My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

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"You may be right, Mr. Thomas," said Mark, relieved that this unexpected confrontation was not a violent one. "We just have a few more things we'd like to check out to be sure. I hope you won't mind our checking back with you again, Mr. Thomas."

Jacob continued to wear his innocent expression and said, "Why of course, McLeod. Whatever I can do to help clear this up, just let me know."

As Mark and Corky were getting into the car, Mark looked back and found that Jacob's expression had changed to one of violent rage.


Chapter 75 


On the morning following Terry Murdock's return to Goliad, he called Caleb at his office. "Caleb, this is Murdock. I want to invite you and Steve to come to the Inn tonight for dinner. It will be on the house. I have some important news for you."

"Well, Murdock!" said Caleb. "It's really nice to hear from you. Tonight? I think perhaps we can make it. I'm not sure how late Steve will be working at the shop. But I'll check on it."

Murdock said, "I'd like to have you come about 8:30, if that's all right. I want to wait until most of our customers have left so that I can sit down with you. Let me know if it's going to be all right with Steve."

"Yes, I will Terry. I'm really curious about the news you have."

Caleb and Steve arrived punctually at 8:30 and were seated at their favorite table by the window. Terry was just serving his last customer and asked one of the other waiters to take over for the rest of their meal. Another waiter took over serving Murdock and his guests.

After the wine and hors d'oeuvres were brought, Murdock said, "Well! I first want to thank you both once again for the absolutely delightful evening and the superb meal you had for me last week. I'll remember it for a long time. I suppose it was no secret to you that evening that there was . . . shall we say . . . a certain attraction between Adriano Cinella and myself. After the fire at Adriano's apartment, I took a couple of days off and drove up to Austin to see him. He was out of the hospital and is now staying with Josiah and Brian. Well, I'll come right to the point. The long and the short of it is that he and I have . . . fallen in love with each other."

Caleb and Steve were overjoyed and offered their congratulations and best wishes.

"In fact," Terry continued, "I have taken a position at François' Restaurant in Austin. I have this morning tendered my resignation here at the Inn. And in two weeks, I will move up there where Adriano and I will locate a place to live."

Caleb raised his glass in a congratulatory toast. "Terry, what wonderful news this is! Steve and I are frankly not surprised that the two of you are getting together like this. It was more than obvious to both of us that evening that the two of you were wild about each other."

Steve said, "We're so happy for both of you. You've been alone for such a long time, Terry, and Adriano has had a lot of disappointments in the romance department. You two got together about as quickly as Caleb and I did. You know, there really is such a thing as 'love at first sight'." A lot of people think there is no such thing, that you have to know each other for a long time before the thought of 'love' can even come up. But I think when we get to a more matured age . . . ahem . . . as we all are, we can recognize love more definitively when we see it and feel it."

Terry, Caleb, and Steve all ordered the prime rib after Terry announced, "The prime rib tonight is excellent! Good and rare!"

When the meal was over, they sat with more wine and talked. Caleb had always thought that Terry Murdock was an enormously handsome and ravishingly sensuous looking man. Every time he had seen Terry, he had fantasized the picture in his mind of him naked and having sex with someone. After several more glasses of wine, Caleb said, "Terry, I agree with Steve that love at first sight can be real. But, Terry, you must have also tested the waters, so to speak, with Adriano to be sure your love was real and genuine . . . you know . . . from a physical standpoint."

Steve looked at Caleb, a bit surprised at his unsubtle bluntness. Terry said, "Well, I'm sure you're not surprised to know that Adriano and I did sleep together that night in Austin."

Caleb smiled expectantly.

"It was one of the most beautiful nights I have ever spent since Barker died." Then smiling wryly at Caleb, he went on. "I can tell you that Adriano is one the most passionate lovers I have ever been with, including Barker."

Caleb said, "I can imagine. You know, I've never seen Adriano naked." Caleb looked at Terry as though to silently request a vivid description."

Terry knew exactly what Caleb was after. He wanted details. Terry said, "It's hard to really describe Adriano's body. He's very slender, with that wonderful velvety smooth dark Mediterranean skin. He has very softly curved muscles in his arms and legs, and they're covered with a very light dusting of soft hair. He has no hair on his chest, but his pubic hair is black and thick. And he has lovely little buns that drive me crazy."

Terry seemed to stop there, but Caleb said, "Yes?" as though to say, "All right, what else?"

Terry laughed and said, "You know, it's not really good form for me to be talking about Adriano like this behind his back. He would probably think I am being quite out of order."

Steve said, "It's okay, Terry. We'll never tell him. Anyway, knowing Adriano, I'm sure he would be flattered to be described so nicely."

Terry said, "Well, all right then. He has a lovely fat circumcised penis that I would estimate to be in excess of seven inches. Very prominent for a young man of his size."

"Yes?" said Caleb, expecting more.

