My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

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"Karl, I never expected this. I promise you I'll consider this. You and I seem to get along well, and having you as a partner is a very enticing idea."

They stood up and, with smiles on their faces, they shook hands. They were so exhilarated with the idea that, as they held each other's hand, they instinctively pulled each other towards themselves, throwing their arms around each other in a tight embrace.


Chapter 12 

As Karl Oldenburg was preparing to return to New York, he once again brought up the possibility of buying into the ranch as a full partner.

"Michael, if you are still willing to consider this, I'm going to talk with my father about it. I don't need his permission, of course, but there is no point, either, of purposely causing a rift in the family if I can prevent it."

"I am still interested in the idea, Karl, but I will likewise need to talk with my son, Jeff, who is the sole heir to the ranch at the moment. I want his complete agreement to any kind of change of ownership like this."

After Karl had loaded his luggage into the back of his rental car, he extended his hand to Michael. But, instead of taking it, Michael gave Karl a hug.

Breaking the hug, Karl climbed into the driver's seat and said, "I'll keep you informed Michael. Good luck on your talk with your son."

Jeff and Paul were due to arrive for the weekend late that afternoon. But as soon as Karl pulled away, Michael drove into Goliad to talk with his lawyer, Willard Weinberger, about the details of turning a sole proprietorship into a partnership. Willard was one of Michael's old school friends, who lived on a neighboring ranch. It was Willard who had introduced Michael to the wonderful world of masturbation, and they spent many exciting afternoons in the barn on one or the other's ranch or in remote wooded areas experimenting with both oral and anal sex. The boyhood relationship went on through high school until each of them left for college, Willard to St. Mary's University in San Antonio, and Michael to the University of Texas in Austin. Willard now lived with a long time partner he had met fifteen years before while in law school.

"Well, Michael," Willard began, "I never thought the Walker family would ever want to bring in a partner for the ranch. Actually, I had no idea that the ranch was suffering any financial problems."

"I was considering selling the place outright, but the son of a man in New York who was interested in buying it came down to look the place over. But he fell in love with the place and is now proposing to let me keep the ranch, but with him buying in as a partner to help me."

"Michael! Did he fall in love with the ranch, or did he fall in love with you?"

"Why do you say that?"

"I know you, Michael. It just doesn't seem like a logical thing to happen. Why would a New Yorker come down here with the idea of buying the place, and then propose to share ownership with you? Did you two get it on, or something?"

"You've got a suspicious and a dirty mind, Willard. I always loved your dirty mind, but you're wrong in this instance. We didn't get it on."

Then after a few moments while Willard stared at Michael with a sly smile on his face, Michael said, "But, you know something? Karl—that's his name—Karl, is a really good looking dude. And he is so nice and has one of those real refined sounding English accents—you know, the kind you hear on those television dramas we get here from the BBC. I know I'll be able to work with him with no trouble."

"Okay, Michael, you didn't get it on with this guy, but you really do want to get him into your bed sometime, don't you?"

"Willard! Please!"

"As I said, I know you, Michael. Because of your attraction to this guy with the pretty English accent, you want to turn over half your family's heritage to him. I think you need to think really long and hard about this before you do it."

"Well, I promise you, Willard, that I will think long and hard about it, but I'm pretty sure that I'll be back here to get you to help us draw up the Articles of Partnership."

A light snow was falling in New York when Karl arrived at La Guardia Airport. He was met by his father's chauffeur, who could hardly believe his eyes when he saw Karl deplaning wearing cowboy boots with long pointed toes and a wide-brimmed cowboy hat.

As they hugged, the chauffeur murmured, "You look so butch today. I hardly recognized you!"

"Don't get smart, Tony, I'm thinking of becoming a real Texan."

"Will you take me with you? I don't know if I'll be able to trust you with all those gorgeous cowboys down there."

"You're not my guardian, Tony; it's none of your business what I do."

Old Jonah Oldenburg stood in his office with his mouth agape at the sight of his son in what he referred to as "that ridiculous costume." "I hope no one recognized you in that silly get-up."

Karl took off his hat and sat across the desk from his father and launched into the long explanation of how he had been feeling recently about working for his father and his longing to break away and get into another line of work. He told his father about how he had almost felt reborn when he was on the Walker ranch and that he could think of no better thing he could do with his life now than to live and work on that ranch.

"You want to be a crummy ranch jockey all your life? That's the crappiest idea I ever heard of."

"Father, I don't just want to be a worker on the place, I want to buy into it and be an owner and help run it. You can't believe how beautiful and peaceful that place is."

"I'm not into beautiful or peaceful. I'm here to make money. And that's what I trained you to do," roared Jonah. "You're not buying into that ranch. I forbid that. You're going to buy the ranch in the name of our company, if it's worth buying. Have you thoroughly examined their books?"

