My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

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Tears filled Millie Forbes eyes as she said, "I always loved you, son, but I had become unable to care for you. And none of your foster families would allow me to visit you. I felt so badly . . . not knowing how you were."

Josiah rose up on his knees with tears running down his cheeks and put his arms around the woman. They both wept quietly while Brian fought back his own tears.


Chapter 59 

Caleb and Steve entered the Wine and Cheese Shop. Angie Sorrensen came sweeping out from the back room, and when she saw them, she shouted, "Caleb, dahling! How nice to see you! Give me a kiss! Mmmmmm-wah! And who is this lovely young man with you?"

"Angie, I want you to meet my friend, Steve," said Caleb. "He lives with me at my new condo. He's fairly new to the area. He's from way up there in Northern New England."

Angie said, "Brrrr! It's cold up there!"

"Well, at this time of year, it gets about as hot sometimes as it does down here," said Steve.

"Angie," said Caleb, "Steve might be interested in purchasing the shop."

"Oh, how lovely!" squealed Angie. "But would you excuse me for a minute, dahlings. I have a big customer in my office. He's reeeeely big! He's from Charlotte, and his orders are always humongous!"

As Angie disappeared back into her office, Caleb said, "Well, Steve, as you can see, she's really a classy old gal. And even though she's a born and bred Texan, she's adopted that elegant eastern way of talking. I have to tell you she knows all about me. And I'm sure she put two and two together about you and me."

"Do you think that will make a difference?" asked Steve.

"I think it will enhance your chances to get a good deal, that's what I think. By the way, I hope you caught the 'lovely young man' remark she made about you."

"Oh, Caleb, she was just being gracious."

"Now, see!" said Caleb. "There you go again! Didn't I say we'll have no more of that kind of talk?"

"Yes, sir! I promise to obey, sir!" said Steve, standing at mock attention and clicking his heals.

"What do you think of the place, Steve?"

"I didn't expect it to be so big. It's wonderfully laid out, with everything displayed so beautifully. And there are really quite a few customers in here, also."

Caleb said, "Steve, the business is booming at this place. It's known all over, with customers from as far away as the Eastern Seaboard. You'd be taking on a thriving business. It would be up to you to keep it that way, though. What do you think?"

"I'm very impressed so far, Caleb."

Soon, Angie reappeared and led them back to her office. Caleb said, "I think that Steve would like to look at your books . . . you know . . . your annual sales, your expenses, etc."

Steve and Caleb spent the rest of the morning looking over the books and asking questions of Angie. Steve relied heavily on Caleb and his legal background for advice. They also talked about selling price. Steve was greatly impressed the way Caleb was able to 'sweet-talk' old Angie down to an almost rediculously low price, but one that was fair withal.

"Well, Angie," said Caleb. "Steve and I are going to pay a visit to the bank about the financing of this sale, and we'll be in touch. You're a real sweetheart."

Angie leaned in close to Steve and clutched his arm. She looked into his eyes and said, "You've got yourself a winner, there, young man. They don't come finer than my Caleb. There's one thing, though, ducky. I hope you're going to do the cooking. Caleb does a smashing pizza, but . . . oh, my! What a bore it can be! Put some pizzazz into his meals!"

"As a matter of fact, Angie," said Steve. "I do plan to cook as many meals as I can for us."

Caleb was able to set up an appointment with a loan officer friend of his for the following Monday. "Right now, Steve," said Caleb as they got into the car, "let's go back to the apartment."

"What's there to do there, Caleb?" whined Steve.

"I don't know, Steve. It does get pretty boring there, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, the only thing to do is sit around and stare at the wall."

Caleb thought a minute and said, "Well, we could just un-make the bed and re-make it a few times. That would at least give us something to do."

"Well, I suppose," groaned Steve. "If you insist!"

The day had finally arrived for Maggie's housewarming party on Saturday. Maggie spent the entire day vacuuming and dusting and fussing about the place. Rhapsody and one of her friends stayed busy in the kitchen, where they made a large variety of canapés and other heavy hors d'oeuvres. Rhapsody, however, took at least an hour out of her work to stand outside and observe the bikini-clad pool man as he cleaned the pool.

When the young man had finished his work, Rhapsody called, "Oh, yoo-hoo! Young man! Perhaps you would like to come inside and take a shower to wash all the nasty chlorine off your . . . mmmm body!

As the pool man gathered up his equipment, and without looking at Rhapsody, he said, "No thank you, ma'am."

Josiah and Brian had been invited, but decided not to go. Josiah just felt he was in no mood for a party, especially one where he expected all of Maggie's swishy friends to be present. Neither he nor Brian ever liked those types of people, and never went to The Nest, which always seemed to be full of them.

Michael was not particularly anxious to go, either, but felt obligated. He agreed to drive his car, with Jeff, Paul, and Jake riding along. Tony would take another car with Clayton, Enrique, and Noah as his passengers. Caleb and Steve, as two adults, had volunteered to stay at the house that one night to keep an eye on things at the ranch. Mark and Corky were also invited, as were Adriano and his father, Mario.

