Camp Nappy
by: Miguel Sanchez
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Chapter 1


After I retired, I decided to do something for my nephew. He is 12 and has a medical condition that doesn’t let him wear regular underwear. Every summer when his friends were going off, Conner was stuck at home. Fortunately, I was well off financially that I didn’t have to work. His mother couldn’t accept the fact Conner had to wear diapers so she abandoned him. That’s where I came in. It was a nasty court battle and she didn’t want me to adopt him because she knew my little secret. I loved boys. In fact, she made it a point to let everyone of my neighbors know this but it backfired in her face.


One neighbor, who was a prominent attorney, took her to court. His son was a regular over at my place because I was the only one with a swimming pool.  


When the case came to court, she had every police officer who would listen and believe her there to testify against me. She even went so far as to call Conner to the stand and basically claimed that I had abused him every time he came over.  


One thing I did was have Conner seen by a prominent physician to see if there was anything he could do to help Conner get over his condition. While Conner was there, the doctor gave him an examination from head to toe so I had him on my witness list.  


By the time her lawyer was finished, Conner was crying uncontrollably. The judge called a 30 minute recess and called my sister into his chambers. By the time the recess was over, so was the case.


The judge granted my petition for adoption and reamed my sister royally.


After Conner turned 12, I decided to open a summer camp for boys like Conner. I advertized on the internet and before I had even broke ground, there were parents wanting to sign their boys up.


It took almost a year to get the camp built and it cost me over a million of the best dollars I had ever spent. The camp set on 50 acres and had everything a boy would want. Instead of them sleeping in tents, cabins were built. There was an open dorm area that had bunk beds and at the far end of each cabin was a private room for the counselor.


I had each counselor checked out totally. The one thing they would have to do was change a wet nappy (diaper) and I didn’t want boys coming to me with problems.


Finally it was summer and our grand opening was upon me. Conner had seen the camp and he loved it. “Uncle Miguel I can’t believe it’s finally open.”


“Are you ready for it?” I asked.


“Are you serious?” Conner almost shouted. “I’ve waited for this day ever since you told me about it.”


I took Conner over to his cabin so he could get settled then I went out to the welcome area. All too soon, the boys started arriving. The first boy was named Josh. He was 13 and had a very small bladder. When Conner came out, he asked, “Uncle Migs, can he stay in our cabin?”


Conner and Josh hit it off so I relented and let Josh stay in Cabin 1. The next boy to arrive was a boy named Javier.


After the first rush of boys died down, I realized I was one counselor light. It was just before lunch when a guy in a motorized wheel chair came rolling up. Rob, my head counselor looked at him. “Can I help you?”


“Yes, I am here to speak to Miguel.” The man said as he handed Rob a letter.


Rob smiled at him. “Welcome to Camp Nappy.” Migs said he was missing a counselor.”


“Sorry about that, my ride arrived late. Everyone calls me Kermie.”


“Welcome Kermie.” Rob says when Conner walks over. “Have you seen Uncle Migs?”


“I’m right behind you.”


“I’m soaked Uncle.” Conner said as he headed for his cabin.


Conner stopped and waited for me. “Buddy, you realize I’m your Dad now, right?”


“Yeah and man am I glad of that. I can’t believe the crap she said about you. I love you Dad.”


Come on son; let’s get you into something dry. I took him into my room and pulled a dry nappy out. Conner shucked his wet on then hopped onto the dry one. I got a wet wipe and cleaned his diaper area. I noticed a rash starting so I got the ointment out and put it on the rash then secured the nappy in place. Conner and I were about to leave when Josh knocked. “Hi Josh,” Conner said smiling.


“Migs, can you change me?


“Sure, did you bring some with you?”


Josh brought his hand from around his back and handed me the nappy. I took the diaper and opened it on the bed. Josh took his wet one off then laid down on the dry one. I took a wet wipe and cleaned him then secured the dry one in place. He stood up and thanked me so I gently patted his bottom. Josh broke out into a huge grin then it was time for lunch. Conner, Josh and I had a nice lunch then I had to return to checking boys in. Our cabin quickly filled and by dinner time, all the boys were ready for their evening meal.


