My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

© 2000-2008 by the author


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Michael said, "Oh, my God, Tony. We're coming home right now. Stay there near him in case he wakes up."

"I will. Oh, God, Michael! Please hurry! I'm so scared!"

Michael explained what had happened and they all quickly got dressed and ran out to the car. Jake had tears in his eyes as he jumped in the car. He said over and over, "Oh, God! Oh, God! My prayer didn't help him. What have I done? I shoulda gone after him. Oh, Jumper, please! Hang on!"


Chapter 63 


Michael drove the car through blinding rain over the soggy grassland. When they pulled into the yard near the bunkhouse, Jake jumped out and ran over to where Jumper lay. Pulling the blanket back slightly to look at Jumper's face, Jake could see that he was not conscious. He unlocked his door and, picking Jumper up, went in and laid him on the bed. When he removed the blanket, he could see how badly injured Jumper was. His feet were bloodied and raw and his ankles were swollen to twice their size. His hands and arms and legs were covered with bruises and scratches, some oozing blood. His face was swollen and dirty.

Michael, Jeff, and Paul came in and were appalled at the sight of the poor boy lying there unconscious and seemingly barely alive. Tony had stayed with the boy on the step until the others arrived, and then went back to the house to change into dry clothes.

Michael said, "We need to get him to the hospital, Jake. We can't take a chance. He may have injuries we don't know about, especially since he's not conscious."

Jake wrapped Jumper in a large bath towel and put one of his jackets on him. He carried Jumper to the car and got into the back seat, where he cradled Jumper in his arms. As Michael drove off with them to Goliad General Hospital, Jeff and Paul went back to the house. Both were shaken at the sight of poor Jumper.

Tony said, "I don't know if you've been listening to any of the news. But there was a big accident on a road a few miles from here yesterday. A big semi-tractor trailer truck rolled off the highway into some ravine and exploded and burned. And when they were describing the truck and what they were carrying, I'm sure it was the same truck that drove off from here with Jumper in it."

Jeff felt himself shaking. "My God," Jeff said as he sank into one of the kitchen chairs. "I was the one who urged Jake not to go after him." Covering his face with his hands, he said, "Why doesn't somebody shoot me when I talk that way. I feel so responsible."

Paul put his arm around Jeff's shoulder and said, "Jeff, don't. It's not your fault. There's nothing anybody could have done to stop Jumper from leaving."

At the hospital emergency room, Michael and Jake waited for a whole hour before they could get Jumper through triage. When he was finally admitted for examination, he was taken immediately to X-ray. Michael and Jake were told to wait in the waiting room. The sun was coming up when they were finally allowed to go back and see Jumper. He was now awake, but sedated.

The doctor on duty in the emergency room told Michael and Jake that Jumper was suffering from extreme exposure. He also had a mild concussion. One of his ankles was broken, but there seemed to be no other internal injuries, except what appeared to be a bruised liver. Two attendants were bathing Jumper as he lay on the gurney, and dressing the cuts and bruises on his body.

Jake sat down next to the gurney and began to sob. "I told Jumper that if he ran away again, I was gonna come after him. I promised him that. But I didn't do nothin'. I jist didn't do nothin'. I ain't worth livin', Michael. Oh, Jumper, will ya ever forgive me?"

Michael stood behind Jake and, reaching down, gently rubbed Jake's neck and shoulders. "Come on, Jake. You're not at fault for this. Jumper's going to be okay. And once we find out what happened, everything's going to be all right. Come on, Jake. When Jumper realizes we're here, you don't want him to see you like this, do you?"

"I'm okay, Michael," said Jake as he wiped his eyes. "I jist know I got a lotta makin' up to do with him when he gits outta here."

By noon, Jumper had been moved to a regular room. Soon after that, Jumper became more fully awake and looked over at Jake sitting next to him. He stared at Jake a long time and then suddenly tears started to run down his cheeks, and he held out his arms. Jake jumped up and took Jumper in his arms and hugged him as tightly as he could. Jumper's slender arms were wrapped tightly around Jake's neck and shoulders. Neither of them spoke.

Michael felt so moved that he left the room and went down to the hospital deli on the first floor and sat there for a long time with a large cup of black coffee. He thought all of this was happening just because he wanted to help this poor indigent kid. If he'd left well enough alone, Jumper would still be up at the truck stop happily doing what he knew how to do. But no, there was that fucking agency, who was ready to take him and put him in some foster home. This was best. It was going to be tough for him and for all of us. 'But what I did,' he thought, 'was the best thing to do in the long run.'

Michael returned to Jumper's room and found Jake sitting down again and holding Jumper's hand and smiling. Jumper looked at Michael as he came in and then back at Jake. "I'm sorry," he said. "When can I go . . . home? I mean . . . ."