When they arrived at Maggie's house, they were greeted at the door by Rhapsody, now decked out in full drag. She wore a flaming red wig, and her outfit consisted of lime green, and very tight, toreador pants, with her package fully visible, and a sleeveless, pink and white candy-striped blouse with ruffles around the neck and down the front. It was unbuttoned to reveal just a hint of two aging and rather unattractive large and drooping male breasts.

When Michael and Jeff entered, Jeff whispered to his dad, "What a sight! You'd think at her age, she would have covered those awful flabby hairy arms."

"I know," replied Michael. "And did you see that droopy chest and the pot belly sticking out with that awful skin that looks like buttermilk! I had to look away. I know that most guys get that way when they get older, but I hope I have enough consideration for others to keep it a little more covered up when I get that age."

When Maggie saw Michael, she rushed up and planted a big kiss on his mouth. To Michael's relief, Maggie was not in drag and actually looked quite nice with a pair of men's conservative length shorts and a short sleeve dark blue polo shirt.

As the guests arrived, they could hear a great deal of high pitched screaming and laughter coming from the patio in the back of the house. The entire contingent of Maggie's San Antonio friends had arrived early and were having a gay ol' time. All were in drag to one extent or another.

As the Walker crowd and their friends, all dressed in shorts, stood in their own little group, they agreed that, with these drag queens present, it would very likely turn into a real show as the evening progressed.

Michael went up to Maggie and said, "Who are those two sitting alone over there. That young man and a boy? The boy looks like he's about fifteen or sixteen years old."

"Mustn't ask questions yet, Michael dear," said Maggie. "They're going to be our entertainment tonight. You'll just have to keep your pants on and wait and see."

For the next two hours, everyone ate and drank and mingled. One rather withered old queen, whose dress hung unappealingly off his narrow hips, insisted on monopolizing Paul. "You're gorgeous, young man!" said the man. "Has anyone ever told you that?"

"Yes, I tell him all the time," said Jeff, intervening and attempting to extricate Paul from the man's clutches.

Then turning to Jeff, the man said, "Oh! And what's YOUR name, sweetheart?"

Jeff took Paul by the arm and they disappeared into the crowd. Jeff said, "I'm not used to this kind of stuff. Those people are funny to look at, but I wish they'd keep their hands to themselves."

Then Paul said, "But, Jeff, my love. Why did you have to interrupt us? I was just getting ready to take him into the house where he and I could be alone and . . . you know . . . get naked together. Didn't you think he was hot?"

"Paul!" said Jeff. "Don't joke about things like that!"

"Who says I'm joking?"

"Oh, Paul," whimpered Jeff as he put his arms around Paul and pressed his head against his chest.

Paul held Jeff tightly against himself and said, "Okay, Jeff. Okay. I was just joking. I just wanted to see if I could make you jealous."

"Jealous of that old shriveled up queen?" said Jeff, pulling away from Paul's grip. Then pressing himself again against Paul's body, he said, "Well, I really knew you were joking." Paul laughed and took Jeff's head in his hands and kissed him gently on the lips.

It was now about eight o'clock and most of the food had been eaten, and an enormous amount of beer and hard liquor had been consumed. Maggie stood up on a chair and rang a bell, calling for silence. "Now, all you good people, it's time for our show to begin. You didn't think that old Maggie was going to have a boring party, did you? You're going to be entertained by two people who Rhapsody had arranged to join us. This is . . . stand up you two . . . this is Marcus and his sixteen-year-old son, Timmy, who have agreed to give us a private showing of their act.

As Marcus unrolled a large padded mat poolside, they were greeted with light applause.

Michael stood by Maggie and said, "I have a feeling I know what's going to happen. Where did you find these two?"

"Well, Michael, Rhapsody frequents one of the baths back in San Antonio, and she ran into Marcus. I don't know which one of them fucked who, but they got to talking. She found out that this man and his son have a little act they put on at private parties. Well, one thing led to another, and . . . here they are!"

After everyone was seated on the floor of the patio, Marcus, slowly and very erotically, removed each item of Timmy's clothing. And last, he slowly pulled Timmy's briefs down, revealing first a tuft of pubic hair and a very stiff circumcised penis. Marcus knelt down and, as he ran his tongue down Timmy's chest and stomach, Timmy began unbuttoning his father's shirt, slowly, button by button.

Little squeals were beginning to be heard from the drag queens as they started squirming around on the floor. After Marcus ran his tongue once or twice over his son's penis and balls, he stood up and allowed Timmy to undo his belt, the top hook, and bring down his zipper, all in a torturously slow way. The queens were beginning to die! Then Timmy took hold of his dad's pants and slowly pulled them down to his ankles. Marcus was wearing bikini briefs, but both of his balls were now poking out of the left side of them, while just the head of his hard penis was peeking out of the other. This, of course, had been carefully pre-arranged.

Once again, in an agonizingly slow motion, Timmy lowered his dad's briefs to his ankles. Now, both father and son were completely naked. Timmy had a beautifully shaped body with developing muscles that belied his age. Just a hint of hair covered his legs and forearms. His body was very tanned, except for the erotic sight of his bikini tan line that circled his small hips. Although the boy's father did not have a body-builder's physique, he had well-developed muscles in all the right places. His legs and forearms were covered with soft light brown hair. His bush of dark brown pubic hair was so extensive, it covered almost the full width of his own narrow hips, and extended up within an inch of his navel. His chest hair formed an erotic swirl on each of his pectorals, through which could be seen two very large nipples.

