My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

© 2000-2008 by the author


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Jeff, Paul, and Adriano watched as Mario screamed, "Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah," at the top of his lungs and shot long ribbons of hot white sperm onto his chest and chin.


Adriano stood shocked and stunned. Tears were in his eyes and he felt his knees buckling. Paul helped him to a chair. Adriano covered his face with his hands, while Jeff and Paul stood next to each other, with their hands down the back of each other's trousers, squeezing each others buns and smiling delightedly at the sight of the two collapsed fathers lying wilted on the bed.


Chapter 9 


Jeff and Paul agreed that the two fathers should not be disturbed and decided to take Adriano back to the main house. Adriano seemed so distraught that he was brought immediately to Enrique's bedroom, which had not been slept in since Enrique started staying with Jake in the bunkhouse.


Paul said, "I think I'll go on back to my room at the bunkhouse. It's been a long night."


"Please, Paul," Jeff said, "please stay here tonight. Go on into my room. I want to talk with Adriano for a minute. I'll be right there."


Adriano was lying fully clothed on Enrique's bed and still had tears in his eyes as he looked up at Jeff.


"Jeff, when I brought my father down here to the ranch, I didn't mean this to happen. How could this have happened?"


"Well, Adriano, they had a lot to drink, and they just got horny and things just went from there. Sometimes, things happen we don't expect, and we just have to let them happen."


"Jeff, I never before saw my father having any kind of sex, but I always used to have fantasies about him. We always hugged a lot and kissed each other when we were sad and when we were happy. That's the Italian way, you know. Whenever he would hug me, from way back when I was a little boy, I didn't want him to let go of me. I dreamed of him pulling me close to his body when he was naked and hugging me tightly. I wanted to feel my skin against his."


Jeff asked, "Did you ever fantasize about doing sexual things with your father?"


"Oh, yes. That sounds terrible, doesn't it? When I was young, and even when I grew up, I would see him naked and sometimes I would see his penis get hard, and I yearned to see what it would taste like in my mouth. I have always had terrible thoughts that way."


"Adriano, don't be hard on yourself. I know what it's like. I've had those thoughts myself about my own dad."


"You have?"


"Yeah. And you know what? I talked to my dad about how I felt, and I found out that he felt the same about me."


"He did? Did you ever . . . you know . . . do anything with him?"


"Yes, we did. It was because we both wanted to. When two people do something with each other, and they both want to do it, it's okay. And it doesn't matter who those two people are as long as they want to do it, and as long as it's private and it doesn't hurt anyone else."


"I don't think my father would ever want to do anything like that with me."


"Adriano, you don't know that now. Did you ever think that he and my father would want to do that together? It was a private thing between the two of them. We were never meant to come upon them and spy on them as we did. It should have been completely private. Remember, Adriano, your father will love you as much and will be exactly the same man tomorrow morning as he was yesterday. You will just know a little more about him than you did. And you should love and respect him no less than you ever have."


"I know."


"And, Adriano, you might even find sometime that you will be able to talk with him about your feelings of desire for closeness with him. Never think badly of him. He is your father, Adriano; the man who gave you life through his love for your mother."


Adriano's tears started to flow again. He reached up and pulled Jeff down in a tight hug.


"You're a wonderful young man, Jeff. I'm more than a decade older than you, and here I am sniveling like a baby with you trying to comfort me. You're right in everything you say."


Jeff lowered Adriano's head onto the pillow and fetched a blanket from the closet, which he spread over Adriano's fully clothed body.


"You sleep now, Adriano. We'll all be here in the morning, and we'll talk some more."


As Adriano drifted off to sleep, Jeff went into his own room, where he found Paul already undressed and lying uncovered on top of the bed. Jeff removed his clothes and stretched out beside Paul.


"Paul, I feel so badly for Adriano. He was so shocked and hurt over seeing his father and my father in bed together."


"Well, Jeff," sighed Paul, "I'll have to admit I was a little shocked, too, to see your dad in bed with another guy."


"Paul, what do you mean? You saw my dad and me having sex last New Year's Eve."


"No I didn't, Jeff. I had no idea you ever had sex with your own dad."


Jeff lay very still. He was stunned that he had just unintentionally revealed something to Paul that he probably should not have. He was so drunk on New Year's Eve that he wasn't really certain who had seen Michael and him having sex in the living room. He had just assumed that Paul had seen them because he could remember Paul's presence all through the evening.


Finally Paul said, "That's okay, Jeff. It makes me really hot thinking of you fucking your dad and your dad sucking your cock."


"Paul, I'm kind of upset about poor Adriano. Let's just go to sleep. I don't think I'm in the mood, and it's soooo late."


Jeff and Paul rolled closely against each other and kissed lightly. Jeff reached over and turned off the lamp on the bed table, and they both quickly fell asleep.


