What Happened to Baby Cameron?
by: E Walk
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Chapter 8

Christmas and Birthday



On Saturday, which was Christmas morning, I woke up and had to untangle myself from two bodies to even be able to go to the bathroom.  When I came out of the bathroom, I looked at the four sleeping bodies in the bed and decided to let them sleep.  I put on a warm up suit and went to start the coffee.


When I got to the kitchen, Tad was already there, “Good morning, Dad.”


I looked at him, “Tad, why are you already up?”


“Dad, this is late compared to when we have to get up at The Academy.   I just woke up.  I’m surprised that the three youngest brothers aren’t here yet.”


“They had a difficult time going to sleep last night.  They’re worried that Santa Claus wouldn’t find them because they hadn’t written him and told him where Ricky an Randy would be living.”


I looked at Tad, “May I ask you a personal question?”


“Of course, Dad.”


“Have you and Ramsey penetrated each other rectally, yet?”


Tad appeared flustered, “Dad Steve, no, but we came close.  Ramsey and I talked and we decided that love was more than sex.  We have done everything but have anal sex.  We have agreed that we would not do anything like that until we can live together.”


“Tad, I’m so proud that both of you realize that it is best not to take that step until the time is right.”


Another voice was heard, “Tad, I  second what Dad Steve just said.  I think you need to go make sure the others are up.  The three boys are getting dressed.”


Hank and I were drinking coffee when Ellie arrived, “Hank and Steve, there are some cinnamon rolls in the container.  I figured that the three young boys would be too excited to eat much.”


The three boys came into the kitchen and Cam asked, “Grandma Ellie, can we just have some cereal this morning?”


“Of course, what kind would you like?”


“Do we have any of the snap, crackle and pop kind?”


Ellie pulled out a box of Rice Krispies, “Is this what you’re talking about?”


Cam nodded yes, “Do we got any bananas so we cut them and put it on top of the cereal?”


The boys were eating Rice Krispies and bananas when the others arrived.


Kevin went to the stool where Cam was sitting, “Move over kid, I’ll eat the rest of your food.  You’ll be so fat that you won’t be able to swim  at your birthday party.”


Cam jumped down, “Look, you big bully, I already told you that me and Ricky traded birthdays.”


The other young adults were having a difficult time trying not to laugh.  Kevin stood and lifted Cam up so he could finish his food and went to torment Ricky, but Ricky was ready for him.  He handed his empty dish to Kevin, “Here, get your own food.  That way we won’t have so many dishes to do.”


After the boys finished breakfast, we went to the great room.  When the boys saw the bicycles, Ricky asked, “Did Santa bring the bicycle for us?”


Cam went and looked at the tags, “Nope, they’re from Grandma Ellie.”


The three boys went and hugged Ellie and she had tears in her eyes,


Cam came to where Hank and I were sitting.  He was almost crying and whispered,  “Dads, where are Ricky and Randy’s saddles?”


Tad took charge, “Cam, come help me pass out the gifts.”


It was nearly eleven o’clock before the presents were opened, but the highlight of the day was Gisele’s reaction to the gifts she received.  When she opened the earrings she commented, “These are beautiful.  How did you know that my birthstone was emeralds?”


When she opened her watch, she took a deep breath, “How did you know that my watch quit working?”


When she opened the perfume box, she was ecstatic, “Whoever bought this, I thank you.  I saw this in the stores and liked it, but I was too cheap to buy it.  It is a nice gentle fragrance and won’t overpower everyone in the room.”


I pointed to the three boys, “They chose it.”


Gisele got up and hugged the three boys and passed the package to Denise so she and Ellie could smell the scent.


The piece de resistance came when Cam handed her the box with the stationary, Gisele started to cry, “People, for not knowing that I was even coming or that Jacob and I were engaged, you went way overboard.”


Denise laughed, “Gisele, it comes with the family.”


Hank took charge, “Cam, Randy and Ricky.  You need to get some bags so we can take the other gifts to the house on the hill for those people who aren’t here, and then you need to clean up all of the paper and things that are all over the floor.”


