Zip Line Cody Wrestles
Father-Son Combo
By: Ron Nelson
(© 2013 by the author)

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Part 1

Catch-Up: Today we find Cody Carson walking along the sandy beach in front of the small resort hotel Les Noir Chien just a couple of miles outside the capital town of Les Deux on the island of St. Lauren in the Windward Islands of the Caribbean.


Cody is in St. Lauren for just the week, a vacation trip given him by his grandmother for having made the Dean’s List, if only just barely, when he got out of college just a short while ago.


Yesterday he’d had a great zip line ride over the rain forest tree tops in St. Lauren’s national park, where he’d met Marcel, one of the two guides, who is a native hunk with his body builder's physique and deep mahogany skin.


As it turned out, Marcel liked to wrestle, as Cody did too, and last night they’d gone to the villa of an English couple, Sir Jonathon and Lady Megan Myles, who were away at the moment, where Marcel was the caretaker. Cody and Marcel wrestled each other for almost two hours, naked and oiled, back and forth until they’d gotten so aroused that they both shot their loads of hot cum into each other.


With that, and as it was so late and Marcel had to go to work early the next morning, they separated, hoping they could get together again to grapple around some more before Cody would see his island vacation end.


*        *        *        *


Cody, just turned 21, and in great shape from soccer, swimming and wrestling in college, in which he’d gotten letters in all three, recovered in no time from his two-hour late night wrestling match with Marcel. Now he was wondering what he could get into today after his great zip line ride yesterday.


The good looking desk clerk at the Sapphire Seas Hotel, where he was staying, and taking a good look at Cody, with his great build and maybe a certain chemistry between them, suggested Cody might like to go to their sister hotel, the villa Les Noir Chien just down the coast about three miles.


A hotel van or jeep ran between the two about every hour or so transporting guests and hotel supplies back and forth. Cody could catch a ride down and back just about any time between seven in the morning and eleven at night.


The Les Noir Chien was an old hotel of only about fifteen rooms. It was built in the wide and sprawling Caribbean style, one story, spread out with all the rooms facing the sea. The dense vegetation of the rain forest came right up to the back of the hotel, while the front faced the Caribbean. The hotel also featured a sandy beach out in front, perfect for swimming, set in a sort cove which sheltered it from the open sea.


As both the Sapphire Seas Hotel and the Les Noir Chien were owned by the same people, Cody could eat at one hotel or another and have all the privileges of both.


“And,” said the Sapphire Seas Hotel desk clerk, checking out the good natured and hunky Cody again, “the Chien sometimes gets some interesting people you might like to meet.”


“Good deal, man,” replied Cody. “Yeah, it’s going on around eleven now. Do you think a jeep would be going there soon so maybe I could have lunch at the Chien and then take it from there?”


“I’m sure that could easily be arranged. I’ll tell the driver you want to go over to the Chien. I think he’s scheduled to go out next at around eleven-fifteen, so if you want to grab your gear or whatever you want to take with you, he’ll be ready about then.”


The clerk and the jeep driver were as good as their word, and a half hour later Cody saw himself deposited at Les Noir Chien. It was just as the Sapphire Seas Hotel clerk had described it - sort of old fashioned, built of island volcanic rock and mahogany wood with wide expanses of windows, the rain forest right behind it, and a great protected sandy beach down a slope of grass in front of the hotel.


As it was already close to noon, he figured he’d just look around the place a little to check it out some more as it all looked so interesting. Then have lunch, and then have the rest of the afternoon, and maybe into the evening too, to get some sun, go swimming and whatever else might come up. He saw a volleyball net set up on the beach, and saw on a map at the desk, when he registered in for a place at lunch, that there was a walking trail of about a mile along the beach and through the rain forest to the next cove and hotel south of the Chien.


After a swim and lunch, that trail might be interesting to explore too.  


Lunch was a simple but ample one, served buffet style, with the guests able to sit outside on the terrace in the warm sun overlooking the sea.


After loading up his plate and going out to the terrace to find a place to sit down, he was surprised to see the two men, who were maybe a father-and-son combo, he saw yesterday at the zip line in the group following his own.


As soon as Cody saw them, they saw him, grinned, and motioned for him to come over and join them if he’d like.


‘Yeah,’ thought Cody, ‘I think I’d like that very much!’


After Cody had set down his tray, the older man said, “Hey man, sit yourself down and make yourself at home. I’m Buzz Grainger and this is my son Lex!”


“Sure pleased to meet you, Buzz and Lex. I’m Cody Carson. I saw you yesterday at the zip line ride. That sure was some ride, wasn’t it?” said Cody with a grin of recollection, as well as of meeting Buzz and Lex, on his face.


“Yeah, we had a great time too,” said Buzz.


“Lex here had taken a zip line ride before, but it was first for me. ‘Course I can’t let him beat me on things like this, but that isn’t because he doesn’t try. And, I must say, we’re probably about even ‘cause we get into it with each other pretty often in other ways.”


“Yeah,” added Lex, joining the conversation for the first time, “my Dad keeps working me over all he can, but I’m getting used to it and sometimes I can get back at him pretty good too.” And with that, he gave his father a pretty solid punch on his bicep, which didn’t seem to have any effect on his dad at all. 


Cody quietly studied them as he talked with the two men. As he saw from a greater distance yesterday at the zip line, Buzz looked to be a real solid and muscular man about, as Cody figured, five-nine and one-ninety, with crew cut iron grey hair. Lex looked to be about nineteen, or just a little younger than Cody, maybe six feet and one-seventy with the lean muscular build of an athlete who hadn’t reached his full weight quite yet. Whatever, they looked real good, and Cody was glad he was getting a real good chance to get to know them even better now. 


During their lunch, they talked about where they came from and what they did. It turned out Buzz’ wife, Lex’s mother, had died about three years ago, and they now lived together in the Carolinas. Buzz was the athletic director of Hedren College, a small college in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, where he also coached football, soccer and wrestling. Lex had gone to high school a couple of hundred miles away, where he lived with his uncle and aunt. He’d transferred back to live with his dad and go to Hedren College, but they’d agreed they’d lead two separate lives when it came to academics and sports even though they were real close the rest of the time.


Cody could see that while they each had their own personalities, they were obviously real closely related to each other. Looking at them, and hearing that Buzz was the AD and wrestling coach of his college, and with Lex looking like he was real athletic too, and from what they were saying, he wondered just how close they might be?                                                 


“How’d you like the zip line ride yesterday, Cody?” asked Lex, with the thrill of it still on his face.


