What Happened to Baby Cameron?
by: E Walk
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Chapter 30  



On Monday morning, I went to wake the boys.  The only problem was that they weren’t in their rooms.  I went down stairs and they were playing havoc with the cereal supply.  Cameron looked up at me, “Dad, I don’t understand why I need to go to the doctor.  Why not just take the other guys?”


“Your Daddy said you need to go get shots just like the other guys.  I’ll take you six year olds this morning and the three eight year olds this afternoon.  They’ll probably have to have more shots than you, since they’re older.”


Tony looked up from his cereal, “Dad, I don’t feel very well, I think I’ll just stay in bed all day.”


Randy bent over, “Daddy, my tummy hurts really bad.”


“I guess that you will probably need three or four shots more than anybody else, then.”


Randy sat up, “I’m fine.  Come on, guys, we need to do our dishes before Daddy changes his mind again.”


As I was dropping the boys off at school, Wayne pulled up with Terry.  I went to talk to him.  “I’ll drop Terry off at the house, after school.  The six young boys have their physicals today.”


I picked up the three six year olds at 10:30.  Their physicals went fine.  I don’t why I even went in the exam room with them, because Cam acted like a pro.  He didn’t even flinch when the technician drew his blood sample.  The technician got a charge out of Cam when Cam told the two other boys to make sure they spit in their urine samples so that the people would get confused.


When Doctor Granger came in the exam room, he looked at Cam’s chart.  “Well, young man, I hope you’re satisfied now that my oldest son refused to go to school today because you embarrassed him by whipping his butt in the pool.  I’m surprised that you aren’t still water logged.  Get your butt up here on this table.”


After Doctor Granger had checked Cam thoroughly, he looked at me. “Mr. Michaels, I’m sorry to have to inform you that it looks as if this guy is going to be around for a long time.”


Cam giggled, “You mean Dad is going to have to pay you for telling him that?  I could have told him that and saved him some money.”


“Watch it, kid, or I'll give you a shot with a square needle.”


Doctor Granger picked up Ricky’s chart.  When he finished examining Ricky, he turned to me, “Mr. Michaels, this young man needs to eat more.  He needs to be fattened up so he won’t hurt your hand when you spank him.”


Cam giggled again, “Doctor Granger, our Dads don’t use their hands to spank us, they use their belts.  Check Ricky’s butt and you’ll see the marks.”


Doctor Granger was laughing, “Next.”


He looked at Andy’s chart, “Wait a minute.  There must be some mistake.  There is no one in the world who has a name like this.”


Andy frowned, “What do you mean, Doctor?”


“What kind of name is Tibideaux?” 


Andy shrugged his shoulders, “It a Cajun name.  Our Granddad lives in New Orleans.  He is going to be coming to live with us, now that the Dads have made the house handicapped accessible.”


Doctor Granger hugged Andy, “Son, I was just teasing you.  You will have to meet my wife.  Her last name was Tibideaux before we were married, and she was born in New Orleans.  With a name like that, you’re probably related to her.”


As we were getting ready to leave, Stewart grinned, “All three of these youngsters appear to be quite healthy.  I guess I’ll see you with the next trio at one thirty.”


As the guys and I were eating lunch at Taco Bell, my cell phone rang.  “Guys, I’ll be outside.”


“This is Steve Michaels.”


“Dad, it’s Jake.  Have you been watching the news?”


“No, I’ve been with the three youngest boys who were having their physicals this morning.  What’s happening?”


“The blood letting has already started.  I just talked to Dad Rodgers and he has been on the phone with the authorities.  He assures me that I should be okay, but he’s concerned about Bart.  If you get a chance check the news.”


“Okay, son.  Gotta get my passengers back to school and pick up the next group.  Talk to you later.”


The boys were finished eating and after a bathroom stop, we made our way to school.  I picked up my next three victims.  The visit was pretty much a repeat of the earlier visit.  When we were getting ready to leave, Doctor Granger shook his finger at the three boys, “If you guys are even thinking of having a skinny dipping party, make sure that I’m the first to know.  Otherwise the next time I see you, you will be getting all kinds of shots.”


He turned to me, “Steve, do you have a minute?”


Talk about the bottom falling out of my stomach, it did. “Of course, Doctor Granger.  Guys, wait for me in the waiting room.”


Stewart took me into his office, “Relax, Steve.  This has nothing to do with the six boys.  I want to make sure that you understand that Colby and Chad are becoming more than good friends.  Colby and I have an open relationship and he has confided in me that you’re having Chad get a physical which I already knew from talking to you.  I guess my question is, is there a reason why you think that Chad needs a physical?”