"Yes, father, I have. And it's worth buying. And I'm going to buy into it as a partner. You can't forbid it, father. The money that was in trust for me was in trust only until I reached my thirtieth birthday. I'm thirty-seven now. Remember? That money is mine to do with as I see fit."

Jonah Oldenburg sat motionless and silent for a moment. "How can you do such a stupid thing, Karl? You're not a rancher. You're not a Texan. You haven't a clue as to what you would be getting yourself into. You shouldn't be consorting with that type. They're all a bunch of uneducated backwoods hillbillies down there."

"First of all, father, they are not hillbillies. And secondly, they are not uneducated. Michael Walker is talking to his son about my coming into the arrangement. And as soon as I hear from him, and if he is willing to go ahead with it, I'm going to do it. Please, Father. Please understand. I don't want to be a disappointment to you. I want you to continue to be proud of me. Please, Father?"

Jonah stood up with a faint smile on his face. "Okay, Karl. You go ahead and have your little fling as a cowboy. And I'll be here when you come crawling, begging for your old job back." Coming around and putting his arm around Karl's shoulder, he said, "Now come along, son, we need to get to the club for dinner. Your mother will be meeting us there."

It was close to dinner time when Jeff's car turned into the yard. When he and Paul got out and headed for the house, Maggie came running out the kitchen door toward them. She flung her arms around each of them in turn, and kissed them wildly on the cheeks.

"You dear, dear boys! Your daddy and I have missed you so much. Michael's gone into Goliad and should be home presently."

Taking Jeff by both hands and holding him out at arm's length, Maggie bubbled, "Jeff, you're just as gorgeous as ever. Your daddy is going to be so thrilled to see you."

Then reaching down and taking hold of Jeff's package between his legs, Maggie looked at Paul and said, "I hope you've been taking good care of this while y'all have been gone!"

Paul countered, "Maggie, Jeff won't let me touch him. He says he's been saving himself for you!"

Maggie screamed delightedly with a long high falsetto. "Ooooh! Jeff, where will you take me? Will you take me right here, or in the barn?"

They all laughed and walked arm in arm into the kitchen. Jeff and Paul sat at the kitchen table as Maggie stood with her back to them, busying herself at the stove.

Paul winked at Jeff and said, "You got a cute little ass there, Maggie. How long's it been since you got fucked?" Jeff stifled a laugh.

Without turning around, Maggie wiggled her butt and said, "Don't you know, Paul, dear? I've been saving it for you!"

Once again, Maggie let out a falsetto scream as Paul got up and slid both hands down inside the back of her sweats, grabbing each cheek and squeezing it.

"C'mon, Maggie, lemme have a little piece of this, huh?"

Maggie squealed, "Oh, Paul, you devil, you!"

Paul quickly unzipped and popped out his very hard penis and pushed it against Maggie's sweats. When she felt this, she took one tug on her drawstring, and her sweats dropped like the unveiling of great painting, revealing a pair of plump and fleshy little buns. When Jeff saw this, he hadn't realized what carnal sensuality Maggie's little ass cheeks exuded. Paul, looking down, saw these orbs as something truly voluptuous that needed attention. The sight brought lustful and libidinous thoughts that Paul had never expected in connection with Maggie.

A tub of butter sat on the counter, and Paul dipped his fingers into it and slathered it all over Maggie's waiting asshole. Swinging Maggie around until she was jack-knifed over the kitchen table, Paul plunged his hard penis into her asshole up to the hilt. The sight of it was too much for Jeff, who hauled out his own gorged cock and stroked it in time with Paul's thrusts.

Maggie called out, "Let me have it, Jeff! Let me have it!" Taking Jeff's penis into her mouth, she devoured it like a hungry animal.

Paul said, "Something's boiling over on the stove."

Maggie unloaded Jeff's penis from her mouth just long enough to reply, "Who gives a shit! Keep fucking!"

Jeff could see by the look on his face that Paul was working up to his orgasm, and Jeff was determined to blow his load into Maggie's face at precisely the moment that Paul shot his load into her rectum. The moment came, and both Jeff and Paul yelled out as they shot their loads into both ends of Maggie. As their orgasms subsided, Paul's knees felt weak and he collapsed into a chair, while Maggie sucked and sucked the last drop out of Jeff's wilting penis. She then slid up so her whole body was on the table and then rolled over on her back and jacked off, while Jeff and Paul wearily looked on. Even immediately after he had come, Jeff was always interested, in a prurient way, in watching another guy jerk off and shoot his load of sperm.

