My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

2000-2008 by the author


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There was no sign of anything. There was no pool of blood on the ground; the rope was gone. It was as though nothing had ever happened. Quincy fell to his knees, shaking uncontrollably. "My God," he murmured, "He's gone back to where he came from! But he'll come back! I know it! He'll come back!"

"Come on, son," said the deputy, reaching down to help Quincy to his feet. "You must have been dreaming. Are you sure this was the spot?"

"Yes, yes! It was right here!" cried Quincy.

"Okay, young man. Get in the car. We'll drive you home."


Chapter 46 

Almost immediately after the crime was committed, another Sheriff's car with two deputies was passing down the main road when one of them saw something suspicious as he gazed into the woods along the road. They stopped and walked in to get a better view. They found Josiah still tied to the tree and unconscious. As one of them cut the ropes and carefully lowered Josiah's body to the ground, the other searched through his clothing that was lying nearby. He found Josiah's student I.D. Card. They called Fire Rescue, who sent an ambulance out to the site. In the meantime, they called the University to obtain Josiah's home address and phone number. One of the deputies called Josiah's phone number and Brian answered. Brian was horrified at what he was told, and immediately drove to the hospital.

Josiah was still in the Emergency Room when Brian arrived. He was only semi-conscious and had an oxygen mask over his face. A nurse was dressing the wound on the side of his head. Brian leaned over and pressed his cheek against Josiah's. He felt tears welling up in his eyes, but knew this was not the time for that. Holding onto Josiah's hand, Brian could see in Josiah's eyes that he recognized him. Although Josiah couldn't speak, he held onto Brian's hand tightly.

Soon, several technicians came into the cubicle and announced that they were taking Josiah down to X-ray. The doctors had ordered X-rays to determine any internal injuries from the beating he received. Brian knew that someone at the ranch needed to know about this. On his cell phone, he called Jake.

"Jake, Josiah's had a terrible accident. Someone kidnapped him and took him into the woods outside of town and beat him up. He's hurt quite badly."

"My God, who the fuck did it?" yelled Jake.

"I don't know, but I heard that they did find the guy and now have him at the County jail. He was apparently another student."

"Oh, my dear, sweet Josiah!" said Jake. "Why do these fuckin' things have to happen to him? I'm gonna drive right on up there. I'm glad you're with him, Brian. But I have to be with him, too."

Word spread across the ranch about what happened to Josiah. Michael called Jeff and Paul to give them the news. They drove immediately to the hospital. They found Brian sitting in the waiting room, completely distraught and with tears in his eyes. They each hugged Brian tightly and sat down with him.

"Josiah's a Saint," said Brian. "Why has God allowed all these terrible things to happen to him?"

The three of them sat quietly, with Jeff and Paul on either side of Brian. Paul draped one arm over Brian's shoulder, while Jeff held his hand. Soon, Jake joined them. Leaning over and kissing Brian on the forehead, Jake sat down, and they all waited in silence.

That evening, Steve and Tony prepared supper together. Steve had never met Josiah, but Tony told him all about how Josiah had come to be a member of the Walker family and about all of the various travails he had suffered . . . his being a foundling and a foster child who appeared out of nowhere to save Jake from taking his own life, his terrible accident with Brian, where they both almost died, his courageously jumping up and taking a bullet that was intended for Jake.

"Steve, Josiah is sort of an enigma," said Tony. "He had been given up for dead after their automobile accident. He saved both Jake's life and Greg Harbison's life. It's almost like he was sent here to watch over us all."

After supper, and after the kitchen was cleaned up, Steve sat out on the front veranda with both Tony and Clayton drinking coffee and making a large dent in a batch of Tony's freshly made Oatmeal cookies.

"I guess I have to tell you something, you two," said Steve. "I've enjoyed practically every minute that I have spent down here on this ranch. I've even enjoyed helping you guys out in the kitchen. I really love to cook, and I've certainly learned a lot about how to feed a huge gang of hungry guys. But, you know, I'm a New Englander at heart, and I really don't belong in this kind of life, as much as I've enjoyed knowing all you guys. I've decided that I'll be going back home."

Clayton said with a chuckle, "Steve, everyone likes you. No one really minds that you're an outsider with a funny eastern accent!"

"I know," said Steve smiling. "And I don't really mind your funny Texas drawl, either. But you know I have a wife waiting for me up there. We've been separated because we were having some trouble. But I think it's time I go back and do everything I can to make things right in my marriage. This little vacation of mine has done me good. I've had a lot of time to think things over."

Tony said, "Steve, we know how close you and Dan have become. We thought you and he were going to . . . you know . . . get together and be with each other forever like me and Clayton here."

"I know," said Steve. "But we weren't really meant for each other. I think I was falling in love with him, to be frank with you. But he and I think differently. He's kind of made up his mind as to his real sexuality. But I . . . ."

"Haven't you made up your mind, Steve?" asked Clayton.

"Sometimes I think I have, but sometimes I think I'm still confused. I know, though, that when I go back to my wife, I'm still going to have to realize that both sides of my sexuality will be there, and I'll just have to deal with that. To me, though . . . at least it's my thinking now . . . saving and rebuilding my marriage is the most important thing to me now. There's no denying that I love my wife very much, but I realize also that I can never deny the homosexual feelings that will always be with me."