"And Adriano has one of the longest and most beautiful ball sacks I have ever seen. They look so fragile in the thin skin that covers them. To have him on his knees and watch those balls from behind, swinging back and forth about drove me out of my mind!"

"Yes? Go on!"

"He has a nice mat of soft black hair in his ass crack, and a lovely little pink puckered hole."

"Well, did you . . . .?" Caleb began.

"I think that's enough, Caleb," said Steve, as his put his hand on Caleb's arm.

Terry said, "Oh, you want to know if I fucked him? Of course. We fucked each other, and we sucked each other, too."

Caleb sat with his mouth open. Steve said, "Close your mouth, Caleb. Terry, I think you've done a pretty good job in describing Adriano."

"Yeah," said Caleb. "Now, how about yourself, Terry. What do you look like naked?"

Terry laughed and said, "I'll tell you what. Once Adriano and I get settled wherever we're going to live, why don't the two of you come up and stay with us for a couple of days? Then you guys can see all you want. And, in addition, I'll get a good look at you two, also. You know, I've got a good imagination, too. Don't think I haven't mentally undressed both of you! I'd like to see both of you in the flesh, so to speak, also."

"That's a deal, Terry," said Caleb. "I'm sorry I pressed you so hard. Sometimes I have sex on the mind and just go overboard."

"He has sex on the mind all the time, Terry!" said Steve. "But I wouldn't have it any other way!"

Out in the parking lot, Caleb said, "This was a great evening, Terry, and a great meal! Thanks so much for doing this. And please, keep in touch. We'll be glad to go up to visit you in Austin. Steve and I will really look forward to it."

As Michael and Karl sat out on the front verandah before supper with drinks in hand, they silently admired another colorful sunset. Karl said, "I didn't realize how much I missed these beautiful Texas sunsets when I was in New York. They have sunsets up there, too, but when you're in the city, all those big buildings kind of break up the view."

Michael said, "Well, I get almost as much of a thrill looking at the skyline of New York. I don't get a chance to see it very often."

Karl said, "You know, Michael, we ought to take a trip together sometime. There's a lot of the world neither of us has ever seen."

"That would be nice," said Michael. "One place I've always wanted to visit is Australia. Maggie and Rhapsody raved about it."

"I've known a few Aussies in my life, and really like them," said Karl. "They have a strange accent, though. It's kind of like my British accent in a way, but they have a strange way of pronouncing a lot of their words. But I've heard and read that Australia is such a beautiful place to visit."

Michael said, "I could get Jeff to come down and run the ranch while we're gone. But it would have to be over the Christmas holidays when he's out of school."

"Well, Michael," said Karl, "if Jeff and Paul will be out of school during that time, why not see if they'd like to go with us. I understand that neither of them have done much traveling at all. It might be a nice thing for them to go along with us."

"You're right," said Michael. "And it might be really fun for the four of us to take the trip together. Jake is perfectly competent to keep the place running. I'm sure he wouldn't mind taking over for a couple of weeks. What do you think about the idea of going to Australia?"

"I think that'd be great, Michael. But let's think of other possible places before we decide for sure. And if Jeff and Paul can come along with us, we probably should get their thoughts, also."

Mark and Corky paid a visit to the Crawford Police Department and convinced Chief Gonzalez to obtain a court ordered search warrant of the Thomas property. When the warrant was issued the next day, they accompanied the police to the Thomas residence. Jacob saw the police car drive in and came out to meet them.

"What the fuck is this, McLeod?"

"Mr. Thomas, it's routine," said Mark. "Since we're making a search for your son, we simply don't want to leave any stone unturned. We just want to look into that shed over there."

Jacob said as calmly as he could, "There's nothing in there that you need to see. That's my property and you have no business going in there."

"Mr. Thomas, as you can see," said one of the policemen, "we have a search warrant here. Now would you please unlock the shed."

"Christ! I told ya, nothin's in there!" shouted Jacob.

Mark pulled out his little tool again and picked the lock. The two policemen and a police detective entered.

Jacob said, "I told ya, McLeod, I'd cooperate with anything ya want from me. I want ya to find Joe as much as you do. But I don't like people rummaging around in my property."

The policemen and detective emerged from the shed with several plastic bags in which they had put the blood soaked cloth, the machete, all the hunting knives, and the tire irons. Jacob watched as they were stowed in the trunk of the police car. Turning to Mark, he said, "McLeod, I don't see how those things are gonna help ya find Joe."

"You know, Mr. Thomas," said Mark. "There's something that still bothers me. I don't understand why you don't know where the boy is. He's your son. Why haven't you kept in touch with those relatives that are supposed to have him."

Jacob said, "I'd like to know, but they keep movin' around so much, they jist never let me know where they are."

Mark said, "Mr. Thomas, I'm going to need to look at Joe's room."

"For Christ's sake, McLeod! What good's that gonna do ya? We ain't touched it since he left."

