The Slide Show

by: Will B
(© 2008 by the Author)

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Author’s Note: I am greatly indebted to Cliff and Graham, who have sent me many interesting photographs, which have been the inspiration for this story. Thanks, guys.




Brad Martin was a 25 year old bachelor who lived in a Cape-Cod type bungalow he had inherited from his parents, both of whom had died some years earlier, without discovering that he had a secret.


There was one other bungalow, currently unoccupied, on the road, and fields, and groves of trees surrounded both dwellings.


Brad had a nine-to-five job in the city. It was a living, but his job as not the center of his life.


Brad currently lived alone. He had had a ‘special friend,’ Jim, another man his own age, who had been a friend, a companion, and latterly, a lover. Their nights were filled love and Brad and his friend had been happy—until the friend had had to be transferred to another state with his job. He and Brad had wept, had argued, had wept, and worried, but eventually they both realized that Jim had to move.


“Some day, Babe, we will be together again,” Jim had said. “Don’t worry, I’ll write as soon as I have found an apartment.”  Days passed, and then weeks, and Jim had not written. Gradually Brad had accepted the fact that Jim was gone, probably never to come back.


When Brad looked in the mirror, he saw a tall, fit young man with dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and well defined chest with a flat abdomen and very little body hair except for a pubic bush that surrounded his six inch cock, and his testicles. His muscular legs had fine dark hairs on the thighs, especially on the inner part of his thighs.


Brad would come home from work, too tired to go back to some of the gay bars in town, where he might meet someone. ‘Yeah, I’d meet someone,’ Brad thought to himself, ‘and then we’d hook up, and then he’d move out, and I’d be deserted again. Fuck ‘em! Who needs ‘em!’


Sure Brad as lonely, but he had discovered a source of consolation—the porn sites on the internet,


In the evening he would turn on the internet and visit one of the sites that had pictures of attractive, well endowed young men. Sometimes one of his e-friends would send him lovely shots of hotties.  These naked men often had their hard-ons in hand, pointing upwards next to their body. Brad didn’t just like to perv other the cocks, he carefully studied the other parts of the model’s body. In his loneliness he would sometimes give the men names and talk to them —as if they could hear him.


On this particular evening he came home because one of his e-friends had sent him an e mail telling him to expect some pictures that he would be sure to enjoy.


As he drove home, Brad noticed a moving van in front of the bungalow next door. A man and a woman were supervising the moving of furniture into the house. The man was about Brad’s age, and was a good looking hunk, wearing cut-off shorts hat showed off a pair of eminently attractive legs. Brad found himself wondering what goodies might be hidden in the shorts. ‘Oh, shit!’ he thought to himself, ‘the guy’s probably married. Yeah, there are two kids jumping up and down. No use thinking about him!’


Brad went in the house and fixed himself a microwave dinner, and decided he would mow the front lawn before he settled down with his e mail. Changing into track shoes, white socks, and skimpy briefs he went out of the house and got the lawn mower out of the shed. As he came around to the front of the house, he saw his new neighbor.


“Hi!” said Brad. “I’m Brad Martin.”


The other man came over and shook hands. ‘I’m Chet Norris.”


“Glad to meet you. Welcome to the neighborhood. I hope you’ll be happy here.” Brad was so struck by the neighbor’s killer smile he couldn’t think of anything to say.


“Thanks, Brad.”


<awkward silence>


“Well, I’ve got to get this lawn mowed before the mosquitoes come out and eat me alive… er,  I mean, they’re pretty fierce.”


“Hmmm. I know what you mean,” Chet said. “Well, see you around.”


Brad mowed the lawn and went into the house. ‘I hope Steve and his wife and the kids will be good neighbors,’ Brad thought to himself.


Brad was so engrossed in booting up his computer, he wasn’t aware of the woman and children coming out of the house. She kissed Steve good-bye, and she and the two children got in her car and drove away.


Brad settled down in front of his computer and opened the e-mail from his friend.  The first shot was of  a blond blue-eyed man, abut 20 years old, reclining on a couch, with one had behind his head and his legs splayed so that his thick meaty penis ad his ball sack were in plain  sight.


