opened it and pointed them out. He slammed the door as soon as Dennings' ass was out. He stood there for a minute shaking his head. Then he remembered about Adam.


Adam was in the kitchen and had a sullen look on his face. Adam saw David walk in and he jumped right into his arms. The tears fell and David didn't try to make them stop. He knew it was important for Adam to get this out of his system. He carried him into the den and sat on the loveseat with him in his arms.


"I hate those fucking words, Dad." Adam cried. "I wish they had never been thought of. Why do people have to be so hateful? I've met them once and I never want to see them again."


David let the anger and tears come out. He held his son and rocked him as he cried. They will not get the chance to poison the twins. He will get George to request that the twins be kept out of the court until his parents have said all they are going to. He will also have him prevent his parents from having any contact with them what so ever and that they not be allowed to even speak to the children. David was mad by now. He is going to use that anger to get what he wanted, not ruin his chances to get the twins.


He reached for the phone and called the investigator. "I need you here in 20 minutes. The tape is ready and you know what to do." The man picked up the tape and told David it would be ready tomorrow and he would be pleased with the results.


Adam had finally calmed down so they could talk. Arnie brought David a cup of coffee and sat with them as they spoke. "Son, I'm sorry you had to hear that. I think you understand why I want nothing to do with my parents now. I don't like every person I meet, but I never think I am better that they are because I am white or I own a successful business. If someone rubs me the wrong way, then I won't have anything to do with them but I don't start thinking I am better that they are. I may very well be, but that is not for me to say. I expect you and the twins to treat people the same way. I won't expect you to like everybody, but you will treat them like you would want to be treated. I already know I didn't need to say that because I see how you treat people, but that's just reinforces the point."


Adam listened to David and smiled. "Dad, how did you get so smart? This is just another reason I love you so much." He sat up and planted another kiss on David. He started on another search and rescue mission with his tongue.


Arnie coughed and caused Adam to break the kiss. Thank you Arnie, David thought. He was beginning to tent his pants and Arnie's timing couldn't have been better. "I'll see you later when I bring the twins back." He stood and headed for the door.


David walked with him saying "Thanks pal. You had perfect timing. I'm going to try to get John and Adam together, if you catch my drift. I've seen they way they act together and I think things will be better for them in the long run."


Adam smiled and said "You seem to have thought this over for some time. I know this isn't an easy decision for you."


David replied. "No it wasn't, but it's the best for all concerned." David opened the door and Arnie headed for his car.


David went back to Adam and asked "How you doing now, son? Better?"


"Yeah Dad," Adam answered. "I'm fine now. Can we talk for a little while? There is something I've been thinking about and I'd like your opinion."


"Sure thing son," David said "I'll fix us some lunch and we can talk while we eat."


Adam replied, "Yeah that sounds good. I'm starved."


David fixed some sandwiches and they sat at the table and began to talk.


Part 2

The Hearing


Adam was right, he was starved. You can't expect a growing teenage boy who missed breakfast not to be hungry at lunch. He had polished off a sandwich and a half while he said. "Dad, I really miss John. In fact, I wish he could be here now. I know we were planning for me to go out there for the summer, could we split it in half. Here and there."


David swallowed his mouthful of food and said "I don't see a problem with that but you might want to talk to your grandfather and him first to see what plans they may have made for the two of you."


Adam had more to say. "Dad, you remember I told you how much I love John? That I love him more that a brother?"


David finished his sandwich and said "Yes son, I do. And I am very happy for you both. I also know that you want to be together and make love. I don't have a problem with that. Last time we tried to talk about this, things got really messed up and confused. I think if we take our time now, we can both say what we need to and not confuse anyone."


Adam thought for a second and said. I was confused then and I am still, a little. I don't understand what you meant when you said there may come a time when we aren't lovers."


David thought for a minute and spoke. "What I ment was if you find someone your own age and you fall in love with them, you should be faithful to them when you start having sex. I don't think it's fair for them if you are doing that with two people. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?"


Adam thought then answered. "I think so, sort of like when a man and a woman are together?"


David answered "That's it exactly. One man one woman, one boy, one partner. Look son, I knew that this could happen and well, it's hard but it's the best thing for everyone. I'm still your Dad and I still love you. You will always have my love. I know you will always love me, but we won't show the physical side of our love. That, for you, is for your partner. I'm really glad it's John. You are good for each other. You are separate but one. You are individuals with your own personalities, but together you make up a whole. Does this make sense?"


Adam had a smile on his face. "Yeah Dad. More than it ever has before. You should have been a Cherokee. You are a very wise man. That's why I love you so much. Can I call John and grandfather? I wonder what John will think about this?"


David said "We could always have this talk again. I'm sure he will have questions too."


"Your the greatest, Dad." Adam said as he went to call John.


As Adam went to call Gerald Lee and John, he thought about he had just change his entire life. He just made himself celibate. Well, at least I don't have to worry about AIDS. I was tested prior to getting out of the Air Force and he was my first partner since. I wonder if I should approach his about this. If he and John are to be together forever, I think it is only right I have this talk with him. I am his Dad, now.


As David was finishing his coffee, Adam came bouncing into the room with a smile that could have lit up the entire house. "Dad, Dad. Guess what?" He swallowed his coffee and started to say something but never got the chance. "John can come here for a while. Isn't that great? All we need to do is go get him."


David heard this then said. "Son, this is nice, but there is a problem. You know we have court for the twins the day after tomorrow, right?"


Adam just said "Yeah."


David continued. "There are the twins. What about them? I have a PI on Dennings' case getting me every shred of information he can on what he is trying to do to the twins. I don't thing you took all this into account when you said we could go get John. Don't get me wrong, son. I want John here. He couldn't help the seeing how much the twins have taken to their "new" brother."


Adam looked dejected. He asked, almost in tears. "What'll I do now? I can't call John back and say he can't come. Why am I such a jerk?"


Now he was in tears. David swung around and motioned his son to come to his and sit. Adam sat on his lap as he said. "You're not a jerk. I know you forgot about these other things and that is partly my fault. I didn't tell you about some of this because I was trying to spare you any more grief and heartache."


Just then, they heard the door bell ring then heard the door open. David knew who this was. Suddenly he heard the footsteps of little boys and he knew Arnie had brought the twins back. Billy and Karen came along for the ride and were immediately pulled upstairs to their room. Actually, that worked out well as Adam had an idea.


Adam looked at Arnie and asked. "Uncle Arnie, could you do me very big favor?"


Arnie looked at his and said "If I can son, you know I will."


Adam started telling Arnie what transpired and then looked at David. David looked back at Arnie and said "Why you looking at me like that? What have I done? Look, things got moving fast and there were some things I didn't tell Adam for his own good."


Arnie started laughing and said "Calm down, my friend. I understand what you did and why. I just happened to look at you, not think you did something wrong. Adam, I can take you to Cherokee in the morning, or we could leave in an hour and be there by 8 or 9 tonight."


Well, Adam couldn't resist the chance to leave today. He looked at Arnie and said. "I'll take a shower and pack. I can be ready in 20 minutes."


David started laughing on that. Arnie snapped his head around but David said "I'm sorry pal, but you set yourself up for that. You really thought Adam would wait to leave tomorrow when he could see John tonight? Because if you did, I have some land for sale in Florida I'd like to sell you."


Arnie didn't say another word. He accepted defeat. He knew David was right and they should have waited until in the morning. David fixed Arnie a cup of coffee when the twins came running downstairs. "Can we go too? Can we go too?"


David thought about it for a minute then said. "Sure, if it's... Wait a minute. I don't know if it's alright with Gerald Lee."


Adam came back into the kitchen and was almost attacked by the twins. "Adam, Adam. Dad said we could go but he dosen't know if it's OK with grandfather."


Adam smiled and said "Yes it is. He had asked about weather you two were going to be coming and I said I didn't know. He said it was fine if you did."


"Yipee, yipee." The twins started jumping up and down.


Karen and Billy were carrying their unpacked bags with them. Karen said. "The boys' clothes are clean. I washed them last night so you wouldn't have to worry about that. I was just about to put them away when Adam mentioned going to see John. I guess it's a good thing I waited."


David said. "Boys calm down, now. It seems John and your grandfather had missed you two as well. I think it might be good for you to get away for a while, even if it's only over night. I want you three to go upstairs and get a jacket. It does get cool there at night."


