By Will B and J. D. Farnsowrth

by: Will B
(Copyright 2007 by the Author)

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Part I, II


These letters are a series of poems and prose articles exchanged between Daddy and his Boi.



An erotic poem

Daddy to his Boi.


Chapter 3 has got me sooooo hot

With you I want to enjoy some frot.

Pull down your jeans, and shorts too..

While I lose mine in a hurry to be naked with you.

Now climb on my lap if you please

With your abdomen, package, and upper thighs across my knees.

Put your cock between my thighs,

I’ll squeeze and make your stiffy rise.

Now pump your pole

While I finger your hole.

Now the precum appears

Like pearly, salty tears.

Now pump some more, harder and faster, more, more

Until you shoot your cum, sperm, manjuice galore.

I raise you up and kiss your lips,

While I ponder the writhing of your hips.

I put my fuckshaft where it belongs

Between your legs, which grip it like tongs.

Slowly I push in and out

The hair on your thighs makes me want to shout

With joy and pleasure.

Your hairy limbs are such a treasure.

All too soon, I shoot my wad onto your body.

My cum and yours mixed into a delightful hot toddy.

Now be a good boi and lick it up!

And on my nipples you can suck

Because this has been one damn hot fuck!


Your Daddy





A Fantasy Fuck


J. D., I want to see your legs waving in the air

So I can nuzzle every curly ass hair.

I want to see your hard prick so long and fair

So I can kiss it there☼  and there ☼ and there.


I want my tongue to lubricate your ass cheeks

I want to hear your shrieks of pleasure

As I lick your hairy thighs

Ever nearing your manly treasure.


Your hairy balls in their sack so heavy

Your shaft, so thick and meaty

Your ridge so red and tender

Your glans so purple and spongy.


Your nipples are small and soft as velvet

I lick them and nip them and even give them a little bite

Until they are with blood engorged

And become red and erect and a delight

To behold, just like your lovely suckable swelling helmet.


These lines do not rhyme

But I want your entire hardon covered with the slime

From my mouth and my precum

I want my invasion to be completely welcome


By your quivering, winking, opening and closing rosebud

I want your sphincter muscle to clamp on my manly stud shaft

I want to pound your ass harder and harder

And faster and faster until you’re almost daft


With joy and lust. Oh Fuck me, FUCK ME, and FUCK ME AGAIN!

You cry with joy and desire and then

I long-dick you, and long-fuck you, and screw you, I do!

Till from my balls I feel the rising of my spew.


My toes curl up, and my legs are rigid.

I fuck you and fuck you until I come and come and come again.

Like a mighty dam that has burst

The hottest load is the first.


It coats your love tunnel, your ass cheeks, and your balls.

The second is still hot, and it enthralls

Your desire for more, and I still shoot cum galore.

Your body is shaking, and your own load of cum is now in the making.


Covered in cum, our bodies are entwined

And it is delightful we find

To lay pressed together pecs to pecs and dick to dick.

Nothing is like the feel of your dick

On Mine.


Fucking or sucking or simply frotting

And giving you pleasure

I’ve come to the end of this jotting,

Perhaps corny beyond measure.




J. D. to His Daddy


I take your face in my hands, Daddy

I draw you closer to my face, Daddy

Our lips touch as soft as down, Daddy

Our tongues join into a race, Daddy

To see which one will win the crown, Daddy

Carefully, I slow down our pace, Daddy

Back you to the bed and lay you down, Daddy

Your clothes I slowly remove, Daddy

Till at last your nakedness I prove, Daddy

Naked now I crawl beside you, Daddy

My virginity, won’t you remove, Daddy

Timidly I finger your cock, Daddy

Deliciously soft but hard as a rock, Daddy

I run my tongue down your cock’s groove, Daddy

Slurping it deep inside of me, Daddy

Bending back I wet my hole, Daddy

In my ass tucking your pole, Daddy

Fuck me , I belong to you, Daddy

Wrap my ass around your pole, Daddy

I grip your cock, to make you spew, Daddy

I feel your cum unload inside me, Daddy

In love’s trails, won’t you guide me, Daddy

Teach me, love me, protect and hide me, Daddy

Daddy, Oh God, Fuck me Daddy

Take my ass, cream me , Daddy

Oh yesssss, OMG, I’m cummmmm…… Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh





 A Treat for J. D.


