My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

2000-2008 by the author


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"Michael, I think I've got you fixed up with a visiting nurse. There are a lot of them around, but they're all so damned busy, it's hard to find one who'll drive all the way out there to the ranch every day. But I was able to arrange for one. It's a male nurse, and he's only been out of nursing school since May. But he has good recommendations from the program, as well as from the one family he worked with over the last couple of months. His name is Marcus J. Filmore, III. I've done a lot of legal work for his grandfather, old Marcus Filmore. You know, the big Filmore ranch over near Victoria. They're good people. They're sending young Marcus over to see you in the morning so you can interview him. Now I warn you, Michael. He's a good looking young lad. You keep your hands off him, now you hear me?"

"Caleb, I'm surprised at you," said Michael. "You know I've got will-power that can never be broken!"

"Yeah, sure, Michael! Anyway, I think you'll be pleased with him. Just let me know what you think."


Chapter 62 

Jake spent a sleepless night. He went over and over in his mind what went wrong. He had done everything he knew how to do to make Jumper feel at home and realize that he had a friend who cared about him. He wondered that, if he had just fucked Jumper and paid him five dollars, that would have made him happy. There was no doubt in his mind that he would have liked to fuck Jumper. He was skinny with very white skin, but there was something appealing about him. He knew, though, that fucking Jumper right off was not the right thing to do under the circumstances. Michael had wanted Jumper to get a new start in life and, somehow, a change of attitude. Fucking him would have probably been an easy thing to do, but it wouldn't have helped the boy in any way. He knew that Jumper wanted Jake's hugs more than anything. Jake was willing to hug him all day long and all night long, if that is what the boy wanted. So what happened? Why did he leave with those truck drivers? He surely wasn't going to get any hugs from them.

At 10:00 a.m., Marcus J. Filmore, III pulled up into the yard in a new BMW. Not many BMWs were ever seen around those parts. There were no millionaires in the ranching business anymore, except, perhaps, at the King ranch. And even that ranch had been downsized with much of its land sold off. Several ranch hands gathered around to have a look. Marcus was a tall, slender, strikingly good looking young man, dressed in jeans, expensive boots and black cowboy hat. As he arrived at the back door, he removed his hat and said to Tony, "My name is Marcus Filmore. I have an appointment for an interview with Mr. Walker."

Tony ushered Marcus back to Michael's office and asked if he would like some coffee. Yes he would. Cream and no sugar. Michael shook Marcus's hand and motioned for him to sit down. 'Caleb was right,' he thought. 'Good Lord! What a beauty!'

"Mr. Walker, I understand you have an invalid brother who needs nursing care," said Marcus, sitting on the edge of his chair. "This would be only my second job as a visiting nurse, but I have very good references." Marcus handed an envelope to Michael. As Michael read the contents, Tony came in with two cups of coffee. As Michael looked up, Tony gave him a knowing wink. Then turned and left.

"I have very good recommendations on you from other sources, also," said Michael, referring to Caleb. Let me tell you about my brother."

Michael explained the whole situation with Jared, including the prison time, the suicide attempt and his current physical condition. He also explained about the long estrangement he and Jared had, and the reason for it. He told Marcus that he would not only need to see that Jared got his medication, but he would need to lend assistance in dressing and undressing and bathing. Also, when Jared walked, he would need to have someone with him.

Michael took Marcus down to Jared's room. When they entered, Michael said, "Jared, I want you to meet Marcus."

Marcus walked over to the window and knelt down in front of Jared who was sitting looking out the window. Taking Jared's hands in his, he said very softly, "Jared, my name is Marcus. And I'm going to be taking care of you."

Looking into Marcus's eyes, Jared said simply, "Thank you."

"Is this your room, Jared? It's a beautiful room."

Michael said, "This was my brother's room all the time he was growing up. But I'm afraid he doesn't remember it."

Back in Michael's office, Marcus said eagerly, "I would very much like the job, Mr. Walker."

"Well, Marcus, we would need to have you here every day. At least every morning and every evening. I think we could manage during the middle of the day. But it would mean seven days a week, including Saturdays and Sundays."

"That's fine with me, Mr. Walker. I have no other jobs. This is the kind of work I was trained to do, and I love doing it. On my last job . . . actually it was my first job . . . the man I cared for improved so much that it was decided that I was no longer needed."

"Could you start in a couple of days, say at 6:00 a.m.?"

"Of course. Thank you very much, Mr. Walker. You can count on my doing my very best for your brother."

After shaking hands, Michael watched as Marcus walked to his car, his ass cheeks bound up like little melons inside of his jeans. Michael thought, 'Wait until the guys see this one. He won't be safe from anyone.' Tony came in and asked, "Did you hire him? My God, I'll have to keep Clayton hidden whenever this guy's around."

"Why, Tony?"

"Well, you know, Clayton's got a bit of wandering eye."

"I didn't know that," said Michael.

