What Happened to Baby Cameron?
by: E Walk
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Chapter 31  

The Very Last Drop


After Chad and Colby departed, I went to get the five young boys ready for bed.  Ellie was feeding Grandpa Tibideaux, since he hadn’t had a meal on the plane.  I had the five boys take showers in Hank’s and my bathroom.  It sure didn’t take them long to get settled.  The three six year olds were in Cam’s room and the two eight year olds were in their room.


I went to see if there was anything that I could do to help Grandpa T.  He was finishing his soup and sandwich and I took him to try his new lift chair.  He was a little skeptical, “Steve, I don’t know if this is going to work.”


“Grandpa T., if it doesn’t work I’ll call Mr. Lucas to see what he recommends.  He tried to make it the best as he could.  You said that you could stand for a short time.  Rod and his people even put a rail here so you can get up out of your wheelchair.”


I pushed the button for the lift chair to come to the first floor.  Grandpa T. commented, “It sure is quiet. I’ll be able to sneak out of bed in the middle of the night and no one will know.”


Grandpa T. parked his wheelchair and pulled himself up and sat on the lift chair.  I followed him as the lift took him up the steps to where the manual wheelchair was parked.  Again, there was a bar, so he could manipulate from the lift chair to the wheelchair.  I looked at Grandpa T., “That wasn’t so difficult, was it?  Let me give you a tour of the upstairs, so you will know where to find us if you need us.”


I showed him where Hank’s and my room was and showed him where the boys were sleeping.  He noted, “They’re sleeping in their briefs.  Isn’t that unusual.”


I chuckled, “The only time we wear anything else is when we might need to walk around when we have female company.  Grandma Ellie has an apartment downstairs, and besides, the boys don’t care anyway.”


I took him to the room that was going to be his bedroom and he looked around.  “Steve, could you take me shopping so we can buy a mechanical recliner chair that would make it easier for me to stand so I can get into my wheelchair?”


“Yep, it may not be tomorrow, since some of the guys have doctor’s appointments tomorrow, and we need to plan something for Chad’s 18th birthday, which is also tomorrow.”


Grandpa Tibideaux asked, “Is there something I can get Chad?”


“Grandpa T., Chad is still overwhelmed with the car you gave him.  I didn’t know until this evening that tomorrow was his birthday.  I’ll let you know what’s going to happen, tomorrow.  Would you like for me to unpack for you?”


“Steve, if you would be so good as to put my bags on the sofa and open them, I’ll put things away as I decide where to put them.”


Grandpa T. opened the walk-in closet door and went in.  He backed out, “You people have thought everything.  I’m surprised that you don’t have a place for my boxer shorts in here.”


I went to my room to get ready for bed and turned on the news.  The newscaster was saying, “There are protesters marching in the streets of the campus towns where ACC colleges are located, demanding that the league either be disbanded or get their acts together.  We have just learned that other major conferences are now feeling the repercussions of what has been happening in North Carolina.”


The phone rang and I went to answer it, “This is Steve Michaels.”


“Steve, this entire incident is like a time bomb waiting to explode.  Now the Presidents and Chancellors of the Universities are running for cover.  They are being attacked by not only the media , but by their governing bodies, state legislatures and even the United States Attorney General’s office is involved.  As of now, Jacob and Bart are still okay.  I’ll try to get home tomorrow, sometime.”


“Hank, I’ll try to keep my ringer on my cell phone on.  The little guys had their exams today.  Tomorrow I need to take the three older Martin boys for their exams.  Tomorrow is Chad’s 18th birthday and I need to try to do something to make it special.  Grandpa T. is settling in and I think he’s a mite bit overwhelmed.  I’ll talk to you tomorrow.  Someone is knocking at the bedroom door.”


I went to the door and Grandpa T. was sitting there with a towel across his mid section.  “Steve, could you come and explain how to work the controls on the bathtub and shower.  I can’t seem to get it right.”


I went with him even though I was wearing only my briefs.  When I fixed the problem, he looked at me, “Duh, how could I be so dense?”


I watched as he entered the shower, “Grandpa T., is there anything else I can help you with?”


He looked at me and grinned, “Nope, I may sleep in here tonight.  The pulsating spray makes it so relaxing.”


“Better not open the drain until one of us come to get you in the morning, or you’ll be a raisin and go sliding down the drain.”