I was so pleased with your poem “I Take your Face in My Hands” that I am going to describe something special for you.


The room is dark, lit only by some candles.


I lead you into the room blindfolded. We both are naked and our tools are at full attention.


There is a sawhorse in the middle of the floor, and I tell you to lie down, face down, so that your head is on the sawhorse but lifted up so you can look directly ahead of you.


Your penis, balls, and ass are not touching the sawhorse but are dangling in the air.


I take off your blindfold so you can see my cock beginning to drool precum.


Your lips move as if you want to touch my manhood with them, but your Daddy has other plans.


I move to the other end of the sawhorse, and use my precum and saliva to moisten your hole. I move further into your love channel, and I can see your rosebud, winking and blinking in the flickering candlelight. I use my tongue to add more moisture to that “rabbit hole” that leads to “wonderland.”


Now you are moving your ass in a frenzy of lust. “Fuck me, Daddy. Plow my ass. Let me feel your cock in my tunnel. Oh, fuck me, now please!”


But I am not ready to pleasure you yet. “HE HE HE. Just wait my son. Just wait.”


“Oh, Daddy, I want to feel your magnificent pole in my hole. I want to rise you. I cannot wait. Please FUCK ME, NOW!”


Well, J. D., your impatience means I have to move to the next part of my plan. I am going to shed a little more light on what I have planned for you.’


I move to the shelf, and take down a candle that was five inches long, and about half an inch in diameter. I place it in his ass, pushing it in as close to the sphincter as I can, and then I light it. I watch, entranced, as slowly the melting wax rolled down the candle towards your quivering ass cheeks.


Moving to the front of the sawhorse so you can see me, I ask “How does that feel, my boi?”


You tell me it feels un-cum-monly great.


Then I look at you and say “Now you can pleasure my lips with your lips.”


“But, Daddy,” you say, “I can’t reach up to kiss…., oh, oh, OH, OH! You mean the lips of your helmet! Let me at ‘em!” you say with a grin.


“Good boi, you’ve got it right. Now that candle is burning pretty fast, about one inch every five minutes. If you can suck and lick and slaver and savor the taste and smell of my man-meat, but not let me cum in your mouth before that candle burns down to the bottom, you will feel the flame on your ass, the melted wax can be pulled off to take away some of your ass hairs, and there will be another treat for you.”


Your tongue flicks lightly across my piss slit, and then your lips grasp the tip of my helmet and you massage the opening of my urethra.  I move closer to you, and you take my full cock into your mouth.


Because your head is up at an angle I can shove the whole length of my engorged shlong deep into your throat. Your tongue caresses the underside of my shaft, and I quiver in lust.


I feel I am about to shoot my lava into your throat, but you are a damn fine cocksucker, my boi, my bitch, and you know how to back off so that I am not at the edge of shooting my load—just yet.


The candle has burned down to about three inches.


Now you begin to move your head from side to side, moving my dick with it, and increasing the pressure to empty my balls into your throat.


You begin to hum, and the vibrations add to the increased feelings of ejaculatory expectation.


Suddenly I feel my nuts contract. My toes curl, and I…. I…… OMG here it comes. Watch out for the lava of lust to erupt from my organ. AAAAAGGGG HHHHHRRRR/


The cum shoots into your mouth and I feel the release of one of the most incredible orgasms I have had.


I release you from your bonds just as the candle reaches its last quarter of an inch.


“Oh, Daddy, let m stay here for a minute,” you plead. “I want to feel that hot wax flow into my ass crack. I want to feel that brief moment of flame as the candle burns itself out. Oh, thank you, Daddy. Thank you. OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH,. It feels so good. That flame touching my ass. OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH. Thank you.”


