Zip Line Wrestlers
By: Ron Nelson
(© 2013 by the author)

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Part 1
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The grin on Cody’s face was almost as wide as the final stage of the eight-stage Zip Line rain forest tree-top canopy ride he’d just come off of. It was the first time he’d ever taken a zip line ride, and he knew he really liked it.


“Man,” he said to no one in particular, “where do I sign up for another ride like that, or, better, how do I get a job here as one of the guides running it?”


Cody Carson had arrived in St. Lauren, one of the Windward Islands in the Caribbean, just three days ago for the seven days he’d be on the island.


He was staying at the small Sapphire Seas Hotel in LeDeux, the capital, and had seen the sign for the zip line ride at the desk. It was 20% off for tourists on Tuesdays, which was today, and he needed to save as much money as he could while he was here. So today was the day.


His grandmother had promised him the air fare for the trip if he made Dean’s List at least twice in his final year, just ended, at Lancaster Community College, where he’d majored in physical education. He made Dean’s List, if only barely, his grandmother was good for her promise, and so here he was.


The “just barely” in making Dean’s List was because, as usual, he devoted just about all his spare time to his sports interests at college. But at least they were connected to his major. In them, soccer, gymnastics and wrestling, he lettered in all three. That gave him a little more satisfaction than his Dean’s List achievement, although he didn’t mention that particular point to his grandmother.  


At five-nine and about one-seventy, in his street clothes he didn’t look exceptionally athletic, except for the easy and fluid way he moved around. However, when he was just in his skivvies or jock strap in the gym’s changing room, he had the deeply tanned and powerfully muscular build of a Greek athlete.


Which his opponents in all three of his main sports soon got to know. If he was on the same team with them, he could be counted on to give them a few extra points every time. Or, if on the mat, his opponents realized that despite his good natured and easy going manner, which never left him, he was a force to be contended with whenever they came up against him.


Last year, in fact, in the regional smaller collegiate wrestling finals, he out-pointed and won over the man who would eventually go on to be runner-up state champion.


Actually, Cody knew he didn’t really have the almost fanatic drive it took to be a state champion. He was mostly into wrestling just for the challenge and for how good, and even sensual, it felt when he was locked up wrestling with another man on the mat.


That was particularly true whenever he was wrestling around with another guy after hours and the gym was almost deserted and he and another guy might be just fooling around on the wrestling mats in their swim trunks after taking a swim in the pool.


The sensual pleasure then of wrestling around with another man, their skins still wet from the pool while wrestling almost naked in just their bikini swim trunks, was always a real turn-on for him.


In fact, more often than not, he felt all of his male equipment begin to bulge and throb inside his trunks. Sometimes it even began to slip out from inside his trunks to be exposed to the other man’s view and sometimes his punishment as well. Cody never had any problem with that, however.


He soon found out that he wasn’t the only one who reacted the same way either when he wrestled around close to naked with another guy.


One day when he was a junior and swimming in the pool he noticed one of the seniors in the class ahead of him, whom he’d seen around but didn’t really know, watching him swim and sort of checking him out.


At the time, Cody was having a problem getting his overhead stroke evened out, and the senior watching him came over to him.


“Hey buddy,” he said in a modest way, “I think maybe if you turned your body to the side just a little more, your stroke might be a lot more effective!”


“Ok, thanks, but how do you mean?” was Cody’s willing reply.


“Let me come in and show you, as I had the same problem until the coach showed me how to do it. By the way, I’m Todd,” he said as he jumped into the pool next to Cody.


“I’m Cody, ” was Cody’s appreciative reply as Todd jumped into the pool beside him.


“You sure got a good build, Cody. I saw you before when you were wrestling at the regional meet and you looked real good there. You looked like you were having a pretty good time too,” said Todd.


“I’ve thought of taking up wrestling, but didn’t know how to sort of get into it. Maybe if I can help you some in swimming, you can help me out with wrestling?”


“Sounds like a real good idea to me, man,” was Cody’s reply. “I know I can use some help in my swimming technique, and I’m always looking for somebody to wrestle around with on the mats - or maybe anywhere else, too. We’re about the same size, and maybe have about the same interests, so let’s make it a deal.”


Cody could see that Todd had a real good swimmers build, with his wide shoulders, thickly muscled pecs, a slim waist and strong muscular kicking legs. Also, by the tight bikini swim trunks he was wearing, he had no small amount of very attractive male equipment stuffed away inside them too. ‘Yeah,’ thought Cody, ‘he’d sure be nice to wrestle with if we could work that out!’ 


They were in the shallow end of the pool and when Todd jumped in closely next to Cody he gave him a glancing body hit. Cody had no problem with that, being used to it from wrestling, and Todd didn’t seem to notice it either.


“How about you making as if you were swimming, and get level,” said Todd. “Then I’ll hold you at the right angle to make your stroke most effective?”


Cody turned on his side as Todd suggested and could feel Todd’s strong arms and hands come up under him to hold him in place. One hand was under his pecs and the other under his muscled thigh. He knew Todd’s holding him at those point felt real good, right there.


Then Todd pushed him further over to his side, grabbing his pec and his upper thigh as he did to angle him over so that one shoulder was higher than the other to get just the right stroke.


“Good position, man. Now cup your hand to whatever will give you the most push there from that position,” said Todd.


As Cody adjusted his angle and stroke according to Todd’s directions, he could feel how much more effective it would be than the way he was doing it before.


Then, as Cody began to swim away with his new stroke, Todd’s hand, which had been holding his muscled pec, slipped down, with the wetness of their bodies, and slid over the big bulge of his crotch in his tight swimming bikini.


For just an instant, as Cody was swimming away, Todd gave Cody’s bulge an easy squeeze as if to hold him back just a second or two. It happened so quickly neither seemed to notice it at the time, but in fact both did notice. And liked what they were feeling too.


“Hey man,” said Cody, breaking water and coming back up to Todd with a grin on his face, “that sure felt good, and I can see it makes a real improvement in my stroke, thanks!”


After swimming close together for the next fifteen minutes for Cody to practice his new technique, and with Todd next to him holding his well muscled arms, legs and abs to refine his position, Todd again occasionally brushed over Cody’s now even more bulging crotch. With Cody no less reaching back and around and brushing Todd’s own big bulging male equipment in return.


After another fifteen or so minutes of practice, during which he got to feel real good about his new stroke technique, Cody said, “I think I’ve got this about right, and it does feel good. So, would you like to hit the mats for a while now and maybe we can work together on some of this wrestling stuff?


“Sounds real good to me, Cody! I don’t need to get back to my dorm for another couple of hours. So sure, whatever you can show me on the mat, I’d sure like that!” was Todd’s reply.



The two wrestling rooms with mats were in the windowless basement of the gym, not far from the pool, next to the gym heating system and boilers. As a result, both rooms were fairly warm. They were lit only by the hanging lights over the mats to give any light.


One room was the main wrestling room, while the other room was mostly for mat and equipment storage, although it also had a couple of small mats for warm-up and practice purposes.


When Cody and Todd got to the wrestling rooms they were deserted, just as they generally were when no practice was scheduled. There was no need to change from their swimming bikini, so that became their wrestling trunks too.


“Ok, man,” said Cody, “the coach always says ‘the best way to learn how to wrestle is to wrestle - the rest comes from that.” As he said it, he dropped to the mat, with Todd following him down.


They were both about the same size, and Todd was in good shape from swimming, so both knew they could work out easily together.


“How about if we just work on a couple of pins first so you’ll have a good idea of what you’re ultimately aiming for. We don’t have to get into the exact particulars of what constitutes a pin or seconds timing or just exactly what is allowed under collegiate rules.


