What Happened to Baby Cameron?
by: E Walk
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Chapter 17

Going Home


As the three boys and I were going into the kitchen from the laundry room, Chad, Randy and Ricky also appeared,  They stopped and saluted, “The house is ready for inspection, sirs.  Dinner will be ready in about forty minutes.”


Mr. Tibideaux looked at Chad, “Lieutenant Martin, would you go get the paperwork out of the glove compartments of the two cars in the garage, please?”


Chad had a bewildered look on his face, “Yes sir, General Grampa T.”


Chad went into the garage and came back carrying two packets and handed them to Mr. Tibideaux.  Mr. Tibideaux opened them and looked at the proof of insurance forms, “Good, the insurance is current and the vehicles are still registered in my name.  Gentlemen, let’s go to the study.  Chad, that includes you.”


Chad looked at the boys, “Guys, would you please set the dining room table for us to eat?  There’ll be nine of us eating, I think.”


When we walked into a study, which I had not seen before, Mr. Tibideaux pointed to a painting, “Steve, open that painting as if it was a door that opens to the right side.” 


I moved the painting, which was on hinges, and there was a wall safe. Mr. T. nodded, “Good, it’s still there.  The combination is 26 to the right, go left and go by 60 one time and stop the second time and  then go right to 12 and that should open it.”


I did what I was told, and the safe did indeed open.  “Steve, please hand me the contents.”


I did as I was asked, and Mr. T. handed me a piece of paper, “Please put these directions on setting the combination, back in the safe and leave the door open, so the next occupants can set it with their own combination.”


He pulled out two documents, “Chad, give me a dollar.  Steve, you, too.”


Chad answered immediately, “Grampa Tibideaux, I don’t have any money.”


“What happened to the change from the $100.00 bill I gave you to go to the movie?”


“Your change is on the counter in the kitchen.  I was going to give it to you when you got home.”


Mr. Tibideaux pointed, “Go get it.”


Chad went to do as he was told and Mr. Tibideaux snickered, “I’m about to have some fun with our young friend.  I’m so glad you found him, and are going to take him with you.”


Chad returned and handed the change to Mr. Tibideaux, “We stopped at the grocery store to buy some things for dinner and breakfast.  I hope I didn’t spend too much, sir.”


Mr. Tibideaux growled, “Here’s your pay for babysitting the boys this afternoon, and he stuck his hand in Chad’s pocket, with the change and muttered, “The boys were right.  You do have a big prick.  Now give me a dollar so we can get this business taken care of, and we can go eat.”


Chad had turned bright red while this was happening and looked at Hank and me and I just shrugged.  He backed away, but handed Mr. T. a dollar.  He asked, “Sir, why did you do that?”


“I heard the boys say that you had a big penis and I thought I’d better check it out for myself.”


“Sir, I haven’t let the boys see my penis that I know of.  You made me feel really dirty like that man at the movie when I took the boys to the bathroom.  Some scuzball came up to me while I was waiting for the boys to come out of the booths where they were going to the bathroom and started rub his hand over my crotch and asked if I would like to go into one of the booths and have some fun.”


Chad took a big swallow, “Fortunately, Cam recognized something was wrong and asked, ‘Dad, do you want me to go the policeman over there and tell him that this man is bothering you?’  The man looked around and disappeared.  It wasn’t the boys who got molested, it was me.”


Mr. Tibideaux apologized, “Chad, again I was trying to be funny, and it didn’t work; I apologize.  Hank, write two bills of sale for these two vehicles.  Chad just bought the Toyota Corolla, and Steve just bought the BMW.  You’ll need to leave in the morning, if you’re going to be on time for the memorial service.”


“Steve, I need a stiff drink, let’s go get one before dinner, while Hank writes up a bill of sale on the computer, and Chad makes sure that dinner doesn’t burn if he can stop acting as if he’s a statue.”


Chad had tears running down his face, “Grampa T., why are you doing these things for me?”


“Because I want to.  Now go check on the boys and check on dinner while I get drunk.”


Mr. Tibideaux took me to the living room, “Steve, the wet bar is behind those doors.  I’d like a double martini with an olive if there are any.”


I was astounded when I opened the doors to the wet bar; there was almost any kind of liquor you could think of.  I fixed Mr. Tibideaux his martini and was handing it to him when the doorbell rang.


Cam came skipping through to answer.  He returned with the Drapers, “Grampa, the Drapers said they have an appointment to meet you.”


Chad had come into the room to see who there, “Grampa, are the visitors going to be staying for dinner. We have lots of food.  It’s not fancy.”


Leon answered, “Young man, not fancy is good as long as it isn’t a frozen dinner.”


Chad sighed, “It weren’t froze.  Me and the boys went squirrel huntin' today.”


Mr. Tibideaux asked, “Chad, what are we having, so we know what kind of wine to have with our meal?”


Chad threw up his hands, “We’re having meatloaf.  What difference would it make as far as what wine you would have?”