When Mark entered the room, he found the bed still unmade, with dirty clothes strewn about on the floor. Mark asked the policeman to put all of the dirty underwear in a plastic bag and take it out.

Outside again, they found that a wrecker was loading Jacob's pickup truck up onto the flat bed. Mark said, "We're impounding your truck, Mr. Thomas."

Jacob flew into a rage. "You son-of-a-bitch! What are ya doin' to me? You have no right to take my property!"

"Don't worry," said Mark. "If nothing of interest is found, your truck will be returned to you."

As Mark and Corky walked back to their car, Mark stopped and turned back to Jacob. He said, "Mr. Thomas, I was just thinking. When I was talking to the bartender at the Corn Huskers Bar, he was telling me about the really expensive jewelry you always wore. He told me that you had a really beautiful watch, all encrusted with jewels and stuff. And you always liked to show it off. But he said one day you came in without it, and you haven't worn it since. I collect unusual watches, myself, and I would really like to see the one the bartender told me about."

Jacob said, "I don't have it no more. I lost it somewhere."

"Oh, that's a shame," said Mark as he got back into his car.

When they returned to the police station, the police detective told Mark that they would need a blood sample from Jumper. From that, they would be able to match it with the blood on the cloth.

Mark asked, "But if there's a match, wouldn't that just indicate the blood on the cloth could also be Jacob Thomas's blood?"

"It could," replied the detective, "but the DNA match between brothers is much closer than between fathers and sons."

From there, Mark and Corky went back to talk with Henry Tatum, the automobile dealer for whom Jacob worked. Mark asked, "Mr. Tatum, could you think back over the last several months and tell me if there was a time when you noticed something about Jacob Thomas that was kind of out of the ordinary, when he was acting kind of strangely, perhaps."

"Well, he don't talk much," said Tatum. "He's always about the same. There was one time when he did sort of get on his high horse. I came in one morning and discovered that one of our used cars, a 1998 Honda Civic, was missing from the lot. It had obviously been stolen. We always keep a good close watch on our inventory. Jacob seemed very agitated, and kept telling me that no car had been stolen, that he knew what was on the lot, and there never was a 1998 Honda Civic there. We argued about that, and he got real upset, telling me my records were in error. Anyway, I went ahead and reported the theft to the police. But they never did find that car."

Before they left Crawford, Mark, and Corky returned to the Police station and asked the Chief about the stolen Honda that had been reported. Looking into the files, the Chief found the report. The theft had been reported on the day it was discovered, January 21st. He said, "We closed the file because the car could not be located. We even put out an all-states bulletin."

"Did you drag all the lakes and ponds in the area?" asked Mark.

"No," came the reply. "It didn't seem likely that someone would steal a car and then run it into a lake."

Frack was still in the hospital in Austin, where his burns continued to be treated. On the day after Terry Murdock left Austin, Adriano went in to visit Frack. He found Frack lying flat on his back reading a "Motor Trends" magazine. When he looked up and saw Adriano, he said, "Hey, buddy, how ya feelin'?"

"I'm just fine, Frack, thanks to you," responded Adriano.

"Come on over here and gimme a kiss."

As Adriano leaned over and kissed Frack on the lips, Frack reached around and squeezed Adriano's ass cheeks as best he could with his bandaged hands. "Them little ass cheeks is jist as sweet as yer daddy's!"

Adriano smiled and said, "I see you're feeling pretty good, Frack, even though you don't look like you are. I owe you something for every one of those burns on you. I owe you so much."

"Now don't start that," said Frack. "I told ya oncst, it's jist somethin' that had to be done."

Adriano looked down at Frack and with a great deal of admiration said, "My dad loves you very much. And I can see why. I love you, too, Frack. I'm sorry for the way I acted when I first saw you. I'm ashamed of that."

"You didn't act no way, Adriano," said Frack. "I'm jist kind of a crude old son-of-a-bitch, and sometimes I come across without much couth. Yer daddy was here a little earlier, but he went out to git somethin' to eat and git me some more mags. He looks pretty tired. I keep tellin' him to go git a good night's sleep, but he jist likes to stay here and sleep in that chair when he can. Last night, I was lookin' at 'im asleep over there, and he was so sweet lookin' I almost cried. I had a hard-on that was drivin' me crazy. With these bandages on my hands, it really makes it hard to jerk off my dick. But I tried to do it last night while I was lookin' at yer daddy sleepin'. But I couldn't git hold of my dick well enough. Luckily, yer daddy woke up while I was tryin' to do it, and he came over and jerked on my dick fer me, and then sucked me off. Then he helped me roll over on my side, so he could git close, and he fucked my face. Yer daddy has the sweetest cum I ever tasted. It was like real medicine to me. I told him he oughta jerk some off onto my burns. I bet they'd heal real fast."

"I bet they would, too, Frack," said Adriano.