‘Oh, Adam,’ as Brad named him to himself,. ‘Your upper body is so smooth, I just want to kiss those lips with hat devilish grin and lick those tiny red nipples.”


Brad kicked off one of his shoes and moved to the next picture.


‘I’ll call him Bruce,’ Brad drooled over the picture of the young man with spiky black hair, who was holding his manhood straight up, and who had pulled his abdomen in so far that it was concave. 


Brad pictured himself licking that concave valley and maybe proceeding a little below the navel to kiss and suck the slightly hairy legs. Brad kicked off his other shoe.


The next picture was of another blonde guy who appeared to be 20 or 21.years old. He was standing on hilly terrain, with his muscular arms folded below his massive chest, and looking at the camera as if to say ‘Yaw like what yaw see?’ His magnificent meat was standing straight out from his body, and Brad thought he could detect a glistening substance on the crown.


‘Come to Papa, Derek, and let me lick that substance off your penis, and I’ll check your ball sac, too,’ Brad mused. Brad slid his shorts down off his legs so that now he was only wearing his boxer briefs.


The next picture, which Brad named ‘Eddy’ showed a dark haired hunk lying on his stomach with his head raised looking seductively at the camera. His legs were spread and beneath his slightly hairy ass crack, his long penis could be seen on the bed headed downward. His balls appeared to be a tantalizing mass of rounded flesh.


Brad slid his boxers off, thinking how he would like to put his tongue in that cleft of darkness between those oh-so-smooth butt cheeks. Brad began to finger his own balls and run their round firmness between his fingers.


The next slide showed a gorgeous hunk half-lying on a beach, wearing nothing but a necklace of coral beads, and his upper body raised, supported on his arms. His curly blonde hair lay over his forehead. His eyes were closed as if the sun were shining in them. His upper body was smooth, and he had the cutest brown nipples. His semi-rigid cock was shining as if he had just ejaculated.


‘Oh, ‘Frank,’ you’ve gone and cum all over your manhood. I want to feel your slippery organ sliding up and down in my thighs, and maybe in my ass or my mouth,’ Brad fantasized. He pulled his ball sac up over his cock and lightly fingered the sensitive area between the gonads. ‘Ummmm! Yummmm! Aaaahhh!’ Brad moaned to himself.


The next picture almost sent Brad over the edge. A young ‘Grant’ lay his tee shirt pulled up and his jeans unzipped, his briefs pulled down There was a white tan line below his navel, and he held his erect cock in his hand. His lips were parted as if he were moaning right back at Brad. ‘Oh my Gawd,’ Brad thought, in a near delirium of lust, ‘The photographer caught him just as he shot a load of creamy white spunk into the air. I can’t stand it!’


Brad began to seriously pound his meat and his own balls begin to pull up. Then he thought he wanted to prolong this pleasure, so he lightly tapped his rigid boner so that it became semi-soft again, but some precum had rubbed onto his ‘treasure trail.’




The doorbell rang.


‘Damn,’ thought Brad, ‘who could that be? If’ it’s that sexy Fed-Ex guy, I may offer to give him a blow job right on the front steps!’


Reluctantly Brad pulled up his shorts and went to the door, leaving his computer on showing the last picture. Brad didn’t think about the drops of precum that were just barely showing on his abdomen.


He opened the door, and saw his neighbor, Chet Norris, standing there holding a plate with two pieces of chocolate cake on it. Chet was wearing flip-flops, and a pair of Speedos that left absolutely nothing to Brad’s already randy imagination.


“Hi,” said Chet. “I have way too much cake and I thought I’d bring some over to share, and maybe get to know you a little  . . . “ Chet’s voice trailed away to nothing as he took in Brad’s disheveled appearance the drops of precum on his belly, and the aroma of a man who is in a state of extreme arousal.


“Umm, I -I-I can come back if this is a bad time,” Chet stammered.


Without thinking, Brad said “No, no, come in. It’s always a good time for chocolate cake, and I would like to get to know you a little better too, since we’re going to be neighbors and all.”


Brad led the way into the living room, invited Chet to sit down, and turned, aghast, to see the picture of the hottie shooting his load still on the computer screen.