Tim approached Hank and me while we were having another cup of coffee, “Dads, Cam seems upset.  What’s wrong?”


Hank looked at Tim, “First, there were no gifts from Santa here.  Second, Cam wanted us to get Ricky and Randy their own saddles.  Why don’t you, Tad, Kevin and Jacob take the three boys out and help them learn to ride their bicycles until lunch is ready?  I don’t want to arrive at the house on the hill too early or Cam will realize what’s there, and I don’t want it to interfere with his birthday party.”


Ellie fixed a casserole and started it. 


It wasn’t long before Cam arrived, “Dads, you gotta come watch Ricky and Randy.  They can ride their new bikes.”


We walked onto the deck and indeed the two boys were riding their new bikes, as was Cam.


It was just after noon and Ellie asked me to call the guys for lunch.  I did as I was requested to do.  The guys put their bicycles in the storage shed and went to wash their hands.  Cam went to set the table and it was already set.  He threw up his hands, “Not only didn’t Santa come, but now I can’t even do my job.  I’ll never get an allowance again.”


“Denise and Gisele were laughing and Gisele asked, “Does that mean we get your allowance?  How much allowance do you get, anyway?”


“Daddy usually gives me a dollar every week, but sometimes he forgets and gives me a bigger bill.  Last week he gave me a $20.00 bill.”


Gisele asked, “When does he pay this allowance?”


“Daddy usually gives it to me on Sundays.”


Ellie announced, “Lunch is ready.”


After lunch, we were packing the last of the Christmas gifts into the van when Cam asked, “Dads, where are Freddie and Chase?”


Tad answered, “They took care of the horses and were going to celebrate Christmas with Freddie and Michelle’s parents early, so they could be at your birthday party this afternoon.”


Ricky tugged my arm and l leaned down and he whispered, “Daddy, we gotta get Cam’s birthday presents.”


I turned to Cam, “Go check with Grandma Ellie and see if she’s going with us or if she’s driving herself.”


Cam took off and I turned to Ricky and Randy, “Go get Cam’s birthday gifts and give to the older brothers and tell them to bring them.  Tell them that there is also bag with some presents in our closet.”


When we arrived at the house on the hill, Randy commented, “I still don’t understand why we need two houses.”


As we were getting out of the car, Hank pointed at the three boys, “Cam, take Ricky and Randy to your bedroom and change into swim suits.  Randy’s is the blue one, you and Ricky and can decide which suit you want, since you wear the same size.”


Chris and Michelle came to see if they could help us and Chris was laughing, “Three lightening bolts just flashed by us.  I think everything is ready.  Freddie and Chase are already in the pool area ready to be life guards.  Michelle and I will be the greeters and direct the people to the pool area.”


When Hank and I went into the family room, I turned to him and asked, “Is there anything else I don’t know about?”


He gave me this silly grin, “Well maybe, I guess you’ll have to wait and see.  Let’s go make sure that everything is ready for the party in the pool area.”


My mind was trying to imagine what else he had up his sleeve.  I was going to challenge him, but Cam, Ricky and Randy returned.  Cam looked at us, “Ricky and Randy say they don’t know how to swim.  We gotta teach them how to do it.  Dads, aren’t you going to change?”


Hank shook his head no, “Nope, we’re allergic to water.”


“Daddy, stop fibbing.  You’re not allergic to water; you’re just afraid that Randy and Ricky will be better swimmers than you.  Come on, guys, let's go to the shallow end and get in.  We’ll get some of the big guys to help us when they get here.”


The first to arrive were Tad and Ramsey.  They went into the changing room and when they came out, they were wearing Speedo suits.  Tad looked at Hank and me, “Dads, I can’t be seen in these.  I’m absolutely obscene.  Do you have any trunks that I can wear?”


I felt sorry for Tad, “Tad, go get a towel and wrap it around yourself and I’ll go with you to get a pair of mine.  They may be a little big, and if they are, Chris might have some that will work.”


