Wrestler's Story
 Cat Meets 'Double Trouble'

By: Ron Nelson
(© 2012 by the author)

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Cat was just about finished mounting two wooden cabinets on the wall of the bunkhouse at Buck’s cabin in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.   Buck and he thought it might be a good idea to keep a few towels and bottles of wrestling oil handy for anybody working on the mats in the bunkhouse to wipe themselves dry, and also to wipe up any sweat, oil and maybe any other body fluids which might surge out during or at the end of the guys’ wrestling matches.


It was a hot Saturday afternoon, and Buck and his chocolate Lab Roscoe, who liked nothing better than to ride around in Buck’s F-150 pickup truck with him, had gone down to Asheville to check out a new hoist for Buck’s truck and auto repair shop over in Gadwell while Cat put in the cabinets.     With the heat of the day, even though it was now close to five o’clock, Cat had stripped down to his boxer shorts to keep his lithe and muscular body as cool as he could while he finished the job.


Buck planned to get back around nine that night, and maybe then he and Cat would still have a chance to mess and wrestle around with each other on the mats until they’d both get themselves totally exhausted. At  least Cat hoped that was the way the rest of the day might go.   But it was not to be.


Maybe it was because he had his Randy Travis country music on so loud that he didn’t hear the pickup truck come up to the bunkhouse.  He became aware that he was about to have some visitors only when he heard the two pickup doors slam shut and two men appeared and came through the open screen door of the bunkhouse.


Looking up suddenly and seeing the two, Cat thought ‘Oh, oh, double trouble!  I wonder what’s going to happen now? This might not be so good!’   The two visitors were “Spike” Malone and “Tony” Taranto, who had been fellow prisoners of Cat’s when all three were in the Creston County prison a year or so ago.   They had all been sentenced for two-to-five, but were now once again out.


Cat thought he’d put a confident face on it, however, and said, “Hey, Spike, hey, Tony, what brings you up here today?   The grin on his face and his cheerful greeting didn’t exactly reflect what he was thinking, but he figured he’d at least try to start positive.


Cat had a pretty good general idea of what they might have in mind, however, and, if he guessed right,  it wasn’t going to make his day any better.  It had very quickly flashed through his mind what they might be here for.




Shortly before Cat was released from prison, he’d had a couple of “incidents” with them.   They weren’t bad for Cat, but maybe they weren’t all that good for Spike and Tony.


Spike was the smaller of the two, maybe no bigger than five-seven and one-fifty, and sort of “physically challenged.”   He was sharp and quick, however, and if ever there was an angle to be worked in some situation, he worked it.  Any prison favors to be had seemed to come to him, and he was always a man with a plan or an out.  


He was also known to be a real good poker player, and while cards were not officially permitted to the prisoners, as Creston County prison was a medium security facility the guards weren’t too strict about the inmates having cards so long as the prisoners didn’t make it too conspicuous.


Maybe that’s where things began to go wrong.   Cat never said much about it, but he was a real good poker player himself although he always downplayed his considerable talent in that direction if it ever came up.


One Friday evening a couple of months before Cat was to be released,  when the prisoners had their usual hour of free time in the prison rec room before having to return to their cells, Spike, whom Cat knew by sight and casual acquaintance, asked Cat if he’d like to play some poker.


Fridays were when the prisoners were paid the dollar or two they had  earned during the week from their different jobs in the prison, which they could then spend in the prison commissary for little things they might like  to buy.  Spike knew Cat had been working pretty hard during the week at  his job in the prison laundry, and might have even as much as two or even three dollars in his hands which Spike wouldn’t mind getting in his own hands.  He asked Cat if he’d be interested in a few hands of poker for    some small change.


That was ok with Cat, although he said he really wasn’t that good a player, and he would be obliged if Spike would show him some of the finer points of the game.   A half dozen other prisoners gathered around Spike and Cat  as they began to play.  


One of those other prisoners standing around was Tony.   Tony was a big man in every sense of the word.  He was a couple of inches taller than Cat, who was five-ten, and probably weighed north of two hundred, or about thirty pounds more than Cat.  About half of Tony’s weight was muscle and the other half fat.