Mr. T. grinned, “Chad, I’ll explain later.  Have the boys set two more places at the dinner table.”


Hank appeared with the bills of sale for the two vehicles. He handed them to Mr. Tibideaux.  “Sir, if you will sign these, I’ll get the other two people to sign.  Hi again, Liza and Leon.”


Andy came into the room, “Chad says that you need to go to the dining room.  Dinner is about to be served.”


Mr. Tibideaux looked at me, “Steve, grab a bottle of pink wine out of the wine cooler so it will make the medicine go down better.  Hank, grab five wine glasses, and let’s go eat the disaster the guys have fixed.”


When we walked into the dining room, there were two lit candles on the table.  The table was set so that it was obvious that we would be eating family style since we already had plates in front of us.  To make a long story short, the food was great and no one left even a tidbit on their plates.  We had just finished eating when the next bombshell landed.


Mr. Tibideaux handed Chad the holder with money, “Chad, go buy some clothes so you don’t have to do laundry every night. We’ll take care of the dishes.”


Chad started to shed tears when he looked in the money holder, “Grampa, I couldn’t spend this much if I tried.  I really don’t want to go riding around looking for clothes.”


Mr. Draper looked at Chad, “Young man, if Tib tells you that you need to do something, you’d better do it.  Our sons, when they were your age, liked to shop Howard’s Place which is only two blocks away in a strip mall.  They have clothes from traditional to mod.  I’m guessing you’re somewhere in between.”


Hank winked at me, “Chad, I’ll take you to make sure we get a good deal.  I want to buy some things to keep the boys busy on the way home, since it appears that you and Steve will be driving your new vehicles home.  We need to go and get back, so we can pack Tony and Andy’s things to take with us.  Steve can help the boys do the dishes while Mr. and Mrs. Draper peruse the house so that Grampa Tibideaux can get rid of it.”


Hank and Chad departed after getting directions to the mall.  The boys and I were taking care of the clean up, and Mr. Tibideaux was visiting with us as the Drapers went to look at the upstairs.  It wasn’t long before they returned and Mr. Draper announced, “I think I know some people who just might be interested in buying the house.  Is there anything that you wouldn’t want them to see?”


Mr. Tibideaux shrugged, “Leon, I don’t honestly know, since I haven’t been upstairs since my accident.”


Leon asked, “Would it be permissible to invite the people to come look at the house tonight if I can get in touch with them?”


Mr. Tibideaux shrugged his arms, “That’s fine, if it can be soon.  The young boys are going to need to get ready for bed before long, since they’re going to be leaving for Denver in the morning.”


Mr. Draper pulled out his cell phone and someone obviously answered, “Terence, we’re just getting ready to list a house that you and Ethan might be interested in.” 


Cam distracted me, so I didn’t hear the rest of Mr. Draper’s conversation.   “Dad, can we go watch the big screen television? There’s a New Year’s special on, for kids.”


“Of course.  There may be some people come to look at the house, and we may have to ask you to stop watching.”


I looked at Tony and Andy, “Guys, are there any suitcases that I can pack your clothes in, so we can take you home with us?”


Tony took my hand and lead me to a closet under the back stairs.  He looked up at me, “Is that enough, Dad Steve?  I think there are more in the attic.”


Mr. Tibideaux was taking care of the Drapers and the boys as I started to pack Tony and Andy’s clothes.  They had lots of clothes, so I had to get two more suitcases to put them in.  It’s a good thing that we were going to have two cars on the trip back to Denver.  Who knows how many more suitcases we would need when Hank and Chad returned.


The doorbell rang and I went to see who had arrived.  There were two gentlemen about Hank’s and my age standing there.  Mr. Draper greeted them and introduced them to Mr. Tibideaux and me.

I looked at the two visitors, “Would you like for the boys to leave, so you can look around?”


The Terence person laughed, “Mr. Michaels, we have some sons as well.  It gives us an idea what we could expect if we were to live here.  We don’t want to disrupt anything so carry on with what you’re doing while Mr. Draper shows us around.”


I was putting Tony and Andy’s suitcases in the BMW when the garage door opened and the Corolla pulled in.  Chad was complaining as he got out, “But Mr. Rodgers, I don’t need all these clothes.”


I looked at Hank and Chad, “Guys, keep it down, some  prospective buyers are interested in buying the house.  Chad, let’s get your new clothes washed so we don’t have to go to a Laundromat every day as we go home.”


The visitors agreed to buy the house for what I thought was exorbitant price.  They not only bought the house, but the contents as well, since they had just arrived from New Zealand and didn’t want to pay the costs to ship their furniture across  the Pacific Ocean.


After the contracts were signed and the people had all departed, Hank and I took Mr. Tibideaux back to the assisted living facility while Chad got the boys ready for bed.   As we were taking Mr. Tibideaux to the facility, Hank asked, “Mr. Tibideaux, can you walk at all by yourself?”