As the rays of the morning sun poured into the back windows of the little house in the Cottonwoods, Michael awoke with a dull headache. He remembered seeing the boys outside the window looking in, but thought he must have fallen asleep right after that without saying anything to Mario. He looked down at Mario's dark-skinned slender body. Mario was still asleep and Michael thought he looked almost child-like. Getting up and standing at the window looking out over the range land with the orange light of dawn reflecting on the dewy grass, Michael wondered how they would explain what happened to Adriano and Jeff, and to Paul, for that matter. He gently woke Mario, who sat up rubbing his eyes.


Suddenly remembering the night before, Mario blurted out, "Where's Adriano? Wasn't he supposed to sleep here last night with me?" Then with a start, he leaped to his feet.


"My God, what happened? Do you think Adriano saw us and then went somewhere else?


"Mario, calm down. I don't know. Let's get dressed and go back to the house."


Mario sat down again and buried his face in his hands. "Oh, my God, what have we done? My God, what have we done?"


As they entered the house through the kitchen, door, Maggie greeted them with his hands on his hips and his head thrown back.


"Well, imagine that! Where have you two been? I've got three people shacked up back there in the back of the house, and now with you two sorry looking things dragging in here, I've got five of you. Are there more of you coming? Y'all will just have to wait for your goddamn breakfast until I finish cooking the ranch hands' grub. The three of them sleeping back there look like they been on a ten-day drunk, and you two look just like you been dragged through a fuckin' swamp. Either go on back to bed, or sit down there and don't get in my way until I'm ready for you."


Mario looked at Michael and said, "You know, Michael, I really need to talk with Adriano before I do anything else. I'm really not hungry."


Michael led Mario to the back of the house. Passing by Jeff's room, they saw Jeff and Paul lying next to each other, naked and still asleep. When they reached Enrique's room, they found Adriano stretched out, asleep and still fully dressed. Mario sat on the side of the bed looking at Adriano, afraid to wake him. Adriano opened his eyes and when he saw his father, sat up and threw his arms around him and kissed him on the neck several times. They held on to each other for a very long time, saying nothing. Michael quietly left the room and returned to the kitchen.


Maggie finally had breakfast ready for the five errant souls, but only Michael was found sitting at the kitchen table.


Maggie turned toward the back of the house and screamed, "All you nut-heads can come and get your fuckin' breakfast now." Maggie was clearly pissed off at the slovenly and sluttish crowd she was having to feed this morning. When she received no response from them, she took an iron skillet and a large metal mixing spoon into the back hall and beat it so hard the panes in the windows actually rattled. Jeff and Paul, unshaven and dressed only in shorts staggered out to the kitchen, followed by Mario and Adriano with their arms around each other's shoulders. It was obvious to Michael and Jeff that things had been made straight between Adriano and his father.


Maggie, once again standing with his hands on his hips and sneering at the untidy assortment of humans sitting around the table, snapped, "I made oatmeal for you. It's in the pot on the stove. Go and help yourself. If you want milk, it's in the refrigerator. If you want sugar, it's in the can there on the counter. If you want anything else, look for it yourself in the refrigerator."


Paul stammered, "We don't have any silverware."


In a voice containing all the malevolence he could muster, Maggie replied, "It's in the drawer. Get it yourself!"


With that, Maggie threw his head back defiantly, and stormed out.


Michael muttered, "That little queen needs a re-training program."


"Yeah, I'll re-train her up her ass!" replied Paul.


Mario was astonished at how a domestic servant was allowed to get away with such behavior.


Paul replied, "You're in America now, Mario. She's okay most of the time. All she needs is a good fuck once in awhile."


As the day progressed, Jeff and Michael walked together over to the stream beyond the ridge and talked about Michael's dalliance with Mario. Michael felt apologetic about it with Jeff, but all was forgiven when Jeff told Michael that he and Paul and Adriano had had three-way sex in Austin when he was there. In fact, Jeff admitted to his father that he felt that he was really falling in love with Paul.


Michael said, "Jeff, I like Paul very much, and I don't have any problem with your falling in love with him. He's a really nice boy. I do hope, though, that you and I will still . . . you know . . . be able to . . . ."


"I know, Dad," Jeff interrupted. "You never have to worry about losing me. You and I will always be close and your body will always belong to me and mine will always belong to you. Remember, we agreed that we'll always be lovers, no matter what."


They sat by the water with their arms around each other's shoulders and kissed deeply. Then for a long time they sat and just watched the water rushing over the rocks and sunken tree branches and listened to the birds.