When the kids all went back upstairs, Arnie handed David the video tape. As he handed it to David, he said. "I think you're gonna like this."


Arnie was an expert on the computer when it comes to editing video. The state of the art system they have at the office turns out professional grade work. When the editing is done, it is copied on to another tape so the editing isn't seen No one can tell the copy isn't the original; Arnie is just that good.


The kids came back down stairs and they left to back over to Arnie's to get ready for the trip to Cherokee. David decided to see his buddy's handi-work. He sat and watched the video and was impressed at how the tape turned out but it also pissed him off to the point that he wanted to be doubly sure he got the twins. He picked up the phone and talked with the investigator. "You found anything more? Really? Yeah, what? Un huh. OK, fax it over to me right away. Good, another piece."


Arnie and the gang were finally on the road. They were cruising down the highway and making good time. He fgured at this rate, they should be there by about 8.


Adam was finding it very hard to control himself knowing he was heading to see the new love his life. He wanted to give himself to John but he knew his brother would have questions and he didn't want a repeat of what he and David went through. He decided to keep things light for tonight and they would sort things out when they got back. About 6 they stopped for dinner and had a bathroom break. Arnie was about to bust from all the coffee he drank earlier. The boys ate quickly so they could get back on the road and at 8:15 they were at their second home.


John and Gerald Lee came out to great them. Gerald looked at Arnie and smiled. "You must be Arnie, David has spoken often of you, as has Adam. He refers to you as Uncle?"


Arnie was stunned. He didn't know he had been talked about. "Yes, sir. I'm not really his blood Uncle, but as far as I'm concerned he his my nephew. This one here, also." Arnie said reaching for John. "How you doing, pal?"


"Fine, Uncle Arnie. How are Billy and Karen?" John asked.


"They send their love and can't wait to see you."


The twins were feeling left out. "Hey what about us?" Jody asked.


Gerald Lee and John went over to the little ones and picked them up. "What's the matter small ones, do you think we could forget about you?" He gave each boy a kiss as they headed inside. "John, will you and Adam get the bags and put then into the rooms?"


"Right away, Grandfather." the older boys said heading back outside.


After an hour of chatting, the twins were more than ready for bed. They had had only a few hours sleep the night before and now made a long trip by car. They were beat. Adam and John carried them into their room and got the undressed and into bed. They were out before they were laid down. The older boys kissed the twins and went back down stairs. Adam was feeling the effects of the night before. Even though he got up at nine, he didn't fall asleep until four. A hard day on five hours sleep can tire even a fourteen year old. The boys kissed their Grandfather and Arnie and called it a night.


Arnie and Gerald Lee were soon ready to head for bed themselves. Arnie had put in a couple of long days himself and he still had another long drive ahead of him tomorrow.


David was going over the information he received from the investigator and he felt he had everything he needed to get the twins. Still, he wanted an ace in the hole. The PI had another twenty four hours to get more on Dennings and he felt this missing piece might materialize. He had downed a couple of strong drinks and was more that ready to call it a night.  The big house was once again quiet. Something this place had not seen in six months and made David depressed. He knew everyone would be back tomorrow but still he missed his boys. He was looking forward to having John living with them for a few months and worried how the two of them would take to being separated again especially if they consummated their love for each other. Adam realized that the visit would be temporary and that they would be in different schools in the fall. But knowing something and accepting it were far from the same.


David undressed and slid into bed. He stroked himself but the effects of the drinks had made things useless for this night. He turned the light off and tried to sleep.


The next thing David knew, it was after 11. He got up and took a leak and went into the kitchen and made some coffee. The phone rang and it was Adam calling to say they were on the road and should be home around 4. David was thrilled he called. He missed the voice of his son and couldn't wait to have him home again. The twins sent their love and they would be home soon.


David received another fax. The missing piece was found and was being given to Ben and George. "Yes!" David shouted. "I have that son of a bitch right by the balls and he isn't getting away."


David spoke to George and was told the final piece was only half done. Getting the other half was going to take some work but the PI was doing that now and he was confident that things would work out. David hadn't a clue as to what George was talking about but he did trust him.


It was almost 4 when Arnie and crew arrived back at David's. Everyone was happy, especially Adam. Arnie stayed only a few minutes then headed home. After things settled down to a dull roar, David decided to go out for dinner. They went to a local Italian restaurant and ate all they could.


After returning home, Adam got the twins ready for their bath and was soon back downstairs with David and his brother. They all sat talking then John remembered something. He went upstairs and got something out of his suitcase, a letter for David from Gerald Lee.


John returned and said, "Dad, this is from grandfather. He told me to give you this as soon as we got home. I'm really gonna' have a redskin on my butt after he is done with me."


David looked at him and said. "John, if anyone asks, you gave me the letter as soon as you could.  He opened the letter and read what Gerald Lee wrote. I'll let him think you did ask he said. It said:


Dear David,


I guess you have the letter now. First, I'd like to say you have proven yourself to be a good father to Adam. In spite everything he has been through, he now has a loving father and a chance to make something of himself with his education. Now John's grades are beginning to go up after he met you and Adam.


This next part may be hard, but I need to honest with you. I have something that is making me very weak and I don't understand this at all. I want to see a doctor, but don't have a way to get there since everything here is spread out.


I would like to ask you a favor. When the mess with the twins is finished, would you mind coming to see me? I hope I have answers for you then.


For now, I must be sure that John is safe and with someone who cares about him. I want that person to be you. Behind the letter, you will find a form to be signed by the judge giving you joint custody of him with me. This is strictly a formality but it must be done.


This way if something happens to me, John is looked after right. I have no doubts that you will love John as much as you do Adam.


He doesn't know about this yet, but I feel you can handle this.



Gerald Lee



Adam looked at David whose mind was somewhere between lost and found. He put him hand on David's shoulder and asked. "Is everything alright?"


"I'm not sure." He showed the paper to Adam and John. "John, do you know anything about this?"


John read the letter and said, "No, not really. He has been getting tired easier that usual but I just thought it was due to his age. Can you do anything, Dad?"


David looked at his boys and said "As soon as this mess with the twins is sorted out, we will go see your grandfather and bring him here to see a doctor. I don't want anything to happen to him either."


Just then they heard the twins coming down the stairs. It was getting late and the twins were going to have a very big day tomorrow and they needed their sleep. When they came into the family room, David gave each of them hugs and kisses and the older boys put them to bed. David wondered how George and Ben were doing with the missing piece of the puzzle. He tried to feel confident because he knew his lawyers but, he couldn't help but worry a little with all that has happened to shoot holes in his attempts to get Jody and Eric. He also knew that he needed to have a talk with Adam and John. No sooner had that thought left his head the older ones came back downstairs.


David looked at them both and said. "I need to talk to you for a minute. Come here and sit. With everything that is happening now, I need a big favor from you. Until we know one way or another about the twins, I would like you two not to have sex. I know this is a lot to ask and if things were different, I wouldn't. Adam, you know Dennings' will do, use or say anything to keep me from getting the twins."


Adam looked at David and said. "No problem, Dad. We want you to get the twins too."


David smiled at them and said. "Thanks boys. I knew I could count on your support. Now, it's getting late and we all have a big day tomorrow. I want you two to try and get some sleep. I know it will be hard, but you have to try. OK?"


Adam and John stood up and gave David a hug and kiss and went to their room. David went over to his bar and fixed himself a drink. He was really nervous and hoped this would help him sleep. He quickly finished the drink, checked the house then retired for the evening. This would be the one of the longest nights of his life. He wanted Adam with him just so he could sleep but knew that could prove to be a very unwise decision so he just left well enough alone.  David did manage to get some sleep but it was a fitful sleep, not restful.


At 6:30, he finally said the hell with it and got up. He went and made coffee then took his shower. He would have Adam and John get the twins ready. This would keep their minds occupied and not worry about court. At 7:30, Adam and John were awake followed shortly by the twins. As with the meeting, Adam wasn't hungry and neither was John. The twins were always hungry so they had cereal and milk while the older boys got their showers. When Jody and Eric were finished eating, Adam and John were done in the shower.


