A Fucked-up Fairy Tale
by: Will B
(Copyright 2007 by the Author)

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S, here’s to guys, guys who would rather sit in front of their monitors manipulating their members instead of going fishing, horny guys who love to sit naked in front of their monitors jerking their joy sticks, pulling on their poles, and cumming once or twice or even three times while salivating over stories like this one.




Once upon a long time ago, in faraway land, there was a kingdom ruled by a wicked ruler, King Fagmaster. The King had several characteristics that made him feared by his subjects. First of all, he was very vain. Secondly, he had an ungovernable temper, and thirdly, he loved 16-year-old males.


To assuage his vanity, several times a week King Fagmaster stripped and stood in front of his Magic Mirror, and would strike a pose, with his hands clasped behind his head and one hip stuck out, and say “Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose got the studliest dick of all?”


The Mirror, not wanting to be smashed as a result of having angered the King, would always reply “Great is your Majesty, O King, in all the land there is no organ to rival your studly thing!”


“Very good, Mirror,” replied the King. Then he would summon some of his sex slaves and order them to lick his body and suck his cock until he shot loads of creamy man-milk all over them. Then he would tell them to clean each other up, using only their tongues.


The King had spies everywhere, and his spies would regularly send him the vital measurements of all the 16-year-old males in the kingdom.


When the most likely candidates had been chosen they would be brought to the castle and each one was asked if he would become the king’s sex slave for five years. If they agreed, at the end of their term, they would be offered lucrative jobs in private industry. Some of them became male models in the catalogs of Abercummy and Fuck; some joined the well know troop of male exotic dancers, the Dickendales. Others went into show business, starring in such musicals as “Kiss me, Jake,” Andy and the Queen of Siam,” ‘A Rear Window Entrance,”  and “Back Passage to India.”




Now there was a poor but good-looking servant boy working at the castle. He was only 13,  and so was safe from the King’s wicked intentions. His job was to scrub the castle courtyards and steps and run errands for anyone who told him to.


His only name was Boy, and people usually just said “Come here, boy,” and gave him his orders. Time went on and they just said “Come, boy,” and then that morphed into “Cumboy,” and so he was known throughout the Castle.


Time went on. The King regularly stood in front of the Mirror, stuck his prick out, asked his question and got the expected answer. Every so often he took in a new group of sixteen-year-old studs, and by a judicious use of s/m, bound them to himself and ensured their absolute loyalty.


Over the months, changes started happening to Cumboy’s body, In January a few hairs appeared under his arms, and at the base of his shaft. By April more hair had appeared in his groin and his armpits, and a few hairs had started to poke their way through on his chest.  All that lifting of water filled buckets meant that his pecs were becoming more and more defined. By the time he was 14, he had a well-developed treasure trail leading from his navel to his cock, and his cock was now four and a half inches long. His ball sack was covered with fine, silky hairs. His nipples were now a dark brown, and the size of dimes.


By the time he was 15 he began having thoughts of sexual activity with some of the sex slaves he saw in the castle. To tell the truth, some members of the King’s Castle Guard looked on his lithe young body, and thought they would like to give him some “special orders.” However they didn’t, because King Fagmaster had trained them not to have sex unless he gave them permission, and he only gave permission if he were there to watch and/or participate.


At 15½ Cumboy was just about the sexiest stud anyone in the castle had ever seen. And, they could see him because in the summer he went nude, everyone could see his package, his five and a half inch cut cock, his low hanging balls, and his body hair—light and fine, but there was even a vee-shaped patch of hair running down the small of his back to the beginning of his butt-crack.




On the eve of Cumboy’s 16h birthday King Fagmaster stood in front of the mirror, and asked “Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose got the studliest dick of all?”


To the King’s shock and horror, the mirror replied, “O King, live forever. For many years, your cock had been the most spiffy, but now it is Cumboy whose prick is the sexiest stiffy.”


The King flew into a rage. “I’m so mad I could piss myself.”