Jake said, "No. Home is the right word. I'm gonna take ya home with me, back to the ranch, just as soon as ya can git up and about. But until then, I'm gonna be right here with ya. How 'bout another hug!"

Jumper smiled and nodded eagerly as Jake got up and leaned into Jumper's outstretched arms.

Michael suddenly had the feeling that, yes, he did do the right thing in bringing Jumper to the ranch. As he watched Jake and Jumper hug and kiss each other on the cheek, he just knew that he had done the right thing.

Jake looked up at Michael and said, "I'm gonna stay here, Michael. Why don't ya go on back to the ranch and git some rest. And I know ya got a lotta fuckin' business to attend to. Go on. I'll git something to eat here and maybe snooze here in the chair when Jumper's sleeping. I'll be fine. Me and Jumper's got a lot to talk about, jist me and him, right Jumper? Oh, and by the way, I ain't properly thanked ya fer the great birthday ya gave me. I think I'm gonna be sixty-four next week! Can I have another party?"

Michael said, "We had a great time, too, Jake. A birthday party every week sounds pretty good to me! We'll have to think about that! Okay you two. I'll go ahead. But I'll be back this evening to see how you're doing." Michael instinctively leaned over and kissed Jumper on the forehead.

When Michael returned home, Jeff was still feeling guilty and told him about the truck accident. Michael said, "If it's true that Jumper was in that truck, it's a miracle he got out alive. I think in time, Jumper will tell us all about what happened."

After supper Michael and Jeff, along with Enrique and Noah, drove to the hospital to see Jumper. When they entered the room, they found Jumper asleep and Jake dozing in the chair. Jake woke up quickly and smiled. The doctor had been in that afternoon and Jumper now had a large cast on his ankle that extended almost to his knee. Jumper finally awakened and looked sleepily at his visitors. Enrique said, "How are you feeling, Jumper? I hope you're feeling okay."

Looking over at Jake, Jumper said, "I'm feeling okay. I got a headache, though, and my leg is real sore."

Noah said, "We heard what happened and we're sure glad you're okay."

Jumper wasn't used to having people be concerned about him, and he felt embarrassed to hear people talk that way to him. He could never get it out of his mind that his father had told him he wasn't worth a pound of shit. And he always believed it. He suddenly wanted Jake to hug him again, and raised his arms as a signal. When Jake responded and took him in his arms, Jumper remembered what Jake had said: "Every man needs a hug to show him that everything will be all right."

The next morning, at six o'clock sharp, Marcus J. Filmore, Jared's new caregiver, arrived at the house, ready for duty. Michael was eating his breakfast when he saw Marcus at the door. "Have you had breakfast, Marcus? You're welcome to join me."

"No thank you, sir," replied Marcus. "I've already eaten. Perhaps I'll just look in on Jared now."

"Well, in that case, you know where his room is," said Michael.

As Marcus entered the room, he found Jared still in bed, staring at the ceiling. "Well, Jared," said Marcus cheerily, "Did we have a good sleep? Are we ready to rise up and get dressed now and meet the day?"

Marcus threw back the sheet that covered Jared. "My, my! We sleep in the nude, I see. Haven't we any pajamas?"

"No," replied Jared.

"Well, now. Do we need a shower this morning?"

"I took one last night."

"Well, I suppose that will do until we go to bed again tonight."

Marcus went to the chest of drawers and found some clean briefs, a t-shirt and a pair of Bermuda length shorts. He told Jared to stand up and put his feet into the briefs. Then Marcus pulled them up and very deliberately tucked Jared's penis and balls down between his legs with his hand. After Jared was dressed, Marcus said, "I believe we're ready for our medication. It's supposed to be taken before breakfast."

Marcus fetched a glass of water and told Jared to open his mouth. When he did, Marcus popped two tablets in and told him to take a drink of water. Then Marcus went to the kitchen and told Tony that Jared was now ready for his breakfast. Tony told him that there was a place for him there at the table.

"Oh, no." said Marcus. "I would like a tray. He'll eat in his room."

Tony said, "Well, Jared is perfectly able to walk, and Michael expects him to join us at the table."

Marcus said only, "When the tray is prepared, please bring it to the room." Tony was beginning to take a distinct dislike of this intruder.

As Jared ate his breakfast, Marcus said, "Now what shall we do today? Do you know who those people are whose pictures are there on the wall?"

"No, I don't."

Marcus stepped over to the wall and took a closer look. "Well, some of them have names on them. Here's one of Benjamin Walker. I knew of him when I was growing up on my father's ranch. He and my father used to do business together. I remember he was known as Ol' Ben. And he was your father, wasn't he?"