"He wasn't like that to begin with, and he isn't really bad about it. But you know, he's become sort of a flirt with some of the guys on the crew. I don't think he's done anything with anybody else, but I do see him flirting once in awhile."

"I'm sorry to hear that, Tony. But it may be nothing. You know, we all get our heads turned from time to time by good looking guys. I wouldn't worry about it, Tony."

Only a week remained before the fall semester would start at the University in Austin. Mario and Adriano had taken a short camping trip up into the Hill Country. Mario had never done anything like that in his life. Camping out, Texas style, was not something that anyone did in Italy. They slept in a tent, cooked their own meals over a campfire, and did a great deal of hiking. Of course, at night, Mario and Adriano did their lovemaking outside under the stars, one of the most romantic things Mario had ever done.

When they returned to Austin, Mario announced that he wanted he and Adriano to take Josiah and Brian out to dinner before school started. The date was set, and they all went off in Adriano's car to Delmonico's on Congress Avenue in the heart of downtown. After each of them finished off steak dinners, and before desert was served, Brian excused himself to go to the restroom. A few moments later, Mario also toddled off to the restroom.

As they stood at adjoining urinals, Mario said, "It's really good to see you again, Brian. I always think back fondly on our first meeting. I think it was meaningful for both of us."

"It's good to see you again, too, Mario. Yeah, you really helped me a lot. I was a mess then. I was so conflicted, I didn't know which way was up."

After a pause, Mario looked over at Brian and said quietly, "I've missed you Brian. I really have. I've lived over and over in my mind that night in the motel when we first touched each other, when we first hugged each other."

Brian said nothing. After shaking the last drops out of his penis, he backed up and zipped up. As they both walked over to the lavatories to wash their hands, Mario said, "I'm sorry, Brian, I just think about you so often. I think about just one more time. If I could have just one more time with you, it would mean so much to me."

Brian said, "Mario, you meant a lot to me those first few times we were together. I think I owe you a lot for what you did for me. But what about Josiah? As you can see, I'm with Josiah now. Are you suggesting that . . . you know . . . you and me . . .?"

"I know you're with Josiah now, Brian. I'm not suggesting that we . . . well. All I can say is I just wish we could be together one more time. I'm sorry, Brian. I can't help telling you how I feel. I think of you so much."

"Mario. You and Adriano. Aren't you . . .?"

"It's not what you think, Brian. My son and I love each other very much. And we sleep together. But we've never sworn fidelity to each other. It just isn't like that. We're lovers, but we're not committed to each other in that way. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"I understand, Mario. But Josiah and I, on the other hand, are committed to each other. He and I have been through a lot, and we've sworn our love and our fidelity to each other."

Brian left the restroom, and Mario followed. The desert had already been delivered to the table. As they ate, Adriano could see that his father was keeping his eyes on Brian. Mario's obvious attention to Brian was also not lost on Josiah, who looked decidedly uncomfortable.

Finally, Mario ordered the check. Turning to Josiah and Brian, he said, "Adriano and I want you to come on up to our apartment for a nightcap. Okay?"

Mario had obviously decided that going back to the apartment was what they were going to do, and there seemed to be no call for assent or dissent. When they arrived at the apartment, Josiah and Brian sat together on the sofa, while Adriano disappeared in the kitchen to pour some wine. Mario sat on the other side of Brian and immediately put his arm around Brian's shoulder. Mario had more than enough to drink to make him forget propriety and any sense of inhibition.

Looking around to Josiah, Mario said, "You know Josiah, Brian and I go back a long time before he met you."

Adriano brought in a tray with glasses and a bottle of wine and placed it on the coffee table in front of the three on the sofa.

Mario went on, "I kind of brought him out, didn't I Brian?"

Brian took hold of Mario's arm and removed it from his shoulder. Mario said, "Oh, I didn't mean to bother you in front of Josiah here." Then placing his hand on Brian's thigh, Mario said, "We meant a lot to each other, didn't we, Brian?" Then, as Josiah looked on, Mario ran his hand up over Brian's bulge. "This was mine once, wasn't it, Brian?"

Just as Mario took Brian's hand and tried to place it on his own bulge, Adriano jumped up and said, "Dad, come on into the kitchen with me for a minute. I need to talk to you!"

Closing the door behind him, Adriano said, "What the fuck do you think you're doing, Dad? You're making a goddamned fool out of yourself! What's the matter with you?"

"I could have had Brian," said Mario as he leaned against a counter. "He was mine once."

"He was never yours, Dad," Adriano countered. "You seduced him, is what you did. He never committed himself to you!"

"Think what you want, Adriano. He was mine."

"Now let's go on out there, and you behave yourself!"

As Adriano and Mario went back in the living room, both Josiah and Brian were standing up. Josiah said, "I think we'd like to go home now, Adriano. I'm sorry. We're both pretty tired." Then turning toward Mario, he said, "Thanks so much for the really great dinner, Mario. We had a really nice time."