"So, you're saying that Dan will be staying here after you leave?" said Tony.

"Guys, I have no idea what Dan has in mind for his future. I wish him all the luck in the world, but he's not told me anything yet about any plans he might have."

Steve turned in his chair and looked into the eyes of both Clayton and Tony and, putting his hand on Clayton's arm, said, "You know, I look at you two guys, and I think if I only had what you two have together, I would probably stay here. I don't know. But I probably would. I've had some great experiences here . . . you know . . . with Mark and Corky up in San Antonio, and with Dan and Luke here on the ranch. I needed those experiences, and I'm going to miss it a lot. But it just isn't happening now."

Tony and Clayton looked into Steve's eyes and could see in them the disappointment and longing that lingered there.

"Well, you guys," said Steve, starting to get up. "I'll be here a few more days, and I'll be up early again in the morning to help with breakfast. So I'd better go and get some sleep now."

After they all said goodnight, and Steve departed, Tony, said, "Clayton, I hate to see Steve leave. He's such a nice person."

"Yeah," said Clayton. "And he's so handsome. He's older than we are, but he's got that boyish look that really is attractive. You know, I saw him naked once."

"You did?"

"Yeah. I saw him once just after he got out of the shower. He had his door open."

"What did he look like?"

"He's got a great body, and he must have at least eight inches. He was hard when I saw him."


Tony and Clayton sat quietly for awhile looking out over the rangeland. Finally, Tony looked over at Clayton and said, "I've got a hard-on. How about you?"

"Yeah. Really hard."

Sitting silently again, they both gently ran their hand over their bulges.

"Clayton," said Tony. "Do you think we ought to go and say goodnight one more time to Steve?"

"Both you and me together?" said Clayton.

"Yeah, why not?"

Steve pulled back the bed cover and turned off the light. The room still had a warm glow from the yard lights streaming in from outside. He lay on the top of the sheet, staring at the gently swaying trees outside the window and idly stroking his hardening penis. As he held the full eight-inch rod in a vertical position, he mused as to how differently that precious piece of meat had been used down here on the ranch, compared to how it was used at home. His balls hung loosely in their sack, and he ran his fingers over and around them. He heard once that a person cannot tickle himself, but other's can. What a curious thing, he thought. He always loved it when someone else ran his fingers or his tongue lightly over his ball sack. It would tickle so erotically. But when he tried to tickle his own balls, there was no tickle. But the soft hair and limp skin on the sack felt good on his fingers. He looked at his stiff penis, and fantasized that someone was crouched over him, spreading his ass cheeks and slowly lowering his asshole down onto that mighty pole. Then as he ran his fingers lightly over the head of his penis, he imagined that it was a man's tongue gently swirling over it. It was a man's ass and a man's tongue he fantasized about, not his wife's.

As he continued to slowly stroke his penis, there was a knock on the door.

"Yes! Who is it?"

"It's Tony and Clayton," said Tony. "Can we come in?"

"Yes. Come in," Steve said, hurrying to climb under the sheet.

As the two entered the room, Tony said, "No, you don't have to cover up, Steve. Just relax. Clayton and I were really sad to hear that you were leaving, and we just had to come in and make sure you knew we didn't want you to leave."

Steve could see that both Tony and Clayton had developed mighty bulges in their pants, and he could see that Clayton had his hand in his pocket, fiddling with his penis. "I appreciate that, you guys," said Steve. "Why don't you sit down for awhile? One of you can take the chair, and I guess one of you can sit here on the bed.

Clayton sat in the chair, and Tony sat on the edge of the bed. "We didn't mean to interrupt you," Tony said. "We see you were trying to jerk off."

"Well, I . . . ." said Steve, a little embarrassed by Tony's brash observation.

Tony continued, "I guess it's pretty obvious to you that Clayton and I are also pretty hard. We were just on our way to our room to take care of each other, when we thought maybe you would like some company, too . . . you know, since you're alone. "

"Well, I . . . Well, sure. It's sure nice of you guys to think of it, I mean think of me."

Tony ran his hand over Steve's ankle and moved it slowly up along his calf. "You know, I've always loved guys that have such nice soft hair on their legs, like you do. Clayton has hair like that on his legs. The hair on my legs is heavier and darker."

With Tony's hand on his leg, Steve felt emboldened to say, "Let me see your legs, Tony."

Tony stood up and unbuckled his pants and let them drop to his ankles. Then turning to Clayton, he said, "Take off your pants, too, and let him see those gorgeous legs of yours." As Clayton quickly removed his pants, Tony said, "Aren't those luscious looking legs, Steve. See, the hair on them and the color of his skin is so much like yours."

As Steve propped himself up on his elbows, Tony leaned over and began running his tongue over Steve's legs. As his tongue finally reached the soft fleshy part of Steve's upper inner thighs, Steve said, "Take off your shirt, Tony, so I can see all of you." As Tony pulled off his shirt, Steve looked over at Clayton and said, "Clayton, don't stand there by yourself. Come on over here with us on the bed. And you take off your shirt, too. Here I am lying here completely naked, and you're making me feel self-conscious with your clothes on."

Clayton removed all his clothes, except his boots, and went around the other side of the bed and lay down next to Steve, while Tony stretched out on Steve's other side.

