A Corny, Campy Short Story

By Will B

© 2007 by the Author

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This story is for Brian, whose e mails suggested the bare beginnings of the plot. Brian is one of the few readers who shared

with the author the effects my stories had on him. That is quite a complement for an author




Brian Cummings was 22 and had just graduated from college. He had majored in media production, and had gotten a position at Gay Life Videos, a gay video firm.


Brian was five feet, ten inches tall, with a slender, muscular body, and a pleasant manner, but sad to say, he was not endowed well enough to be one of the big porn stars.


He was versatile however, and when he was called on to appear in one of the obligatory orgy scenes he didn’t care whether he was sucker or suckee, fucker or fuckee. Consequently he was much in demand by the director, Francis Cockola


One day while he was sitting at his desk, he was called into the office of the owner of the firm, Robert Crotchit, who was sitting at his desk.


“Cummings, I’ve had my eye on you and how you do your work, for some time, and if I may say so, I’ve had my eye on your package. Quite nice looking it is, too,” leered Crotchit.


“Thank you sir, I do aim to please,” said Brian.


“To come to the point, Cummings, I am inviting you, and some of our other employees to join a rather special club. It’s called the S-L-S Club, and if you care to join, wonderful opportunities will open up for you. Do you think you might be interested” Crotchit asked?


“Yes, sir, I think I might,” said Brian eagerly. “Sir, what does S-L-S mean?”


“I’m having a meeting of you and some other prospective members tomorrow evening. All will be made clear then,” the firm’s owner said. He rose from his desk and shook Cummings’s hand.


“Oh, and by the way, Cummings, the dress is to be casual. You might want to consider going commando, or perhaps something-er-exotic,” said Crotchit.




Brian walked into the meeting room, and saw three other hunks seated in comfortable chairs. There was a table at the front of the room and behind it sat Crotchit, Cockola, and two other men that Brian recognized as Johan and Lucas, icons in the gay porn world.


Cockola spoke “Gentlemen, thank you for coming this evening. Let me get to the point. Gay Life Video is owned by a parent corporation, Dicks-R-Us, and the S-L-S Club is a subsidiary of that parent company. Its purpose is to provide entertainers for guys who don’t just want to watch videos, they want live sex acts at their very private parties. They pay a stiff fee, and often the entertainers pick up a lot of tips. Does this sound good?”


“Oh, yes, sure, sounds Fucking great,” the four men replied.


Crotchit now spoke “There are certain rather rigid (yes, pun intended) requirements for membership in this club. First there is the matter of endowment, and you have all already passed that test, or you wouldn’t be here. The second requirement is attitude. We would like you to stand one at a time, strip, and tell us a little bit of your sexual history and special interests, if any.


One man stood up, he was six foot, two, and had a muscular body. He wore a loincloth of almost transparent gauze, so that no detail of his sexy body was hidden. He had a light dusting of hair on his pecs, a light treasure trail from his navel to his bush, and a lightly bush. His dime size nipples were dark brown and the nips were hard. He slowly reached behind him and untried a string and with the other and slowly lowered the loin cloth so that his cut cock, six inches when flaccid, was visible. As he swayed from side to side, it seemed to be rising to the occasion.


Flexing his muscles he said, “I am Peter Johnson, but my screen name is Studly Dudley. I am 24, and my first experience was with a cousin. We used to play “I dare you” and “I will if you….” One time he was over at my house and my folks were out. He said ‘Peter, I dare you to show me your cock.’ I replied, ‘OK, I will if you will show me yours.’ As you can guess, the game went on from there and we ended up sucking each other off. We loved taking each other’s tumescent tools into our own mouths, and dipping on the sweet nectar. As for talents or interests, I am a cock man. I will out my cock wherever you want it, and you can put your cock wherever you want.”


Peter sat down to enthusiastic applause. The next man stood up, he was wearing a toga like garment the revealed one hairy shoulder. “Good evening, friends,” he said. I’m Dave smith, but in the cinema, my name appears in the credits as ‘Handy’Andy,” because I’m willing to turn a hand to almost anything.”