"I don't know."

"Well, surely you must remember your own father, Jared. And here's one of you and your brother Michael when you were little boys. You were cute little guys then."

Returning to his chair next to Jared, Marcus said, "You know, I know all about your being cut out of your father's will. That was such a shame. You're the oldest, too. And you harbored great resentment against your father and your brother, Michael, over that, too. Do you recall that?"


"You should have been the heir to this ranch. I know that you were in prison, too. Do you remember that?"


"You were running a little business where you were having very young boys engage in sex with adult men, sometimes their own fathers. You don't remember that?"


Reaching over and patting Jared on the cheek, Marcus said, "Well, now, Jared. We're going to have to work on getting that memory back, aren't we?"

Early in the morning after Mario and his son Adriano had talked, Mario set out to look for an apartment for himself in nearby neighborhoods. In the late afternoon, he was able to find a large furnished efficiency apartment in a fairly new building just two blocks from where Adriano resided. He went back to pick up his clothes and his other belongings, but found that Adriano was still at work. He left a note on the kitchen counter, giving Adriano his new address.

After getting everything packed away in drawers and in the closet, he felt the urge to go out and see what action he could stir up. He always felt a little enclosed at Adriano's apartment. Adriano was always accusing him of being a common slut, half kiddingly, of course. But Mario had to admit to himself there was an element of truth in it. It seemed to him that he was horny all the time. And Adriano was not always ready when he wanted to have a romp in the bed.

Mario knew that he was going to have to buy a car, now that he was on his own again. But for today, he would walk down the street to the College Hill Café for a sandwich, and then take a taxi to The Nest. Ah, The Nest! It was his favorite place for sightseeing and possible action. But Adriano was rarely willing to go there.

When Mario arrived at The Nest, he saw about a dozen motorcycles parked in the lot, with two heavily tattooed men standing around, who looked like they were guarding the bikes. When he went in, Mario saw that all the bikers were standing along the bar talking with one another. None were sitting down. There seemed to be a big age difference among them. About half looked to be in their fifties and sixties, and the other half seemed to be in their twenties.

Since all the barstools were unoccupied, Mario took one of them at about the middle of the bar. Standing next to him were two bikers busily kissing each other passionately, almost violently. When they saw Mario sit down, the two broke their clutch of each other, and the older one said, "Hey, little guy. You from Austin?"

"Yeah, I live here," responded Mario.

"Yer a cute little fucker! What's yer name?

"Mario Cinella," said Mario, as he looked at the man's large, thick nipples showing through his tight black t-shirt.

Mario was about half the size of the smallest of the bikers, and he began to feel terribly vulnerable. But at the same time, he felt a sort of excitement being so close to these rough and thoroughly masculine looking guys. He could smell the strong pungent odor of these masculine bodies as they moved around him..

"What's your name?" Mario bravely asked.

"They call me Frack 'cuz I fractured a guy's arm oncst while I was arm wrestlin' 'im. This here's my little buddy, Stu." Then turning to Stu, Frack said, "Where's yer manners Stu. Shake hands with our new friend here."

Even though Stu was a young, almost delicate looking person next to Frack, his hand was large and calloused. As they shook hands, Mario looked down at his own small slender hand and felt it being crushed painfully in Stu's grip.

"I haven't seen you guys in here before, Frack," said Mario.

Frack said, "Aw, shit, someone we know told us to check this place out when we were in the vicinity. That's all. Most of the time, we ride the roads of Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, but we got kind of a friendly base over in San Marcus when we're in this neck of the woods. We'll be there fer a few days."

"Don't you have jobs or something like that," Mario asked.

"Shit, no. Most of us used to work, and some of us got a good stash of money we live on. And sometimes we do odd jobs fer people here and there to pick up a little extra. I used to be a ranch foreman. I saved my money and that's what me and Stu live on. Hey, you ever ride?"

"What do you mean?"

"You ever ride a bike?"

"No, I've never been on one."

"Would ya like me to give ya a spin around the block?"

"Well . . . I don't know," said Mario. "Maybe I would."

"Okay, come on. Hey, Stu, order me and our friend here another beer. We'll be back."

Mario climbed on the seat just behind Frack. As Frack started it up, he shouted, "Now you hold onto my body tight so ya don't fall off."

As they started off down the street, Mario held onto Frack. Frack's t-shirt was riding up and Mario had his arms and hands directly on Frack's large, hairy belly. Mario felt his penis rise to it's full hardness. Frack said, "Now pull up tight against me and hold on!"