Immediately six of the King’s sex slaves threw themselves on the floor in front of the king, and writhing in ecstasy, called out “On me, oh King.” “No do it on my face.” In my mouth, Sire.” Pee on my prick, Majesty” “No, in my ass.” “Here, sire, here.”


Not wanting to be accused of favoritism, the king soaked them all, and the slaves went away delighted that their King had honored them.


Still angry, King Fagmaster called for his trusted huntsman. “Eegor, come here. I want you.”


“Yes, Sire, it is I, Eyegor, who comes when you call. How can I serve you?”


“Eegor, I want you to take Cumboy into the woods, and kill him with your knife, and to prove you have followed my commands, I want you to cut off his manhood and balls, and bring them back in this box.”


“Sir, I, Eyegor, will do as you wish, but I thought you wanted to initiate Cumboy into the mysteries and pleasures of Man-Man Sex.”


“Silence Eegor, or whatever your name is, tomorrow is Cumboy’s 16th birthday. Take the boy into the woods, and do as I tell you. I do not want to see him alive again1 Do you hear me?”


“To hear is to obey, Great king, and by the way, Sire, my name is really Chuck. Just so you know.”


The next day was a beautiful day. Chuck went and told Cumboy to come with him. The King was giving Cumboy the day off as it was his birthday, and the king had given them both permission to go to the woods.


Cumboy went without a question. He wanted a break from scrubbing those damn floors. He did go to put on a nice white loincloth, which went well with his overall tan.




The two walked down the road from the castle, through the village and across the meadow. When they were out of sight of the castle and the village, Eegor said, “Cumboy, it’s getting to be a hot day. Why don’t we just ditch these clothes, and let the sun warm our bodies?”


Cumboy was used to being nude anyhow, so he readily agreed. He noticed that Eegor had a muscular body covered with dark curly hair. His cock was 6 inches long, and was waving in front of his abdomen proudly, like a knight on horseback, carrying his banner on a staff in front of him.


Hmm, thought Cumboy to himself. Eegor has a nice package, and …why do I have this strange sensation below my navel. What is happening?


Meanwhile Eegor was also checking Cumboy out. He saw a hot sixteen-year-old stud with well-developed pecs and a six-pack. He saw a prick hat looked like it was developing a raging hardon.


Oh my, thought Eegor. There is no way I am going to kill this hunk. I’m going to warn him of the king’s wicked intentions and I am going to tell him to run, run, into the woods and never come back. But first, thought Eegor, I am going to let him do whatever he wants to me, because I want him to pleasure himself with my oh, so willing body.


“Cumboy,” said Eegor. “Sit down on this mound of grass. I have to tell you something.”


“Sure, Eegor, what is it?”


“It’s your birthday, and I want to give you an experience you won’t forget. First I want you to lay back, and let me kneel between your strong, muscular legs, and take your shaft in to my mouth.”


“Well, sure, if you want to, Eegor, that sounds like fun,.. but won’t the king mind?”


“Right now I don’t give a fuck what the king wants. I want to suck your dick!”


“OK, Eegor, whatever you say.”


Cumboy lay back, and Eegor lowered his lips on to Cumboy’s rock-hard cock. He swirled his tongue around the helmet, and Cumboy said, “O-o-o-o-h-h-h-h. That is great.” Then Eegor slavered over Cumboy’s ball sack, and the willing stud moaned “Oh, oh, don’t stop. Keep it up. Keep it up.” Then Eegor licked Cumboy’s shaft, slowly at first and then faster and faster. “A-a-a-a-a-h-h-h-h. I think I’m gonna….”


Eegor withdrew his mouth from Cumboy’s silky smooth prick, and said, “Now pay attention, lad. Have you ever fucked a man’s ass?”


“No,” said Cumboy, “but I would like to try. The sooner the better, because I have this fluid licking out of the tip of my penis, and I’m not sure what to do about it.”


“Trust me, my dear, dear boy. I will tell you. Spit in your hand, and then rub that hand over your glans, and let that fluid mix with your saliva while you’re doing it. Then follow my instructions.”