“That stuff can be gotten into later on for the guys who are really into varsity or competitive wrestling. But, for myself, I really just like to mess around with another guy, and whatever comes of it, comes,” said Cody.


“Yeah, I’m thinking the same way. I’m not looking to be varsity or a pro or anything. I’d just like to get into it for the workout and pleasure of it too,” was Todd’s easy reply.


“Tell you what, for pins, why don’t you go down on the mat, face up or down, stretched out or bunched up, as you might be if the other guy more or less had you down, but hadn’t pinned you yet. That would give you a feel for how it might go, and what you might do to escape him.”


For the next fifteen or twenty minutes, that’s what Cody and Todd worked at on the gym wrestling mats.


When Todd was on the mat face down, which was the first position he took, Cody got on top of him from the side. He then reached one hand under Todd’s far arm and reached the other one between his legs to roll him over on to his back.


As Cody made his move through Todd’s crotch, he could feel Todd’s cock and balls were real hard and bulging. At first, he placed his hand just beyond Todd’s junk, but then thought, ‘what the heck, he had no problem grabbing my junk, so I expect he’ll have no problem if I grab his in return.’


Cody was right. As he took a handful of what he called Todd’s “junk,” Todd didn’t have any problem with it at all.


They then reversed the holds for practicing it back, and Cody again had no more problem with Todd’s grabbing and cupping his cock and balls now in return than Todd had earlier.


From there, Cody showed Todd the standard “half nelson and crotch” pinning hold. This time he laid himself crosswise on Todd’s muscled chest, with Todd now lying on his back on the mat. From there, he wrapped one arm around Todd’s neck to hold him down at one end, and extended his muscular arm through Todd’s crotch to hold him down at the other end. As he shoved his muscled arm through Todd’s crotch, he positioned his bicep to crush Todd’s now even more bulging male equipment in the crook of his arm.


Cody knew it was a hold he liked to get trapped in, and expected Todd wouldn’t be having any problem with it either. He was right.


“Try to get out of this hold, Todd, and see if it wouldn’t work just as good if you were taking it on the other guy too,” said Cody.


“Yeah, I see what you mean. How about you keep holding me in it so’s I can get more used to it and try to escape it,” replied Todd. As Todd tried to escape it by trying to bridge out of it, Cody could feel the pressure of his bicep press even harder against Todd’s big, thick cock and balls. Cody knew Todd was liking that very much.


From there, Cody shifted his weight up and down on Todd’s chest to keep their weights and pressures balanced as Todd tried to escape his predicament. As Cody moved up on Todd’s muscled body, sometimes he’d move his pec right over Todd’s face to partly smother him with it.


Sometimes he’d move more to Todd’s far side, which let Todd reach up and get him in a similar headlock to the one he was holding on Todd.


The whole thing felt real good to both of them, as it did when they reversed their positions and Todd took the same holds back on Cody. It was clear neither was in any hurry to end any of it.


When Cody had Todd in their half nelson and crotch hold, with Todd on his back and Cody holding him down tightly and crushing his cock and balls as he did, Todd quickly realized he still had both hands and arms free.


So, gradually, he began to reach one arm and hand out under Cody’s body, still lying on top of him, until he could reach Cody’s own crotch bulging out of his own bikini with his own big male equipment. Then, slowly, Todd opened his hand to grab all of Cody’s own junk and begin to slowly crush it in his fist, just as Cody was still crushing his own big basket in the bend of his elbow.


Cody expected what Todd had in mind to do as soon as he began to feel Todd’s hand make it’s move under his chest and abs, and made no move to stop him.


And later, when they reversed the holds so that Todd could now get the feel of what it was like to take the holds, with Cody now being on the bottom, with both now taking the same crushing results on each other’s cock and balls in reverse, Todd and Cody found they liked that just as much. 


The next pinning hold Cody showed Todd was a full body press and figure-four head scissors. He now had Todd lie on his back. Then Cody came down on top of him, head to toe, in a full body press. From here, to tighten his hold on Todd and keep him down, Cody wrapped his powerfully muscled legs around Todd’s head to keep him in place. As he did, he pressed his now even harder and more bulging bikini, filled to bursting with all of his own male equipment inside, fully against Todd’s face.


At first, he pressed his hard cock and balls only slowly and lightly against Todd’s face just in case Todd had any objection or wasn’t comfortable with it. But then, seeing that Todd didn’t mind it at all, Cody pressed it harder and tighter against his face until it felt almost like half his bikini and its contents were stuffed into Todd’s mouth as he opened it for him.


‘Yeah,’ thought Cody, ‘I can see Todd doesn’t have any more problem with getting a whole load of my junk shoved into his face and mouth than I do when somebody else is doing the same thing to me.’


And, sure enough, when they reversed the holds so that Todd could get the feel of what it was like when he was on top and got the hold on another guy, Todd didn’t have any problem with it either.


In fact, Todd soon figured out his own reversal of the predicament he was in when Cody was on top of him and trying to stuff as much of his junk in his mouth that he could.


Suddenly, while Cody was focused on what he was doing to Todd, and his own head was just above Todd’s bulging crotch, Todd suddenly flipped and bridged up and caught Ricky’s own head between his own powerful swimmer’s legs.


Cody instantly knew that was a real good comeback move on Todd’s part and went with it. Next thing they knew, both had rolled completely over until now their positions were reversed.


Now it was Todd stuffing his own big load of male equipment hard into Cody’s face and mouth in what was now a double figure-four head scissors on each other. Both liked it either way, top or bottom and neither was in any hurry to break out of it.


As he lay fully body-pressed under Todd, with most of Todd’s cock and balls in his mouth, Cody knew he not only liked the predicament he was now in, but also began to figure maybe Todd wasn’t quite as inexperienced a wrestler as he’d indicated earlier.


‘Great,’ thought Cody, ‘maybe he and I both can get into it even more with each other from now on. Looks like maybe we’re thinking and liking the same thing.’ 


That became even more apparent as they continued their wrestling with each other in the darkened and deserted gym. As they wrestled in and out of a lot of other holds and predicaments, both top and bottom, and with what was turning out to be a lot of sensual cock and ball treatment and punishment, Cody and Todd both felt themselves getting more and more sexually aroused.


Cody knew it didn’t take much imagination or actual stimulation on his part to arouse his cum juices to come and shoot his load three or four times a day. Todd was the same.


Suddenly, now Cody, trapped once again under the almost naked and muscular Todd in the double figure-four head scissors Todd had taken on him, felt all the hot creamy cum which had been so quickly accumulating in his body, begin to race up to his cock head no longer under his control. In another second or two it would explode out of his tool whether he wanted it to or not.


He also sensed Todd was about to come too.


Realizing that, with his head caught tight in Todd’s full figure-four head scissors on him, he managed to pull Todd’s bikini aside with his teeth just enough to let Todd’s cock head escape and be aimed naked right at his face and mouth.


He guessed right about Todd, and in the next instant he felt and tasted all of Todd’s rich, hot and tangy cum juice explode out right into this face and mouth.


At the same time, he realized Todd, thinking along the same lines and still caught in Cody’s own figure-four head scissors on him, had pulled aside Cody’s own bikini with his teeth and let all of Cody’s own equally hot and tangy cum explode into his own face and mouth. 


For a long couple of minutes each felt not only his own big load of cum pulse and flood out of his own cock, but felt and tasted the other’s equally big cum load explode and flood into his own face and mouth.


Then, as their big cum loads finally began to be exhausted, they felt all of their energy begin to run out too until finally both lay together on the mat, but with their hot, practically naked and sweaty bodies still locked together.