When they finally returned to The Nest parking lot, Frack said, "Now wasn't that a thrill. I git a fuckin' hard-on ever time I git on this thing." Reaching down and taking hold of Mario's crotch, he said, "I knowed it was a thrill fer you, too. I can feel it right here!"

Mario and Frack and Stu drank together for several hours. Mario sat and mentally undressed both Frack and Stu and became so horny, he could hardly stand it. He finally excused himself to go to the restroom. Frack was right behind him.

As they stood at the urinals, Frack looked down and said, "You got a pretty big cock for a little guy. Have ya ever fucked a fat man?"

"No." Mario watched as Frack let go with the longest stream of piss he'd ever seen.

Frack said, "Would ya like some of this? I normally save it up fer Stu. He does anything I want him to do. God, how I love that boy!"

It was now close to midnight, and several of the bikers were beginning to leave. After ordering one last beer, Frack reached down inside the back of Mario's pants with both hands and squeezed his ass cheeks. He said, "How 'bout ridin' back to San Marcus with us. You got the sweetest little ass. I'd like to git into that."

Mario said, "But how about Stu?"

"Oh, I loan my little buddy out sometimes when I got other fish to fry, or asses to fuck. Come on! I ain't takin no fer an answer."

Mario's mind whirled in an erotic frenzy. He had seen bikers on the highway, but had never given it a thought as to what they did for pleasure. He always thought their pleasure came totally from riding.

They rode for some time. San Marcus was farther away from Austin than he had realized. When they entered the large frame house just outside of town, he saw a number of bikers sitting around drinking more beer. Two of the older ones were sitting in chairs with their legs sprawled out in front of them, and two of the younger ones were busily sucking them off. Without any preliminaries, Frack took Mario in his strong arms and pressed him tightly against his body.

As they stood in the middle of the room, Frack said, "I ain't had a cute little fragile thing like you fer a long time. I wouldn't mind havin' you as my slave. I bet I could git you to do jist about anything I want, huh? I could tell yer a horny little cuss. Would ya like to please me?"

Mario's mind was whirling in every direction and he blurted out, "Yes!"

"Okay," said Frack quietly. "Git down on yer knees and clean off my cod with yer tongue. It needs to be nice and clean."

Mario got down and looked at the large leather pouch that covered Frack's cock. He ran his tongue over it and could taste the leathery flavor of cowhide and sweat.

"Good," said Frack. "Now unsnap it. Would ya like a little of my cock?" Mario nodded. "Then reach in and pull it out."

Mario released Frack's long thick member and licked off the clear semen that was bubbling from its pee-hole. Mario thought it was eight inches if it was an inch.

"Now, little man, if ya want to take it, ya gotta take it all. Not just the head. I don't like wimpy cocksuckers. Ya ready?"

As Mario nodded, Frack slowly pushed his gorged penis into Mario's mouth. Mario had a terrible feeling that he was going to gag. But he did his best to relax his throat and let the monstrous rod move in to its full length. Then Frack began to fuck Mario's mouth. Several others turned to watch this little Italian man kneeling before this massive hulk, and marveled that Frack's humongous penis would totally disappear inside of Mario.

Suddenly, Frack pulled out and said, "Yer a little fuck machine, aren't ya? Git outta them clothes and lemme see yer little body. Then let me take a good look at that little asshole of yers."

Mario eagerly tore off his clothes and threw them in a heap on the floor. He leaned over, as he was told, and spread his ass cheeks with his hands. Frack turned to the others who were watching and said, "Ain't that the sweetest little ass ya ever seed?"

Frack removed his boots and his pants and knelt down behind Mario. He gently kissed all around Mario's firm round cheeks and then plunged his face into his ass crack. Mario could feel Frack's tongue entering his asshole and tried to relax it as much as possible. Standing up and grasping Mario's little narrow hips, he pulled Mario to him, thrusting the entire length of his penis into Mario's gut. All the others had now stopped what they were doing and stared at this little man being filled up with all of Frack's meat.

Mario wanted to be taken. He thought to himself that he wanted to be literally ravaged sexually. Frack had said he thought Mario would do anything he wanted and that he wanted him to be his slave to please him. Mario said over and over to himself, as he felt Frack's huge rod pounding into him, that yes, he wanted to be Frack's slave. He would do anything to please him. He also thought about Adriano having called him a slut. Yes, he was a slut, and he loved it!

Frack soon let out something that sounded like an elephant roar and threw one powerful stream after another of his hot biker cum into little Mario's rectum. Soon, Frack pulled out and looking down at the few drops of cum that were still bubbling out of his penis, he said, "I need to have this cleaned off. Mario?"

