What Happened to Baby Cameron?
by: E Walk
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Chapter 9

Brother Against Brother


Sunday morning when I woke up, Hank was missing.  I looked at his office and the light was on so I went to see what was happening.  “Hank, what in the heck are you doing?”


“I woke up and had an idea for a new game.   I’m going to call it ‘Brother Against Brother’.”


I shook my head, “Forget the game and let’s go running before the boys wake up.  We haven’t been running since Ricky and Randy arrived.  We’re going to get fat.”


Hank glared at me and sighed, “Why do you always have to spoil my fun?”


We dressed in jogging clothes and went downstairs and Tad was sitting with his head in his hands, crying.  We stopped and Hank tapped him on the shoulder, “Tad, is something wrong?”


He looked at us, “Tim, hates me.  He told me if I didn’t leave he would.  He doesn’t want to sleep in the same room I’m in.”


“Steve, take Tad to my office.  I’m going to go get Tim.   We need to get this settled, once and for all.”


Tad looked at me, “Dad Steve, I couldn’t believe the things that Tim said to me.  I didn’t ask to be gay.  I can’t understand why he can’t accept me for who I am.”


We were sitting in the office when Hank arrived with Tim.  Tim went on the offensive as soon as he saw Tad, “Why is that queer here?  I don’t want to be in the same room with him ever again.”


I saw a side of Hank that I had never seen before.  He pushed Tim on a chair and said, “Sit your ass down, and don’t say another word.  You sound as if you all of a sudden are part of the religious right.  I’ll go tell Denise that you’re acting like a juvenile.”


Tim started to resist and Hank reminded him, “I said sit you ass down, and I meant it.”


Hank sat behind his desk, “Tim, would you care to explain why you don’t wish to sleep in the same room as your brother any longer?”


Tim took a deep breath, “He’s a disgrace to our family.  Our parents are probably rolling over in their graves knowing that Tad has turned queer.”


Hank looked up and asked, “How do you know that he is gay?”


“Because he told me last night that he was in love with Ramsey.”


“Tim, you’re upset because Tad thinks he might be in love with a man of color?”


Tim was getting rattled, “Dad Hank, it’s not natural for two men to be in love.”


Both Hank and I started to laugh and I quipped, “So, you’re saying that Hank and I aren’t natural?”


Hank took the offensive, “Guys, I’m going to tell you something that I hoped that I would never have to tell you.  Your father was at least bi if not gay.  When he said he was going to play cards, he was going to meet a male friend.  You know the gentleman, but I won’t tell you who it was.”


Tim blurted out, “You’re lying.”

“Tim, your Dad found his friend right after Tad was born.  After Tad was born, your Mother refused to have sex with your Dad anymore because his penis was too big and hurt her.  Your Dad didn’t force himself on her because he didn’t want to hurt her and because he loved her dearly.  He found a friend that would help him relieve his sexual tensions.  Your Mother even knew what was happening.  His friend was and is married and has a family.”


Tim started to get up, “I don’t need to listen to anymore of these lies.”


I moved to block the door and turned to look at Tim, “Tim, I believe that Hank told you to sit down.   I am having a difficult time understanding why you’re behaving like this all of a sudden.  We’ve all known for some time that Tad and Ramsey were very close.  Even Cam said the other morning that everyone knew that Tad and Ramsey loved each other.”


“According to you, Kevin and Jacob must hate me.  I can not fathom why you would not continue to love Tad especially in light of the fact that he trusted you enough to confide in you about his feelings for Ramsey.  For your information, he had already talked to Hank and me about his feelings for Ramsey, and we think that they are acting very responsibly.”


“Tim, I suggest you talk to Denise.  In the meantime, Tad, you can either move in with Chase and Freddie, until Wayne and Justin get back, or into the house on the hill.”


“Quite frankly, Tim,  I’m absolutely dumbfounded by your actions.  You are the one person whom I would never have suspected would be acting like this.”


There was a knock on the door, “Dads, is something wrong?”


Hank looked at Tim, “Tim, don’t you dare say one word about what is happening in front of the three young boys.”


I opened the door and the three young boys were standing there.  Cam looked around, “Dads, what are Tim and Tad fighting about?”


Hank looked at Cam, “What makes you think Tim and Tad are fighting”


“Daddy, Tad has been crying and Tim has his mouth shut so tight that he’s probably going to break some teeth.  Can someone please help us fix some French toast and bacon?”


Since I was closest to the door, I volunteered, “Let’s go, men. Let’s get ready to feed the troops.”


The three boys and I had everything organized when the others started to appear.  Tad started to help the boys make the French toast, while I took care of the bacon and Hank poured the juice.  As people arrived, the three boys would serve them.  Everyone was eating except Tim and Denise.  Ellie asked, “Where are Tim and Denise?”


Cam answered, “They must be talking.  We know that he and Tad were having a fight this morning and the Dads were trying to get them to be friends.”


