The Doctor Gets a Visitor IV
by: E Walk

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Chapter 35

Swallowing Flies


On Friday morning, Tommy and Beau were running.  When they came in Beau was saying, “Tommy, I’m not telling you what to do, but whatever you and the rest of the team decide, it has to be unanimous to be effective.”


“Tommy, Beau is right.  You have to stick together as a team, to make your point.  It suddenly dawned on me in the middle of the night that Coach Winston was really angry at himself, but he took it out on the wrong people.  I’ll be at the meeting this afternoon, if Doctor Crane will cover for me.  There is no way that I want Beau anywhere near the meeting.  Is that understood, Beau?”  I asked.


“Dad, would you repeat that again please.  It got garbled in translation.  It sounded like you said that you wanted me to facilitate the meeting.  Is that right?  Jason, is that what you heard?”  Beau asked.


“Nope, I think that Dad said you were to keep your fat mouth closed, so you won’t swallow any flies.”  Jason answered.


Everyone was laughing.  Beau went to grab Jason but he ducked behind Jeff.  “Dad, he’s going to beat me again.”  Jason yelled.


“Okay guys, you need to take a quick shower.  Breakfast is ready.”  Jeff ordered.


The rest of us were eating when Beau and Tommy returned.  They got their own breakfasts.  As they were eating, Beau announced. “Everyone, I have an announcement.  I’m getting married today.  Since I’m taking my clergy person with me we’ll probably get married on the way back.”


“Good, then you can live with your grandson, Father Baby Maker, and I can have Dad Josh and Granddad to myself.  Boy, am I going to be a spoiled brat.”  Jason said, and he rinsed his dishes.


“You mean spoiled rat don’t you?  It smells in here.”  Beau challenged.


Everyone was laughing as we got up from the table.  Tommy said, “Guys, you are something else.  You have made my day.”


“Just leave the $200.00 fee on our bed.  We’ll get it when we get home.  Come on Father W., we need to go check in.” Beau said


Dale and Beau stayed at Gigi’s for about an hour.  He took the guys out and they played Frisbee with Ranger.  When they came in, Beau kissed the five little guys and hugged Denny and Danny.  “Thanks guys.”


“No problem, dude.” Denny said.


Beau and Dale talked the entire way to Peru.  When they pulled up, Grandmother W. was waiting for them, and it was apparent to Dale that his Grandmother had already decided she liked Beau from their phone conversation.


She had fixed them a sandwich and some soup with milk or iced tea.  Beau had Grandmother W. show them around the house after he did the dishes.    Beau said, “Grandmama, you are going to be very comfortable at Doctor Crane’s house.  You are going to feel like you are at home.  You even have some of the same kind of dishes.”


Dale suddenly realized that what Beau had said was true, “Grandmother, Beau is correct.  You and Mrs. Swanson must have been in tune with each other.  I can hardly wait for you to see where we’re going to be living.  Beau is right.  You are going to think that you never left home.”


“Let’s get moving then.  I can hardly wait to see what’s in store.”  Mrs. Wanamaker said, as the guys loaded her suitcases into the car and she locked up.


A lady was watching them and came across the street and asked, “Mother W., where are you going?”


“I’m going to spend some time with Dale in his new home if you must know.”  Mrs. W. said.


“When will you be back?” the lady pushed.


“I have no idea.”  Mrs. W. answered.


“Do you want us to check on the house or anything?”  the lady asked.


“No, I’ve already asked Ida to check the house and put the mail inside and besides you don’t have keys since I changed the locks.  Ida has been told to give them to no one, especially you and my son.  Now if you will excuse us, we need to get going, since Beau has a sitting job tonight.”


The lady turned to Dale and said, “This is all your doing, you pervert.  You are going to try and take our rightful inheritance away from us.”


Beau went up to the lady and said, “I assume you must be the woman who gave birth to Father Wanamaker, and this is not his fault.  It is you bigots’ fault.  You threw him out.  I already love Father Wanamaker, and I don’t mean in a sexual way.  He has more compassion than you ever will.  Come on Father W. and Grandmama, we need to leave before I get ill.  I have a difficult time with bigots.”


They climbed into the car and the lady stood there stunned.


During the entire trip to Fremont, Beau was excitedly telling Mrs. Wanamaker about who she was going to be meeting.  “We are all one big happy extended family.” Beau added, as they pulled up to the house.  The guys took her things and put them in the guest bedroom.


Beau said, “Now you rest while Daddy Baby Maker and I start fixing our grits.  Everyone else will join us shortly.”


Jeff arrived with Jason.  I came in with Tommy and Les came straggling in.  Beau, who was in the kitchen, said, “Everyone get ready for dinner.  Father W., go get your Grandmother.  Dad, she’s a scotch drinker, so get ready.  Dinner will be in 30 minutes. Now move.”


Tommy and Jason washed up and came back to help Beau.  The rest of us assembled in the living room and Mrs. Wanamaker joined us.  “Good evening gentlemen, I am Hilda Wanamaker and I would like a tall scotch on the rocks with lots of scotch and lots of ice and a splash of water.”