I pull the melted wax off your ass and love chute. As I pull the wax, it pulls your ass hairs off. You feel a little pain, but it’s over too quickly.


To show you what a good bitch you have been, I give you two love bites—one on each of your round, smooth, hairless ass apples.


Now you get up from the sawhorse, and we embrace, our cum soaked bodies pressed together, and our penises touching, grinding, feeling, and caressing  in that wonderful waltz of love.




J. D. to His Daddy


Yes, tie me
mold me
shag me
hold me
gag me
fag me
clamp me
chain me
pain me

beat my ass cause I been a baddddd boi.

take my ass, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, DADDY!!!!!!!!!!
YES, FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




For J. D.


It was a hazy miserable day.

Much too hot for a roll in the hay

With my bitch, my slave, my whore, my slut, my boi!


Sadly I  trudged home alone.

Now and then issuing a groan.

Where is my boi, my bitch, my slave, my whore, my slut?


Went into the house and took off my clothes.

Dildoed my ass and massaged my hose

If I only had my slut, my boi, my bitch, my slave, my whore!


Took a cool shower and got wet and glistening.

Thought I might give my penis a fisting.

I want him, my whore, my slut, my boi, my bitch, my slave!


Lay down on my bed completely bare assed.

My tool was only up at half-mast.

I need him, my slave, my whore, my slut, my boi, my bitch!


Out on the lawn I heard such a clatter

I got out of bed and ran naked to see what the hell was the matter.

I saw him my bitch, my slave, my whore, my slut, my boi!


I opened the door, and he came in like a flash.

Naked he stood, and showed me his cache

Of goodies. My boi, my lovely boi.


His body made me hotter than fire.

My penis rose higher and higher.

He’s here, my slave, my slut, my boi!


Forgotten was the hot hazy weather.

Our pricks dueled and ground together.

My slut, my sexy slut was here!


My balls were blue and my helmet was red.

Down on your knees and give me some head.

I’ve missed you, my slave, my slut, my whore.


You once did me a great favor,

And told me my cum was your favorite flavor,

So give me a blowjob, you slut, you bitch!


Get down on your knees and lick my hairy thighs.

Now I am giving some long hot sighs.

My whore, my boi, my hot sexy lover.


Now I have just one more job

Before I allow you to polish my knob.

My whore, my slave, my boi!


Lie on your stomach while I stand over your back

I PISS on your ass cheeks, your crack, and your love chute.

I turn you over on your back with my foot

And ere long, I PISS on your balls, your pubes and your schlong.

My slut, my bitch, my very dear boi.


Now I behold a most wondrous sight.

You ejaculate your cum to a great height.

I made you cum without you touching

Your own prick, or clutching.

My sex-slave, my piss-slut, my toy boi!


Now before me, on your knees

Take my throbbing fuckshaft, my rigid man-pole

Into your mouth and finger my hole.

I rinse your mouth with my man-made nectar

My ass-fuckable, cock-sucking boi!


I raise you to your feet

Smell our cum and piss soaked bodies—how sweet

To the smell, but before I hold you tight

Over each of your nipples I give you a love-bite.

My dear slut, my precious bitch, my lover-boi!




J.D. to his daddy

      Your balls are tied in ribbon,

tied them mighty tight,

each ball separated,

by green and yellow ribbon,

 so pretty and so bright.

 Your hands are tied with rope,

tied them mighty tight,

each arm articulated,

I've negated all your hope,

 give up all your fight.

 Your ankles are cuffed so wide,

Stretched them mighty tight,

to music syncopated,

you've no where to go hide,

 blindfold against the light.

My efforts you will not mock,

F'skin stretched mighty tight,

A cock ring g-rated,

Firm about your cock

 trussed up, what a sight.

And now I wreak my pleasure

On your anus, mighty tight

inside ejaculated,

deep within your treasure,

 my orgasm has new height.





