The Doctor Gets a Visitor IV
by: E Walk

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Chapter 16

The Governor’s Reckoning



Wednesday Morning a body crawled into bed beside me.  “Dad, are you still upset with me?  Please don’t be.  Dad, I’m scared.  I think I bit off more than I should have by taking on the Governor.”


I pulled Beau close and said, “Son, I’m not upset with you.  You are always three steps ahead of me, I’m sure the Governor won’t know what happened to him.  Come on, why don’t just you and me go running this morning and the others can do whatever they want.”


We put on our jogging clothes and Beau talked to me the entire time we were running.  When he got to the house he leaned against me.  “Dad, I really don’t want to leave you and Jeff, but I know I have to.  Please always love me the way you do now.”  He reached up and kissed me and disappeared into the house.  I stood against the wall and almost lost it.


I walked slowly into the house.  Jeff followed me up the stairs.  “Dad, what’s wrong?  You don’t seem very happy.”


“Jeff, just hold me.  Beau made me feel so lonely.  He doesn’t want to leave us, but he knows that he has to.  I’ve grown very fond of him and Jason as well as Danny.  I feel like there is going to be a void when they leave.”


“Dad, they are only moving four and a half blocks away.  We’ll probably see more of them when they move than we do now.”


We took a quick shower and I got dressed so I would be ready to go to Des Moines.  We went downstairs and Beau was on the phone.  “Good morning Grams.  I hope you are feeling well this morning.  I have this good looking stud here who says he’s a Doctor who would like to speak with you.”


Beau handed the phone to Ted, “Mrs. T., this is Ted and we would like to accept you offer to rent the house next to the Edmonds with the option to buy.  We’ll work out the details with you in Des Moines this afternoon. … Okay, we’ll all meet at your house at 12:30 and caravan to Des Moines.”


Ted came back to the table as everyone was eating.  Everyone finished and Ted said, “We’ll take care of the cleanup details this morning.  We’re go to go shopping for carpets, appliances and paint.  We’ll meet everyone at Mrs. T.’s house and bring some sandwiches and drinks.”


“Hopefully there won’t be anymore of that 200% apple moonshine that got me in trouble last night.” Beau yelped.


“Watch it kid, you haven’t even begun to feel the effects of that yet.  Wait until this afternoon when my uncle gets his hands on you.”  Andy laughed.


“He ain’t getting anywhere near me.”  Beau said as he and Danny left with Tommy.


I picked Beau and Gigi up at 12:15 and we drove to Mrs. Tillison’s house.    Dylan, Carole Anne, Ben, Mrs. T and the Lords were waiting for us.  Beau and Grams rode with the Lords and the rest of us rode in Ben’s Lexus wagon which would bring us all back.


We stopped at a rest area and had our sandwiches and juice.  Beau hardly ate anything.  He just walked around.  When we got to Des Moines, we were deposited at the Company Headquarters and the Lords were going to meet us at 4:00 for the fireworks with Grandma Dora.


Beau walked in and went to Howie’s desk.  Howie jumped out of his chair and said, “Good to see you again Mr. Benson.  Here is your pass.”  He greeted the rest of us the same.


Beau looked at him and said, “You were more interesting as the tire slashing attendant.  How are you doing?”


“Beau, I feel like I’m on top the world.  Wait until you talk to everyone else.  My brothers and sisters are all waiting to talk to you.”


We went to the security desk to sign in and Joey and Wayne were standing there.  Joey said, “Mr. Benson, I’m afraid that we have to take your fingerprints.  The rest of you can proceed to the executive suite where you are expected.”


The guys led Beau to the back room and gave him a hug.  Wayne said, “Hey man, this place is so different since you turned everyone upside down.  You have so many admirers around here that we can’t even count them.  Be sure to stop by the day care center.  There are some young people who want to see you.”