Adriano shot a menacing glance at his father and said, "Okay, you guys, I'll drive you home. And Dad, you just stay here and go on to bed. What you need is to sleep this off."

In the car, Adriano said, "I can't apologize enough for my dad. I'm afraid he just had too much to drink. I'm really sorry."

Brian said, "Adriano, you don't need to apologize. I know he had too much to drink. Your dad didn't mean any harm. You know, Josiah and I see no harm in having a little fun with someone else, but we do it together. That's just how we are. Both Josiah and I find your dad very attractive, and we both thought maybe something might happen tonight when we went to your place. But I don't think Mario was really in the right frame of mind, having so much to drink. And we think he just came on a little too strong. It was kind of making us uncomfortable. And on top of that, I was afraid he would just ignore Josiah. That isn't how we want it to be."

Adriano said, "I understand, Brian. I'd feel the same way if I were in your shoes. I do appreciate, though, your being so charitable toward Dad's behavior. I love him a lot, but he sometimes lets his horniness get out of control."

Josiah, who was sitting in the back seat, leaned forward so his head was between Adriano's and Brian's in the front seat. He placed his hand on Adriano's shoulder and moved his fingers lightly over the back of his neck. He said, "Adriano, Brian's right. We both thought maybe something would happen tonight. When you get to our place, would you come up and have a little nightcap with us in our little humble abode?"

Brian put his hand on Adriano's thigh and said, "Yes, Adriano. Please. We're not going to take no for an answer!"

"I'd love too, you guys, but I've got to get back to my dad. He'll wonder what's keeping me."

"It won't take long, Adriano. Please."

After stepping into the apartment, Adriano grabbed them both and pulled them close to him so their three heads were close and touching. He kissed them both and said, "I wanted something to happen tonight, too. I watched the two of you in the candle light at dinner tonight. And to see your two handsome faces looking at each other with such love in your eyes almost made me want to cry."

The three of them kissed passionately. Then Brian said, "Fuck the nightcap!"

Josiah and Brian led Adriano into the bedroom, where only a small reading light was turned on. All three fell on the bed, wildly groping one another and tearing at their belt buckles and zippers. Soon, their clothes were strewn all over the floor, and the three naked bodies were rolling about the bed in a tangled frenzy. Brian managed to get Adriano down flat on his back, taking Adriano's hard penis into his mouth. Josiah and Adriano were kissing each other with great passion, lashing their tongues in a furious tongue battle.

Then Josiah lay on his back with his legs high in the air. Adriano mounted him and plunged his rod into Josiah's waiting asshole. As he did this, Brian mounted Adriano from the rear and began fucking Adriano's ass hard and fast. As Brian let out several loud groans, Adriano could feel Brian's penis throbbing inside of him as his rectum was flooded with warm thick fluid. At the same time, Adriano's orgasm swept over him and he pumped his own sperm into Josiah's hole. All three were soon collapsed upon one another in exhaustion. Josiah reached around and got his fingers into Adriano's ass crack, where he could feel Brian's penis still imbedded in Adriano's asshole. It was wet and warm, and Josiah suddenly wanted to put his tongue down into that crack and slurp up as much of Brian's cum as he could.

Both Brian and Adriano rolled off onto their backs. Josiah jumped up and pushed Adriano's legs up as high as he could. Then lowering his face into Adriano's ass crack he took in the wonderful smell of cum and sweat that lingered there. Bringing his tongue down onto Adriano's puckered hole, he tasted his lover's sweet nectar. Josiah then mounted Adriano and pushed his hard penis into the wet, cum-filled hole. It felt so good to know that he was fucking into Brian's cum. He pushed faster and harder until he felt his orgasm coming on. Once again, Adriano felt the surges of hot sperm being pumped into him. As the surges stopped, Adriano pulled Josiah's head down and kissed his face and lips frantically.

Soon, the three of them were lying side by side, sweating and out of breath. Adriano, lying between Josiah and Brian, rubbed his hands over their sweaty chests and stomachs. He knew he had to get back home, but he didn't want to leave. He had lusted after these two boys for so long, and now here he was fucking and being fucked by both of them.

Adriano finally forced himself to rise off the bed and get dressed. He could feel the cum between his ass cheeks that was slowly oozing out of his asshole. "I'll never forget this, you guys. My only regret is that we may never have a chance to do this again."

Brian stood up and took Adriano in his arms. "Adriano, do you have any reason to believe that we won't do this again? Of course we'll do it again. You may have lusted after us, but let me tell you, Josiah and I have lusted after you for a long time. We both talk about sitting in class and watching your body move as you walk back and forth and lecture to the class. We've both sat with hard-ons many times in your classes. Sure, we'll do it again sometime, won't we Josiah?"

Josiah, still lying on his back, said, "We'd better do it again!"

It was all Adriano could do to walk out the door and down to his car. He kept saying to himself that he was in love. He was in love with both these guys. But how hopeless it was. They weren't in love with him. They were in love only with each other. As he drove, he fantasized about the three of them living together and sleeping together every night for the rest of their lives.