“That sure was something! I’d never taken a zip line ride before, but I’m always up for anything like that, so after the first stage or two, I really got the hang of it!”


“Yeah, sort of like sports,” added Buzz. “It takes a while for a guy to get the feel of something, but as soon as he does, then he can really enjoy it. You look like you’re really built, Cody, what are you into?”


“I just finished up college and I got letters in swimming, soccer and wrestling. I’ve got to confess I’m not really all that competitive, but I like to mess around in all of them, particularly wrestling. ‘Course, I’ve also got to admit I like to be under the other guy and hassled by him as much as being on top of him and beating him, so it always worked out pretty good for me, win or lose,” he added.


“That’s the way I find coaching it, Cody. Some men have got to win every time and I sometimes think they get too serious about it and lose all the pleasure that’s possible with it. If they’d take it easier and make it last longer, they might enjoy it more. So when I’m coaching, I tell them to work at it, but enjoy it too. If they win, good, but if they lose, sometimes that can feel just as good,” was Buzz’s easy reply.


To which Lex added, “I think I’m like you, Cody, ‘cause I like to rassle around mostly just for the feel of it too. I know when I’m rasslin’ with my dad here, sometimes we get into it real deep, but not too hard. That way we can go all the way ’til we don’t have anything more left in us to give.”


Cody couldn’t help but wonder if they were just talking about wrestling in general, or were they maybe signaling him that they were into it with each other, and maybe liked to go all the way? And were they maybe suggesting they’d like to get into it with him too? If they were, Cody knew he’d sure like to get into it with them and go all the way too.


“Man, that sounds like my style too, and I’d sure like to get into it with you too if I could!” said Cody. When he said “you” he looked at both of them, meaning both singular and plural - separately or together, whatever, it would be fine with him.


As they finished lunch, it looked like they’d have the full rest of the afternoon open ahead of them.


“Got any particular plans for this afternoon, Cody?” asked Buzz.


“Nope, nothing at all for the rest of the day or evening. The only thing I need to do is catch the last jeep ride back into town so I don’t have to walk back. But the driver coming out said the last jeep doesn’t go back until around eleven, so I’m good ‘til then.”


“Ok, if you like,” said Buzz, “Lex and I’ve been walking up a trail from the Chien here most afternoons to a small secluded beach where we’ve been going swimming. Then just in from there, into the rain forest, is sort of a glen where there’s some soft moss where we’ve been able to do some wrestling around.


“If you like, maybe we could go up there and see what happens then.”


“Sounds great,” was Cody’s enthusiastic reply.


“Good deal,” added Lex, “Let me get some oil and towels to take along and then we’ll have whatever we need!”


Ten minutes later they were walking quietly along the trail which led, as Buzz had said, from the hotel partly along the coast and partly through the rain forest until they got to the beach.


“Man,” said Cody, “this sure look nice. And, like you said, it’s real secluded too, for sure! 


“Hey Cody, want to go swimming first and then we’ll show you the glen back in the rain forest?” said Lex.


“Sounds like a plan to me!” was Cody’s grinning reply.


Cody saw both Buzz and Lex strip off all their clothes, being actually just their tight muscle t-shirts, shorts and beach shoes, to swim in the nude. So he did the same.


All three entered the warm, gently rolling water up to their waists and then begin to swim around and back and forth easily just enjoying the feel of their naked bodies moving in the soft and warm waters of the Caribbean.


As they stripped naked and began to swim around, Cody could see for sure what he thought he saw in them right from the start. Lex had a lean but powerfully muscular swimmer’s build, with wide shoulders, tight pecs, slender waist and slim but muscular thighs and legs.


Buzz looked like an ex-football player or a guy who still worked out with the weights with his stockier build, thick biceps, big and solid pecs, full abs and thick legs and thighs.


‘Yeah,’ thought Cody, ‘I’m sure liking what I’m seeing, looking at those two guys!’


As they were swimming, Cody couldn’t tell what they might be thinking, but he knew what he was thinking, and the big rod between his legs had already begun to grow long and hard and he could feel it sticking almost straight out from in front of him.


‘Man,’ he thought, ‘If we get out of the water now, what are they going to think?’ “Down boy,”' he said to himself. But his big rod obeyed only part way. Then it forgot and came right back up again. 


“Hey Dad,” said Lex, “How ‘bout you squatting down in the water and let me stand on your shoulders and see if I can do a complete somersault dive into the water!”


They were together, and Cody just a couple of feet away, as Buzz squatted down so that only his pecs and the upper part of his big body were above the water. Lex then lost no time in getting on his dad’s shoulders, one foot at a time, holding on to Buzz’s head for leverage to raise himself up, and Buzz reaching up to hold his son's feet until he got his balance.


It looked like they’d done it a hundred times before and both took it as an obvious move. What Cody also noticed was that Lex’s big rod was just about as fully aroused as his own, although he didn’t seem to mind it at all, nor did Buzz.


With a leap, and a powerful downward thrust on his father’s shoulders, which might have staggered anyone else but didn’t seem to faze Buzz at all, Lex took a really great, and graceful, leap and landed with a big splash in the water.


“Ok, Cody,” said Buzz, turning toward him, “You’re next! C’mon and get on my shoulders and see what you can do. We can’t let Lex take the whole show!”


“Yeah, sounds good to me,” replied Cody coming up next to Buzz. He hadn’t done such a shoulder jump before, of course, which Buzz knew. So Buzz added “Ok man, I’ll clasp my hands on my side sort of like a stirrup. Then you put one foot in and hoist yourself up. Grab my head or any other part of me for leverage and push ‘til you’re up!”


Cody did as Buzz told him. First time he grabbed for Buzz’s head, his hand slipped and he grabbed around Buzz’s neck instead.


‘Man,’ he thought, ‘This guy’s neck is solid oak!”


Then he grabbed again and this time caught Buzz’s head. That felt as solid as oak too, even when Cody’s foot first slipped off Buzz’s shoulder and he had to reach down fast to steady himself. Buzz was like a rock and held himself completely steady until Cody got his balance.


For the moment, Cody’s state of arousal had ebbed, but then as soon as he was upright on Buzz’s broad and solid shoulders, with the feel of Buzz’s wet muscled skin under his feet, it all came back, and he didn’t know whether his head, abs or big hammer handle would hit the water first.


Lex was watching him just a couple of feet away, and Buzz looked up at him to see how he was doing, but neither seemed to notice or care at all that his big broadsword rod was sticking straight out in front of him.


With a strong push on Buzz’s solid shoulders, which didn’t give at all, which in turn gave Cody a maximum jump, Cody’s dive was almost as good as Lex’s.


