My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

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Paul and Adriano stumbled as fast as they could back into the bar and shouted to the bartender to call 911. Little Toby was standing calmly by the bar drinking from a bottle of beer. When asked, he said he never saw either Jeff or Marco in the "back room." Terrified, Paul and Adriano grabbed hold of each other and collapsed into a booth, waiting for the police to arrive.


Chapter 10 


Very soon after Paul and Adriano signaled to the bartender to call 911, several police cars and ambulances arrived in the parking lot with sirens and lights flashing. Paul and Adriano went out to meet them and showed them where Marco's body lay. By this time, most of the patrons in the bar panicked and hurriedly left by the side and back doors. As the police cordoned off the entire premises with "crime scene" tape, one of the officers went inside to talk with Paul and Adriano to ascertain what had happened. They told the officer about Jeff going into the restroom and followed later by Marco. When they began to be concerned that the two had not returned, they went to investigate and found they were no longer in the restroom. Checking the parking lot, they found Marco's body, but Jeff had disappeared.


Immediately suspecting that Jeff had been the assailant who killed Marco, the police put out an all points bulletin for Jeff's capture. Paul and Adriano were outraged at this and showed the police Jeff's locked and undisturbed car. If Jeff had murdered Marco and tried to escape, surely he would have taken his car rather than running on foot.


Looking toward the wooded area off to the side of the building, Paul saw a figure emerging from behind the trees. It was Jeff. He was holding his stomach and Paul could see blood running off of his hand down over his shirt. When Jeff saw Paul, he collapsed onto the ground. The paramedics quickly sprang into action and conveyed him to one of the ambulances, which sped off to the hospital in Austin.


Paul and Adriano tried to leave so they could follow, but the police ordered them to get into the police car for a ride down to the station where they were to give a formal statement. It was from the police station that Paul called Michael to tell him what had happened. Michael told Paul he would leave right away and would drive directly to the hospital.


Because of Jeff's condition, the police were not able to interview him until the next day. Luckily, Jeff had only superficial knife wounds in his stomach, which required only a number of stitches. Jeff informed the police that he had seen a man talking briefly to Marco in the restroom. And after talking rather heatedly to each other for several minutes, Marco and the man walked out of the restroom and then to the outside through a door across from the restroom. Although Jeff did not inform the police that he had just finished fucking one of the other patrons and was putting on his clothes when this happened, he did tell them that he followed the two out into the parking lot. Marco and the other man were arguing loudly. Suddenly, the man pulled out a large knife and plunged it into Marco's neck, causing Marco to fall back into a row of bushes. It had happened so quickly that all Jeff could think of was to rush forward and try to tackle the man. But the man escaped Jeff's grasp and ran into the woods. Jeff ran after him and eventually caught him when the man tripped and fell. As Jeff reached for him, the man pulled out a small knife and slashed Jeff several times in the stomach. He then jumped up and ran deeper into the woods.


Jeff knew that he had been badly hurt and was bleeding profusely. He thought it was no use running after the assailant and knew that he needed to get help before he lost too much blood.


When Paul and Adriano were finally able to see Jeff, they found Michael already in the room. Jeff repeated to them the story he had given to the police. Paul asked him about Little Toby. What was he doing? Jeff admitted that he had been fucking Little Toby most of the time he was in the restroom. Paul informed Jeff that after they had found him and Marco missing, they asked Little Toby about it, and he had said simply that he had never seen Jeff and Marco in the restroom. Jeff was puzzled because he knew that Little Toby knew that Jeff and Marco were there. With Jeff's penis up his ass, how could Little Toby not know that Jeff was there?


Jeff urged Paul not to miss his interview appointment at the University. Paul quickly said he could postpone that appointment, and that he wanted to stay with Jeff. Adriano, Jeff, and Michael—all three—told Paul that he needed to go for his interview and that Jeff was doing fine and would still be there when the interview was over. Several hours later, Paul returned very happy with how the interview went. He said they told him they would notify him within the next week of their decision.


The next day, Jeff was discharged from the hospital and taken back to the Nest to pick up his car. Paul told Jeff to go on and drive back to the ranch with Michael, and he would drive Jeff's car. Paul said he would be along shortly after he dropped Adriano off at his house.


On the way, Adriano and Paul talked about the events of the last two nights.


"I was so frightened," said Adriano. "I didn't know Marco at all until the other night, but when Jeff was missing and then when we found him wounded like that, it scared me to death."


"I've known Marco for several years," said Paul, his voice cracking. "He and I were lovers for a short time. He was a sweet and gentle soul. Everyone loved him. I just can't imagine why anyone would want to do this to him. I'm going to keep in touch with the police in Austin. What I can't figure out was why that little shit-head Toby lied when I asked him if he had seen Jeff and Marco. I did tell the police when I made my formal statement about that little creep."