As Adriano pulled up to his own building, reality suddenly came back to him, and he realized that his fantasy was impossible. When he walked into his apartment, he found Mario sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine in his hand. Adriano just stood there and stared at him.

"What!" Mario said, looking up. "Someone's got to finish this fucking wine! What took you so long?"

"Dad, I asked you to go on to bed. You shouldn't be drinking any more."

"Why shouldn't I? There's nobody here that I can molest and embarrass you!"

"Dad, you were just a little out of line by doing what you were doing with Brian. You just made an ass out of yourself."

"Oh, I did, huh? Brian was mine once. I brought him out!"

"Dad, you've already told me that," said Adriano. "That has nothing to do with how you behaved tonight."

"Well, I have my fucking rights. Brian's special to me. I brought him out. I have rights. He should be grateful to me and show me some consideration!"

"Grateful to you!? For bringing him out? He was ready to come out before he even met you!"

"Oh, he was, huh?"

"Dad, lets get to bed. We can talk more in the morning when you're sober. We'll take our showers in the morning. We just need to get to bed right now and get some sleep."

Mario and Adriano stripped down and got into bed. After a few minutes, Mario rolled over and put his arms around Adriano. "Oh, Adriano, I don't like it when you're mad at me."

Mario ran his hand down over Adriano's back and slipped his fingers into his ass crack. Feeling the cum that was still oozing out of Adriano's hole, he jerked his hand back and sat up.

"You got fucked tonight, didn't you? I take you all out to dinner and then you leave me alone and go and get fucked by those two. That makes me feel bad. That makes me feel very bad."

"Dad, please. I didn't plan on that to happen."

"Shut up! Just shut up! I don't know you anymore. You knew what I wanted tonight. And you knew how badly I wanted it. And then you go and do this!"

Mario stood up and went out into the living room and lay on the sofa.

"Dad, please come back to bed," called Adriano. "We can talk in the morning."

"We're not going to talk at all!" shouted Mario. "Now leave me the fuck alone!"

Adriano said no more. He lay back and covered himself with the sheet. He knew there was no use in talking to his father anymore that night. He lay awake a long time, but finally drifted off to sleep shortly before dawn. Getting up and walking into the living room, he found Mario fully dressed with a cup of coffee in his hand.

"Okay, Adriano," said Mario, holding up his hand. "I don't want to hear it. I've made a decision. It's not working out with the two of us living together. I'm going to go out and find my own place."

"Oh, Dad," sighed Adriano, throwing himself in a chair, "don't be silly. I don't want you to leave."

"It's not about what you want, Adriano. It's about what I've decided to do. I'm just in the way. You have your friends your own age. You have your life you want to live. I'm a lot older than you and your friends, and I see things a little different. You need your privacy, and you need to be free from any embarrassment your silly old dad can cause you.

"Dad, I'm not going to allow you to leave here. This is where you belong. This is what we planned. We were going to make a home together."

"You need to make a home with someone other than me, Adriano. I can see that now. We can still be close. I thought about it last night as I lay on the fucking stupid sofa here. I thought about Michael Walker and his son. Michael was smart enough to see that his son needed someone as a partner, and he was happy to see Jeff and Paul get together. But Michael and Jeff are still close, and they're still lovers. I should have looked to their example before this. I'm not walking out of your life, Adriano. I'm just giving you the freedom that a young fella like you needs."

Adriano got up and sat next to Mario. He threw his arms around his father and said, "Now I know why I love you so much, Dad. You're just a great dad. If you want to find a place of your own, I understand. And, Dad, I'm sorry about last night. You know, both Brian and Josiah have said they find you very attractive and were kind of hoping something would happen with the four of us. But you were just . . . ."

"I know. I was nothing but a horse's ass. And I know it." Then after a long pause, he said sheepishly, "They found me attractive?"

"Yeah! For an old man!"

They both laughed, and Mario said, "Okay, son, let's go out and get ourselves a big breakfast. Then I'm going to get started looking at places!"

As Jumper rode off the ranch the night before with the two truck drivers, the driver said, "What's yer name, kid?"

"They call me Jumper."

"Well, my name's Roy, and this here's my trucking partner. His name's Dwayne. So ya like to git fucked, do ya?"

"Yeah," replied Jumper, "if ya each give me five bucks."

Dwayne laughed. "That sounds like a fuckin bargain to me!"

"Tell ya what, Jumper," said Roy. "It's about quittin' time and we always stay at a truck-stop motel up the highway a piece. We'll give ya what ya want there. Okay?

"Okay," said Jumper.

Roy drove the semi onto the motel grounds and around to the back of the building. They got the truck parked while Dwayne went in the office to rent the room and get the key. When they entered the room, Roy said, "Go ahead Dwayne, git yer shower. Then I'll take mine."

As Dwayne stripped down and got into the shower, Roy turned to Jumper and said, "Okay, kid, ya gotta git outta them clothes if ya want us to fuck ya."