Readers: if you liked these jottings let me know if they turned you on.

Your words are like a tongue on my knob.

Let us know if they tented your organs,

So I will know I have done my job.


And one more thing I should enforce

Because these were fantasy

No condom packages were torn open

But if you want to live, be careful, of course.


Part II


To my bitch, J.D.





Beat it

Eat it

Attack it

Smack it

Chain it

Pain it


That feels so good.


Grope it

Soap it

Squeeze it

Tease it

Hold it

Enfold it


Let me stroke your wood!


Lick it

Slick it

Fist it

Twist it

Jerk it

Work it


I’d suck mine if I could.


Drool on it

Pull on it

Gnash it

Smash it

Bare it

Share it

Doooooooooon’t stop now!

I’m almost there!


Slap it

Snap it

Choke it

Stroke it

Grasp it

Clasp it


Love the smell of your cock hair.


Nibble it

Dribble it

Itch it

Twitch it

Sip it

Nip it


My lips are leaking!


Flip it

Grip it

Bind it

Grind it

Feel it

Peel it


My precum now is peeking.


Savor it

Flavor it

Crunch it

Munch it

Frot it

Swat it

Out of my one eyed snake, my hose

With love and lust see how it glows.


Bend it

Tend it

Spank it

Wank it

Taste it

Don’t waste it.

Now suck my cock while I lick your dick

Let’s make our organs nice and slick

I suck on yours, you suck on mine

This sixty-nine is mighty fine.

And what is really great---

We get to swallow each other’s ejaculate!


Your horny Daddy.




Oh, Daddy, this poem’s for you.

 Your balls are tied in ribbon,

tied them mighty tight,

each ball separated,

by green and yellow ribbon, 

so pretty and so bright.


Your hands are tied with rope,

tied them mighty tight,

each arm articulated,

I've negated all your hope, 

give up all your fight.


Your ankles are cuffed so wide,

Stretched them mighty tight,

to music syncopated,

you've no where to go hide, 

Blindfold against the light.


My efforts you will not mock,

Foreskin stretched mighty tight,

A cock ring g-rated,

Firm about your cock 

Trussed up, what a sight.


And now I wreak my pleasure

On your anus, mighty tight

inside ejaculated,

deep within your treasure, 

My orgasm has new height.


Your slut, J.D.



Dear Daddy


I have been a bad boi, daddy.

I fear you must spank me.

I approach you naked and lay across your naked lap.

My soft penis hangs down between your legs.  I feel the soft hairs of your legs and reach under and grab my ankles.  You drop two pairs of handcuffs on the floor and tell  me to put one on my right ankle and left wrist.  I bend my right leg up and put on the cuff.  Then I bend the other leg up and cuff my right wrist to my left ankle.

I feel you stroke my firm bubble butt, raising the soft downy hairs there.  You caress the butt for a while then WHAM!  You spank my left cheek hard.  My cock grows hard instantly, and I feel your ten inch man meet spring up to poke my belly.  WHAM!!!  You spank my other cheek.  My cock drools precum.  You caress my ass and spank me often.  I feel my cock grow harder still. WHAM!!   WHAM !!!!   WHAM!!!   WHAM!!

My ass turns red hot.  Your precum smears all over my abdomen as your cock rubs there. WHAM!  WHAM!!  WHAM!!!  WHAM!! WHAM!!!  My cock throbs with lust and excitement

Your bitch boi, J.D.






All right my boi: Down in the basement

Up on the Table

Get your butt naked

As fast as you’re able


Your golden orbs so round and firm

Just looking at them makes my penis squirm

But before I can inject my spew

There are some things I want to do


Some melted butter warming on the fire

I work into your butt and your back, just a little higher

It makes your ass rak a little greasy

So I can invade your tunnel oh so easy



You thought I was nice and gentle.


You didn’t know I was mental


About your ass cheeks—your butt

It looks so dimpled and so merry

Don’t give me an “if” or an “and” or a “but”

Before too long I’m gonna fuck your cherry.