In wrestling around, Cat always liked to wrestle with bigger guys. He liked for them to get on him or pressure or punish him one way or another  just so long as they didn’t really kill him.   A lot of wrestlers, particularly ones who aren’t really competitive, have that liking, and Cat was one of them.


Cat had seen Tony before and watched him when they worked out at the same time on the weights in the prison gym and out in the open field just inside the prison yard.  That was the yard which was surrounded by a  double  chain link fence, topped by rolls of razor wire, where the prisoners could run or play ball in their scheduled rec time.


At the edge of the ball field, and in a corner of the prison weight room too,  places had been set up where the men who were so inclined could lift weights,  box or wrestle around with each other to work off some of their excess energy.


Cat had seen Tony wrestle with some other prisoners in both places every once in a while.  He also noticed that Tony watched him when he wrestled with another man too although, up until then, they had never had occasion to wrestle with each other.   Cat also noticed that Tony showed signs of getting aroused and get a hard-on whenever he wrestled.  Cat knew he frequently did too whenever he wrestled around with certain other guys too.


When Cat watched Tony wrestle he saw that Tony was actually something like an elephant, like a lot of big guys, in that he was really a relatively gentle guy who was always pretty considerate of the guys he was wrestling with.  He seemed to be basically a good natured guy even though, as Cat soon saw, he didn’t seem to be the brightest light in the room nor on the mat either.  In any event, Cat knew he wanted to mess around and get into it sooner or later, preferably sooner,  himself with Tony for however it might come out.


Cat had also noticed that Spike and Tony were sort of a pair and tended to watch out for each other.   Smaller guys in prison many times were at the physical mercy of bigger prisoners who would force them into all sorts of sexual acts or punishment whether they liked it or not.  As a result, smaller prisoners frequently tried to team up with a bigger prisoner who could protect them.


Tony, on the other hand, being big, good natured, but not all that bright, found that Spike was able to answer for him when he got into trouble, and was also able to send a few prison favors his way to make his prison life a little easier.  As a result both Tony and Spike had sort of teamed up for the benefit of both.  It was a good relationship even though they didn’t make it too public.  Such personal relationships also frequently carried over to when the prisoners might be together and alone in their cells or on some prison job, but that was nobody’s business but their own.




That Friday night when Cat and Spike were playing poker, surrounded by a few of the other prisoners, including Tony, things went ok for a while.   Spike’s deck of cards had been confiscated a few days before by one of the guards, but Cat still had his deck so they played with Cat’s cards.


For the first few hands, they were pretty even.   But then, as Cat said he was getting more into how the game was played, he began to win more and more often. At first only a quarter, then fifty cents, then a dollar, and then two dollars began to move over to Cat’s side of the table.


That wasn’t much money on the outside, but inside prison, when a whole week’s pay was no more than a dollar or two, it was big money!


Then Cat began to win more hands, although he lost now and then too,  but soon another couple of dollars moved over to his side of the table.


At first, Spike just began to lament his run of bad luck, but then he began to get suspicious of Cat.  After losing another dollar, his suspicions increased considerably and he began to watch Cat and his playing a lot  more closely.


As a good poker player himself, and having maybe been a little less than scrupulous with other players himself, he knew what to watch for.


Sure enough, Cat had marked the cards just slightly with his well-known fine craftsman’s touch.  It was just enough for him to take most of the   hands and most of the money too.


At the last hand they played, sure enough, Cat once again finessed a couple of the cards and he won again, with another dollar ready to come his way across the table.  He’d now won more than nine dollars, or over a month’s prison pay.


Spike was furious.  He jumped up to grab the cards and throw them in Cat’s face and then jump on Cat and try to beat him up despite their difference in sizes.  Cat, being the lithe and muscular guy he was, was always ready to wrestle around or even fight with another guy, and if that’s what Spike wanted, even though he was a lot smaller and no fighter in the first place, he‘d be ready for him even though that was actually the last thing he wanted to do.


Cat was saved by the bell!