Only after at least some of their energy returned did Cody say, “Man, that was great, Todd. I’m thinking any time you want to do it again, it’ll be good all the way with me!”


“Same here, Cody, I know I’ll be ready any time you are!” was Todd’s grinning reply.


Cody and Todd wrestled again just about every week after that until the end of the school year, and it got even better every time. Cody knew he couldn’t ever get enough of it, and was always ready for more, either with Todd or any other guy who might feel the same way about it as he did. 


*        *        *        * 


But now, here on his week’s visit to St. Lauren, he turned his attention back to his present situation, which was having just completed his great zip line ride over the great rain forest canopy tree tops.


Part 2
1  3


Cody Carson saw, in the lobby of the Sapphire Seas Hotel where he was staying in the St. Lauren island capital seacoast town LeDeux, that a zip line ride was part of a four-hour adventure tour available for vacationers. A tour minivan would pick him and any of the others signed up for the adventure at the tour office. Never having taken a zip line ride before, but figuring he’d probably get a real challenge out of it, he had immediately signed up for it.


The van picked him and four others up at the tour office, and then proceeded to drive about half an hour up through the St. Lauren countryside to the national park reserve where the rain forest and zip line ride were located.


A short distance beyond the park entrance the van stopped and let the passengers out in front of the park headquarters. The zip line guides were there waiting for them to help them don their ride harness equipment and to guide them through the adventure.


Cody saw there were a total of ten people in the whole party, who were to be broken down into two groups of five each. The other group had one man-and-woman couple and a middle-aged lady who looked like she might be a high school science or phys. ed. teacher. The other two looked sort of interesting and might be a father-son team.


The older man was probably in his mid-40's, five-nine, maybe around one-ninety, stocky with a big chest and thick legs and an iron grey crew cut. The younger man looked to be maybe nineteen or twenty, six-feet, one-seventy, real trim and lithe, with long blond hair. Both had similar good looking features, and grins as they anticipated the adventure of the zip line ride.


His own group looked similar. One older couple, maybe in their fifties, lean and tanned who looked like the adventuresome sort. The other was an athletic looking younger couple who seemed pretty much focused on each other. Maybe they were newlyweds in St. Lauren for their honeymoon. 


It was the guides who caught Cody’s main attention, and who gave him and them their closest attention in return. The head guide was a woman, stocky and smiling, who really knew what she was doing. And then there was her assistant, to whom Cody was quickly attracted.


He was about Cody’s own five-nine height, but in his tight park uniform Cody could see that he was all powerful muscle, most likely a body builder in his off hours, and would probably be weighing about fifteen pounds more. His dark and highly defined afro skin rippled with muscles and shone with the slight beading of sweat everybody had already worked up in the increasingly warm and humid morning.


The St. Lauren native guides introduced themselves as Marie and Marcel. Marie said they would be their guides and with them on their whole adventure that morning, and guide them on it every step of the way.


To get started, Marie and Marcel issued each of the five in the party a full body harness to hold them securely, with the harness running over the shoulders, across the chest and back, and through their crotch, with the cable straps and hooks coming off their chests.


As Marie mainly helped the ladies with their harnesses, Marcel helped the three men as the harnesses were complicated and needed to be tightened securely.


When Marcel came to Cody to help him, a grin covered his face as he knelt down in front of Cody to tighten his crotch straps securely. As Marcel tightened him up, Cody put his hand on Marcel’s shoulder to keep his balance. He felt solid muscle under his hand. He knew that felt real good right there.


“You can do me up as tight as you like, Marcel, I sure like what you’re doing to me,” whispered Cody to the native muscle hunk.


“Yeah Mon, I treat you right, however you like,” was Marcel’s grinning reply as he brushed his hand down over Cody’s crotch, which was bulging out between the harness straps which ran between his now swelling crotch and his inner thighs.


Marcel then stood up in front of Cody, his face no more than six inches from Cody’s own face. Their eyes and grins met while Marcel fitted his shoulder straps. To tighten the back straps, instead of stepping behind Cody, he only reached around him, their chests touching, and got him in a light bear hug while fitting the back straps.


Then Marcel positioned and tightened the front straps, pushing against Cody’s muscular pecs as he adjusted the front rings from which the straps and cable clamps would be fixed.


“What’s your name, mon?” asked Marcel, still grinning at him.


“Cody, Marcel,” was his grinning reply.


“You sure you got me fixed up real tight, Marcel? "Course, there’s probably no need to ask ‘cause you look like you could tighten me up real good any time you liked, which I know would sure suit me just fine,” said Cody.


“You’re my hunk man, Cody, and like I say, I take care of you any way you like, any time!,” Marcel softly replied.


Maybe they were already beginning to understand each other? At least Cody hoped so. Nor did the bulge in his crotch lessen even when Marcel turned to help the other two men with their harnesses. Cody noticed that it took Marcel less time to take care of both of the two other men than it did just to take care of him.


When all five were harnessed and issued their ride hard hats, Marie led the group to the platform of the nearby aerial tramway which would bring them up the side of the mountain through the lower reaches of the rain forest to near where the zip line ride started.


Boarding the open gondola car, Cody let the two couples go ahead of him. Then he followed, while Marcel brought up the rear of the group. Their grouping was informal, but it stayed pretty much that way for the whole adventure. With Cody not minding at all being close to Marcel most of the time. 


The St. Lauren rain forest tree-top canopy zip line ride was a well done affair. It consisted of eight stages. The first and last stations were on the ground, while the middle seven were small open wooden platforms built high atop enormously thick jungle trees which supported both the zip line platforms and the cable lines.


The steel cables between the platforms descended gradually from one platform to the next so that the riders, harnessed and clipped to the cables, would descend from one station to the next just by the force of gravity.


For the rides, the riders went singly, with one rider reaching the next platform before the next rider set off. The tree-top stations were maybe about a hundred and fifty feet from one platform to the next so that the rider would have a chance to see the rain forest above, below and around him before reaching the next station.


Marcel went first every time in order to get to the next tree top platform and be in a position to receive the rider when he arrived and stabilize him, if necessary, until he got his balance on the platform and positioned for the next stage.


As the riders went off, Marie remained on the departing station to be sure each rider was securely clipped to the cable for the next stage. Then she came in last, when they would then all be on the same platform before Marcel then repeated the pattern of going on first to the next stage platform.


‘Oh jeez, am I sure I want to do this?’ thought Cody for a moment as Marie hooked him up to the cable and as he was about to step off the platform into the open air. After he left the platform, he’d be hanging by no more than his harness attached to the steel cable overhead, with his feet dangling in the air below him.


Nevertheless, off he stepped. Then, after only a short minute and a great first ride, he glided down to the next platform where the grinning Marcel caught him easily in his powerfully muscular arms until he’d gotten his footing on the platform.


‘No wonder Marcel has the position he has in this procedure. No chance anybody’s going to fall when Marcel’s there to catch him!’


Marie then came in last to join the group on the small high platform, and Marcel took off for the next platform.


By the third of the eight stages, every member of the group had become familiar with the procedure. They also got used to the feel of gliding from tree to tree and platform to platform through the open air, and could devote most of their attention to the great rain forest beside and below them, and the great views of the Caribbean off in the distance.


Generally, coming in last, and with Marcel going off first, Cody had little chance to talk with Marcel along the way. He did keep an eye on him, and watched Marcel’s muscular form glide smoothly and easily between the platforms every time. He also noticed that Marcel was keeping a close eye on all of the members of the group, including Cody, when they were all together on the platforms.


Nor did Marcel ever hesitate to grab him powerfully, as he did the others more lightly, as each one of them arrived at each succeeding platform in their journey down the whole zip line.


