You Ain’t Santa Claus
by: E Walk

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Chapter 39 

Your Daddy and Mommy Need You


As we were eating another wonderful dinner, one of the triplets asked, “Mommy and Daddy, why can’t we have food like this at our home?  Nobody has pulled things out of the freezer and plopped them down in front of us and told us to eat.  Nathan says they almost never have things out of the freezer, cans or packages like our Nanny makes us eat.”


Ryan interrupted, “Lenny, we don’t need to buy things in cans and packages.  Almost everything we eat has been grown here at Belle Monte.  Your Daddy and Mommy both work and they don’t have time to grow your food.”


Kenny responded, “Ryan, if we have to eat one more hot dog and that macaroni and cheese that comes from a box, we’re going to puke.  Mrs. McTavish let us choose what kind of sandwich we wanted to eat with our homemade soup, at lunch.  Dad and Mother, we want a new nanny.  We want a boy nanny like Nate and Ryan have.  Their nannies do something other than watch television and talk to their friends on the phone.”


Denny looked at his parents, “Daddy and Mommy, we want a new nanny or we’re not going home.  Nanny Cratchet never let’s us do anything.  We always have to do what she says, or she puts us in time out.  While we were with Nathan and Ryan, no one even talked about time out.”


Mrs. Samples looked at the three boys, “This is not the place to be talking about your nanny.  These people don’t need to hear all this.”


I spoke up, “Dr. Samples, this is probably the first time that your sons realized that there was a life other than what they have known with their current nanny.  The boys have every right to speak.  If they weren’t to speak, now, the person they obviously don’t like would be around to intimidate them and they wouldn’t say a thing.  I suggest that you sit down and listen to your sons.  They are active young men, and they need a chance to grow.  While I haven’t had the opportunity to meet this Nanny Cratchet, I have the distinct feeling that she knows nothing about taking care of young people.  Did you check her credentials when you hired her?”


Shawn stood, “Okay men, you ate, so you can take your things to the kitchen, so Nathan and Ryan can do them with Jacob’s and Shane’s help.”


When the young people had departed, Shawn looked at us.  “I know that I’m just a teenager, but you shouldn’t be talking about things like this in front of the young boys.  When we were coming down from the little house this afternoon, Kenny was riding with me and complaining that his parents never talked to them or asked what they wanted to do.  Maybe it’s time for you doctors to think about raising you sons and stop worrying about making a name for yourselves.  If you wanted children, then you should be willing to take care of them and not let some person who doesn’t care about them do it.”


Ian stood, “Shawn, you’re totally out of line, here.  You have no right to talk to the Samples like that.”


My Dad interrupted, “Ian, Shawn had every right to say what he did.  He said exactly what I was thinking.  He probably was a little more straightforward than I would have been if I were counseling the Samples, but if they want their young sons to feel secure, then it is up to them to raise them properly and not leave the boys rearing to some outsider.  That’s what’s so bad about today’s society.  The young parents are more interested in making money and making sure that everyone else is okay more than they worry about their own children, because there can’t be anything wrong with them.”


Vince and Alex timidly stood and Vince said,  “Shawn, I think we need to leave so the adults present can discuss this situation.  I don’t like what I’m hearing, and I need to leave before I say something that I might regret.  The young guys don’t need to hear this discussion.  The triplets are already insecure enough, and we finally have Ryan and Nolan acting as if they are on top of the world and we need to keep them there as long as possible.”


Vince, Alex departed with Shawn, and the discussion around the table was tense but controlled.  We were interrupted by the arrival of Nathan.  He came and put his elbows on the table.  “Dads and Mr. and Mrs. Samples, Uncle Alex and Uncle Vince are going to take us to the little house to check on the animals.  The big guys are going to stay here because they have homework.  You will need to call us when Lenny, Denny and Kenny’s parents are ready to leave and we’ll send them back to Homebase.”


After Nathan departed, Mom Thornton started to laugh, “There’s no question who’s in control around here. I never expected to have any grandkids who aren’t afraid of anything.”