Mario and Adriano had very quickly come to an understanding and spent the rest of the day being given a guided tour of every building on the property. Mario apologized profusely for his behavior with Michael, and Adriano just as profusely assured Mario that he understood, as well as openly admitting to his father that he had had the same kind of sexual experience with both Paul and Jeff. This visit to the ranch was certainly a new day of understanding for both father and son, Mario and Adriano.


It was now April and time for San Antonio's annual Fiesta Celebration. Maggie asked that she be allowed a week's vacation so she could go to the city to visit her tacky friends and participate in the festivities of Fiesta time. Vacations were normally granted only in the winter months, but she argued that, since she had suffered such trauma at the hands of those "awful persons with their big guns pointed at me," she should be allowed some special consideration. Michael agreed. Housekeeper Ellie would handle the meals while Maggie was gone.


Maggie called her friend Rhapsody to tell her that she would be taking the bus up to San Antonio on Monday and that she should be picked up at the bus station. Rhapsody agreed to do so and also agreed that Miss Maggie could stay with her in her apartment. Rhapsody was employed as a driver of a delivery van for a local dry cleaning establishment. She would be arriving at the bus station in the van and, after depositing Maggie at her apartment, would continue her job for the rest of the day delivering cleaning.


When Maggie arrived in San Antonio, Rhapsody was no where to be seen. Maggie knew that the bus station in San Antonio had one of the most notorious restrooms for gay activity east of the Pecos River. Stepping into one of the stalls, she found the floor so slippery with the spilled sperm of a hundred visitors before her, she could hardly keep her footing. Wet toilet paper lay in drifts on the floor. A very large glory hole had been drilled through to the next stall. As Maggie unzipped and dragged out her penis, another very large penis began to move slowly and emerge through the glory hole. It was enormous. It's length and girth were incredible. It was more massive than anything Maggie had ever seen. It just kept coming and then finally stopped and just bobbed about looking all the world like the head of a dog wildly sniffing the air. Maggie stared unbelieving at this incredibly massive intruder as it continued to bob its head.


Maggie spoke loud enough so the occupant of the next stall could hear her. "Whoever owns this magnificent and luscious looking beast must be a proud person indeed." She knew better than to put her lips around this pole. Who knew what or who was attached to it on the other side. But she grasped it tightly with one hand and jacked it off as vigorously as she could. Soon she could feel the veins and cords along the sides of the penis become hard and could feel the powerful throbbing begin. Then suddenly with a long moan from the person on the other side, four great streams of milky white sperm shot across the stall landing on the toilet seat.


Both the jacked off and the jacker soon emerged from their stalls at the same time and headed for the lavatories to wash up. Maggie was astounded. The person whose enormous dick she had just masturbated was a younger boy who could not have been older than fifteen.


Rhapsody finally arrived. Since company policy did not permit its employees to carry passengers while on duty, Maggie was instructed to climb into the back of the van and sit with the rack of clothing where she would not be seen. Maggie looked about her and found that she was sitting in a virtual playroom of beautiful dresses and gowns. As they drove, Maggie searched through the clothing piece by piece until she came to what she regarded as one of the most stunning gowns she had ever seen. It was a long pink and white formal gown with a train and with sequins covering the bodice. It was an off-the-shoulder number with puff sleeves and with allowance for very deep cleavage. There was also a slit on one side from the hem almost to the hip.


Maggie was absolutely beside herself with excitement. After removing every shred of clothing, including her underwear, she quickly stepped into this silken creation and began to strike poses and strut about.


Meanwhile, Rhapsody had been maneuvering the van through particularly heavy downtown traffic on her way to her apartment. Suddenly, at one intersection, a car seemed to come from nowhere, as Rhapsody would later tell it, and hit her van broadside. The van spun around and tipped over, landing on its side. The van's back double doors swung open, and Maggie, now dressed in the pink and white gown, came spilling out onto the pavement squarely in the middle of the intersection. There she lay, stunned, but resplendent in pink and white with her white legs covered with sparse and particularly unappealing black hairs, and her chest of black hair peering out from where her cleavage should have been.


Police were called and Rhapsody was charged with running a red light. A large crowd had gathered and was obviously and noisily amused by Maggie's unfortunate display. After about an hour of talking to police, Rhapsody and Maggie were permitted to leave. Maggie retrieved her clothes from the van, and they had to walk about two blocks through curious and amused crowds of pedestrians before they could find a public phone. Rhapsody called her best friend, Rusty, to come and pick them up. As they waited, newspaper photographers, who had heard of these two weirdos, flocked around them taking pictures. This had not been a good first day of vacation for Maggie.


The next day, the newspaper had Maggie's picture on the front page with a caption saying, "Fiesta reveler caught with pants down." The picture showed Maggie from the back, although her face was turned and visible. When she had put on the dress, she was unable to reach around and zip up the back and had to leave it open. Therefore, the picture clearly showed her two very large globular ass cheeks exposed to the world with a very hairy crack between them.