"The night before last," Frack continued, "this hot lookin' male nurse came in and told me he had to give me a back rub to help prevent bed sores. He rolled me over on my side and put somethin' that felt real cold on my back and then started at my neck and rubbed me all the way down over my ass. He really got a big fuckin' kick outta my 'God Bless America' tattoo I have on my ass cheeks. He grabbed those cheeks and squeezed them and even ran his fingers over my asshole. I wanted to look around to see if he had a hard-on bulgin' out, but I couldn't. I'll bet he did. Did ya ever see my tattoo, Adriano?"


"Well, here, help me git over on my side and take a look."

Frack's hospital gown was wide open in the back, and Adriano looked down at Frack's enormous ass cheeks, firm and smooth. Adriano laughed and said, "That is really great, Frack. I'm sure that guy had a hard-on. For your information, I've got one right now looking at that ass of yours."

Frack said, "Ya keep saying ya don't know how to thank me. Go ahead and fuck me."

"I can't do that, Frack. Nurses keep coming in and out."

"Well then, gimme the pleasure of a couple a fingers."

Adriano pushed his hand into the Frack's hair filled crack and felt his warm, moist asshole. He was so hard, that he really would have liked to push his penis into Frack. But instead, he pushed three fingers in and out of the hole. He put his other hand into his pocket and took hold of his own penis and stroked it while finger fucking Frack. Soon, Adriano felt his orgasm approaching and then felt his penis throbbing with each volley of sperm that shot into his briefs. At the same time, he massaged Frack's prostate and very quickly felt Frack's muscles contracting strongly as he shot his load onto the bed sheet.

When it was over, Frack said, "You know, yer daddy told me what a hot little fucker you are. And he was right. Maybe the three of us can git together sometimes."

Adriano said, "Maybe." Adriano thought about Terry Murdock, and how Terry would react to Frack. Terry seemed to be so sophistocated, it might be intimidating for Frack to be around him. And what about Terry's reaction. He might look down on Frack as a real boor. Well, he thought, he'd cross that bridge when he came to it.

Mario finally returned to the room and was delighted to find Adriano there. Frack was still lying on his side with his ass facing Adriano. Right away he saw the pool of thick white sperm lying on the bed sheet next to Frack. He looked at Adriano with a knowing smile, and Adriano smiled back with a look that confirmed what had just occurred.

Mario said, "Adriano, I can't tell you how glad I am that you are here with Frack. I know I told you I didn't care what you thought about him and me, but underneath I've been so worried about your not being approving of us. What you think has always mattered to me."

"Dad," said Adriano. "I'm ashamed of myself, just like you told me I should be. I know you love Frack, and I love him, too. I'm just sorry that it took this tragedy to make me see what a beautiful human being he is."

Frack interrupted and said, "Will you two stop with all the mushy stuff! I ain't a beautiful human being! I'm jist a slob who picked up yer daddy in some bar!"

Mario and Adriano laughed. Then Adriano could resist no longer, he leaned over and kissed each of Frack's sensuous ass cheeks. "Sorry, Dad," said Adriano. "I'm just a weakling who can't resist ass cheeks that say 'God Bless America!' Dad. You're so lucky. I never believed it before, but you sure know how to pick 'em! Anyway, I've got to leave now. I have a class coming up that I have to prepare for."

Mario said, "I'll walk you down to your car, Adriano. Frack, I'll be back in a few minutes."

After they left, the male nurse came in and saw Frack still on his side with the pool of cum lying on the bed. "Oh!" he said, as he ran his hand lightly over Frack's ass cheeks. "I see we've been having a little fun! How did you manage that?"

"Well, my friends were here a few minutes ago, and . . . ."

"You don't have to tell me, Julius! What are friends for, eh, if they don't come to our aid when we need them? Anytime you need a little aid, Julius, I'll be glad to oblige. I'm on night duty again tonight, and I want you to know that I aim to please."

"I'll remember that," said Frack. "What's yer name?"

"My name is Bruce. We'll have a nice back rub tonight and anything else that will make you comfortable."

When Mario and Adriano reached the car, Adriano said, "Dad, get in the car for a few minutes. I have something to tell you."

Mario noticed that Adriano was squirming strangely in the seat. "What's the matter, son?"

"Well, Dad, you saw the pool of Frack's cum on the bed. He shot his load while I was finger fucking him with one hand. But I was also jerking myself off with my other hand through my pocket. And now I've got a pants full of cum and I can feel it running down my leg."

Mario laughed and, reaching over, unzipped his son's pants. Putting his hand inside, he felt the slimy wetness that covered Adriano's penis and balls. Pulling his hand out, Mario licked off his fingers. "Mmmmm," purred Mario. "It's been awhile since I tasted that sweet liquid."

As they sat side by side, Adriano told his dad about meeting Terry Murdock and how they had fallen in love. "Dad, Terry has taken a job in Austin and he and I will be living together when we can find an apartment.

