An allegorical, metaphorical, rip-snorting fantasy

by: Will B
(Copyright 2007 by the Author)

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All right, fellas I promised you a bedtime story, and here it is. Now get comfortable. After this story I will expect you to go to bed and get some rest—eventually, if not right away.


This is the story of Little Willy.


Li’l Willy was a spunky young guy, full of vim and vinegar. Some people might have said he was full of piss and vinegar. He would frequently stretch himself and flex his muscles. Sometimes by stretching, he could increase his height by 30-or40%


He had two companions that were with him all the time: Harry and Charley. Harry was kind of hairy, and Charley was kind of wrinkled and gnarly. Willy often called them Hairy and Gnarly when they were alone.


He had two pets, Nip and Suck. They lived a little distance away. One went up a bushy trail, and crossed some rolling hills, and Nip lived on one little mound, and not far away Suck lived on the other.  Will never visited them, but he took good care of them. He often hosed them down—just to keep them clean, you understand.


Willy had one bad habit that fortunately he usually practiced when he was alone (except for Harry and Charley, of course). He liked to spit! Sometimes Harry and Charley would hang out some distance away from Willy, but they were loyal friends. When he was getting ready to spit, Harry and Charley would gather up close to him, to give him support and encouragement.


Now this spit was a sweet nectar rich in protein. It had a nice salty tang to it, and there were some friends who told him that it tasted great! Some went so far as to mix it with a favorite beverage of their own and sip it, enjoying every sip.


Willy was vain about his clothes. When he was resting he would cover his head with a nice pink hood that kept him warm. Other times, when he was flexing his muscles, so to speak, he let his hood slip back, and he put on a large helmet whose rim extended beyond his shoulders, and could change its color from a salmon pink to a deep crimson. Willy also had a collection of clear plastic or latex raincoats. On special occasions he would put one on. He loved the way the raincoat fit him firmly, yet had enough room at the top that he could breathe—and yes, spit easily.


Li’l Willy had certain favorite activities. One of these was to go looking for starfish. If he would see one of these five-branched creatures, he would go over to investigate, Many times, he would get up close and lay down on the starfish’s belly. Usually the starfish would respond to this attention by closing its branches around Willy and gently stroking him. When his happened he would almost purr like a kitten. But, not being well brought up, he would get upset about something, and would end up—spitting! Can you imagine that? The poor star fish was just showing friendship and Willy reciprocated by—spitting. Uuumphh!


Another favorite activity that Willy liked to do was spelunking.  Willy liked to explore caves, and one cave that he liked to explore was known as The Cave of the 32 Pearls. Willy loved those beautiful 32 pearls, and he was thrilled by the large pink eel that lived in the cave, and when Willy was in the neighborhood, that eel would come out of the cave and wave to Willy, beckoning him to come in.  Willy was never backward in outing himself forward and so he would allow that eel to draw him into the cave where he would be hugged and kissed by the eel. Sometimes Willy would go deep into the cave, and wiggle and squirm so far into the cave that he could no longer see daylight. Unfortunately, Willy usually ended up disgracing himself, by spitting!


Something else Willy liked to do was explore crevices. If he came across an inviting crevice, nestled between two round hills, he would insinuate himself into the crevice as deeply as he could. There was an element of danger in this because usually as he crept into the warm moist tunnel that led from the tunnel, the walls would begin to vibrate slowly—contracting and expanding, contracting and expanding, contracting and expanding. Sometime Willy would find himself clamped by some sort of ring that would hold him so tightly that he could hardly move. Willy must not have liked being clamped so tightly because he would show his feelings by--- yup! By spitting. This usually had he effect of allowing him a little room so that he could climb out of the cave, but sometimes, he had to spit two or even three times before he could free himself.


In spite of his habit of spitting, Willy had some friends. One was Peter and another was Dick. Peter was a little taller than Willy, and Dick was a little plumper. Despite the differences in appearances, the three guys were so friendly they thought of themselves as the three gay caballeros, after the characters in an old Walt Disney movie.


They didn’t get together too often, but when they did see each other, they did rub along together well enough. Actually these meetings usually ended up with spitting contests to see who could spit the farthest.


So good were these times, that Willy, Peter and dick also thought of themselves as frot brothers.


Yes, Timmy, I see your hand. What is your question?


Oh, no. I said frot brothers, not frat brothers. Frat brothers get together and ingest lots of alcohol, and brag about their exploits. These three guys got together and produced their own nectar, which they shared, and you might say they created their own exploits.


OK, guys, that’s the end of the story. Now it’s time for bed. Before you go night-night, you might want to send your own starfish to give your Little Willies a thrill.


Yes, you two in the corner can have your Peters explore your own Caves of 32 Pearls.


Nighty night. Sweet dreams.


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Posted: 10/05/07