The cleaning company called Rhapsody, demanding to have the dress returned, also taking the opportunity to fire her. This turn of events caused Rhapsody and Maggie to spend the afternoon blaming each other and screaming at the top of their lungs in a marvelously vicious cat fight. All was forgotten, however, when Rhapsody received a call from one of her friends suggesting that she and Maggie get into drag and come down to the El Jardine bar for the evening's festivities.


The El Jardine was, as a neon sign over the bar proclaimed, the oldest gay bar in San Antonio. It had been established many years before in the 1940s as the Ritz Bar. At that time, it was owned by a very elderly married couple who could be found every night sitting at a table in the corner. All of the young queens and tender chicken who then frequented the place became, forty or fifty years later, the old trolls and chicken hawks who could now be seen hovering around the rest room or sitting alone staring rudely and hungrily at the modern day young queens and tender chicken.


Maggie, Rhapsody, and their friends could not be classified as either chicken or trolls. They had, however, reached that uncomfortable age when thickness had developed around their middles and a slight droop could be detected below the chin. But what could be considered old age had not yet made its final descent upon them. They were middle aged queens, pure and simple. They had neither the physical attractiveness of the young, nor the sage outlook and perspective of the very old. They nevertheless harbored the old hope that they still had what it took to entice some sweet young thing to go home with them. In any case, they were there to have what they considered a ripping good time. And that they did.


As they flounced into the bar in their tacky dresses and their overdone make-up and jewelry, they cast their eyes about to see what lovely things the place had to offer. Maggie spied a delicious looking young stud sitting alone at the end of the bar.


Moving close to him, she said, "What your name, honey? Do you come here often?"


"My name's Jason, what's yer's?" He cast his eyes over Maggie's costume and began to laugh.


"What the matter, Jason, is my slip showing?"


Still laughing, Jason said, "No. Yer cock is bulging out the front of yer dress."


Maggie struck a pose that she imagined to be seductive. Then moving closer and running her hand over Jason's thigh, she purred, "Does it excite you, honey?"


"No! It looks stupid! Now, get away from me!"


Maggie hurried back to her table, and told her companions, "That cowboy is looking to get fucked. I just know it. He's acting like he's not interested, but he wants it bad, and I'm going to give it to him."


As Maggie told the bartender to send another beer over to Jason, Rhapsody got up and sidled over to him. Maggie was absolutely furious. She positively steamed as she watched Rhapsody caress the young man's strong arms and neck. Jason seemed to do nothing to make her stop. It was not long before Rhapsody was seen taking Jason by the hand and leading him up the steps to the outdoor patio in back. Maggie had to be forcibly restrained from getting up and following them.


Outside, in a secluded corner, where Jason leaned lazily against a wall, Rhapsody quickly undid his belt buckle, the top button, and his zipper. She then pulled his jeans down to his knees, revealing an already hard, uncut penis. He continued to lean against the wall with his eyes closed and with his arms up and his hands behind his head. Rhapsody had a great deal of difficulty kneeling before him because of the tight skirt she was wearing and the very uncomfortable high heals. At one point in her struggle, she collapsed back onto her butt with her legs flying into the air. Finally hiking her skirt up and kicking off her shoes, she managed to position herself where she could begin sucking Jason's cock. Jason was a quick draw, so to speak, and started to cum almost immediately. Just as he was throwing his head from side to side and groaning loudly during his orgasm, Maggie came running through the door. She pulled Rhapsody away from Jason and threw her to the ground. Rhapsody, with thick white sperm still dripping out of her mouth, looked up at Maggie with fire in her eyes. Jason pulled up his pants and escaped back to the bar to await his next seduction.


A terrible fight ensued where the two queens tore at each other's clothes and generally made a wreck of each other. The bartender called the police, who came and hauled them both down to the station. The desk sergeant said that he would ordinarily charge them with disorderly conduct in a public place. Instead, he broke down in hysterics at the sight of the wreckage standing before him and told those two ravaged queens to go on home and try to behave themselves. As they left the precinct building, uncontrolled laughter could be heard ringing through the halls.


The following night, the big event was the Flambeau, the famous Fiesta Night Parade. One of the floats was sponsored by a local gay rights organization. Rhapsody had managed to talk the sponsors into letting her and Maggie be on the float dressed in flowing Roman dress as "Justice" and "Fairness." In the staging area, before the parade began, a good looking young policeman caught Maggie's eye. She tried inconspicuously to move closer and bumped his arm, accidentally on purpose.


"Oh, excuse me, Officer. I must watch where I'm going, mustn't I?"


"Hey," the officer muttered, "aren't you one of those drag queens I arrested last night?"