“Stewart, this is not something that you and I should talk about without Chad and perhaps Colby being involved.  I honestly don’t know what Chad has told Colby.  He did tell us that Colby is an excellent kisser.  I’ll call you; I need to get the boys back to school so I’m not late picking up the other three boys, or Cam will kick my behind.  Talk to you soon.”


When we arrived back at the school, the three eight year olds went to get their backpacks and any work they might have missed. 


When we arrived at the house on the hill, Len was getting out of a car.  I recognized the other passenger as Corey Granger.  I went to the car and opened the passenger door, “Hi, I’m Steve Michaels.  I understand that your maiden name was Tibideaux.”


Mrs. Granger looked perplexed, “Yes, but how did you know that?”


We were just visiting your husband, and two of my passengers whom he examined just happen to have the same last name as your maiden name, and they came from New Orleans like you.  Perhaps you know their Grandfather who is going to be coming to live with us.”


Mrs. Granger was laughing, “There aren’t too many of us Tibideaux people around.  What is the gentleman’s name?”


“Jacques Tibideaux.”


Mrs. Granger got out of her car, “I’d like to meet my second cousins, if you don’t mind.  I’ve never had the opportunity to meet the boys.  The last time I was home to see my family, the boys, their mother, the boys and that Cournier person were out of town.”


I looked in the van, “Guys, get out here and introduce yourselves to Doctor Granger’s wife.”


Cam exited the van first,  he stood at attention and saluted, “Cameron Rodgers reporting as directed, ma’am.”  He stuck out his hand and shook Mrs. Granger’s.  She started to laugh as did Len and Cody.


The other five boys who were in the van followed suit.  After the introductions were finished, I informed the boys that Mrs. Granger was Tony's and Andy’s second cousin.


Cam looked skeptical, “Since they’re going to be our brothers, that means Mrs. Granger is going to be a our second cousin.  Dad, there’s a problem here, because that will make that the mean sons of hers our third cousins.  They’ll probably try to take all our money.”


Cody grabbed Cam and put him over his shoulder, “Watch what you say, kid.”


Chad and Damon drove in as we were talking.  When Chad got out of his car, he walked to us.  “Good afternoon, Mrs. Granger.  I see you met our friends.  This is my brother Damon.  Is there a problem, and why is Chad holding Cam on his shoulder?”


Cody pouted, “Cam said we were mean and he didn’t want us to be his third cousins.”


Chad threw up his hands, “How can you be third cousins?”


Cody looked at his watch, “Mom, I need to go if I’m going to be on time for my piano lesson.”


Mrs. Granger climbed into the car, “We’ll talk to you later.”


We watched as the Granger car pulled away.  I started to climb in the van, “Len, remember I’ll be picking you up at ten in the morning for your appointments.  Chad and Damon, I’ll meet you at Dr. Bednarik’s office at one thirty.  Do you have the address?”


Chad nodded yes, “But I still don’t understand why I need another physical.”


“Trust me, son.  It’s probably best that you have one after what has been happening.  We’ll talk more tomorrow.”


When we arrived at the ranch, Ellie met us, “I was beginning to worry that something had happened.  Hank has been trying to get in touch with you.  He wants to know why you’re not answering your cell phone?”


I pulled out my cell phone, “I haven’t had a call since Jacob called me at lunchtime.”


I opened it and I had inadvertently turned the ringer off.  I pulled up the messages and it looked as if every person on the planet had been trying to get to me.


I went to the phone and called Hank’s cell phone since I had no idea where he was.  He answered almost immediately, “It’s about time you called.  What’s wrong?”


“Hank, nothing’s wrong.  I took the three eight year olds for their physical and then we met Grandpa T.’s niece.  You’ve already met her husband and their sons.”


“Steve, what have you been drinking?”


“Hank, I had a glass of water at lunch.  You haven’t been trying to get in touch with me to talk about what I’ve been drinking.  What is it that I need to do?”


“I’m at the airport again getting ready to depart for Raleigh.  I’m going to go make sure that everything is okay for Jacob and Bart.  Things are happening fast and furious, and I want to make sure that they aren’t caught up in the web.  I’ve talked to them both and told them to maintain a low profile.”


“The reason I called is that Grandpa T. is going to be arriving at the airport at eight o’clock.  You will need two vehicles to get his things.  He’s bringing both his motorized wheelchair and his manual one.  Most of his belongings will be arriving by freight in the next couple of days.  Steve, I have to go, they’re calling my flight.”


I called the house on the hill, “This is Steve Michaels, is Chad there?


Damon had answered, “Yes, he’s here, but he’s in the bathroom taking care of important business.  Mr. Michaels, tomorrow is Chad’s eighteenth birthday.  Is there any way we can make it special?”