He chuckled, “Steve, I already have two raisins if you hadn’t noticed.  I’m not young and virile like you, with your big plums.  I’ll be fine.”


The next morning, I was awakened by the sound of young voices.  As I was going down the stairs, I was met by Cam and Andy.  Cam was carrying a tray with a cup of coffee and some cream.  Cam grinned, “Good morning, Father Michaels.”


“Good morning, Sons Rodgers and Tibideaux.”


 Andy giggled, “We’re taking coffee to Grandfather Tibideaux to get him jump started.”


As I was getting ready to leave with the guys, Grandpa T. arrived on the lift and got into his motorized wheelchair.  The five guys hugged him.  When we arrived at the Academy, Wayne was waiting for me.  After the boys had gone into the building, he came to the van, “Steve, today is Chad’s birthday.  We need to do something.”


I chuckled, “I was just going to stop at the office and tell you the same thing.  Let me see what I can come up with.  I’ve already told Colby, and I’ll be seeing your three oldest boys today for their appointments.  Let me see what I can come up with and I’ll call you.”


I went to the drug store where I had seen the mechanical recliners like Grandpa Tibideaux wanted.  I purchased the one that I thought would work the best and made arrangements for it to be delivered to the ranch.  I called Ellie to tell her it might be coming and to have them put it in Grandpa T.’s bedroom.


I picked Len up at his school at ten o’clock.  I asked, “Len, would you like for me to go in with you while you’re being checked.”


He looked at me funny, “Mr. Michaels, you’ve already seen me naked, so it wouldn’t bother me if you did.  It’s up to you.”


Everything went smoothly until Doctor Granger had Len drop his briefs.  He checked Len’s penis and testicles and questioned, “Len, do you know what these are used for?”


Len frowned, “Doctor Granger, we grew up on a farm.  How could I not know what they’re used for?”


Stewart laughed, “Maybe you could explain to Cody, what they’re used for.”


Len giggled, “Don’t worry, Doctor, he already knows.  Next you'll be asking me if I jack off and the answer is yes, every chance I get.”


Doctor Granger started chuckling, “Too much information, young man, but in that case, there is one more check that I need to do.  Turn around, bend over and spread your legs.”


I watched as Len gritted his teeth when Doctor Granger checked Len’s prostrate.  Doctor Granger took off his latex gloves, “Well young man, your plumbing seems to be intact.  You’re free to masturbate whenever you can.”


Len giggled, “I’m surprised that you didn’t make me prove that I can ejaculate.  Wait until I tell Cody what you did?”


“That’s okay, I caught Cody proving he was a man in the shower this morning.  The only problem was he didn’t clean up his mess.”


“Steve, I’ll call you when we get all the boys’ test results back.”


“Stewart, today is Chad’s birthday.  We’ll be doing something to celebrate; I just don‘t what yet.  Would you and your family be available to attend?”


“I don’t think we have any plans.  Guess it won’t be another skinny dipping party, though?”


“I’ll call you when I can make the arrangements.  Come on, Mr. Martin, you’re due at the dentist in five minutes.”


As we were walking down the steps, Len asked, “Mr. Michaels, will doctors always be sticking their finger in me when I have a checkup?  It hurt pretty bad.”


I stopped, “Len, is it still hurting.”


He shook his head no.  “Len, the doctors only do that to see if they can detect a problem.  No matter how often you have it done, it is never comfortable.”


Len’s visit to the dentist was going well until the doctor was examining his teeth after they had been cleaned.  The dental hygienist came to the reception area, “Mr. Michaels, Doctor McIntyre would like to speak to you.”


I shook Doctor McIntyre’s hand. “I’m Steve Michaels, is there a problem?”


“Pat McIntyre here, there is a small problem.  Len has beautiful teeth.   He has no cavities, but I think it would be advisable for him to see an orthodontist so that he will always have beautiful teeth.  He’s young enough that the corrections would be minor.”


I frowned, “My two sons never had to have an orthodontic work on their teeth.  Can you recommend  a good orthodontist?”


“Since you asked, my father is an orthodontist and his office is right next door.  Stop and tell the receptionist that Pat recommends that Mr. Martin have a consultation with Doctor McIntyre Senior.   I guess I’ll be seeing a lot of you in the next week, from what my receptionist tells me.  I’ll see you when you bring me my next victim.”


We made the appointment for Friday at ten and I took Len to lunch at Dairy Queen, which is where he wanted to go.  While we were eating, I asked, “Len, what do you think Chad would like for his birthday?”