Michael leaned over to Maggie and said, "Look at that cock! It's what all the rest of us can only dream of!"

Maggie said, "Well, Rhapsody said Marcus told him it was just over nine inches."

"It looks like ten or eleven to me!" said Michael.

As they both faced each other, Marcus, with both his arms, lifted Timmy up so Timmy could drape his legs over his father's shoulders, allowing Marcus to take Timmy's hard penis into his mouth. Maggie then leaned over and told Michael that he was told Timmy had five inches. Cupping his son's little round ass cheeks in his hands, Marcus sucked his penis vigorously for a few minutes. Down on his feet again, Timmy then took his father's gorged penis into his own mouth, unable, of course, to take it all.

Soon, Marcus was on his back on the mat with his legs up in the air. Timmy got down on his stomach and began eating out his father's asshole. Jake couldn't contain himself and blurted out for all to hear, "Look at that little fucker suck the shit out of that asshole. Christ! I can't hardly stand it no more!"

Jake opened up his pants and pulled out his own penis and started stroking it. It was the signal for several others to do the same.

After he had filled his father's ass crack with saliva, Timmy mounted him and started fucking his father like an old pro. He was pounding his father so hard, that Marcus was beginning to slide off the mat. All the while, Marcus was yelling, "Fuck me, son! Fuck my ass hard. Pump all that boy cream into me. To see that boy's ass cheeks bobbing up and down was about to drive Jake crazy. Several others had to restrain him as he said, "Lemme up there! I've gotta git my face into that little fucker's ass!"

Now, both father and son were groaning and whimpering, giving voice to the ecstasy they were feeling. Then suddenly, Timmy pulled out of his father's asshole and began shooting long ropes of thick white cum out of his throbbing penis onto his father's chest and face. Marcus kept his mouth open, trying to catch as much as he could.

Without any delay, Timmy lay back on the mat with his legs up against his chest and holding his hips up off the mat with his hands. His father knelt there holding his enormous rod encircled with thick veins. He ran the head of it around and over each of his son's beautiful ass cheeks, leaving them wet and shiny with pre-cum. Then he began teasing his son's ass crack with it, sliding it up and down through the crack. Everyone watching now had their own cocks out and stroking them.

Then Timmy started shouting, "Daddy, you're driving me crazy! Please! Ram that big cock up my ass! Fuck me, daddy! Fuck me!"

Marcus then aimed his enormous pole right at his son's hole. And everyone fell silent and open-mouthed as they watched every inch of Marcus's rod slowly, in one stoke, completely disappear into his son's asshole.

Timmy groaned and shouted, "Oh Daddy! Shove it all in deeper!"

Marcus then pulled his hard penis out slowly, leaving just the head of it inside of his son's rectum. He pushed it back in, and then he pulled it out again, faster and faster, pounding that little boy's ass harder and harder. The queens started whining and sniveling and tearing away at their clothes in an erotic frenzy created by the sight of this masculine adult man fucking his own son. As he fucked his son, Marcus appeared to be riding his son like a bucking bronco, slapping his hips as he would a horse, and yelling. Timmy threw his little hips around like an out-of-control animal and screamed for his father to fuck him harder and faster. It was a sight and sound that transported everyone watching into a state of sexual delirium. It had become a crowd of deranged mad lunatics, all groaning and moaning like the inmates of an asylum, but no one taking his eyes off of that enormous penis as it traveled in and out of the boy's asshole.

Suddenly, Marcus pulled out of his son's ass, and there, pointing up at a forty-five degree angle was his large throbbing appendage, bobbing up and down as his sperm surged up the full length of it, and out of his pee hole, through the air, striking his son squarely on his face. Stream after stream of thick white cum was pumped out of that stupendous, gargantuan pole that jutted out from the front of this handsome father's body.

After the final throb of his penis had poured out the last of his sperm, Marcus leaned over and put his face on his son's and kissed him, smearing his cum over both of their faces. They each then licked each other's face clean.

Marcus and Timmy then stood up next to each other and, facing the spectators, bowed deeply as they were given a screaming ovation from everyone who had watched their performance.

Finally Maggie got up and, holding his hand up to call for silence, said, "Thanks, you guys! That was a show we'll all not soon forget! Now we're going to have the drawing for the door prize. You remember that you all filled out a card with your name on it when you arrived. I'm going to let Timmy tell you about the drawing . . . AND the prizes."

Timmy stepped forward and said, "I'm going to draw two names from the box. The prize for the first one drawn will be a chance to give my dad here a good fucking. And the second one drawn will have as his prize a chance to fuck me. And we'll do it right here on this mat. If you choose not to, you can pass your prize off to someone else."

Timmy shook the box and reached in for a name. "Okay. The first name is Jake McKeever. You get to fuck my dad."

All the queens groaned, but Jake and his friends cheered.

"Now the second name . . . and this will be the guy who'll get to fuck me . . . is Paul Howard!"