Trying to act demure, Maggie answered, "Oh, yes, Officer, it is so easy to get mixed up with the wrong crowd these days!"


Then with all the gall she could muster, Maggie blurted out, "Do like blowjobs? Do you like to have your dick sucked? If you come around the corner into this alley, I can suck it real quick for you."


"What are you, crazy! Get outta here!"


Standing in front of the officer so that no one could see, she lightly rubbed the front of the officer's pants. She knew she had him, because she could feel the bulge developing.


"Hey, didn't I tell you to move along?"


Maggie rubbed harder and the officer didn't move. "Officer, please, I can get you off in ten or fifteen seconds if you let me. What do you say?"


"Oh, I don't know." The officer still didn't move. "Where did you say?"


"Right around there, in that alcove."


"Oh, I don't know." The officer's cock was now fully erect.


"Come on. Just for a real quicky."


The officer ducked into the alcove quickly and let Maggie unbuckle him and drop his pants to the ground. He had obviously been out and around all day because as soon as his pants came off, Maggie breathed in a very strong masculine odor of crotch sweat. She loved it and ran her tongue over his balls which hung low and very heavily. She grabbed hold of the strong muscles in his thighs and slurped his hard cock into her mouth. As she rolled his balls around in her hand, he began to breath heavily. She could feel with her tongue the ridges of his penis and the mushroom head getting harder. She brought both hands up and ran them up under his shirt and jacket until she could feel his powerful pecs and hard nipples. The officer was now beginning to moan and buck his hips.


"I'm coming, I'm coming. Take it all," he growled. He took hold of Maggie's head and pounded his cock into her face as hard as he could. Just as Maggie could feel his hard cock begin to throb and pulsate wildly, she lost her balance slightly and his cock pulled out of her mouth. Long streams of hot white sperm spewed out all over Maggie's face. A long thick rope of sperm covered her eyes so she couldn't see. Then more and more sperm shot out onto Maggie's forehead, her cheeks, and her mouth and chin.


While the officer was pulling up his pants, Maggie, who had no handkerchief or other cloth, wiped her face off on the long full sleeve of her costume.


It was now time to board the float and assume their poses. Underneath the deck of the float was a young man who was operating a flag pole that waved back and forth as "Justice" and "Fairness" stood beneath the waving flag. At about two blocks into the parade, the operator seemed to lose control of the flag mechanism, causing the pole to collapse to the deck of the float. Maggie went below the deck to see what was the matter, leaving Rhapsody to pose top-side by herself. It was so hot down under the deck that the young man was there only in his shorts with no shirt. Maggie was so overcome suddenly with desire to have this young man, that she grabbed his shorts and pulled them off in one swift wave of her hand.


"You've got a great ass," Maggie shouted. "Everything's fine up above. Please, why don't you let me fuck you. Have you ever been fucked before? It'll be fun doing it while we're rolling down the street. Have you ever done it before?"


"Yeah," the boy replied laughing. "I love to get fucked. Get that fucking robe off."


Maggie pulled her costume off over her head and got down on her knees in the cramped space and told him she wanted to do it doggy fashion. She pulled apart his ass cheeks and flicked the end of her tongue on the boy's pink asshole.


"I love it," she said. The boy's hole was very loose and Maggie was able to insert her tongue easily. The taste of his hole and his rectum was good, she thought. It was hot and sweaty and musky.


Then he said, "Come on, fuck me!"


Once Maggie's cock was inside of him, she could feel his asshole begin to snap at it. As she pumped away, they could feel that they were riding over some rough pavement. The boy started to pant loudly and Maggie could feel her sperm building up and ready to surge up her shaft. Just then, the float abruptly stopped as though it had hit something and a whole side panel of the float collapsed and fell to the street. And there revealed in the torchlight for all to see along the parade route was Maggie bucking her hips with her cock up the ass of a young man and in the middle of an orgasm. The float had not slowed quickly enough and had run into the back of the float ahead of it. Police rushed forward and took Maggie and the young man, both completely naked, and put them into a police car.


At the station, they were charged and booked and both thrown into jail. There was no laughter this time. They would spend the night in jail and would be arraigned the next day. Bail was set at five hundred dollars for each of them. Maggie was frantic. It was now about 11:00 p.m.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Michael and Jeff were spending the night at the little house in the Cottonwoods. Once again, as they so often had, they sat on the porch and watched the blue of the Texas sky turn red and orange in another spectacular sunset. Michael sipped on a Scotch on the rocks, his favorite, and Jeff was drinking beer. They talked about the visit of Mario and Adriano Cinella. Jeff had plenty of times assured his father that he was perfectly understanding about his night he spent with Mario.


