by: Will B
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Come frot with me and let us join

Our engorg-ed members to each otherís groun

With grinding, shoving, dueling, shoving

Until our sweet syrups consummate our loving


If I jerk you off will you pleasure me too

Until our fingers beat a devilís tattoo

Twisting, Teasing, Thumbing, Fisting

Until our loins are drenched with our steamy spew.


A blow jobís fine, even better is sixty-nine

My dick in your mouth, your cock in mine

Our throbbing helmets truly shine

Then come the eruptions in your throat and mine.


Come fill my ass with your steaming seed

Your arms around me is what I need

Fill me, fuck me again I plead

Your pole plows my ass, in deed.







Two one-eyed snakes

In their own bushes

Sleeping, Resting, Dreaming


Two one-eyed snakes

Each raise their head

Sensing, Looking, Seeking


Two one-eyed snakes

Wave their bodies

Seeking, Wanting, Peering


Two one-eyed snakes

Are aware of each other

Wanting, Waving, Sensing


Two one-eyed snakes

Draw closer and closer

Leaking, Lusting, Loving


Two one-eyed snakes

Their lips each touch the Otherís

Tasting, Tensing, Touching


Two one-eyed snakes

Shoot their Nectar

Soaking, Cumming, Sticking


Two one-eyed snakes

Replete and Satisfied

Retreat, Withdraw, and Remember


Two one-eyed snakes

Each loved the other male member

Remember, Remember, and remember




We hold each other in tight embrace

Twixt our bodies not an inch of space

Nipples to nipples and dicks to dicks

Feeling the arousal of our pricks


Tongues sucking on tongues

Schlongs grinding on schlongs

Ever our arousals grow higher and higher

Ever our genitals are heated by loveís fire.


Our hands are roaming, grasping, clutching

Our penises that are ever touching

Dripping, drooling, soaking

As our rigid rods are ever poking


Poking our potent poles

That are seeping man milk

That sweet nectar that ever rolls

From our glans smooth as silk


Lubricating with male lust

With precum, cum, with semen

Our inhibitions lie in the dust

Tis ever thus in loveís season


Call it frotting, call it grinding

Tis love Iím ever finding

When we hold each other in tight embrace

And twixt our bodies no inch of space




Two manly jocks

With long thick uncut cocks

Masturbate into their socks

Their bodies shuddering with the shocks

Of ejaculatory euphoria


Come lick my dick

And make it slick

And in your ass Iíll stick

My raging, drooling prick.


My ass in your hands

Your lips on  my glans

You bring me closer to the edge

When with one last suck, I fall off the ledge




You Are Old, Father William

With apologies to Lewis Carroll


"You are old, father William," this slave-boi said,

"And your bush has become very white;

And yet you incessantly massage your head--

Do you think, at your age, it is right?"


"In my youth," father William replied to his cunt,

"I feared it might injure the brain;

But, now that I'm perfectly sure that it wonít,

Why, I do it again and again."


"You are old," said the slut, "as I mentioned before,

And your prick is most uncommonly fat;

Yet you enjoy 69 with the guy next door--

Pray what is the reason for that?"


"In my youth," said the sage, as he shook his hairy balls,

"I kept all my limbs very supple

By the use of this blue pill - one shilling is all--

Allow me to sell you a couple?"


"You are old," said the youth, "and your jaws are too weak

For anything tougher than suet;

Yet you swallowed my balls and my seven inch dick--

Pray, how do you manage to do it?"


"In my youth," said his Dom, "I took to the law,

And argued each case of legal strife;

And the muscular strength, which it gave to my jaw,

Has lasted the rest of my life."


"You are old," said the youth, "one would hardly suppose

That your eye was as steady as ever;

Yet you see my prick on the end of your nose--

What made you so awfully clever?"


"I have answered three questions, and that is enough,"

Said his master. "That was the last!

Do you think I can listen all day to such stuff?

Now bend over, whore, and Iíll  fuck your sweet ass!





Tenting Tonight

With apologies to Walter C. Kittredge


We're tenting tonight on the Tickie Stories site,

Our shorts are tenting tonight, our briefs are oh so tight!
Reading a  story to arouse
Our weary cocks, a song of sex
And of guys we love so dear.


Many are the cocks that are weary tonight,
Wishing for the love to ease;
Many are the hearts looking for the right
Lover to bring some release.

Fisting tonight, fisting tonight,
As weíre reading on the Tickie Stories site.

We've been fisting tonight on that wonderful site,
Thinking of days gone by,
Of our JO budides at home that give us a hand,
As they wanked us and said, "Good-bye!"


We are 69ing tonight, reading authors we love so well.
As our lovers we suck and blow
Smooth is the cum that lies around,
As the sock suckers cum and go.


Alas for those lovers of days gone by
Whose studly bodies are missed tonight.
Alas for the young and true whoíve gone
After giving and receiving such sheer delight..


We're cumming today on the Tickie Story ground,
Ropes of semen are lying near;
Some did cum, some are still cumming,
Enjoying one last poke in the rear.

Thatís it, fuck me again, you hear!




We lie side by side,

All passion spent

Our lust has subsided

It came, enflamed us, and went


Our hands, our lips, our pricks

Have ceased their wanderings

Remembering our loving tricks

I lay there pondering


What will come tomorrow

Will it be joy or sorrow?

I love him, heís my guy

From now to the sweet by and by.


Still Iím remembering

The good times and the bad

Thinking of love given and received

When we were happy and glad


To lie in each otherís arms

Kissing and caressing

Promising to keep each other from harmís

Way, no matter how distressing


The times were when we did not know

How much longer we would have

To let our love ebb and flow

Between us, into us, and


Through us. May you sleep in peace my friend

You know this is not the end

But only the beginning

But thereís th\at damn alarm clock


So letís get up and get dressed, and

Tell me why youíre grinning

Like a Cheshire Cat

I love you my dear one.


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Posted: 08/24/07