Adriano put his hand on Paul's thigh as he was driving, and said, "Paul, I didn't realize that you had been that close to Marco. I'm sorry."


Adriano started to remove his hand from Paul's leg, but Paul clasped it with his own and pressed it tighter against his leg.


"Adriano, before I drop you off, I want to go back to the motel and pick up my stuff. I think I feel like crying. I just think I want to go back and lie down and cry for awhile. I want to cry for Marco."


When they returned to the motel room, Paul threw himself on the bed and finally let go. His sobs were audible and wrenching. He choked out over and over, "Oh, Marco, Marco, why, why!" Adriano sat on the bed next to Paul. Just seeing Paul in such pain brought tears to his own eyes. With his hand, Adriano brushed the hair out of Paul's eyes and stroked his head gently. Soon, Paul drifted off to sleep, and Adriano leaned over and kissed away the tears on Paul's cheeks. Then lying down next to Paul, Adriano rested his head in the crook of Paul's neck and was soon asleep.


Michael and Jeff arrived at the ranch just before supper. As Michael helped Jeff up the four steps to the back verandah and into the house, Jeff winced. The stitches in his stomach pulled as he walked and it felt like he was ripping his wounds open. When they reached Jeff's room, Michael helped him down slowly on the bed. Just then, Maggie came rushing in, crying and wailing like a high-pitched siren.


"Oh, Jeff, my dear Jeff! Michael called us and told us about the dreadful thing that happened to you. We're all so relieved that you weren't killed!"


Maggie held her hanky up to her nose and sobbed so hard, she could hardly catch her breath.


"Jeff, dear, let me fix you some hot potato soup. Do you think you could eat some?"


Jeff reached out and took Maggie's hand. "Maggie, that would be good. Put lots of pepper in it." Squeezing her hand, he added, "You can be a bitch sometimes, Maggie, but I love you."


Soon, Corky and Joseph, and then Jake and Enrique came in to see how Jeff was. Jeff became teary eyed and said, "I love all you guys. You're all so great. I'm going to miss every one of you when I go up to Austin to school in the fall."


Jake said, "But you can come back on weekends, can't ya? At least, ya don't have to be gone every fuckin' weekend, do ya?"


Enrique reached out to hug Jeff, "Watch out! Be careful, Enrique!" warned Jeff. "My stomach is pretty sore." Enrique caught himself and then leaned over and simply kissed Jeff on the cheek.


Jeff had fallen asleep after eating his supper and awoke to find Michael sitting by his bed looking at him. "Jeff," Michael began, "You know, we could have lost you. I don't think I could have gone on living if that had happened." Putting his hand on Jeff's cheek, he continued. "I love you so much, my dear beautiful boy."


Jeff, remaining silent, just turned his head toward Michael and smiled. It was the sweetest, most loving smile Michael had ever seen. Michael knew that Jeff wanted to sleep. He stood up, leaned over and kissed Jeff on the lips very softly and gently, and said quietly, "Good night, my dear son." Jeff dropped off to sleep, and Michael quietly turned off the light and left the room.


One week to the day after his interview, Paul received a call from the dean of the Veterinary school in Austin offering him the position of Assistant Professor starting in the next fall term. Paul accepted immediately and was told that a written agreement would be sent to him for his signature. He tried to find Jeff to tell him, but was told that Jeff had taken the jeep out to the south end of the ranch to inspect a section of broken fence caused by a runaway tractor from the neighboring ranch. Paul saddled up a horse and rode out there to give Jeff the good news. He found Jeff measuring the length of fencing he would need for repairs.


Paul jumped off his horse, tied it to a Mesquite Tree and ran over to Jeff with the news. They both grabbed hold of each other and yahooed at the top of their lungs, spinning around and around until they became dizzy and fell to the ground. Rolling together down an incline, they came to rest in a depression by a tree.


They continued laughing and shouting until Jeff said, "I think my stitches are breaking, but I don't care! I'm so happy!"


Paul held Jeff very still and said, "Oh, Jeff, I'm so sorry. I forgot about your stitches."


Paul unbuttoned Jeff's shirt and exposed the bandages that still remained on his stomach. He leaned over and gently kissed Jeff's stomach all around the bandages. He said, "I hope that helps make the pain go away, dear boy."


Jeff put his hands on both sides of Paul's head. "Paul, please, kiss me."


Paul brought his lips up to Jeff's and they kissed long and deep and silently. Jeff fumbled with the buttons on Paul's shirt and belt buckle. With his tongue, Paul could feel the ridges on the roof of Jeff's mouth, as well as the slightly crooked tooth next to one of Jeff's eye-teeth. The little crooked tooth always made Jeff's smile somehow look so boyish and cute.