Beau went to the Executive Suite and the Board meeting had already started and the new Department Heads were awaiting their turn in the barrel.  Beau said, “Laura; Granddad, Carole Anne and I are going to go terrorize the plant while all of the bosses are here.  We’ll be back by 4:00 when the Governor arrives.  Mrs. Dora Millsap will be arriving with Doctor and Doctor Lord so please make them comfortable.”


The three of them went to the Production Area and rounded up, Lance, Aunt Mim and Joy.  After a short meeting, Lance and Beau were talking and Beau asked, “Lance, are things okay with you and Wayne?”


“Beau, things are wonderful.  Do I have to be at the meeting with the Governor?”


“Yes Lance, you do.  If you don’t come, I’ll probably blow it.    It’s only because of what he did to you, that I am taking him on with the support of my Grandmother and the Governor’s Mother.  I’m a little concerned about the Governor’s children though.”  Beau answered.


Mr. Morrison said, “Let’s go to the Day Care area.  There are several people there who want to talk to you.”


They went to the Day Care Center.  It was first class and was really bright.  Mrs. Howard and Mrs. McCann showed Beau and Carole Anne around the facility.  They showed him the kitchen and the outside play area.  Beau said, “Granddad, you did a wonderful job on this facility.”


“Beau, we need to thank Mr. Howard.  Wait until you see the cafeteria.”  Mr. Morrison said.


They went to the cafeteria and it was sparkling.  There was a choice of sandwiches and salads with drinks.  The selections were limited but they looked appealing and the seating area looked like a bistro with fresh flowers on each table.


“Beau, we opened the cafeteria yesterday and today it was filled over the lunch hours.  It is a non smoking area but no one seems to mind.  I think that Mr. Howard did a fantastic job in a short time.”  Mr. Morrison said.


Beau said, “Granddad, let’s go find Mr. Howard.  I want to commend him what he has been able to accomplish.”


They caught up to Mr. Howard and Beau congratulated him on what they had seen so far.


Mr. Howard asked, “Have you visited one of the bathrooms yet?  I think you will see another big difference.  We haven’t gotten everything painted and cleaned yet but we will.  The new people that we have hired are all very good workers.  Thanks for believing in me, Beau.  Mr. Morrison is a gem to work for.”


They were passing some restrooms.  Beau went into the mens room and Carole Anne went in to the ladies room.  They came out shaking their heads.  Beau said, “I think I’m in a different place than a week ago.  I went into this same bathroom a week ago and was afraid to touch anything because if of what I might be infected with.  Today I was afraid to touch anything because I might leave a smudge mark.  Granddad, we need to get Mr. Howard a raise.”


Beau turned to Mr. Howard and said, “Sir you have done a wonderful job in only a short week and Granddad will make sure that you are taken care of.”


Mr. Howard caught Beau by surprise and said, “Beau, you are the one that has made the difference.  All ten of my children and my wife and I are all sure that you walk on water.  Is it permissible for me to give you a hug?”


Beau responded and gave Mr. Howard a hug and a kiss and said, “Thanks sir, I needed that.”


Carole Anne said, “Beau, I think we need to get back the Executive Office.  It’s five until four.”


“Mr. Howard, thanks for everything.  You are doing a great job.  Carole Anne, I haven’t seen all of our friends yet.  The Governor can wait.”  Beau said.


Mr. Morrison said, “Beau, I’ll have Laura call all the people you want to see and have them meet us in the office.  Otherwise you will keep stalling.”


They arrived back in the reception area at 4:00.  Lance was sitting there and an elderly lady was sitting with Andy and Ted.  Then there was a single gentleman in a suit and tie sitting very nervously off to the side.


Beau went to Lance and said, “Thanks for coming, Dude.”  He walked to the Lords and said, “Hi Aunt Andy and Uncle Ted, I haven’t seen you for a couple of hours.  Is this the beautiful Grandma Dora?” He gave her a kiss and said, “You sure are a beautiful lady.”