Dan laughed, “Mom. You better make that almost anything.  They’re still concerned that someone is going to try to take them away from here.  Ryan talked to us last night while we were in bed, and I sure hope the interviews that you people did today take care of the problem when the programs are aired.  I’m concerned that the interviews could bring out some other kooks.”


“There are people with their own agendas who will do anything to further their causes.  I can see it now.  Rights to life and personal choice groups will be parading in front of the Belle Monte.  Think what a field day the animal rights groups would have with all the activity here at Belle Monte.  What concerns me the most is what the ultra conservatives are going to make of the fact that Kirk, as a single male, has been awarded custody of the boys.  Heaven help us if they decide to make an issue of Kirk and me being more than friends.”


Doctor Samples shook his head, “Dan, I agree that you haven’t seen the last of your detractors, but you’re extremely lucky to have such a supporting cast for Nathan and Ryan.  I’m just amazed how well adjusted they seem, compared to the awful life that they must have lived.  I think we should be getting back to the hotel, since we have an early flight tomorrow.  Regardless what the triplets think, I do have to work, so we will be able to feed them better.”


I went to the intercom, “This is Homebase calling.  It’s time for you  to descend to Homebase.”


Nate came on the intercom talking like a robot. “But ..suh ..the .. Rocket ..ship ..just ..took ..for ..Planet …  Nate asked, “Which planet did they say were taking kids to?”


Vince answered, “Planet Belle Monte.  They should be touching down in about fifteen minutes.”


Mrs. Samples laughed, “I see that Nate at least is somewhat of a clown.”


When the boys arrived, Lenny went to his parents, “Daddy and Mommy, we really don’t want to go home.  Please, can we stay here for some more days?”


Ryan put his arm around Lenny, “You need to go home and take care of your Mommy and Daddy.  If you don’t go with them, they would get lonely and start to cry.”


Nate interjected, “Guys, maybe you can come and spend some time with us this summer when the weather is nicer.  You need more clothes than you have with you, this time.  We’ll make our Dads take us to Houston so we can visit you.”


Denny asked, “When you come, would you bring Uncle Vince and Uncle Alex with you so they can teach our nanny what to do?”


I looked at Vince and Alex to see their reactions and they were both having a difficult time trying to maintain a straight face.  The Samples finally departed, after a lot of hugs.  As we watched them drive away, Nate spoke, “I’m confused.  If Mrs. Samples is the lady who gave birth to Ryan and me, does that make Lenny, Denny and Kenny our brothers?”


Bruce answered, “Technically, they are your half brothers, since you and Ryan had a different Father than the triplets did.”


Nate shook his head, “This sure is complicated, isn’t it?  Come on, Dads, we need to go to bed.”


The boys hugged everyone and we made our way to the little house.  The boys settled down after their shower.  Dan and I opted to take one in the morning.  As I was lying with my head on Dan’s shoulder, I was thinking out loud, “I would really like to have my seminar people meet Nathan and Ryan.”


Dan pulled me close, “What’s stopping you?  Have the parents take the boys to the campus and then you can have lunch with them after your seminar.  They’d get a charge out of that.  Of course, you will need to be ready to hear the boys complain about how expensive everything is.”


I delivered Nathan and Ryan to the big house and went to talk to the parents who were still in the dining room.  I could hear them talking to Bruce and George.  When I entered the dining room, it suddenly became quiet and I wondered what was happening, but I needed to get going.  “Could someone please bring Nate and Ryan to the university for my seminar class.  They have been the topic that we have been discussing.  Dan suggested that we could go to lunch afterward.”


My Dad spoke, “I’ll have them there.  What time and where?”


Dad and Dad Thornton arrived with Nate and Ryan right on time.  The boys were wearing their infamous sweat shirts that announced that they belonged to Dr. Richter.  When we arrived at the classroom, the students stood and applauded.  Ryan looked up at me, “Daddy, why are they clapping?”


I shrugged my shoulders, “Son, I don’t know what’s happening.”