“Man,” said Lex, “I can see I’ve got to work just a little harder as you’re better the first time off Dad’s shoulders than I am after a hundred times.


“Yeah, Lex,” Buzz added, grinning, “No telling what other talents Cody has too with whatever might be coming up next, so you’d better be prepared for him!”


Lex, Cody and Buzz repeated their dives three or four more times just to get more used to it. Then the last time, when Cody was mounting Buzz’s shoulders, Lex said, “Hey Cody, how ‘bout if we do two-against-one water rasslin’? You sit on Dad’s shoulders straddling them, and then you and me rassle and see who gets dumped first.


“You got the advantage of numbers and weight, but I’ve got the advantage of speed and reach!”


“Ok, c’mon and get up here on me Cody,” said Buzz, “and let’s take him up on it ‘cause I think we can do a real job on him if we try!”


By now, Cody felt entirely comfortable with them, with swimming, and with touching and feeling all parts of their warm, wet and naked bodies.


As Buzz again squatted in the water, which was only four or five feet deep where they were, Cody got right behind Buzz. He felt the pressure of his big and hard rod jam hard against Buzz’s solid butt as he prepared to mount on Buzz’s big back. Which pressure from his stiff rod he figured Buzz must have felt too even though he didn’t say anything.


To get on Buzz’s shoulders, Cody grabbed both hands under Buzz’s chin for leverage, followed by raising first one leg and then the other up until he got himself placed solidly on top of Buzz’s broad and solidly muscled shoulders. As he went up, he could feel his hard rod slide up Buzz’s powerful back. And then, when he was firmly in place, he felt his big tool press hard into the back of Buzz’s neck. It then jammed even harder against the back of Buzz’s neck when he grabbed both of Cody’s own powerfully muscled legs in his arms and held them tightly to his side so that the two of them would be locked together as one fighting unit.  


Locked up with Buzz, their two muscled bodies, one older and one younger, wet and naked and ready to do battle with Lex, felt so good to Cody he could hardly stand it. And then here was Lex waiting just a few feet in front of them, also buck naked in the water, until they got themselves firmed up so their wrestling match could begin.


Cody and Buzz weren’t used to working with each other as a single unit, but when Lex came at them, and at Cody in particular, Cody reached out to throw him back, while the powerful Buzz also moved back effortlessly despite having the muscular Cody on his shoulders.


Then Buzz moved forward to attack, which Cody picked up on immediately. With that move, he grabbed one of Lex’s outstretched arms to pull him forward, which was added to by Buzz’s then pulling back to add to Cody’s pull.


It was only due to the wet slipperiness of all of their bodies that they broke apart, only to come together again. Lex now attacked them from the side and grabbed Cody’s foot. But then Buzz held Cody’s leg in even more tightly, and for a moment or two it was a tug of war between Buzz and Lex, father and son, as to which would pull Cody’s leg off first.


Cody couldn’t get enough of it as he found himself almost literally torn between Lex and Buzz. It sure did feel good.


Then they broke when they lost their grips again, and now this time Buzz moved forward solidly against Lex, bending forward to give Cody some additional reach, while Lex didn’t move back out of the way fast enough.


In the next instant, Cody had gotten a solid bear hug, sort of from above, on Lex, their two wet and naked bodies pressed tightly together as Buzz leaned forward even more to help Cody hold Lex and try and turn him over into the water.


It almost worked, but then Lex managed to slip out of Cody’s hold on him, and then Cody and Buzz had all they could do to get themselves upright again.


For another ten minutes or so they battled back and forth, and by looking down at Buzz every once in a while, and at Lex, Cody could see they were as aroused as he was with all their wet and naked water grappling with each other.


Then Buzz took it to the next level. While Lex was focused on how he’d try to dislodge Cody this time, Buzz had moved in closer and closer to Lex until they were only a foot apart. Cody was looking to grab Lex’s neck to see if he could get a headlock on him and pull him down, while Lex was focused entirely on resisting him.


As a result, Lex didn’t notice his Dad ease his hold on one of Cody’s legs and reach out, under water, to grab his son’s big rod, sticking out straight in front of his body like an underwater rifle barrel, to both crush it in his fist and pull Lex down with his below-water hold.


For an instant, Lex almost lost it. But then, maybe from past experience, he countered his father’s move by grabbing his dad’s own even bigger, thicker and longer rod, jutting out just as long, hard and straight from his own body, to crush it in his own fist and try to pull it off his dad’s body in return.


For the next minute or more Buzz and Lex, father and son, each grabbed and tried to crush the other’s big cock in his hand, with neither willing to be the first to let go. Looking down, Cody saw a grin on both of their faces. It wasn’t the first time they’d gotten into it with each other, for sure, and it didn’t look like either one was having any trouble with it now.


Cody then felt his own rod, still jammed tight into the back of Buzz’s neck, also getting even harder, until it was now coming around to the side of Buzz’s neck to almost under his chin.


Buzz could feel it against his neck and coming out under his chin, and Lex could see it. Which gave Lex a new idea - that is, to let go of his father’s big stiff rod suddenly and then reach up and grab Cody’s big rod instead, using it to pull Cody off his dad’s shoulders and thus win their match that way.


It almost worked, in that Lex was able to suddenly reach up and grab Cody’s hard steel sword and dislodge him from his dad’s shoulders. But then Cody, coming down off Buzz’s shoulders, with all of his own muscular strength and reaction speed, reached down to grab Lex’s big rod, which Buzz had let go of as soon as Cody began to slip off him and figuring maybe that’s what Cody had in mind to do.


By now they were in only three feet of water and Lex and Cody, with their tight and crushing double cock hold again on each other, and each trying to drive the other one down, sank down into the water up to their necks, almost driving each other’s cock into the sand, when Buzz stepped between them and broke it up.


“Ok, men, I think we’ve got a draw this time,” he said as grins covered all three of their faces, “How ‘bout we head up to the glen and maybe take it on land for a while?”


“Yeah, Dad,” was Lex’s grinning reply. “Maybe me and Cody can finish you off up there. Anyway, we can at least give it a try!”




With that, Buzz, Lex and Cody picked up their towels and put on their brief clothes for the short walk back up from the beach. From there, Buzz led them, after a few minutes walk, to the glen they’d mentioned earlier.


Suddenly, it was now a totally different world they were in. No more sea, open water and skies. Now they were in a dark and silent jungle forest, surrounded and overhung by giant rain forest trees and lush vegetation which blocked out any view of the sky or surroundings beyond the edge of the forest, until they reached a small clearing no more than fifteen feet across. Apparently there must have been a spring under the ground as it was covered by some moss which was soft and damp.


