What Happened to Baby Cameron?
by: E Walk
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Chapter 16

 The Investigators



When Hank returned with Mr. Tibideaux and Chad, Chad plopped down on the sofa, “Grampa Tibideaux, these people have no idea how to drive.  They don’t even stop for stoplights, and I swear the drivers all have cell phones growing out their ears.”


Mr. Tibideaux was laughing, “Chad, that’s why I stopped driving even before I had my accident.”


The conversation was interrupted by the front doorbell.  I went to see who was there, and there were three cars in front of the house.  McKenzie was standing there with Simon Fairfield and four other gentlemen in casual clothes.


I shook McKenzie’s and Si’s hands and welcomed them in.  We went to where the others were waiting; McKenzie introduced the four gentlemen who were with them.  It turned out that they were vice squad detectives.  Hank looked at two of them and grinned, “It’s good to see you again, Officer Casey and Officer Tenet.”


McKenzie started, “Mr. Tibideaux, we would like to search the house.  We have reason to believe that there is more going on here than we at first thought.  We do have a search warrant.”


Mr. Tibideaux laughed, “From what Hank told me on the way here today, you have my permission to do anything you want.  I never liked Albert and I advised my daughter-in-law to not marry the creep, but what does an old man know.”


The four undercover officers went to work and I was waiting for the other shoe to fall and it did.  It was McKenzie who dropped it, “We would like to visit with Chad, Tony and Andy if we may?”


I looked at McKenzie, “I assume that you will want to talk to them individually.  I’ll take the other boys with me so we can get something for lunch.  Hank is a lawyer, so I think it best if he were to stay here.”


McKenzie grinned, “We will only need to talk to Chad for a short time, since he won’t need to be called to be a witness.  I noticed a delicatessen around the corner.  Why don’t you get all of us a sandwich?”


Tony interrupted, “They have great sandwiches.  Why don’t you get us a piece of pie for dessert?  I like their apple raisin crumb pie.”


As I was walking to the deli with Cam, Randy and Ricky, Cam looked up at me, “Dad, what’s going to happen.  We need to go home so we can celebrate Ricky’s birthday.”


Ricky took exception, “Cam, we can always celebrate my birthday later.  We need to take care of Tony, Andy and Chad before we worry about my birthday.  Just having a family who cares for us is enough for me.”


I had to stop to blow my nose and wipe my eyes.


When we arrived at the deli, Cam asked, “Dad, what does the menu say they have?”


I explained what they had and Cam decided, “Dad, why don’t we get two of each kind of the sandwiches.  We can always share them with everyone, but I don’t want a tuna fish salad sandwich.”


When we left the deli, my debit card was definitely lighter and we were each carrying a bag with food.  Randy looked up at me “Daddy, we need to stop spending money, or you won’t have any left.”


I wanted to hug him but our hands were full.  When we arrived at the house, we were met by Tony.  Tony complained, “What took you so long?  We were worried that you got kidnapped or something.”


Hank, Mr. Tibideaux, McKenzie and Simon were sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and  laughing when we walked  in.  Cam asked, “Where are Andy and Chad?”


We heard Andy’s voice from the laundry room, “We’re sorting Tony’s and my clothes that the officers found, so we can wash them since they all smell yucky.  We’ll be right there.  We’re really hungry.”


The adults, including the for vice squad detectives took their food to the dining room, and Chad kept the boys in the kitchen so they could eat theirs.  When we were seated, McKenzie explained, “The place where Chad’s father was going to send Chad was not a nice place.  When we arrived at the facility last night, there were twenty-two young men who were being deprogrammed.  The problem is that there is really no place for them to go.  They can’t go home.  At this point, I have no idea what’s going to happen to them  That is up to Social Services, since most of them are under the age of eighteen.”


“Chad was very lucky when he connected with you people on the flights yesterday.  He is free to leave, since he hasn’t actually been involved in what was happening.”


McKenzie took a deep breath, “As far as Antonio and Andreas, we’re appalled at what has happened.  It seems their stepfather was not only running a male bordello, but was dealing drugs as well.  Quite frankly, I think that you should get the boys away from this environment as soon as possible.”


McKenzie added, “I’m sure that with the evidence that we have, Mr. Cournier will be serving the maximum amount of time possible.”


I asked, “Does that mean that we are free to take Tony and Andy and leave and move about the country?”


McKenzie chuckled, “Steve, that’s up to Mr. Tibideaux, since he is technically the boys’ legal guardian.”


Mr. Tibideaux nodded, “We’re going to take care of that problem this afternoon when we visit my lawyer.  We have an appointment at two o’clock.  You don’t suppose that Chad would mind taking care of the boys, do you?”


Chad had heard what Mr. Tibideaux said, “Grampa T., my babysitting fees are quite high.  Mr. Michaels, I’ll take the boys to x rated flick that I saw down the street.  I think it was called Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”


Mr. Tibideaux pulled out his wallet, “Look Martin, this should cover the cost.  Make sure the boys share a bucket of pop corn and you need to accompany them if they have to go to bathroom.  I hope you can keep your dick in pants while you’re with the boys.”