I introduced the boys and the dads to the students.  “I asked the parents to bring the boys to visit with you today.  I thought there might be some questions you would like to ask the boys.  I guess most of you have heard by now that the boys’ surrogate mother has come forward and we have gotten to know her and her family.  She too is a doctor of psychology.  She, however, specializes in a different area of psychology than do I.   She and her husband, who is a medical doctor, have triplets whom the boys have gotten to know quite well.”


I was thinking that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.  I looked at the class, “The boys have been grilled by the news reporters, but you can ask them a few questions if you would like.”


One of the graduate students asked, “Guys, how do you feel, now that you finally have a home and people aren't going to be bothering you, anymore?”


I gritted my teeth when Ryan started to answer.  “We’re not sure that people are going to stop trying to take us, because they don’t understand that we don’t have any money.  Just because we live in this big farm that has lots of animals, they think we have money.”


The next question was a little scary, “Guys, what do people say when you tell them that you have two Dads?”


Nate answered, “Why should they say anything?  We have two Grandfathers and two Grandmothers and an Uncle and a whole bunch of other people who care about us.  It’s not important, and it’s none of anyone’s business how many Dads we have.  What’s important is that our Dads love us and protect us.  Believe me, me and Ryan have seen enough bad things happen that we don’t want to see anymore.”


Dad punched me in the arm and whispered, “Are you sure these two are kids?”


A young lady stood, “Your Dad said that you were living in an abandoned warehouse when he captured you?  What was that like?  Wasn’t it scary?”


Nate giggled, “Daddy, isn’t telling the truth.  He didn’t capture us.  I went to the mall to make sure he was doing a good job at pretending he was Santa Claus, and I made him think it was his fault that he found me.”


Ryan grinned, “It was really pretty scary in the big building with all those dirty men around.  There was one old man who kept everyone away from us.  They were sorta afraid of me, because they couldn’t understand why I couldn’t or wouldn’t talk.  They thought I was evil.”


The next question was something that I would rather not have had asked, but it turned out to be a very good question.  “What did you think the first time you met your Uncle Bruce and what did you think when you first saw your new home?”


Nathan started, “When we first found that Uncle Bruce was coming, we were really upset, but we’ve decided that he’s really pretty special and only wants Ryan and me to have a good life.   It was Ryan who decided that Uncle Bruce was related to us, because he said that Uncle Bruce and I looked alike.  Ryan even asked Uncle Bruce if he was our Dad.  Uncle Bruce told us that he was our Father’s identical brother.”


Ryan answered the second part of the question,  “When me and Nate first saw Homebase, we thought it was a hotel because it looked so big.  That's why we live in the little house, so we can be like a family,”


“Why do you refer to the big house as Homebase?”


Both boys giggled and Nate answered,  “We have this thing so we can talk between houses.  For some reason the big house was called Homebase the first time we heard it.  Ever since, it’s as if the little house is a rocket ship or something because it takes us about fifteen minutes to get down to the big house.”


I finally interrupted, “I’m sorry, but I to need to stop any further questions.  We have an appointment to meet the boys’ Grandmothers in twenty minutes, for lunch.”


The class gave the two boys a standing ovation as we were leaving.  President Armstrong approached us, “Dr. Richter, you need to be in my office at two o’clock this afternoon.  Guys, don’t let your Dad fall asleep over lunch.”


Nate giggled, “Sure, give us all the hard jobs.”


We met the two mothers at Vince’s Mother’s restaurant.  You would have thought that Ryan and Nate were kings, because of the way we were treated.  I was to find out later that Vince had called his Mother and threatened to disown her if she didn’t take care of the boys.  Even better, we never were shown a menu so the boys couldn’t complain about the prices.  The young waiter frowned, “Listen, you two young men, your Uncle Vince said you were to clean your plates and if you didn’t, I was to stuff your food in you and he and Uncle Alex was to make sure you wouldn’t be able to sit down for days.”


Ryan looked at the young man, “I don’t believe you.  Uncle Vince would never say anything like that.”


 Lunch was delicious and it was just the right amount.  Dad looked at me, “Kirk, the boys will take care of the check.  You probably should be getting back to the University, since you have to meet with President Armstrong at two o’clock.”