Slowly, Maggie wandered into the bathroom, where she took a quick shower and put on a pair of thong underwear, then returning to continue preparing dinner. Paul and Jeff got themselves a couple of bottles of beer from the refrigerator and went out and sat on the verandah to wait for Michael to return. Maggie soon joined them with a tall gin and tonic in her hand.

"I want to thank you boys for that. Now, you know that I was not the one who put the make on you. You came on to me. I can't tell you how long it's been since that happened."

Maggie paused for a moment and said, "Oh, I forgot. It really hasn't been that long."

"Who have you been fucking with lately, Maggie," Paul inquired.

"Well, you know that Michael was going to talk to a man from New York about selling the ranch."

"Yeah, we know," said Jeff. "Has my dad talked with the man yet?"

"He certainly has. The man came down here this week. And he was so gorgeous!"

Paul gave Maggie a glancing look. "Don't tell me you and he . . . ."

"Yes, my little dolls, you are right! We fucked all night, and he begged me for more. He got on his knees holding onto my leg and begged me and begged me, and I dragged him to the door, where I shook him loose at last, and told him it was time for my beauty sleep. When I closed the door behind me, I could hear him weeping and calling my name. The poor, dear man. I told him through the door that if he would stop his sniveling, I would return to favor him again the next night, which I did."

"Come, come, Maggie. You're too much. You're fantasizing again! Did something really happen?"

"I know I'm fantasizing. It really didn't happen that way. Michael had him stay in your room, Jeff, and Michael slept in his own room. I simply went to the young man's door and asked him if he wanted some hot chocolate since I had made some for myself. He invited me in and asked me to sit down so we could drink it together and talk."

"Well, what did you talk about?" asked Jeff.

"Nothing really. As soon as we finished our chocolate, he took off his robe, revealing his beautiful naked body, and got into bed. When I saw that, I began to shake so badly that my cup was rattling and dancing all over the saucer. He just laughed and told me to put it down and come over to him and lie down with him. And I did. And the first thing I knew we were making mad love and having glorious sex. He told me he was very attracted to me, partly because of my sense of humor and my general style. Do you think I have a sense of humor, Jeff?"

"Never mind that," said Jeff. "You mean this man said he was very attracted to you?


"It must have been that erogenous zone around those lusty buns of yours!" said Paul.

"I don't know," chirped Maggie, "but we did the same thing last night, the second night he was here. He told me with that totally awesome and sexy English accent of his that he couldn't wait until he came back and we could get together again."

Jeff and Paul looked at each other incredulously.

"And, my little dolls, I have an announcement. I think I am in love. It's been so long, but my Prince Charming, my Knight in Shining Armor has at last come for me." Then growling with delight, she said, "This ought to make Rhapsody livid with jealousy."

"How will she know?" queried Jeff.

"I've been trying to call her all day, but she has the phone off the hook. She does that every time I try to call her."

"Well, how does she know you're calling her?"

"She's sneaky. She has an uncanny ability to know when I'm calling. And when I do finally get hold of her, she'll get real bitchy with me, as though she could ever land a beauty like this one. That tacky queen couldn't attract flies. Well, actually, I wouldn't count out the flies."

"Maggie," said Jeff at last, "I thought that Rhapsody was your best friend."

"She is."

"Well, why are we being so nasty about her."

"I don't know, Jeff. She just pisses me off sometimes."

Announcing she was getting chilly in just her thong underwear, Maggie got up to go and put on some clothes. She returned a few moments later in a flowing pale blue chiffon hostess gown, just as Michael was driving into the yard.

Maggie called out to him. "Michael, you timed your return well. I have a beautiful pork roast in the oven. We're also having fried potatoes with onions and cheese, as well as a romaine salad with a lovely creamy Caesar dressing. It's going to be a big dinner in honor of Jeff and Paul's weekend at home."

As Maggie turned and went back into the kitchen, Michael bounded up onto the verandah and threw his arms around both Jeff and Paul in a three-way hug, kissing them both over and over on the lips.

As they all sat down, and as Maggie brought Michael a double Scotch and water, Michael said, "I can't tell you how nice it is to have you back here for the weekend." He refrained from saying that he missed them. He didn't want to say anything that would lead them to feel sorry for him or to think that he was feeling sorry for himself. He truly did not want to add that kind of dimension to the effort that Jeff was making to build a happy relationship with Paul. He knew that there were few things that could help sour a relationship better than a bitter and lonely in-law injecting himself into their lives.

Dinner was a great success, as Maggie's culinary masterpieces always were. When the dishes were cleared away, Maggie brought out a magnificent Baked Alaska to the delight of everyone.

Michael looked at Maggie as she was pouring the coffee. "Maggie, you seem particularly happy and bouncy tonight."

"I think I'm in love, Michael."

