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Dear Friends


For several years I have enjoyed writing stories for Tickie Story Pages. As a result, many of you have read them and some have written to tell me how much you enjoyed them. Once or twice a reader has pointed out an error in my ‘historical’ stories. I have appreciated those comments as much as I have the compliments.


I have corresponded with fellow authors and have made friends in New Zealand, Australia, the U. K., as well as the states.


I have especially appreciated the editing, mentoring and encouragement I have received from Chuck, Chris, Mike, and Jamie.


But [Oh, yes, I know: never start a sentence with ‘but’ unless you are Charles Dickens] now, I think it is time to lay aside my quill pen, cover up the typewriter, and unplug the computer, as far as writing fiction goes. After knee surgery and tendon repair, I am not as mobile as I used to be, and my time at a computer to send, edit, and read stories is extremely limited. Family matters and other responsibilities are eating into my time as well.


If I had completed The Peeler, eventually our heroes’ activities would have come to the attention of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and they would have paid a visit to the school and allowed it to be named the ‘Albert School for Homeless Boys.’


I will try to send my friends an e-mail from time to time, letting them know I am alive and as well as can be expected.


So, to paraphrase and embroider a song heard on television ‘back in the day,’


T:  Thanks for the Memories.

I:   I’ll always think of you with affection.

C: Cherish friends.

K: Keep love alive.

I:   I wish you all the best.

E:  Eternal gratitude for the friendship you have extended to me,


S-T-O-R-I-E-S: See you sometime.


Now it’s time to say, not good bye, but 'Until we meet again.'





Posted: 10/28/11