At the end of the eighth stage the zip line ended their ride and once again they found themselves on solid ground. Cody figured the total descent must have been about a quarter of a mile, and maybe two hundred feet in a total drop in elevation. “Man, that was great!” he said to himself and Marcel, who was standing next to him, a wide grin covering both their faces.


“Oh yeah, mon, Marcel take care of you any time you like!” was his easy reply.


The remaining portion of the total adventure was then an easy and winding walk back up through jungle rain forest on a well maintained trail to the head of the zip line where they would take the aerial tramway back to their starting base. Along the trail, Marie showed the group many of the unusual trees in the rain forest and talked about some of its abundant wild life as well.


For Cody, it was an added bonus to a great zip line ride to learn something about the rain forest too. And, of course, it also gave him a chance to talk a little more with Marcel, who continued to bring up the rear of the group.


“Man, Marcel, you’re really good at this zip line ride thing! You been doing it long?”


“’Bout four years now. I start in maintenance, and they promote me to assistant guide. I like it. Marie in charge, which suit me fine. And I meet hunky guys like you who maybe I see again later on while they are here in St. Lauren.” 


Cody liked what he was hearing, and liked looking at Marcel even more. Marcel moved like a powerfully muscled panther, quietly, smoothly and easily along the trail with the group, watching the different members of the group to be sure they were doing okay as they made the ascent back up the trail to its start.


 At the same time, he seemed to be easily willing to talk with Cody and any of the others in the group who might want to talk with him or ask him any questions about the ride or the rain forest.


“Is this your whole job, or do you have other work you do, like maybe in the rainy or off-tourist season?” asked Cody after Marcel had helped one of the others members in their group push aside some of the dense vegetation so they could take a closer look at a particular plant.


As he watched Marcel push the vegetation aside, Cody couldn’t help but notice again his big arms and biceps and muscled pecs bunch up with his easy movement, as well as his thick and muscled thighs stretching against his tight guide uniform shorts as he leaned over.


‘Yeah,’ thought Cody, ‘I know I sure wouldn’t mind getting caught by all that muscle and wrestle around with it for a loooooong time!’


“I have regular job as caretaker for a villa owned by an English couple,” said Marcel as he turned to answer Cody’s question. “They here maybe four months of the year, and somewhere else the rest of the year. They in England now, and not due back for another month yet.


“They give me place to stay and small salary, and work there is only part time. So I work here at zip line and at hotel in LeDeux as personal trainer and masseur the rest of time.


“It very good life, I think, and give me free time to work out - and do other things too,” said Marcel.


“Yeah, I can see as how you’d be real good at all of it, man, particularly as being a personal trainer and masseur. You sure do have a great build!” said Cody.


“I think you must work out too,” replied Marcel, grinning back at Cody.


“I watch you. You look like you have very good build and in very good shape too. What you do to be in such good shape?”


“Oh, I just got out of college where I was into soccer, swimming and wrestling. I sure liked all of them, even though I wasn’t the world’s greatest in any of them. But I really liked wrestling around, mostly just to lock up with another guy, one-on-one, for the workout out and the sensual pleasure of it too, for sure,” replied Cody.


“Then my grandmother gave me a plane ticket to come to St. Lauren for a week’s vacation if I got some good grades, which I just barely did So now I’m here for a week, staying at the Sapphire Seas Hotel in LeDeux.”


Turning the conversation back over to Marcel, Cody asked, “Have you always lived in St. Lauren?”


“Yeah, mon, I live originally in small town on the opposite side of St. Lauren, but nothing to do there but farm, cut wood, relax and work out. But no future there so I come to LeDeux to get better job and make some money. But not too much money as I like to play too,” he added with another grin on his face.


Marcel then asked, “You here in St. Lauren for a few days? Maybe, if you like, I take you out to villa where I am caretaker. Show you the place, and maybe more too if you like!”  


That idea sounded great to Cody Just as Marcel made the offer they arrived back at the zip line starting point. There Marie and Marcel guided the group back to the head of the aerial tramway for the scenic open gondola ride back to the starting base.


As they arrived back at the base and removed their zip line ride harness and prepared to return to town in the van in which they had arrived, Marcel said to Cody, “If you like to see villa this evening, I finish work here around four.


“How about if I pick you up in villa jeep at your hotel after supper, maybe around seven, when there is still good light to see villa? And then we see what happen after that?”


“Sounds real good to me, Marcel. Thanks a lot, and I’ll see you at seven!” was Cody’s grinning reply as the group boarded their van to return to town.


As they parted, Marcel wrapped one of his powerful hands around the back of Cody’s neck like a wrestler does in a standing starting hold. Cody acknowledged it by grabbing Marcel’s big bicep in return. It was powerfully thick and as hard as a rock. It sure felt good, and Cody knew he sure wouldn’t mind having it wrapped around his neck or through his crotch any time Marcel liked. Maybe like even tonight?


As the van started to move down the road, Cody glanced back and saw Marcel looking at him, a grin on his face, giving him a thumbs-up sign. Which got the same reaction back to him from Cody as the van turned into a bend in the road and they lost sight of each other.


‘Yeah,’ thought Cody, ‘this sure could turn out to be real interesting, and if I can mess around some with Marcel tonight, that’ll be even better!’ 


Marcel was as good as his word. Promptly at seven he drove up in the villa’s jungle green jeep. He was wearing no more than a deep olive sleeveless muscle shirt, tight camo pants and beach sandals, all of which beautifully showed off the deep mahogany color of his muscled, strongly defined and glistening skin. Moments later, they found themselves on the road heading south riding with the Caribbean Sea on one side of the road and the densely forested island land on the other.


Soon after leaving town, the road narrowed and continued to follow the coast line. After twenty minutes, Cody noticed they were about to cross the neck of a small peninsula which jutted out into the sea. As they came to the middle of the peninsula Marcel turned off the main road into a small lane to the right. They drove through a stand of thick tropical vegetation until they came out into a clearing overlooking the sea.


In the center of the clearing Cody saw a small but elegant villa which overlooked the shining waters. At that point, Marcel cut the engine and said, “We here at Villa del Mer, my friend Cody!”


Cody was awed. Parking the jeep a short distance from the villa, Marcel led him across the lawn to it and they went inside. One entire side fronted on the Caribbean and Cody first saw the huge but simply furnished great room with its casual tropical rattan furniture spread over a colorful woven native rug.


At the far end of the great room was an informal dining room, and beyond that a complete kitchen of colorful tropical island tile and stainless steel. All three rooms opened on to a terrace which looked out over the sea. Sliding full glass paneled and screened doors let the sun and warm tropical air in and kept passing storms out.


On the rear side of the villa facing the tropical rain forest were three bedrooms, each simply and elegantly furnished and each with its own tiled bathroom. The entire villa was built in the tropical island style of an open design, a low sloping tile roof, with mahogany wood work where there weren’t the huge glass windows.


“Man,” said Cody, both to himself and Marcel, “this sure is a beautiful place. Who did you say owns it?”


“They are Jonathon and Megan Myles when they are staying here in St. Lauren. However, in London they are Sir Jonathon and Lady Megan Myles. I am not sure what they do in London, but I think he is a writer. They are very generous and understanding people, however, and I am pleased to be entrusted by them to take care of their home when they are away.


“When they do come back here to St. Lauren, I am not only their housekeeper, but also their steward for their daily affairs, their chef on some occasions and bartender on others.” Then he added, with a grin on his face, “I also try take care of or obtain whatever other pleasures they or their occasional guests might like to indulge in.”