More groans from the queens. Paul looked at Jeff with a little bit of a wry smile. "Do you think I should, Jeff?"

"What do you mean?" said Jeff. "Go for it!"

Timmy said, "Okay, Jake. You're first. Get out of them clothes and come on up to the mat. You can tell dad to get in any position you want him in."

As Jake ripped off his clothes, he said, "I want to fuck his ass from the back."

Marcus got on his hands and knees with his legs slightly parted. Everyone could get a good view of Marcus's long ball sack from behind as it swung gently from side to side. Jake got down and peered at them, touching them to make them continue swinging erotically. "Look at them fuckin' balls," said Jake as he touched them with the tip of his tongue.

Then, on his knees, Jake mounted Marcus from behind and, in one violent thrust, pushed his hard cock into Marcus's asshole all the way to the hilt.

As Jake pounded away at Marcus's ass, Jeff said to Paul, "Old Jake's in his glory. He always was sort of an exhibitionist. Remember when he fucked Maggie in front of everyone at her going away party?"

"Yeah," said Paul. "But I'm not an exhibitionist, and I'm not sure I want to do this."

"You go ahead, Paul," said Jeff. "One doesn't have too many opportunities to fuck a cute, ass like that boy's. You'll enjoy it. Besides, it isn't as though it's just you and he doing it somewhere alone. I'll be right here."

Jake was pulling Marcus's hips up against him at every thrust, and soon let out a roar as he pounded his own hips against Marcus's ass with every volley of sperm he sent into his rectum. Timmy started clapping his hands as a signal for everyone to give Jake a round of applause. When Jake finally pulled out, he couldn't resist dropping down and burying his face in Marcus's ass crack to give his asshole a good tongue bath.

Marcus stood up and said, "Jake, that was a great fuck! Now I'll turn over the mat to Timmy here. Come on up here, Paul. I guarantee you, you've never had a hole like Timmy's to fuck!"

Jeff had to push Paul to make him go to the mat. When Timmy came up to him, Paul suddenly felt a rush come over him. He grabbed the boy and lifted him up off the mat and began kissing him passionately on the mouth. The boy threw his arms around Paul's neck and returned the kissing with just as much passion. Jeff thought to himself, "Okay, Paul. Stop kissing him and put him down and fuck him. Let's get this over with."

Paul gently placed the boy on his back on the mat, lifted his legs high in the air, and thrust his face down in between those little round ass cheeks. He ate and sucked and gnawed on Timmy's asshole so fervently that it was as though he was oblivious to the fact that he had an audience. Jeff continued to think to himself, "That's enough, Paul. Go ahead and fuck him. Please don't do all this other stuff."

Soon, Paul eased his hard penis into the boy's ass crack and pushed it quickly into Timmy's hole. Timmy started to moan and said, "Oh, Paul, fuck me really hard! I love your cock in me!"

Jeff thought, "That's only part of the act. Paul better not think that kid's serious about liking Paul's cock."

Paul pistoned his penis in and out very slowly, as though to prevent himself from cumming too quickly. Jeff began to squirm. "Come on, Paul," he said to himself. "You don't have to take all night! Shoot your damned cum into him, and then get off of him!"

One of the queens was so overcome at the beauty of Paul's large round ass cheeks, that she jumped up and ran over to him and tried to bury her face in between them. She had a hard time, though, since Paul was now picking up the pace and pounding the boy pretty hard. The queen finally backed off as Paul's orgasm was finally beginning to take hold of his body. As he could feel his sperm shooting into the boy's rectum, he growled and grunted with every thrust.

Jeff thought, "Okay, Paul, pull it out now and leave him alone!"

Paul pulled out and brought Timmy's legs back down. He then stretched out on the boy's body, and they both began kissing passionately again. "Goddamn it, Paul! What the fuck are you doing?" said Jeff to himself.

Paul eventually stood up and acknowledged the applause from the crowd. As he walked back toward Jeff, Maggie got up and said, "That was terrific, you guys. For everyone's information, I've known Paul for a long time, and I never stopped wanting to get fucked by that gorgeous cock of his. But it never happened. Maybe I should have offered myself to him as door prize! Now, the pool is open for swimming. But there's one rule. No suits are allowed. If you want to swim, you've got to be in the skinny. And I'm happy to say that Marcus and his son, Timmy, are going to stay."

By this time, everybody had already stripped off their clothes, including the queens. Michael stepped over to the food table to have a couple more stuffed mushrooms, now cold. Also standing there was Timmy, stuffing himself with shrimp.

"That was quite a show you and your dad put on," said Michael.


"And that door prize thing was a great idea."

"Yeah, it was fun. We do that at all the parties we do," said Timmy as he continued to stuff shrimp into his mouth."

"Your dad's cock was awfully big to get shoved up into a little guy like you."

"I've taken bigger. Every now and then I can get my grandpa to fuck me. His cock is a lot bigger than dad's."

"That's hard to believe!"

Timmy turned around and, leaning over, pulled his ass cheeks apart to show Michael. "See. I've learned how to open up my asshole pretty wide on my own. Go ahead and put your finger into it. You'll see how much room there is up there."