Just  at that moment, the prison fire alarm sounded in the random monthly fire drill they held in which all prisoners were under strict orders to stop and drop whatever they were doing to run immediately back to their cells for control, inspection and head count.


With the sound of the bell, Cat reacted instantly, as might be expected.  He swooped up his winnings with one hand and his cards with his other hand before Spike or Tony or anyone else could stop him.  Then he ran back to his own cell while Spike and Tony were obliged to let him go to return to their own cells.


After Cat got back to  his cell, he smiled to himself as to how he got out of his predicament with Spike and made his narrow escape. For that, however,  he knew there’d be some retribution for it too as by the end of the game when they broke up even the bystanders knew he’d lied to Spike about his poker playing abilities, and that he’d also marked the cards to end up cheating Spike out of more than that month’s prison pay.


Then the incident with Tony followed just a few days after the poker game.  Cat and Tony had been assigned to work in the prison laundry room for the morning, along with Spike and a couple of other prisoners.  They all remembered the poker game incident, of course, but by now the heat of it had pretty well died down, and their present circumstances didn’t allow for them to bring it up again.


Tony and Cat, being the sturdiest of the prisoners, were assigned to sort out and organize all the dirty laundry.  This included not only all of the sheets and pillow cases,  many of which had been stained from various body fluids, but the similarly stained towels, prison uniforms, and all the rest.


All of it was dumped into a large pit or holding area about twelve feet square, almost like a wrestling ring, where they were to sort it out for the big industrial-size prison washing machines.  Spike’s job was to sit at the edge of the pit and keep count of it.  Other prisoners worked nearby dumping new loads of dirty laundry into the pit and taking out the sorted loads and carrying them over to the washing machines.


Both Cat and Tony had taken off just about all of their clothes except their camo prison boxer shorts with all the work and heat of the place.  They    got sweaty doing the job too, and from time to time, and increasingly, they touched each other as they handled the dirty laundry.   That always felt  good to both of them.


Then they soon got to sort of horsing around with each other, and then soon were into full time wrestling around with each other, which both wanted with the other from the start.  There was only one prison guard in the whole laundry, and he was stationed by the only door to the place.   As a result, Cat and Tony could mess around with each other almost as much and as long as they liked, just so long as they eventually got the laundry job done.


Both Cat and Tony, in wrestling with each other almost naked, had also gotten sexually aroused and gotten big hard-ons which they then soon began to attack on each other in a real good back and forth cockfight. Both liked   that too.


After wrestling around in the pit and in the dirty laundry for almost fifteen minutes he and Tony had gotten themselves to where Cat was on top of Tony and had gotten him in a real tight head scissors with his long and hard cock pressed hard against Tony’s face.  Tony was trying to bridge out or flip his big and thick legs up and catch Cat in a similar head scissors, but so far it hadn’t worked.


Then suddenly Cat felt, with all their wrestling around and cockfighting with each other, that he’d become so aroused that he was about to shoot his full and big load of hot white cum which had been accumulating in his body all that time.


He didn’t know what Tony’s feelings might be on that sort of thing, shooting his full load from wrestling and cockfighting so much, particularly with Cat having his big rod jammed hard right against Tony’s face underneath him.


He knew he had only seconds left and was so close to coming he couldn’t hold it back any more than just a few seconds.  He asked Tony if it was ok for him to shoot his load as they were, but at the same time he also tried to loosen his head scissors on Tony to at least get his big and expectant rod out of Tony’s face.


Tony was able to tell him, despite having Cat’s big rod pressed hard against his nose and mouth,  that Cat could do whatever he liked.  But then when Cat tried to loosen his figure four head scissors on Tony to get off him, he found Tony wouldn’t let go.  Instead, Tony, who had wrapped his big arms around Cat’s butt to hold him in place with Cat’s big long and hard rod pressed hard into his face, and kept him tight.


Cat couldn’t hold back any longer.   In the next couple of seconds he had to let it all go.  It was a full load, and over the next couple of minutes in spasm after spasm, Tony’s face and mouth were covered and filled with all the sweet tangy hot white cum in Cat’s body until Cat was completely drained and exhausted.