Soon, Jeff and Paul had discarded all their clothing, except for their boots and their hats. Paul stood up, standing naked and gorgeous over Jeff with his legs apart.


As Jeff ran his hands over the soft light hair on Paul's calves, he said, "Paul you belong in a magazine. Your body is so perfect. I can't raise myself up. Please lower yourself down on my face."


Paul positioned himself over Jeff's head and slowly lowered himself down until his crotch was resting lightly on Jeff's face. Jeff had to start stroking his own penis as he felt the dampness of Paul's crotch sweat on his face and as he took in the heady odor of Paul's skin. Jeff's tongue darted all over Paul's balls and the area between his balls and his asshole. Then as Paul adjusted his position slightly, Jeff dug deep into his asshole with his tongue, all the time running his hands over the soft layer of hair and smooth muscles of Paul's legs. The taste and the smell was incredible. The sun caught the hair on Paul's legs, making it look like millions of tiny glittering golden threads.


"Paul," begged Jeff, "please back up and sit on my cock. I want to feel my cock inside of your body. If I could, I would push my whole body into yours."


Paul lowered himself slowly down over Jeff's gorged penis, pushing it all the way into his rectum. Then, sliding up and down, Paul could feel Jeff's hard penis massaging his prostate. It felt as though he was getting close to an orgasm. Jeff could watch Paul's asshole sucking up his penis. The sight of it brought him close to orgasm. They both started breathing heavily and both started calling out, almost in unison, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" Then just as Jeff felt his sperm charging up from his balls and shooting into Paul's rectum, he could also feel Paul's asshole clamping down on his own penis as Paul began to shoot long ribbons of hot white sperm onto Jeff's chest and chin. As they both were cumming at once, they were both shouting, "Oooooo, Oooooo, Ahhhhhh, Ooooooo!"


As their orgasms began to subside, and their penises began to wilt, Paul pulled off of Jeff's cock and rolled over on his back next to Jeff.


Jeff said, "I love you, Paul."


Paul leaned over to Jeff and kissed him. "I love you, too, Jeff—more than anything in this world. You mean more to me than anything I have ever owned."


"I'm so happy for you, Paul. And for me, too, because we'll be together in Austin. I know I'll just be a freshman. Do you think I'll be allowed to live off-campus and live with you?"


Paul smiled. "I'll see to it. There will be no way that we will both live in Austin and not live together."


Paul leaned in and kissed the tip of Jeff's nose. Then with his tongue, he traced Jeff's arched eyebrows, eyelids, and lips. "Jeff, your skin tastes so good."


Jeff and Paul lay side by side in the bright sun, watching the clouds move slowly overhead. Jeff moved his head and laid it on Paul's chest, tasting the warmth and dampness of his skin. Jeff thought the world could never, ever be more beautiful than it was that day.


Michael and Jeff decided to have their dinner that night out on the front verandah of the main house, which looked out over a rolling terrain unbroken by barns or chicken yards or other debris that cluttered the view to the back of the house. As Maggie set up a small table on the verandah, Michael sipped on his usual Scotch on the rocks as Jeff nursed a bottle of beer.


"Well, Jeff," began Michael, "this afternoon, the verdict came in on Jared. If you can imagine, he was acquitted of conspiracy to kidnap."


"I can't believe that," retorted Jeff. "He was guilty, plain and simple. Everyone knows that. Dad, did you believe he was guilty?"


"Does a bull have balls? Of course I believe it, because he was. There probably was some damned technicality. Some dumb deputy probably didn't read him his rights, or some fool ass thing like that."


"Well, Dad, I guess we can count on more trouble from Uncle Jared."


"I suppose so. That bastard has had a wild hair up his ass all his life. Mom and Ol' Ben gave him everything and treated him like a prince. And on top of that, he got away with a lot more than I ever did. But for some reason, he was always jealous of me. He always imagined I was treated better than him, which wasn't true. I got punished a helluva lot more than he ever did."


Maggie brought out a platter of pork chops and placed it on the table, along with a pot of black eyed peas and hot, freshly baked corn bread. Because it was a rather warm, balmy evening, she also brought out a pitcher of cold lemonade.


As the two began to eat, Jeff had some news for Michael.


"Dad, Paul gave me some great news today. He was offered a position as Assistant Professor in the Veterinary School at UT in Austin, and he has accepted it."


"Jeff, that is great! I wish you had told me that a few minutes ago. We could have toasted his appointment while I still had my Scotch. Well, I guess we can clink our glasses of lemonade and it will be just as good.