Steve looked at one, and then the other, and said, "What's with the boots, you guys. Why do all you Texans have to get in bed with your boots on?"

Tony laughed and said, "Well, I'm not a native Texan, but I kind of got the habit from all the other guys. I think it's real sexy to see a naked guy with his boots on, don't you."

"Yeah, I think it's kind of cute, too," said Steve. "It gets kind of dangerous when you start rolling around, though. Hey, doesn't it bother you two to get in bed with another guy. A lot of guys and their partners don't approve of that."

Clayton said, "Well, we follow Michael's rule. It's okay to play with other guys just as long as we're both doing it together, isn't that right, Tony?"

"Yeah. We did this once with Josiah and Brian, too. This way, we can always keep an eye on the other one."

Steve reached over and took hold of Clayton's and Tony's hard penises, one in each hand. "That sounds fair enough to me," said Steve with a short laugh. "Such nice young, hard pieces of meat you guys have."

Tony rolled up against Steve and, lying on his side, he kissed Steve on the lips. "You have such sensuous lips, Steve. Aren't they nice, Clayton?"

Clayton then also rolled close and kissed Steve. "They sure are. And I love the day's stubble on his upper lip, too."

As Steve pushed his tongue into Clayton's mouth, it felt good there in the wet warmth. The feel of Clayton's tongue on his made his penis jump and bob about uncontrollably. Tony reached over and took hold of Steve's penis and could feel it jumping around in his hand. Scooting down, Tony spread Steve's legs apart and buried his head in between them so he could take Steve's large ball sack into his mouth and run his tongue over it.

Steve could feel that wonderful erotic tickle on his balls that he was unable to achieve with his own hand earlier. Moaning with pleasure, Steve raised his knees to give Tony a better shot at his balls, with the hope that Tony would move his tongue even lower into his mysterious valley of dinge that was hidden between his ass cheeks. Tony could tell that Steve had not yet taken his shower, and as he brought his face lower and lower into Steve's crotch, he almost felt drunk from the wonderful sweaty and masculine odor that emanated from it. Running his tongue over the warm, moist skin of Steve's crotch, he put his hands under Steve's knees and pushed his legs up as high as he could in order to allow his tongue to gain entry into Steve's ass trench. Slashing his tongue through the thick jungle of hair that filled Steve's crack, Tony was finally able to reach the gaping hole that led into Steve's body.

As Tony pushed his way into Steve's rectum, he could feel Steve's Sphincter snapping on his tongue, as though it were trying to pull it in even farther. Clayton ran his tongue down over Steve's chest and nipples and down over his stomach into the thick pile of pubic hair. Sucking the full length of Steve's eight-inch rod into his throat, Clayton clamped his lips tightly around it. He then brought his lips up and down over Steve's gorged, cock its full length, moving faster and faster as he went.

Suddenly, Tony jumped up on his haunches and mounted Steve's protruding ass, thrusting his hard penis almost violently into Steve's asshole. Steve felt a momentary shot of pain, which gave way to the most wonderful feeling of fullness in his rectum.

Because Steve was now in a completely jack-knifed position, Clayton had to pull off of Steve's penis. As Tony pounded Steve's ass harder and harder, Steve motioned for Clayton to squat over his head and lower his crotch down over his face. As Clayton brought his crotch down gently onto Steve's face, his very long ball sack rested on Steve's nose and mouth. Each of Clayton's balls lay loosely on Steve's lips, and Steve sucked each one in turn into his mouth.

Suddenly, Steve was aware that Clayton had let out a silent fart. The smell was toxic and foul, but it somehow brought Steve to a new height of erotic ferver, and he breathed in the pungent gas, knowing it had come from the bowels of this beautiful young man, and that made it all the more erotic.

Soon, Clayton rose and got himself into position so he could fuck Steve in the mouth. Steve opened his mouth wide, sucking in the long string of pre-cum that was literally running out of the end of Clayton's penis. As Clayton rose up and down vigorously, his balls slapped against Steve's eyes and forehead. Steve felt lost in a sexual frenzy he had rarely ever experienced. He had two beautiful young bodies pumping their hot penises into both ends of him. He wanted it never to stop. The feel of Clayton's hard, thick penis, with it's gorged veins sliding over his tongue was almost more than he could take. And to feel his ass filled with Tony's hot penis, and to feel Tony's pelvis pounding against his ass cheeks almost brought tears of pleasure to his eyes.

He could feel Tony's cock suddenly enlarging inside of him as Tony pounded harder than ever. Then Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Tony sent stream after stream of hot sperm into Steve's rectum. Steve could feel his whole insides begin to fill up with the warmth of Tony's semen. He prayed that Tony would never pull out. Just then, Clayton's penis also began to expand and Steve's mouth was suddenly flooded with the hot, thick sperm shooting out of this young virile penis. The shots were so strong that he could feel each one slamming like a hammer onto his tongue and roof of his mouth. The thick nectar was so sweet and smooth. Steve held it in his mouth and let it dribble down his throat. He tightened his lips around Clayton's penis in an effort to prevent Clayton from pulling out.

Tony rolled over on his stomach, almost totally out of breath, his back heaving with every breath. Clayton also pulled out. Steve could see that Clayton was covered with sweat, some of which was dripping onto his face. It tasted salty and good.