‘And great for wrestling on,’ thought Cody, eager to see what they’d do next.


“Hey man,” said Lex to Cody, “Dad and I’ve been wrestling here ‘most every day, doing whatever we like and taking it any way we like.


“I’m wondering, as we were wrestling just now two-on-one in the water, and if you wanted to wrestle some more, how about if you and Dad, if you like, now wrestle between yourselves and give me a break from having taken on both of you?


“Then maybe we’ll give Dad a break, you and me wrestle, one-on-one, as I know I’d sure like that. Then me and Dad, and give you a break.


“And then maybe make it a three-some for however it ends up?


To which Cody lost no time in saying, “Lex, you’re a genius. Yeah, sounds real good to me. And let’s stretch it out as long as we can and, like you say, whatever comes up at the end comes up! I know I’m going to like however it goes!”


Part 2

Cody, Buzz and his son Lex put their shorts and beach shoes back on after swimming and wrestling around in the warm and clear Caribbean waters. They then walked back up the path to the old trail which ran along that part of the island of St. Lauren in the Caribbean.


They didn’t see anyone else as they crossed the trail, and continued along on another path on the opposite side which ran into the deep rain forest. Within just a few feet they could no longer see the trail as they headed up to a small glen which Buzz and Lex had discovered a few days earlier, soon after they first arrived on the island.


Brushing aside some giant tropical leaves, Cody saw themselves enter the glen, which was surrounded by huge rain forest trees, which in turn provided a thick dark green canopy overhead which kept the glen in perpetual shade and a little cooler than outside in the hot sun.


The glen wasn’t more than about fifteen feet wide and was covered in a soft moss, apparently kept moist by a spring somewhere underneath it. 


“Hey, man, you sure picked a real nice place to mess around in here," said Cody, liking what he was seeing.


“Oh yeah, Cody,” said Lex, “and nice and private too. Me and Dad (Lex knew enough to speak properly when in company, but he liked to slip into the vernacular too, partly because he knew it irritated his dad whenever he did) been rasslin’ around here the past few days, and I think we’re about even.


“Maybe you can beat up on him some now, and that’ll give me a better chance on him next time.”


“I’m sure willing to try, but I’m not sure how much he can take,” was Cody’s good natured reply. They all knew Buzz would be virtually indestructible to them combined, let alone each separately.


“I’m not so sure about that, Cody, but Lex does about everything he can think of to beat me, and you’re welcome to do the same. But I like to get beat up on, so you can do whatever you like, and do it has hard as you like on me too,” was Buzz’s easy reply.


As they talked, they took off their shorts and beach shoes and stood together, the muscled bodies of all three naked and still wet from swimming and with the humidity of the rain forest. All three were again already aroused with the anticipation of wrestling each other, with their big rods already growing long and hard and once again sticking straight out from their bodies.


“Ok, men, how about, like we said, you, Cody, and Dad get into it first while I just sort of relax over here and watch you guys try to beat the crap out of each other so I can take on the winner in his somewhat weakened condition,” said Lex, grinning from ear to ear.


“Yeah,” said Cody, “that’ll suit me just fine and I’ll do just that!” as he turned half way around toward Buzz, who was standing next to him.


Next thing Buzz knew, Cody was getting him in a solid standing headlock from the side to bring him down, like a cowboy bringing down a steer at a rodeo.


Buzz wasn’t surprised at Cody’s move, and liked the feel of Cody’s full muscular body hitting hard on him. Slowly Buzz began to give way, dropping both of them down on to the soft moss underneath them, with Cody ending up by lying sideways on top of Buzz, who had landed on his side, to hold him down while keeping his tight headlock around Buzz’s thick wrestler’s neck.


>From there, Cody tightened his headlock on Buzz even more - hadn’t Buzz just said he wanted Cody to work on him as hard as he liked?


They knew they were also going to want to make their whole wrestling around with each other last as long as possible. And it was so warm in the rain forest too they wanted to keep it all real slow and easy for both reasons.


As a result, while Cody tightened his hold on Buzz’s head and neck only as much as he needed to keep him in place, at the same time he was also pulling Buzz’s face in tighter and tighter against his muscular pec. Cody already knew Lex and Buzz liked a lot of body contact and were used to it, and he wondered how far he could go with trying to stuff as much as he could of his own big pec deep into Buzz’s mouth to choke him on it.


‘Pretty far,’ he thought, as he stuffed almost half of the muscled flesh of his big pec into Buzz’s mouth until he couldn’t get any more in. He felt Buzz’s tongue begin to rim around his hard nipple, which he knew felt and tasted just as good to Buzz as it did to him.


‘Yeah,’ Cody thought, ‘I’m thinking Buzz must be used to this and liking it. So now I know this whole thing is going to be not only real good but even better, for sure.’


Later in their match, Buzz reversed their deadlock, getting the same headlock on Cody and stuffing as much as he could of his massive pec in Cody's mouth to choke him on it in return. Cody liked that just as much.


Cody was so intent on what he was doing to Buzz, however, he didn’t notice what Buzz was going to do with him in return. Suddenly he felt Buzz’s powerful hand reach through his outstretched legs, which he was using for leverage against the soft moss to maintain his hold on Buzz.


Then he felt Buzz slowly reach around and grab his own big and totally hard horn and begin to slowly crush it in his fist while at the same time slowly pulling it backwards between his legs until he was close to ripping it off his body.


Cody wasn’t at all surprised or had any problem at all with Buzz’s move on him, being used to it from other matches and liking the feel and punishment it was giving him. And so, for a couple of long minutes both kept their deadlocked and punishing holds on each other, both enjoying the pain as well as the predicament they were in, and neither wanting to be the first to let the other go.


Lex, watching from the side, liked what he was seeing. He knew his dad liked a lot of pressure and punishment, and it sure looked liked Cody did too. This was going to be real good. 


Before Cody could figure out what he was going to do with Buzz next, now that he had him in a real solid headlock with his pec stuffed into Buzz’s mouth, Buzz solved the problem for him by rolling a little more on his back, bringing Cody with him, until Cody was in a reverse bridge on top of him.


Cody liked that, feeling himself bridged over Buzz’s powerful chest, particularly when Buzz then changed his holds on Cody to put one hand, open palmed, over Cody’s face to hold him down at one end, sticking a couple of fingers in Cody’s mouth as he did, while still holding him down at the other end by his cock.


But then Cody took a similar headlock on Buzz and at the same time reached under Buzz to grab his own big and now even harder rod in his fist, crushing it and trying to pull it backward down through Buzz’s massive legs as well.