"Well, who is it?"

"It's a secret, Michael. It's my little secret."

After dinner, knowing that the three would like to be alone, Maggie retired to the housekeeper's room for their game of Gin that had become an almost nightly routine during recent months. Michael, Jeff, and Paul took their mugs of coffee and went out to sit on the front verandah.

Michael told the boys about Karl's visit and the proposition that Karl might buy into the enterprise as an equal partner. He explained that Karl would reveal all the details of his own financial wealth, which was considerable, and that the Articles of Partnership would be drawn up very carefully to protect all parties involved, including Jeff's right to inherit the property.

Jeff responded with cautious enthusiasm. "Dad, I like this idea so much better than selling the entire ranch outright. But you will have to be very careful about evaluating Karl's motives. We need to find out as much as we can about this guy before anything is agreed to."

"I understand that, and my lawyer, Willard Weinberger, will be helping me launch an investigation of Karl and his background."

Then, leaning back in his chair, Michael said, "You know, there's something about Karl that I really like. I got this feeling that he really belongs here. I think he's a bright fellow and I know he'll be able to learn the business with no difficulty. And on top of that, he and I hit it off really well. I think we became friends right away."

Jeff and Paul looked at each other with a look of concern.

"Jeff, I've hinted to you that I've been getting kind of lonely down here since you left. But I didn't feel lonely at all during the three days he was here. Wait until you meet him. He's a really good looking guy. I really like him. Nothing's happened yet, but I think we're going to become very close."

The two boys just stared at Michael.

"What? Do you guys have some objection to this? I told you nothing's happened yet. But I know it will. You're not upset about that, are you? You two guys are off there in Austin, and I'm . . . ."

"Dad, don't say anything more. We understand. And Paul and I couldn't be happier if Karl comes in as a partner and the two of you become close friends. But promise me something, will you, dad?"

"Sure, anything, Jeff."

"Let Karl make the moves in becoming friends. Don't be too pushy about it."

"Well, Jeff, don't worry about me. You know I'm always cautious. Anyway, I've got to get to bed. It's late and I've had too much to drink. You two have a good night. I'll see you in the morning."

Kissing both Jeff and Paul goodnight, he left the two on the verandah looking at each other in wonder.

"Well, that's just great!" began Jeff. "Maggie is in love with Karl, and Karl is attracted to Maggie and wants to get it on again with her. And it's obvious my dad believes he is going to have a relationship with Karl. I don't think he has a clue about Maggie. Aw, shit, Paul! The last thing I want to see is my dad hurt by this guy."

Sounding a hopeful note, Paul said, "Let's just wait until we meet this Karl before we jump to any conclusions of doom and gloom. Maybe we could talk to him and find out what his intentions are."

"Yeah. Tell him we know he likes Maggie, but my dad would like to have him for himself. Sure! That would make me look like a real sweet horse's ass, wouldn't it, telling him a dumb think like that."

"C'mon, Jeff, let's get to bed."

This was one of those nights when Jeff found it difficult to get himself into a romantic state of mind. He was truly worried about Michael, and the more he brooded about it, the more he was convinced that Michael would be cruelly hurt by this intruder. As they lay in bed, Jeff's mind was in another world entirely as Paul gently caressed his body with his hands and his tongue. Paul soon realized that it was no use, especially when his tongue elicited no response as he repeatedly moved it up and down on the under side of Jeff's flaccid and limp penis.

Placing Jeff's head on his chest and cradling it in the crook of his arm, Paul ran his hand through Jeff's hair and gently caressed his head until they both fell asleep.

The following morning, Jake told Enrique to go with Corky out on the range and see that all the water troughs were filled. Corky had requested that Enrique be allowed to go with him. His attraction to Enrique had been eating at him for some time and he was determined to find a way to be alone with the youngster. His desire for Enrique had become particularly strong during and after his rescue of the young boy from the burning barn. And when Enrique came to thank him for saving his life, Corky almost lost his self-control. If Jake had not diverted Enrique's attention at that time, Corky was not certain what he would have done.

Rather than taking the jeep, Corky suggested they ride horses around to the various watering sites on the property. When they finally reached the clump of Cottonwoods near the stream where Jake and Enrique often came to be alone with each other, Corky suggested that they sit by the water and rest awhile. Enrique was filled with conversation about how he and Jake would often go there and eat and how he would listen to Jake play the bagpipes.

Even though it was late September, it was still quite warm, and Corky suggested they strip off their shirts and enjoy the breeze blowing over them from the west.

Corky sat very close to Enrique while they looked out over the water. "Enrique, do you ever think about someday leaving this place and seeing another part of the world."

"No, this is the best part of the world! Do you ever want to leave, Corky?"