At 8:45 everyone was showered, dressed and ready to head to court. It was a very quiet ride to the courthouse that took about 20 minutes. They still had plenty of time because court didn't start until 9:30 and usually the first 30 minutes are taken up by lawyers requesting delays in their cases.


George and Ben were there already as was Arnie. They looked at the docket and David's eyes got big. "Shit!" David said. "We're the first case."


George calmed David down saying. "Cool it, David. Being first can be better for us. The judge will not have had the chance to get pissed yet because of something else.


David realized that he was right. They devised a plan to get the audio tape into evidence and Ben actually had a good idea. George knew what was on the tape and just how to get it into play. Adam and John took the twins to a private room and the bailiff said he would get them if they were needed in the courtroom.


The courtroom was opened just before the first case was called. David and his team were seated when Dennings' came in with David's parents. The room felt like the temperature just fell 20 degrees.


A man stood and said. "All rise. All those having business in this court come forward and you shall be heard. The Honorable Judge Richard Bennet presiding."


The judge entered from his chambers and said. "Be seated."


The clerk called the first case. "David Saunders versus The Department of Social Services, in the matter of the adoption petition for Jody and Eric Ryan.”


“Mr. Jamison are you ready to proceed?" The judge asked.


George replied, "Yes, Your Honor. We are."


The judge looked over to Dennings and asked the same question.


Dennings stood and answered. "If it pleases the court, we would like a 30 day delay so we might be able to confirm some new evidence that just came into our office."


The judge was not pleased when he heard this. "Mr. Dennings, you have had more than ample time to get your evidence together. Motion denied. Is the Department of Social Services still objecting to the adoption? If so, you may proceed."


Dennings was stunned. Not only was his plan to get the case delayed shot down, but he had to present his case first. He had to have his case air tight so David had no chance of getting the boys. He started by calling a child development specialist. He testified that the boys would be better off with a family of their own race. They would be able to grow as black children and learn about their culture and heritage.


George asked the expert if the boys would be better off in a white foster home or a black home. The reply: black.


Would the boys be deprived if a suitable black family were never found and they had to live in a white home. The reply: They could adjust as long as the family cared about their best interest and taught them about their race, culture and heritage.


George asked him: "If the family did this, would you have any objections to the twins being adopted by a white family?" The answer: None


George had no further questions.


Dennings called David's father to the stand next. As Dennings started asking him questions, the man played a caring father who thought a single person could not properly raise children. Especially two black children.


George asked him if he was racist or biased. Dennings objected but was shot down. David's father denied he was racist. "Mr. Saunders, have you ever referred to a black person as a nigger? I remind you sir that you are under oath."


David's father replied, "Never."


George asked him again. "Are you sure?"


The man replied. "I am quite sure."


George turned to the judge and said. "Your honor, at this time I would like to offer into evidence proof to rebut Mr. Saunders testimony."


He handed the judge a tape. Dennings objected saying "Your honor, this is here say. We have now way of knowing who or what is on the tape?"


The judge looked at it and said. "If Mr. Saunders voice is on this tape, he can confirm this and if he isn't he can deny it. You may proceed Mr. Jamison."


As George prepared to play the tape, Dennings' sunk into his chair. George looked at the judge and said. "I would like the contents of this entire tape entered into the court record."


The judge nodded his head and said. "Proceed."


George started the tape and told the judge everything would become clear if he listened to the entire tape. The judge motioned for George to continue.


George turned on the tape recorder. This is what was heard:


David asked "How are you doing, father? Have you retired yet?"


David's father said. "I see your living fat off the hog. Is this how they live? With all these rooms, I expected you would have a house full of them."


David stayed calm and said "What do you mean by that?"


His father shot back "You are probably sleeping with every guy in the town. It looks like they are paying you well."


Arnie stepped in. "Mr. Saunders, I am David's business partner, Arnold McDougal. David's business just expanded another 20% and he is working very hard for his money. He has the right to spent it any way he wishes."


Yeah!" his father replied. "Buying every male whore in town."


"Sir, that is not true." Arnie shot back. He was starting to get pissed. "I see the look in your eyes, so don't say it. I am married with two wonderful children. David is the closest thing to an uncle they have. I trust him with their lives. So you can stop that talk right now."


David's father spat. "Your probably one....."


Dennings said, "Mr. Saunders, I advise you not to say any more."


Adam speaking to Mrs. Saunders "You must be Dad's mother. He has told me so much about you. How you do, ma’am?"


She said. "I'm fine, young man. Thank you. Did you call David, Dad and where do you go to school, the local high school?"


Adam said. "Yes ma’am, I did. David is my father. I go to the Rivercrest Academy. I received my progress reports and I have a 3.8 grade point average. I am studying computers so I can go to college and learn more about them."


She said. "I see. You are a very intelligent young man."


His father spoke up and said "I wonder just what you have done to him?"


Adam answered saying "He is the perfect father. Any child would be lucky to have a man like Dad for their father."


Dennings said "I wonder then, if the twins would be lucky as well. How could a single white male raise twin black nine year olds?"


David's father said. He said "Twin niggers? He wants to adopt twin nigger boys? I knew he was sick, but this is sick and crazy."


David interrupted saying "That word will not be used in my house. I will not stand for any racism here at all."


"Listen, fag boy!" His father spat. "I'll say what I want when I want. You got it queer?"


David said "Yeah, I got it. But if you say that word one more time, Dennings' will have to stand up in court and tell the judge you are racist."


Dennings smiled and said "I didn't hear anything racist."


David answered "I might have known you would say that."


David spoke again asking, "Well, mother. What have you got to say? You never said how you feel that I made something of myself, how I live or anything for that matter.”


His mother said "As far as your success, you have done well there. You always had drive, so I felt you would have a decent career. You house is lovely, a true sign of your success. As far as you being a father, I know that is a mistake. A single man has no business raising children. Children need two parents. You hit the bottom of the barrel when you adopted this savage. He belongs on a reservation where they can be supervised. It's a wonder he hasn't stolen all your things of value. You can dress him up in fancy clothes, but he is still a low life, uneducated savage void of any morals. And as far as you wanting to add a couple of niggers here, this is wrong. They need to be with their own kind. White people should adopt white children, period. Add to this whole thing you are queer, well I won't stand for it for one minute. I'll say and do everything I can to see this doesn't happen."


David said. "Well, I guess everything that needs to be said has been said."


Dennings said. "It's appears Saunders, you won't be getting those kids after all."


David said. "Mr. Dennings, I have taped this entire conversation. This recording will be played for the judge so he can see just how low you will go to keep children in unfit foster homes with people who put them on the street just to make room for guests."


Dennings just laughed when he heard that. "I have a very secure job with the city. I make $80,000 a year just to sit on my ass and do what I want with these little bastards. They get what they deserve. Shit man, I even have a couple of cops doing my bidding. If they find certain kids on the streets, they get put in jail then they are out of my hair for good. My foster parents for these brats have been selected by me. They have them do all their shit jobs. Hell, several kids have jobs, but they don't get to keep a single penny. They have to give that to them for their upkeep. They still get what we pay them, less my percentage. I will see to it your tape isn't allowed to be heard. So, what do you have to say now?"


When George turned off the tape, the judge was fit to be tied. He had been made a fool of by Dennings and he was pissed. "Mr. Saunders, please rise. I have heard enough to render a decision now. In the matter of your petition to adopt the minor children, Jody and Eric Ryan, the court finds in your favor and approves the petition. The children shall be, from this day forward, known as Jody Saunders and Eric Saunders. Mr. Jamison, the papers will be sent to you as soon as they are complete. Do you have any other business before this court?"


David replied. "Yes, Your Honor. I do." He handed the letter and request for joint custody to the bailiff.


The judge read the papers and said. "Granted. You and Mr. Gerald Lee now have joint custody of the minor child, John Rollins. Now as for the other matter before this court, Mr. Dennings, I do not like having a fraud perpetrated on this court. It is the decision of this court that you shall be suspended as the director of the Department of Social Services until such time as the state can go over your entire department from top to bottom including your foster families. I am ordering you to be held in jail on child neglect charges without bond. Should additional charges be found and confirmed by the state, they will be added to you as they come to light. Mr. Dennings, you are looking at some serious jail time and you will serve every day. Bailiff, arrest this person and remove him. If no one has any further business, this court stands adjourned."