It was now another powerful deadlock and crushing cock-hold they had on each other. And again neither wanted to be the first to let go while they were very much liking the punishment they were giving and taking from each other.


It was Buzz who eased up first, however, knowing Cody’s bridge shouldn’t be held too long. Slowly he let both of his holds on Cody go, with Cody then doing the same to him, while Buzz then paused to let Cody re-group himself.


Cody, being on top, had the advantage over Buzz, but Buzz, with his considerably greater weight and strength, nevertheless stayed down and under Cody so as not to pressure him too much and to see what Cody would do next.


Cody didn’t make him wait long.


As soon as he felt Buzz ease his holds on him, Cody flipped over on to his stomach on top of Buzz and then twisted around and got Buzz in a full head-to-toe body press.


>From there, he quickly wrapped his solid and muscular wrestler’s legs tight around Buzz’s head, jamming all of his now hard and bulging junk full and hard into Buzz’s face to smother him with it. From there he shifted his big junk mass just a little until he was able to stab his whole long and hard man-meat organ deep down into Buzz’s open mouth while he was just trying to breathe with Cody’s tight body press on him.


Cody liked the feel of his muscled sword going deep down into Buzz’s mouth and throat. And then he liked even more the feel of Buzz’s tongue as it began to rim around its swollen heart-shaped end. At the same time, he also enjoyed the feel of his thick and heavy balls press tightly against Buzz’s face, and against his eyes and nose in particular. 


Cody figured Buzz must be used to it as he made no move to resist his move. ‘Yeah,’ thought Cody, ‘man, I’m liking this, and I’m going to like it even more when Buzz here sooner or later, I’m sure, is going to give it all back to me the same way. And maybe, if I’m lucky, even more!’


But just as with their earlier holds, while Cody was focused on what he was doing to Buzz, and liking it, he forgot to think about what Buzz might be planning to do to get back at him.


Buzz had been struggling to get out from under Cody, mostly just to give Cody the impression that he was suffering when, with his considerable power, which he also could have done a lot sooner, he suddenly flipped up both of his powerfully thick and muscular legs and caught Cody in a powerful head scissors of his own.


Now, suddenly and in the next instant, Cody found his own world suddenly gone dark and silent as Buzz’s massive legs closed around his head, and all of Buzz’s thick and heavy male equipment hit him in the face and press hard against his own nose, eyes and mouth. Now it was a double figure-four head scissors they had on each other to even the score.


Then, following up on that move, Buzz began to roll both of them over. As he did, however, he did it only slowly to signal to Cody what he was doing in case Cody didn’t want to find himself under Buzz, with Buzz’s massive and muscular body on top of him, in case Cody wanted him to release his hold.


Buzz needn’t have been concerned about that. Cody always liked for another wrestler to be on top of him, particularly if he was a lot bigger and naked too, just so long as he didn’t get absolutely crushed. And if he was caught in the other man’s head scissors to blind and suffocate him at the same time, that was even better.


Buzz wasn’t about to really crush him, however, Cody knew, so he sure had no problem with Buzz being on top of him, with now both of them caught in a double figure-four head scissors on each other. On top of that, they'd by now both stabbed their big hard rifle rods deep down each other’s mouth and throat. Again, liking this latest deadlock, neither moved to break it, while each enjoyed giving it to and taking it from the other as long as he could. 


For another ten or fifteen minutes Cody and Buzz wrestled back and forth, Buzz making sure Cody was not using up too much energy, which was so easy for a wrestler to do when grappling with a bigger and heavier man even though the bigger man was trying to take it easy on the smaller man. 


Once again Cody had gotten on top of Buzz. This time Buzz was caught face down on the soft moss with Cody lying on top of his wet and muscled body, head over head. Cody then got a powerful bear hug on Buzz to hold him in place, and wrapped his arms around Buzz’s thickly muscled body to grab one of Buzz’s massive pecs in each of his fists.


Then, to torture Buzz some in the hold, he began to squeeze both of Buzz’s big pecs to give him an even harder time. Cody knew that always felt good when another man did it to him, and he reminded himself again that Buzz had told him to be as hard on him as he liked.


Buzz knew what Cody was doing, and was savoring it. Both Cody and Buzz liked the feel of having their pecs squeezed just as much as squeezing the other guy’s pecs to punish him. So Buzz made no move to stop Cody now, nor did Cody resist when being subjected to the same punishment later by both Buzz and Lex when they took the same pec holds back on him later on.


At the same time Cody was body pressing Buzz underneath him, head to head, Cody’s big rod was positioned right over Buzz’s big and solid butt and Cody was trying to stab it down hard into the deep canyon between Buzz’s butt cheeks to see if it could find a way in.


Buzz kept him out by tightening his butt muscles, but both knew they were liking the feel of it and what they were doing with each other. 


Lex figured, meanwhile, watching them on the side for another long while, that so far it was his dad who was having all the fun for the moment with Cody. Now it was his turn to get into it with Cody.


So this time, when Cody was on top of Buzz body-pressing him and both were facing away from him, Lex quietly came up behind them and proceeded to mount the same full body press on top of Cody that Cody was already holding on his dad.


After Lex piled himself on top of Cody, he then followed through on that move to tighten his hold on Cody by wrapping his own longer and powerfully muscled swimmer’s arms around Cody’s chest and began to grab and then squeeze Cody’s thick wrestler’s pecs, just like Cody was still crushing his dad’s pecs in his own fists.


And then, following that up, he began working on Cody the same way Cody was working on his dad by positioning his own long and hard rod right over Cody's own butt and began to try to push it down between Cody’s butt cheeks, trying to find a way in, just as Cody was trying to find his way into Buzz.


All three knew that felt real good to all of them, and Buzz had no problem at all with now both Cody and Lex on top of him. Cody was still crushing his pecs and trying to stab his big and hard rod into him, while Lex was working the same way on top of Cody.


Eventually, however, the pile got too high and fell over, with Buzz then extricating himself from the other two by rolling over to the sidelines and letting Cody and his son Lex take it from there with each other for a while.                             


Lex knew that even though Cody still had a lot of energy left, wrestling with his dad would have at least temporarily left him just a little drained, and he’d need a minute or two to get back.


As a result, with him lying on top of Cody and still holding Cody in a tight body press and bear hug even after Buzz had pulled out, all he needed to do was roll both of them over until he had his own back on the soft moss. From there, he got a good body scissors on Cody from behind, his long legs wrapping tightly around Cody’s waist and his feet and ankles poised ready to smash down on Cody’s big pile of junk as soon as Cody was ready to take some more.