"Yeah, someday. It's pretty lonely here, Enrique. As you know, I don't have too many friends. But there's something I'd like someday. Something I'd really like. I'd like to fall in love someday with someone. I'd like to have someone love me, really love me. I dream of that all the time. But there ain't no opportunity for that while I'm stuck out here in the country like this"

Enrique looked at Corky and smiled. "I love you, Corky."

"No you don't. Not like you love Jake."

Suddenly, Corky moved his head next to Enrique's cheek and pointed to across the river. "Look Enrique. Do you see that group of Armadillos moving along where that log is? That's the first time I ever seen a whole family of them."

Enrique pulled away and stood up to get a better view.

"Enrique have you ever taken a swim in this stream?"


"Why don't we try it? Okay?


Corky stripped off the rest of his clothes, except for his hat, and Enrique did the same. As they waded slowly into the stream, getting used to the cold water, Corky got a hard-on at the sight of Enrique's naked body. He tried to explain it away by saying, "Cold water always makes me hard."

As Corky noticed that Enrique was also hard, Enrique shouted, "Me, too!"

The water was fairly fast moving, but it was quite shallow. Laughing and shouting, the two soon started wrestling in the water, each trying to push the other's head under. Soon, Corky took Enrique by the hand and led him up to a grassy bank where they both fell down, lying next to each other.

After awhile, Corky asked, "Enrique, what do you and Jake do when you come out here? Do you play around with each other?"

Enrique remained silent and just continued staring up at the clouds.

"Enrique? Do you play with each other like this?" Corky reached over and clutched Enrique's penis. Enrique jumped up and said, "Jake and I just do private things. It's all private, Corky."

Enrique walked to the tree where his clothes were piled. Suddenly, the sound of the jeep was heard and appeared almost without warning. It was Jake. He stood up in the jeep and just looked down at Corky, still lying naked in the grass, and to Enrique, still naked, but clutching his shirt in front of him.

"Hey, Jake," stuttered Corky, "We were just taking a break."

Looking at Enrique, Jake shouted, "Get yer fuckin' clothes on and git back to the fuckin' bunkhouse. Hurry it up. Just wait there 'til I git back!"

As Enrique rode off, Jake got out of the jeep and approached Corky, still lying cowering in the grass.

"Git up, you son-of-a-bitch!" As Corky stood up, Jake raised his powerful arm and swung it against the side of Corky's head, sending the young cowboy sprawling. As Corky struggled to get to his feet, Jake swung at him again. This time, Corky lay on the ground motionless, while Jake climbed back into the jeep and returned to the bunkhouse.

When Jake returned, Enrique pleaded, "We were just taking a break, Jake. Just like Corky said."

"I know what you were doin'. I thought somethin' like this would happen. I don't want you to be alone with him again. Understand?"

"What do you mean 'somethin' like this would happen? Nothing happened, Jake. Honest!"

"Well, then, why were ya lyin' there stark neked? Ya jist don't git neked for no reason."

"Why are you so upset? We're all naked in the showers every night, and you don't get mad about that."

"That's different. You were all alone out there where no one could see ya."

"Nothing happened, Jake," Enrique shouted. "I like Corky. He's real nice. And you didn't have any reason to hurt him like that."

"Aw, shit. I didn't hurt him none." Then softening his tone, Jake held out his hand and said, "C'mon over here by me, Ricky."

Enrique started to back away. "No, I don't like what you did to Corky. He was real nice to me. Nothing happened." Then looking out the window, he wondered aloud, "Why hasn't he come back yet?"

Enrique could see that his horse was still saddled. He ran to it, and as he mounted it, he shouted to Jake that he was going to go and look for Corky.

"Come back here, you little fucker! He ain't hurt! He can take care of hisself!"

When Enrique returned to the stream, Corky was still lying where he fell. The side of Corky's head where Jake had hit him was beginning to swell, and Enrique could see blood along Corky's hairline.

Enrique shook Corky gently. "Corky, are you alright? Please, Corky!"

Corky didn't move, but Enrique could tell that he was still breathing. He found Corky's pants and struggled to pull them up high enough over Corky's hips so he could fasten them at the top. Then mounting his horse, he raced back to the house to get Maggie to call 911.

"Oh, gracious!" screamed Maggie. "Corky's such a sweet young man. He's always so courteous and he's such a quiet person. He never bothers anyone. He seems so lonely to me. I do hope and pray he's okay, Enrique. As soon as the paramedics come, I'll send their vehicle out to where you are."

"Thanks, Maggie," said Enrique. "I'll ride back out there and wait for them."

With siren blaring, the ambulance arrived at the house in only minutes after they were called. Jake came running out into the yard to see what was happening. Maggie informed him that Corky had been injured. Jake looked shocked. He said nothing and walked slowly back to his room.