In pain you’ll moan

In lust I’ll groan

I think I’ll nip your ass here and there

And maybe pull out some of your fine ass hair.


Now I see your cheeks, which I love to grab

Are showing just a tiny sign of flab

To roll them nice and firm I take a rolling pin.

Hmmm! Wonder if I should stick the handle in


Now your hot body is humping and bucking

Ready for your Daddy’s fucking.

One or two more things I would do

Until your sweet pucker I’m ready to screw.


I spread your cheek with my own two hands

To prepare your love tunnel

Like a warm pulsating funnel

To receive my purple, throbbing, dripping glans.


Now comes the moment that I treasure

I invade your ass with lust beyond measure

Thrusting and pushing soon I am shooting

And you, in pain and lust, and joy, are hooting


Fuck me more Daddy, fuck me again, I implore

Because I am your willing obedient bitch, your whore.





Oh, Daddy, I am a wicked slut and I deserve to have my bare ass laid across your bare strong muscular legs and spanked till it turns red, and, MASTER, if spanking me inadvertently makes your penis hard, my little old soft lips and mouth will have to take care of that for you till that nasty sperm is emptied out of your fine cock, which is my just punishment.  But I am sure I need to be punished even more, can you think of more punishment for me cause I am such a bad little boi.  Maybe after I suck your exceptional cock dry, I can kneel in front of you with my head away from you and my face on the floor and my spanked red ass in the air facing you and my balls hanging down between my spread legs and and my punished boi cunt winking at you all red and pink and spanked and puffy, winking and pulsating for you to see,  and you can think of some way to punish me more.  I am your obedient worthless fucked up slave boi to use as you will.

Your obedient and undeserving slut boi, J.D.


= = =

Your dick I'll suck,
or maybe fuck,
So you're in luck.
now begin to buck.

So stick your puck,
in cleavage tuck,
We're both in luck,
so begin the fuck.
by Huck

From your sluttish, whore bItch, J. D.

= = =


Guess what I had this morning.

Listen, you worthless cunt slut

Over here, drag your butt!


This morning I had a tasty treat

I found 7½ inch uncut meat


Virgin, untouched until I took it hand.

Its length and firmness—how grand!


It was just off of the ship

I could hardly wait to sip.


Slowly I peeled back the first part of the skin

Slowly, delicately, I inserted it in


My slobbering mouth, wanting it all

Desiring it, licking it, tasting it all.


I peeled back the rest of the skin: what a delight!

Its length and ridges: what a sight.


At last I could stand it no longer.

I DEEP THROATED magificnent schlonger


I swallowed it whole

It so tasted so good.


Like the cum from my own pole

Fresh from my morning wood.


Wiping my mouth on my bandana

I really enjoyed that real BANANA!


Did I fool ya?


= = =


Come here, my slut, and obey your Daddy


Lay your naked body face up on my bare-assed thighs

Grip my raging hardon between your hairy thighs

Let my precum lubricate your perineum and wrinkled balls.

Clamp my penis as tight as you can, while I drool over your lovely cock.


Lightly I stroke your shaft and caress your nipples

Then I place two clothes-pins on your nubs.

You moan in pain and also in lust

You body twists this way and that, exciting sill further my cock,

betwixt your thrashing  legs


A third clothes pin I have in my hand.

Where shall I put it?

On the tip of your helmet?

No, I have other plans for your purple throbbing glans.


Ahhh, that’s where it will go, on your wrinkled testicles, between your two walnuts

Now the feelings are so intense you’re about to blow

A plastic straw I now insert into your lips

So I can suck your ejaculate and swallow the sweet nectar as it comes from the fountain.


You writhe in pain and lust, loving every sensation

And we both enjoy each other’s ejaculation

We moan and sigh and shout in jubilation

Ohhhhhhhh, aaaahhhhh, AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHH,

This is some FUCKING GREAT stimulation




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Posted: 08/10/07