Michael could feel his own penis grow hard as he ran his finger into Timmy's hole. It was wet and sticky from the load Paul had deposited there. "You're right, Timmy. You could probably get a couple good sized cocks up there at once."

"I can. Several times I've had my dad's and grandpa's cocks up there at once. It's a real fuckin' trip!"

Michael said, "How long have you and your dad been going around doing these shows?"

"Well, the first time was when my grandpa asked dad and me to fuck each other for his poker group that meets at his house every other week. It was so great, that Grandpa said we should 'go on the road' with the act. So Dad let it be known among his friends that we do this, and we now get to go out and do it at private parties almost once a week. And it's good money."

"How much do you charge?" asked Michael.

"Well, you'll have to talk with my dad about that. I think it's about five hundred dollars for one evening's entertainment. If Grandpa joins us, we charge more."

"What about your mom? What does she think about you and your dad doing this?"

"She didn't know about Dad and me fucking around with each other for a long time, but after that time we did it for Grandpa's poker group, Grandma walked in on it and later told my mom what we were doing. She got real mad and then went to live with her mother. After a while, she divorced my dad. I was sorry about that because my mom and me always got along pretty well. Now it's just Dad and me living in the house."

"Do you ever have any other guys visit you?"

"Oh, yeah. We always have lots of dad's friends coming over, I guess because they like to fuck a kid like me. And now that I've gotten a little older and my penis is bigger, I get to fuck them, too. I love it. One night, not long ago, my dad had a big party at the house, and I got fucked by fourteen guys that night. I had so much cum inside of me, the guys liked to watch it run down the inside of my legs as I walked. That was a real blast."

Michael said, "How old were you when you first started this?"

"Oh, I just turned fifteen years old. Nothing happened until one night I walked into Dad's bedroom and found him fucking Grandpa. They were real nice, though, and explained about how much pleasure it gave them. And then they convinced me to try it. I didn't have much of a cock then, but the next night, Dad sucked on it and then ate out my ass. He said he wanted me to let him put his cock up my ass just to see if I like it."

"Well, Timmy," said Michael, putting his hand on the incredibly smooth and soft skin of Timmy's shoulder, "maybe we'll ask you and your dad to come down to our ranch and do another show for us some night when we're having a party."

"That would be great! Anytime!"

Timmy ran over and jumped into the pool where practically everyone else was frolicking. Michael had never been a swimmer and preferred to stay out of the water. In fact, he had never been interested in having a swimming pool built at the ranch. He looked over to the other side of the pool and saw Jeff and Paul sitting quietly on a bench. They were neither touching nor looking at each other, and both looked pretty sullen. Michael thought to himself that there must be trouble in happyland, probably stemming from Paul's overly eager performance with Timmy. Michael thought it best not to go near them or look as though he noticed them. There were some moments in every relationship that needed to be handled by themselves, without outside interference.

Michael preferred to sit along side of the pool and observe the goings-on. Mario Cinella had managed to corner Marcus, who was standing in the water with his arms folded on the deck of the pool. Mario was pressed up behind Marcus with his hands around his waist. He was obviously fucking Marcus from behind. Marcus had a look on his face as though to say, "I'll just stand here and let whoever wants to, come up to me and fuck me. Whoever wants to put his cock up my ass and shoot his load into me is welcome."

As soon as Mario came and pulled away, his son Adriano, who was watching this, moved in and took over. Mario stood by and said, "Adriano, fucking under water is a real wild experience. Go for it, son!"

Timmy was in the middle of the pool, treading water, while at least a half dozen queens were gathered around him. Mark, however, had moved in on Timmy to the chagrin of the queens. Moving Timmy across the water, Mark backed him up against the rim of the pool in the shallow part. He pushed Timmy up so he was lying on his back on the deck of the pool. Still standing in the water, Mark pushed Timmy's legs up high and thrust his hard penis into the boy's beckoning asshole. No more than two feet away, Corky was now taking his turn, having a good fuck with the boy's father, Marcus. Marcus and his son smiled at each other, while Marcus reached over and pinched his son's nipple. They were both obviously having a good time. A good time to Marcus and his son was to get all the fucking they could get.

Tony and Clayton were playing and splashing around in the pool with Enrique and Noah. The four soon climbed out of the pool, and Michael was amused to see the four of them lie down on the deck and switch partners. Tony was now in Enrique's arms, and Clayton was rolling around on the deck with Noah. As several of the queens climbed out of the pool and gathered around them to watch, Clayton started fucking Noah from the front. They both enjoyed being watched. At the same time, Tony and Enrique were busily doing a sixty-nine suck-off on each other. One of the queens lay down and proceeded to eat out Enrique's asshole as Enrique sucked on Tony's penis. Then another queen did the same to Tony. It was all so erotic, that in just a few moments, both Tony and Enrique shot their loads into each other's mouth. Each of them then lay on their stomachs and allowed the queens to continue eating on their assholes.

Tony turned his head and looked up at one of the queens behind him. He was actually a pretty hot looking guy now that he was out of his drag. Tony said, "If you want fuck me, go ahead."