Corky was taken to the hospital in Goliad. After Enrique explained what happened that morning, Jeff and Paul drove him into Goliad to be there at the hospital while Corky was being treated. Corky had been knocked out cold by Jake's blow to the head. By the time Enrique arrived at the hospital, Corky was beginning to regain consciousness, but his eye had swelled practically shut.

After several hours, Corky was awake enough to realize what had happened. "Enrique, I am so sorry for this. I didn't mean for this to happen. I should have known better. I know that you and Jake are close . . . and . . . I just should have known better."

Enrique came close and put his arms around Corky's neck and kissed him. "You and me are friends, Corky, and that's the way we'll stay. We didn't do nothing wrong. I'm not going to let Jake treat you this way. I'm just not. We're always gonna be friends."

When Enrique looked at Corky's eye, swollen closed, he began to cry. Corky reached his arms around Enrique and hugged him tightly.

When they returned to the ranch, Enrique asked Jeff and Paul if he could sleep in the main house that night, instead of with Jake. They told him he was welcome to sleep wherever he wished. As night fell, and Enrique didn't return to Jake's room, Jake sat on his doorstep and waited. Soon everyone had gone to bed, and Jake went into the main house looking for Enrique. He found him sleeping on the sofa in the back parlor.

"C'mon, little fucker, it's time to come on back to bed where you belong."

Enrique pulled out of Jake's grasp and shouted, "No. Leave me alone. I don't want to sleep in your room!"

Jake grabbed Enrique by both arms and pulled him off the sofa. Enrique yelled to let him go. Hearing the commotion, Jeff came out of his room and saw Jake struggling to pick Enrique up and carry him out.

"Hey! Jake! Stop that! Let go of him! Are you crazy! Get out of here and get back to the bunkhouse. Can't you see he doesn't want to go with you?"

Jake let go of Enrique. "Jeff, Ricky belongs with me. I jist wanna talk some fuckin' sense into him."

"Jake, I told you to get out of here. We'll talk to you in the morning about your behavior today. You had better have a pretty good explanation. Now, do you hear me? Get out of here!

Jake went back to his room, but lay awake for the rest of the night. He knew that he had a violent streak in him when he was a young man. And now he hated the thought that it was showing itself again, especially since it seemed like it might ruin his relationship with Ricky. It was jealousy and then violence—always jealousy and then violence. It was the old pattern he remembered so well from the tough days of his youth. And now it was emerging once again to threaten his life with Ricky. "My God," he thought, "what the fuck is happening to me? I can't let this happen."

On Sunday evening, Jeff and Paul drove back to Austin since classes would resume bright and early on Monday. As they drove, Paul looked at Jeff.

"Jeff, you have such an exotic look with only the light from the dash board shining up on your face. It puts deep shadows in the dimples on your cheeks and makes your teeth look so white."

Paul reached over and ran his fingers lightly over Jeff's cheeks and, with his index finger, traced over his arched eyebrows, the gentle curve of his nose and his lips. Jeff suddenly opened his mouth and caught Paul's finger between his teeth.

"Ow! Let go!

"I will," said Jeff through clenched teeth, "only if you leave your finger there and let me take it all the way in and give it a good blow job."


Jeff loosened his grip and sucked Paul's finger in all the way, then a second finger, and then three fingers. With his other hand, Paul reached down and pulled Jeff's hardened cock out of his pants and began stroking it.

"That's it!" exclaimed Jeff. "I've got to pull over to the side."

Jeff pulled into the next rest stop where about a dozen 18-wheeler Semis were parked for the night.

"Just think," said Jeff. "All these truckers in their trucks either jerking off or fucking their brains out on some of these Rest Stop Sluts that hang around here."

Paul stayed seated and Jeff propped himself up on his knees on the seat while Paul sucked on him. There were plenty of lights in the rest area, so it was quite possible that anyone could see what they were doing. Suddenly, they saw one of the truckers jump down from his cab and walk naked toward the restroom building. He was a great looking young stud with a hard-on and a set of good-sized balls bouncing in front of him as he walked. The sight of that set Jeff off and he shot his load down Paul's throat. Also, the sight of that naked trucker produced a particularly powerful orgasm.

They both decided to go in to the restroom for a good pee before continuing on to Austin. Inside, was the trucker standing in a stall with the door open and jacking off. When he saw Jeff and Paul, he spoke up.