I went to my office, brushed my teeth and put on my jacket, since I hadn’t worn it to class or to lunch.  When I arrived at President Armstrong’s office, the receptionist advised me that I was to go to the auditorium.   As I was approaching, I noticed that the media was there.


When I walked into the auditorium, I saw Nate, Ryan and Bruce were seated on the platform with Dean Meyers and President  Armstrong. Dan and both sets of parents were seated on the front row.  Nathan came to get me. “Dad, you need to come sit on the platform.”


The auditorium was filled with board members, faculty members and some students whom I recognized as well as some people I didn’t recognize.”


President Armstrong approached the podium at two o’clock.  “Ladies and Gentlemen, this a great day for this University.  We are pleased that we have received funds to establish an Endowed Chair for a professor of Childhood Psychology.  The chair will be called the Bryce T. Holloway Endowed Chair of Childhood Psychology.  I would like for Nathan and Ryan Holloway to announce the name of the first occupant.”


I watched as the two boys approached the podium and someone had put a stool or something so the boys could be seen and heard.  I suddenly realized that both boys were wearing their ties and blazers and there wasn’t hair on their head out of place.  Nate began, “We are glad that we were asked to be here to help establish The Bryce T. Holloway Chair of Childhood Psychology, since he was our father who was killed in a bad airplane accident.  Ryan, would you please announce the first occupant of the endowed chair?”


Ryan leaned toward the microphone, “We are pleased and proud that the first occupant of the endowed chair is going to be our Daddy, Dr. Kirk Richter.  Daddy, will you please come forward and accept your plaque?”


As I was going to the podium a man stood, “This sucks.  You mean you’re taking your money and establishing an endowed chair so your Daddy can be famous.  He‘s a new professor so why should he occupy an endowed chair when there are those who have dedicated their lives to the university for years?”


Bruce was at the podium before the boys or I could say anything else.  “For your information, Dr. Herndon.  First, none of the boys funds or funds from their estate, for that matter, were used in establishing this chair.  Dr. Richter received the endowed chair based on merit.  How many articles have you had published in the professional journals lately?  For everyone’s information, Dr. Richter has had seven in the last several months.”


“Dr. Herndon, I know for a fact that you are only teaching one class this term, and there are only six students enrolled in it.  I also know for a fact that Dr. Richter is teaching three classes and that his seminar class is jam packed to capacity.  He also is mentoring two new doctoral candidates, at the their request.  How many doctoral candidates are you mentoring?  Dr. Herndon, I suggest that you pull in your horns and be quiet.”


Bruce turned to Ryan, “Ryan, please continue.  I apologize for interrupting.”


After I received my plaque, Nathan announced, “We will answer two of three questions.”


One of the young newscasters asked, “Does that mean that the endowed chair will go away should Dr. Richter leave?”


Nathan looked at Bruce, “Uncle Bruce, would you please answer the gentleman’s question?”


“The Chair has been endowed with sufficient funds to keep it going for a very long period of time.  At such time, Dr. Richter would decide to relinquish the chair, Dr. Richter and his two sons would be involved in choosing the next occupant.”


A young female reported stood, “I find all this manipulating very confusing.  If Ryan and Nathan are Dr. Richter’s adopted sons, why isn't there last name Richter?”


Dad Thornton stood, “I’m the boys’ lawyer and there were sound legal reasons why it was expedient for the boys' last names to be unchanged.  What’s in a name anyway?  I can assure you that the boys were legally adopted and that their names are as they are.”


President Armstrong stepped to the podium.  “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming.  There will be tea, punch and cookies in the reception area.  You can visit with Dr. Richter and his sons, there.”


Dan approached me, “Kirkie, I need to go back to work.  I’ll see you tonight.  Watch your back, there are a lot of green faces around.”


To be continued...


Editor's Notes:  Has anyone besides me noticed that there are a lot of jealous greedy people, trying to get their hands on whatever they think the boys have?  I thought you might have.


Hopefully, most of the dust has settled, and things will become more normal for the boys.


We will most likely find out more, in the next chapter.


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