The Doctor Gets a Visitor IV
by: E Walk

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Chapter 5

Picking Replacements


On Sunday morning, Jeff and I were awakened by two nine year olds.  Fortunately we had worn our briefs to bed.  Larry handed me my coffee and Lenny handed Jeff his juice.


When we got downstairs, Danny asked, “Where’s Beau?  He didn’t come to bed last night, and Tommy didn’t sleep upstairs in the bed?”

“Was the house locked when whoever came down first this morning?” Jeff asked.


Danny said, “I was the first person down, and everything was locked and the lights were out.”


Then the guys must be in the house somewhere, if they’re not upstairs and they’re not on this floor, they must be down in the family room.  Dad, please go check and see if they are down there for some reason.”  Jeff said as he helped the guys finish fixing breakfast.


I went down and the two guys were sleeping on the hide abed.  Beau was curled up against Tommy and had his arm around him.  It was almost 9:00, so I went over and lightly touched the two guys.  Beau bolted up and Tommy just rolled over and ignored me.  “Guys, its 9:00 and breakfast is ready.”


Both guys jumped up.  They put on the same clothes they wore the night before and went upstairs and brushed their teeth and combed their hair and came down for breakfast.


They told us they both got in at 3:30 this morning and they didn’t want to wake us, so they just decided to sleep in the basement.  It seems that the two families they were setting for were related, and had gone to the same wedding.  On the way home, they were broadsided by a drunk driver and two of them had been taken to the hospital to be checked for injuries but they were all fine.  Both guys had been paid $120.00.  They both agreed that it had been a very long night.


The young guys did the dishes and Jeff took the twins home while our four young men got dressed for church.


We took two cars since we had to go to the club for brunch after church and then some of us had to go to Mrs. T. for a Board plus meeting to review the possible replacements for the people that had been released from the company.


It turned out to be just a normal Sunday.  We were joined by an increasing number of people. Spencer and Chip got Mrs. Davis and she had her new neighbors the Hunts with her, so Beau introduced us to them, since he already knew Mrs. Hunt.  Beau had the two sons sit with him and Jason and their friends.


Dan came in and Danny went to join him and they were joined by Barry and the two girls.  Then Alex West came in with Brad and Dan’s sister Ann and her two daughters.


Carole Anne and Dylan were sitting with his Grandparents and Mrs. Chandler chose to sit with Jeff, Beau and me.


Everything was fine until the end of the service.  Father Gilbert said, “We thought we’d try something a little different for the Lord’s Prayer this morning.  Jeff Wilson will be on the piano to accompany Adam on the organ.  They will be joined by the Five Horsemen of Fremont, Mr. Dennis Johnson, Mr. Chris Bressler, Mr. Danny Pike, Mr. Michael Smith and Mr. Beau Benson.”


The five guys looked at each other and went to the altar area.  They sang like they had rehearsed the song a hundred times.  They didn’t miss a beat.


When everyone had departed, Mrs. Chandler went to the guys and said, “You young men we wonderful.  You must have practiced that for a very long time.”


The five guys laughed and Beau said, “Aunt Nan, that was the first time that the five of us have ever sung that song or any song together.”


Jeff said, “Aunt Nan, Beau is correct.  Some of them have sung it together but you saw a world preview today.  Hi Dr. Campbell, what did you think?”


Anne said, “You guys never cease to amaze me.  You all act like its water rolling off a duck’s back and still you always come up smelling like roses.”  She hugged the five guys. 


Mrs. Tillison came up and said, “Come on guys, let’s get to the club.  We’re having brunch there.  I’ve already talked to Denny and Chris’s parents so we may have to sit a little closer on the way to the club in our cars.  What’s a few more bodies?”


We got to the club and were directed to a private room.  Mitch was standing there waiting to serve us.  Beau lit into him, “Why weren’t you in church?  I thought you didn’t work on Sundays anymore.”


Mitch said, “Knock it off Beau.  I didn’t sleep half the day away.  Barbee and I went to the early service, because I had a command performance to serve you creeps today.”


Beau saw Barbee and started in on her.  “Barbee when did you start working here?”


“I started about an hour ago.  I figured if Mitchell was working, so should I.  It will give me some spending money.”


Beau said, “Yeah but a $1.00 doesn’t go very far.”