As they raised their glasses, Jeff went on. "You know, Dad, this means that Paul and I can be together up there when he starts teaching and I start as a student."


Michael remained silent and just stared at his plate.


"And, Dad, I think that Paul and I will be able to live together when Paul finds a place in town."


"Well, Jeff, why would you want to live with him? Don't you want to live in the dorm with the other students? You can make plenty of friends that way. Also, you'll have to think about what's best for you when it comes to keeping up with your studies.


"Dad, I'd just be living with him. I can make friends during the day. And I probably could do better studying at Paul's quiet apartment than I could in a noisy dorm with all its distractions."


"I don't like the idea, Jeff. You're going to be just a freshman. Paul's older than you and you need to be with the other freshmen your age."


"What's the matter, Dad? Is there something wrong with living with Paul?"


"No, Jeff," said Michael, raising his voice, "I just don't want you to do that."


"You're jealous, aren't you?"


"No, Jeff, I . . . "


Throwing his napkin on the table, Jeff angrily replied, "Yes, you are. You're jealous! You need to know, Dad, that I love Paul, and he loves me. We love each other very much, and we are going to live together whether you like it or not!"


"No, Jeff, please . . . "


"You can't tell me what to do, Dad. I'm eighteen now, going on nineteen! Have you noticed?"


Michael didn't know what to say. They sat and finished their meal in silence. Then Michael started to speak.


"Jeff, listen to me. I . . . . "


Jeff abruptly got up from the table and stormed on into the house, shouting back, "I don't have to listen to any more. I'm moving in with Paul and there's not a damned thing you can do about it"


Michael stared out into the twilight sweeping over the land and his mind was a swirling mish-mash of hurt, wonder, love, disappointment, and suddenly a profound feeling of loneliness.


Maggie came out to clear the table. "What's the matter, Michael? Was Jeff acting up again?"


Michael smiled faintly. "Yeah, I guess so."


Michael stepped off the verandah and began to walk slowly around the house. When he got around to the back, Jake was just pulling up in the jeep. He had been to Goliad picking up some rope and wire and other supplies.


Michael looked at Jake and said, "Get out, Jake, I need the jeep."


"Where the fuck are you goin' at this time of night?"


"I'm just going to drive around a little. I just feel like . . . going somewhere."


"Michael, let me unload this shit first."


Then Michael looked at Jake and said, "Hey, Jake, come on and drive with me. I think I just want to go up there on the ridge and get away from this house for a little bit."


When they parked the jeep and got out and settled themselves by the stream, Jake looked knowingly at Michael.


"Okay, Michael, what the fuck's wrong. Somethin's botherin' ya. C'mon, tell ol' Jake about it."


"Well, Jake, I suppose you know how close Jeff and I have always been."


"Yeah, like two fuckin' peas in a pod, right?"


"Well, Jake, I suppose you could put it that way," said Michael, unable to suppress a slight smile.


"I think sometimes that the one thing that makes my life on this ranch worthwhile is to be near Jeff. But he's going off to Austin in September to start school at UT."


Jake put his arm around Michael's shoulders just as he had often done when Michael was a boy and they used to come up to this ridge and talk. "Oh, that's what's botherin' ya, eh? Well, you knew he was goin' there all along."


"I know, Jake. But his going to school isn't what's really bothering me. Yeah, I'm going to miss him, but I figured he'd come home on weekends sometimes and I would go up to Austin to see him sometimes."


"So what's botherin' ya, Michael?"


"He thinks he's going to live with Paul. Paul's going up there, too. He's going be a teacher there. And Paul's going to get an apartment."


"So what? Jeff and Paul are good friends."


Michael sat quietly looking down at his feet.


"Oh, I git it," Jake said quietly. "It's Jeff and Paul. They're . . . ya know. Oh, I git it."


Michael looked up. "Do you get it? Do you really get it, Jake?"


Jake tightened his grip on Michael's shoulder. "Michael, I've been around this fuckin' place a long time. There's not much I don't know about. Sometimes I'm a little slow comin' round these days, but I git it eventually."


"Jeff got very angry with me tonight and shouted at me. I've never seen him so angry at me before. He told me he and Paul have fallen in love. And I guess that kind of hit me hard because . . . . you know."


"I know," Jake said. "I think yer jealous, Michael."


"No, I'm not."


"Michael, ya 'magin Jeff is driftin' away from ya, and ya 'magin Paul is the one that's responsible."


"Jake, I feel so lonely. I've been worried about the ranch lately, too. You know, we're land rich, but cash poor around here. I don't know how else to describe it. The Milo Maize we're growing isn't bringing the price we need, we've had to cap most of our gas wells, and they were damned expensive to drill in the first place. And the drought has cut down on our grazing land and made our feed costs shoot up. I don't know if you've heard, but Jared has been acquitted of conspiracy to kidnap. So he'll be after me again. Maybe I just ought to let him have the goddamned place. With Jeff leaving me, why the hell stay out here in this godforsaken place out in the middle of nowhere."