Eegor lay down on his back and lifted his legs into the air so that his pucker was winking at Cumboy. “See that tiny hole.”


“Yes. It’s winking at me.”


“OK, good fellow. I want you to ram your slick rod into that hole, and push in as far as you can. Don’t mind me if I cry out. I WANT you to hurt me, but I also WANT you to fuck my ass as hard as you can. Fuck me. Now. NOW.”


Cumboy knelt down and pressed his metal-like member to the petal of Eegor’s rosebud.


“I think it’s going in,” Cumboy said.




Cumboy felt a muscle inside Eegor’s love tunnel clamp down on his engorged, raging erection.


Suddenly he felt something happening to his body. The sensation started in his toes, rose through his legs, and pulled his balls up close to his body, and then, and then, and THEN, EJACULATION! COMING! CUMMING! SHOOTING HIS LOAD!


Call it what you will, but Cumboy had his first orgasm. And it was glorious!


Ớ   Ờ    Ồ   Ỡ   Ớ    Ờ    Ồ   Ỡ


Words cannot adequately express Cumboy's feelings, and even the above symbols, standing for the shots of man-milk that Cumboy unloaded into Eegor’s hot writhing ass, cannot really express……


Readers, please excuse the writer while he goes to get another pack of tissues. The story was so beautiful he has to wipe his …. His eyes, yes, that’s it, he needs to wipe his eyes. If any of his randy readers feel a similar need your humble author will wait for a few minutes before resuming the story.




Now it was Eegor’s turn to shoot his hot, creamy, man-juice all over his body. Cumboy didn’t know what compelled him to do it, but he knelt over Eegor and licked all of that lovely cream off of Eegor’s writhing body.


When they both had come down from their euphoria of ejaculation, Eegor put his arms around Cumboy and kissed him on the lips. He was thinking of kissing Cumboy a little lower down, but he noticed that the sun was going down. Breaking away, he said, “Cumboy, my fucking lovely man, you’ve got to run into the woods and never come back.”


“Why,” said Cumboy? “I don’t want to leave you, Eegor, I want to put my pole into your drain spout, and maybe have you put your prick in mine.”


“You must go, Cumboy!” Eegor told him of King Fagmaster’s jealously, and why Cumboy could not return.


Cumboy was shocked, but he realized that Eegor was right, so he kissed Eegor’s lips, his flavor-filled fuck staff, and his rosebud, and put his loincloth back on. Then he resolutely turned away and disappeared among the trees.


Eegor remembered the King’s instructions to bring back proof he had done the deed, so he caught a wild boar, killed it, and cut off the boar’s genitals. He put the goodies back into the box, and went back to the castle, hoping that Fagmaster couldn’t tell the difference between a sixteen-year-old stud’s equipment and a wild boar’s.


Meanwhile Cumboy was walking quickly through the woods. Unlike the poor girl in that movie that had come out many years ago, he wasn’t running in terror, he didn’t feel the

tree branches pulling at his loincloth. He walked bravely, head out, and his staff at full attention, as if it were guiding him.


After an hour or so, he came to a cottage in a clearing. He knocked at the door. No one came to the door, but the door swung open, and Cumboy went in. He saw a large room with a table and seven chairs, a cupboard, a sink, and one or two tables with lamps on them.


There were various objects hanging on the walls. Cumboy’s curious eyes beheld several thongs, some jockstraps, one or two whips, and there were pictures of naked men, short in stature, but overly well endowed below the navel.


(Historical note; dwarves were highly prized as court favorites in the 16th and 17th centuries at the palaces of kings and nobles, not least because their packages were extremely large in proportion to their height. But I digress).


A set of steps in the corner led to a second floor. Cumboy went up, and found himself in a room with seven beds. He noted that the sheets all had white and yellow stains on them. To his nose, they smelled wonderful!


“I’m tired,” Cumboy said to himself. “I hope whoever lives here won’t mind if I have a quick jerk-off and lay down for a few minutes.”