By 10, the boys in my cabin were ready for bed. After a large group change, all the boys were ready for some sleep.


I gave Conner a hug and kiss then slipped into bed. I had my alarm set for 7. I stood up and stretched the kinks out then headed for the bathroom.


On my way back to my room, I heard what sounded like one of the boys crying. I listened for where the cries were coming from and soon I found the boy. I slipped up and gently sat on the edge of his bed. “What’s wrong son?” I asked as I stroked his hair.


“I’m wet and I can’t help it. Don’t spank me, please.”


“Don’t worry Javier; my Dad would never spank you.” A voice said.


I looked and there stood Conner in his soaked apparel.


“Come on Javier; let’s get you into something dry.”


The boy smiled as I took my 2 boys to my room to get changed. I took one of Conner’s diapers and placed it on my bed. Javier removed his wet one then laid on his dry nappy. I got a wet wipe and started to clean his diaper area. “Man, that’s cold.”


“Sorry buddy but I don’t have a way to warm them. Javier was covered in a nasty looking rash so I got the ointment out and put that on him. I got the dry diaper secured. “Do you feel better now? I asked.


“Yes, thank you.” Javier answered.


“If you wake up wet during the night and want a change, you can wake me up.” I said as Conner was standing there in his all together.


I got Conner changed then it was time to get the other boys up and changed. Some of the boys brought diapers with them and other campers helped get them changed. Once the boys were changed and dressed, it was time for breakfast.


I took my boys to the dining room where the cook had prepared mounds of pancakes. The boys ate their fill then we began our day. I planned activities for the boys so they weren’t sitting in their cabins playing video games. During the day, all phones were to be turned off and kept in their foot lockers.


At 2PM, I took the boys down to the lake. Conner shucked his diaper and ran for the water. “Hold it Conner.”


“Ah Dad, what’s wrong? I always skinny dip.” He replied.


“That’s fine but are you forgetting the other boys? They may not want to swim naked.”


No sooner had I said that when I saw a large group of white butts running past me and into the water. One the bright side, they brought their towels.


That night, we had a camp fire and every camper was happy they were at camp.


This session lasted 2 weeks. Conner stayed there until it was time for school to start in the fall.


When the second session started, I noticed some faces that were at our first session.


Camp Nappy was a huge hit and every session was booked well in advance.



Chapter 2 

After a day off between the end of session 1 and the start of session 2, Conner and I sat down and had a talk. “Dad, I have an idea for an activity?”


“I’m listening son.”


“How about you teach us how to cook?” Conner asked.


I thought about it and nodded my head. “What would you like me to teach you to cook?”


“I’ve had your chocolate cake. Can you teach us how to make that?”


“Alright son, I’m game.”


Conner and I spent the day relaxing in the cabin. I had just dozed off when a car came up and blew its horn.


I got up as Conner ran past me. There stood a young boy. “Am I on time?” The boy asked.


Conner smiled at him. “Actually, you’re a little early.”


I walked over to him and ruffled his hair. Come on son, let’s get your registration. What’s your name?”


“Jamie, Jamie Harris.”


I pulled out all of the registration forms and looked through them and after several minutes found the form. “I see you’re 12 years old.”


“Yes Sir, I’m 12 and a half actually.”


We went outside and there sitting with a small bag in his mouth was what looked like a wolf. “Ah, is he your dog?”


Jamie smiled and nodded his head. “Yeah, that’s my dog woffie.”


I had to think about this because we really weren’t prepared to have animals here at the camp. “I’ll let him stay but you’re going to have to pick up after him.”


I saw Jamie thinking then he smiled. “Alright, I will.”


After we had sorted through everything, I saw the dog head over towards Josh, who had come out to join us. Woffie started licking him causing Josh to break into a fit of giggles. Jamie looked at his dog then called him off. “Woffie, behave.”


The dog returned to his master. Josh came over to me, could I move to his cabin?”


“Sure Josh, just behave yourself.”