"That fuckin' cunt that I picked up. She's just sittin' in the truck and won't let me fuck her. She just wants me to diddle her so she can come. What kinda whore bitch is that. I made her cum four times a-ready. She promised after four times she'd let me fuck her. But now she keeps wanting me to diddle some more. Fuckin' whore bitch! I kept tellin' her that I had to jack my dick off cuz I couldn't stand it any longer, and she says I shouldn't do that becuz then I wouldn't be able to fuck her. Well, piss on that old shit! She ain't never gonna let me fuck her. And she got a real sloppy wet pussy, too. Really good for fuckin'! Anyways, my fuckin' balls started achin' and I couldn't stand it any longer and told her I had to git my nuts off by myself.

Paul was so taken with this great looking trucker with the dirty mouth, the big dick, the cute little white buns, and the strong muscular arms that he said, "How would you like to just lean back and let someone else jerk you off?"

The trucker looked at Paul and said, "How 'bout you suckin' me off?"

"Sorry, man, I don't suck on strangers' dicks. But you can lay back and pretend that my hand is a hot juicy pussy, or even her mouth."

The trucker sat on the toilet and leaned back with his eyes closed. Paul got plenty of liquid soap on his hand and started stroking. The trucker started moaning and talking to himself. "Okay, baby, wrap that pussy around my cock and pump it hard. Now tighten those lips around my cock and suck it hard and take it all. I want to feel the back of your fuckin' throat on my cock. Oh, keep ramming my hard cock up your cunt!"

Soon, the trucker began to stiffen. The beautifully rounded and sensuous muscles in his legs began to strain and bulge and the all-too-familiar look of approaching orgasm swept across his face. And with a loud yowl, great streams of thick white sperm spewed out of his pee hole all over his thigh and on Paul's arm and hand.

As the trucker's body relaxed and his penis began to soften, he said, "Hey man, you're better than any fuckin' whore! How often do you come here?"

Jeff and Paul assured the trucker that it would not be often. But Paul was so hot by now, he stood and jacked off into the urinal, while the trucker washed himself off and watched at the same time.

In New York, Karl Oldenburg was packing his suitcase again for another visit to the ranch. His father, Jonah, was convinced that his son's folly would come to nothing and be short lived. He was convinced that Karl would come to his senses before he put any money down on this venture.

On his way to the airport in his father's limousine, Tony, his father's chauffeur, asked Karl when he was coming back.

"On this trip, Tony, I really don't know. I'm sure you know that I am hoping to buy into that Texas cattle ranch. And if that deal goes through, I'll be living down there permanently and won't be coming back."

"Well, Karl, how about us? You know how I feel about you. I know you don't feel the same way, but you know we do have fun a lot of times. Maybe there might be a job for me down there?" Tony said with hope in his voice.

"I'm afraid not, Tony. They don't use chauffeurs down there."

"But I can do a lot more than just drive a car. You know, you've told me I've given you some of the best sex you've ever had."

"Tony, I like you in a lot of ways, including the sex we've had, but I don't feel that I want to commit my life to you. You know we've talked about that."

As they stopped for a stoplight, Tony reached over and rubbed Karl between the legs.

"Tony," Karl said softly. "What are you doing?"

"Karl, Robert's house is on the way to the airport. Please let's stop for just a few minutes."

Robert was a friend of Tony's, and he allowed Tony to use his house for sex anytime he wished. Tony and Karl had gone there many times for their secret sexual activity. Tony was in permanent possession of a key to Robert's house.

Karl unzipped his pants and allowed Tony's deft hand to enter and fondle what he found there. With no audible objection from Karl, Tony headed for Robert's house and pulled into the garage. Since there was not much time, they both stripped down quickly and got into Robert's bed. Robert had always insisted that Tony have sex with his various partners in his bed. He always claimed that the smell of sex lingered on the sheets long after the participants were gone, which made him hot and horny and able to jack off with the most exquisite orgasms.

Tony raised Karl's long slender legs high in the air, revealing his waiting asshole. It was always so erotic for Karl to watch Tony slip his eight inch rod slowly into him. Sometimes it felt as though Tony's penis had actually entered his stomach from below. He was hoping that he would cum at the same time as Tony. It only happened when Tony fucked him. Somehow, Tony's long cock would rub in just the right way on Karl's prostate, which would make him cum and have powerful orgasms without even touching his own penis. It was happening again. He could feel his orgasm beginning to build. Tony could always tell when this was happening by the look on Karl's face, and was able to shoot his load into Karl's rectum at the very same time that Karl was shooting his own load. Then it happened. Not only could Tony feel the pulsating of his own penis, but could feel at the same time the rhythmic snapping of Karl's asshole as he began to shoot his own sperm. They were suddenly locked together in the most precious moment of total abandonment as rope after rope of Karl's thick white sperm shot onto his chest. As their orgasms subsided, Karl lowered his legs, and Tony collapsed on him and slowly licked up Karl's sperm from his stomach.