Cumboy took off his loincloth, and lay down, his left hand fingering his brown nipples, and his right hand stroking his penis, which quickly sprang to attention. Now he used his left hand to play with his balls, while his right hand stroked his shaft. Up and down, up and down. Some precum leaked out, and he rubbed his left hand on it and brought it to his lips. In a few minutes, the sensation of lava about to erupt from a volcano enveloped Cumboy’s studly body, and then….


Ớ   Ờ    Ồ   Ỡ


There came another glorious ejaculation, perhaps not quite as hot as the first one, but after all, Cumboy had had a long day, and he was tired, so tired that he…. closed his eyes, and ….. (just for a minute, he thought), and …. fell asleep..


* * * *


A few miles away, in a cavern under a mountain, seven little men were swinging their pickaxes (their real pickaxes, not their poles), trying to extract diamonds from the earth.

As they swung their axes, they sang:


“Well, we dig dig dig, well, we dig in our mine the whole day through

But fuck, fuck, fuck  is what we really like to do

And it ain't no trick to get your prick nice and slick

If you fuck, fuck, fuck, with some lube on your prick

So, we dig dig dig, the whole day through, in our mine

Where a million diamonds shine

So Heigh-ho, heigh-ho

Got to make our man milk flow

If we keep on fucking all the day through.

Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, heigh-ho.”


Now the interesting thing about these men is that they were digging in this mine while completely naked. All of them were between 40 and 50. None of them were more than four feet tall, but all of them had cocks that, flaccid, were at least 10½ inches long. Erect, their peters took on another two inches.


Let us meet each of these men.


Fucker was 48, 4’ tall, covered with black hair. His cut 10½” cock had a brown shaft and pink helmet. He wore three diamond-studded rings that encircled his cock and balls.


Sucker, 47, brown hair, was 3’11” tall, with a perfectly hairless body. His uncut 11” cock had a smooth shaft with a brownish cap. He had diamond stickpins stuck through his nipples.


Pucker, 45, red hair, was 3’10” tall with only smattering of body hair, except around the base of his 10½ cock, which had a knotty vein running along it. His gland was pink when flaccid, but purple when he was hard—which was most of the time. He had a butt plug in his ass, and one of his favorite activities was lying on the floor, wriggling and writhing, and fingering his butt plug as if he would like to push it in farther.


Dick, 46, blond hair, 3’10” tall, with some hair in his pits, on his chest, with a treasure trail that led down to his uncut 11” cock, which was brown, with a purple helmet. He wore a diamond-studded dildo on a chain around his neck.


Prick, 50, with dirty blond hair mixed with some gray, was 4’ tall, and had a 11½ cut cock with veins running up the shaft. His cock was ordinarily pink, but when he was hot, it turned brown, and his helmet was almost black. He had a diamond-studded ring through the bottom of his foreskin.


Painus, age 45, 3’11” tall, had brown hair that was getting thin on top, but which covered his chest, abs, below his navel, his cock, balls and ass. His cock, uncut, was 9½” long and had a smooth pink shaft and helmet. He had diamond studs in his ass cheeks, which made sitting in a hard chair somewhat uncomfortable.


Anus, age 42, 3`10” tall, had ginger colored hair, and like Sucker, had shaved his body hair, so that only a small bush surrounded his 10½” cut cock. He loved being fucked in the ass, and had a tattoo in the small of his back that read “Insert tool in the slot below.”


A clock on a shelf struck six, and the men put down their shovels, and put on thongs. Did you think they were going to talk through the woods n all their glory? Readers, they were not stupid. Horny as hell, yes, but not stupid. What if they fell onto a sharp rock? What if they walked into a patch of poison ivy?


Anyhow, they walked singing “Heigh-ho, heigh-ho” as they walked, looking forward to their nightly fuck-fest.


They walked into the house, gave each other a little pre dinner grope and went up to their bedroom to get their rocks off before fixing dinner.


Up the stairs they went, into their bedroom they trooped, and stopped. What did they see stretches across the bed, but a magnificent 16 year old stud, completely naked, and sporting some evening wood.


Quietly they approached the bed, climbed up on the mattress, and began to…..