The judge banged his gavel. Everyone rose as he left the courtroom then David and Arnie hugged each other. David looked at his lawyers and said. "You two really earned your money today. Thank you. I don't know what I would have done if he would have not admitted the tape."


Ben replied. "David, we still had two more aces in the hole if we needed them. But, I am glad we didn't though."


David and Arnie walked out the door and the bailiff showed him where his sons were. As soon as he opened the door, the twins had a look of fear in their eyes. David just held out his arms and they knew what that meant. They both ran to David.


Jody said first. "Are you our Daddy, now?"


David scooped his two raving black beauties up in his arms and said, "Now and for always. And that goes for you too, John." John came over and hugged his new Dad, Adam then the twins. David looked at his watch and it read 11:45. Everybody was starved but David wanted to take his family and Arnie's family out to the finest restaurant to celebrate his adoption of Jody and Eric Saunders. They settled on burgers, fries and soft drinks to go.


Arnie called Valerie and had them get cleaned up and dressed so once they got to David's everyone could just relax. Billy and Karen brought a change of clothes so they could swim while the adults relaxed. They helped the twins get into their trunks when they suddenly ran downstairs to David.


In perfect stereo they said. "Can we swim nu..."


David looked at them and said, "Not when there is mixed company in the house. When it is just you and your brothers, it’s OK. When we have ladies here, no." The twins didn't like that answer but it was the only one he could give them considering Karen was present. He knew she helped give the boys baths but this was something even David, himself, felt uncomfortable in allowing.


At 4, David called the kids in to start getting their showers so they could go to dinner. David went into his room and showered and shaved quickly because he wanted to talk to Gerald Lee. He was really wondering what could be wrong with him. Once cleaned, dried, shaven and dressed, David called his friend, "Hi Gerald, David Saunders here."


"Hi, yourself," Gerald replied. "Did you get everything ironed out with Jody and Eric?"


David answered. "Yes we did. I have two more adopted sons now. The judge even signed the papers regarding John and my lawyer will be sending you a copy of them in the mail. Now, my friend, what is going on with you?"


Gerald said. "I don't want to run up your phone bill. I can tell you when you get here."


"Now listen here!" David began. "Don't worry about the bill. I can pay it. You, talk to me."


Gerald relented and began filling David in on all that's been happening to him. Over the last few months, he has had night sweats, increased thirst and it seems his second home is the bathroom. His weight is going up and down like a yo-yo. David said "Look, my friend. I'm not a doctor, but a while ago a friend of mine went through the same thing. He has diabetes. Left untreated it can kill. With medication and diet you can have a pretty normal life. We will be there tomorrow afternoon. You will be coming back here with us to see a doctor to find out what is wrong. If it is diabetes, you may have to spend a few days in the hospital so they can get your blood sugar regulated and under control. Your grandchildren are worried about you and they only want you to get better. Please, don't argue with me about this?"


Gerald was too tired to put up a fight. "Very well my friend. I will see you tomorrow afternoon. Good bye."


David hung up the phone and was more worried now that he was before. Adam and John came into his room. "What's up, Dad? Why do look so worried?"


David continued to stare into space. "I just got off the phone with your grandfather. He told me everything that has been going on with him over the last several months. Like I told him, I'm not a doctor but it sounds like diabetes. It is a treatable condition as long as you take care of yourself, check your blood sugar as you are told, take your medication and eat the proper diet."


John had his hand over his mouth and was fighting back tears. "That's all. It will keep him busy all day."


David smiled at him and said. "Not really, son. He checks his sugar before each meal and before going to bed and takes his medication. Once his sugar is under control and regulated, he may be able to reduce the number of times he has to check his sugar each day. I have a friend who is diabetic and he leads a fairly normal life. So can your grandfather. It may take some time to get him used to a new routine but, I'm sure he will adjust to the changes."


"Dad," John said. "You make it sound easy."


David replied. "I didn't say it was easy. It is just something he will have to do in order to live a normal life. I know children who have diabetes. They can do almost everything they want to. Play sports, go camping, fishing. If children can do this, your grandfather can. He can stay here for as long as he need to until he is self sufficient to be on his own. You can't do this for him. He has to learn to do it on his own. You will be in school. How can you be in two places at the same time? Your grandfather has a large support system here. The rest will be up to him. I know him well enough to know he will not let this get him down. He is Cherokee."


John smiled at that. Everyone was ready to have a fine dinner at one of the best restaurants in town. The twins looked handsome in their suits. Karen did a good job. Jody had one arm and Eric had the other as they escorted her to their car. Everyone quietly giggled as the twins made over Karen as if she were their date for the evening. Well, David thought, she was.


Part 3
Life Begins Again


It took the group about 15 minutes to get to the restaurant. The twins were the first to enter followed by Arnie, Val and Billy. Adam and John entered next then David. The person standing at the check-in desk looked at Jody, Eric and Karen and said "I'm sorry there is no space available tonight."


David heard this and said to the Maitre D', "Reservation for David Saunders."


He looked at the list and said. "I'm sorry sir, I don't see your name here."


Just then the owner came out and saw David. "David. How are you? This must be Adam."


The Maitre D' almost choked. He looked at the owner and said "You know him sir?"


"You should teach this man some manners. He said we haven't a reservation." David said.


"Really William?" The owner said. "What the hell happened to it? I put it down there personally. Mr. Saunders, I'm sorry. I did put a "reserved" sign your table and there better not be anyone sitting there if you value your job!"


William had the group follow him to their table. It was the best in the house. The owner supplied the best champagne for the adults and soft drinks for the children. The children tried lobster for the first time. Jody and Eric were not sure what to think of it until they tasted it. David dipped each piece in butter and gave it to each of them. They loved it and ate a whole lobster each. Adam and John did not enjoy their piece, however. They had prime rib. Karen and Billy had surf and turf (a small fillet minion and a lobster tail) as did Arnie and Valerie. David joined the twins with lobster. Everyone enjoyed the feast and even had room for desert. David noticed it was almost 10 and decided to call it a night. The twins went home with Arnie and Valerie because of limited seating.


As everyone said their good-bye's John slipped his hand into Adam's. John sat next to the door and Adam was in the middle. Adam turned and kissed John full on the mouth. David saw the display of affection and smiled. Suddenly John started saying "Oh, Adam stop. Ouch, ow, ouch."


David started laughing because he knew what happened. John got a hard on and it was sitting in the wrong position. Adam was doing a little shifting of himself too. "That will teach you to make sure everything is in its proper position before take off."


Adam just stuck his tongue out to David. David said, "Don't stick it out unless you intend to use it." John was laughing at that. They were home by 10:30. David had packed for the boys while they were swimming so that was done and they could all go straight to bed.


John and Adam said their good night's to David. They each gave him a hug and kiss and said they would see him in the morning. David went into his room and began undressing. He did his nightly ministrations and slid under the covers.


Down the hall, the boys were doing their nightly routines when John slipped his arms around Adam's waist. Adam wiped his mouth on the towel and turned around and gazed into his brothers eyes. Adam gently leaned forward and kissed his brother. This time there was nothing confining their hardening dicks. His hands were gently exploring John's body. He had the softest skin and was almost void of hair. He slipped his hands around to the front of John's body and got a big surprise. He was completely void of hair from the shoulders down.


"You like it?" John whispered.


Adam smiled and said. "I love it. When did you do this?"


"When I took my shower this afternoon. I was so nervous, I was afraid I would cut myself." John answered.


Adam asked. "Do you want..."


"No." John interrupted. "I want you just as you are. I know how much you love my smooth skin. This is for you. I love you Adam and I want you to make love to me." John led his older brother to the bed and gently eased him down.


Adam slid back to give John room but he stopped him. John kneeled in front of Adam and slid his hands over his chest. Each thumb found its target. Adam's nipples became erect and he moaned. John sat beside him and his tongue found its mark. Softly he entered Adam's mouth. His tongue was on autopilot.


John lifted Adam up and set him on his lap as continued to give his face a tongue bath and hit every g-spot he could find. He slid his hand down to feel his brother's dick. Adam was leaking pre-cum like a garden hose with holes.


Adam was in heaven. Never had he been turned on so much in his life. David had done things to him but nothing like this. John was neither better nor worse than David, just different.