Mrs. Tillison said, “Ladies and gentlemen, find a seat please.  Beau honey, would you ask the blessing please?”


Beau was standing beside Mrs. Chandler and Denny and held their hands as everyone held hands.  His prayer was simple and to the point.  He asked that God protect us all and help us to be able to make intelligent decisions as to what could or might happen in the future.


The guys all did their usual good job of helping the ladies through the lines with Drew helping Aunt Cora through first.  When everyone was finished eating, Mrs. Tillison stood and said, “Today is a special day.  It is Mr. Dylan Morrison’s 21st birthday.”


Everyone clapped but Beau started booing.  “I don’t care how old he is.  He is still the Boy CEO.”  Everyone laughed.


Dylan moved behind Beau and pulled him out of his chair and said, “Now, I’m going to show you whose boss.”


“You lay one finger on me and you’re going to be the ex Boy CEO.”  Beau pouted and then he surprised Dylan and took him down and was sitting on him with Dylan’s arms pinned. 


“Carole Anne, what do you think?   Instead of giving him twenty one swatches on the backside which would be sure to make Land boy here cry, why don't we pull out twenty one hairs from somewhere on his body?  Of course we can’t take it from his head, or he would be mortified.  I was thinking that we should take them from a part of his body that no one would ever notice.”


Dylan said, “Don’t you dare take my slacks off, please?”


Who said anything about your pants?  I was talking about the twenty one hairs on your chest.”  Beau laughed as he pulled Dylan up.


The two guys hugged each other and the cake was served with ice cream.  When everyone finished, Mrs. T. said, “Grandson, would you give this envelope to Mitch and tell him to share it with the rest of the staff?”


Beau looked around and asked, “Grams, are you speaking to me?”


“Yes Beau, you are the only grandson who is here right now.”  Mrs. T. said.


Beau got past us to get the envelope and as he started toward Mitch, he said, “Guess I’d better count what’s in here, and then help him figure out how much he needs to give everyone else.”


Everyone was laughing and Beau started to open the envelope.  Mitch caught Beau by surprise and turned him upside down and said, “I’m just making sure you didn’t pocket any of the gratuities.”


Beau was laughing but said, “You’ll never know for sure, unless you get me naked and then you and a bunch of people would probably have a heart attack.  Now you wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?  So I guess you better put me down before I throw up all over you.”


Mitch put Beau down and whispered something into Beau’s ear.  Both guys were laughing and they hugged each other.


Barbee said, “I think I’m getting jealous.”


Beau went up to her and patted her on the head and said, “I hope you have better success at potty training Mitch than I did.”


Before Mitch realized what Beau said, Beau moved behind Mrs. T. and said “Grams protect me from that brute.  We need to go.  We still have a bunch of work to do.”


Everyone got up to leave.  Beau went to Mitch and Barbee and hugged them both and whispered something.


We got to our cars and Tommy took Jason, Denny and Chris home.  Dan had Danny with him.  Beau insisted that Jeff go with us to Grams house.  When we got to Mrs. T.’s house, Josh and Mr. Morrison disappeared and Mrs. Robinson went home with Linda and Eric.  That left Mrs. T, Mrs. Morrison, Mrs. Chandler, Mr. Robinson, Ben, Gigi and me with Dylan, Carole Anne, Jeff and Beau.


Mrs. Morrison asked Dylan and Beau to get the two boxes of files from the trunk of her car, which they did. When the guys came back she motioned for Dylan to take over.


Dylan stood and said, “For the purposes of this meeting, I am only one of the Board Members, like all the rest of you.  Mr. Benson will be in charge for today.”


Beau got a funny look on his face and said, “I think I am being set up to be a fall guy.  Grams, I need some paper and a flip chart if you have one.”


She told the guys where to get the things requested and when Beau had the flip chart he started.  He had listed the major positions that were open and asked everyone to look through the files and rate the possible candidates.


Everyone was reading and Gigi stopped and said, “This is not realistic.  We can’t put people into positions by just looking at their personnel files.  The only way to do it properly is to conduct personal interviews.  Mr. Morrison, I make a motion that Mr. Benson, Mrs. W. Morrison and Mrs. Chandler conduct the personal interviews for the positions.  You of course, have the final say.”


Ben said, “I second the motion.”