Clayton shifted around and straddled Tony's legs. Leaning over to suck on Tony's asshole, he was on his knees, causing his luscious ass cheeks to be up in the air. Steve crawled around behind and spread Clayton's ass cheeks, exposing a beautiful pink asshole surrounded by a fluff of very light soft hair. Lowering his face down between Clayton's ass cheeks, Steve forced his tongue into Clayton's hole as far as it would go. That wonderful nasty smell of Clayton's silent fart still lingered in Steve's nostrils. Flooding Clayton's ass trench with saliva, Steve mounted him and slowly entered Clayton's asshole. What a warm, wet, tight hole it was. The pressure was perfect on his penis. He could feel Clayton's hole clenching and unclenching. Holding tightly onto Clayton's hips, Steve began to pound harder and harder and faster and faster. He was easily able to bury his entire eight inches into Clayton's rectum. On each thrust, he would pull his cock out all the way, leaving just the head inside, and then plunge it all the way down again.

While he was being fucked by Tony a few minutes earlier, Steve could feel himself just skirting around his own orgasm. In fact, he had been at the edge of no return throughout their whole time in bed together. He began to slow down as he fucked Clayton. It was too wonderful to look down and watch his hard penis sliding in and out of this beautiful boy's asshole. He simply didn't want it to ever end. But it was no use. That overwhelming feeling started to overtake his body and there was no stopping it. Suddenly his whole mind and body seemed to enter another dimension. He was lost in a world of sexual pleasure as his orgasm slammed into him like repeated hammer blows. Every surge of his semen as it shot into Clayton's ass seemed to take total control of his body. His mind went blank. It was the most wonderful erotic physical pleasure that he had ever experienced.

Finally, totally exhausted, Steve pulled out of Clayton's hole with a loud slurp. Clayton continued to eat out Tony's ass and was jacking himself off for his second orgasm. Lying on the bed behind Clayton, Steve looked up and could see his own thick white sperm oozing out of Clayton's asshole. Sitting up, Steve plunged his face into Clayton's ass and sucked as much of his own sperm out as possible. With his sperm all over his upper lip and chin, Steve finally collapsed flat on his back. Turning his head just in time, he could watch the long ropes of sperm shoot from Tony's penis onto the bed.

They all lay quietly, pressed together, gently running their hands over one another's bodies. After a short while, Tony sat up and said, "Well, I hate to put a damper on this, but we all have to get up early. So I think Clayton and I better go back and get some sleep. Leaving Steve lying on his back cross-ways on the bed, Tony and Clayton stood up and picked up their clothes and hung them over their arms.

Tony said, "Steve, I think both Clayton and I had wanted this for a long time, and then when you said you were leaving, we just couldn't wait any longer."

"I'm glad you didn't wait," said Steve, still exhausted and lying on his back. "I'm so glad." Holding out his arms, he beckoned them each to come over to him for one last hug and a kiss.

After they departed, Steve switched himself around so that his head was on the pillow. He suddenly felt himself lying on Tony's second load of semen, which had landed on the bed. But he didn't care. He thought about Tony's cock inside of him, and wished that it were still there. He had been fucked before, but there was something special about having Tony's penis inside of him.

Steve reached over to the bedside table and took out of the drawer an oversized ten-inch dildo. He had tried to use it only once, but it just didn't seem right. Wanting to duplicate the feeling of Tony's penis inside of him, Steve lifted his legs and slowly pushed the dildo in as far as it would go. He found it easy to imagine that it was Tony's cock in there. He closed his eyes and slowly pushed it in and out.

Suddenly, the door opened. There stood Caleb. Steve was too startled to pull out the dildo and just lay there holding it inside of him.

"Oh, Steve, I'm terribly sorry. I should have knocked. I saw the light under your door and assumed you were up. Noah and I were about to get cleaned up after . . . well, you know. And we found our bathroom was completely out of soap. And I was hoping I could borrow some from your room."

"Well, yes, of course," said Steve, still clutching the dildo protruding from his asshole.

Caleb stopped at Steve's bedside and looked down. "You know, I've tried to use one of those damned things. But they just aren't the same as the real thing."

Steve caught a glimpse of Caleb touching the large bulge that was quickly developing in his pants. Caleb noticed Steve looking at his bulge and proceeded to rub it even more vigorously.

"Christ, I've got a real hard-on myself," said Caleb. "Are you sure you wouldn't like the real thing, Steve?"

Steve didn't answer, but Caleb saw Steve continuing to stare at his bulge. Caleb had suddenly become very hot as he looked at this man with his legs in the air and a dildo sticking out of his ass. He wanted to substitute his own cock for that dildo, and decided that if anything was going to happen it would be only on his initiative. As Steve stared, Caleb slowly undid his belt buckle and slowly let his pants drop to the floor, revealing a very hard penis that stood straight out. Still without saying a word, Steve reached over and cupped Caleb's balls in his hand and pulled him slowly toward the bed. He removed the dildo and threw it aside. Caleb knew this was his invitation, and literally tore his clothes off. Lifting Steve's legs, and pulling apart his ass cheeks, he could see the remnants of someone's sperm leaking out of Steve's hole. Without saying anything, he plunged his throbbing cock into Steve's asshole and began pumping vigorously. In just a matter of seconds, his orgasm overtook him and he shot volley after volley into Steve's hole, which was already full of Tony's sperm.