"Dad, Mario and Adriano are wonderful people. You've been with Mario and I've been with Adriano. And you and I have been lovers, also. Adriano told me that he and Mario talked a long time about their feelings before they left the ranch, and on the following night after you and he were together, they both spent the night together right there in that same bed."


Jeff pointed over his shoulder toward the bed inside. "I think we've all had a very clear and happy understanding about ourselves. Would you like to have Mario and Adriano back here for a visit now that there is no more pretending?"


Michael leaned over and pulled Jeff's head towards his own and they kissed deeply. Michael smiled and nodded vigorously in answer to Jeff's question. Then he knelt down in from of Jeff, who was still seated, and placed his head between Jeff's thighs. Jeff pressed his thighs together, locking his father's head between them, as Michael kissed and licked the soft hair on Jeff's inner thighs. Soon, Jeff slipped to the floor of the porch and, with their arms tightly wound around each other, they rolled off of the porch onto the grassy terrace that sloped sharply down to a depression several feet away. The sun had not yet set, but the sky was flame red and was reflected on their skin as father and son pealed away their clothes and rolled further down the slope.


As Jeff lay on his stomach, Michael looked at him and said, "Jeff, the soft velvety skin on your ass cheeks reflects the red of the sunset and they look like luscious ripe tomatoes. I want to eat them so badly."


At that, Michael ran his tongue lightly over the entire surface of Jeff's firm round buns, kissing them softly as he went. Jeff spread his legs so that his balls and the head of his hard penis were visible to his father. He also reached back and spread his ass cheeks so his father could get a good view of his waiting asshole, now illuminated by the red sky. Michael gently passed his tongue over Jeff's asshole and forced his face down in so he could kiss it with his lips. Then as he lightly blew on Jeff's asshole, he could see it contracting rapidly as Jeff moaned with pleasure at the feel of his dad's breath on his hole. Michael soon forced his tongue to enter through the hole and into his son's rectum. Jeff let out a short cry as his father's tongue entered.


Soon Jeff implored his father, "Dad, please, I need you inside of me. Please put all of your cock and balls inside of me. I feel like I need your head and your arms and your whole body inside of me now. Oh, please, Dad!"


"Jeff, open that beautiful pink asshole for me. I'm coming in!"


At that, Michael threw himself on Jeff's back and plunged his hard cock into Jeff's asshole in one swift strike, like a jack-hammer. Jeff let out a cry of pain. His father had always before gently and slowly eased his penis in. This time, Jeff had the absolutely thrilling feeling that he was being forcibly raped by his father, with all the pain that went with it.


"Dad, rape me, pound me hard, don't let me get up! Fuck the shit out of me. Oh, Dad, the pain is so great! Please go deeper and harder. Put your whole weight on me! Crush me and smother me with your hot body, Dad!"


Michael found the idea of raping his son terribly erotic and exciting, and kept calling to Jeff to tell him what he wanted.


Jeff moaned and cried and whimpered and shouted over and over, "Rape me, Dad! Rape me hard!"


Michael had never ever wanted to hurt Jeff, and it never entered his mind that he would ever try bondage or torture of some sort. But the idea that he was forcibly raping his son drove him almost wild. He couldn't hold it any longer when he felt the surging of sperm through his shaft.


As Michael's penis pushed stream after stream of sperm into his son's rectum, he shouted, "I'm fucking your hole to shreds! Fuck you! Fuck you!"


When the orgasm was finally over, Michael collapsed on his back in the cool grass next to his son. As Jeff rolled onto his back, Michael moved over and lifted Jeff's legs high in the air. Putting his face into Jeff's ass crack, he sucked as much of his own sperm out of Jeff's ass hole as possible. He then brought his tongue along the space between Jeff's asshole and his balls. Then sucking Jeff's balls into his mouth briefly, Michael sucked into his mouth the whole length of Jeff's hard penis, now covered with pre-cum.


Using a great deal of saliva, Michael produced an erotic sloshing sound as he sucked on his son's penis.


"Dad, suck it real slowly because I am right on the verge of blowing my load. Take it real slow so I can make it last a few minutes."


Jeff lay on his back with his eyes closed, rocking his head back and forth, totally immersed in ecstasy. Soon, all the muscles in his body began to tighten. The muscles in his strong thighs were stretched to the limit. His breath quickened and then he could feel the sperm surging up from his balls and his shaft and out through his pee hole into his father's waiting mouth. He could feel the muscle at the base of his penis, pumping stream after stream.


As Jeff slowly relaxed, Michael pushed himself up over Jeff and, with his mouth still full of Jeff's sperm, kissed him and let the sperm flow into Jeff's throat. Totally exhausted, they watched the very last streak of red light disappear in the western sky as they fell asleep in each others arms.