Yes, readers, they began to lick, nuzzle, grope, and poke the young Adonis’ body with whatever part of their body they could.


Cumboy gradually awoke to all these pleasurable sensations, and said, “Ummm, that feels good. Is that you Eegor? Don’t sop.”


Cumboy opened his eyes and saw the seven little men, and said “Oh, great! There are so many of you! I can’t wait to get to know you all better—much better! Heh, heh,. heh!”


The men introduced themselves, and asked Cumboy who he was and from whence he came. When he told them, they agreed he could stay with them and play with them in whatever way he pleased. They only asked two things: first that he would return any pleasuring he received to them (‘You fuck us, we’ll fuck you,’ is what they meant), and second, if he was any good at cooking, could he get dinner ready each evening.


Cumby agreed readily, and the eight of them went downstairs and pulled back the chairs and tables, so there would be plenty of room for an eight-way orgy.


First Pucker lay down in his back on the floor, and began to insert a 2” butt plug in his ass. As he did this it caused his 10½’ cock, with its knotty vein running along it, to become engorged, so that it stood straight up, and changed from its usual pink to purple. He moved from side to side, slowly sighing “A-a-a-a-a-h-h-h-h. A-h-h-h. Won’t somebody join me?”


Anus of the shaved body came up, and looked at Pucker and said, “Let me sit on your prick. I would love to have it up my ass.”


Pucker, grinned and said “Come on down!”


Anus sat on Pucker’s pecker, and after it was in, he laid back on his back on Pucker’s chest. Pucker put his arms around Anus’ groin and began to massage the latter’s member.


Now they were both sighing “A-a-a-a-h-h-h-h! “Harder! Do it harder.” Anus laid his head back and opened his mouth as if her were trying to catch raindrops.


Cumboy and the other men gathered round, and began to fondle and grope each other’s manly meat. They began to chant softly “Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!” keeping a steady tempo for their own stroking and the now madly writhing couple on the floor.


As if on a given signal, all of the spectators shot their jism over Pucker and Anus, who then shot two of the biggest ejaculations in the history of the cottage.


Cumboy got a round of applause from the others because his load went right into Anus’ mouth, and Anus swallowed it completely.


As everyone was cleaning up, Cumboy had a reflective moment and thought to himself “These guys are great and I like to fuck around with them, but somehow I am not sure I belong here. I wish I could find someone my own size…. And about my height, too. “


At the same time, Sucker said to Dick “You know, Dick, Cumboy looks a little down. I bet he feels a little left out. I mean he has a great package, and I could suck his dick anytime, but I’ll bet he’s wishing for someone of his own kind.”


Dick replied, “Anus, my friend. You may be right. But listen, if Cumboy is not willing tonight, you want to put your mouth where my member is?”


“Deal,” said Sucker, and they went up to bed together.




Eyegor came back to the castle, and handed Fagmaster the box with the boar’s balls and dick.


For a few days, everything went well, but then one fateful day, Fagmaster stood in front of the mirror, sensuously stripped off his royal raiment, wearing nothing but his usual cockrings.


“Mirror, mirror, on the wall” he asked,

“Who’s got the studliest dick of all?”


The mirror looked at him, and said,


“I would hate. O King, to grieve you,

But alas, I cannot deceive you.

Cumboy still lived and has you beat,

And even I would like to suck his meat.

He dwells beyond the forest in a cottage in a glen,

And he is fucking around with seven little men.”


“B-B-But I have his g-g-goolies here in this box,” Fagmaster stuttered.


“No, O King, I would tell you more.

The box contains the package of a wild BOAR!”

Now the king was really in rage. He called the Captain of the Guard, and told him “Find Eegor, and restrain him if you must, but you and your men can butt-fuck him all you want.”


“To hear is to obey,” the Captain said with glee.


Then the King went up to a secret room in a tower, and sat in front of a dressing table. :I know how I’ll have my revenge,” the king said cackling to himself.