Mario leaned over and kissed his son on the lips. "I've eaten at the Goliad Inn. Michael took me there a couple of times when I was down there. It's a wonderful place, but I don't remember who Murdock was. I'll be eager to meet him. But he probably won't think much of Frack."

"That doesn't matter, Dad," said Adriano. "He's read about what Frack did and was very impressed. Dad, Frack is a greater man than any of us are. And again, I just want to tell you how sorry I am for the way I acted."

Mario was under a good deal of emotional strain over the injuries that Frack sustained, and at that moment couldn't keep the tears from filling his eyes. Adriano took his dad in his arms and they wept together. "Dad, please forgive me. You're really the most important person in my life, and to think that I've hurt you tears me apart."

They hugged for a long time. Mario finally pulled away and said, "And you've always been, and always will be, the most important person in my life, too." As he wiped the tears off of Adriano's cheeks with his fingers, he said, "There's nothing to forgive. We both have someone now. And that's what we should be thinking about."

Adriano drove back to his apartment with tears streaming down his face the whole way. He had the most exhilarating feeling of happiness sweep over him. How could life be any better?

Jumper was finally able to have the cast removed from his ankle. As he and Jake drove back from the doctor's office in Goliad, Jumper said, "When we git home, Jake, could I see Lady Pokey again? Maybe I can git her to walk out into the yard."

"Sure!" said Jake. "How does yer fuckin' ankle feel when ya step on it?"

"I don't feel a thing, Jake. I think it's okay."

When they returned to the ranch, Jake put a western saddle on Lady Pokey and lifted Jumper up onto it. Jumper leaned over and talked softly in Lady Pokey's ear and patted her neck. Jumper was able to back her out of her stall and then, gently snapping the reins, said, "Okay, Lady Pokey, let's take a little walk."

Lady Pokey obediently strode out into the yard, and Jumper was able to have her walk slowly around the Gazebo and up to the back Veranda of the house, where Tony was standing and watching admiringly.

Tony shouted over, "Jumper, you've got the old gal doing just what you want her to do. Nobody else has been able to get her to move an inch."

Jumper said, "Jake's gonna teach me how to wash her down this afternoon, too. He wants me to learn how to take care of her."

Jumper guided Lady Pokey all around the yard, then took her on a circuit around the house to the front, where Michael and Karl were sitting on the front veranda. When they saw Jumper sitting straight and tall in the saddle, looking confident and in control, Michael said, "Jumper! I'm really thrilled to see that you are doing something with that old nag that none of the rest of us could do." Karl ran inside and got his camera.

Karl said, "Now stay right there for a moment, Jumper. Give me a big smile while I take this picture!"

Jumper felt a pride in himself he had never in his life felt as he put on a big smile for the camera. Then, like an old experienced cowhand, he snapped the reins and headed back around the other side of the house.

Michael said, "Karl, that boy warms my heart. There's something about him. He's just a boy. Just a kid. But he lived the hard life for so long of a man who knew no pleasures, no joy in his life. But he's now a kid again. No boy should miss out on his childhood. And God bless Jake for what he has done for him. You know, Jake admitted to us not long ago that he had had a son of his own. Jake was only a teenager then. But the woman's angry father took the boy away from him. The boy would be in his forties now, and Jake has no idea what happened to him or what he's like now. But I'll bet that he would have been a great kid if Jake had been able to be a father to him."

When Jumper and Lady Pokey finally arrived back at the horse barn, Jake said, "I've got a surprise fer ya. I want ya to look at another horse. A much younger horse. She's a filly, and I think yer gonna like her. Let's give her a try. Don't be afraid. She's a gentle horse. And now that ya know how to control a horse, ya won't have no trouble. Let's jist go on in there and git acquainted with her."

After Jumper brought Lady Pokey back to her stall, they walked to the other end of the barn and stopped at a beautiful roan horse, whose hair was a reddish brown. "Now we're jist gonna talk to her and pat her like we wanna be friends."

Jumper said, "She's so pretty! I hope she likes me."

"Go ahead, Jumper. Reach up there and pat her fuckin' neck real softly and talk to her."

"What do I say?"

"Well, she ain't got a name yet. Not until ya think of one, anyways. Jist tell her how pretty she is and that you wanna be friends."

Jumper patted the horse's neck and the top of her nose and said, "Yer a pretty horse, and I hope we can be friends."

They stood and petted and talked to the horse for several more minutes. Then Jake said, "Okay, let's leave her alone now so she can keep on eating. Tomorrow, I'll have her saddled up and ya can give her a try."

As they headed for the door, the horse, turned her head and looked back at Jumper as though she were saying, "Where are you going? I like you." Jumper was sure that's what the horse was thinking.