Both men sat silently for a long time staring at the water of the stream shimmering in the moonlight. Michael leaned his head against Jake's shoulder just as he used to do as a boy when the two of them would sit on that ridge. Jake bent his head down and kissed Michael on the forehead.


"Michael, nothin' ever stays the same," said Jake, breaking the silence. "Things change. It ain't the end of the world. Let me talk to Jeff. That young 'un shouldn't be gittin' mad at his father. It ain't right. He's probably gonna do what the fuck he's gonna do. But, by damn, he ain't gonna treat his father this way."


That night, Michael slept fitfully. He waited, but Jeff never came in to kiss him goodnight as he always did. He got up and sat by the window, looking out over the rangeland that once looked so peaceful and beautiful, but now looked only ugly and barren to him.


The next day, Jake had a couple of horses saddled up and asked Jeff to ride out with him to the patch of Cottonwoods near the stream where he and Enrique often visited.


They sat on the grass looking across the stream at a tractor kicking up dust on the neighboring ranch.


"Jeff, I understand," Jake began, "that you'll be off to Austin in September and will be living with Paul."


"That's right."


"Are ya gonna come home very often to see us?"


"I'll come home when I can."


After a long pause, Jake said, "Ya know, you've upset yer father."


"Aw, geez, Jake. I don't want to get into that."


"Well, my good buddy," said Jake, raising his voice, "when yer talkin' to me, yer gonna git into whatever I want ya to git into. Do you have any idea how much you mean to yer father? Do you know how much yer father loves ya?"




"What does 'sure' mean?"


"It means sure. Yeah, I know how much he loves me. And I love him, too. Nothing's changed."


"You accused yer father of bein' jealous of Paul. Is that any way to talk to yer father? I know about you and your dad. I know the extent of yer relationship. You've hurt yer father by makin' him think ya ain't interested in him no more. You decide to run off with Paul and just throw it in yer dad's face. And then ya get angry with him and accuse him in the nastiest way of bein' jealous and then walkin' out on him. Maybe you ain't even noticed, but yer father is the kindest, dearest man I have ever known."


Then pointing his finger at Jeff, Jake growled, "How dare you do this to him! You're ungrateful, unloving, and undeserving of that man as your father."


Looking down at the ground, Jeff said nothing.


Jake continued. "Did you know your father has been so hurt by your behavior that he is considering getting rid of the ranch. He even mentioned that he might just let Jared have the whole thing."


"He did?" said Jeff, looking up.


"Jeff, use yer fuckin' head. Think what yer doin'. You've hurt the most important person in your life. There ain't nothin' wrong with yer livin' with Paul up in Austin. But don't throw no dirt in yer father's face because of it."


Putting his arm around Jeff's shoulders as he did with Michael the night before, Jake looked into Jeff's eyes.


"Jeff, has anything really changed between you and yer dad?"


Jeff shook his head. "No."


"Well, go and tell him you still love him and that nothing has changed between you. Tell him that livin' with Paul in Austin hasn't changed how you feel about him. And don't make such a big fuckin' thing about how much you and Paul love each other. It ain't necessary to keep pushin' that in yer dad's face. Ya do still love yer dad, don't ya?"


With tears in his eyes, Jeff said, "I love my dad very much. That will never change. Maybe you don't know it, but we vowed that we would be lovers and that we always would be. Even though I love Paul, I will never break that vow. My dad and I will never stop loving each other."


Jake drew Jeff close to him and laid his cheek on the top of Jeff's head and kissed his thick blond hair. "Then ya need to go and tell yer dad. It's killing him to think that you don't care anymore."


They finally mounted their horses and rode back to the house. Jeff found his father just sitting down to a sandwich for lunch that Maggie had made for him.


Sitting down, Jeff said, "I'm sorry I got mad last night."


"Oh, that's okay," said Michael off-handedly.


"No, it isn't okay, Dad. I never meant to hurt you. I hope you know how much I . . . ." Jeff got up and knelt next to Michael and put his arms around him. "Please, Dad, I don't know why I shouted at you last night. Do you remember the vow we took that we'll always be lovers?"


Michael nodded, and Maggie's ears perked up.


"Well, Dad, I'm going to stay by that vow. Nothing's going to change. Nobody can replace you, Dad."


Jeff started to choke up and the tears started pouring down his cheeks so heavily that he got up and rushed back into his bedroom and sat on his bed with his face in his hands. Michael left his sandwich and followed him. They sat side by side silently as Michael kissed away Jeff's tears from his cheeks.