It was a rush. Karl barely made his plane. He still felt exhausted from the brief sojourn with Tony, and slept practically the whole way to San Antonio. There he rented another car and drove to the ranch, arriving just before supper time.

Michael had arranged with Maggie to have a formal dinner served with wine and the family's best silver and china. Cocktails were served on the front verandah, the one that did not face the barns and sheds, but commanded a beautiful view of the rolling rangeland to the west. Michael had learned on Karl's last visit that he liked Southern Comfort Manhattans, and Karl seemed very pleased when Maggie brought out a pitcher full. While Michael normally preferred Scotch, he was agreeably surprised at how good these special Manhattans were.

"Michael," began Karl, "I've looked over all the financial material you gave me, and I even called your bank and several of your creditors. It's my opinion that you're not as bad off financially as you think you are. Your situation is far from impecunious. If you're agreeable, I'm more than ready to go into partnership with you."

Michael smiled broadly. "Karl, as you know, I had my attorney work up a background check on you, as well as your father's firm. I have really been excited about your suggestion that we consider a partnership, but of course, as you know, we both needed to be sure about each other before we took any steps. And, as I expected, both you and your father have an unimpeachable record, both personally and professionally. I stand ready any time you are to sit down with our attorneys to draw up the Articles of Partnership."

Karl raised his glass. "I'm ready Michael. And here's to a long and enjoyable association between us!"

"Here, here!" responded Michael. "Karl, what did your father say when you told him what you planned to do?"

"My father was what he always is: stubborn, obstinate, unable to believe that anyone, especially me, could possibly be interested in a life other than one of being totally immersed in the occupation of money-making. There is nothing he can do to stop me from doing this, but he has convinced himself that I am simply engaging myself in a childish folly that will most certainly fail and that I will go crawling back to him, pleading for his forgiveness."

Karl leaned over and put his hand on Michael's arm and smiled. "Michael, I know what I am doing. I like you very much. You are someone I can work with. The two of us do very well together, and I think we're going to have a good time with each other."

Michael put his other hand on Karl's hand and squeezed it gently. Looking deeply into Karl's eyes, he said, "I know we're going to do well together. I knew it the first time I laid eyes on you."

Maggie then returned to the verandah, and Karl withdrew his hand from Michael's.

"Okay, you two big business moguls. Dinner's ready," purred Maggie.

There on the dining room table was a large platter of barbecued ribs, done with Maggie's special sauce. On the side were cold slaw and corn bread. Michael had wished that Maggie had done a prime rib beef roast with Yorkshire pudding, but Karl seemed more than delighted with the ribs.

After dinner, Michael and Karl adjourned once again to the front veranda with coffee and cognac. They talked for several hours, with Karl listening to the history of the ranch back through several generations, and Michael listening to Karl's suggestions for changing and improving ranch operations. Several months earlier, Michael had drawn up plans for rebuilding and relocating some of the working buildings on the ranch and told Karl that he would dig them out the next morning and let Karl have a look at them.

Karl soon said he needed to get to bed. It had been a long day, with the long flight from New York, the drive down to the ranch, and last, but not least, the over-abundance of alcohol he had been enjoying since his arrival. Michael had the overwhelming urge to take Karl in his arms and kiss him on the lips as they got up. He restrained himself, however, and Karl simply said goodnight and went into Jeff's old room and closed the door.

Michael lay in bed, unable to sleep. He was, in fact, wide awake. He had this strange need to see Karl again and put his arms around him. He put on his robe and went down the hall to his office, where he pulled out the plans for the buildings that he had mentioned to Karl. He thought that he would leave them off with Karl in his room in case he might like to look at them before going to sleep. In any case, it would give him a chance to see Karl lying in Jeff's bed, hopefully naked. Knocking on Karl's door, he heard Karl speak.

"Yes, what is it?"

"Karl, if you're awake, let me give you these building plans, and you can look at them at your leisure."

"Michael, do you want to leave them outside the door, I'll get them later."

"They're too valuable, Karl. I'd just as soon have you take them now and keep them in your room where they're safe."

Michael heard the bolt sliding open, and Karl opened the door just a crack, reaching his hand out to take the plans. The rolls were too large, and Michael pushed the door slightly to open it further. There on the bed, he could clearly see Maggie, naked and struggling to get the sheet pulled up over her. Shocked, Michael dropped the plans onto the floor and hurried back to his own room. Throwing himself on his bed and burying his face in his pillow, he thought, "What a fool! My God, what a fool! At my age, how can I be so stupid!"

Then getting up and going to the window and looking out over the land that now looked so uninviting and cold, he murmured, "Oh, Jeff, I miss you so much. Why couldn't you stay here with me?"

To be continued...


Posted: 08/29/08