Chad went white and I thought for sure that he was going to collapse.

Mr. Tibideaux laughed, “Chad, I was giving you a difficult time, but please don’t let the boys go to the bathroom by themselves.”


Chad looked concerned, “Grampa T. is there a reason that I need to accompany the boys to the bathroom?”


Si Fairfield answered, “Chad, this is not like where you grew up.  We do have a lot of weirdos in this town.  It is advisable that you do what

Mr. Tibideaux requested.”


The boys came and picked up the plates and utensils that we had used I could hear them in the kitchen talking and giggling.  I thought to myself, ‘It’s going to be interesting to hear what they say when they get home, especially Ricky and Randy.’


After lunch, the guests had disappeared and it seemed as if they had a lot of things that that put into the police cars, including the UPS package that had arrived earlier.  I figured I would hear more about the search later.”


Chad came into the room, “We’re off.  Since it’s a nice day, we’re gonna walk to the theatre to get some exercise.  We’ll see you when we get back.”


After the young people had departed, Mr. Tibideaux commented, “I cannot fathom how Chad’s parents could not love him, even if he was gay.  He seems like a very sensitive caring young man.  I hope you aren’t going to abandon him.”


I looked at Mr. Tibideaux, “Grampa T, if I may you call you that, I told Chad last night that he would be going to live with us until he is at least eighteen.  He’ll be welcomed to stay longer if he chooses.  He relates so well with the boys.  We’ll have plenty of room when our four older sons and their fiancées go back to college.”


Mr. Tibideaux grinned, “Gentlemen, I guess I need to be honest with you.  I had some people check you out after I met Hank.  All I can say is I’m impressed.  Mr. Michaels, I know that you own the biggest advertising agency in Denver.  Mr. Rodgers, is the person who creates those addictive video games and makes more money on one video game than most people make in a lifetime.  I especially liked the games that you created with Ramsey Clark.”


The shock treatment wasn’t over, “Steve, I know that Jacob goes to Duke and plays basketball.  Your other son, Kevin, goes to Harvard and is going to be going on for his law degree.”


“Hank, I know that you have two young men whom you consider to be sons and whom you care for.  Tim goes to Iowa State and Tad goes to the Air Force Academy.”


Hank took a deep breath, “Sir, I don’t understand what this has to do with what is happening?” 


Mr. Tibideaux chuckled, “I was making sure that you would be role models and guardians for my two grandsons and would be able to take care of them. I know they think the world of you.  I don’t want them put into a situation like they were in before, with their stepfather, ever again.”


I had to ask, “Did we pass the test?”


Mr. Tibideaux grinned, “With flying colors.  Hank, I’ll pay for any modifications that you need to make so that your homes are handicapped accessible.  I would like to be able to come visit my grandsons from time to time.  They are the only relatives I have left in the world.”


Hank stood, “Mr. Tibideaux, we were thinking perhaps that you might come and live with us permanently when we could make the proper modifications, so you could maneuver about independently.  Steve and I discussed this idea earlier.  Sir, I think we need to leave.  I believe you said we had an appointment to meet with your lawyer at two.”


Mr. Tibideaux excused himself and went to the bathroom.  I looked at Hank, “Cowboy, our lives are being taken out of our control.”


Hank grinned, “Don’t worry, our sons will take control again.”


Mr. Tibideaux directed Hank to his lawyer’s office.  I exited the van with Mr. Tibideaux in the loading area, and entered the building to await the arrival of Hank.  When Hank arrived, Mr. Tibideaux led us to his lawyer’s office.


When we walked in, the receptionist stood and held his throat, “Oh no, the dreaded Mr. Tibideaux is here.”


Mr. Tibideaux glared, “Look Teddy, just tell your Mother that we’re here, or I’ll tell her what you and your friend have been doing in your bedroom.”


Teddy sat down at his desk and put his feet on the desk, “She already knows.  She and Dad are enjoying the nightly shows.  Mother is a busy person; how can you afford her exorbitant fees anyway?  She’ll be with you shortly.  Can I get you gentlemen a cup of coffee or something to drink?”


Hank and I looked at each other wondering what was going on.  Two ladies exited the office.  We heard a very elegant lady tell the other lady, “Laura, it will be okay.  If the bastard doesn’t agree to our terms, we’ll haul his butt into court and he’ll be paying through the nose.”


The Laura person looked at Mr. Tibideaux, “Jack what are you doing here.  I thought you were a male chauvinist. I would never have expected to see here at Maria’s office.”


The Maria person looked at us, “Laura, Jack is really a lamb, dressed in wolf’s clothes.  I make him pay through the nose for my services.  Teddy, don’t bother us for the next half hour.  Will you three gentlemen please join me, so I get this meeting over with.  I need to go to the bathroom.”


When we walked into the office, the lady extended her hand, “Gentlemen, sorry for the antics.  It helps clients to relax, since most of them are a little nervous.  I’m Maria Fourcault.  Jack, do you suppose you could give me a little more warning the next time you want me to do something.”