Michael said softly, "Jeff, I'm sorry, but I was so afraid about what was happening. I know that you like . . . or, I mean . . . you love Paul. And there's no reason why you shouldn't live with him in Austin. I just thought for a minute that you no longer felt the same about you and me."


"Dad, I promise you, nothing's changed. I was so stupid last night. I didn't know what I was doing." Then looking directly into Michael's eyes and with his hands on Michael's cheeks, he said, "Believe me, Dad, nothing's changed. We'll always be lovers."


Jeff and Michael stretched out on the bed and kissed deeply and passionately. Neither one wanted to do anything at that moment but hold on to each other and assure each other tenderly of their love for each other. They both soon fell asleep in each other's arms and slept for the rest of the afternoon until the sound of Maggie's dinner bell woke them.


Every two weeks, the ranch had what they called "cold dinner night," on which Maggie prepared no hot food. This was to be one of those nights. On the serving table outside the bunkhouse, Maggie laid out platters of cold sliced ham and roast beef, cold tongue, and Summer Sausage. There were baskets of Rye and Pumpernickel bread and bowls of butter, horseradish, mayonnaise, and mustard. Jake asked Michael and Jeff if they would eat with the crew that evening. He claimed that neither one of them had been around much, and the ranch hands had been feeling a bit ignored.


When Joseph saw Michael and Jeff walking over from the house, he started to remove his pants again. It was, of course, poor Joseph's way of greeting friends and strangers alike. He never lost his insatiable desire to be fucked and would present his gaping asshole as quickly and casually as one would normally doff his hat or shake hands. To Joseph, it was a gesture of welcome and friendliness. In this case, Jake gave Joseph the usual glancing blow on the side of his head and told him to keep his pants on.


While they ate, Joseph had some news he hadn't told anyone.


"Michael, I saw yer brother, Jared, today."


Michael looked startled. "Was he here at the ranch?"


"Yeah. I saw him over there goin' into the barn. I followed him. He was inside, lookin' up into the loft. He told me to sit down and he gave me these great cigars." From his shirt pocket, Joseph pulled out two cigars, still wrapped in cellophane. "He told me I could have 'em free if I'd help him do somethin'."


"What did he want you to do, Joseph?"


"He just told me he'd talk to me later about it."


Michael shook his head. "Oh, Christ. I wonder what he's up to now." Looking at Joseph, he said, "Joseph, when he tells you what he wants you to do, you come to me or Jake and tell us what it is."


After breakfast the next day, Jeff told Jake that he realized he hadn't been very friendly with the hands lately. Normally, they had all worked together with Jeff as equals.


"Jake, I'm going to try and eat more often with the guys, and tonight I'll be over to take my shower with the guys like I used to do back when I was learning the ropes around here."


Jake was very happy about this. "Jeff, I know you been fucked up a lot lately with stuff and didn't have much time to be around us. But I think the guys'll be real pleased to have ya join em'. One thing ya gotta remember, though. The guys still play around a lot in the showers."


"I know, Jake. That never bothered me." Then nudging Jake with his elbow, "It kind of got me hot and horny, though." They both laughed.


As the men drifted in from the range, they one-by-one stripped down and got into the showers. As Jeff joined them, Jake and Enrique followed. Joseph was already in his ninety degree angled position, waiting to greet any one who wished to take on his welcoming asshole.


Showering among the ranch hands was always a leisurely pastime. Everyone usually stayed in there at least forty-five minutes, often for more than an hour. Joseph usually accommodated at least four, and sometimes five or six good sized cocks during the showering ritual. Fucking Joseph was only part of the fun. Watching Joseph getting fucked while jerking off was just as entertaining.


Jeff soon became so horny he could hardly stand it. For the first time, he stepped up to the altar of Joseph's ass and, while everyone present let out a cheer, he plunged his hard penis into the waiting hole. Jeff was startled. It was like dropping his penis into space. Joseph's asshole was so stretched that there seemed to literally be no rim and no sphincter muscle.


Jeff looked around toward Jake and hollered out, "How the hell am I supposed to fuck this guy. There's nothing there to fuck! I'm just fucking the air!"


Everyone doubled over in laughter. Jake called over to Joseph, "Okay Joseph, he's got his fuckin' cock in ya now. Go ahead and clench up, ya fuck head!" Then turning to Jeff, he said, "Ya gotta remind him every time to clench up. And when he does ya can feel his ass grab hold a yer cock like a snappin' turtle."