Adam slid off John's lap. He took the lead now and laid John down on the bed. He started at the top and began exploring his brother's body. He knew John's weak spot, his neck. Adam gently licked his neck just below his ear. John gasped. Adam knew he was on the right trail. As he continued to kiss his brother's neck, his hand was exploring his completely bald body. As his hand brushed over his nipple, he hit the spot on his neck at the same time. John was almost in sensory overload. Adam's hand went south and found the prize. John's dick was as wet as his own.


Adam's tongue starting working its way down to meet up with his hand. When he found John's nipple, he made a pit stop so he could refuel. He suckled each nipple as if he was a baby. John was moaning as Adam's hand played with his cheeks. Adam's finger tickled his rose bud and John thought he was going to shoot right then and there. Slowly, Adam starting licking his way towards John's stomach. He knew his brother was sensitive there but his naval was a different story. Reaching his objective, he gently licked his naval and pushed his finger into his back entrance. John gasped and relaxed all at once. With his finger inside, Adam went straight for his brother's pride and joy. He engulfed John's tool with his mouth and tasted his brother's pre-cum. Nice and sweet, just like himself. John was on the ride of his young life. Adam licked, sucked and pushed. When he felt his finger hit John's prostate, it was time for the main event.


He quickly looked up at his younger brother and when Adam saw the smile, he knew he could complete his task. Adam returned to work on John's dick. Using the skills David taught him, he had John ready to release within a few minutes.


"God, Adam." John moaned. "Please don't stop. Please. Let me cum bro, please. Oh, man. Here it comes. I'm gonna ccuuummm. Now, I'm cccuuummmiiinngg."


John's brain hit overload. He arched his back then went still. Adam swallowed his brother's load and slid up beside him. John looked at his brother. "You like, John?"


John whispered. "Is this heaven? God Adam, you were fantastic. I love you. You can never imagine just how much I love you." John leaned over and kissed Adam gently.


Adam replied "Yes I do, John. I love you that much too." He returned his brother's kiss then said. "Close your eyes, bro. Get some sleep. You have nothing to prove to me. What I did, I wanted to do, just because I love you. We will have plenty of time for this again."


John smiled at Adam and started to speak. Adam put his finger over his brother’s lips and whispered. "Sussh, don't speak, just go to sleep, my love."


John kissed his brother and said. "Very well, sleep tight."


David woke at 7, with the help of his alarm clock. He used the toilet and then took a quick shower. As he was drying off, he headed to the boys room. When he opened the door, he saw the two most perfect creations God ever made. John and Adam were still asleep uncovered and naked. David thought how should I wake them? He went over to the boys and gently kissed each one.


Adam looked up and saw David standing there nude too and wondered where he was. "Morning, Dad. Where am I?"


David answered. "The last I knew, you were in your bed with John."


He leaned over and tickled John on the stomach. John sat straight up and ran to the bathroom. The next sound heard was John hitting the toilet.


"Dad! I almost didn't make it." John whined.


David smiled and picked his boy up. "Sorry, man. I just couldn't resist the chance to tickle you. Come on, boys. We got to get going if we expect to reach Cherokee at a decent hour. We can get breakfast on the road."


Adam hollered to David while dressing. "What about our clothes?"


David shouted back, "Already packed. I did that yesterday." Adam and John came into David's room and put on their socks and shoes while David finished dressing. They grabbed their jackets and headed out the door. "Eight o'clock. Next stop breakfast."


They had a large breakfast and were on the road by nine. David thought they should make Cherokee by four or so. The three of them were cruising down the road listening to a variety of music David had made. Before anyone had realized it, they were turning down the road heading into Cherokee. They arrived at Gerald's house but no one was there to greet them.


David said. "John, do have your key?"


"Right here, Dad."  John answered.


John unlocked the door and they found Gerald. He looked like he was asleep but his skin was cold and clammy. The boys didn't know what was wrong but David looked worried. He picked up the frail man and carried him out and put him in the back of the Tahoe. John and Adam dropped the back seat and it became a bed for Gerald. Adam got some clothes for Gerald while John got his personal items. John ran upstairs and took his grandfather's dream catcher. This meant more to Gerald than any single piece of property he owned.


Adam ran to the SUV as John locked the door. David hit the gas and they were off. In 10 minutes they were on the main highway heading to the city. David knew Gerald might not make it so he called Arnie on his cell phone.


David reached his friend. "Arnie, I need the hospital's helicopter. Gerald Lee is unconscious and may be in a diabetic coma. He needs to be in a hospital. Tell them to make it fast."


Arnie listened to David and said. "Look, I know what to do. I'll take care of everything. Are you on the main road? All right. We will be there as quickly as we can."


About 20 minutes later, Adam saw the helicopter. It was from the hospital and it quickly circled and landed. Arnie got out as the flight nurse and paramedic was wheeling over the stretcher. They on it and loaded him into the helicopter as David sat beside the pilot. He looked around the aircraft he purchased.


Since meeting Gerald and the people of Cherokee, David realized they were without means to get someone to a hospital in an emergency. He had set up a trust fund so the hospital could purchase a state of the art air ambulance and staff it 24 hours a day. It was to be large enough for the crew, patient, pilot and one family member. All to often, the family member had to go by car while the patient was in the air. This way both patient and family member could be together.


The paramedic started an IV and the nurse was checking his vital signs. As soon as that was done, she checked his blood sugar. The meter read 545. His blood sugar was way to high. When the IV was in, she gave him insulin. After a few minutes, his sugar level dropped and he began to regain consciousness. The nurse put a head set on Gerald so he could talk and hear over the noise of the engine.


David spoke to him saying, "Take it easy, my friend. You're all right. We are heading to the hospital. Your grandsons are with Arnie and will see you soon."


Gerald was still groggy. "What happened?"


David said. "From what I could tell, your blood sugar went through the roof and you passed out. It's a good thing we got there when we did or I don't know what would have happened.


Gerald asked. "What time is it?"


David spoke. "It's 5:30."


Gerald replied. "I've been out for several hours. The last thing I remember was getting ready to fix lunch. Now, you're here and I'm in the air."


David looked out the windshield and saw the hospital. The pilot set the helicopter down and the crew quickly had Gerald wheeled into the emergency department. Once inside, the staff hovered around him hooking him up to all kinds of machines. They put a cuff on his left arm and it began inflating by itself to check his blood pressure. Another nurse put wires on his chest that monitored his heart beat. Another person took some blood from his arm. After about 30 minutes, a doctor walked in and asked Gerald how he felt. Gerald almost asked the doctor why didn't he tell him but thought better of the idea. A nurse brought David back into the room because he Gerald wasn't comfortable in a strange place.


After he saw David, Gerald relaxed and was willing to speak to the doctor. "What's wrong with me? Is it what my friend said, diabetes?"


The doctor was straight forward with Gerald. "Yes sir, it is. I believe we can control it so you can live a pretty normal life. From what I see from your blood work, your body has almost completely stopped making insulin. This means you will need to learn to give yourself injections several times a day to keep your blood sugar from going to high and eating properly to prevent your sugar from getting to low. We have an excellent staff here and they can teach you everything you will need in order to keep things under control. I'm sure you have lots of questions. I'll try to answer what I can, if you’re ready.


David went out to the waiting room to see if Arnie and the boys had arrived. He had just bought himself a soda when the door slid open and in came the crew. "You made good time." David said to Arnie.


"I know. When you have two worried boys, you tend to go a little faster." Arnie said handing the keys to David. "Valerie is waiting outside and the twins are with Karen and Billy. They can stay as long as you need, pal."


David patted his friend on the back and said. "Thanks pal. As soon as things settle down, I'll get them. Tell Jody and Eric their Grandfather is doing fine and not to worry."


The boys looked at David and before they could even speak he said. "Relax. He's awake and talking with the doctor. I'm not sure, but he looks familiar."


David led the boys back to Gerald's cubicle. He and the doctor were still talking when the boys recognized the man. The boy's called him "Running Bare." His name was Dr. Douglas Wolf. He got the name "Running Bare" because when he was two, he wouldn't keep his clothes on. The doctor looked at Adam and said, "My, young man. How you have grown. It has been many years since I have seen you."


Adam shook the doctor's hand and said. "I thought I remembered you. How have you been, sir? Are you going to take care of Grandfather?"