His response bothered me, “Yes, but it hurts like hell, and I have to hold on to something.  The physical therapist thinks it will only be a matter of time until I can walk for short distances without assistance.”


I turned around and looked at Mr. Tibideaux, “Sir, how did your accident happen?”


“Steve, I was walking down the stairs one morning right after Tony and Andy’s mother died, when their stepfather, Mr. Cournier, bumped into me and I fell, breaking several vertebrae in my back.  When I was released from the hospital, there was no way I could live in the house on Rue Marseilles, because of the steps.  I’m sure he did it on purpose, but I couldn’t prove it  The man professed that the boys were important to him, but that was a crock of shit, as we have seen.”


When we arrived at the facility where Mr. Tibideaux lives, Hank and I walked him to the reception area.  He looked at us, “Guys, don’t bring the boys to see me in the morning or I’ll lose it.  Take care of them including Chad.  They are all special and it is easy to see that Cameron is king of the hill.”


Hank and I both hugged Mr. Tibideaux and I whispered, “It’s a good thing that Chad isn’t here or he would probably have his hand in your pocket checking to see what you’re packing.”


Mr. Tibideaux started to laugh, “Well, he’d be very disappointed because it ain’t anywhere near what he’s packing, and it’s been a long time since it has seen any action.  Guys, please don’t bring the boys to see me in the morning before you leave.  I don’t want them to see me cry.  Would you have the boys call me every couple of days, so I know that they’re okay?”


When we got to the house on Rue Marseilles, it was quiet.  Hank and I locked up and I hoped we wouldn’t have any unwanted visitors, because I was exhausted.  After our shower, we were in bed just holding each other, and yes we didn’t have any clothes on.  There was a knock on the door.  I pulled the sheet up figuring it had to be Cam.  Boy was I wrong.


It was Chad, and he got right to the point, “Mr. Michaels and Mr. Rodgers, I get the feeling that Mr. Tibideaux is trying to buy my love.  That scares me.”


I sat up, even though my genitals were exposed, “Let me assure you that there is nothing sexual involved in what Mr. Tibideaux is doing for you.  He’s doing what he’s doing because he thinks you can help his grandsons grow up to be real men.  He, for some reason, identifies with you.”


Chad frowned, “How am I going to be a good example when I’m gay.  I’m sure that’s part of the reason why my parents sent me to be reprogrammed.  I have three younger brothers at home.  After what happened to me, I’m sure that their activities will be monitored very closely.


Hank sat up exposing his generous package, “Chad, give us time and we’ll see what we can do.  We need to get some sleep.  We have three hard days of driving ahead of us.”


Chad grinned, “Okay, I’ll go back to my room and jack off thinking about your big pricks.”


We were awakened by a banging on the door.  Hank told the person to enter, and Cam entered carrying a tray with two coffee mugs. “Dads, you need to get up, so we can go home.  We need to go check on the ranch.  Tony and Andy don’t want to live here anymore.”


I started to climb out of bed, “Cam, we’ll be there as soon as we get dressed and put the things in our suitcases.  I hope you have your things packed.”


“Dad, Chad is like a teacher who walks around with a big stick.  Everything is loaded except your and Daddy’s suitcases.  The rest of us don’t sleep all day like you two do.”


Hank grabbed Cam, “Son, what are you saying?  Are you saying we’re lazy?”


Cam kissed his Dad, “Daddy, I was only telling you to get up.  Chad’s very nervous about what's going to happen when we get home.  Now, please get up.”


When Hank and I arrived in the kitchen, the boys were eating French toast and bacon. Chad jumped up, “Gentlemen, your breakfasts will be ready shortly.” 


After we finished eating, Chad proclaimed.  “Since we’re departing this premises, we should leave it as we found it.  The bed brigade needs to go change the bed linen while the dish brigade takes care of the mess we made.  We wouldn’t want the new owners to think we were slobs, would we?”


Hank looked at the boys, “Dad Steve and I need to go return the van.   We'll be back in about an hour.”


I looked at my watch and it was exactly ten o’clock when we started our trip home to the ranch  Chad asked not to drive until we were out of the city.  Hank was leading the two car caravan driving the BMW with the three five/six year old boys.  Hank had bought the boys video games and they were absolutely great travelers because they kept trying to beat each others’ scores in Chad’s car which I was driving.  When we stopped, Hank told me the three five years were doing the same thing.


We had agreed to stop approximately every two hours so the boys could go to the bathroom and get out and stretch


Chad took over driving at the first stop and I rode with Hank, and we had a chance to talk. Cam’s ears were tuned into what we were saying, even though the guys were busy playing their games.


To be continued...


Editor's Notes:  I believe things are going to work out nicely for everyone.  I have a feeling we will see Mr. Tibideaux again pretty soon.  I hope Chad's brothers will be rescued from his parents, too. We will just have to wait and see what happens, but I have a pretty good feeling about things.


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Posted: 12/11/09