Joseph clenched, and Jeff suddenly felt like his cock was in a vice. As everyone gathered around watching Jeff pump his rod into Joseph and jacking themselves off, Jeff held on to Joseph's hips and pounded him as hard as he could. It wasn't fucking Joseph so much, as watching all those gorgeous hard penises being jacked off around his head that brought Jeff to the brink. Then everyone started shouting for Jeff to pull out so they could see him shoot. Just as he felt his orgasm starting and his sperm charging up his shaft, Jeff pulled out and let great streams of hot white sperm spew out over Joseph's back. And at the same time almost all the others let go of their loads with sperm spattering all over Jeff's legs and arms and torso.


Everyone was so winded and exhausted that most of them sat right down in place and let the water pour over them. Then someone shouted out, "Hey, that was the best fuckin' time we've had in a long time. Jeff, come shower with us every night!" Everyone agreed. Soon, everyone left the showers, except Jeff, Jake, and Enrique. They sat down on the floor under the water. Jeff could see that both Enrique and Jake had great looking hard-ons. Neither one of them had jacked off while they watched Jeff fucking Joseph.


"How have the two of you been?" Jeff inquired. "I haven't seen you together for a long time."


"Jeff," said Jake. "We're always together. I don't let the little fucker outta my sight. We play Chinese Checkers and sometimes regular checkers almost every night. And we also play chess sometimes. In the late afternoons sometimes, we ride our horses up to the ridge and I play my bag pipes for Enrique."


"And Jake taught me how to play strip poker, too!" chimed in Enrique.


"Hey, Ricky, that's supposed to be secret between just you and me!"


As Jeff laughed, Jake said, "Why don't ya come on by the room tonight and we'll play some pinochle. Our room ain't fancy, but I can git another chair from one of the other guys."


Jeff playfully flicked Jake's erect penis as he got up and said, "Okay. I'll be there!"


When Jeff arrived at Jake's room, Jake already had the pinochle deck out and an extra chair. As they played, Jeff asked Enrique how his schooling was going with the two tutors in Goliad. Enrique replied that his teacher told him he was now reading at the fifth grade level.


Jake said, "I think it's time to send the little fucker to a regular school, don't you Jeff?"


"Well, Jake, at Enrique's age, he should be reading at the eighth or ninth grade level before he can go into a regular class at school."


"Aw, shit, Jeff. He's good enough now, ain't he?"


"I'll ask my dad to talk to his tutors to see what they think."


After a number of hands of pinochle, Jeff said it was time for him to get to bed and said goodnight.


Jake stretched out on the bed and yawned. "We gotta git Jeff over here more often to play games with us."


Enrique laid down next to Jake and after awhile said, "Jake, please don't send me to a school. I don't want to go to a school."


"Well, Ricky, ya ain't really got a normal life out here on the ranch. Ya don't have any kids yer own age to hang out with. Ya don't know what it's like to be with kids yer own age."


"I don't want to be with kids. I hate kids. I just want to be with you." Enrique pushed up closer to Jake and pushed his head into the crook of Jake's neck.


"It ain't natural for a boy not to be with other kids."


Enrique unbuttoned Jake's shirt so he could put his cheek on Jake's thick mat of black chest hair. Jake just instinctively moved his hand down inside the back of Enrique's pants and caressed his smooth, firm buns. Once again, Jake could feel his penis expanding in his pants.


Enrique lifted his head slightly and whispered, "Would you fuck me tonight, Jake. Please fuck me."


"Okay, Ricky. Let me git yer asshole ready."


Enrique knew what that meant and quickly got out of his clothes. After helping Jake remove his clothes, Enrique stood over Jake and slowly lowered his butt down over his face. Using his tongue, Jake thoroughly soaked Enrique's ass crack and asshole with his saliva.


"I think yer hole is ready, ya little fucker," announced Jake as he lifted Enrique's butt off of his face. Enrique lay on his back with his legs in the air and with his ass crack and pink asshole fully exposed and glistening in the light from the bulb in the ceiling. As Jake began to lower himself onto Enrique's body, Enrique took hold of Jake's gorged penis and slowly guided it into his asshole.


"Go ahead and push now, Jake. Push it in all the way, and then fuck me, Jake."


Enrique took hold of his own penis and started jacking it off as Jake pounded his cock into Enrique's asshole. Enrique could feel Jake's balls slapping against him. Jake leaned down and kissed Enrique, and as their tongues wildly slashed at each other, Jake could feel his orgasm building. Enrique could feel Jake's cock begin to expand. He knew Jake was ready and he wanted to cum at the same time. As their bodies began to stiffen and their breathing became faster, the door suddenly flung open and there stood Jeff.


"Oh, I'm sorry. I left my hat here by mistake." Jeff stood transfixed at the sight of Jake's enormous tool sliding in and out of  Enrique's asshole. They were both so close to orgasm that neither of them wanted to stop, even though they knew Jeff was there. The sight caused Jeff's penis to spring to full erection.