Dr. Wolf replied. "Yes I will. We will have your Grandfather up and out of here very soon. If things go as smoothly as I think, he should be home with you boys in a week."


"We don't live together." John said. Adam does. He was adopted by David. I live with grandfather in Cherokee."


The doctor thought for a minute and said. "He may need to be in the hospital longer then. At least until we know he can be self sufficient."


David spoke then. "He is welcome to stay with us, Doctor. I have plenty of room and will get him any help he needs. Don't even think you are being a burden, Gerald. You are the Grandfather of my boys. You will always have a place to live."


Gerald closed his eyes and said. "Very well David. I knew I was right to bring you into my family. You have the strength of an bear and the heart of an eagle. You do me proud to raise my grandchildren."


A nurse came in to bring Gerald up stairs. When he arrived on the floor, another nurse came in and told David she needed to have a few minutes to get Gerald situated then they could come back in.


David asked for a couple of minutes so he and the boys could say good night. It was almost 7:30 and they hadn't eaten anything since lunch. The nurse said that was fine so the boys kissed their Grandfather good night. Gerald looked at David and said "You need to get your rest too, my son. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. You take good care of my grandchildren."


David patted Gerald's hand and said. "I will. You have my word."


David turned and left with the boys as the nurse began getting Gerald admitted to the diabetic unit. David felt good when Gerald referred to him as his son. This time when he was called son, he felt like the person say it meant it, unlike the many times his father called him that with no meaning or feelings behind the term.


John heard what his Grandfather had said. "You know, Dad. He doesn't use that word to just anyone. He is proud of the way you are raising Adam and how much you love him despite the fact the he is Native American."


David looked at John. "I know, son. I even got a good feeling when he said that. I really care about him. I want to do everything I can so he will be here to watch you two grow and become adults. Let's go get dinner."


David took the boys to their usual place and ate. They were all so tired when the three of them arrived home David had to carry each boy inside from the garage. After he had them undressed and tucked in, he went took a leak then went to bed himself.


The next thing he knew, it was 10:30. He went to take a leak and put on some pants then headed to the kitchen. He was almost down to the bottom of the stairs when he smelled coffee. When he walked into the kitchen, Adam had a hot cup sitting in front of his chair.


John looked at him and smiled. "Morning, Dad. Want some breakfast, I'm cooking."


“Sounds good son, what are you fixing?" David asked.


"The usual," John replied. “Sausage, eggs, hash browns and toast."


"Sounds good," David said. "I'll take a shower while you start cooking."


"Dad," Adam asked. "Can I join you?"


"Sure, if it's alright with John." David answered as he was heading towards the stairs.


Adam was on his heels as they went to David's room. David slipped his pants and boxers off and Adam was nude under his robe. Adam went into the bathroom and started the shower then he relieved himself in the toilet. David was already in the shower when Adam stepped in. He gave David a long kiss but this time he didn't use his tongue. David looked at his son and wondered what's going on. Adam looked at his Dad and said. "Dad, I'm ready to give myself to John but I can't return the favor to him. I know he will want me to but I can't hurt him. Would you get him ready like you did me?"


David had to think about this for a moment. He knew Adam was going about this the proper way, but he felt John was a little to young to engage in intercourse. "Adam, I think John is still too young for anal sex. You were 14 when I started preparing you. I will not do anything to John until he is at least 13 and that's six months from now. If you want to start getting him ready by using a finger, that's fine. I must insist on him being a teen before making this step."


Adam listened and knew what his Dad was saying was right. His dick was already pushing 5 inches and was still growing. John's hole was still cherry and he refused to hurt his brother. "Fair enough, Dad. I can start playing with him back there so he can get used to how it feels. He can get his first plug as a birthday present, if he wants. OK?"


David looked at his maturing son. "That will be fine son. Now, let’s get finished. I'm starving." They finished getting washed. Adam put a clean robe on and David got dressed. "After breakfast, we can show John his new office at PowerNet. When we are done there, we will go see your Grandfather."


The two went downstairs and knew John was fixing a feast. He may have been only 12, but he could make magic in a kitchen. Things had been so crazy over the last few months that he had not let John be able to enjoy himself cooking. Now Gerald was in the hospital. John looked like he was escaping life in the kitchen, and this worried David.


"Smells good, son," David replied. "Anything I can do?"


Just then John set the plates on the table. He had prepared a huge feast; a pound of sausage, two pounds of hash browns, a dozen eggs and toast. Seems John had trouble sleeping and he was peeling potatoes at 6 in the morning.


"John." David said. "Are you OK, son?"


John looked up at his Dad and with tears in his eyes said. "I'm worried, Dad. Is Grandfather going to die?"


David stayed composed and answered him. "Well son, we all die. But don't worry, you grandfather has a lot of years still ahead of him. If he can't take care of himself in Cherokee, he can always live here with us. I realize that he values his independence and refuses to be a burden on anyone. He can stay here until school starts, if he likes. He can even stay longer. But I know him well enough that he will want to try to live in his own house. Where do you want to go to school, here or in Cherokee?"


John wiped his face and said. I did want to go to school with Adam but now I'm not so sure. I was looking forward to going to Rivercrest. Now I think Grandfather will need me at home. I just don't know Dad."


David smiled and said. "Son, he will be here when he gets out of the hospital while he gets used to taking care of himself. If he can manage safely on his own, I think he deserves the chance to live in his own home. Now if he can't, he is welcome to live here if he so chooses. Is this alright with you?"


John smiled at David and said. "Adam was right. You should have been a Cherokee. You are very wise, indeed." He came over and gave David a big hug and kiss.


When breakfast was finished and the dishes put in the dishwasher, David had a surprise for John. "Are you ready to go boys?"


Adam said, "Sure thing, Dad."


They got in the Mustang and lowered the top on the convertible. The sun was shinning bright and it was hot. In fact, it was almost too hot go to without air conditioning. John had no idea where they were heading and when they pulled into the parking garage, he was more confused than before. Adam got out his key card and slid it through the lock. The elevator door opened and Adam pushed 1. The doors opened and they were in the lobby of PowerNet. David went to the front desk and got a temporary ID card for John. John had been looking around with his mouth hanging wide open when David asked him. "You like, son"


John still had his mouth open and said. "Yeah, this place is cool. Where are we?"


Adam replied, "At work."


John asked. "This is where you work? Cool."


Adam really got his brother going. "This is where you are going to work. Upstairs he has homeless kids doing slave work. They put boxes together and make a penny a box for each one they assemble."


"Really Dad? I gotta do that?" John said with tears welling in his eyes.


David saw the fear in him and decided enough was enough. He wrapped his arms around John and said. "No son, I don't use children as slaves. I thought you would see through what Adam was telling you. This is PowerNet. Not only do I work here, I own it."


John's eyes got huge. "Really, Dad. You own this. Wow! This is so cool."


David looked at the secretary. "Miss Henry, will you take John to get his permanent ID card. His will be like Adam's. No restrictions."


She led John to the security office and shortly he returned with his own photo ID card. David took the boys to the third floor. The workers were just putting the finishing touches on John's office. David quickly steered John into Arnie's office.


Arnie looked up and saw all three of them standing there. "Hi John, how do like the place?"


"Man Uncle Arnie, this place is so kewl. I can't believe dad owns it." John said rambling.


Adam went to see if John's office was ready. They had just finished putting John's name plate on the door. It read "John Saunders" and below his name read "Customer Service Representative" just like Adam's. Adam went back to Arnie's office and took a piece of cloth he found and tied it around John's eyes.


"Hey, what gives?" John asked.


Adam said. "Just chill, little bro and hold my hand." Adam led John out the door and soon they were standing in front of John's new office. He took the blindfold off John's eyes.


When John saw the door, he jumped right into David's arms saying. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dad. I don't have a clue what to do and still you give me this?"


David opened the door and John got yet another surprise. Inside, it was a carbon copy of Adam's. It had a huge executive desk, plush leather chair and the latest computer.


John looked at Adam and David saying. "I barely know how to use a computer. How do you expect me to help others when I can't understand this stuff myself."


Adam smiled and said. "John, I said the same thing when Dad first brought me here. Everyone taught me everything I needed to learn and we will be glad to teach you too."


John was amazed. He went from being just another Indian kid to the son of one of the most successful men in the internet industry.