He looked at the Governor and said, “I’m Beau Benson.  I assume you’re the infamous Governor Millsap.  Where are the Mayor and Chief of Police or do I have to release my articles to the press after all?”


The Governor went white.  “I thought it better not to involve them in this any further.”


Beau was relentless.  “So, you’re saying they're afraid for their political careers and are letting you sink by yourself.  You get on that phone and get them here in 15 minutes, or I’m going to take you all down.”


Beau came over and knocked on Board Room door.  Dylan said, “Please enter Beau.”


Beau stood in the doorway and said, “I’m sorry to interrupt, but we have a problem.  It seems that the Mayor and the Chief of Police haven’t arrived yet.”


“Beau, our meeting is over but we would like to talk to you.” Dylan said.


“Do you want anyone else here?” Beau asked.


Dylan said, “Why don’t you have Granddad and Carole Anne come in with you?”


“Granddad M. and Carole Anne, the Boy CEO wants you to join us.” Beau said as he brought them in.


Mr. Morrison and Carole Anne sat down but Beau remained standing.  Dylan said, “Mr. Benson, the Board has awarded you a bonus of $10,000.00 for your services.  Aunt Nan, would you please explain why.”


“Beau, the new blood that you Carole Anne and Dylan infused into this company has turned the company from a ho hum existence to yee haw affair.  This place is alive and everyone is excited to come to work.”


Beau started to shake and I got up went to him and held him.  Finally he said, “Dad, I’m okay now.  Aunt Nan, thank you for your kind words.  Dylan and Carole Anne, we need to talk later.  I’ll go get our visitors and escort them in.”


Beau left and came back escorting Mrs. Millsap and Lance.  Andy and Ted followed the Governor, the Mayor and the Chief of Police into the room.  Beau introduced everyone.  After everyone was seated, Beau started, “Ladies and gentlemen, we are here to address the misdeeds of your illustrious Governor and how his cronies tried to cover them up for him.  It seems he was in a gay bar molesting and a young man.  The young man took exception and smacked the Governor in the face and knocked out one of his teeth.”


The Governor stood and said, “This is a case of extortion.”


Beau went over to him and pushed him back down into his chair and handed everyone a copy of the reports.  He gave us time to read the reports and said, “Gov, the price not to release these reports just went to $150.000.00 because of your refusal to cooperate, and don’t look at your Mother.  She’s tired of paying for your little flings.”


“We want the money delivered to Mr. Lance Elliott by 5:00 this afternoon, or your political careers will be doomed and we may file charges in court.  Oh, by the way Gov, we’re having dinner with your wife and children this evening, and I sure would hate to have to tell them about this meeting.  You three gentlemen have 27 minutes to come up with the money, or I’m calling the newspaper and the television stations.”


We left the three men sitting in the Board Room, and went into Dylan’s office to see what was going to happen.  Lance put his arm around Beau.  “Beau, are you okay?  You don’t need to wear yourself out because of me.”


Beau responded immediately.  “Lance, you of all people, should not be saying something like that.  You almost lost your family twice because of what he did to you.”  Beau kissed Lance on the lips and said, “Just take care of Wayne and the two boys.  They love you, even if you don’t appreciate it.”

“Beau, I do appreciate it.  Since you kicked our butts last week, it’s like an entirely different world has opened up.  I almost don’t care what my parents think.  I have come to think of the Keplers as my parents, and I do love the two boys.”


The three men knocked and Beau let them in.  The Governor said, “Here is the $150,000.00.   Now may we have the reports, so you can’t give them to the media?”


Beau looked at the checks and handed them to Mr. Robinson, “Grandpa Robinson, can you verify that these checks won’t bounce?”


Mr. Robinson made a call and said, “All three accounts have been accessed and the funds will be available at the main branch tomorrow morning at 9:00.  Lance, can you arrange to be there, then?”