‘I’ve done it now,’ he thought to himself. ‘Chet will leave and never speak to me again. He’ll warn his kids not to go near me, and . . .’


To Brad’s surprise, Chet looked at him and smiled. “Cool picture! I haven’t seen that one before, and I’ve got some pix of real hotties in my own files.”


“But . . but . .  what does your wife think of them?” Brad managed to get out.


“Wife? What makes you think I’m  . . .  Oh, shit! I bet you saw my sister and her kids. She came out from the city to help me get moved in.” Chet grinned.


“Listen, Chet, sit down, and I’ll get us some iced tea, and we can chat while I plow into this cake.”


“Hmmmm. Plow in. You sound like my kind of guy. Heh heh heh!”


Brad got them each a tall cool glass of iced tea, and they sat, comfortable in each other’s company.


“So, I guess we both swing from the same side of the plate?” Brad said.


“Yup. Ever since I was sixteen and did 69 with a school friend.”


“Chet, can I ask a question? Is there anyone . .  .?”


“In my life, Brad?  Nope, I’m footloose and fancy free—or should I say dick-loose and blue-balled?” Chet said, with a grin. ”And you?”


“Not now, not for some time . . .  he . . he left.”


“I’m sorry, Brad, but then again, maybe I’m not, said Chet, smiling at him.


“No Chet, don’t be sorry  . . . I think. . . ., ” ‘No!’ Brad thought to himself. ‘It’s probably too soon . . . . isn’t it?’ Brad thought to himself.


“Think what, friend,” Chet asked with a smile. He thought he had a pretty good idea about what Brad had been going to say,


“Oh, nothing . . . . I was wondering if you’d like to look at the last three pictures with me?”


“Sounds like a plan, my man!” Chet responded eagerly.


Brad wondered if he had heard Chet put a slight emphasis on the words ‘my man!’


“Well, Chet, sit down, and make yourself comfortable. I always like to.”


Chet sat down, looked at Brad’s feet, and kicked off his shoes.


The next picture to show up was of two young men, no older than 18, lying on a bed. The curly headed blond was lying in his back, kissing the dark haired youth. The blond had his legs in the air, and the dark haired on was lying on his partner’s stomach, his thighs gripped by his partner’s legs. They must have been grinding their crotches together, prick against prick, treasure trail entwined with treasure.


“Ummmmmm, Nice!” Said Chet. “Aahhhhhh!” echoed Brad. They both slid their shorts down and began rubbing their organs through the briefs. Soon both were sporting boners that tented their briefs. Brad looked at Chet and smiled.  Chet looked back and smiled too. Beating off with a friend was more fun that doing it alone.


The next slide was of two young men, one of whom was sitting on a bench with his legs opened, so that his package of goodies was clearly visible. His thick veiny man meat was standing at attention, and his ball sack seemed to be drawn up as if about ready to shoot its load.


Both Brad and Chet moaned as they saw that the partner was kneeling astride his lover who was holding the other’s ass cheeks firmly while the hunk on top as about to  . . . Impale . . .  his . . . .hairy ass . . . . on the other’s rampant hard-on.


Both watchers stood up took off their briefs and faced each other, showing their own raging rods. They took hands and turned to look at the last picture.


This slide showed one guy lying on his back on a bed, with his legs in the air, resting on the shoulders of his partner, who was kneeling while he inserted his organ into the other’s quivering pucker.




“Me too. In my mouth, or in my ass, or in your mouth, or in your ass, I just want to FUCK you and have you FUCK me!” said Chet, breathing heavily. “Here,” he said, and he took a finger dabbed with precum and offered it to Brad to taste. Brad did the same to Chet.


Brad began to laugh. “Hey, Chet, do you want to fuck me on the floor, here, or suck me off on my bed sheets?”


“Hahhah!” laughed Chet. “Any room where I can out my rod in you, or you can put your shaft in me is fine with me. I think we have lots of time to try out lots of variations, and I want to start NOW, my dear fuckbuddy. NOW! Ok.”


Brad took Chet by the engorged, leaking cock, and led him to the bedroom, where they both discovered the passion, the joys, and the juices of each other’s bodies—and all because some friend sent Brad some hot pictures!


The end.


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Posted: 10/03/08