All Jumper was wearing was a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. He got out of them quickly and lay on the bed. As soon as Dwayne got out of the shower, Roy stripped down and took his shower. Soon they were both sitting naked on the edge of the bed staring down at Jumper.

"Roll over on yer stomach, kid," said Roy. "Ain't that a pretty little ass?"

Dwayne reached down and spread Jumper's ass cheeks and looked into his hairless little pucker. "Shit, Roy," he said. "That little asshole looks almost as sweet as my old lady's. I don't fuck her cunt no more. What I like now is a good tight asshole. Jumper, ya like gittin' fucked in that little boy-pussy of yers?"

"Yes sir," said Jumper.

"Here let me git it good and loosened up fer ya," Roy said, as he pushed his four fingers into Jumper's asshole."

"Ow!" cried Jumper. "That hurts!"

"Yer gonna git a bigger cock than that up there, kid. Yer pretty loose. Ya outta be able to take both our cocks at once!"

Roy straddled Jumper's legs with his own and lifted up Jumper's hips so he could get his penis in. Without warning, Roy rammed his cock down into Jumper's asshole so hard that Jumper cried out. Dwayne lay down on the bed watching Roy's cock pound away into Jumper's ass.

Dwayne laughed and said, "Don't that feel good, kid? Roy's got nine inches of solid steel in that cock of his. But his in nothin' I got 'im beat. I got nine and a half to shove up that little asshole of yers!"

Jumper had never had a guy's cock hurt so much. It hurt so badly that tears came to his eyes. Suddenly, Roy let out a roar and shot his load into Jumper's rectum with at least six thrusts.

"Okay, my turn," said Dwayne as Roy pulled his penis out. "Now yer gonna git yer money's worth this time!" Dwayne's penis was not only very long, it was at least two and a half inches in diameter. "Yer gonna love this jist like my old lady loves it. But yer tiny little round ass cheeks are cuter than her big floppy buns."

As Dwayne plunged his penis into Jumper's asshole, Jumper felt a terrible burning sensation like salt being poured into an open wound. He was sure that the rim around his asshole was being torn. With tears filling his eyes, he pleaded, "Please stop! It hurts too much!"

Dwayne laughed and said, "A good piece of ass is supposed to hurt, kid. My old lady always screams, 'It hurts so good!' when I fuck her in the ass."

Soon, Jumper could feel Dwayne's hard penis throbbing and shooting stream after stream of his cum into him. Jumper had never in his life felt such terrible pain. As soon as Dwayne pulled out, Jumper sat up and said, "I want my ten bucks now so I can go."

Roy said, "Not so fast! We ain't done with ya yet!"

Dwayne put on his shorts and ran out to the truck while Roy continued to hold Jumper down with his strong arms. When Dwayne returned, Roy said, "Now tie his arms to the bed posts."

With Jumper's arms still tied to the bed, both Roy and Dwayne, lying on either side of him, were soon asleep and snoring. Jumper finally nudged Roy to tell him that he needed to pee badly. Roy reached over and took a towel off the bed table and threw it onto Jumper's penis. "Here ya go," said Roy. "Jist pee into the towel so ya don't git the bed wet." Jumper then let go and emptied his bladder into the towel.

When morning came, Roy and Dwayne announced that they were taking Jumper with them while they made their deliveries. As Roy drove up toward San Antonio, Jumper was required to sit naked on Dwayne's lap with Dwayne's cock up his ass. Roy and Dwayne would take turns driving, so Jumper found himself with one or the other's cock up his ass most of the day. They had a cooler behind their seats full of beer, and as they drove, they both seemed to be drinking steadily. When they were making their deliveries, they would lock poor naked Jumper in the cab so he couldn't get out.

That evening, they headed back south toward the same motel they had stayed at the night before. It was twilight and both Roy and Dwayne had become pretty high from all the beer they had consumed. They pulled off the main highway onto a rather curving state road. Roy was driving and Jumper was still sitting on Dwayne's lap with that huge cock up his ass. Dwayne finally said, "Take it easy, Roy. Yer drivin' too fast around these curves, and there ain't no guard rails on these embankments."

Roy just said, "Aw shit, I can't wait to git back to that motel and dick the kid again."

Just then, as they took a particularly sharp curve, the trailer started to skid. They felt the back of the trailer falling and pulling them down. The entire semi then slipped off the road and fell on its side, then onto its top as it rolled down the embankment to the ravine below. Jumper felt himself thrown around in the cab, hitting his head and bruising his arms as he tried to brace himself. Both Roy and Dwayne had apparently been knocked out, and both had blood running from the tops of their heads down over their faces. One of the doors had been thrown open slightly, and Jumper did his best to scamper out onto the ground. There was a strong smell of gasoline, and Jumper, sore and weak, crawled away from the truck into a thick area of underbrush. He was still naked.