Dale said, “Grandmother.”


“Forget it Dale.  I am over 21 you know, so I can have at least one drink, if I choose.”  Mrs. W. said.  

“Jack, I’ll have a Manhattan on the rocks with a twist of lime then.” Dale announced.


Mrs. Wanamaker started to say something but Dale interrupted, “Grandmother, I am over 21, so I can have a drink if I choose.”


Beau was standing there laughing, “Okay you two choosers, dinner will be in ten minutes, so why don’t you all meander to the dining room with your drinks?”


Beau brought us a cold soup then the guys served us the rest of the meal family style.  Beau had fixed oven fried chicken and oven hash browns and a nice tossed salad with bread sticks.


When Beau sat down, Dale blessed the food.  Mrs. Wanamaker asked,” Do you always eat like this?”


 Jason looked up and said, “No ma’am, this is a light meal compared to most time especially when we are having a formal dinner.  Beau and Jeff just don’t understand hamburgers or hot dogs very well.”


“That does it Jason, you sleep in the doghouse.”  Beau said.  “Tommy and Dad, what happened at the meeting today?  What about Berto?  Is he going to be okay?”


“Beau, we would need an hour to tell you about the meeting.  Yes Berto is going to be just fine.  Coach Winston apologized to you and Berto first.  I have a letter for you from him.  I’ll go get it.  I’m curious about what he said.”  Tommy said as he got up.


As Tommy went to get the note, the doorbell rang, “Hey Berto, go on in.  Beau is in the dining room.  I’ll be right back.”


When Berto came in, Beau got up and introduced him to Mrs. W.


Mrs. W. said, “I’ll take him.  Look at those eyes and his smile.  How much are you charging Beau?”


“Grandmother, I think maybe Corrine would have something to say about that.” Beau said.


Berto said, “Corrine dumped me after I yelled at her last night.  It has been coming for some time.  I’m free to make some money; if you hear of a way let me know.”


“Okay, meet us here at 9:00 in the morning if you aren’t too proud to work with us bratty sexy 13 year olds washing windows, and then in the afternoon, we’ll be moving furniture for about three hours with those snot nosed high school guys.” Beau said.


Tommy came in and handed the note to Beau and said, “I heard that comment about us high school studs.  Come on, we need to go to our sitting jobs.  Berto, do you need a ride home?”


“Nope, I rode my bike.  Nice to see you all.  I’ll be here at 8:30 in the morning.  I don’t want to be late for my first day of work.”  Berto said, as he took off.


Beau and Tommy left and Jeff and Les took care of the dishes.  It was about 8:30 when Beau called.  “Dad, come and get us out of this place.  It’s sterile like a hospital and there is no love here.  The guys have everything in the world to play with, and hate it all.  We’re going to spend the night at our house.  Please come and get us.  I don’t care what their parents say.   They can charge me with kidnapping, and I'll counter sue with child abuse.  I have already talked to Mrs. Rose, and Chief O’Brien and they have given me thumbs up.”


Beau gave me directions and Dale and I went to get Beau and his charges.  It turns out the house was almost behind the house that Les had bought.  Beau had written a note telling the parents what was happening.  The guys came out with back packs and Beau made sure that the doors were locked and the lights were off.  Beau belted the two guys in and crawled in.  “Hi Dad, this Ethan and this is Elliott.  Aren’t they handsome?  They are going to spend the night with us.”


Beau added, “Guys, Dad is a Doctor and the good looking guy with him is a minister.  Wait until you meet his Grandmother, she is the neatest lady.  You will also meet one of my brothers, Jeff, and you will really like him and then there is the Headless Horseman.  Wait until you meet him.”


When we arrived, Beau helped the guys get unbuckled.  The boys went into the house and said, “We want to see the Headless Horseman.”


Beau took the guys into the living room and pointed to Les and said, “That is the Headless Horseman, Doctor Crane.”


Elliott, who was five, went and touched Les’s neck and face and said, “But he has a head and he has a happy face.  He’s not scary.”  He leaned against Les and smiled.


Beau said, “Yeh, but be careful, he gets cranky and loves to kiss little boys and hold them.”


Ethan went up to Mrs. Wanamaker and said, “You must be the lovely Grandmother that Beau was talking about.  He said you were pretty.  He was right you are beautiful and look like you love everyone.  He leaned against her and she pulled him close.


Jeff stood and said, “I’m the mean step brother Jeff.  How about some ice cream with hot chocolate sauce for everyone?”


Elliot said, “We aren’t allowed to have ice cream.  Our parents say it is bad for the cholesterol.”


Les just about choked but said, “I’m a doctor, and I say ice cream is good for you, especially if you are under 80 years old.”


Mrs. Wanamaker said, “Okay men you heard the doctor.  We need some ice cream.”