“Any further discussion?” Dylan asked.


Beau started to say something and Dylan said, “I’m sorry sir, you’re not on the Board so you don’t have the right to speak.”


“All those in favor of turning the personal interviews over to Mr. Benson, Mrs. Morrison and Mrs. Chandler say aye.”


There were six ayes and no nays.


Mrs. T. said, “I make a motion that Mr. Benson go back to Des Moines tonight and get the positions filled as soon as possible.   I also move that only those positions where there might be questions require Mr. Morrison’s approval.”


Mr. Robinson seconded the motion.  Jeff was holding Beau down as the motion passed unanimously.


Dylan said, “Mr. Benson, you need to go home and pack enough clothes for two nights.  Miss Gordon and I will leave right after our classes tomorrow, and we should be there by two thirty.  We can spend the night and then leave on Tuesday, so I can get back for Professor Wilson’s class.”


Beau said, “Gigi, I can’t go.  You have enough sewing to keep you busy for six months, and you don’t need to have to worry about the guys and gals.”


Gigi said, “Hog wash, Denny and Danny are even more rigid with the guys and girls than you are.  They all will love and appreciate you even more when you get back.  I really think that either you or Jeff are the only two that could pull this off, and since he’s already so busy with school and everything else he does, it falls on your shoulders to take care of Boy CEO.”


Beau got a funny look on his face and said, “If I have to do this, then someone needs to arrange a meeting at the Antique Shop on Tuesday night.  I want Mr. Hendrix, Mr. Lincoln, Tyler, Kevin, Mr. Edmond, Billy, Reg, the Weavers and the Coopers there.   Oh yes, and make sure Denny is there also.”


Mrs. T. said, “Grandson, I’ll take care of the meeting.  Are you sure there isn’t anything else your royal highness needs?”


“Yeah, I want a divorce.”  Beau challenged.  “Come on D. Dad take me home, so I can throw all the clothes that I own in a paper bag.  Jeff, you help the Boy CEO put the boxes of files in the car.”


Mrs. Chandler said, “I’ll go with you, so I can get my things and we can meet back here and take off.”


I took Beau and Nan to the house, and we loaded their things. When we got back, the guys had the files and the Morrison’s suitcases in the car.  Beau loaded his and Mrs. Chandler’s things.


Beau came in and said, “We’re ready to roll but I want everyone to know that I feel like I have been black balled and am a prisoner of Land Morrison regime.”


Everyone laughed as the Morrisons were leaving.  Mrs. Morrison drove and everyone was quiet on the trip to Des Moines.  They dropped Mrs. Chandler off first, and Beau helped her to the door and said, “Aunt Nan, I would like to be at the office at 7:30 in the morning, to watch the people as they come to work.  Can you meet me there and don’t be surprised by anything I do?”


“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”  Nan said,


Beau and the Morrisons arrived back at their house and Beau unloaded the car and said, “I’ll fix a light snack for tonight, since we had a big brunch.”


He took his bags to the room that he and Dylan had slept in and fixed the Morrisons and himself a nice club sandwich and a cup of hot soup.   After he did the dishes, he announced.  I’m going to go through the personnel files one time.”


He worked for three hours and finally Mrs. Morrison came into the dining room where Beau was working and hugged him and said, “Beau, go to bed.  Tomorrow is another day.”


Beau kissed her and got ready for bed. 


Meanwhile in Fremont, everyone was settling down and Jason and Danny came and said, “It doesn’t seem right without Beau.”  They both decided to sleep in Beau and Jason’s bedroom.”


Jeff said, “Dad, I’m exhausted and I’m worried about Beau.”


I pulled Jeff close and said, “Son, if anyone can handle the pressure, it is Beau.  I am just surprised that Gigi was the one who realized what needed to be done.  I think she is a very intelligent lady.”


“Dad, I agree.  She doesn’t have the baggage to carry around that some of the other people have.  She is just a non assuming person and I think that maybe Mrs. Chandler is the same kind of person.  Beau has two great allies with them.  I think that Mrs. Morrison is thrilled to have someone who can make decisions and poor Dylan is just overwhelmed by the whole thing, but he really is handling it well.  He will be a good CEO because of this experience.  I love you Dad.”


Signing off for today.


To be continued...


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Posted: 10/26/07