Caleb collapsed on to Steve, and Steve reached around and began playing with Caleb's asshole. He felt a large quantity of sticky stuff, which was obviously sperm . . . Noah's sperm.

"Caleb, I see you got fucked, too, tonight," said Steve with a smile.

"Well, you know my son Noah and I now share a bed together. When he got through fucking me tonight, he said he didn't feel like getting fucked himself. That doesn't happen very often, though. He's ready to take a good cock up his ass just about anytime. I offered to let him suck me off instead, but he just wasn't up to it. So I said we'll just get ourselves cleaned up and get some sleep. That's when I discovered we had no soap, and when I barged in on you tonight. Sorry."

"Don't be sorry, Caleb," Steve said with a smile as Caleb picked up his clothes. "It's been a great night. Goodnight, Caleb."

Lying there, still on Tony's wet semen, Steve smiled and said quietly out loud. "Is there no limit to your depravity, Steve?" He felt wonderful. He felt wanted and desirable. He felt warm inside. He had the sperm of two men in his bowels, and that of another in his stomach, and he wished he would never have to lose it. But he knew when he did his shit in the morning, it would all pour out. No matter, he thought. He had had the ultimate in pleasure that night. He thought about Clayton's stinky fart. That was the first time that had ever happened to him, and he was surprised at himself that he so readily breathed it in. It was not an experience, however, that he thought he would like to repeat. It was sort of erotic at the time, but he thought he would do all he could to avoid it if it should ever happen again. Now, though, he would put his mind to the move back home.

When Jake arrived at Josiah's bedside, he leaned over and kissed Josiah several times on the forehead and cheek. Josiah was now fully awake. When Jake kissed him, Josiah threw his arms around his neck.

Jake said, "I just heard them fuckin' bastards who did this to you have been rounded up and thrown in the fuckin' jail. I guess one of them got spooked by what he did and went in and confessed to a fuckin' priest. He told everybody that you had come down from another fuckin' world."

Josiah just nodded.

"How you feelin' now, ya little fucker?" said Jake.

"I'm feeling pretty good. The doc says I can go home tomorrow. I didn't have any internal injuries, even though my side is really sore. Brian stayed with me all night last night. The nurses said he could." Taking Jake's hand and looking questioningly into Jake's eyes, he said, "Why are people so mean, Jake?"

Jake pushed Josiah's blond hair back off of his forehead, and said, "Well, son, it's because it's the only way some fuckin' people can deal with stuff they don't understand."

"I can't help what I am, Jake."

"I know," said Jake. "Some fuckin' people can't understand how people like you and me can love each other so much. They'll never understand."

On the following day, after Josiah was checked out, Brian drove him home to their apartment. Jake, who had also stayed at the hospital all night, came along with them. Jeff and Paul were waiting there to welcome him home and ask if there was anything they could do for him.

Josiah said with a smile, "I seem to have the best people in the world around me, and some of the worst."

Jeff said, "Josiah, Paul and I are going to sub-let our apartment and are going to go and spend the summer down on the ranch. Now that school is out, we want you and Brian to do the same thing and come down and be with us as long as you would like this summer."

Josiah looked at Brian, who was smiling and nodding his head.

Josiah said, "I can't think of anything more wonderful to do. But I don't know if I can ride a horse yet. That's what I want to do most."

Taking Josiah in his arms, Jeff said, "Just as soon as you feel like it, there'll be a horse there waiting for you." Then holding Josiah out at arm's length, Jeff said, "We all love you very much, Josiah. Whatever happens, remember that. We all belong together."

Brian asked Jake if he would like to stay over one more night with them at the apartment. Jake accepted immediately. "I sure would like that. Let me call the little fucker and tell him."


"I want to call Ricky."

When Jake called, Tony answered and told him that Enrique was right there in the kitchen with him. "Ricky, ya little fucker!" said Jake. "Josiah's doin' okay. But I'm gonna stay up here one more night with him. I'll tell ya what I want ya to do. Go talk to Caleb, and tell him I won't be home tonight, and that I said it would be okay with me if you and Noah would like to stay together in our room in the bunkhouse tonight. I think his dad'll be okay with that. He thinks the two of ya little fuckers need to have some time together, too. Would ya like to do that?"

"Sure, Jake!" shouted Enrique. "Thanks a lot! Tell Josiah we all love him!"

"Yup. We already done that. He knows. Now Ricky! Don't fuck up my sheets and git em all wet, now. I jist changed em a week ago. Whatever ya do, be neat, but have fun. Okay, little fucker, I'll see ya tomorrow!"

Jeff and Paul stayed through supper, for which Brian had thawed some French Bread Pizza out of the freezer. Later in the evening, they departed.

"Fuck! You guys," said Jake as he sunk into a chair. "It's so fuckin' great to be with you two guys again. I don't see much of ya anymore. I've never been known for my subtlety, and I ain't gonna beat around the fuckin' bush now. I think you fuckers need a little diversion, don't ya think? Seein' you guys has made me horny as hell."

Brian and Josiah looked at each other with big smiles. "What did you have in mind, Jake?" queried Brian.