As Cody looked around, he noticed some framed pictures of what were probably Lord Jonathon and Lady Megan. They looked to be only in their early-fifties. He looked to be very powerfully and sturdily built, and she was slender and very beautiful. Both were smiling and had intense eyes. Cody could only imagine what pleasures they might enjoy, both between themselves and with others, when they were here in their private and secluded Caribbean retreat. 


“Now let me show you around the outside and where I live,” said Marcel.


Marcel led Cody out the main sliding glass door on to the terrace with its magnificent view and the now setting sun. Walking across the lawn Marcel and Cody came to a bluff overlooking a sandy beach and lagoon below.


One side of the lagoon was enclosed by a rock jetty for protection against high waves. Leading down to the beach was a set of rough wood stairs which curved down from the bluff to the beach. On the beach just under the bluff was a small beach house with a changing room with a shower and towels.


“As it is not recommended to swim in the dark in this area, which maybe we could do another time, let me now show you where I live,” said Marcel. 


He led Cody to a small path which led through some dense tropical jungle growth to another villa, a small one with only two rooms but otherwise similar to the main one. It too had a view of the sea, but was enclosed on the other three sides by the tropical jungle, which also blocked the view of the main villa.


“This,” said Marcel with a grin on his face, “is the Villa Marcel where I live. Sometimes, when Mr. and Mrs. Myles have guests, this becomes their guest house, and then I stay in LeDeux. But when there are no guests, or the Myles are away, this is where I stay. Come in, and I’ll show you.”


As he entered, Cody was even more impressed. He liked Marcel’s obvious feeling of being able to serve Lord Jonathon and Lady Megan as their caretaker and steward, and perhaps whatever else he might do for them. At the same time he had an easy confidence in his own part in the whole set up, and now being able to share it with Cody.


What Cody saw as he entered the smaller villa with Marcel impressed him even more. One of the two rooms contained little more than Marcel’s own huge king size bed, which was actually in turn little more than a triple mattress on the floor covered by a colorful native spread.


Along one side were a rough unpainted dresser and a long row of hooks on the wall above it from which to hang his clothes. Along the other side was a series of colorful native art works, both paintings and carvings, and little else. The third wall was floor to ceiling wall-to-wall glass with the ocean view and a door leading to a small terrace, while the fourth wall led to a small tile bath and shower. ‘Just perfect,’ thought Cody, ‘and strong - just like Marcel himself!’


The other room was perhaps even more interesting, particularly with what Cody was thinking and hoping maybe the rest of the evening might hold for him and Marcel.


This room was intended to be the living room of the small villa, and Marcel had it fixed up with a small desk and table along the rear wall for himself and any guests who might be visiting and staying there.


One side of the big room was taken up with a couple of workout machines, a large set of free weights and a boxing speed bag. In the center of the room was a huge blue vinyl padded workout and wrestling mat.


“Man,” said Cody, “you sure have got it here. No wonder you look like you do!”


To which Marcel replied, “It’s ok, I think,” with a sly grin on his face. “Both Mr. and Mrs. Myles like to work out themselves, as do a number of their local and more distant guests. And sometimes I work out with Mr. and Mrs. Myles too in my capacity as a personal trainer.


“And then, when they are not here, I can work out here too to keep in shape. Also, I have certain friends who like to come and visit sometimes too. Then we work out together, which is even better. Like maybe you would like to do too?”


“Oh yeah, man, I’d sure like that,” replied Cody, hardly able to take it all in, but liking what he was seeing and hearing from Marcel.


As Cody looked around he saw that the back wall, where the workout equipment was located, was almost completely covered with more than a score of pictures and photos, including many which were of body builders and wrestlers. Many of the pictures looked like they might have been taken right there in the that room.


Some of the subjects in the pictures wore swimming or workout trunks, while others wore only bikinis and others were nude. Of the nude ones, and some of those in bikinis too, it was obvious many pictured were in an advanced state of arousal, particularly those in various wrestling pictures.


Cody recognized Marcel in a number of them, both in wrestling scenes as well as in great body builder poses. He also recognized another man in a number of pictures, white and powerfully built. Cody wondered if that might be Lord Jonathon? In a number of pictures Marcel and Lord Jonathon were locked in various wrestling holds. Both were obviously aroused, and looking very intense and very good.


Watching Cody while he was looking at the pictures, Marcel came up quietly behind him, wrapped his muscled arms around him in a tight but not threatening bear hold, and said “Perhaps your picture should be up there too, my friend Cody?”


“Yeah, I’d really like that,” was Cody’s reply as he felt Marcel’s muscled arms not only wrap around his chest but his powerfully big hands grab hold of his own big pecs and begin to squeeze them. At the same time, he felt Marcel’s big, long and hard cock press tightly against his butt.


As he felt Marcel’s big rod trying to find it’s way into and between his butt cheeks, Cody reached around behind him to squeeze Marcel’s rod in his fist as hard as Marcel was holding him, but without trying to push him away.


Their holds on each other felt real good to both of them, and neither let the other go for some minutes.


By now, both knew what they wanted with each other, with Marcel pulling Cody backward to the center of the mat and Cody offering no resistance to that at all.


When they got to the center of the mat, Marcel started to pull Cody’s sleeveless muscle shirt off him, revealing Cody’s own deeply tanned and muscled body. From there each quickly pulled off the rest of his own, and the other’s, clothes and combat boots until both were naked.


Each could see and feel that they were both already strongly aroused, with their big cocks already long and hard jutting out straight from their bodies, aimed toward the other ready to give battle and to give and take whatever punishment might come next.


As they faced each other in the warm and humid evening air coming in off the Caribbean through the open sliding glass doors, both had already developed a light wet sweat over their skins. Marcel then added to that coating by reaching over to a shelf for a bottle of native blend wrestling oil. With that, he began to slowly rub a coating of the warm and aromatic oil all over Cody’s muscled body.


It felt good to both of them. Marcel started at Cody’s head and face and then rubbed the oil over his upper body, squeezing his muscled pecs and shoulders as he did. Then he began moving down over his tight abs until he reached Cody’s crotch.


When he got there, he gently but firmly held and massaged each of Cody’s now full balls, and then rubbed with his powerful hand Cody’s long and hard cock, back and forth, as he might lubricate a shaft of steel. From there, he moved easily to rub still more soft and warm oil over and around Cody’s solid butt, penetrating with his hands and fingers as deeply as he could into the deep canyon until he couldn’t go any further.


When he’d finished there, he used both of his big strong hands to smoothly oil both Cody’s back and then his solid and muscular legs, up and down, firmly but also caressingly, until he reached and finished down with Cody’s bare feet.


Cody knew it felt sensually delicious to him to get Marcel’s oiling of him. He could just imagine the treatment Marcel would give someone as their personal masseur.


And it felt just as good when they reversed the procedure and Cody just as thoroughly oiled Marcel. Now, even more, Marcel’s muscled and defined body shone and glistened with oil in the fading evening light. 


When they were finished oiling each other, neither could wait any longer to hit the mat and lock up and begin to grapple with each other.


As the bigger of the two, as well as being on his own home territory, Marcel dropped to his hands and knees on the mat, inviting Cody to come down on top of him and do whatever he wanted to him at whatever pace he liked.


Cody had no problem taking Marcel up on the challenge. In the next moment he dropped to his knees at Marcel’s side and placed his now oiled and well muscled chest down on top of Marcel’s equally oiled and even more muscled back.


Their first body contact with each other, taken slowly at the start and then tightening as they began to pressure each other, felt good to both of them.


They each knew it would be a warm and delicious night for both of them, wrestling each other, naked and oiled, in the quiet darkness of the Caribbean night, and both knew they wanted to make it last as long as possible. 