Len shrugged his shoulders, “Dad Wayne asked me the same thing this morning when he was taking us to school and I don’t know.  Chad is in hog’s heaven, now that he has a car.”


I signed Len in at his school, and went to meet up with Chad and Damon at Doctor Bednarik’s office.  I decided that I really didn’t need to be there unless there was a problem that we weren’t aware of.


I was sitting in the reception area when the two guys came rushing in.  I looked at the clock, “You guys are pushing the clock, aren’t you?”


Damon plopped down, “We ran into a terrible bus accident and we were trying to help people get out of the bus.”


The nurse came out, “Damon and Chad Martin, please follow me.”

The nurse looked up, “Hi, Mr. Michaels, I didn’t know you had an appointment.”


“I don’t, Tina.  I’m here to make sure that these young men don’t pass out when you take all the blood from their bodies.”


Tina laughed, “I’ll do it very slowly to make sure I get the very last drop.”


I had a book with me to read, because I figured I wouldn’t have anything to do, and I didn’t really like anything that was on television during the day.   Tina opened the door, “Mr.  Michaels, Doctor Bednarik would like to talk to you in Exam Room One.”


I knocked on the door and when I entered, Damon was sitting there in his briefs with tears in his eyes.  I shook Doctor Bednarik’s hand.  “Steve, I think that Damon should see a dermatologist.  He has a couple of suspicious looking moles that I would like Doctor Straley to look at and perhaps remove and do a biopsy.”


I nodded, “I’ll make the appointment as soon as I can, but Doctor Straley is always so busy that it’s hard to get in.  Remember we had to take Kevin there.”


“I’ll have Tina make the appointment.  We can probably get him in yet this week.  Damon, get your ass dressed and get out of here.  You’ll be fine.  We have patients waiting to be seen who are really ill.”


Damon and I were sitting in the waiting room and Damon looked at me. “Mr. Michaels, why did you tell Doctor Bednarik what my Dad made me do?”


“Damon, I wanted Doctor Bednarik to give you a thorough physical to make sure you’re okay.  He’s an excellent internist and very thorough.”


“You can say that again.  I swear the man examined every opening of my body.”


Tina opened the door again, “Mr. Michaels, your presence is required in exam room two.”


After I was told to enter, I saw Chad, sitting there naked.  Doctor Bednarik nodded, “Steve, young Mr. Chad, here, tells me that he turned eighteen today.  He needs to have the lump on his pelvic area checked.  I want to make an appointment for an MRI, but he tells me that there is no way that his family can afford it.”


“Doctor, make the appointment for as soon as possible, and I’ll make sure he’s there.  We’ll worry about the costs, later.”


Doctor Bednarik went to talk to Tina, and Chad started to get dressed, “What a fucking birthday present this is.  I’m told that I probably have cancer.  I might as well quit school now and give up.”


I grabbed Chad, “Chad, you’re over reacting.  Doctor Bednarik didn’t say you had cancer.  All he said is that he wants to have the lump  checked.  Get your ass dressed or Cam will have me cleaning the horses stalls with a tooth brush.”


Tina came into the room.  “Mr. Martin, you’re to report to the Methodist Hospital, tomorrow morning at nine o’clock and you are not to eat anything after midnight tonight.  Mr. Michaels, Damon’s appointment is for one o’clock tomorrow at the Dr. Straley’s Westwood office.”


As we were walking to the cars, Chad looked at me, “Mr. Michaels, I apologize for the way I reacted this afternoon.  It’s so scary to think that there is something wrong with me.”

Damon interrupted, “Chad, what happened that was so bad?   Doctor Bednarik thinks I might have cancer.”


“Guys, I didn’t hear Doctor Bednarik say the word cancer today at all.  Let’s get your tests done and find out what they say.  I’ll see you guys later.  I’m going to be late picking up the guys.”


To be continued...



Editor's Notes:  Ah, yes, the big 'C' word. Just the thought of that tends to send people into a tizzy, and sadly, rightfully so.  I know there has been a lot of progress in the treatment of all sorts of Cancer, but it is still a touch and go situation.  Let's hope that none of the boys have it, or that if they do, they can be treated successfully.


It is nice to see that Grandpa T. is settling in nicely.  I really think he is going to be a very good addition to the family.


Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher


Posted: 04/02/10