Tad started to turn red and Hank scolded, “Cam, what is happening is not your business, and you shouldn’t be talking about it.”


The conversation was interrupted by Denise, “Dad Hank, Dad Steve  and Tad would you please come and talk to Tim?”


We followed Denise to the study and she shut the door.  Tim was sitting there with tears in his eyes. He visibly swallowed, “Tad and Dads, I apologize for acting as I did.  My tongue was talking without giving my brain time to think.  Tad, I still love you and yes, Dad Steve, I had figured that Tad’s and Ramsey’s relationship was probably more than just good friends.  I just wasn’t prepared for him to tell me.”


“Dad Hank, I guess I should have realized that Dad had a friend.  Again, I just wouldn’t let myself believe that it was true.  I think I know who it was, but I don’t want to know for sure.”


“Sorry Denise, but I have to say this.  Tad took after our Dad in the penis department.  Tad, does Ramsey realize how big you are?”


“Yes and so does Dad Steve.”


That got Hank’s attention, “Steve, when did you see Tad?”


“Remember when Tad was complaining, yesterday, about looking obscene in his Speedo suit, and I took him to get a pair of trunks.  It’s rather hard not to notice something so imposing.”


Tad had turned red again, and it wasn't going to get any better because Denise started to laugh.  “Tad, make sure you wear Speedos if we go swimming today, so we can all gawk.”


Hank started to laugh, “Yeah Tad, make sure you wear your Speedos.  In the meantime, would you help get the three boys dressed for church, while Tim and Denise eat some breakfast?”


We watched and Tim hugged Tad, “Brother, I apologize for behaving so badly.”


Hank and I went to our bedroom and I pushed Hank onto the bed. “Go change the name of that new program to something other than ‘Brother Against Brother’, immediately.”


Hank pulled me on top of him, “What do you suppose Denise said to cause Tim to change his attitude?”


I kissed Hank, “We’ll probably never know and I don’t think I want to know.  We need to get our butts moving.”


When we left for the church, Ellie and Tad rode with the boys and me,  Ellie rode in back with the three boys and Tad was sitting in the passenger seat.  He whispered.  “Dad Steve, thanks for supporting me this morning; I felt as if my world was unraveling.  What do your suppose Denise said that could have changed Tim’s attitude so much.”


“Tad, as I told Dad Hank, we’ll probably never know, and I don’t think I want to know.”


After our four guys had sung at the eleven o’clock church service, Hank took us to Ellie’s old restaurant for lunch before we celebrated the rest of Christmas.  I fully expected the three young boys to be antsy but that was not the case at all. I was thinking, ‘This is not the way it’s suppose to be.’


When we got to the house on the hill, I fully expected the three boys to go running toward the family room, but that was not the case at all.  Ricky, looked up at Hank and me, “Dads, are we going to go swimming before or after we look at the presents?”


Hank answered, “Son, why don’t we open the gifts first and then swim so the people who are getting married can make plans for their weddings.”


When everyone was assembled, Cam took charge, “The first thing you gotta do is try your saddles.”


Randy looked at the saddles, “They look the same.  How are we going to know which saddle belongs to whom?”


Cam answered, “Your saddle will have your initials on it.”


Randy was frustrated, “But Cam, Ricky and my initials are the same now that we’re your brothers.”


Cam threw up his hands, “Well, there must be some way to tell the difference.  Let’s check them out.”


The others in the room were laughing at the proceedings. Cam pointed, “See, Santa was pretty smart.  Instead of putting your initials he put your first names.  We’ll have to get the big guys to help you adjust them when we get to the ranch.”


Cam turned to us, “Dads, we’re going to pass out all the other gifts and save the Santa gifts for last.  Is that okay?”


Hank responded, “Of course.”


I looked around at the assembled people and thought to myself, ‘There sure are some very good looking young people here.’  Ramsey and Tad caught my attention. They were sitting on the hearth physically touching each other.  I looked to see if Tim had seen them.  There was no way that he could not notice what was happening, since he and Denise were sitting directly across from the two guys.  I directed Hank’s attention to what was happening.


Hank leaned over and whispered, “I’m guessing Tad and Ramsey are making a statement.  I think we should talk to them about it.”


Tad looked at us and winked as if to say I know what you’re talking about.


Cam came to us, “Dads, the square boxes are the boys’ cowboy boots aren’t they?”


Hank nodded yes, and Cam handed the boxes to Ricky and Randy.


Ricky asked, “Cam, aren’t you going to open anything?”


“I will but I don’t have a box shaped like that.”


When Ricky and Randy had opened the boxes, Cam ordered, “Great, now you can be real cowboys.  Try them on to make sure they fit.  I have two pair of them.  Now all we need is to hope that Santa brought some cowboy clothes.”


Sure enough, Santa had brought some cowboy clothes and a number of other things.  There were four packages remaining on the back side of the tree.  Cam went to get them.  He announced, “These are for the three of us.”


He tried to lift the first one, “I need help, please.  This is too heavy for me to carry.”