Josh helped Jamie get settled then Conner and I began welcoming the new arrivals for our second session. By 5, the camp was full with boys running around being boys. At 6, I got my boys cleaned and ready for dinner.


The boys entered the dining room then got their trays and went through the serving line. Tonight the cooks made Bar Be Qued spare ribs. Before the boys dove into their meal, they took their shirts off. I thought that was a wise decision so the shirts would stay clean.


The plan was well intended but sadly the boy’s chests looked like they had a battle with an enemy as they were covered in sauce. “After dinner, it’s to the showers for all of you.”


I led the boys to the showers then I had a pile of nappies at my feet as they all disappeared inside. I put the pile in the trash then went into the cabin. Several minutes later, naked boys started returning. Those that needed help with their nappies came to me and I got them sorted. The rest of the day was spent with the boys watching television or playing quietly amongst themselves. I watched a movie then Conner came over wanting his good night hug and kiss. I did my fatherly duty then I had the others who felt the need for a hug and kiss.


Once all the boys were in their beds, I decided to step outside on the porch. Jamie and Josh walked past with woffie. “Jamie, do you have a bag just in case?”


“I don’t need it Miguel, look.”


I broke out into a giggle. “How does he take to wearing that thing?” I asked as woffie stopped and glared at me. “He’s just getting used to them.”


“Just remember to change him.” I said as Jamie made a face.


I boys ambled off letting woffie lead the way. “Jamie, can we take it off so he can pee?”


Jamie stopped then took the nappy off so woffie could use a tree. Several minutes later, the two boys walked past heading for their cabin. I let out a big yawn then decided it was time for bed.


The next morning, Conner was sitting beside me. I opened my eyes and knew right away what he needed. I pulled out the changing board and put a clean nappy on it as Conner removed his wet one. I took a wet wipe and cleaned him.


“Dad, my skin is burning.”


I got the ointment out and covered his diaper area and covered his butt. “Is that better son?” I asked.


“Thanks Dad.”


I got Conner in his dry nappy then some of the other boys were waiting. I got them cleaned and changed then it was off to breakfast. Today they had sausage and scrambled eggs. After breakfast, the boys wanted to play quietly so I let them while I made arrangements to have an afternoon cooking class.


It was chilly out so the boys had no desire to go swimming. After the boys ate their fill of burgers and fries it was time for their cooking class.


Conner had talked Josh and Javier into attending I had the three musketeers standing at the back table I had set up.


I gave an introduction as to what they would learn today so when I was finished, we began. I would tell them which ingredient I would be using and how much would be needed then that was measured and placed into a large mixing bowl. I had given out all the dry ingredients then it was time for the eggs. “Now, the next ingredient you will need is 2 eggs separated. I began to show them how to separate an egg. After the first egg was separated, I dropped the yolk into the batter then separated the second egg. After I mixed the eggs into the batter, I saw Josh with his hand raised. I walked back to his table. “Yes son, what is it?”


He pointed to his table and asked, are these eggs separated far enough?”


I looked down and couldn’t hold the giggles back as I broke out into a loud belly laugh. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. After close to 5 minutes of laughing, I managed to get my giggles under control.


As Josh was helping me to my feet, I hadn’t seen Conner come over. Josh was facing me when Conner pulled the back of Josh’s nappy out then Javier came over and dropped and egg into the opening. I saw him bring his hand back and bring it forward swatting Josh in the nappy and in the process, breaking the egg.


Josh felt the goo rolling down his butt. He turned around and saw Javier beating feet as far away from Josh as fast as his feet could take him. Josh picked up and egg and threw it at Javier. I watched the outbound missile fly through the air then start its descent towards the ground. I couldn’t tell if Javier had seen Josh throw the egg but I saw that it was going to make a direct hit. Sure enough, it did landing on the top of Javier’s head. When it landed Josh broke out into his own belly laugh. “See, I got you back.” Josh said as he stuck his thumbs into his ears and blew a raspberry.


Javier came charging towards Josh so I brought their antics to a fast halt. “Alright you two; into the showers. I also do not want any fighting.”