After supper, Jake and Jumper sat out on the front step of Jake's room. It was a warm and balmy evening with a clear sky and a very bright moon lighting up the landscape. Jumper said, "I been thinkin', Jake. Do ya think some day I might be able to be one of them cowboys and ride out there with the herd?"

Jake put his arm around Jumper's shoulders and said, "Ya can be any fuckin' thing ya wanna be, Jumper. Ya know that's a pretty hard life out thar on the range, and them guys are pretty tough hombres. Ya can give it a try someday, and if ya don't like it, ya can do somethin' else."

"I seen them cowboys come in off the range," said Jumper, "and they're laughin' and jokin' with each other and look like they're havin' a lot a fun."

"Well, Jumper, when ya work with guys and live and sleep with them all day and night out there on the range, and ya don't see nobody else, ya git pretty close to 'em. Some of the best fuckin' friends I ever had were them cowpokes I lived with out there."

Jumper looked at Jake and said, "Don't ya git kinda horny out there. Ain't even no place to even go and jerk off by yerself, I bet."

Jake laughed and said, "That warn't no problem. We all jerked off. And we all knew it. Sometimes, we'd all git around the fire at night and jerk off together. One of 'em would tell a real fuckin' hot sex experience he once had and we'd all shoot our loads. We always knew them fuckin' stories was made up. But we always acted like we thought they was true."

But ya never got to do no fuckin'?"

"Like I told ya, ya git to be real close to them guys out thar. And it warn't no disgrace to git a little ass now and agin. I fucked my share of cowpokes out thar under the stars. Hey, ya know this moon is so bright tonight, why don't we amble up thar to the rise by the rocky creek. I like to go up thar sometimes and jist think about a lot of fuckin' stuff."

When they arrived at the rocky creek, they lay down on the grass. Without saying anything, Jake pulled Jumper over on top of him and hugged him. Jumper said, "Are ya gonna think about fuckin' stuff now?"

Jake laughed and said, "Well, me and you can think about fuckin' stuff together."

"Jake," said Jumper, "is this how you and them other cowpokes would lie out in the grass and fuck?"

"Yep. Thar jist never been no fuckin' better place to do yer lovin', except under a starry Texas sky with the breeze blowin' over ya. It jist makes yer fuckin' balls tingle."

Jumper giggled as he reached down and squeezed the tightly expanded bulge in Jake's pants.

"Hey, little buddy, yer makin' me horny. Are ya tryin' to seduce this old man?"

"I jist wanna see what it's like out in the wide open spaces."

"Okay," said Jake as he got up. "Let's git outta them clothes so we can feel the fuckin' breezes."

Jake and Jumper lay with their naked bodies pressed tightly together and kissing deeply.

Jake said, "Yer a hot little fucker tonight, ain't ya. It must be the full moon."

Jumper rolled off and lay on his back going, "Owoooooooo," in imitation of a wolf howling at the moon. Jake looked at him and said, "If ya don't watch out, yer gonna git yerself fucked."

"Jist like ya done to them cowpokes out on the range?" said Jumper. As he raised his legs up, Jumper said, "Go ahead, Jake, show me how ya done it?"

Jake got up on his knees and stroked his hard penis close to Jumper's face. A long elastic string of pre-cum dangled from the tip of it. Jumper opened his mouth and let it drip down his throat. Getting into position, Jake eased his rod into Jumper's ass, and felt that familiar strong clamping that Jumper's hole did on it as it was sinking deeper and deeper into his rectum.

Jumper said, "Pretend yer fuckin' another cowpoke. Pretend I'm jist a horny cowboy out on the range."

"I'll try," said Jake as he thrust his penis in and out of Jumper's hole. "But none of them ever had as sweet a hole as yers, and none of them had a hole that snapped at my fuckin' cock like yers does."

Soon they stopped talking and were both deep into a feverish erotic frenzy of sexual pleasure. Jumper played with the head of his own penis frantically and knew that he was close. He would hold off until he felt Jake's penis throbbing inside of him, filling him up with his hot, thick cream. The moment came, and they both contorted their faces and shot the precious fluid from their penises. They lay there still for a long time, with Jake's wilting penis still embedded in Jumper's ass.

When Jake finally rolled off, he lay beside Jumper. He said, "I know why ya wanted me to do that. Ya made believe ya was gitten fucked by one of them handsome sexy cowboys out on the range."

"Yeah," sighed Jumper. "And you were the handsome sexy cowboy doin' it to me."

With Jumper lying with his head on Jake's chest, they both looked up at the moon. As Jumper idly sucked on one of Jake's nipples and ran his tongue through his chest hair, Jake continued to look up at the moon and say to himself, "How can life be any fuckin' better than this!"

That night, Clayton and Tony had just finished sixty-nining each other. They lay in bed kissing and passing each other's cum between their mouths, as they often did. Clayton finally lay back and stared at the ceiling.

"Tony," Clayton said, "What do you think of Jumper?"