"Well, I don't wanna do anything that'll make Josiah more sore. I know he's feelin' pretty sore right now." Looking at Josiah, Jake said, "It's been a long time, ain't it? I mean, me and you. We ain't got it on fer a long time. If I jist sucked that pretty cock of yers, that wouldn't disturb yer body, would it?"

Josiah smiled approvingly. Brian stood up and said, "Okay, Jake. You're being really subtle. What is it you're trying to tell us?"

"I'd like to fuck ya both! Is that being subtle enough? Fuck! You guys are dense!"

Unbottoning his shirt, Brian said, "Oh, I get it! I think it's time we get to bed, and maybe Jake can be a little more clear about what he's talking about!"

All three were soon lying in bed, with Jake in the middle. Brian said, "Gee, this is the first time I've had the pleasure of your company, Jake." Brian ran his fingers over and through the soft thick black hair that covered Jake's ample chest. "And look at that cock!" Brian said. "That exceeds everything I've heard about it! It must be nine inches!"

"I beg yer pardon, young man!" said Jake. "It's nine and a half. Don't sell me short none!" Jake got up on his hauches and leaned down over Josiah's penis, which was standing straight up like a post. "This is that sweet thing I used to suck on. How many times it been up Brian's fuckin' ass, huh?

"Now let's not get personal!" said Brian, as he began to stroke his own hard penis.

Touching the tip of his tongue to Josiah's penis head, he said, "Now ya don't have to do no fuckin' thing, Josiah. I don't want ya to pull a fuckin' muscle. Jist lie there and let me work on this pretty little pole." Jake slowly brought the full length of Josiah's six-incher into his mouth, as he cupped Josiah's balls in his hand.

Jake then stretched out full length on the bed as he sucked on Josiah's penis. Brian felt himself becoming more and more excited as he gazed over Jake's body. The large, round and firm ass cheeks with the snarl of heavy black hair showing between them, the strong, muscular legs, deeply tanned and covered with a luscious layer of black hair. Brian couldn't resist running his hand over those ass cheeks and bringing his fingers down into the mass of thick hair that filled the valley.

Josiah closed his eyes. It had been so long since he felt that special technique of Jake's, that special swirling of Jake's tongue on and around his penis as he sucked the full length into his throat. He loved the way Brian sucked his penis, but a blow-job by Jake was something that could never be matched by anyone else. And there was that sound that Josiah remembered Jake always making as he sucked. It was an erotic slurping sound of Jake's overabundance of saliva.

Brian could take it no longer. Up on his hands and knees, he plunged his face into Jake's ass crack, flooding it with his saliva. The feel of all that wet hair around his mouth and cheeks was indescribable. He slashed his tongue through the hair deeper and deeper until it reached the hot and hard ridges of Jake's puckered asshole. Jake, still with Josiah's hard rod deep in his throat, started to moan and growl. Brian could feel Jake's asshole start to clench and unclench violently. Then he could feel on his tongue at the base of Jake's penis the surges begin that pushed Jake's sperm with great force up and out all over the bed under him. At the same moment, Brian could feel Josiah's legs tense and stiffen as he entered his orgasm, filling Jake's eager mouth with a heavy load of his hot, thick sperm.

Jake continued to suck Josiah's penis dry, and then raised himself up on his knees, forcing his ass up into the air. Jake said, breathlessly, "Okay, Brian, go ahead and fuck the shit outta me. I wanna feel that fuckin' cock of yours inside of me . . . the very one you shove up Josiah's ass every night. Go ahead, ram that fucker in there!"

With Jake still hanging over Josiah's body, Brian got up on his knees and pushed his hard penis all the way into Jake's thoroughly wet asshole, all in one thrust. Jake called out, "Oh, fuck! That's good! Pound that fuckin' battering ram of yers up my ass as hard as ya can!"

Brian had felt he was on the verge of cumming since the moment he put his face into Jake's hairy ass. Now, he could feel his body tensing up, and that wonderful orgasmic feeling surging through it. He shouted, "I'm cumming up your ass now, Jake!"

As Jake yelled, "Pump that cum into me, boy!" Brian let nature take its course and allowed his organs to pump and surge all on their own until it began to subside.

"Fuck! That was good!" shouted Jake. "I got yer fuckin' load down my stomach, Josiah, and I got yer fuckin' load up the other end, Brian." Rolling off onto his back, Jake presented a frontal view of his naked body that Brian couldn't resist. Leaning way over and running his hands over Jake's muscular legs, Brian took each of Jake's enormous balls into his mouth, one at a time. Reaching underneath, he ran his fingers through Jake's ass crack and felt the warm sticky cum oozing out that he had deposited there.

Soon, Jake sat up and gazed down at the two youthful naked bodies lying before him. He shook his head and said, "To think I used to fuck all the fuckin' broads I could git my hands on! Shit! I never knowd what I was missin'. Eatin' out them wet pussies and suckin' up all that cunt juice ain't nothin' 'pared to a good load of hot thick cum down yer fuckin' throat. I'm sure glad to know you fuckers'll be down at the ranch this summer."

"You're a great fuck, Jake," said Brian as he ran his hand over Jake's legs. "But you've got Enrique with you. You can't be fuckin' around with us when you've got Enrique there."

"Aw, shit," said Jake. "Ricky don't mind. He fuckin' that new young friend of his, Noah, right now. And he's doin' it in my bed. Maybe the four of us can git it on sometime. Won't that be fuckin' hot?"