David said. "Son, between Adam, Billy and Karen you will be just as capable as them when it comes to helping people on the phone. There is one condition to this. You must keep your grades up. Otherwise, you risk your chance to remain at Rivercrest."


John smiled and said. "You got it Dad. I'll keep my grades up."


Adam said. "Come on, John. Let's go see Billy and Karen so you can start earning your keep."


David laughed when he heard that. It reminded him of what he once said to Adam. The boys went to see Arnie's two while he went and checked his e-mail. He quickly sorted through what was important and what wasn't. He forwarded the important stuff to his come computer and would take care of that later. He gathered the boys and headed off to the hospital.


When he arrived, Gerald was just finishing lunch. He seemed in goods spirits considering all that has happened in the last 24 hours. We chatted briefly when John's stomach rumbled. David looked at his watch and realized why John's stomach was up in arms. They went down to the cafeteria and had some lunch.


The boys spent the rest of the afternoon chatting with Gerald when John remembered he had the dream catcher. "Here Grandfather, I remembered your dream catcher." John hung it up and Gerald seemed to at peace.


The next thing he knew, the nurse was coming in with the blood sugar machine to check Gerald's sugar level. Gerald did everything himself. He even calculated how much insulin to give himself and gave himself the shot. We said our good-byes and headed for the Mustang. Arnie had invited everyone to his house for dinner. The twins were glad to see their father. Since the adoption, the boys had spent more time with Arnie than with David and they missed the attention he was giving them. Karen was being an attentive cousin, even to the point that on one occasion she took a bath with the twins. This was her idea and the boys got a first hand look at the differences between a male and a female. David took that news in stride but knew he would have to explain things to the youngsters.


The rest of the week flew by and then came the day that Gerald was able to leave the hospital and come to David's. The boys made up a room on the other side of David's. The boys remembered some of Gerald's favorite items and got brought them when they left.


Gerald was getting good at watching his diet and keeping track of his blood sugar. Before we knew it, August was upon us and David had to think about getting all the boys ready for school. Gerald wanted to try to live on his own but felt adding the stress of a pre-teen would be to much for him. "John, Would you like David to be your father, also?"


John was taken by surprise at Gerald's question and so was David. "Grandfather, I don't want to loose you!"


Gerald looked at both them and said. "You're not loosing me, you are gaining a father. Here is a person who loves you as much as if he had helped to create you. If something should happen to me, I need to know that you are taken care of and looked after properly. Understand?"


John smiled and said. "Yes, sir. I understand. Adam hugged his brother from behind and John reached for David. Gerald had the papers with him and since everything was already prearranged and agreed to, this would be an easy adoption. The twins were ecstatic that they had another big brother.


The next day, David called Judge to ask if he could spare some time to see him. The judge said he could see him after lunch. Standing outside the door to his chambers, David knocked.


"Come in." The voice said from behind the door.


David opened the door and entered. "Thank you for seeing me Your Honor. Here is the adoption petition. As you can see, the boy's Grandfather is in agreement and feels this is the best thing for him considering the situation."


The judge asked. "Is his condition under control now?"


David answered. "Yes sir it is. Adding the stress of a teen-age boy might be more than he can handle this soon. If things change, he knows he can live with us for as long as necessary but he would like to try to remain independent. I agree with him but I still can't help worrying, also."


The judge replied. "Yes I agree. I think he will allow himself to stay with you if the situation changes. He may be stubborn but I know he loves his grandchildren. I'll sign these papers and have my clerk send you both copies as soon as it is entered. By the way, how are Jody and Eric?"


David said. "Oh, they're fine sir. You should see them now. They have grown three inches you have last seen them. What's up with Dennings?"


The judge looked up and said. "Mr. Saunders, I'm glad you brought this to the court's attention. He has been charged with 43 counts of receiving bribes, child endangering, felony child neglect, receiving kick backs, bribery, forgery, uttering and numerous other charges. The state is still investigating and finding out more each day. Do you remember Laura Morrison?"


David looked scared. "Yes sir. She isn't behind this too?"


The judge laughed. "No, Mr. Saunders not at all. I appointed her the Acting Director of Social Services until this whole mess is over. I hate to admit it though, she really has her hands full. Would you consider being a foster parent?"


David smiled and laughed. "Who me and with this crew I have now? I'd be bald in a month. I'd love to. I think the boy's would like to have another brother or even a sister."


They both laughed when Laura knocked on the Judge's door. "Come in."


Laura walked in and was surprised to see David. "How are you, David?"


David smiled when he saw her. "I’m fine. How did this guy manage to get you to come out of retirement?"


Laura said. "Well, it wasn't hard now that Dennings is out of the picture. I did it just for the kids. Your lawyers found me some very good families and the kids are doing so well my job is very easy. I can't thank you enough for what you did to bring this to the attention of the court. The kids are the real winners here."


Thanks, Laura." David said "I did it for my boys too. I hope he never gets out of prison. Judge Bennet, thank you for everything you have done for me and my boys."


The judge looked at David and said. "Just take care of them and make good people out of them."


David shook the Judge's and Laura's hand and left the office. The boys were outside waiting on him and he said. "Let celebrate. They were already dressed for the occasion, so on their way Adam called Arnie to see if his family could join them. Arnie said he the gang would love to come celebrate John's adoption.


David had another heir to the Power Net legacy. Once at the restaurant, David pulled four envelopes and handed one to each boy. He had met with Ben to redesign his will so that Adam, John, Jody and Eric would be legally entitled to inherit PowerNet should anything happen to David. The will was set up so that if anything happened to David before their 24th birthday, Ben would handle the estate for the boys. Here was how it would work.


Since everything is free and clear with no debt owed, the boys would remain in the house and receive a monthly allowance. Davis life insurance policy, worth 10 million dollars, was originally set up to finish paying off the mortgage on the house and the loan on PowerNet. Now, with everything being free and clear, David will states the $2.5 million each boy would receive be invested and an allowance set up so each child can finish their education first and work at the company later.


Each child will go to college and be required to earn a living. They have jobs at PowerNet if they wish, but that is not required. A job of some kind is. The value of the company would be calculated at the time of death and that balance divided by four. Any increase in company value would be shared by those brothers who chose to continue working for the business. David was a keen business man and he spoiled his boys, but he wanted each child to know the value of money and how to earn it.


Why did David decide on age 24? Simple he told the boys. You should be around 18 when you finish high school. It takes between five and six years to earn a master's degree. That will make you around 24 when you are out of college. Then you start earning a living. If you want to continue living in the house, fine. If you want to be on your own, that it OK too.


Adam looked at each of his brothers and said. "Dad, how can we ever repay you for what you have done for us?


David took a sip of champagne and said. "Remain a family, get all you can out of your education and be the best person you can be. When each of you do that, the debt is paid."


Adam picked up is glass and said. "To Dad. The best father anyone could have."


Everyone touched glasses and drank. Arnie had done the same for his family. After dinner, David and his crew went home to a very quiet and peaceful evening. Gerald had witnessed something he would not soon forget. His grandchildren were in good hands. They were well off financially and were well on their way to becoming fine adults.


Adam asked David if he could have a word with him. They went into his study and closed the door. Adam gazed at David and lovingly kissed his father. Adam then said. "Dad, I want to give myself to John tonight."


David looked at his son and asked. "Are you sure?"


Adam answered. "As sure as of anything I have ever done. After what you did for each us tonight, this will only complete myself."


David was both pleased and saddened by what Adam had said. He was glad that he had found someone more his own age and yet he was sad because he would never again feel the intimate pleasure of Adam, the lover.


The four boys watched TV with David and Gerald. At 9:00 Gerald checked his blood sugar, had a snack then retired for the evening The twins were in bed by 9:30 and the others were up until 11. The boys said good night to David then headed into their room.


Adam closed the door then turned around and held his brother by the waist. Looking into his eyes, he kissed John with as much passion as he had in his body. Adam caressed his hair and slowly slid his hand down is back until he landed on his brother's soft yet firm ass. John was enjoying his brother's touch so much he began tenting his pants to the point of discomfort. Adam felt his brother's bulge and unfastened his pants and let them slip to the floor. He reached into his boxers and found the prize. He slid his hands up to the elastic and slid down his boxers past his throbbing member. Adam ran his hands over John's chest and stopped when he felt his nipples.