Mario whirled around on his knees and sucked the last drops of sperm out of Frack's penis. A number of the other bikers began clapping their hands in approval. Frack announced to everyone that Mario's little ass had given him a great new fucking experience. He turned to Mario, who was still on his knees, and said, "I think the whole club should have this experience. Would you agree to pleasuring anyone here who wishes to partake of yer luscious little hole? Are you willing to please us in that way, Mario?"

Mario was swimming in a state of euphoria and said, "Yes, Frack, I want to take everyone's cock if it would be their pleasure!"

Frack motioned to Stu. "Stu, yer my buddy. You go first."

Stu told Mario to lie on his back on the thick carpet. Then holding Mario's legs in the air, Stu mounted Mario and came within a matter of a minute or two. Over the next hour or so, a total of fourteen bikers had pushed their penises into Mario's asshole and fucked him. By this time great long streams of sperm were running out of Mario's asshole onto the carpet. He was in a total trance. A feeling of intense warmth was spreading through Mario's body.

Finally Frack bent down over the exhausted Mario and gently picked him up. He carried Mario into one of the bedrooms and laid him on the bed. "Mario," said Frack, "It would give me a lot of pleasure if you would fuck me now. I want to feel your Italian sperm shooting into me."

Mario looked up at him with exhaustion showing in his face. "Whatever you'd like, Frack."

Frack lay on his back and brought his huge legs up as high as they would go. Mario crouched in position. He looked down at Frack's large firm ass cheeks. Tattooed on one of them was the word, "God bless," and on the other one, "America." Frack was spreading his cheeks with his hands. Mario saw an ass crack choked with thick black hair. As he lowered his face into it, Mario breathed in the hot, moist, sweaty smell of this masculine beast. Then running his tongue deep into the thicket, he ran it over Frack's pulsating asshole. It was wet with a sort of metallic taste.

Frack finally said, "Okay, that's enough! Now push yer cock in and fuck me hard."

Several of the bikers had come in to watch and were slowly stroking their regenerated penises as they did so. Sperm was still oozing out of Mario's hole in great quantities and running down over his balls and onto the bed. Stu jumped up on the bed and positioned himself next to Mario. Frack said, "I'd sure love to watch ya suck Stu's cock while ya fuck me, little man."

Mario was so exhausted, he could hardly coordinate the sucking with his lips and the fucking with his penis. Frack said, "Do ya want to stop for awhile and rest a bit?"

Mario shook his head as he continued to suck Stu and fuck Frack. Soon, Stu's cum began to flow into Mario's mouth. It was hot and sweet. The taste of it brought on his own orgasm quickly. Frack began to moan loudly as he felt Mario's Penis throbbing inside of him, sending his sperm deep into Frack's rectum.

After everyone had caught their breath, Frack said, "Stu, I want you to go in the other room. I want to be alone with Mario for a little bit."

Frack rolled over onto the prostrate Mario and kissed him wildly. Then, as he ran his fingers very lightly over Mario's handsome Italian features, he said, "I'm glad I met you tonight. I suppose I should apologize fer all of us fuckin' ya like we did. We don't normally do stuff like that. We have our own partners pretty much. But you kinda got into the middle of us and seemed to want to play. We just kinda took advantage of yer eagerness. Besides none of us have been with someone as little and fragile as you are. It was kinda different if ya know what I mean."

Mario said, "Well, I can honestly say it was kinda different for me, too. I never thought I'd ever have an experience like this."

Frack looked down at Mario and, kissing him gently on the lips, said, "I would like to have you as my companion, Mario. Would you consider going with me? The life of a biker is a wild and wonderful one. We live by our passion. Our strength comes from our passion and our devotion and our loyalty to one another. I want you to be mine, Mario. Would you like to be close to me everyday and please me? I would be your mentor and I would be your protector."

"What about Stu?" Mario whispered. "Isn't he your companion.?"

"He's my slave, Mario. But it hasn't been working out, and he'll suffer the consequences at the hands of the family."

"What family?" asked Mario.

"All of us here are a family. We're a group of bikers that gets it's strength and sustenance from one another. It's all about loyalty, comradship, and love."

"And slavery?" asked Mario. "Would I be a slave?"

"Yes. But the loyalty and love ya would learn to have for me will take over yer whole mind, yer whole body, yer whole existence. You'll find that there's nothing else in life on this earth that you'll desire. Yer whole existence'll be dedicated to the pleasure of serving me. But in return, I'll love ya and care for ya and protect ya as no one else could."