I took Tad to our bedroom and handed him an athletic supporter, “Here, put this on; it may help alleviate the problem.  He shed the Speedo suit and put the supported on adjusted his package.  I handed him a pair  swimming trunks and they fit fine.”


I laughed, “Tad, it’s very difficult  to disguise a package when it is as nice as yours.”


“Dad Steve, believe me, I know.  I have to be careful all the time.  I usually wear a jock strap regardless of how I’m dressed.”


When we returned to the pool, almost everyone was there or I thought they were.  Gisele as it turned out was a swimmer and she had Ricky and Randy swimming back and forth across the pool in no time.


In addition to Dusty’s family,  Brent, Jeremy, Lionel and Louie were there, as were Lori and Cathy and Cam’s two sisters, Tammy and Lindsey.  The Harrison’s, who lived next door, arrived with their two sons; I hadn’t realized that they had been invited.  It was almost three o’clock when Gordy and Elaine Graham arrived with their three children and Judge and Flo Baker.


Cam saw the presents and  looked at Ricky, “I think I'd better take my birthday back, but I’ll share my gifts with you and Randy.”


At three thirty, Hank stood and went to light the candles on the birthday cake, “Will the birthday boy join me here at the cake?  Everyone, let’s sing happy birthday to Cameron.” 


Ricky and Randy had their arm around me, even though they were still wet.  Cam blew out the six candles and Hank announced, “It’s time for Cam to open his birthday presents while our older sons and their friends pass out the cake and punch.”


Hank indicated which end of the table Cam should start at.  “You might tell the people who the gifts are from, as you open them.”


Cam started to unwrap the first gift,  “This is from one of my new brothers, Ricky.”  He held it up and looked at Ricky, “Thanks, Ricky.”


It was almost four thirty when Cam got to the last box. “This is from Judge and Grandma Flo Baker.”


He opened the package and looked perplexed, “Judge Baker, are these what I think they are?   Would you please tell everyone what’s in here?”


Judge Baker nodded, “The documents say that Randall Rogers Michaels and Richard Rogers Michaels are now and for always, your brothers.”


The reaction was immediate, Ricky and Randy were hugging me so tight that I was sure that they were going to strangle me.  Cam ran to where Judge Baker was sitting and hugged and kissed him, “Judge Baker, this is the bestest birthday present ever.”


Cam went around and thanked everyone for the presents he had received.  Ricky looked at me, “Why did Cam say he never got any presents?”


“He just wants to make sure that everyone remembered that it’s his birthday.”


After the visitors had departed, our guys and gals were cleaning the pool area and when they finished, you would never have known that there had been a party there.  The young adults were showering and changing in the shower rooms and Hank sent the three youngest sons to Cam’s bedroom, “Guys, make sure that you get all of the chlorine off your bodies and make sure you shampoo your hair good.”


Cam turned to his Dad, “Daddy, we’re not babies.  We know what to do.”


After the three boys left, Hank turned to the others, “Everyone, be in the family room as soon as possible.  I’m not sure what is going to happen.”


Everyone was seated in the family room when we heard the three young guys coming down the steps, Hank went to the door of the family room, “Guys, we’re in here.”


When Cam walked into the family room, he stopped.  No one and I mean no one was prepared for his reaction, “Dads, I don’t want to unwrap anymore presents today.  Can we please do it tomorrow after church?”


Hank looked at Cam, “Son, Ricky and Randy might want to see what Santa Claus brought them.  They didn’t get presents for their birthday like you did.”


Randy went to Hank, “Dad, Ricky and I received more gifts already today than we ever have.  Besides we got two new dads, and four new brothers and a whole bunch of other people who are special.  We don’t mind if we don’t open the rest of the gifts today.  We have everything we need.”


Freddie surprised everyone, “You three guys get your butts into the truck.  We need to go take care of the horses.”


Cam wheeled around, “Great, now Uncle Freddie thinks he’s our boss, too.  Come on or he’ll probably starve our horses.”


After the five guys had departed, Hank looked at the assembled group, “This didn’t quite turn out the way I thought it would.”