John began caressing Adam's back then grabbed two hands full of firm muscular ass. He felt his brother's hardness poking him in the groin so he undid his pants and let them slide down his legs. He lifted his shirt over his head and dropped it onto the floor. Adam wasn't wearing his underwear this night. He had planed this affair right down to the last detail.


John was picked up by Adam and carried to the bed. Adam gently laid him down and began to smother him with kisses. He started with his ears. He licked and kissed each one so lightly John was moaning with pleasure. He worked his way down to his chest stopping at his nipples. He soon had each one standing hard and firm. He continued his trip south stopping next at his naval. As he stuck his tongue in his naval, Adam's hand found his brother's prize possession. Hw licked his way towards his groin and quickly began licking John's dick. Ever so lightly, his tongue would touch the tip. John would shudder and moan with pleasure.


While Adam was working on John's dick, he was preparing himself at the same time. Adam had placed the lube near him so he could begin slicking up his hole for John to enter. John reached to play with Adam's dick when he felt his brother's hand by his hole. John tapped his brother's hand and Adam removed his finger. John replaced Adam's finger with two of his own. Adam had put an ample amount of lube in his hole so all John had to do was enter. John had two of his fingers inside Adam when he decided to make it three.


David had prepared Adam for this and he knew he would be able to take John's dick in him without any problem. Adam decided it was time to give himself to his brother. He rolled over on his back and raised his legs so John had easy access to his love hole. Adam applied some lube to John's fully erect tool then guided him to the entrance. As soon as Adam felt the tip touch his hole, he pushed gently so he would open for his brother. John gently pushed forward and slipped past the first ring of muscle. Adam moaned in pleasure as John began to enter him. John stopped, thinking he was hurting his brother, and Adam looked up at him and just smiled. Without saying a word, they were still able to communicate their thoughts and John slid into Adam completely.


Once inside his brother, John started to slide in and out in a gentle rocking motion. As John was rocking his hips in Adam, he reached down and started stroking his brother’s tool. Adam's eyes were closed as he enjoyed the feeling of being filled and masturbated at the same time. Each time John would hit his prostate, Adam would moan in pleasure. Soon John was timing each thrust forward with each stroke of his hand.


John kept his pace slow and methodical. Adam was about to hit sensory overload. With each thrust and stroke about to take them both to the top of space mountain, John was beginning to pick up the pace with his hands and hips. He knew how to time himself so both he and Adam would climax at the same time. Soon, both boys were moaning and ready to explode in the ultimate orgasm.


As soon as Adam felt his brother's first shot of love enter him, he cut loose with a shot that would have taken John's head off if he had had his dick in his mouth. Adam fired five of the strongest shots he had ever produced in his life. Meanwhile, John was blowing Adam's insides out with his nectar. "Adam, oh god Adam, I love you. I'm cumming." John fired five huge shots of his love juice into Adam.


Adam looked at his brother briefly before closing his eyes to savor his post-orgasmic bliss. John collapsed on top of Adam in his post orgasmic high and there the two fell asleep.


It was after 10 the next morning when the two love birds arose. The boys were literally stuck together where they fell asleep. John had to use Adam's shoulders to push himself up to free himself from the crusted cum that was holding them together. It was a good thing John was now bald from his head down or he would have yanked out a good portion of his pubes. Adam screamed when John unstuck themselves.


Adam looked at John's stomach and realized he lost some of his pubes. "Hey, gimme back my hair!"


John looked down and saw what his brother was talking about. He reached down and removed his brother's pubes and said. "Here you go bro. I don't think they will grow back like this but if you really want them, you can have 'em."


They both laughed at that. First stop was the shower where both boys removed Adam's spunk. When they were finished, they joined David and Gerald for breakfast. The boys kissed each adult and just winked at David. He knew what that meant and just smiled. "Would you guy's like to ride along when I take your Grandfather home?"


The boys' heart sank a little because they knew it was time for their Grandfather to try to live on his own. It had been almost 6 weeks since Gerald had come here and they were really used to him being around. Gerald looked at his grandchildren and said. "You knew that this day would come.  I will keep in touch. David has offered me a computer so we can send each other e-mails."


John's eyes lit up when he heard that. He gave David a big kiss and said. "Sure thing Dad. We'd love to go with you."


After the dishes were put into the dishwasher and the kitchen cleaned, the boys loaded Gerald's belongings and computer into the Tahoe and they were off. The trip to Cherokee seemed to fly by and before they knew it, they were at Gerald's house. David had made arrangements for Gerald to have a telephone line installed so he could go on-line. David provided free internet service to him from PowerNet.


The boys were sad when it came time to say their good-bye's but were reassured by Gerald that he would send them daily e-mails to stay in touch.


After all the hugs, kisses and tears were done, the crew was heading home.


David looked at his young men and said. "I guess you two are official now."


Adam looked at David and smiled. "How did you know?"


David replied. "The smile and wink was all it took."


John replied saying. "I really love him Dad. I love him more than I ever thought possible. Thank you for all you have done here. We will always remain a family."


Adam began looking for something to listen to on the CD player. David reached into the glove box and handed him a CD. "What's this?" Adam asked.


David answered him saying. "Something I burned for you when you went to get John. It is a collection of some of your favorite songs, except for the first. This is my favorite and I think you will like it."


Adam took the plastic case from David and took the CD out and slid it into the player. Adam and John listened as the song Forever Young by Rod Stewart played.

May the good Lord be with you
Down every road you roam
And may sunshine and happiness
surround you when you're far from home
And may you grow to be proud
Dignified and true
And do unto others
As you'd have done to you
Be courageous and be brave
And in my heart you'll always stay
Forever Young, Forever Young
Forever Young, Forever Young

May good fortune be with you
May your guiding light be strong
Build a stairway to heaven
with a prince or a vagabond

And may you never love in vain
and in my heart you will remain
Forever Young, Forever Young
Forever Young, Forever Young
Forever Young
Forever Young

And when you finally fly away
I'll be hoping that I served you well
For all the wisdom of a lifetime
No one can ever tell

But whatever road you choose
I'm right behind you, win or lose
Forever Young, Forever Young
Forever Young ,Forever Young
Forever Young, Forever Young
For, Forever Young, Forever Young


The boys looked up at David with tears in their eyes. David had to pull over to the side of the road because his eyes were so filled with tears he could no longer drive safely. Adam asked. "You’re not going to die, are you?"


David composed himself and said, "No son, at least not anytime soon. This song says everything there is to say about how I feel about you and John. If you follow in the words of the song, you will indeed become fine men with great futures."


Each boy hugged and kissed David. After David wiped his eyes, he pulled back onto the road and continued the drive home. David had received the greatest gift of all. The love of children. He was now the proud father of four boys who loved him and he loved more than life itself. This past Christmas was one that he and Adam would never forget. He looked at his boys and wondered, what else will life have in store for me?




Adam and John still love each other to this day. On John's thirteenth birthday, David kept his word and began preparing John so he could give himself to Adam. Adam thinks John should work with David for six months before trying. The twins fool around with each other but only touching and humping each other's leg.


John continued to improve his grades at Rivercrest and made the all "A" honor roll for the last quarter of the year. Jody and Eric followed in their older brother’s footsteps and have offices at PowerNet and handle service calls.


Karen and Billy wanted to attend Rivercrest with David's crew and now all six are trying to see who gets the best grades.


Mr. Dennings was sentenced to a total of 250 years in prison in connection with the abuse he put all those foster children through. Laura Morrison worked with Department of Social Services for another two years and then went into complete retirement with her husband in Florida. David set up a one million dollar trust so she and her husband would always be comfortable in their golden years.


David has neither seen nor heard from his parents since that day in court. He wishes things could be different between them but has resigned himself to the fact that he will always be their black sheep.


PowerNet went international and continues to grow. At last estimate, the company was worth well over $100 million dollars. David set up an endowment for Rivercrest so they can award scholarships to deserving children who otherwise could not afford to attend the school.


Gerald Lee has his diabetes under control and continues to do well. He is a regular guest at David's and is pleased with the way his grandchildren are growing and becoming young men. He looks forward to seeing each child graduate from Rivercrest and then college.


The End.



Posted: 05/21/10