He slowly unbuckled his cloak at the shoulder to let it drop and reveal a body completely nude and covered with thick, dark hair. His shoulders had thick, dark hair. His pecs, six pack and lower abdomen were covered with thick, dark hair. His arms and legs were covered with thick, dark hair. His bush had so much hair you almost couldn’t see his thick uncut pole which was now fully aroused, and stood pointing at his belly. His thick prick had knotted veins on the shaft that stood out. As he stood erect, the glans pushed its way out of its hood and stood proud and tall, glistening with Andy’s handiwork.


“When I was younger I used to engage in circle jerks with my friends in the locker room at school. I discovered that nothing would bring me off quicker than touching the smooth, hairless bodies of my buddies. I found I had a real talent for taking their teenage tools and massaging them until they shot their boy-cream into my hand. Today I love touching hot stud-meat and smooth hairless stud bodies, and if they want to touch me back, so much the better. And, gentlemen in the front row, I just can’t wait until I get my hands on you!”


Now the third man stood up. He wore what appeared to be a diaphanous robe that covered his body from underneath his arm pits down to his toes, where the toe nails had been painted red.


“Hello, darlings, I am Dan Holiman, but on screen I am known as Dan the Hole-Man because I like guys who put things in my holes—my mouth or ass in other words.”


Here Dan untied the bow on his chest and the robe floated to the ground revealing a smooth, wiry body that had been had all the hair shaved off. Now he only wore a towel wrapped around his waist. Dan raised his hands to his nipples, which had been painted a bright red, and slowly and sensuously caressed them. He raised his hands above his head and than struck an erotic pose, and then lowered his hands to his nipples again and flicked them and pinched them. Finally, he reached down and threw off his towel.


His hairless body gleamed in the light of the studio. His seven inch organ was pointing straight at Brian, and had a clear pearl of something at its slit.


“You know, darlings,” Dan went on, “Cleopatra of Egypt is said to have bathed in asses’ milk. I, on the other hand like to bathe in hunks’ milk. I was once in a bath house, and had ten guys masturbating over me while I sat on a bench. When they shot their loads, I had their milk in my hair, on my face, on my body, in my butt, my legs, and on my cock. It was won-fuckuing-derful.”


With that, Dan held up a bottle of a creamy white liquid and slowly poured it over his head. It ran down to his neck and throat, and then to his shoulders. Then the viscous substance made its way down to Dan’s nipples and then to his abdomen.


As the fluid sank lower and lower, Dan began to moan, and moan, louder and louder. “Oh, Oh!, Ah! AH” That man-cream feels so good. OH! OH!” Dan began to buck his hips and thrust his stiff penis out toward the audience.


When the fluid reached his cock, he took a handful, held it to his nose, and said “That’s what I want! Man milk. I love it. I want it more and MORE!”


Now he simulated an orgasm, and screamed, “Oh, please, someone. Let me ride your pole!”


His audience sat entranced. For a few moments they were silent, and then they were on their feet, clapping and cheering. Dan bowed to the audience and said “Thank you, my pets. If any of you want to use me or abuse me after this meeting, I’ll see you in the men’s room. Hope to see you ALL there. Oh, and by the way, in case you were wondering, that fluid really was the product of two men—it was Ben and Jerry’s Creamy Vanilla. Yum! Yum!”


Dan sat down and now it was Brian’s turn. Boy, Brian thought to himself, :”That’ll be a hard act to follow. I don’t have any elaborate props, and I’m just wearing a pair of bikini briefs.


He slowly got to his feet, and facing his audience he rubbed his crotch slowly, and allowed his six inch cut cock to peek over the waist band of his briefs,


He began, tentatively at first, but gaining confidence as he went on


“Hi, I’m Bri.

I’m just an ordinary guy.

I’m gay, not straight or bi.

I like to exercise my cock as often as I can (and here he slithered out of his briefs),

And I’m willing to take on any man.

I like to fuck and I like to suck,

But I can take you in my mouth or my ass,

Cause I’m at the head of my class.”

Oh, and I think 69

Is just fine,

‘Cause I drool over your tool

While you drool over mine.