Part 3
1  2


Catch-up: Cody and Marcel had begun to wrestle each other in the “Villa del Mer” on the Caribbean island of St. Lauren that evening soon after the sun went down. Cody, powerfully built and muscular on his own part from working out at college where he was into soccer, swimming and wrestling, wanted to wrestle with the powerfully built mahogany-skinned Marcel ever since he first saw him at the zip line adventure ride earlier that day.


Marcel was not only a guide at the zip line adventure ride, but also the caretaker of the elegant seaside villa of an English couple on the island. He was a native of St. Lauren, and his dark skin covered the physique of a body builder which served him well as the personal trainer of the owners of the villa.


Marcel had noticed the very tanned and hunky Cody as soon as he appeared for the zip line ride, and both immediately wanted to know the other a lot better. And wanted to wrestle with him too, naked, oiled and with no rules and no end until both would be totally exhausted and fulfilled with each other.


Now the time had come.


With Marcel now on his hands and knees on the mat in the small and secluded guest house where Marcel lived, both he and Cody were naked and oiled and already fully aroused with just the thought of their coming battle. Marcel felt Cody drop down beside him and position his chest on his powerfully muscled and waiting back.


Cody followed up by reaching one arm over Marcel’s back to the far side to reach under his arm and grab his big pec to begin to pull him over on to his back. With his other hand and arm, Cody reached out between Marcel’s thick legs to seize his big cock and balls, already long, full and hard, in his fist to pull Marcel over at the other end.


Marcel liked the feel of Cody’s beginning to roll him over, squeezing both his thick pec and pulling on his equally thick cock and balls at the same time. And Cody liked just as much the first feel of Marcel’s tightly muscled flesh and all of his big male equipment in his fists under him, ready to do a job on Marcel.


For a couple of minutes Marcel resisted as Cody tightened his hold on Marcel’s thick pec and pulled his long and hard rod and solid balls back through his legs, threatening to tear them off his body if he didn’t go with the roll over.


“Go, mon,” said Marcel quietly under his breath. “Work me over as hard as you like.”


“You’re my man,” murmured Cody in reply. “You got it!”


Eventually, Marcel rolled over the way Cody wanted him to. But in doing so, he rolled over so that now he was on top of Cody, his back solidly pressing down to Cody’s own muscled chest under him and Cody’s own back on the mat.


Cody kept his pec and cock holds on Marcel as they rolled over, however, as he always liked the feel of another wrestler, particularly if he was as big and muscled as Marcel, on top of him and almost crushing him with his weight.


Now lying on top of Cody, however, Marcel reached out one hand to reach under Cody’s butt to come up and grab Cody’s own heavy and aroused cock and balls in his one fist, while he reached back and got Cody in a tight headlock at the other end.


Now, deadlocked with about the same hold on each other, each tortured the other to see which would give in first or see his now heavily aroused cock and balls crushed and almost torn off his body.


Neither gave in because both liked the pressure they were having to take as well as inflict on the other. Both knew they were liking what they were doing to the other, and there’d be a lot more to come as their match went on.


Eventually, in the oiled slipperiness of their bodies and with Marcel on top, they lost their grips on each other’s big male equipment. But Marcel still kept his headlock on Cody. Then, slipping off Cody to the side, and also relieving Cody of his heavier weight on top of him, Marcel twisted around on top of Cody, body pressing him only partly until he could position his big pec and hard nipple directly over Cody’s face and mouth.


From there, he slowly but firmly dropped his weight down the rest of the way on Cody until he was able to stuff his thick pec and hard nipple deep into Cody’s open and waiting mouth.


Cody couldn’t wait to take in as much of Marcel’s thick and powerfully muscled pec flesh into his mouth and to keep it there as long as Marcel was forcing it into him. While it was in his mouth, both wrestlers felt Cody’s tongue rim itself around Marcel’s nipple while Cody sucked his big pec as well.


Both knew they liked the feel and taste of another guy’s pec in his mouth, and liked it just as much now and also when their situations would be later reversed and it was Marcel who would be forced to take just as much of Cody’s own muscled pec in his mouth instead.


Still, Cody knew he had to counter against the punishment he was taking. Although he still had more than half of Marcel’s big pec in his mouth, almost choking on it, he nevertheless managed to reach out and around under Marcel’s butt, closely next to him, and once again grabbed all of Marcel’s male equipment in his fist.


This time he was able to grab all of Marcel’s junk around it’s neck and began to pull it backwards between Marcel’s big legs and thighs until, once again, he’d almost torn it right off Marcel’s body.


Cody knew that it was a punishment Marcel liked, and so Cody was more than glad to give it to him. He also knew that when he was caught in the same predicament as Marcel was now, and the other wrestler was doing the same thing to him, he liked it just as much.


Which Marcel also realized when he grabbed Cody’s own big package around its neck with his other and free hand. So while he was stuffing his thick pec down Cody’s mouth at one end, he was almost tearing Cody’s own manhood off his body at the other end.


Marcel took it slow and easy at first, however, not yet being sure how much punishment Cody could take. He found out soon enough. It was almost as much as he liked to take himself. 


For the next twenty minutes or more, Marcel and Cody grappled back and forth in the near darkness, oiled, naked and getting increasingly aroused, to the pleasure of both.


Outside, the night remained warm and still, while only the starlight, and that of the rising moon illuminated their oiled and glistening bodies, one naturally native dark and the other deeply tanned almost as dark.


Marcel made sure he didn’t dominate Cody more than he could handle, but he soon realized Cody liked for Marcel to be on top of him, with him on the bottom and having to take whatever Marcel had in mind for him. And then Cody was never at a loss to get back at Marcel just as much soon after.


For much of the time, whichever man was on top, and the bottom man was face down on the mat, he could feel the top man’s big, long and hard club rubbing against his butt, trying to find a way. Sooner or later both knew it would find its way in between the other’s hot, slippery and naked butt cheeks to the glory hole just inside, and then penetrate the other’s body as deeply as it could go.


It appeared Cody wasn’t as comfortable with that as Marcel. So while Cody could tell that Marcel would eventually let him in, but not without a fight and force him to open up, Marcel could tell Cody wasn’t that comfortable with letting Marcel in. Marcel had no problem with that, and they would pleasure each other in whatever way it was most comfortable for both of them.


This time Cody was once again on his back on the mat, with Marcel’s powerful body builder’s body lying on top of him in a full body press, something Cody always liked.


Marcel took care at first not to come down too hard on Cody, but then, as their sizes and weights weren’t all that different, and with Cody being almost as muscular and solid as Marcel, Marcel soon found Cody had no problem at all with Marcel being on top of him.


Now Marcel, with his native island wrestling skills and experience, and now with their faces no more than six inches apart, Marcel shifted one of his powerful hands over Cody’s throat as if to choke him to death. For Cody, knowing Marcel wouldn’t really do it, he liked the pressure and threat Marcel was giving him.


And, in return, he reached up to grab Marcel’s own throat as if to choke him to death as well, which feeling Marcel also enjoyed.


But then, in the oiled slipperiness of their hands and throats, they lost those holds on each other. Cody lost his hold first, and instead reached up with both hands to grab both of Marcel’s big and ripped pecs, now hanging down heavily from his body overhead and bunched up with the claw hold he still had on Cody.


They were perfect targets for Cody’s own powerful fists, and Marcel could feel the pressure of Cody’s powerful hands on his pecs until his thickly muscled flesh was almost squeezed out between Cody’s fingers.


Marcel then moved to release his choke hold on Cody, and attacked Cody’s own almost equally thick and solid pecs in his own fists, also bunched up with his own claw hold on Marcel’s pecs. Now their almost deadly claw hold pec punishment on each other was even.