Both Michael and Jeff awoke with a start at the sound of the telephone ringing up in the house. It was almost midnight. They struggled up to the house, picking up their scattered clothing as they went.


Michael answered the phone sleepily, "Hello."


"Michael, I need help," screamed Maggie. "I've been arrested, and I simply can't spend another minute in this dreadful jail!


"For God's sake, Maggie," growled Michael, "what the Hell have you done now."


"Well . . . you know . . . Michael."


"Yeah, Maggie, I know. You got caught in somebody's pants again."


"Well . . . it's . . . a little more than that. Could you come and get me out of here? I'm going to die. I'm going to simply die if you don't get me out of here!"


It was late, but Michael and Jeff got in the car and made the one hour's drive to San Antonio, where they bailed Maggie out of jail. Before leaving for home, they drove to Rhapsody's apartment where Maggie retrieved her suitcase. Rhapsody had answered the door in her Baby Doll nightie.


"Never, never, never," screamed Rhapsody. Pointing a painted finger nail at Maggie, she warned, "never call me again as long as you live, bitch. You've embarrassed the balls off me and I'm simply mortified at your sluttish behavior. You're nothing but a cheap whore, Maggie. Go on back to your ranch, slut, and fuck around with your pretty little cowboys. We don't need trash like you here in San Antonio!"


The next day, Paul informed Michael and Jeff that Adriano had called from Austin. Adriano had informed Paul that there would be an opening for an assistant professor in the Veterinary School for the fall, and that he was going to write a good recommendation for Paul if he would care to apply for the position. Of course, Paul was thrilled with the prospect and told Adriano that he would write a letter of application immediately.


Paul suggested that if he were to be hired, perhaps he and Jeff, who would be a student in Austin in the fall, could share an apartment. There was a rule that all new freshmen had to live in a residence hall on campus. But maybe an exception could be made.


Michael helped Paul write his letter and prepare his résumé. In June, Paul was informed that he was a finalist and was asked to go to Austin for an interview. Jeff took two days off from his duties and rode along with Paul to Austin.


The interview was scheduled for 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday. Paul and Jeff drove up to Austin on Monday afternoon and once again checked into the Texas Ranger Lodge. When Ernie, behind the desk, saw them come in, he looked at Jeff and said in a loud voice, "This your new lover, Paul, baby? This is the second time you brought this one here."


"Please, Ernie, use a little couth, will you? This is Jeff Walker. He's not my lover . . .  yet. Have you got me reserved for my usual room at the end of the building?"


"Right, Paul. And I've got it stocked with plenty of KY and baby oil for you, as usual."


Paul winced. "Please, Ernie! We don't need details!"


When Jeff and Paul entered their room, Jeff said, "You must be quite a well-traveled stud in these parts. The usual room, the usual KY and baby oil. You're obviously an honored guest at this place. Does Ernie give you a discount, or are you the one who pays Ernie for all this service?"


"Jeff, Ernie's what you call a player. I get this room without paying a dime. But in return, I bring Ernie into some of my action."


Jeff's eyes widened. "You mean a three-way?"


"Yeah. Three-way, four-way, five-way, whatever. That's why he gives me a room with two double beds. Ernie may not seem like much behind the counter. But when he's wound up, he's a pistol. Under those baggy clothes, he's got a body that'll bring tears to your eyes. And he can fuck all night. I've seen him fuck five guys in a row, shoot his load each time, and never lose his hard-on. I don't know about tonight, but we'll get him with us sometime."


"My God, Paul, you've got me pretty excited. Why not tonight?"


"Well, I don't know, Jeff. We'll see. Right now let's go on over to the Nest Bar. During Happy Hour, they serve the best Mexican Chalupas you've ever eaten. We can make a dinner out of them. Also, I want you to meet some more of my friends. I'm going to call Adriano to see if he wants to go with us."


Adriano agreed to meet them at the Nest in half an hour.


As soon as Paul and Jeff walked in the door, a tall, slim, dark-haired fellow in Bermuda shorts and t-shirt rushed over to greet them.


Paul shouted, "Marco, amigo! Long time, no see!"


Marco clasped his arms around Paul and said, "Where have you been? You never come around anymore. We miss you dreadfully, especially that gorgeous butt of yours!"


The three of them sat at a table and were soon joined by Adriano. Little Toby also came by the table saying, "Paul, are you going to be nice to Little Toby tonight? I miss you."


Paul turned to Jeff and Adriano and said, "Little Toby is a fucking machine. His hole is always open any time and to anybody."


Little Toby grinned and nodded agreeably.


Marco looked at Toby and said, "Alright, Toby, give us all a kiss and run along. We're not ready for you yet. Go see that guy in the boots and hat at the end of the bar. He looks like he's ready to give you what you want. Go on, Little Toby! Run along!"