Josiah and Brian were soon sound asleep. Jake lay awake thinking about Ricky and Noah down there at the ranch. He was hoping they were having a good time, but at the same time he worried that maybe Ricky might want to move away and live with Noah. But he'd been over that in his mind a thousand times. What happens will happen, he thought. The most important thing was to know that Ricky was going to do what makes him happy.

Enrique and Noah had skipped supper and locked themselves in Jake's room as soon as Caleb gave his blessing to the two of them spending the night together. They were so horny that they sucked each other off during the first few minutes after they had stripped and flew into bed. It was still very early, and both their penises were wilting.

"I wish we hadn't done that, Noah," said Enrique. "What I had planned for when we first got together like this was for us to take a nice shower together and wash each other all over. Then I wanted us to get in bed, and I would give you a real nice body massage . . . the kind I learned from Jake . . . and give you a thorough tongue bath all over your body. And then I would ask you to do the same thing for me. And then we would kiss and hug and suck a little bit, and then fuck. But here we are. All my plans didn't happen. Look at our penises. Their like wet noodles."

Noah grabbed Enrique, and they rolled around wrapped in each other's arms. "Oh, Ricky, it doesn't matter," said Noah. "I just want your body tight against mine like this. I love you, Ricky, no matter what." Breaking away slightly, Noah said, "You know, Ricky, our skin is so different. You have that beautiful dark Latin skin. I always thought my skin was kind of dark, too. But it looks almost white next to yours. I love the feel of your skin. We can still take our shower together, and then we can still have our tongue baths. And then I know I'll be ready again. When I have my hands all over that velvety skin of yours, my penis doesn't stay soft for long."

They jumped up and ran into the bathroom, and turned on the water in the shower full blast. "Let me get you all soaped up first!" shouted Enrique. Enrique lathered up his hands and a washcloth and began at Noah's neck and worked his way down to his ankles, paying particular attention to Noah's penis and balls and ass crack.. It was so erotic looking at Noah all lathered up with gobs of suds dripping off of his penis. Noah then soaped up Enrique's body. When they were both covered from head to toe with heavy lather, they hugged and kissed. Their slick bodies felt so good on their hands and pressed against each other. Finally, they rinsed off and stepped out onto the bath mat where they carefully dried each other off.

Back in bed, now each smelling sweet and clean, Enrique told Noah to lie on his back and spread his legs. First kissing Noah on the lips, Enrique began giving him a complete body tongue bath. Starting on Noah's forehead, then his ears and face, he brought his tongue gently down and around each of Noah's arms. The soft hair on Noah's forearms was so delicious on Enrique's tongue. Now on Noah's chest, Enrique kissed and licked and nibbled on his stiff little nipples, causing Noah to begin to squirm. Enrique bathed Noah's stomach and hips thoroughly with his tongue. Finally, Enrique reached Noah's thick, heavy pubic hair that Enrique swirled and curled around his tongue. As he brought his tongue over the top side of Noah's soft penis, he could feel it begin to harden against his lips. Noah's penis bobbed and quivered as it straightened and rose to its full height. Enrique licked all around it, as he felt drops of semen dribbling from Noah's pee hole onto his nose and upper lip. Licking up as much as he could, he proceeded down to Noah's balls, running his tongue around and around the ball sack. Now, he ran his tongue down over every inch of Noah's slender, shapely legs, sucking on the soft blond hair as he went. The feel of his tongue on Noah's sensuous legs was so erotic for Enrique, that he could now feel his own penis hardening and begin to throb.

Enrique then told Noah to roll over. Starting at Noah's ankles, Enrique brought his tongue up along the back of each leg, again sucking on the soft hair that covered them. He swirled his tongue and lips over every inch of Noah's firm, smooth ass cheeks, and then plunged his face into Noah's crack. Pulling his face away and holding the two luscious mounds apart, he looked at Noah's hole, peering out at him. It was pink and inviting. Running his tongue over it, it tasted sweet and moist. Enrique couldn't resist sucking hard on it and forcing his tongue deep into Noah's rectum. Hardly able to tear himself away from it, he brought his tongue up along Noah's back and over his protruding shoulder blades and onto the back of his neck.

It was now Enrique's turn to be given a total body tongue bath by Noah. By the time Noah finished his work, they both were so horny, they could hardly wait to push their hard cocks into each other's bodies. Noah filled Enrique's ass crack with saliva and, with Enrique's legs pushed up against his chest, Noah fucked him vigorously. Noah was so hot that he could feel his orgasm coming the moment his penis head touched Enrique's hole. It took only two strokes to bring Noah to climax. They quickly changed positions, and Enrique had nearly the same experience. This time, however, as Enrique was on his knees preparing to enter Noah, he stroked his penis just a little and it suddenly exploded, sending his hot, thick, white sperm through the air, landing in great gobs all over Noah's stomach and chest. Noah scooped up some of it and sucked it off his fingers. Enrique leaned over and cleaned the rest of it up with his tongue.

Enrique and Noah were soon sound asleep in each other's arms. Back in the main house, Caleb lay on his bed, thinking about his son with Enrique, and hoping they were having a good time. As he slowly fondled his own balls and stroked his hardening penis, he fantasized about what they were doing. There was the picture in his mind of Enrique's face buried into his son's ass, tongue-fucking his little hole, and the picture of his son's cock up Enrique's asshole. Those pictures were so hot and erotic, that Caleb quickly fired off his own load that landed heavily onto his chin and neck.