The queen immediately lifted Tony's hips up higher and thrust his rod into Tony's ass. The other queen looked down at Enrique and said, "How about me?"

Enrique nodded his head and quickly felt a large cock pushing its way into his hole. Enrique and Tony were lying close to each other on their stomachs and began kissing each other as they were both being fucked from behind.

Clayton was now beginning to moan loudly, and Noah knew that Clayton was close. Jumping up and rolling over, Noah quickly took Clayton's penis in his mouth in order to take every drop of Clayton's cum down his throat. Clayton then lay on his back and raised his legs so that Noah could enter him. It took only three or four strokes, and Noah began pounding Clayton's ass hard. Clayton could feel Noah's penis enlarge and could then feel it throbbing inside of him as his rectum was filled with Noah's warm cum.

Soon, the four of them lay on the deck side by side, totally spent and trying to catch their breaths. Michael had watched this, and his own penis was throbbing and bobbing about visibly as he sat there. One of the queens came up to him and said, "That gorgeous cock looks like it needs attention. How about a good blow job? Or how about a good fuck?"

Michael waved him off. His eyes kept wandering over to Jeff and Paul, still sitting quietly on the other side of the pool. He didn't want to interfere, but he couldn't help worrying about them. He loved them both and had a strong urge to go over there and give them both a big hug. It was now close to midnight, and a number of the queens were leaving. Mark and Corky had decided to drive back to San Antonio, and Mario and Adriano were also getting ready to drive home to Austin. The last to leave were Tony, Clayton, Enrique, and Noah. Michael, Paul and Jeff, however, had planned to stay overnight at Maggie's invitation. Jake would also stay, but he and one of the queens had already retired to one of the many bedrooms in the house.

When everyone was gone, Maggie sat with Michael, Jeff and Paul out by the pool having a last glass of wine and talking about the events of the evening. Maggie came right out and said, "Jeff, it looks like you've got a big problem with Paul winning the door prize. Now what is it? Come on, love, what is it?"

"Oh, nothing," said Jeff.

Paul said, "Well, Jeff knows I really hesitated to do it, but he kept urging me on."

"I know," said Jeff, "but you didn't have to act so ravenous. You acted as though that kid was the hottest thing you ever had in your life. It looked like you never wanted to stop."

"He wasn't the hottest thing I ever had," said Paul.

"Well then, why . . . ."

Maggie interrupted. "Now stop it, you two. It wasn't as though Paul was off fucking in a private room somewhere. This was supposed to be just a lot of good fun. I'm surprised at you, Jeff, for acting this way. I probably shouldn't say this, but I have it on good authority that Paul, here, sat alone every one of those nights that you and Michael were off having a good time. I don't begrudge you and Michael, because I know what that situation is. But Paul has always been true to you and understood what you needed to do. But he sat alone, Jeff. He sat alone. Do you hear me?"

"Yes," said Jeff softly.

Michael didn't enter into the conversation. He could see that Maggie was saying everything that needed to be said.

Paul reached over and put his hand on Jeff's leg sitting next to him, and looked into Jeff's eyes. Jeff leaned over and put his arms around Paul and said, "I'm sorry, Paul. I guess I was just afraid that . . . ."

Paul said, "You don't have to be afraid of anything, my love. Don't ever doubt me, Jeff. This was just a party. We were all having a lot of innocent fun. That's all it was."

Jeff smiled and said, "Again, I'm sorry. Maybe it's time we get to bed."

Maggie got up and said, "I'll show you to your room."

Paul said, "No, no, Maggie, we can find it."

"Okay. Just go down the hall in the bedroom wing. Your room is the first one on the right. The bed's all made with clean sheets, and you've got your own bathroom."

After Paul and Jeff left, Maggie returned to her seat. Michael said, "It was a wonderful housewarming party, Maggie. That father and his son act was wild! And all those housewarming gifts your drag queen friends brought! Where in the world are you going to put that lamp with the base shaped like a penis? And that wall clock with the pendulum shaped like two big balls in a sack and the hands shaped like penises. Also that little plaster sculpture of two men in a sixty-nine?. The wind-up toy of the little boy pushing his long hard-on in and out of a man's ass is wild. Where in the world are you going to put all that junk?"

"Oh, Michael, it'll all end up in Rhapsody's room. She has the taste of an alley cat, and the mind of one also."

"Don't you and Rhapsody share a room?" asked Michael.

"Oh, mercy no. We never go to bed together. I love the old queen, but all we do is fight. The only thing that excites me about that queen is her balls. She has the longest hanging balls I've ever seen. I love to have her lean over and let me suck on them from behind. But that's all.

Maggie got up and poured them each another glass of wine and sat down again. "Michael, I'm glad you're staying over tonight. And I'm glad we're sitting here talking like this. I understand that Karl may be coming back to Texas."

"That's right. But he wants to finish out his therapy before he does. I really hope it's soon."

"Michael, I know I've always been known to have the balls to say whatever I think. So I might as well just come right out with it. Michael, would you let me sleep with you tonight?"

Michael held his glass to his lips and said, "Maggie, I don't . . . ."