Jumper thought about going back to the truck to retrieve his clothes. But as he started back, there was an enormous explosion, with a huge ball of flame, totally engulfing the truck. Jumper fell to the ground and watched as the entire truck burned. Even though he knew both Roy and Dwayne had been caught in the fiery pyre, Jumper felt enormous relief to be free from them. The last rays of the sun were just disappearing below the horizon. Jumper felt his head and then looked at his hand. He was bleeding slightly. He crawled further into the underbrush to get further away from the blazing heat. He was sore and his feet and legs were painfully covered with stickers from the nettles on the ground. He felt his arms stiffening up from the bruises and they were sore to the touch.

Jumper lay exhausted in the bushes as a light rain began to fall. The truck was still a roaring inferno. He didn't know exactly where he was, but he thought if he would walk down along the road in the direction they were traveling, he would get to the truck stop and motel they had stayed at the night before. He crawled up to the road's edge and tried to walk. His feet and legs were so painful that he had to stop. It was very dark, and he could tell he was on the road only by the feel of the pavement under his feet. Finally, he could go no further. He rolled over onto the shoulder, not knowing that there was a steep embankment only inches away. Rolling down the embankment, he came to a stop in a soft bed of tall field grass.

He was cold and was shivering from the rain. Lying on his stomach to keep the rain out of his face, he began to cry. He knew he was lost and wanted to go to sleep and never wake up.

That evening, Michael talked with Tony about the food and drink that were to be brought the next day to Michael's house in the Cottonwoods. That day would be Jake's sixty-third birthday. Michael had asked Jake to join him, along with Jeff and Paul, that afternoon for a birthday celebration and a surprise in the Cottonwoods. They had all been aware that Jake had yearnings to sometime get Michael in his bed, but had long ago given up any hope. They had discussed having Jake's dream come true on his birthday, and this would be the day.

The next morning, Jake was invited into the house to have a special breakfast with Michael, Jeff, and Paul. Joining them were Tony and Clayton, and Enrique and Noah. Jake felt very honored and, when they were finished, Jake said he wanted to say a little prayer for Jumper. Everyone was surprised since Jake had never given any indication that he was churchly or in any way religious. They all waited for him to begin the prayer.

Jake bowed his head and said, "I hope the little fucker's okay."

Everyone sat in silence until Jeff said, "Is that it? Is that the prayer?"

"Sure," answered Jake. "Ain't it good enough?"

Laying his hand on Jake's, Michael said, "Well, sure, Jake. We all hope he's okay. And thanks. I think your prayer said it all. Now I know you had some work to get out of the way today, Jake. But remember, we'll be driving out to the Cottonwoods at four o'clock this afternoon."

At exactly four, Michael, Jake, Jeff, and Paul set out for the Cottonwoods. Tony had packed up a big dinner for the four of them consisting of roasted Cornish Hens, corn on the cob that could be boiled up when they get there, fried Okra, hard rolls, a mixed fruit salad, and rhubarb pie, Jake's favorite.

Michael arranged the chairs out on the front verandah so they could watch another great Texas sunset. There were heavy dark clouds overhead, but the western sky was still clear. Jake was served a beer in Michael's old college fraternity beer stein, while the rest of them drank Scotch and water. Michael held up his glass and said, "Here's to Jake, the greatest foreman and cowpoke in the Western Hemisphere, and the finest human being I ever had the privilege of knowing!" Everyone agreed and drank to the toast.

With a big smile, Jake said, "Aw shit, I ain't none of them things. Greatest cowpoke in the where? And the finest human being . . . aw shit . . . I . . . ." Jake became a little misty-eyed and took out his big red handkerchief and blew his nose with several short snorts.

As they drank, conversation got sillier, and the jokes got raunchier. Everybody prodded Jake to tell them about his early life. "Tell us about the first time you ever fucked anyone, Jake," asked Jeff.

"Well, I was doin' rodeo work when I was a young horny kid, and one day my ropin' partner's daughter come on to me to fuck her. She took me over to the horse barn and spread herself out on the fuckin' hay. When she pulled her dress up, I seed she ain't got no panties on. Now I really got scared. I'd heared that a woman's got three holes, but I didn't know which one to stick my cock into. When I dropped my pants, I had the biggest fuckin' boner I ever had. And she jist giggled. So I thought what the fuck, I'll jist git down on her and hope fer the best. And when I layed on top of her, my cock jist slipped into the fuck hole as sweet as you please. It felt wet and hot and I knew I was in the right hole. I could feel her cunt snappin' on my cock. After I got done shootin' her full of cum, I went out there in the arena and did the best fuckin' ropin' I'd ever done."

"How about the second time?" asked Paul.