“Damon, we can try, but you need to help me make it special.  I’ll talk to you two tomorrow when you and Chad are having your physicals.”


“Okay, sir, here he is.  Chad, Mr. Michaels wants to talk to you.”


“Mr. Michaels, what do you need?”


“Chad, Grandpa Tibideaux will be arriving at the airport at eight o’clock.  Is there any way you can meet us there since he’s bringing two wheel chairs.  I’m sure the boys are going to want to go with me when I pick him up, and it may take two of us to get everything loaded into the two vehicles.”


“Mr. Michaels, could I bring Colby with me?  We sort of planned to spend some time together, tonight.”


“I don’t see why not, since Grandpa T. is his Great Uncle.  Cam could make a big production out of the two of them meeting.  We’ll meet you in the airport at about eight o’clock in the Continental baggage claim area.”


I explained to the boys, over a quick dinner, what was going to be happening, thinking maybe some of them would stay home.  That was not the case.  They all insisted that they wanted to go, even if they would be dragging in the morning.


I parked in the short term parking garage when we arrived at the airport.  The five boys were out of the van faster than you could say jack-o-lantern.  When we walked into the Continental baggage claim area, Chad and Colby were waiting for us.  We heard the announcement, “Continental announces that their flight 75 has arrived from Houston and New Orleans.  The passengers will be arriving in the baggage area momentarily.”


We watched as a porter brought Grandpa T. to the baggage claim area ahead of anyone else.


I watched as Grandpa T. tipped the porter, and noticed that the porter didn’t make an attempt to ditch him so he could go make some more money which I thought was odd.  Cam took Colby to Grandpa T., “Grandpa T., this is your grandnephew, Colby Granger.”


“Colby say hello to your Uncle Jack Tibideaux.”


The look on both Grandpa T.’s and Colby face was priceless.  Colby looked at Cam, “Cam, what are you talking about?”


Cam explained,  “We went to see your Dad today for our checkups.  When he saw Andy’s last name, he told us that Andy’s last name was the same as your Mother’s was before she was married.  When we talked to your Mother this afternoon, she said Grandpa Tibideaux was her uncle.”


Grandpa Tibideaux started to laugh, “That must mean that Colby’s mother’s first name is Monique.” 


Colby nodded yes and said,  “Cam, you should be a private detective for figuring that all out.”


As we were driving to the ranch, Cam was feeding Grandpa T. a line.

“Grandpa T., we live out in the middle of nowhere in a tiny house since Chad and his family moved into the house on the hill.  You’ll probably have to sleep with us boys.”


Grandpa T. started to toy with Cam, “That’s okay.  I snore so loud that you boys won’t be able to sleep.”


When we were on the road to the ranch, Grandpa T. commented, “Cam, you weren’t kidding when you said that you lived in the middle of nowhere, were you?”




When we arrived at the ranch, Grandpa T. turned around, “I was checking to see if Cam’s nose was growing.  Cam, I wouldn’t exactly call this a tiny little house.”


Cam giggled, as did the other four guys, “The fake front fools a lot of people.  Wait until you get inside.”


Chad and Colby unloaded the motorized wheelchair, and the five young guys took Grandpa T. into the house, while we unloaded the rest of his things.  I looked at the guys, “Thanks for your help.  I can take care of the getting the things into the house.  You probably should be heading back to town.”


Chad shook his head, no, “We can take the things upstairs for you.  That’s the least we can do.  Cam said that the collapsible wheelchair is to be the upstairs wheelchair.”


I watched as the two guys carried the wheelchair up the steps.  Cam was directing them, “Leave it here at the top of the steps, so Grandpa T. can get off the lift seat and slide right into it.”


Cam introduced Ellie to Grandpa T.  I had an opportunity to talk to Colby when Chad was doing something, “Colby, tomorrow is Chad’s birthday.  We’re going to do something to surprise him.  I’ll give you a call tomorrow when we figure out what we’re going to do?”


Colby chuckled, “I’ve got just the present that I’d like to give him.”


“Wait a minute!  This has to be a G rated party.”


“Why, Mr. Michaels, what a dirty mind you have.” To be continued...


 Editor's Notes:  As usual, there are a lot of things happening. I noticed that no one mentioned what was happening that was so important on the news.  Perhaps we will find out in the next chapter.


I am glad that Grandpa T. has finally arrived.  I am sure that he will be very helpful with the boys.  It will be wonderful that he won't be all by himself.  It is amazing to realize just how much, being loved and needed will do to improve one's health and stamina.    Grandpa T. is going to find out just how loving and caring all the people around him will be.


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Posted: 03/26/10