Both wrestlers knew that the holds a wrestler most liked to take on the other man were frequently the same ones they liked taken on themselves, and neither Marcel nor Cody were any exception to this feeling. They knew how good it felt to both of them, give and take.


And then it wasn’t long, with only a couple of other moves, holds and deadlocks between them, that later their situation was reversed. Cody was on top of Marcel, and their double pec punishment of each other, which both liked so much, was resumed and carried over to other times too. 


This time Marcel found himself with his back on the mat and Cody crouching on top of him, facing his feet. Before that, both had been on their hands and knees on the mat, facing each other, their heads butting against each other, like two mongrel dogs challenging the other to make the next move.


Marcel moved first by dropping his head and trying to ram it under Cody’s body and through his legs. It was his intention to pick Cody up by the back of his neck, coming up against Cody’s aroused cock and balls hanging down and exposed below him, and sliding Cody down to the mat over his back.


But it didn’t work. As soon as Cody saw Marcel's intention, he pushed his body weight down against the back of Marcel’s neck, even though it meant crushing his own cock and balls even more, and reached under Marcel’s tightly muscled body to seize Marcel’s big, long and hard rod, like a handle, to pick Marcel up instead.


Both resisted each other until finally it was Cody who overcame Marcel. Slowly, as he gained the advantage a little bit more every time, he picked Marcel up just by his big stiff cobra alone until Marcel was completely upside down, held in place only by Cody’s powerful hold on his steel meat, Marcel’s head trapped and held tight between Cody’s powerful legs.


Cody then, after holding Marcel upside down and struggling to escape his predicament, straightened himself up until he was able to drop Marcel back down until he was down on his back on the mat instead. Then, before Marcel could recover, Cody twisted around to sit on Marcel’s chest where he now was.


Sitting on top of Marcel and facing his feet, it took only another slight move for Cody to shift his whole body upward toward Marcel’s head until he was able to drop his wet and naked butt down to fully sit on Marcel’s face.


‘Now there,’ thought Cody, grinning to himself, ‘Got you on that one!’ as he felt Marcel’s nose, eyes and mouth begin to get buried deep into the deep canyon of his butt.


Marcel wasn’t surprised at Cody’s move, nor did he have any problem with it.


‘Man,’ he thought as he felt his whole face being buried deeper and deeper into Cody’s wet and naked butt, ’You’re good, and I like what you’re doing to me!’


Slowly he felt his nose, eyes and mouth being pressed deeper and deeper between Cody’s naked and wet butt cheeks, closing off all light, sound and almost all his air in the wet darkness covering his face until only a slight air passage remained between Cody’s butt cheeks for him to breathe, while all the rest was hot, wet and silent.


Marcel didn’t mind it as it wasn’t the first time he’d ever experienced it. Lot’s of times it had happened before in earlier jungle matches on the island where wrestlers traditionally fought without weapons, using just their native strength and guile, and would try to smother and suffocate their opponent rather than cut or break them to win their fights. Marcel always liked that idea, and was now in no hurry to escape it even when Cody was doing it to him.


All he could do was try to bridge or flip out, or reach up with his powerful arms to pull Cody off him, until finally, with the slipperiness of their bodies and maybe Cody’s figuring he’d worked on Marcel long enough with that particular punishment, Cody eased off him too.


Nor was it any different soon afterwards when Cody found himself in the same predicament as Marcel was now when, once again and as usual, they ended up reversing their positions.


Then it was Cody who found himself on his back on the mat with Marcel sitting fully on his face and he felt his own whole face, nose, eyes and mouths buried deep into the hot slick canyon between Marcel’s solid butt cheeks.


Cody liked the desperate feel of having another guy he was wrestling sit on his face, and he liked it even more when that guy was the powerfully built and hunky Marcel doing it to him.


Both Cody and Marcel didn’t fail to use their powerful legs against each other just as much as they wrestled each other back and forth in the near darkness of the small villa’s wrestling mats.


One time, earlier in their match when Marcel was on his back on the mat and Cody was positioned on the mat next to him, before Marcel could come back with his own next move, Cody beat him to it by twisting around and getting Marcel in a powerfully tight head scissors between his muscular legs and thighs.


Marcel, his head now caught between Cody’s big legs, first tried to pull out, then bridge out, and then twist out. But each time, whichever way he moved, Cody only tightened his leg scissors hold on him to worsen his predicament.


While both Marcel and Cody frequently wrestled with their eyes closed, as many wrestlers do who depend more on their feel of the other man rather than seeing him, at one time Cody did catch Marcel’s face and eyes when he was holding Marcel tight in his head scissors. A grin crossed both their faces. Cody liked that he had Marcel trapped, and Marcel liked that he was caught and in a predicament too.


Marcel liked the feeling of Cody having trapped him and now giving him a hard time, and Cody liking the feeling of having done so. And later, when their positions were reversed and it was Cody who found his head trapped by having Marcel’s powerful body builder’s legs wrapped around his head, he liked their new predicament just as much. 


Sometimes, when they got caught in the other’s head scissors, if their heads were facing out, they would try to bridge or flip out. But when their heads and faces were facing in towards the other’s crotch, as Marcel’s was now with Cody having wrapped his powerful legs around his head, Cody reached out to the back of Marcel’s head and pulled it in toward his crotch until he’d brought Marcel’s face hard against his fully aroused, wet and naked cock and balls, smothering him as he did.


Marcel tried to escape Cody’s powerful head scissors on him even while he was being smothered and choked by having all of Cody’s big tool pressed hard into his face. Cody wouldn’t let him go, however, nor did Marcel really mind his predicament at all until he was able to make his own next move.


That came when he was able to shift his head just a little and suck first one and then both of Cody’s big and solid balls into his mouth and almost threaten to bite them off that Cody eventually let him go.


Marcel liked the feel of having Cody’s hard balls in his mouth, however, and was in no hurry to let Cody go from what was now Cody’s own predicament.


Nor did Cody treat Marcel any different just a few minutes later when their positions were reversed, Marcel had a solid head scissors on Cody, and Cody was able to catch both of Marcel’s own big and solid balls in his mouth and chew on them a while before he let go of them too.  


By now, they had been wrestling each other for more than an hour. Sometimes they’d move pretty fast between their holds and predicaments to see which could get at least a temporary advantage over the other. But more often they wrestled back and forth more slowly and easily to enjoy the sensual pleasure of what they were doing and liking the feel of getting physically locked up with each other.


More and more, as their cockfighting went on increasingly, their single head scissors on each other became more often a double figure-four head scissors on each other.


The first time was when Cody was able to get a solid head scissors on Marcel when Marcel was on his back on the mat and Cody lay beside him with his powerful legs close to Marcel’s head. That time, before Marcel could escape, Cody twisted around and clamped his muscular legs and thighs tightly around Marcel’s head so that he couldn’t escape. At first, Marcel tried to flip or bridge out to escape his predicament but none of it worked.


To worsen his predicament, Cody had caught Marcel so that his head was facing into his crotch. Marcel knew he had another way to get back at Cody, however. After a couple of unsuccessful flips, he was able to get a good one and flip up to get the same head scissors on Cody’s own head and make it a double head scissors on each other.


That meant they were now 69’d, with both of their heads caught tight between the other’s big muscular thighs and with all of the other’s massive male equipment pressed hard against his face to blind and smother him with neither willing to be the first to let the other go.


At first, their single and double figure-four head scissors on each other only pressed their junk hard against the other’s face. But then it wasn’t long before each stabbed his big, long and hard tool deep down into the other’s mouth and throat to choke him on it as well.