Marco turned to Paul and asked, "Did you hear what happened to Damon O'Hara?"




"You know, Miss Scarlett."


"Oh, yes, the one who seduced the Texas State Trouper?"


"Yeah. Well, the two of them lived together for about a year. Miss Scarlett came home one afternoon unexpectedly and found his State Trouper lover in bed with another guy. She was livid! She went directly to the State Trouper office and told his boss that he was a fuckin queer. Well, he got fired, of course. He was so humiliated, he went and shot Miss Scarlett to death. He's now in jail charged with murder."


"My God," gasped Paul. "Who was the man? I mean, was it someone we know?"


"Nobody knows who it was. Miss Scarlett was dead before she could be queried about that. I attended her funeral, and every queen in Austin who was anybody was there."


They all sat quietly for a few moments. Then Marco looked up and suddenly shouted, "This is so depressing! We need some music!"


Marco punched in several selections on the juke box and returned to the table where he took Paul's arm and led him up to the dance floor. A slow ballad was playing and they danced holding each other very close.


Paul said, "Marco, it's nice dancing with you again. I like the feel of your body next to mine. You're so sexy."


"I've missed you, Paul. You're working down on some ranch, I understand."


"Yeah, it belongs to Jeff's dad. You know, Marco, I think I'm pretty close to falling in love with Jeff. He's so perfect in every way."


"Aw, shit, Paul. I thought I was going to be able to seduce you again tonight, you know, for old time's sake."


Paul stopped dancing and looked at Marco intently. "Marco, no, please. Why don't you come back to the motel with us? It'll be just me and Jeff and Adriano."


"Well, Paul, don't you want to be alone with Jeff?"


"No. We're not married yet! Jeff and Adriano and I were together one night, and Jeff loved it. Please come back there with us."


"Okay, Paul. But I think I need a couple more beers first."


When they returned to the table, Adriano was sitting alone. Jeff had gone to the restroom. After ordering another round of beer, Jeff had not returned and Marco went in the restroom to investigate. The Nest had a rather notorious "back room" connected to the restroom in which intimate sex went on well into the night. There Marco found Jeff with his pants down, pumping away on Little Toby. There were about eight or ten others in the room in various stages of undress and performing various acts of sucking and fucking with each other. Marco came up behind Jeff and put his arm around his chest and kissed the back of his neck.


"You are so hot," purred Marco into Jeff's ear. "Why don't you come back to my place tonight."


Jeff pulled Marco's arm off of his chest and ducked his head to get away from Marco's kisses. As he started pumping Little Toby harder and harder, he said, "Leave me alone, Marco. Wait until I'm done with this."


Marco backed off into a corner as another occupant of the "back room" advanced and pulled Jeff's shirt off and started licking Jeff's stomach and chest. Jeff was now naked, except for his boots. A second occupant moved in and pressed his face into Jeff's ass crack and started licking his asshole. Another person was on his knees sucking on Little Toby's cock.


The room was steamy and smelled of sweat and sperm. Jeff felt that he was close to cumming, but his knees felt weak and he fell to the floor pulling Little Toby with him. There they lay on a wet floor, slimy with cum that had been shot there by others before him. Jeff pressed on, fucking Little Toby's ass as hard as he could while he felt either someone's tongue or someone's cock pushing through his asshole into his rectum. Sweat was pouring off of his face and he could feel someone licking it off of his cheeks and trying to force his tongue into his mouth. Jeff could feel the orgasm building and just decided to let it all go. The stench of the room was wonderful and the feel of what he knew was other people's sperm on his body was so erotic. Surge after surge of his hot sperm shot into Little Toby's rectum. Then as the orgasm began to fade, he felt himself becoming faint. The room was spinning and he felt as though he were falling through space. Suddenly Jeff was unconscious.


Since Marco and Jeff had been gone so long, Paul and Adriano became very concerned. They got up and went into the restroom and the "back room" to search for them. But neither of their missing friends were anywhere to be found. Marco was well know in the Nest, and Paul inquired of others in the restroom if they had seen Marco. Everyone denied seeing him in the restroom or in the "back room." They searched the entire bar several times. Marco and Jeff were nowhere to be found. Outside, Jeff's car was still in the parking lot, locked and undisturbed. But several feet away, in a thicket of bushes, they saw a body. It was Marco, and he was clearly dead with a long butcher knife that had been thrust into the front of his throat and out the back.


Paul and Adriano stumbled as fast as they could back into the bar and shouted to the bartender to call 911. Little Toby was standing calmly by the bar drinking from a bottle of beer. When asked, he said he never saw either Jeff or Marco in the "back room." Terrified, Paul and Adriano grabbed hold of each other and collapsed into a booth, waiting for the police to arrive.


To be continued...


Posted: 08/22/08