When he sat down there was a warm round of applause, and several people clapped him on the shoulder and said “Good job, stud.”




Johan stood up, and said, “Gentlemen, you have demonstrated your physical attributes and your stage presence. Now we would like to see how well you could ham it up. I have an envelope with several pieces of poetry. We would like each of you to draw a piece of poetry and either recite or sing it. We’ll start with Studly Dudley.


Dudley came to the front of the room, took a piece of paper and recited:


“A studly sailor out on the blue

Was horny from needing to screw.

He bent over the rail

And got rammed in his tail

And said to his buddy “It’s your turn now, so I’ll do you.”


Then Andy came up, and drew a piece of paper and declared:


“There once was a handsome young twink

Whose cockhead was shiny and pink

Till one day, just as a prank

He let his buddy give him a wank

Now in the circle jerk he’s a horny link.


Now Dan’s turn came, and he sang in a falsetto voice:


“There one was a guy from Nantuck-et

Who dearly loved being butt fuck-ed (Oh yes, Dan interjected)

Until he got one hot blow

Job and now he did know

That he really liked being cocksuck-ed! (And I’m the one who gave him the blow job!).”


When Brian’s turn came, he found he had the words of a song based on one from the musical Oliver, so he cleared his throat and sang


“I’d do anything, for you, dear, anything

Yes, I’d do anything, for you, queer, anything!

Would I lube your pole? Anything!

Would I rim your hole? Anything!

Would I lick your dick? Anything!

Would I suck your prick? Anything!

Yes, I’d do anything for you, queer, just anything at all!”


“Gentlemen, you have all done extremely well. I think you all have an excellent chance of being taken into the club,” Johan said. “Now my partner, Lucas , will explain the last part of the test.”


Lucas stood up. “Evening, all. You four have shown us what you’ve got in the power pack department, how you can present yourselves, and whether you can act. Now it’s time to see if you’ve got any balls.”


He went on, “The S-L-S is a symbolic name for some of the sensations you will experience in The Initiation, which will take place in an undisclosed location.”


“First of all,” Lucas continued, we have prepared some videos that present, metaphorically, what these sensations will be. The first “S” represents spider-like sensations. Lights, please”


The lights went down, and a projector showed a clip from the Harry Potter movie, where Harry and Rod were being chased by hordes of spiders, clicking their teeth and waving their legs.


“Oh, no,” said Dudley the stud. “I don’t want any of those creatures on my body. I’m out of here.” He picked up his loin cloth, put it on, and went out the door.


“Remember,” said Lucas, “These are only metaphors. The “L” stands for leaches. Lights, please.”


Now in the dark, the projector showed a clip from the film The African Queen where Humphrey Bogart climbs out of the water and finds his body is covered with leaches,


Now Andy the Handy guy shouted. “Ugh, no way! I don’t want those slimy buggers slithering over my body.” Gathering his cloak around him, Andy exited quickly.


“Gentlemen, I have told you these words and pictures are only symbols, metaphors, if you will. I assure you the initiation will be perfectly safe. Now the final “S” represents snakes. Let us have the lights down.”


“Oh no,” thought Brian to himself, “Why did it have to be snakes?”


The lights went down, and there was the scene from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, the scene where Jones looks down into a room, and sees the floor covered with snakes.


“A-a-a-r-r-g-g-h-h-h-h,” Dan screamed. “Snakes! Snakes! No way. I don’t want those repellent reptiles wrapping themselves around me. Let me out, let me out.” Dan ran out of the door, barely bothering to cover himself with the robe.


“Mr. Cummings, are you going to go through with the initiation,” Lucas asked?


“I think I will,” Brian answered. “You made it pretty clear that the letters in the name of the club did not mean there would really be spiders, leaches, or snakes. Yeah, let’s do it!”


“Congratulations, Brian. You’ll make a wonderful addition to the club,” Lucas assured him.




The cave was almost completely dark. Brian was naked, strapped to some kind of table where his arms were extended to the sides, and the table split like an upside down “ with his legs on the forks of the “Y.” His ass cheeks were hanging over the edge of the table. He wasn’t uncomfortable, but he was anxious for the initiation to start.