Neither ever had any problem with that, however. Nor were they ever in any great hurry to break those deadlocks until finally, with all of their naked and oiled slipperiness, one or the other would be able to pull away. Then they would go on to something else, but eventually they always came back to their double figure-four head scissors on each other anyway. 


For almost another hour the powerful and muscular Marcel and Cody wrestled oiled and naked on the wrestling mats of the small villa as the warm Caribbean night air came in through the open sliding glass doors, and the starlight provided the only limited illumination.


Both powerfully muscled wrestlers, liking both the struggle and the sensual pleasure of their long match, instinctively tried to stretch out the pleasure and punishment they were giving and taking with each other, in order to make it last as long as possible.


Eventually, however, they knew it would have to end. Marcel had been trying to be no harder on Cody than he knew Cody liked and could handle. Nevertheless, he knew they were both not only beginning to tire, but even more importantly, both knew, with all their cock fighting of each other, they were getting more and more aroused all the time.


The time had now come when both knew they couldn’t hold back much longer the huge loads of hot white cum which they’d been accumulating all along during the course of their long match.


Marcel knew he now wasn’t far from coming, and knew Cody was probably even closer. Marcel also knew he wanted to be ready for him, and wanted to get his own pleasure out of Cody too.


During their long match, Marcel knew he always liked the feel of being on his hands and knees on the mat, with Cody riding him like a bronco with Cody’s big rod pressed tightly against his butt trying to find its way deep into his body. He knew Cody liked the feel of that too.


So this time, knowing the end of their match was coming up fast, Marcel went to his hands and knees and waited for Cody to come down on top of him and begin to ride him again.


He wasn’t surprised, therefore, when Cody did exactly that as he moved fast to jump on his powerfully muscled back just as he had so many times before.


Then, to tighten his hold on Marcel, Cody once again wrapped his powerful arms around Marcel’s chest and again grabbed both of Marcel’s thick pecs to squeeze them in his fists.


At the same time, he also began to wrap his equally muscled legs around Marcel’s tight waist to hold him down at that end too, so that their two naked and oiled bodies would now be locked tightly together.


Which again positioned Cody’s long and rock-hard cock directly over Marcel’s wet and naked butt. And which he then once again tried to force his way between Marcel’s solid butt cheeks to drive deep into his body.


Previously, Marcel had always tightened his butt up and wouldn’t let Cody in. But this time, knowing they were both so close it coming, it was different.


This time Marcel relaxed his butt and Cody could feel the big solid heart-shaped end of his huge rod penetrate deep between Marcel’s cheeks and make its way into Marcel’s body.


Knowing Marcel was going to let him in this time, Cody pushed his big rod in slowly, inch by inch, for all the pleasure he knew it was giving both him and Marcel. 


Deeper and deeper in it went, with only a slight shifting on the part of their bodies as they enjoyed the pleasure of Cody’s action. As Cody penetrated further and further into Marcel’s waiting body, Marcel gave a small groan, and then another, of the pleasure he was feeling as Cody’s big rod went into him. It ended only when Cody could feel he’d jammed his big eight inch rod in as far as it could go and his own balls were slamming hard against Marcel’s solid butt cheeks on the outside.


When Cody found he couldn’t go in any farther, he withdrew his cock just an inch or two, and then stabbed it in again. And then again and again harder and harder each time. Soon not only the oil but also their sweat dripped down from both of them to pool on the mat beneath them, while Marcel took all the punishment Cody was giving him and waited for more.


It didn’t last long. The full load of Cody’s hot white cum had only been inches away from his big hard cockhead even before he began to work on Marcel, and now it came even closer and faster to bursting out.


Suddenly, Cody could hold his big load back no longer and felt all of the hot white cum in his body suddenly explode out of his cock head and flood deep into Marcel’s waiting body.


At the same time, Marcel felt all the hot and sweet sensation of what Cody was pouring into him. And as long as Cody had something to give him, he was more than willing to take it.


Finally, Cody found himself completely drained and exhausted and slid off Marcel’s powerful dark body down to the mat beside him. Marcel, now filled with Cody’s hot cum, remained where he was down on the mat as well.  


For long minutes, neither moved as the light of the stars and warm Caribbean air flowed into the darkened wrestling room in the villa onto the bodies of the two now prone wrestlers.


But, while Cody had temporarily exhausted himself, even though he would soon recover, Marcel had not yet exhausted himself. He waited until Cody had at least partly recovered and grinned at him.


Cody's grin was not only for the pleasure he’d just gotten from Marcel by having drilled his rock bit into Marcel's big, dark butt, but now the pleasure he would give back, one way or another, to Marcel with whatever Marcel had in mind for him.


Cody, now fast recovered and lying on his back, wondered what Marcel was going to do to or with him. He wasn’t surprised, therefore, when Marcel began to move closer and closer to him and then twist his body completely around and got him in a full head-to-toe body press.


Already in their match, they’d found themselves in that same position, first one on top and then the other. And with it almost always then came their next move, which was to get a single or double figure-four head scissors on the other.


At first, they had only wrapped their powerfully muscled legs and thighs around the other’s head and pressed their huge and aroused male equipment against the other’s face to smother him with it.


But then, more and more, using the same hold, they stabbed their big, long and hard rods deep into the other’s throat to choke him with it as well.


Marcel never had problem in taking it from Cody, and he knew Cody never had any problem with it either for as long as Marcel wanted to give it to him. 


Now this time, once again and one final time, with Marcel now only seconds away from shooting his own load, he wrapped his thick, wet, naked and muscled legs tightly around Cody’s head, getting them in a vise-like grip with all his power. And with it, he then stabbed his own big, thick and long steel dip stick deep down into Cody’s mouth and throat.


Cody had no problem at all with that - he was willing to take it as long as Marcel wanted to give it to him.


He wasn’t surprised either when Marcel then began to pump his big rod over and over again, harder and harder and deeper and deeper each time, while Marcel’s hard and tough balls slapped hard against his face.


Then he felt a tight spasm roll over Marcel’s body and first felt and then tasted all the full load of hot, white and sweet taste of all the cum Marcel had been so long accumulating in his body, suddenly burst out and flood into his mouth and down his throat.


Cody took in all that he could, and got most of it. But there was so much he couldn’t help but let the rest of it flood back out of his mouth down the side of his chin and neck to run down to the mat beneath them.


And, just as when he had shot his full load into Marcel just moments before, Marcel’s flood continued until finally there was no more, and all of his energy was finally drained as well.


Now, as they lay on the mat together, tired grins covered their faces as they looked at each other. It had been real good, for sure. 


A half hour later, now once again showered and refreshed, both Marcel and Cody found themselves all cleaned up. Cody glanced at the clock and saw it was just past one o’clock in the morning. Outside, the stars still shone and the warm night air continued to come in through the open sliding glass windows, but now the moon was beginning to make its descent rather than rise.


“Oh yeah, man, that sure was good,” said Cody, a grin covering his face as he once again found his voice.


“You the best, my fren’, and you ride pretty good zip line too” was Marcel’s own grinning reply.


“But I see it is maybe now getting late,” he continued, “and I must get some rest before returning to my zip line duties tomorrow morning. And maybe you too would like some rest?”


“You got that right, Marcel, between my zip line ride today and then messing around with you tonight, I guess I’m ready for some shut-eye too,” replied Cody. 


In the still of the night, Marcel drove Cody back to his Sapphire Seas Hotel in LeDeux. A quick kiss between them before Cody got out of the jeep told Marcel how much he’d enjoyed it, and expressed Marcel’s equal pleasure of the night too.


A half hour later, both were fast asleep in their own beds, grins on their faces as they dreamed of the pleasure of their night together, and maybe some more to come before Cody had to return to the mainland?


The End.


Posted: 03/29/13