"What do you mean?"

"Do you think he's cute?" said Clayton.

"Yeah," answered Tony. "Do you think he's cute?"

Clayton continued looking up at the ceiling. "Ya, I think he's real cute. I went over to Jake's room the other day, and when I went in, I saw Jumper naked. He was just getting out of the shower. God, he's cute!"

Tony didn't know quite what to say. Finally, he said, "I suppose you'd like to fuck around with him."

After a long pause, Clayton said, "I sometimes fantasize about him. Yeah, I guess I might like to fuck around with him."

"Sometimes you worry me, Clayton," said Tony. "I always see you looking at the hot guys when they come in off the range at the end of the day. Then I see you going out and talking to them. You've never said anything to me about it. But now you're telling me you'd like to do something with Jumper. Are you tired of being with me, Clayton?"

Clayton rolled over on his side and, facing Tony, he kissed Tony and said, "Of course not, Tony. But that doesn't mean I'm not also attracted to other guys. Anyway, you know about Michael's rule. We could do something with someone else as long as the two of us are doing it together with him."

Tony said, "You mean you'd like to have Jumper in bed with us?"

"I guess I would."

"But you know that Jumper and Jake are together. I don't think Jake would like that."

"Does he have to find out?" said Clayton.

Tony said, "Clayton, I hope you don't mean that. Besides, Jumper's very attached to Jake, and I don't think he would want to do anything without Jake.

Clayton continued to stare at the ceiling, saying nothing. Tony could see in Clayton's eyes that he was thinking of Jumper. He nestled his head in the crook of Clayton's arm, and was soon asleep.

Josiah had decided to stay at the library on campus one evening to do some final work on a paper he had been assigned by his American Literature professor, Dr. Tom Borden. It was an analytical paper on Booth Tarkington's famous 1918 Pulitzer Prize winning American novel, "The Magnificent Ambersons." Rather than go home for supper, Josiah stayed on campus and ate at the cafeteria in the Student Union.

Tom Borden had been a professor at the University for some years, teaching literature and courses in writing for most of that time. He was married and had two sons. Tom had first taken particular notice of Josiah Walker in an expository English class the previous year. He was thoroughly impressed with the young man's growing interest in American Literature and with his surprising ability . . . as only a freshman . . . to write descriptive prose. He had become close to Josiah as they spent many hours after class discussing literary matters and the beautifully written short stories that Josiah produced. Tom was particularly impressed with Josiah's understanding of human emotions in all its forms and his ability to translate them effectively into the written word.

When they were not together, Tom often found himself thinking about Josiah. There was something more than Josiah's academic and intellectual ability that Tom admired about the boy. There had been an increasing number of times when he felt a certain love for him. When he had watched Josiah receive the University's award for community service the year before, Tom had to fight back the tears. When the ceremony was over, Tom had congratulated Josiah and had taken him into his arms. As they hugged each other, Tom had kissed Josiah on the neck. There were so many nights following that day when Tom lay in bed reliving that moment. He came to realize that he loved Josiah for who he was, and not only for his intellectual capacity.

That evening, as Tom Borden was passing through the cafeteria line, he looked over and saw Josiah sitting alone at a table eating and reading.

As Tom approached Josiah, he said, "Hello, Josiah. May I join you?"

"Oh, Dr. Borden! Please do. I'm staying down here tonight to work on the Amberson paper. I'd do it at home, but I get so distracted there, and I really want to do my best on this one."

Josiah was always enormously pleased whenever he had a chance to be with Professor Borden. Josiah admired him greatly for the attention and the wonderful guidance he received from him. He always felt comfortable with Dr. Borden, almost as though they were brothers. He also thought fondly, from time to time, about that day when his professor hugged him. He often thought about the feeling of pride and love that came with that hug.

"Josiah," said Tom, "were your parents literary people? You have such an extraordinary talent that I can almost picture you coming from a home that was full of books and lively discussions about literature."

Josiah looked down at his food and said, "Dr. Borden, I never knew who my real parents were. I spent my growing-up years in a bunch of foster homes. And like so many of those places, they were abusive. I never saw a book in any of them. I did get through high school, and I did pretty well. But my mind was always on the day I could get away from them."

"I had no idea," said Tom softly. "I'm so sorry."

Josiah gave a little chuckle and said, "Don't be sorry. I finally got away from that last awful family I was with, and since I was then eighteen, nobody came looking for me. It was so great being free. I just went out on the road and hitchhiked from town to town and got temporary work where I could. One late afternoon, I was hitchhiking and saw a truck parked along the side of the road, and then I saw a man farther into the woods sitting on the ground leaning against a tree. I went up to him to ask him if that was his truck. He had a gun in his lap, and I later found out he was about to kill himself. He was just ready to commit suicide when he saw me."

Tom Borden could hardly believe what he was hearing and hadn't taken a bite of food while Josiah was talking.