Michele laughed, “Dad Hank, I think that Cam was on such a high after the last birthday present he received that his system couldn’t handle much more excitement.  It will be better for everyone if we meet here after the late service tomorrow.  I understand that you four guys are providing the special music again.  We four couples can get together and coordinate the timings for our weddings.”


When we arrived back at the ranch, Ellie looked at Steve and me, “Go see what Cam would like for his birthday dinner.”


We walked into the stable and the three young guys were feeding the horses and Chase and Freddie were cleaning the stalls.  Cam looked up, “Hi Dads, we’re almost finished.  Is it dinner time already?”


Hank shook his head no, “Grandma Ellie, wants to know what you want for your birthday dinner.”


“Dads, I’m not very hungry.  Guys, how does tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches sound.  We can always snack later if we get hungry”


Ricky answered, “That sounds like a good idea to me.”


Cam looked at Chase and Freddie, “Is that okay with you big guys?”


Chase laughed, “It’s fine with us.  Freddie’s mother fixed us a big meal at lunch time.  She’s sure that we’re being starved here at the ranch.”


Cam laughed, “Heck, you two eat more than the horses.”


After the light meal, Hank and I were watching the three boys play one of the new games that they received, on the floor in front of the tree.  It was about eight o’clock when Cam looked at us, “Dads, we’re getting tired.  Is it okay if we go to bed?”


I shrugged my shoulders, “Of course it’s okay.  Just make sure you brush your teeth and we’ll come kiss you and tuck you in.”


Randy turned back to us, “Dads, you don’t need to make a special trip to tuck us in.  Just kiss us when you go to bed.  We already know you love us.”


Hank and I were sitting listening to a CD when Gisele and Jacob, Kevin and Cyndi and Tim and Denise entered the room.  Tim spoke for the group, “Dads, what if we were to have the four wedding on the same day here at our church?  We could have the reception start here at the ranch and then move to the house on the hill.”


Cyndi took over, “Just think of the money we would be saving.  We could use the same flowers for all four weddings; our four sets of parents could split the cost of the reception and you would only need to pay for one rehearsal dinner.”


Tim took over, “We need to talk to Tad, to see when he could be available.  Of course that means Dad Hank has to agree to sing at the wedding with Ramsey since the other two of your group will be in the wedding party.”


Hank’s mind was in high gear, “Aren’t people going to feel obligated to buy four gifts if the four of you were to be married at the same time.”


Kevin looked at Hank, “Dad Hank, we’re going to meet tomorrow after our second Christmas and sit down and talk more about this.  It was just something that Gisele suggested, and we thought it would be fun and cost effective.  Come on, Cyndi, I need to get you home.”


Hank and I went to check on the boys and we kissed them even though they appeared to be sleeping.  Cam was not asleep, however.  He whispered, “I’ll come talk to you after you get ready for bed.”


Hank and I were in bed after our showers and there was a small knock on the door, I went to open it and Cam was standing there with tears in his eyes.  I picked him up and carried him to our bed and asked, “Cameron, what’s the matter.”


Cam started to sob, “Dads, I’m sorry for the way I behaved today.  I know I’m spoiled, but you need to stop trying to give me everything that I ask for.  The most important thing that happened today was that I now have two new brothers.  I really don’t want everyone to know that I’m a spoiled brat or they won’t like me.”


Hank grabbed Cam and hugged him, “Son, if you’re spoiled, then it’s our fault.  We’ll try to be more careful.”


Cam jumped down from the bed, “You gotta promise.  I need to go back to my room before Ricky or Randy wake up.”


I hugged Hank, “Our Cam is growing up.”


To be continued...



Editor's Notes:  Cam is pretty darn mature for a six year old, or maybe a sixty year old too.  He really is quite a good boy.  It really was nice that Ricky and Randy became Cam's brothers, on his birthday. That really was a wonderful present.  I wonder if the boys will get new saddles. I can hardly wait for the next chapter.


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Posted: 10/09/09