“I’ll disguise my self as a Dirty Old Man, wearing nothing but shoes, socks, and a trench coat and I’ll take seven of these little blue pills for the seven men, and this special large blue pill for Cumboy. Once he swallows it, he will pass out and appear to be dead. Nothing will revive him but Love’s First Kiss, followed by a Blow Job, but if he appears to be dead, the little men will bury him alive, and he will never get that kiss or that blow job. A-ha, A-ha, A-HA, HAHAHAHAH!”


The King out on the trench coat, put the pills in the same box he had had the boar’s organs in, and went out of the castle, through the village, across the meadow, and into the woods.




It was morning and after licking Cumboy’s cock, balls and ass crack they went off to the mines. (Did you think he would kiss them goodbye, like that old movie? Come on, manly men don’t kiss each other unless it is part of sex).


Cumboy was mixing vanilla and chocolate pudding, in separate bowls. Since it was a warm day he wasn’t wearing his loin cloth and his prick was bouncing from side to side as he moved around the room.


A shadow fell across the room. Cumboy saw an old man in a trench coat leering at him?


“Making pudding for the little men, my dear boy? It’s the little blue pills that add that certain something to any pudding.”


“Oh, that sounds nice, sir. Do you know where I can get some? I’m making this for an after-dinner food-fuck.”


“Don’t you mean a food fight, dear boy. Such a dear boy you look, too. I could just eat you up!” said the DOM.


“No, sir, a food fuck. After supper I will serve the pudding and dwarves will splatter themselves and me with the pudding, and then we will lick each other clean, and then, well…., you know.”


Oh, my dear boy, how positively delicious that sounds. I must try that some time. Now, I do have some of those pills with me, and since you have been such a stimulating stud to talk to I will give these pills to you.”


No birds hovered round trying to peck out the DOM’s eyes, but nevertheless, DOM (aka Fagmaster) went on. “I am afraid all this rousing talk of food fucks has brought on my palpitations. Do you think I might come in and sit down, and perhaps have a glass of water?”


“Oh, of course, Sir, come in. Sit down. I will pump some water for a glass for you,” kind-

hearted Cumboy said.


Cumboy brought the DOM into the cottage, not realizing he had just brought a deadly snake into the house. He went to the pump and pumped some water. Fagmaster found himself getting hard as he watched Cumboy’s butt move kin rhythm with the pump.


After he drank the water, Fagmaster said, “Here are the blue pills, and I have something just for you. It is a special pill. If you take this, your organ will enlarge itself to twice its current size.”


“Why, thank you, Sir. You know, if you could market this pill, you could make a fortune!”


With that Cumboy took the pill with a glad of water. He was hoping to see his penis get longer, but he suddenly felt dizzy…, dizzier, and then…. blackness.


“HEH, HEH, HEH!” Fagmaster laughed out loud. “Now for final touch!” He took off his coat and masturbated all over Cumboy’s body,


“Now the little men will think Cumboy killed himself by jerkng off over and over until he died of over exertion. HEH HEH HEH!”


Fagmaster went out laughing madly, and disappeared into the Forest.




Fagmaster, still wearing his trench coat walked swiftly through the woods, not looking where he was going. He tripped on a branch and fell down, striking his head on a rock. When he came too, he saw two more men in trench coats. They helped him, brushed him off, and started to brush his prick off too.


“Are you all right, mate,” one of them asked/


“I think so, but I seem to have lost my memory. I don’t know who I am, I don’t know where I came from, or where I live,” Fagmaster replied.


“Look, buddy,” the other one said. “We all must be dirty old men, or DOMs. I’m Jeff, and this is Mutt. We’re on our way to a distant city seeking fame and fortune. We stand on a sidewalk and tell people that unless they put money in a cup, we’ll open our coats. Usually they pay up, but once in a while, a guy will pay us to open our coats, so he can get his rocks off. Sometimes, a guy invites us to his house and pays us to have sex with each other, or with him.”


Mutt continued,” Look, stranger, why don’t you come with us? With a schlock the size of yours, we can make twice as much money, and, have some fun at night, when we living rough on streets.’