Josiah continued, "I looked pretty dirty and skinny and undernourished, I guess, and he got up and we drove for awhile and stopped at a roadside restaurant where he bought me a hamburger. Then he took me to a ranch where he worked as the Foreman and said that, if I wanted to, I could work there and they would pay me. Well, to make a long story short, I loved it there and everybody was so nice. They talked me into going to college and Mr. Walker offered to pay my tuition."

Tom leaned forward and said, "Did you say 'Mr. Walker?' You're not talking about the Walker Ranch, are you?"

"Yeah," said Josiah. "Michael and Jeff Walker."

Tom said, "Josiah, your last name is Walker, too. Is that just a coincidence?"

"No, not really," said Josiah. "I was legally adopted eventually by Michael Walker. So I took on the name Walker."

Tom leaned back in his chair and smiled. "Well, let me tell you. I was born and raised on the Borden Ranch, which comes right up to Walker's southern property line!"

They both laughed at the coincidence. Josiah said, "I had no idea you were from THAT Borden family!"

"Well, Josiah, I left the ranch after I graduated from high school and went on to college. That was long before you got to the Walker Ranch. When I was a youngster, I used to get over to their place a lot. Michael Walker and I were pretty good friends. His father, the guy they always referred to as Ol' Ben, though, was a real son-of-a-bitch. But to his credit, he ran a real tight business."

Josiah said, "I know you've got a class tonight, but I wish we could talk about all that sometime when you have time."

"I'd love that," said Tom Borden. "Do you ever get down to the Walker Ranch anymore?"

"Yeah, I get down there fairly often. Next time I go, why don't we go down there together if you're going to be free."

"Yes! Let's do that. I don't think Michael and I have seen each other since our high school days." Before getting up from the table, Tom reached across and took Josiah's hand. Looking into his eyes, he said, "Josiah, why don't you call me Tom. I don't mean while we're around other people, but just when we're alone. I want you to know that you are very special to me in a lot of ways, and I consider you a friend, not just one of my students."

Tom noticed a little bit of Ketchup on Josiah's chin. He thought about telling Josiah about it, but thought, 'what the hell,' and reached over and wiped it off of Josiah's chin with his finger. As he felt Josiah's smooth skin, he also felt his penis jump slightly in his pants."

As Tom rose from the table, he said, "Josiah, maybe we could get together again some evening when we're both not so busy and talk about our early days."

Josiah rose and said, "Anytime, Dr. Borden. I have to tell you that you're one of my best friends, too. Just tell me anytime. I'll be available any time you are."

Tom squeezed Josiah's hand and said, "Remember, Josiah. The name's Tom."

Josiah watched Tom walk away. It wasn't the first time that he had prurient thoughts about Professor Borden. He had always had a bit of a physical attraction to him. But this time, as he watched, he felt the attraction deepen.

Tom Borden stood before his class and began lecturing the same lecture he had lectured countless times. As the words flowed out, his mind was on Josiah. The beautiful expressive eyes, the full lips, the devastatingly sweet smile, the wisps of blond hair that kept falling into his eyes, the fragile looking slender hands and fingers. Tom was always so enamoured with Josiah's intellectual charms, but now Josiah's physical beauty was taking hold of him like never before. When the class was over, Tom went directly home and to bed. He lay beside his wife, who was sleeping and snoring lightly. He was wide awake, staring into the darkness where his mind's eye was firmly focused on Josiah's face and body. Reaching down, he felt his penis, hot and throbbing.

Tom quietly got up and went into one of the adjoining bedrooms and lay on the bed. He slowly ran his hands lightly over his body and, with the moonlight coming in the window, he looked at his gorged penis standing up straight, aching to be stroked. Taking hold of it and stroking it slowly, he conjured up the image of Josiah's face and body in front of him. Under his breath, he said, "Kiss me, Josiah. I love you. Kiss me."

Within seconds, he felt the muscles in his groin begin to tingle, signaling that the 'mother of all' orgasms was about to take over his body. It was here. It came like a tidal wave. Arching his back and with every muscle strained to its limits, he felt his sperm surging powerfully up his shaft and out of his pee hole like a geyser. His muscles were so stretched that he couldn't control his hand enough to aim the flow in a straight stream. His sperm flew in all directions, some on his leg, some on his arm, and some on his chin and lips. Several globs also landed on the bed.

Tom lay there, exhausted. Still holding on to his penis, he almost immediately fell asleep. Several hours later, he awoke, having to pee very badly. His hand was almost glued to his penis with dried cum. He walked down the hall to the bathroom and washed himself up. It was still dark, and his wife was still asleep. He quietly crawled back into bed next to her. She felt the bed stir, and awoke just enough to say sleepily, "Are you all right, dear?"

"Yes," replied Tom. "I couldn't be better."

To be continued...


Posted: 10/10/08