Maggie interrupted, "Michael, we've known each other a long time. And I have to admit to you that I have always secretly wanted to sleep with you. I never stop fantasizing about you. When Rhapsody and I were on our vacation to Australia, I ended up in bed with a lot of guys, but every time, it was you who I fantasized about. And now, here we are alone, talking, with no one else around. This is my house, and you're going to be sleeping here tonight. And I'm going to be sleeping here. Just this once, Michael, please, would you let me sleep with you?"

Michael looked a long time at Maggie without saying a word. Then Maggie said, "Oh, I knew you wouldn't. Come on, let me show you your room."

Maggie opened the door, and they both entered a beautifully decorated and spacious bedroom. As Michael sat down on the side of the bed, Maggie said, "I hope you're comfortable and have a good night."

Michael looked at Maggie and patted the bed next to him. He said, "Maggie, come over here and sit down with me."

When Maggie sat down, Michael took hold of the bottom of Maggie's polo shirt and pulled it over her head. He said, "I agree, Maggie. This is your house, and the guests must be gracious to the host. If it's what you want, Maggie, I'm yours tonight . . . or what's left of it."

Maggie said, "I don't want you to do it if you don't want to. I want to do it only if you want to."

"I want to, Maggie. You know, I've been curious about you, too."

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean. I've heard about you, and it was all good. Now I'd like to see for myself, now that you're willing."

"Oh, Christ, Michael! I've always been willing!"

Maggie reached over and unbuttoned Michael's shirt and pulled it off. They both stood up and quickly got out of the rest of their clothes, and Maggie threw back the covers. Collapsing on the bed, Maggie started, like a hungry animal, to kiss and lick almost every inch of Michael's naked body. It was one of the most erotic tongue baths that Michael had ever experienced. To feel Maggie's tongue swirling around in his crotch was almost more than he could bear.

Finally, Maggie said, "Michael, would you fuck me. I've seen that beautiful hard cock of yours so many times down on the ranch as you walked back and forth to the bathroom. I've dreamed of having it inside of me."

"I've often wondered what it would be like to fuck you, too, Maggie. I've heard great stories about that hole of yours from Jake. And he always knows what he's talking about when it comes to having a good fuck."

Maggie lay on her back and pulled her thighs up tightly against her chest. Michael looked into the hairy snarl that filled Maggie's ass crack and, with his fingers, found his way to her pucker. Supporting himself with his arms, he pushed his gorged penis slowly through the hair and into Maggie's asshole. He could feel Maggie's sphincter muscle snapping at his rod as he did so.

"Oh, it's so nice and tight, Maggie. Just like I love it!"

Maggie looked up at Michael and said, "Oh how I have longed to have you like this. I've always imagined looking up at your beautiful face and body as you pumped in and out of me. Oh, Michael, pump me hard and go as deep as you can! Don't cum right away. Keep going as long as you can. Oh my God! To feel Michael Walker's penis up inside of me! It's like a dream! Oh Michael!"

Michael didn't want to cum right away, either. Maggie's asshole was everything that Jake said it was . . . tight, with constant snapping contractions. He wanted to keep it going as long as he could, but he wasn't able to keep that certain pre-orgasmic tingle from invading his whole insides. Getting very out of breath, he uttered, Maggie, I can't hold it any longer! I've got to let it go!"

As Maggie looked into Michael's contorted face, she suddenly felt as though she, for once, had Michael . . . this wonderful man . . . completely in her power. She felt Michael's hard penis throbbing violently against the rim of her asshole, and then the warm flow of his sperm into her insides. It was too much, and Maggie, at the same time, went into an orgasmic frenzy, shooting her own cum up to her chest and neck in great, long streams. Sweat was pouring off of Michael's face and dripping onto Maggie's stomach.

As the surges ended, Maggie said, "Don't pull out, Michael. Just lie down here on me. I like the tickling feeling of a hard cock wilting against the rim of my asshole."

Michael collapsed onto Maggie's body, and Maggie kissed every inch of Michael's handsome face. After a long time, Michael rolled off and lay next to Maggie. He felt totally exhausted and closed his eyes. Maggie sat up next to him and ran her hands over Michael's body lightly as he drifted off to sleep. Maggie wanted to stay awake and massage and fondle Michael's sleeping body until daybreak if she could. But it wasn't long before she succumbed and lay there sleeping with her arm over Michael's chest and her hand resting on his cheek.

After they had fallen into bed, Jeff became ravenous with Paul's body, kissing and licking and sucking him all over, hoping that he could make it better than the passion Paul and Timmy had experienced. The sexual ecstasy that Paul was feeling was overwhelming. Soon Jeff lifted Paul's legs in the air and flooded his ass trench with saliva, while moaning in an animalistic way. Jumping up on his knees, he plunged his hard penis into Paul's asshole. As he pumped, he looked down at Paul's face. Tears began to roll out of his eyes and down his cheeks.

Paul looked up at him and said, "Jeff. What's the matter?"

Jeff choked out the words, "You scared me, Paul. I love you so much. You just scared me."

Paul reached up and pulled Jeff down on top of him. "Oh, Jeff," he whispered. "I'm sorry. I was wrong. I didn't mean to scare you. You're the only one I want, the only one I will ever love. Please. I'm sorry. Please forgive me."