Fagmaster thought for a minute, then said,  “Since I have no memory I might as well join you two. We CAN have fun with each other. Tell me, who is the top and who is the bottom?”


“Oh, we’re both versatile. We can take it or give it. Come on, let’s go.”


Linking arms, the tree DOMS skipped through the woods, singing, “Cockshafts, and helmet heads and balls, Oh, my. Cockshafts, and helmet heads and balls, Oh, my.”


So Fagmaster lived out his life happily, but posing absolutely no danger the studly horny, well hung youths of his kingdom.




Eegor and the Captain of the guard hit it off at once. They spent every spare moment doing 69 with each other, tasting, sucking swirling tongues over each other’s hard, veiny cocks. The Captain developed a system whereby each night two men of the guard would join the two cocksuckers, and insert their rigid shafts into one pucker or the other.


Word got out, and there was no shortage of 16 year olds wanting to enlist in the Castle Guard.


“Fuck ON!” was the new motto of the regiment.


Nobody seemed to miss Fagmaster. The  Castle Guard was delighted to have the Captain and Eegor running the affairs of state. Guard members could have sex with whomever they liked, and every Wednesday was “s/morgasbord’ night. Such lashings, lickings, probings, grindings, fistings, suckings and fuckings the old castle had never seen.


The Slave in the Mirror was very happy to observe the randy, raunchy, ruttings and rootings that transpired. He even obtained a newly developed a mini-cam so he could film the sex and view them over again and again in his private room behind the Mirror.




When the little men returned home that evening they were shocked, horrified, and deeply saddened to find Cumboy lying, apparently lifeless, on the floor.


They decided they would not bury him in the ground, but made a coffin of crystal and gold and put it in a grove of trees when they could visit and pray whenever they wished. There were always two little men there, and sometimes more.


One day when all of the little men happened to be there, a handsome stranger rode up, dismounted his horse and approached the little men. He was 6’3” with dark hair, blue eyes, and full sensuous lips. The little men, ho always had an eye for such things, noted that under his tights there was an impressive bulge.


“Good evening, sirs. I am Prince Everhard the Eveready, and I have heard of the handsome stud that lies in the coffin. I have come to pay my respects. May I approach?”


“Certainly, your highness,” said Fucker. “Isn’t he beautiful, even in death?”


The Prince was so taken with Cumboy’s studly beauty that he knelt down, and then on impulse, he said “I think I could love this hunk if only he were alive.”


With that he knelt and kissed Cumboy on the lips, a deep, lover’s kiss. Cumboy stirred. His eyelids fluttered, and yes, readers, you guessed it, the Prince, never one to miss a good suck, lifted Cumboy’s loincloth and took his male organ into his mouth, and sucked and sucked, and sucked!


Cumboy woke up and said, “O-o-o-o-o-h-h-h-! Don’t stop. That feels so good. But, who are you, sir, and why are you attempting to drink my man-milk?”


‘I am Prince Everhard the Eveready, and I would like to carry you off to my castle, where we can enjoy each other’s sweet nectar for the rest of our lives. Will you come with me, and cum with me?”


“I will, Prince, and could we bring my seven friends with me? They might be able to show us some new tricks?”


“Of course, my stud. Come let us all go, now, to my castle.”


As the group traveled off, Sucker looked at Dick and said, “I always knew that someday, Cumboy’s Prince would come!”


= = 0 = =


Readers I hope my attempts at humor have gotten a rise or two out of some of you. Come to that I hope my descriptions of activities have gotten more than a rise or two out of more than you.


One faithful reader sent me an e mail telling me that some of my stories had caused him to “squirt” twice while reading one of my chapters. He then proceeded to give me a couple of ideas for future stories. This kind of feedback is thrilling for an author.


So, if you care to share your reactions to my writing, or you have suggestions for dirtying up my act, or if you just want to say “thanks,” I’d love to hear from you.


I’ll try to answer any communications except flames (that contain no positive suggestions).


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Feedback always welcome. 

Posted: 06/22/07