Meanwhile, his strong hands and long fingers continued to tightly grasp Cody’s solid wrestler's pecs to hold him in place, crushing them as he did, knowing Cody liked the feel of it without minding it at all. While he still kept Cody under his control, he also knew it gave Cody a chance to recover some of his energy until he was able to get back at Lex more strongly.


Lex also knew that Cody liked being caught in any kind of head or body scissors, just like he and his dad did too, so it was one scissors hold and predicament or another they all came back to with each other over and over again as they wrestled back and forth in the dark and quiet clearing in the jungle rain forest.


It was only a moment or two until Cody got his wind back, and then, before Lex realized it, Cody had slipped out of Lex's scissors' and pec holds on him and reversed it, rolling underneath Lex at the same time, and then flipping his legs up to get Lex in a new head scissors of his own. 


Lex, however, liked getting caught in another man's head scissors on him just as much as trapping the other man in one, and knew that not only could he take it as long as the other man wanted to punish him in it, but he knew he'd still be able to get back at the other man, being Cody, some other way soon enough. 


For Cody, this next session, working out with the younger and lighter Lex, was easier for him that combating his bigger and heavier dad. It also meant, however, that he had to be a little more careful with Lex than with his dad, as while Buzz could take any amount of punishment, it was a lot harder on Lex. And, above all, Cody knew he wanted it to make it just as good and last just as long with Lex as it did with his father.


Which it did. Cody and Lex took a lot of the same holds on each other as Cody and Buzz had earlier, knowing they liked them and what they could expect from each other. Lex had a couple more specialty holds of his own, which Cody favored too.


One was when he and Lex were sitting closely opposite each other on the soft moss, their legs overlapping, when Lex, with his longer arms and legs, reached out to grab one of Cody’s ankles to pull him in toward him.


As he did, he then shoved one of his long legs and bare feet hard into Cody’s crotch against his big and bulging cock and balls to push him away, just about crushing all of Cody’s manhood under his foot as it was jammed into his body.


Cody was used to the feel of getting his full cock and balls jammed by another guy's foot, and liked the punishing feel of it. In fact, he liked to do the same thing if he was wrestling another guy who was shorter, or at least had shorter legs, than he did. But he also knew it was no big problem for a shorter guy to get back at the taller man the same way just by twisting around a little.


Nor did it therefore stop him now from getting back the same way against Lex now. As soon as Lex had to bring his other leg up a little to complete his punishment on Cody, Cody grabbed his other ankle, pulled him in, and then jammed his own bare foot just as deep and hard into Lex’s equally full crotch and exposed hard rod and globes.


For long minutes they pulled and pushed against each other, both of their big sets of nuts being almost crushed back into their bodies. And liking every minute of the full punishment they were giving and taking frfom the other.  


Another double punishment they got into with each other was when they were facing each other only inches apart, kneeling on the soft moss under them, their heads butting against each other, to see if they could push the other over.


Cody reached out with his left hand to grab the back of Lex’s neck to pull him down, which Lex countered by doing the same thing to Cody, which brought them even closer together.


Cody saw with that the close proximity it made of Lex’s long man-rod between his legs, jutting straight out, all aroused, within reach of his other hand. He realized, of course, that he was just as fully exposed and in the same position relative to Lex, but that was ok with him.


With his free hand, he reached out to swat Lex’s big man-hose all the way to the side against his leg and then watched it spring back forward to stick straight out again. Then he slapped it a couple more times, each time watching it spring back hard like a porch screen door with a new hinge.


Which of course got the same reaction from Lex, when he slapped Cody’s own equally big and long man-hose to the side, which also came back instantly again.


Then another swat, this one in the other direction, a tad harder, which got the same hit back on him, also harder. And then a third, fourth and fifth hit, with each hit getting harder. Each time they felt their big and hard rods smash against their muscled thighs, and then instantly spring back, ready to take more. And with their give and take cock punishment on each other, they also felt themselves getting more and more aroused all the time.


It ended only when Lex fooled Cody for an instant and, instead of swatting his big cock-rod to the side again, he grabbed it in his fist with his slightly longer arm, held it tightly in his grip, and began to pull it down to the ground, forcing Cody to go along with it if he didn't want his big rod pulled off him entirely.


Which quickly got the same reaction back from Cody. And with that, it turned into even more of a cockfight between the two. And, by the grins on their faces as they punished each other, it was clear neither could get enough of it.


Cody and Lex wrestled each other back and forth on the soft moss just as long as Cody had wrestled with Buzz earlier. He knew, however, that taking on both of them on in succession, it was also taking a toll on his own energy level.  


Which Buzz, watching his son and Cody wrestle while he was lying on his side on the soft moss watching them, realized too. He figured maybe it was time for him to get back into the fray, relieve Cody for a while, and now take his son on again. He knew he and Lex could never get enough of each other, and now it was time for them to get into it again.


Once again, Cody had gotten a real good and tight figure-four head scissors on Lex, who was on his back on the soft moss underneath them.


Cody had also managed once again to stab his big long man-plunger deep down into Lex’s mouth. But this time Lex, instead of trying to get Cody's big rod out of his mouth, had wrapped his long arms tight around Cody’s naked butt on top of him, and wouldn’t let him free even though he was being choked by Cody's plunger almost down his throat.


But then Buzz stepped into the fray, rolled both of them over, and began to pry Lex’s hands apart to release Cody’s butt cheeks from Lex’s tight hold on them. After he got Lex's hands free of Cody's butt, he then pulled the rest of Cody off Lex, got on top of his son in another figure-four head scissors of his own and jammed his own big long and thick man-rod deep down his son’s throat instead, just as, a moment before, Cody had been doing to Lex.


'Oh man,' thought Lex, first I got Cody on top of me with his big rod stabbed down my throat choking me on it, and now I've got my even bigger and heavier Dad down on top of me, with his even bigger rod stabbed down my throat choking me on it even more!'


At the same time, Lex wasn't surprised or minded the new development at all. Apparently it wasn't the first time he’d felt and tasted his dad’s big rod deep inside his mouth, and so this time was no exception nor any big deal as his tongue began to rim around the hard muscled heart-shaped end of his dad's big rod in his mouth. 


For a couple of minutes Lex and Buzz remained almost motionless as they adjusted to their positions with each other. Cody noticed that while Buzz seemed to lay heavily on Lex, who was so much leaner and lighter, that Buzz actually kept at least half of his upper body weight off to the side and on the soft moss so that he wouldn’t weigh on Lex more than Lex could reasonably take.