The next morning after breakfast, Michael was in his office working when the phone rang.

"Michael, darling! It's Maggie!"

"Maggie!," shouted Michael. "I'd heard you were back! How was the cruise?"

"Oh, it was marvelous! Simply marvelous! We're back here in San Antonio now working on the plans for our house up in the Hill Country. We have an architect who is an absolute dream! I haven't gotten into his pants yet, but I'm working on it."

"Well, I can see you're the same old Maggie," laughed Michael. "You're nothing but a slut, you know that, don't you."

"Well, dear, what other way is there? Listen, Michael darling, I was thinking I might drive down to the ranch this afternoon and visit with you and tell you all about our trip. Will you be free?"

"Of course, Maggie. It will be great seeing you again. How's Rhapsody?"

"Oh, that cheap whore simply wore herself out," said Maggie. "She fucked her way all the way across the Pacific. I'll tell you about it."

When Maggie arrived, Tony had tea and scones set up on the front verandah for them. Maggie swept into the house wearing tight fitting gold lame pants with a striped green and white sleeveless tunic. Her pants came to mid-calf, revealing her not so attractive hairy legs. Her bare aging arms were nothing to rave about, either, thought Michael.

When Maggie saw Michael, she threw her arms around him, slipping one hand down the back of Michael's pants for a good squeeze of butt cheeks. As they made themselves comfortable on the verandah, Maggie sighed, "Oh, it's simply delightful to be back here after cruising half way around the world. You're looking simply gorgeous, as usual, Michael!"

"Well, Maggie, tell me about the trip."

Putting her hand to her forehead, Maggie said, "Oh, where does one begin. I have to tell you that I have learned that cruise lines employ only the Earth's greatest beauties. You have never seen such gorgeous beings on two legs in your life. I think by the time we reached Sydney, Rhapsody and I had fucked every cabin boy and waiter on the boat. So many sweet little asses and so many simply devine cocks. I think I was in a faint most of the time."

"You mean, you spent your whole time in bed?"

"Well, dear, it wasn't just in bed. I had one of them in a lifeboat under a tarpaulin. I did him three or four times. Rhapsody and I did four cabin boys at once on the open deck very late one night with that wonderful cool salt air blowing over us. I even took on our regular waiter in the pantry one evening. It was simply marvelous. I can't even remember all of the beautiful young bodies I had in my hands. Rhapsody . . . that old slut . . . has no brains. She got caught one evening fucking one of the bartenders on the floor behind the bar. And the bar was full of patrons! Can you imagine! When she finally shot her load, she looked up and saw a number of patrons leaning over the bar watching. She was called into the Captains suite and read the riot act. It didn't do any good because she was caught the very next night doing the same thing. The Captain threatened to throw her overboard. He called her a piece of worn out baggage. Can you imagine?"

Michael shook his head and asked, "Well, how was Australia?"

"Michael, I can't begin to tell you the marvelous time we had in Sydney. I had a very irritating time dealing with the magistrate one day trying to bail Rhapsody out of jail. She just hasn't any brains. We were on a tour bus, and she decided she would suck off this one gorgeous fifteen year old boy who was sitting in the very back seat. She said she thought no one could see. But the boy's father was sitting right there in plain view. Well, there was the biggest upset you ever saw. To make a long story short, she ended up being arrested. I just don't know sometimes what I am going to do with her. She's such a whore!"

Michael listened to a number of other wild experiences, and finally Maggie announced that she would need to be getting back to San Antonio.

"There's one other thing, Michael, I wanted to tell you. There was a young boy we met on the boat coming home. He was a cabin boy, and just as sweet as anyone could be. While most of the help was foreign, this boy is an American. He was a homeless child of only fifteen. I had him in my bed practically every night on the way home. He is absolutely adorable. I offered to take him under my wing and have him live with us. When we have our new house built, I would employ him as our house boy. He was delighted. So when we landed in San Diego, he quit his job, and we now have him living with us in San Antonio."

Michael said, "But how can you just take a fifteen year old like that. He's a minor. Doesn't he have a family or a guardian of some sort?"

"Apparently not. Before he got a job on the cruise ship, he said he was just homeless, living on the streets mainly in Tijuana. He said he had no memory of ever living with anyone or of who his parents might have been."

"Maggie, I hope you take him to a doctor and have him checked over. He could be carrying some sort of a disease. You never know when you pick someone up like that."

"I guess that's good advice. We'll be sure to do that. Well, Michael, it was just lovely seeing you again." As they hugged once again, Maggie again slipped her hand down the back of Michael's pants. "Well, I see these gorgeous orbs are holding up just as firmly as ever. Maybe someday, I'll be able to get a closer look!"

Michael laughed. "I'll keep that in mind, Maggie, and I'll look forward to it."

"Promises, promises!" Maggie crooned, as she sashayed toward the door.

As Michael stood at the kitchen door, waving to Maggie as she drove off, the phone rang. Tony called to him and said, "It's for you, Michael. It's someone from the prison where your brother, Jared, is being held."

To be continued...


Posted: 09/19/08