Mario could hardly believe what he was hearing. He realized that he had been caught in the web of pleasuring Frack. He had willingly, and with great desire, done everything that Frack had asked of him. But it was all in the heat of sexual excitement. How could he possibly turn his whole life into being a slave every minute of the day, of the week, of the year. He had eagerly submitted to every wish of Frack's, but to be at another man's beck and call every second of the day was something Mario could not see himself doing. He was enormously attracted to Frack, even though he was not physically beautiful. There was a magnetism about him, though, that almost overwhelmed him, even now as he lay beneath Frack's enormous body, and as he smelled the erotic aroma of it.

After saying nothing for a long time, Mario said, "No, Frack. I'm just a guy who likes the simple life. I'm not looking for that kind of excitement or the commitment involved in it. I'm not a biker, and never will be. I have to admit to you that I was scared to death when you rode me around on the street back in Austin and when we rode out here to San Marcus. I had an exciting time tonight, one that's beyond the dreams of most people. I would love to do it again. But I can't enter into your kind of life. I'm really sorry."

Frack kissed Mario very gently on the lips. He whispered, "I could love you with every cell in my body, Mario. And I know you could come to love me, too. I happen to know that would happen if you gave it a chance. Of course, I wouldn't force you to do anything. That would be wrong, and it would work against forming any bond between us. We're not into slavery in that way. The slaves in our family must be there because they want to be there, and want to commit their lives to a master. I realize it's easier for a young man in his teens or his twenties. But someone your age . . . I can see it's not as appealing."

Mario took hold of both sides of Frack's head and kissed his face many times. "Thanks, Frack."

"Come on, then. If ya can stand being on the back of the bike agin, I'll take ya home."

Mario took the harrowing ride back to Austin on the back of Frack's bike. When they arrived in the drive in front of Mario's apartment building, Frack said, "Well, little buddy. You got a sweet ass, and yer one of the best cocksuckers around. I'll never fergit ya. I coulda fallen in love with ya. And I promise ya. With training, you'd fall in love with me, too."

Mario got off the bike and leaned over and kissed Frack on the lips. He said, "I think I already fell in love with you, Frack. But I'm just not into biking. And as much as I would love to have you in my bed every night, or be in your bed, I'm also not into slavery. That takes a special type, I'm afraid. But I'll tell you what. If you ever come back through here sometime, I sure wouldn't mind being your slave for one night again.

Frack reached around and pinched Mario's ass a couple of times, kissed him on the lips, and rode off.

It was almost dawn, and Mario was exhausted, but still wide awake with the excitement he had just experienced. His ass was beginning to hurt and his pants were wet from the constant drip of sperm from those fourteen bikers. He looked in the bathroom mirror and smiled at himself. He felt sort of proud. How many other guys in this world had fourteen hard penises up their asses that night, or any night, for that matter.

All the sperm in him had acted like a laxative. He quickly sat on the toilet and let go a big load, all mixed with sperm. He thought to himself that he had never taken a shit like this before. As it passed out of him, his asshole burned. Mario then jumped into the shower. He left the glass shower door open so he could see himself in the large wall-to-wall mirror on the opposite wall. As he lathered up his body, he began to stroke his penis. Then, as he looked at himself, he wondered what it was about him that was so appealing to those bikers. His body was of a dark Neopolitan color, he was slender, not very muscular, and his body couldn't have been more than half the size of any of those bikers. As he felt his orgasm rushing upon him, he watched himself in the mirror shoot stream after stream of his cum onto the wall of the shower.

Now Mario felt more exhausted than ever. He quickly dried himself, brushed his teeth, pulled the blinds to shut out the rising sun, and collapsed on his bed. As tired as he was, he lay there with his eyes wide open thinking about Frack. Frack was a big, oversized hulk of a man, not attractive in the sense of physical beauty, but he was sensuous and gentle and caring, and had a way of "taking charge" of Mario's body and thoughts. As a father, Mario had always taken charge of family matters and the upbringing of his children. Now to have someone totally overwhelm him and take charge of him was so appealing, and something Mario felt he had always really wanted. He rolled over and held his pillow in his arms tightly against his chest, finally drifting off to sleep.

The second day of Jumper's residency in Goliad General Hospital was now dawning. Jake had stayed by his bedside through the first night, sleeping fitfully in a chair. At 7:00 a.m., a man in a white coat brought in Jumper's breakfast tray and asked Jake if he would like something, also. Jake told him he wanted a large bowl of Oatmeal, his usual breakfast.

When they had finished eating, Jake got up and stood next to Jumper's bed looking down at him. As Jumper looked up into Jake's face, he raised his arms. Again, this meant he wanted Jake to hug him. Jake sat on the edge of the bed and put his arms around Jumper and kissed him on the forehead. As they parted, Jumper didn't say anything, but continued to look into Jake's eyes.

"What're ya thinkin' about?" asked Jake.

"Nothin'," replied Jumper. "I was jist wonderin' why yer doin' this."