We all went to the kitchen and had hot fudge sundaes.  Elliot and Ethan were in their glory.  When the sundaes were finished Beau said, “Come on, guys, we have to clean up.   Elliott, you rinse the dishes and Ethan, you put them in the dishwasher.”  Beau guided them through the process and said, “Okay men, time for a shower.”


Beau took them to my shower and had them wash and shampoo each other.  He made sure not to touch either of them until they got out and then he helped to dry them.  He had them put their briefs and pajamas on and put the Rikki Tikki Tavi tape in while he showered and got ready for bed.


When the show was over, he made sure they went to the bathroom one last time and brushed their teeth.  The three of them climbed into the sofa bed since Jason was spending the night at Davey’s.  Beau lay between the two guys and they both cuddled against him.


Downstairs, Mrs. Wanamaker said, “I’d go to bed but I have a feeling that there might be some fireworks around here before the night is over, so I think I’ll stay up and see them.  Today has been more fun than I have had in 10 years.”


Tommy came in at 11:00 babbling, “The Easley’s are the neatest family.  They live two doors from the Carpenters so they already know each other.  They have no problem with Beau taking care of the three boys while I am at graduation.  In fact the two couples are going to some meeting in Des Moines.”  He was interrupted by the doorbell.


A couple came storming in, “Where's that so called babysitter and what did he do with our two sons.  I thought you were busy tonight.”


“If you are talking about Beau, I dropped him off at your house at five until seven, on my way to the Easley’s house, and I just got home.  Now, if you will calm down, we may be able to find out where Beau, Elliot and Ethan are.”


Tommy brought the couple into the living room, “Dad, this is Mr. and Mrs. Matthews.  They want to know where Beau, Elliot and Ethan are.”


I stood up and said, “Beau, Elliot and Ethan are asleep upstairs.  If you will be quiet, I will show them to you but please don’t say anything.  The boys are spending the night here.  Beau has already notified the Chief of Police and the head of Regional Child Services Office that he was bringing the boys here.”


The Matthews followed me up the stairs.  I took them through my bedroom and slowly opened the door to the den so as to not disturb the guys.  Beau was awake and when he saw us, he motioned for everyone to be quiet and started to get up without waking the two guys.


He met us in the bedroom and closed the door and motioned for everyone to follow him.  As soon as he was downstairs Beau went on the offensive.  “Mr. and Mrs. Matthews, why do you even want the two wonderful guys?  They told me they were adopted.  Did you want them to be your trophy children?  You certainly don’t love them, or you sure don’t let them know it.   Giving them all those toys and gadgets is not showing them love.”


Another thing they told me was that they weren’t allowed to go into the back yard anymore without one of you, because there are two queers moving into the house behind you.  Grandmama did you know you’re queer.  Mr. and Mrs. Matthews for you information, Doctor Crane is buying the house, and Father Wanamaker and his Grandmother are going to be living there.  Now do they look like queers what ever that means?”


“Next issue, I understand that you are renting your home from some bitch.  Ethan couldn’t remember the name, but said it was something like Till so I’m guessing it was Mrs. Tillison who just happens to be my Grandmother.  I’ll let her know how you feel, but I think you might want to start looking for a new place to live, if you don’t shape up.”


“Jeff, maybe you should call your stepfather Mr. Smith and tell him how the Matthews behaved tonight and how they treat their sons.  I’m sure Uncle Eric would not like hearing that about one of his employees.”


“Oh, one last thing, I called the Chief of Police, Chief O’Brien, and Mrs. Rose, head of the Child’s Services, so they will probably be contacting you in the next couple of days.  I suggest that you both attend a parenting class.”


“Come on Tommy; let’s go make sure the boys are okay.”  Beau said, as he led Tommy up the stairs.  Tommy told us later that Beau just went limp when they got to the top of stairs. 


 Tommy held Beau and it took Beau several minutes to rebound, “Thanks Tommy.  I needed that.  I’m emotionally drained.”


Beau crawled into the sofa bed and the two guys crowded against him.


Downstairs, the Matthews were looking a little worse for wear.  Jeff got up said, “Thanks for coming Mr. and Mrs. Matthews.  We’ll bring the boys home at 8:45, since three of our guys are working at 9:00.”  He ushered them to the door.


Mrs. Wanamaker started to laugh, “Jack, you should be charging admission.  This was about the most exciting day of my life.  Where did Beau come up with what he was saying?  Even most lawyers could not have done as well.  He is a remarkable young man.”


Jeff said, “Grandmama, Beau has an I. Q. of about 160 and he has been abused sexually.  He has great empathy for people who are suffering.  You will be continually amazed at his abilities and he reads people so well.”


I stood and said, “I think we need to go to bed.  I can see us all being terrorized in the morning by 13, 7, and 5 year olds.  We’re probably going to need all the strength we can get.”


What will Saturday bring?


To be continued...


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Editor's Notes:


That is indeed a very good question. What will Saturday bring? Only our stalwart author knows for sure. And right now he isn't saying, so I guess we will just have to wait for the next chapter to find out. What a soap opera this is.


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