A voice spoke out of the darkness, “Let the Dance of the Spiders commence.”


Brian started to say “Hey, I thought there were not going to be any spiders,’ when he heard a clicking noise, and a whispering sound. Suddenly he felt …….. fingers, FINGERS! Touching his body. Some were lightly pinching his skin, two sets of fingers were coating his nipples with a soft, aromatic essence Two more sets were running up and down the shaft of his penis. “Umm,” he thought, “This feels good.”


Then he felt more fingers drawing circles on his ass cheeks, and then more fingers feeling his legs. He heard a loud snapping of fingers and he felt a finger, then two more investigating his rosebud.


“Oh, I’m really getting horny. Don’t stop, spiders, whoever you are. I love what you’re doing,” he said, “half to himself, and half out loud. Then he felt a large set of fingers encircle his cock and begin to masturbate him, oh so slowly, while another two sets of fingers stroked, and lightly punched, and stroked and pinched his ball sac.


Brian was almost on the brink when a flute sounded, and he sensed the fingers moving away from him with a soft clicking.


Then he heard a sucking sound, or rather sounds, as of many leaches sucking on a body. But, wait, they weren’t leaches. They were lips! Dozens of pairs of lips! Sucking and smacking.


The first pair of lips landed on Brian’s right leg and sucked and slavered, moving up and down his leg.. Then a pair arrived at his left nipple, a tongue encircling the round pink flesh and bathing it with saliva. Brian felt lips on his ball sac, sucking on his gonads, one at a time. More lips arrived, sucking and smacking, and licking, and tickling his whole body. Faster and faster they licked and smacked.


One pair of lips attacked his tumescent tool, sucking and caressing it, sucking and salivating, slavering and sucking.


Again Brian was on the edge, ready to share his man juice with whatever pair of lips should be there to receive it. Then that damn flute sounded again, and the all the lips moved away sucking and smacking as they went.


The cave was silent for few minutes, and Brian waited for whatever “snakes” might appear.


He heard a soft hissing sound, and then another and another. He heard sounds as if some heavy objects were slithering across the floor. The dragging sounds would pause as if belly muscles were contracting, ready for the next slither.


Brian felt something thick and slippery pushing between his legs from the back, the body of whatever it was rubbing against his ball sack. Another round slippery object was invading his armpit, and then another one was pushing against his navel.


Brian couldn’t see what these thick, round, slippery objects were, but he was beginning to guess. A low light appeared, and he was able to see a fat ten inch long one eyed “hooded cobra” aimed right at his mouth. “Oh, great!” thought Brian. “It’s a ‘spitting cobra,’ and it’s going to shoot its venom in my mouth and OH FUCK! I’m ready for it.”


With that he leaned forward and took the head of the “snake” into his eager mouth. He swirled his tongue over the foreskin and worked it back, so that he could taste the glans and its precum. He heard, not a hiss, but a moan and a voice said “That’s right Brian, eat my man meat, suck my dick. Let me shoot my cream into your mouth.”


Brian continued his sucking until he felt the warm gush of male cream flood his mouth and throat. He swallowed hard and continued, but the snake withdrew.


The lights came on, and Brian fond himself surrounded by ten or twelve naked studs, clapping and cheering “Congratulations, Brian, you have passed the Initiation with flying colors. You are now a full fledged member of the S-L-S Club.”


Another hunk came forward and said “Brian, you’ve done well, but there is one thing left to be done. Three times you have been on the edge, but you haven’t shot your load, and so we are all going to bring you off, any way you want. Do you want to be sucked off, jerked off, or fuck one of us in the butt.”


Brian thought for about ten seconds, and then said “I’ve been through a lot, and if it’s all the same to you, I would like to get off all three ways.”


“Done deal!” said the leader. “Men, go get him. Give him whatever he wants, any way he wants.”


Our story ends with loads of cum flying through air, coating bodies, lining mouths, hands stroking, ass cheeks wiggling, and moans and screams of pleasure.


The End


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Posted: 06/15/07