But, lying off slightly to the side, that left Lex’s big, long and strong legs a little more free. And, after trying to bridge out two or three times, it also gave him a chance to feel where most of his dad’s body was in relation to his own, considering that he was unable to see because he had most of his dad’s big man-rod stuffed down his throat and his dad’s thick and bulging balls pounding away against his face, eyes, nose and mouth.


So, in a sudden flip, which maybe did or didn’t surprise Buzz, Lex flipped up and got his dad in the same figure-four head scissors which his dad was holding on him. Next thing they knew both of their long and hard crotch-rods were plunged deep down into the other’s mouth and throat.


As soon as his son caught him in a tight head scissors of his own, Buzz reacted quickly and rolled both of them over to give him some more leverage against his son as well as take some of his extra body weight off Lex, until Lex was on top of his dad, with both of them completely deadlocked in their double figure-four head scissors on each other, their hard and muscled rods still jammed deep down each other’s mouth and throat, with neither yet willing to be the first to let go.


Cody sure liked what he saw, and he saw Lex and Buzz were enjoying what they were doing with each other even more.


It was only when Lex, on top and therefore easier for him to break the deadlock, managed to pull himself out of his father’s tight head scissors so that he could now see and breathe more easily. From there he managed to pull his dad’s big dick out of his mouth too.


Then from there he began to sit up, shifting his own head scissors he still had on his father to bring his legs up under him, and then sitting fully and smothering his dad’s face instead.


Lex had a real nice bubble butt, just the right size for his build, and he lost no time in dropping it right on top of his dad’s face, one butt cheek on each side of his dad’s nose to cover his eyes and blind him. From there, he liked the feel of his father’s nose and mouth sinking deep into the dark wet canyon of his butt as it closed over the rest of his senior’s face.


Cody knew how it felt to both of them, give and take, and wished it were he, in either position, instead of Lex and his dad wrestling and battling it out with each other.


Cody could see they must have wrestled a lot of times before as Lex seemed to know just what turned his father on, and maybe whatever vulnerabilities he might have. And Buzz, in the same way, knew just how far he could go with Lex to arouse his wrestling spirit and get him all stimulated, but at the same time not overwhelm him with his own greater weight or experience.


Most of the time, as he did with the lighter Cody too, Buzz stayed down while the other two mounted him and tried to work him over. Cody watched as a number of times Buzz was on his hands and knees and Lex reached under him for a solid crotch hold, in which Lex grabbed the whole of his dad's massive male equipment in his fist and tried to crush it in his grip at the same time as he was trying to turn his dad over. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't, but all three knew they were relishing what they were seeing and feeling, and were always ready for more.


For as long as he, Cody, and Buzz and wrestled, and then he and Lex, Buzz and Lex, father and son, fought and wrestled with each other even longer. Often, however, there were long periods when one duo or another remained deadlocked together in one predicament or punishment or another, with neither willing to be the first to give in, which also gave them a good chance to recover their breath and strength, and then go on to whatever else they’d do with each other next.


Cody now sensed that maybe he should get back into it now with both of them. He knew he’d gotten so aroused cockfighting with both of them individually that he wasn't very far from shooting his load.


And now seeing both Lex's and Buzz's big boners getting longer and even more rock hard and sticking straight out from their muscled bodies, Cody knew that none of them could go on much longer without shooting their full loads of hot white cum and ending the whole thing. 


Lex was once again sitting on his dad’s face, but this time he’d reached his long arms out to grab both of his father’s ankles and was pulling his father’s massive and powerfully muscled legs up to his shoulders, bending his father’s muscled body almost all the way back, increasing the pressure of his butt on his dad's face even more.


Cody decided that this was the time to get into the fray with both of them. He'd been lying on his side on the soft moss close to them. So he now got up to his knees, reached over, and grabbed Lex around his waist to pull him off his dad to ease the pressure on Buzz.


Cody's sudden move distracted Lex to this new threat behind him just enough to cause him to lose his grip on his father’s ankles, which let his dad straighten himself out again and allowed his newly freed feet to drop down to hit the soft moss again.


Cody then kept on pulling Lex backwards and off his dad’s face until he was able to get a full solid body scissors from the rear on Lex. From there, he once again, as all of them had been doing with each other repeatedly before, crossed his ankles directly over Lex’s bulging, throbbing and naked crotch, and began to smash his heels hard into Lex’s already suffering big cock and balls to torture them even more.


Cody already knew that Lex really liked it when he was trapped in that predicament, just as Cody and Buzz did too when they were caught the same way when they'd all gotten into the same hold, predicament and punishment on each other earlier, and Lex would have no trouble with his punishment now.


But that now left Buzz free, Cody having freed him from the pressure Lex had been working on him.


But did Buzz show any gratitude to Cody for his effort in freeing him from his son's punishment? Cody wasn’t at all surprised when the answer to that was negative. Instead, Buzz rolled around and now came in behind Cody to get Cody in a new solid head scissors of his own, catching Cody's head crushingly between his massively muscular legs while Cody was still holding his tight body scissors on Lex.


Cody had no problem, however, with now once again finding his head totally caught between Buzz’s massive thighs and unable to see or hardly breathe while he still maintained his tight body scissors on Lex.


‘Yeah,’ he thought, ‘this is the way I really like it, sort of a big double punishment session - me getting a leg and body scissors on Lex while his dad gets his massive and deadly head scissors on me!’


For a long minute all three remained deadlocked with each other, their wet, naked and muscled bodies all so tightly tied together none of them could move. Although Lex was caught in Cody's full body scissors on him, he found he was still able to reach around and grab his dad's big legs, wrapped around Cody's head, and twist them around to give his dad some punishment back too just to add to the predicament of all three of them.


Back and forth the three of them now wrestled with and against each other. Whenever one got some advantage over the other, the third one came in to break it. It would also frequently be, almost naturally, two-against-one as Cody and Lex would team up against the massive and muscular Buzz to give him a particularly hard time.


Cody and Lex, combined, weighed more and had more arms and legs than Buzz did alone, of course, but when it’s one mind and one set of powerful muscles working against two other minds and sets of muscles which maybe aren’t that well coordinated, the playing field was leveled considerably.


As all three men, Cody and the father-son combo of Buzz and Lex wrestled back and forth, tightly all locked together on the soft moss for so long, the sun was gradually sinking toward the sea.


But as their fighting with each other had been going on so fierely and so long, their grappling back and forth had gradually also become slower and more sensual and erotic. And with that, the hot white male cum in each of their hot, naked and muscular bodies built up more and more until all three sensed it would soon explode out of their bodies whether they were ready for it or not.