“Yes Miguel,” each boy said as they made their way to the showers.


When Josh dropped his nappy, his butt was covered in egg. “Josh, make sure you wash your rear really well.”


“I will Migs.”


I got Josh and Javier into a dry nappy then the rest of the day passed without incident.


The next day was a total washout, it rained the entire day and when it stopped the main field was a mud pit. The boys wanted to go out and play so I asked them to please stay out of the mud. They all agreed so I let them go out. Conner wanted to stay with me so he and I played some video games.


After doing this for about an hour, I decided to check on my other boys. I almost fainted. There in the main field were 11 boys romping and sliding in the mud.


Javier came running up. ”Joey pushed me in the mud.”


“So you just had to pay him back, is that right?”


“Un huh,” Javier answered.


I lined my boys up and said, “Strip.”


The boys shed their nappies and I walked them back to the cabin. Conner was holding the water hose so I took it from him and washed down my muddy angels.


After the boys were clean, I got them in clean nappies. I told the other counselors to keep their boys inside but that didn’t work. There in the mud pit, were 90 boys romping in the mud.


I did to them what I did with mine and had them strip and get hosed down. We decided it best to keep the boys inside so the field could dry. By the end of the session, the field had returned to normal and the boys had a great time at Camp Nappy.


By the end of the summer, Camp Nappy had served over a thousand boys. It was better then I ever expected. Conner totally enjoyed himself and when school started, Conner brought several of the campers home with him. "Dad do you remember them?"

"I sure do, are you in any of Conner's classes?"

They all nodded their heads. "We are Conner's friends and no one will pick on him just for wearing a nappy."

"Thank you boys but I really don't want you fighting."

Jamie came up and took Conner's hand. "But Migs, the teachers don't do anything to stop it."

I decided it was time to make a phone call so I contacted the PE teacher who used to work for me. He also wore a nappy. He told me the bullying would stop straight away.

Life at school improved for Conner and his friends. Over Christmas break, Conner came to me and asked, "What will camp be like next year?"

This got me thinking so I came up with some new activities for the new season. Conner begged and pleaded for a mud pit so I relented and had a super sized pit installed.

Life with my son was everything I hopped it would be and I had a big surprise when he turned 15. "Dad, I don't need a nappy now."

"Are you giving them up?" I asked.

"Oh no Dad, I love them. I can change myself too."

"Well why did you want me to change you?"

"I loved you changing me. I liked how it felt when you cleaned me then put ointment on me."

"Even when I had to put it on your bits and pieces?"

"Yep, even there."

The one thing that never happen was him popping wood so I just rubbed it into his skin.

Conner and Josh became close friends. When he was 16 he came out to me that he was gay and Josh was his boyfriend. We sat down and talked about being safe then Conner told me he and Josh had never fooled around because he wasn't ready for that.

The next day Josh came over. The first thing I did was give him a fatherly hug. "I hear you love my son."

"I sure do Migs and he loves me too. I hope you're cool with it."

"I am son. Just please take things slow and if you have questions, come to me and I'll answer them."

Conner heard this. "Are you gay too?"

"Surprise," I said smiling.

I had two teens on ly lap giving me hugs and kisses. "Dad, can you teach us things?" Conner asked as Josh was nodding his head.

"What did you have in mind?"

Josh was the first to answer. "Teach us about gay sex."

I shook my head. "No son, I can't teach that how I know you want me to."

"Aw, why not?" Conner asked.

"Son, I love you both and fathers don't have sex with their sons. I hope you understand where I'm coming from."

Josh kissed me on the cheek. "Can you explain how to do it and watch in case?"

"I'll explain it but I won't stand and watch. Things like that are private between you and Conner."

They smiled and agreed.

Over Christmas, the boys were inseperable. One evening Conner sat on my lap and planted a big kiss on me. "Dad, we did it."

I wasn't sure what he meant by that so I had him explain it. "Josh gave me a blow job and it was wicked."

The boys were happy and I was too. I can't believe how everything turned out since I started Camp Nappy.

The End. 

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