Jake laughed. "Oh, yeah. That was a real barn burner. Me and some of my buddies after a show went into town to this tavern and had a few. This good lookin' cunt come up to me and tried to seduce me. She had her hands all over my fuckin' body. And I was gittin' really hot and horny, kissin' her and all that shit. So I took her back to my fuckin' trailer and laid down with her on the bed. I ran my hands over her legs and up under her dress. Way up expectin' to find a good wet pussy. But what I grabbed onto was a pair of hairy balls. I said, 'what the fuck!" And she said, 'ya wanna fuck? I got a asshole that's better than any pussy.' I had a few fuckin' beers, so I jist said, what the shit. Why not. She pulled down the zipper on her back, and the whole fuckin thing came off and there she laid all naked and hairy with a hard cock bigger than me. So I fucked her . . . or him. And what a fuck that was! His little asshole was snappin on my cock like there warn't no tomorrow. So I was hooked. I fucked a lot of cunts after that, but I also got into guys' assholes as often as I could!"

Michael had been in the kitchen boiling up the corn and putting the food out on the table. "Okay, you guys, chow's on! Get in here before it gets cold!"

As they walked into the house, Jake looked down at Jeff's and Paul's crotches and laughed. "Hey, them stories really gave you dudes a couple a hard cocks!"

"Yeah," said Jeff. "And they'll be all yours whenever you're ready!"

Everyone ate heartily, but it was obvious that Jake was a bit preoccupied. It had become obvious to him what might be coming, and he could feel the wetness of his jeans against his thigh.

When they were finished, they went into the living room and sat down. Jeff stood up and said, "Now it's always been a tradition in our family that when we were growing up, we would always get our height measured each year on our birthday. Jake, since you're already full grown, we're going to do a different kind of measurement. In fact we're all going to get measured. Stand up, Jake, and drop your pants."

Jake eagerly did as he was told. He stood there with his huge hard-on standing up at a forty-five degree angle. And hanging from it was a long elastic string of pre-cum that almost reached the floor. Michael pulled out his tape measure and ran it along the top of Jake's penis. "Well, Jake," said Michael, "it looks like you are just a pubic hair above seven and a half inches!"

"Shit!" said Jake. "I used to be a whole fuckin' eight inches!"

"Well, Jake, we shrink when we get older," said Jeff.

Michael was next, and his penis weighed in at just short of seven and a half inches. Jeff's penis measured exactly the same as his fathers. But Paul beat them all. His hard cock was just short of eight inches.

Jeff said, "The rule is that the guy with the longest cock gets to do the first fuck." Jeff led the way into the bedroom where he and Paul immediately removed their clothes. Michael took Jake by the hand and, as they stood in the middle of the floor, Michael said, "Would you like to undress me, Jake?"

Jake was almost overcome at the thought and, with hands shaking slightly, removed Michael's shirt, then his boots, and finally his jeans. He couldn't resist taking Michael in his arms and kissing him madly as he ran his hands over Michael's back and ass cheeks. Michael sidled them both over to the bed, where they fell. Both Paul and Jeff busily removed all of Jake's clothes.

After awhile, Jeff said, "Okay, it's time for the winner of the longest penis to have the first fuck. Paul, who's it going to be?"

Paul said, "I can't wait to get my cock into Jake's ass!" Jake lay on his back and instinctively brought his legs up high, revealing the mass of black hair that filled his ass crack. Paul lowered himself onto Jake and found that his penis entered Jake's hole with ease. Jake did most of the fucking by wildly bucking his hips.

As Jake could feel Paul's penis enlarging inside of him, he shouted, "Shoot yer fuckin' shit all over me!"

Paul pulled out and threw stream after stream of his thick white cum onto Jake's chest, with some landing on his mouth and cheek. Jake scooped as much of it up as possible and sucked it off his fingers. Then reaching over to where Michael was lying, he took hold of Michael's hard penis and slowly began stroking it.

Jeff said, "Jake, this is your party. You can do anything you want now."

Jake looked over at Michael and said, "I think I want Michael to fuck me now." As Michael rose up on his knees between Jake's legs, Jake thought to himself, "My God, is my fuckin' dream finally comin' true?"

Jumper awoke as the sky was beginning to lighten. He was cold and wet and could hardly move. His whole body was stiff and sore. The rain had not let up and was now drizzling lightly. He had slept only fitfully, feeling more miserable than he had ever felt in his life. He told himself that he wished that he had died in the night. He looked back and could just barely see the burned out hulk of the truck lying in the gully. He didn't know what to do. It hurt to move. He lay there for a long time. The sun came out for just a few minutes, and Jumper could see that it was just overhead, slightly to the west. He knew it must be around mid-day. Struggling to his feet, his head began to pound again, and he could hardly move his legs. He saw that one of his ankles was badly swollen. He walked along below the embankment, keeping his eye on the road above. He had to stop frequently and sometimes he crawled along. But it was as painful crawling as it was walking. He could hear a few cars going by on the road, but he didn't want them to see him naked.

For the rest of the day, he walked and crawled for several miles until he came to the junction of the state road with the main highway. Staying hidden in the trees and brush away from the highway, he continued to make his way, not really knowing where he was going. He was hoping to find a shed or some sort of shelter, but there was none. Finally, he collapsed exhausted in a pile of leaves under a tree and felt he couldn't go any further. He fell asleep, but when he finally awoke, it was nighttime, and the rain was coming down harder. He never remembered ever being so cold and so lonely. His feet were swollen from walking on stones and nettles, and his ankle was now so sore he could barely put his foot down.