By now, Lex and his dad both knew Cody liked to be pressured and caught underneath the other guy and be forced to suffer and punished almost beyond endurance.  


Buzz in particular, from his experience as an AD and wrestling coach, as well as some of his own inclinations, knew that there were a lot of wrestlers who liked to get punished by having two wrestlers work him over at the same time to give him even more of a hard time than just one wrestler alone.


He sensed that Cody also liked to have two wrestlers work him over and finish him off at the same time, and both he and Lex knew they wanted to give Cody all the pleasure they could for all he’d given them that afternoon.


Cody and Buzz were now crouched facing each other on the soft moss beneath them while Lex, for the moment, was watching them to see what they would do next and for his own next chance to get back at either or both of them for their final moves.


Buzz made the first move and drove his head between Cody’s well-muscled wrestler’s legs. His intention was to pick Cody up with the back of his neck, maybe again crushing Cody’s big load of male equipment on the back of his neck as Buzz lifted him up. Then, in all their wetness from their sweat and the humid forest around them, Buzz would slide Cody down over his big back down on to the soft moss below.


It worked just like he intended. Cody had glanced to the side for just an instant to see where Lex was, figuring Lex was going to attack him again, which was a good thought as that was just what Lex was planning to do.


But instead, with Buzz's move on him first having worked perfectly, Cody now found himself on his back on the soft moss. And then, before he could recover, Lex made his move, which was to get on top of Cody in a solid figure-four head scissors so that his big and now totally hard cock was once again positioned directly over Cody’s face.


>From there, in the next instant, Lex dropped his whole body and all of his full and hard man-sword once again fully and directly hard against Cody’s face, and once again deep into Cody’s mouth and forcing it down his throat, all in the same move.


It was one of Cody’s favorite ways to get trapped. He liked the feel and pressure of Lex’s move against him and the feel and taste of Lex’s big and youthful erection in his mouth to where his tongue could rim around the big heart-shaped end of it and begin to suck it as hard as he could as well as having Lex's powerful swimmer's legs wrapped tightly around his head.


To enjoy it even more, he wrapped his own muscled arms tight around Lex’s butt so that he couldn’t pull his big tool away either.


Cody sensed that Lex was within a few seconds of shooting his full load, and he wanted to be in a position to take in and drink all he could get of Lex's creamy man-juice until he’d be full and overflowing with it.


He also knew at the same time, however, he was just as close to coming and shooting his own load in the next few seconds, but looked forward to Lex’s shooting his load first.


But Buzz also knew that not only was his son Lex about to shoot his load, but that Cody was also right on the verge of coming too, as he himself was also.


With Lex now on top of Cody jamming his big rod deep down into Cody’s throat and forcing him to suck on it as hard as he could, that still left Cody’s legs still free as he was nevertheless trying to bridge out of his predicament.


Which then made an opening for Buzz to drop down to his own knees between Cody's legs and lift them up over his massive shoulders, just as he had done earlier when they were water wrestling.


>From there, Buzz leaned forward to position his head directly over Cody's crotch and position his mouth over Cody's big, long and thick joy-stick, fully aroused and about to come, sticking up in the air like a liquid fueled rocket ready to blast off.


Buzz then took and swallowed Cody’s whole rocket in his mouth to get all of Cody's hot creamy cum as soon as it was ready to shoot. At the same time he used one of his hands to reach out and grab Cody’s thick and bulging balls, like it was the start of the baseball season and he was ready to make the first pitch, and began to crush them in his fist to stimulate Cody even more.


But then Lex, his head not but a few inches from his dad's own equipment, and his arms free while his long and hard cock was anchored deep into Cody's mouth, reached around and seized his dad's equally long, hard and even thicker big rod, sticking down naked in front of him, in his fist.


Next thing Buzz knew, he felt his big naked tool, also about to shoot its own huge load of man-juice, being crushed in his son's tight grip, and getting it beaten even harder than he ever did to it.


Oh man, here Cody had Lex's big tool down his mouth and throat and was just about to get a full load of all of his cum juice as well. At the same time, he felt his own big tool being sucked deep down into Buzz's mouth and throat and was about to get all of Cody's big load of man juice shot into it in just a couple of seconds more. And Lex had seized his dad's huge tool and was going to jerk every last drop of cum juice out of him too, all at the same time!  


Suddenly Cody felt like he'd never felt before, being tortured and pleasured so in the wildest and most erotic rush he'd ever gotten before, and getting it at both ends at the same time.


'Man,' he thought in his moment of pure ecstasy, 'if I've ever got to go, this is the way I want it to be!'


He thought he was going to die with the pleasure of the whole thing, except he didn’t want to die too soon but instead wanted to stretch it out as long as he could.


Which wasn’t more than a few seconds for all three of them, all now being as stimulated and aroused as they could possibly be. 


Suddenly Cody felt Lex give a spasm of his whole body, and in the next instant he felt and tasted all of Lex’s hot white cum burst out of his hard cock-head and flood into his mouth and down his throat. He took in and swallowed as much as he could, but had to let the rest of it run down the side of his mouth and neck to disappear into the moss below him.


Then, at almost the same instant, he suddenly felt all of his own hot white creamy cum, of which he knew he had a full load after all their wrestling around while swimming and now wrestling even more on the soft moss of the jungle glen, burst out of his own big tool into Buzz’s waiting mouth and down his throat as well.


And then by Buzz’s groans and movements, Cody knew that Lex had forced Buzz to shoot his own big load of hot cum too. For an instant, all three were frozen motionless as they felt all of the long accumulating loads of hot white creamy cum in their bodies pulse and pour out into each other and out on the ground until all three soon felt themselves completely drained and exhausted.


For a few long minutes afterwards they remained still locked together, motionless, as each felt himself drained and empty and without any strength to go on any longer.


All three knew it sure had been good, and then, after just a few minutes more all three began to slowly recover.


Then Lex said, “Hey, Cody, you know you’re all right! In fact, man, you are the greatest!”


“Thanks, man,” was Cody’s grinning reply, “That’s only because you guys bring out the best in me!"


Then Buzz, who was lying on the soft moss next to him tousled Cody's head and said “ You’re a good man, Cody Carson!” Cody knew that was all he had to say. It made his day. 


That night, after he went to bed back in the Sapphire Seas Hotel, Cody figured the only bad thing was that Buzz and Lex were leaving early the next morning to fly back to the mainland.


It sure was a great day, and now he had only to figure out what he was going to do himself for his last couple of days on St. Lauren. But before he could think more about that, he was asleep. Little did he know that the next day would bring him yet another great adventure! 


 The End

Posted: 05/24/13