They lay quietly for a long time with Paul trying to kiss away Jeff's tears. After awhile, Paul said, "My love, remember? You started to do something. Would you like to finish it? You're still inside of me."

Jeff smiled and rose up into position again. It took only a few in and out strokes before Jeff went into one of the greatest orgasms he could remember. Paul never tired of feeling the warmth of Jeff's sperm as it shot into his rectum. As soon as Jeff pulled out, he slid down and took Paul's hard penis into his mouth.

"Don't you want me to fuck you, too, my love?" said Paul.

"I don't think so," said Jeff. "This time, I want to taste you and have your cum in my mouth and let it seep down my throat and into my stomach. That's what I really want."

Paul watched Jeff's head going up and down and felt the wonderful tickling of Jeff's hair as it fell down over his stomach. After he shot his load into Jeff's mouth and watched Jeff continue to suck out every drop, Paul looked at Jeff and thought to himself how unbelievable it was that he could be so in love with someone like Jeff. He would never again do anything that would cast doubt on that love.

The next day, Sunday, Jeff and Paul got up, showered and dressed and wandered into the kitchen, where Rhapsody, dressed in a pink dressing gown, was preparing a large breakfast for them. Jeff said, "It smells good, Rhapsody. I love the smell of bacon frying. Do you know if my dad is up yet?"

"Haven't seen him. I thought the three of you would be spending the night together," replied Rhapsody.

"That would have been nice," said Paul, "but Jeff and I needed to be alone last night."

"I see," said Rhapsody. "If I'd known that, I would have gone in and kept that gorgeous father of yours company myself."

"I thought you were busy yourself, Rhapsody," said Paul.

"Shit, no! That fucking queen got up and left two minutes after we crawled into bed. Do you know what that fucking queen said to me? She said I was gross! She should talk! If she hadn't left so quickly, I would have kicked her ass out myself. I hate tacky queens! Besides, she was bone ass ugly!"

Jeff and Paul looked at each other, each with a look that said, "Don't say anything!"

In a few minutes, Jeff said, "I'm going in to see if my dad is awake." When he opened the door, he saw Michael just stepping naked out of the shower and Maggie just pulling on her briefs.

"Oh, excuse me, guys," said Jeff as he peered around the half-open door. "I was just wondering if you were awake yet. Rhapsody has breakfast ready."

Maggie squealed, "Oh, how lovely! Your dad and I are starving, aren't we Michael?"

Jeff looked at his dad with a wry smile. As Michael scampered into his briefs, he said, "Okay Jeff." Then as he passed by close to Jeff, he whispered, "We'll talk later."

Rhapsody had outdone herself with breakfast. It started out with raspberries in cream, then scrambled eggs and bacon with hot biscuits, just out of the oven, and strawberry jam. Rhapsody said, "Maggie and I always prefer fresh berries for breakfast, rather than juice. It just starts the day off so elegantly, don't you think?"

While they ate, Jake appeared with the queen he had spent the night with toddling behind. Jake said, "I don't know if y'all have met. This here is . . . what's yer fuckin' name?"

"They call me Rose," purred the queen in her best falsetto.

"Okay, Rose," said Jake. "Sit yer ass down and take a fuckin' load off." Then turning to Michael, Jake said, "Look how gingerly she sits her ass down. She got her ass fucked from here to St. Louis last night, and I imagine it's kinda tender. Right Rose?"

"Right, Jake, honey," cooed Rose, running her hand up Jake's arm and wiggling her finger in his ear.

"Stop it, Rose," said Jake. "What's with the fuckin' finger in the ear? Don't you know how to do nothin' else?" Turning to the others, Jake said with a smile. "Well, that ain't exactly right. She's got a fuckin' cock that'll really take ya fer a fuckin' ride! Now, git away from me, Rose!"

It was soon time to head back to the ranch. As they drove, Jeff couldn't stand it any longer and said, "Dad, did you and Maggie have a good time last night? I know the two of you slept together."

Jake yelled, "Aw, shit, Michael. Don't tell me you finally dicked that queen! Maggie's balls have been aching for that sweet cock of yer's fer ever!"

"Okay, you guys," Michael said. "Yeah, we slept together. So what!"

"So what!" said Jeff. "Come on, tell us what it was like!"

"Well, she got my sweet cock, as Jake calls it, and I have to say it was pretty good."

Jake laughed and said, "She's got an asshole like a snappin' turtle, ain't she. She ain't much to look at, but she's got an asshole that'll drive a fucker insane, I'll tell ya!

"Well, I didn't go insane, Jake, but I'll have to admit she really was a good fuck," said Michael with a smile.

Jake, who was sitting in the front seat with Michael, reached over and rubbed Michael's crotch. "One of these days, I'm gonna git me a little of this, too!"

"You're pretty sure of yourself, aren't you, Jake?" said Michael.

"Well, I believe all good things come to hims that wait. I'll be around fer awhile, and I got plenty of time to wait."

Paul leaned over and whispered in Jeff's ear. "Jake's jealous of Maggie. When Jake sets his mind to something, he'll get it. And Michael better be ready!"

To be continued...


Posted: 09/26/08