Jumper was now in a large woods with many trees. He started out again, hopping on one foot from tree to tree. Suddenly, the stand of trees ended and he felt gravel under his feet. He wondered if this was the gravel road that led to the Walker Ranch. He collapsed on the ground and began to cry again. He started crawling along the edge of the road. His knees were bloodied, but he no longer cared. Sobbing loudly, he crawled faster and faster. He no longer cared about the pain and soreness. He crawled for a long way and suddenly saw a light up ahead. He though it might be a car and ducked into the brush until it passed. But the light never moved. Continuing on, he finally realized the light was coming from a building. Now jumping to his feet, he ran, hobbling mostly on one foot, almost oblivious to the pain that came in waves over his body. The rain was running into his eyes, but he kept going.

And there it was, suddenly in front of him. The Walker Ranch. Half hobbling and half crawling, and choking on his tears, he blindly made his way directly to the bunk house and fell on the step at Jake's door.

As he pounded as hard as he could on the door, he called, "Jake, Jake. Please, Jake!"

There was no light in the window and no one answered the door. "Jake! It's Jumper! Please!" cried Jumper, choking on the words. Seeing that it was no use, Jumper collapsed on the step, sobbing hopelessly.

It was now close to 1:30 a.m., and Jake was looking up at Michael's face and taking in the sight of Michael's strong upper body as Michael slowly pushed his hips up against Jake's ass cheeks. Jake could feel Michael's powerfully hard penis entering his asshole, a moment he had dreamed of since Michael was a boy, jerking off with Jake down by the stream. Jake watched Michael's stomach and chest muscles rippling with every thrust. He reached up and pinched Michael's nipples, causing Michael to close his eyes and groan with pleasure.

Jeff stretched out his body next to Jake with his hard penis close to Jake's head, offering it to Jake if he wished to take it in his mouth as Michael fucked him. Jake turned his head slightly and sucked in the full length of Jeff penis. Then Jeff straddled himself over Jake's head while facing his father. As he fucked Jake's mouth, his balls flopped softly on Jake's nose. Jake had never felt such erotic pleasure in his life. He didn't want it ever to end.

Jeff said to his father, "I'm about to cum, Dad. Are you ready?"

Michael nodded, and they both let their bodies be swept away in a frenzied orgasm while they pumped their cum into both ends of Jake's body. Jake could feel both penises throbbing wildly in his mouth and in his rectum and felt the warmth of the sperm surge through his body. Soon, Michael collapsed onto Jake's body, and Jake smothered Michael's face with kisses as he let some of Jeff's thick cum dribble into Michael's mouth.

Michael soon rolled off and, with a seductive smile, brought his legs up and beckoned for Jake to take him. Jake was like an animal. He first flooded Michael's ass trench with saliva and then plunged his huge rod into Michael's asshole. Michael winced, but was soon moaning with pleasure. As Jake pounded Michael's ass furiously, Michael could feel Jake's enormous balls slapping against his ass cheeks.

Jake said breathlessly, "Michael, where do you want it?"

Michael said, "Pull out, Jake, when you're ready. I want to see you shoot your cum!"

As Jake roared like a wounded lion, he pulled out and, with his hard penis throbbing and the veins around it red and extended, shot volley after volley of thick white cum all the way up to Michael's neck and face. As Jake hung there breathlessly, both Jeff and Paul went down and bathed Michael's face with their tongues.

As Jake rolled off onto his back, completely exhausted, Michael's cell phone rang. It was Tony, and Michael could tell he was crying.

"Tony, it's past two in the morning. What's the matter?"

"It's Jumper, Michael. I couldn't sleep, so I went into the kitchen and made myself a peanut butter sandwich and got some milk and went out on the back verandah to get some air. I thought I heard what sounded like an animal who might be hurt. I listened for awhile and then it stopped. Then when I was done with my sandwich, I got an umbrella and walked over to where I thought I heard the sound. And that's when I saw Jumper lying on the step in front of Jake's door. I think he might be dead, but I'm not sure. I think maybe I saw him breathing, but I'm not sure. I tried to shake him, but he didn't move or say anything. He's lying there all curled up naked in the rain. And it looks like he's been hurt really badly. I ran and got a horse blanket from the horse barn and covered him up since it's raining."

Michael said, "Oh, my God, Tony. We're coming home right now. Stay there near him in case he wakes up."

"I will. Oh, God, Michael! Please hurry! I'm so scared!"

Michael explained what had happened and they all quickly got dressed and ran out to the car. Jake had tears in his eyes as he jumped in the car. He said over and over, "Oh, God! Oh, God! My prayer didn't help him. What have I done? I shoulda gone after him. Oh, Jumper, please! Hang on!"

To be continued...


Posted: 10/03/08