"Doin' what?"

"Stayin' with me and bein' nice to me. I ain't worth nothin'. Ya know that. I don't know why yer botherin' with me. I could be out doing my business like I always done."

"Like I told ya, Jumper, when ya git outta here, yer free to go back to sellin' yer asshole agin any time ya want," said Jake. "But in case ya haven't noticed, I care what happens to ya, and all I ask is that ya don't pull none of this shit like runnin' off naked down the fuckin' road, or runnin' off with them fuckin' truck drivers without sayin' g'bye. Maybe ya gotta learn about other people's feelin's. You ain't used to havin' someone care fer ya. I know that. But if ya can git used to it, you'll find it's a mighty nice way to live. Ya like to have me hug ya, don't ya?"


"Well, as I told ya, that's a way fer me to tell ya I care fer ya and that everythin's gonna be okay. Do ya understand?"

"Yeah," said Jumper, as he raised his arms again for another hug.

As sore as Jumper still felt, he had a good feeling that he'd never felt before. If Jake said he cared for him, Jumper thought that would be okay. Jake made him feel good, like he really was somebody who someone cared about. He knew that he was beginning to crave Jake's hugs. He had never craved anything in his life before, except getting five dollars from as many guys as he could. That's all he ever cared about. It was the only way he knew how to live. Jumper covered his face with his hands and started to cry.

"I'm sorry," said Jumper through his tears.

"Aw, come on, Jumper," said Jake as he reached down and took Jumper in his arms once again. "Don't be sorry 'bout nothin'. I cry sometimes . . . even when I'm real happy. I want ya to tell me somethin'. Are those big tears becuz yer happy or becuz yer sad?"

"I don't know."

"Are ya sad about somethin'?"


"So there!" said Jake, holding Jumper out at arm's length. "If ya ain't sad, ya gotta be happy! Right?"

"I guess so," said Jumper as a little smile crept over his face.

"Ya know," said Jake. "When we git back home, I'm still gonna git ya on a horse. It's just a lazy old nag, so it won't bite ya. If ya don't like it, ya don't have to git on one no more. That's a promise. Hey, would ya like me to rub yer back a little. Ya need to lie on your stomach once in awhile. Otherwise, you'll git them fuckin' bed sores."

Jumper quickly and eagerly rolled over. His hospital gown was open in the back, revealing the clear white skin of his back and buttocks. Jake could feel his penis take a little jump in his pants. He started at Jumper's neck and worked his hands slowly down his back. Then he gently ran his hands over Jumper's firm, round ass cheeks perched on his very narrow hips. As he was lovingly fondling Jumper's orbs, a rather large square-shaped nurse came clomping into the room, dragging a vital signs monitor behind her.

"What are you doing, sir?" she demanded.

Jake quickly jerked his hands up in the air and said, "Well, I was jist . . . uh . . . nothin'."

The nurse stepped over to the bed and closed up Jumpers gown and tied the little ties to keep it closed. "Now roll over on your back so I can take your BP and your temp."

When the nurse left, Jumper and Jake smiled at each other. Jake said, "Did that feel good. Ya know, what I was doin'?"

Jumper laughed and said, "You were really makin' my ass tickle!"

"Ya liked that, Jumper?" said Jake.


"Well, when we git home, I'll give ya a backrub from yer neck all the way down to yer little ass anytime ya want me to. Okay?"


"Tell me somethin', Jumper," said Jake. " Do ya think yer maw and paw are lookin' fer ya?"

"Nah, they ain't lookin' fer me. They don't give a shit about me. And I don't give a shit about them, neither."

"Did ya have any brothers or sisters," asked Jake.

"I had a brother. He come along late. They never wanted him around, neither," said Jumper.

"What was his name?"

"It was Joe."

"Did yer old man do to him what he did to you?"

"Yeah. He was only seven years old when he started beatin' Joe. But I knowed it hurt him because he screamed all the time. I laid in my own room coverin' up my ears so I wouldn't hear it."

"Where's Joe now, Jumper?" asked Jake.

"I don't know. One night when he was screamin', I heard the old man yellin' at him and then heard him beatin' the shit out of him. Then the screamin' stopped. Then the next morning, Joe didn't come outta his room and I asked them where he was. And he jist told me Joe was gone. He was gone fer good. And I never seen him again."

"Well, did ya ever find out what the fuck happened?" asked Jake.

Tears started coming to Jumpers eyes, and he said, "I think that old son-of-a-bitch killed Joe. They wouldn't talk about him and told me to stop askin' questions."

Jake asked, "Do ya know fer sure he killed Joe?"