Lance started to go down and Beau grabbed him.  “He’ll be there Granddad.  Lance is a little undernourished, and doesn’t have the strength to comprehend what just happened.”


Beau turned to the three politicians and said, “I’m so glad that I don’t live in Iowa, or I would probably be hounded by your goons.  Here are the reports. Now go in peace.  Oh Gov, are you having dinner with us, your children and wife, or are you going to cruise the gay district tonight?”


Grandma Millsap said, “He’s having dinner with us.  He can sit between me and Aggie so no one has to worry.  We’re eating at La Traviota at 6:00, since you people need to get back to Nebraska.


“Grandma, La Traviota is a very formal restaurant; we aren’t dressed to go there.” Andy complained.


Michaud has a private room reserved for us.  I told him we would have approximately twenty two people.”


We started to leave; when Beau walked into the reception area, he was besieged by people.  Clark came up to him and gave him a big hug as did some of the new department heads.  Randy came forward and said, “Beau, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for believing in us.  I am not sure why I was selected to speak for all of us, but we all thank you, Carole Anne and Dylan for turning this company around and making it a dynamic entity.”


Everyone started to applaud.  Fortunately, I recognized that Beau was about to loose it, so I went and put my arm around him and held him.  He said, “People, believe me it is not me, Carole Anne and Dylan that are going to make this a thriving company.  It is you and the way in which you motivate the people around you.  Remember that the people come first before the money.”


The people applauded and started to leave.  Beau went to Dylan and said, “Land, I shouldn’t have said that.  It should have been you.  I apologize for not letting you speak.  I’m never coming back to this place its too emotionally draining, and I’ll die before I am graduated from high school.  I become too attached and involved.”


Everyone had left except Clark.  Beau went to him and asked, “Hey Superboy what’s up?”


Clark put his arms around Beau and said, “I just have to thank you again for everything that you have done for me and my family.  You don’t realize what a difference you have made.  Wait until you see Robby and Pauli this evening.  It’s like their dancing in the street.  Is it okay if I give you a kiss?”


Beau grabbed him and gave Clark the biggest kiss and said, “Clark baby, you need some practice.  I’ll have to bring Chip with me if I ever come again.”  He pulled Clark close and said, “If anyone deserved a break, it was you and your family.”


“Come on everyone, it’s after five o’clock. Let’s hit the road.  We’ll see everyone at the restaurant at 6:00.  Dylan, we need to borrow a car so we can pick up the twins and Lyn.  Goodnight Laura, you take care of H. H. H.”


As we were leaving the building, Beau was accosted by two little guys.  They wrapped their arms around him.  He picked each of them up and kissed them.  “I swear you grew since I saw you last week.”


The oldest buy said, “Thanks for giving us Uncle Lance back.”

Wayne said, “Come on guys, Grandma is waiting for us.”  He hugged Beau and whispered something in his ear and they started to laugh.


“Bye, Mr. Beau.”  The boys said as they left.


We went to the Morrison’s house and everyone except Dylan, Carole Anne and Beau had a cocktail.    They left to go pick up Robbie, Pauli and Lyn.  We arrived at the restaurant at the same time.  We went in and Beau said, “We’re here to join the Millsap party.”


We were ushered to a party area off to the side.  Beau pulled Dylan’s arm and nodded toward the center of the room.  Dylan followed Beau’s gaze and he, Carole Anne and Beau veered away from the rest of us and went to a table in the center of the room.


“Hi Mother and Dad.  How are you tonight Mr. and Mrs. Samler?  This is Carole Anne Gordon, and this is Beau Benson.”


Beau shook hands with everyone and was very polite.


“Dylan, I didn’t know you were in town.”  his Mother admonished.


“Mother, we just got into town at two o’clock this afternoon, and we are going back to Fremont right after we have dinner with the Governor and some of his family.  I’ll call you the next time I get to town.”  Dylan said politely.


The three young people said goodbye and came into the party area where they started to laugh.  The governor and his family arrived, just as the Robinsons arrived.