She didn’t stop there.  “She plopped papers in front of Hank and me.  If you will sign these papers, you will be the guardians of Antonio and Andreas in the event that something should happen to Jack.  I suppose that Mr. Rodgers will insist that he read every word.  I really need to visit the restroom.  I haven’t had a break since I got here this morning.”


I figured I’d let the legal beagle take care of the legal stuff.  It looked rather straight forward to me.  When we had completed the business,  Mrs. Fourcault hugged Mr. Tibideaux, “Jack, I like these two guys.  I think you made a wise decision.  They will certainly take better care of the two boys than that sleaze Cournier.”


When we left the law office of Mrs. Fourcault, I assumed we would be heading back to the house.  Not so.  Mr. Tibideaux announced that we had an appointment with his banker.  We went to a bank that was close by.  When we arrived, Mr. Tibideaux went to a receptionist, “Would you please inform Mr. Carradine that Mr. Tibideaux and his party are here?”


Mr. Carradine came to greet us and after the introductions, we followed him into his office where we were seated at a table that had some paperwork on it.  Mr. Carradine started, “Jack, what you’ve asked me to do is rather unusual.  What if these gentlemen get sticky fingers?”


“Art, I had them thoroughly checked out and I’m positive that everything will be safe and that they will take good care of my grandsons.  Besides, if they are on the accounts as joint owners, the money can’t get tied up in the courts should something happen to me.”


Mr. Carradine had Hank and me sign three sets of papers that made it so we were the joint owners of three accounts.  Mr. Carradine asked, “Jack, do you still want the paperwork sent to you or to Mr. Rodgers and Mr. Michaels?”


Hank answered before Mr. Tibideaux could, “Continue to send the paperwork to Mr. Tibideaux.  It’s his money; we’re just a backup in case something should happen.”


Mr. Carradine handed me a cashier’s check, “Mr. Michaels, if you would sign for this, please.”


I looked at the check and it was $10,000.00 and it was made out to Chad and me.  I looked at Mr. Tibideaux.  He answered before I could ask, “That’s for Chad to deposit when you get home, so he can get a debit card like everyone has.  The young man needs something positive to happen to him for a change.”


Mr. Carradine handed Mr. Tibideaux a money envelope with some bills and had Mr. T sign a withdrawal slip.  Mr. Carradine asked, “Jack, is there anything I can do for you, today?” 


“Art, that takes care of it.  Thanks for taking care of things on such short notice.”


“Jack, it was no problem at all.  I thought perhaps that you might have Mr. Martin with you.”


“He’s babysitting the five boys.  He took them to see the x-rated flick Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”


We shook hands and I thought for sure we would be going back to the house, but, again, that was not to be.  As we were leaving the bank, Mr. Tibideaux pointed, let’s go to that real estate office.  I know the owner.  I’d like to talk to him.”


When walked in, a young lady looked at us, “Good afternoon, Mr. T.,  how can I help you?” 


“Liza is Leon in?”


Liza chuckled, “He’s here if that’s what you're asking.  He's taking his afternoon nap.  You know how grouchy he gets if he’s disturbed.”


The conversation was interrupted by the appearance of a very handsome gentleman, “Well, well look who’s here.  As I live and breath, if it ain’t old man Tib.  What brings you here?”


“Leon, be nice.  Come meet Tony and Andy’s guardians.”


“Gentlemen, this is Leon Draper and his lovely wife Liza.”


After the introduction, Mr. Tibideaux started, “Leon and Liza, I’d like you to sell the house on Rue Marseilles.   You might want to look at it before you list it because there may be some problems selling it.  It seems that there have been some modifications made that I’ve heard about but have not seen.”


Leon shrugged, “Tib, why don’t we stop by when we leave tonight?  The house is on our way home.”


When we arrived at the house, something smelled really good.  Cam greeted us, “We stopped at the grocery store, so we could fix dinner and get some more milk for breakfast.”


Hank asked, “Cam, where is everyone else?”


Cam pointed, Tony and Andy are folding their clothes and Ricky and Randy are helping Chad make the beds.”


Hank frowned, “Well then, why aren’t you working too?”


Cam put his hands on his hips, “Daddy, Chad asked me to put the dirty towels in the washing machine so he put out clean ones.  Can someone please show me how to start the machine?”


I put my arm around Cam, “Come on, Cameron, I’ll help you.”


I started the washing machine and started to help Andy and Tony.  Tony looked at me, “That’s okay, Dad Steve.  We’ve had to do own laundry since our Mother died.”


I hugged the two boys, “I’m helping because I want to.”  I was thinking to myself, ‘I hope I never meet Mr. Cournier because I’ll probably wind up in jail for what I’d like to do to him.’


To be continued...


Editor's Notes:  I'm right there with you on that score.  That was not a nice man.  Hopefully, he will spend some quality time with his best buddy, Bubba, with lots of snuggles etc.  I think you know what I mean.


I hope there will be another chapter very soon!


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