Jake called out breathlessly, "Sit down, Jeff."


Jeff sat in the chair and released his throbbing member from his pants and began stroking it vigorously. Enrique turned his head and stared hard at Jeff's penis being jacked off. As both Jake and Enrique started to moan and cry out, Jeff knew they were into their orgasms and then let his own load shoot out. He caught his sperm in his hand, though, rather than let it spill onto the floor.


After their orgasms had subsided, and Enrique and Jake were now lying side by side, Jeff said, "I'm really sorry that I didn't knock first. I saw the light on and thought you were still up."


Enrique said, "I loved watching you jerk off, Jeff. Let's do it tomorrow night again."


Jeff just smiled and said he needed to go back to the house. Jake and Enrique got up and both walked naked out to the latrine in the bath house. They stood there peeing into the toilet, trying to cross their streams—a nightly ritual. Back in their room, Jake switched off the light as Enrique cuddled up to him for the night.


Paul received a phone call from Adriano concerning Marco's murder. Police Investigation showed that Marco was involved in drug trafficking with dealers in Mexico. Apparently, little Toby was involved with these Mexican dealers. On the day before he was murdered, word was out that Marco had decided to get out of drug dealing and was planning to go to the police. Little Toby had informed the Mexican dealers, who sent a hit man to the Nest where Little Toby had told them Marco could be found practically every night. Fingerprints on the knife used to kill Marco, and still lodged in Marco's neck, led detectives to a petty thief known well by Austin police. He fingered Little Toby, who was also arrested as an accomplice to the murder. They were both arraigned and put in jail, with the trial date yet to be announced. Adriano said that he and Paul and Jeff could expect to be called as witnesses during the trial


It was now in the middle of August with only two weeks before both Jeff and Paul would leave for Austin. Early one Monday morning, Jake sat out on the steps of the Bunkhouse and instructed Enrique as to what his work schedule would be each day that week.


"Today, Ricky, you got to slop the pigs and clean out the fuckin' hen house. Tomorrow, I want ya to help Corky clean all the fuckin' saddles and beat the fuckin' dust outta the saddle blankets. Then on Wednesday, yer job will be to git up there in the loft over there in the barn and pitch ever bit of that fuckin' hay down into them hay wagons. That'll probably take ya all morning.


Joseph was sitting on the ground under a tree not far from Jake and Enrique. When Jake saw him, he yelled, "Joseph! What the fuck are ya layin' around for. Git over there and clean them fuckin' latrines like I told ya!"


Joseph had overheard Jake giving instructions to Enrique. On his way to the latrines, he made a wide circle and disappeared into the barn. He picked up the phone just inside the barn door and dialed a number.


When the party answered, Joseph spoke softly. "Jared, I think Wednesday morning's it. (Pause) Yeah. (Pause) Yeah, I'm sure. (Pause) Are ya gonna gimme some more of them cigars now?"


Wednesday morning dawned with a cloudless sky and a hot dry wind blowing over the land from the southwest. After breakfast, everyone went about their work. Enrique climbed to the loft with his pitchfork. After about an hour of pitching hay, the heat had become almost unbearable. He stopped and took a long drink from his thermos and stripped off his shirt. Enrique started in again, but thought he smelled smoke. Looking around, he saw flames shooting up around the ladder to the loft. He grabbed his thermos and ran over to the ladder and poured what was left of his water on the flame.


Just then, the fire erupted in a ball of flame like an explosion in front of him. Since escape by the ladder was now impossible, he thought he could run to the far end of the loft and jump off into one of the hay wagons. But the entire width of the loft was now in flames.


Jake was loading barbed wire into the back of the truck when he smelled the smoke. Looking around, he saw the smoke pouring out of the barn door. Inside, Enrique tried to kick open the large door leading from the loft to the outside, but it had been bolted and locked and wouldn't budge. Jake hollered to Maggie to call the county volunteer fire department and then ran to the barn. Looking inside through the barn door, he could see what looked like the entire loft all along the back of the barn in flames. Flames were now beginning to curl up around the dry rafters in the roof.


Jake called, "Ricky, Ricky!" He could hear Enrique screaming for help. There were hand-held fire extinguishers attached to the wall just inside the barn door, but they did no good. Several of the ranch hands dragged water hoses into the barn, but the pressure was low and nothing helped.


Jake continued to call, "Ricky, Ricky!" Soon Enrique's screaming stopped, and the only sound was of the roaring flames as they now engulfed the entire roof of the barn. Jake fell to his knees in the doorway and screamed, "Ricky, Ricky, Oh, my God, Ricky, answer me, please!"


To be continued...


Posted: 08/22/08