Grandma Millsap introduced the Millsap’s and Beau introduced everyone else.  The Governor’s 16 year daughter, Jenny, and Lyn knew each other from school.  His son was 13 and his name was Jared.  Beau immediately started calling him Jare.


The four young guys acted like they had known each other for years.  It was so good seeing Beau act like a teenager for a change.  Grandma Millsap had everyone get seated.  The waiters were very efficient but Beau soon had them relaxed and they were smiling and almost laughing at Beau’s antics.


About half way through dinner, Dylan’s parents came in to say hello.  When no one invited them to stay, they finally left.  Beau looked at Mrs. T. and she smiled and shook her head to say, “Good job.”  As we were finishing, she motioned for Beau to follow her.  She told him in no uncertain terms to not worry about the bill or the tip, that she and Mrs. Millsap had it covered.


It was 8:30 before we left, since Beau had to say goodbye to everyone individually.  Beau invited the Governor’s children and the Howard trio to come visit when school was out.


Ben turned the driving over to Dylan and Carole Anne since they had not had any alcohol.  The ladies sat in the next two seats and Ben, Beau and I sat in the back section.  No one said much.  I think everyone was tired.  Beau leaned his head on my shoulder.  I could almost feel his mind working. 


We let Gigi out first and Beau walked her to the door.  What a difference a couple of months had made; she seemed younger now than she had in a long time.  We got to Mrs. T.’s house and Beau hugged her and Ben.  He hugged Dylan and Carole Anne and we headed home.


When we arrived at the house, Jeff and Danny were waiting for us.  It was like we were a magnet because both Jason and Tommy came down the stairs.  Beau asked, “What’s wrong with you people.  No one is ever up this late?  Is something wrong?  Dad and I leave town and the world falls apart.”


Jeff said, “Beau, be quiet and sit down and listen.  This place has been like Grand Central Station ever since I got home this afternoon.  Jason, you start.”


“Dad and Beau, Dad Josh called and said, we would be moving into our house on the 25th and 26th of May.  The other thing is that Grandma Ginny, Aunt Evelyn, Uncle Lyle and Aunt Rea are coming to spend Memorial Day Week with us.  We told them it would be fine and we would work out the details later.  Tommy, your turn.


Tommy began.  “They want me to fly to Peoria on the 25th and help drive them back here.  I have already checked the fares and made the reservations.  I can cancel them if you say no, Dad.  The other thing is for Beau.  Coach Winston and Coach Murphy want you to go with us to our game, tomorrow in Norfolk.  The bus will be leaving at 1:00 and Coach Murphy will pick you up at Gigi’s house at 12:30.”


Danny said, “Dad and Beau, Dad Barry would like me to move to my new home this weekend.  He and Uncle Dan were here tonight, and Uncle Dan will not be moving in until later this summer after the dust settles.  I’ll miss living here, but I’ll probably see everyone as much as I do now.”


Jeff took over and said, “I’m not really sure where to start.  First, Doctor Carpenter called and said he and his associate, Dr. Liz Lane, were enthused about joining your clinic and asked if I could set up a meeting for tomorrow night of all of the Doctors who will be involved.  I took the liberty of calling everyone and I left a message for the Lords.  Everyone else except you and Uncle Ben has accepted.  The meeting is tomorrow at 7:30.”


The second thing is Tyler and Billy want to meet Beau at 6:30 tomorrow to discuss the work at the Antique Shop.”


Beau started to laugh and said, “So, is there anything important we should know?”  He hugged everyone and said, “Come on people, let’s get to bed.  It sounds like tomorrow is going be a busy day.”


We all locked up and I think everyone just collapsed.  I know I did.


To be continued...


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Well, didn't I tell you that the Governor wouldn't know what hit him, when Beau got through with him?  It looks like there is still a lot more action coming up and I for one, have no intention of missing any of it.


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