Tad jumped up and put the four boxes in front of where the three boys were seated on the floor.  Cam had Ricky open the first package; I had no idea what it was going to be, but it was the computer tower for a personal computer, that left little mystery for the monitor, keyboard and printer.


Cam looked at Hank and me, “Dads, where are we going to put this.  We already have two computers at the ranch and another in your bedroom here at the house on the hill?”


Hank answered, “We’ll put it in your study at the ranch, so you can do your homework.”


“What study?”


“We’ll make one after everything settles down.  You three boys need to clean up the paper and maybe the big guys will help put the gifts in the vehicles to take back to the ranch, after you swim.”


Tad jumped up,  “Ramsey, Chase, Freddie and I’ll help the guys while the four couples make plans for their weddings.”


Denise pointed to Tad, “Remember, you’re to wear the Speedo suit. If you don’t, I get the guys to depants you.”


Tad had turned bright red.  Cam looked at him, “Tad, what’s wrong?  Why are you red?  Did you get sunburned?”


Ramsey diverted Cam’s attention, “Guys, help me put the computer in my car.  Cam you get the box with the keyboard.  Randy and Ricky, why don’t you bring your cowboy boots.  Chase and Freddie, why don’t you put the saddles in the bed of your truck since you have the cover on.”


It took almost no time at all for everything to be back in order.  Chase announced, “We’re going to go take care of the horses.”


Ellie asked, “Can I catch a ride so I can start something for dinner?”


Hank looked at Ellie, “Don’t make it fancy.”


“Don’t worry your buns, Cowboy.  It’s going to be very simple.”


The three young boys went to Cam’s room to change into their suits since that was where they had left them.  Tad looked at us, “Dads, what should I do?


I chuckled, “Tad, I think you should put on your Speedos and then put the swim trunks on over the Speedo suit.  If anyone starts to give you a difficult time, nonchalantly take off the trunks and pose like Charles Atlas.”


Hank looked at me, “Stevie, you’re absolutely evil.”


I grinned, “Hank, you take Tad and get him dressed since his Speedo suit is in our bedroom, and I’ll make sure that Ramsey is properly attired.”


I walked Ramsey to the pool area and went into the changing room with him.  “Ramsey, I have two questions for you, if you don’t mind.”


Ramsey started to undress and didn’t try to not let me see his sexual package which was very nice indeed, “Mr. Michaels, I don’t mind in the least.  But let me see if I can answer the questions before you ask them.  First, I have talked to my Dads about how Tad and I feel about each other, and their comments were almost identical to what you told Tad.  They want us to make sure that we acted responsibly.”


“Second, we were testing Tim to see if he was sincere when he apologized to Tad.  How did I do, Dad Steve?”


I hugged Ramsey even though he was naked, “Son, you did just fine.  I think that you and Tad make an extremely handsome couple.”


“Thanks, Dad Steve.”


Our conversation was interrupted by the sound of three young voices, “I’d better go make sure that they don’t get into trouble.”


Cam looked at me, “Dad, aren’t you going to swim today?”


“I’ll go get dressed when your Daddy and Tad get here.  Ramsey is just about ready.”


Ramsey came out of the changing room and dove into the pool, “Get with it, you three, it’s lonely in the pool by myself.”


Cam dove in, of course, but Ricky and Randy eased themselves into the pool.  They were still a little unsure of themselves but they swam to where Ramsey was standing.  Tad and Hank entered the pool area and Tad immediately dove into the pool.  Hank came to where I was standing.  I hugged him.  “I’m going to go change.  We need to talk.”


I went to the bedroom to change and when I returned to the pool area, Hank had Cam on his shoulders, Tad had Randy on his shoulders and Ramsey had Ricky on his shoulders and the boys were trying to knock each other into the water.  I dove into the pool and put up the time out sign, “Guys, I don’t want you to play that game; someone might accidentally get hurt.  Tad, go get the nets and we’ll teach the boys to play water polo.”


We were playing water polo when the four couples appeared.  Kevin started, “Dads, Grandma Ellie called and said dinner would be ready in an hour.”


The seven of us in the pool climbed out and  Denise started on Tad, “I thought I told you that you were to wear your Speedo suit.”


Tad untied the drawstring to his trunks and took the trunks off and posed as a body builder, “There, are you satisfied now?”


Ramsey pushed Tad toward the dressing room, “You’re making a spectacle of yourself.”


Hank looked at the four couples, “Why don’t you head for the ranch and we’ll be there as soon as we shower and change.”


As Hank and I were walking to our bedroom, I commented, “Surely nothing else can happen today can it?

To be continued...



Editor's Notes:  Don't call me Shirley.  Seriously, I always get a little nervous when I hear that sentence, because, almost as sure as anything, something else is indeed going to happen. 


It does look as if Tad and Tim are friends again.  Tad and Ramsey are going to make a very nice couple, I am sure. 


Of course, I am ready for the next chapter.


Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher

Posted: 10/16/09