"No. But why would he disappear like that? I jist know he killed him and took his body somewhere. It weren't too long after that that I told my old man I didn't want him to fuck me no more. And that's when he threw me outta the house and told me never to come back. I was glad to git outta that fuckin' hole. I hated both of them sons-of-bitches."

"Oh, Jumper, I feel so bad about what happened," said Jake. "Ya ain't never knowed what livin' in a good home with people that loves ya is like, do ya? I feel so bad about Joe."

Jumper said, "Joe's better off dead, I guess. At least he ain't bein' hurt and screamin' no more."

The next afternoon, Michael, Jeff, and Paul came to visit Jumper. They had talked to the doctor who told them that Jumper could go home anytime. It would take a good while for all his abrasions to heal, and he would need to wear the cast on his leg for several weeks. But there was no reason the boy couldn't continue his recovery at home.

It was good news for both Jumper and Jake. They would spend one more night in the hospital and be checked out the following morning. As Michael was about to leave, he asked Jake to step out into the hall for a moment so they could talk.

"Jake, I want to tell you something," said Michael. "The truck that Jumper had driven off in that day was the same truck that crashed and burned. I think that Jumper needs to know that we know about that accident. Do you think you could get Jumper to tell us what happened after he left the ranch with those truckers?"

"Maybe," said Jake. "But I don't want to git too fuckin' pushy about that. I think whatever happened, it was a nightmare for Jumper. Maybe I can git 'im to talk about it as time goes on. But right now may be too soon."

"I understand, Jake. Just use your own judgment. The important thing is that he recovers from all this and for us to do our best to make him feel welcome and needed back at the ranch."

When Jake returned to the room, Jumper said "I gotta take a piss. Where's that guy that comes in and helps me?"

Jumper was unable to get out of bed and go to the bathroom, so a man usually came in and helped him with the urinal. Jake said, "Aw, shit. I can help ya."

Jake threw back the sheet and pulled up Jumper's gown a little, exposing his penis. Jake took the urinal in one hand and grasped Jumper's soft penis in the other and gently pushed it into the neck of the urinal. "There ya go, Jumper. Jist let her squirt!" Jake could hear Jumper's piss spraying into the urinal. When it stopped, Jake lifted Jumper's penis out of the urinal, which he placed on the bed stand.

Still holding onto Jumper's penis, Jake said, "Ya got a pretty good sized wanger there fer a sixteen year old. Ya ever done much fuckin' with it?"

"Nah," answered Jumper. "I ain't never fucked nobody in my life."

"Christ!" said Jake. "I thought ya made a livin' by fuckin'!"

Jumper laughed and said, "No, Jake! I'm the one what got fucked. Truckers fuck, but they don't git fucked!"

"Ya mean ya never had a orgasm?"

"Sure I have! I jerk off all the time. I told ya that before. Remember!"

Jake was still holding on to Jumper's penis, and he could feel it begin to harden and lengthen. He very gently began to run his fingers up and down the stiffening shaft. Jumper stared into Jake's eyes and smiled his approval. Soon Jake had his fist tightly around Jumper's hard penis and was stroking faster and faster.

Noticing that Jumper was still staring into his eyes, Jake said, "Everybody who jerks off has to think about erotic stuff, or they couldn't cum. What're ya thinkin' about Jumper?"

"I'm thinkin' about you," said Jumper as he continued to stare into Jake's eyes. Then he brought his hand up and began running it over the soft hair on Jake's free arm. As Jumper looked at Jake's arm, he thought it was the most beautiful arm he had ever seen. He craved the feel of Jake's arms around him. They were as much a sexual object to him as anything he had ever known. His jack-off fantasies had always been just that . . . fantasies. But now it was not a fantasy that he was having. It was a living, breathing guy who he could feel in the flesh. It was a guy who excited him more than any fantasy ever had.

Jake could feel Jumper's penis hardening even more and could see the distortion coming on Jumper's face as a sign that he was entering an orgasm of enormous proportions. Every muscle in Jumper's slim body began to contract as he let out a cry. Jumper's sperm began to shoot out in powerful streams all over the front of his hospital gown, and then onto Jake's hand as he continued to stroke until the last drops oozed out. Jumper lay there panting breathlessly with his eyes closed, but with his hand still clutching Jake's arm.

Jake went to the bathroom where he licked the sperm off of his hand. He then brought back a towel and wiped up as much of the mess as he could. Just then the large square-bodied nurse came in again and saw the thick mess on the front of Jumper's gown, as well as his wilting penis. She said, "Well, I see we're feeling better! I'll bring you a fresh gown. But next time, please use a towel!"

As the nurse clomped out, Jake took Jumper into his arms as they both fell into uncontrolled laughter.

To be continued...


Posted: 10/03/08