Only then did Tony release him.  Neither said anything, and just then the guard came over to see what was going on. He had become aware that things had gotten sort of unusually quiet in the sorting area for a while,    and figured he’d better check it out.


Cat and Tony quickly got back to their laundry sorting job and stuck with it until it was done and they got cleaned up, showered and had to return to their cells for the rest of their prison day.




Now, here in the bunkhouse, it seemed entirely possible that maybe the time of retribution for his actions was about to take place.  Cat figured he’d try to make the best of it and maybe it wouldn’t turn out to be too bad anyway.


Both Spike and Tony had come up to him with small grins covering their faces.  Whatever it was to happen next, presumably it would be physical.  Cat figured he could take care of Spike easily enough unless he were carrying a gun with him.   And he knew he wouldn’t mind at all mixing it up with Tony again.  He knew that Tony could easily wipe him out physically, but maybe, with being generally good natured and not of a violent sort, he’d take it a little easy on Cat too just like he had back in the prison laundry before that little cum-shoot incident.


“Remember us from Creston, Cat?” said Spike, taking hold of the conversation.  The grin on his face widened just a little but Cat couldn’t figure out yet where he was going with the question.


“Seems like we were playing a game of poker or something, and seems like you ran off with all of my money!


“So now I’ve come back and would like all the money you took off me with those marked cards and then maybe we’ll call it even for the game.  And maybe Tony here would like to return a little something to you too.”


Cat, quick thinker that he was and hoping to minimize the damage he might be in line to suffer if things went badly, said “Sure, Spike, just what I had in mind too!


“I was going to suggest just that when the fire alarm went off and we all had to go back to our cells so fast.   Then, when I saw you across the yard later, you and Tony were in head count formation so I couldn’t talk with you then either.”  Cat didn’t mention that he could have mentioned it to them later on when they were working in the prison laundry but didn’t.


“Problem was by then I didn’t have any of the money left as I had to pay off some debts to a couple of other guys and my commissary tab, and was  too broke myself by then even to put up any stake at all in another game.


“And then, anyway, when they did the cell inspection after the fire drill, I’d left the cards on my bunk bed, and the guard saw and confiscated them.  So then I didn’t have any cards either!”


“Yeah, yeah, likely story,” said Spike, not believing a word of it knowing Cat was as good at giving out a smooth and plausible line without a particle of truth to it as he was playing poker.   The smile on Cat’s face as he talked with Spike didn’t help his argument much either.


“Well,” said Spike, “Tony and me figured it wasn’t much money anyway, and we’ve made up for it since we got out of prison.   But we thought we might just come up here anyway, ‘cause we knew you were up here, and sort of even the score and maybe persuade you not to mess with us again.”


As they were talking, they had been standing next to each other at the edge of the wrestling mat and weight rack.  Then, as he talked, Spike began to move to the side away from Tony.   As Spike moved and talked, Cat’s attention naturally followed him and away from Tony.


Next thing Cat knew after Spike’s last comment and his shifting to the side was when Tony, still in front of him, suddenly shifted as fast as his bulk and reflexes would let him, and got behind Cat.  Then, before Cat could figure out exactly what they were doing, Tony grabbed him from behind in a tight bear hug around his chest and held him so tight he couldn’t escape.


From wrestling other guys, it was a hold Cat knew and liked, and being held that way by the big and strong Tony was not of itself by way of being any kind of a bad thing.


It helped, too, that Cat was wearing only his loose boxer shorts while the rest of his muscular body was naked and wet with sweat.  Then, while Tony was holding Spike, in the next instant, Spike came up behind Tony and ripped off his tight t-shirt and camo shorts to free him of his confining clothes too.  It wasn’t but a few minutes afterward that  they also ripped off each other’s boxer shorts so that they’d wrestle  naked from there on.


Cat could quickly feel Tony’s nakedness behind him, and also began to feel Tony’s big cock, now getting aroused and hard with his holding Cat in his bear hug, as it began to push and probe into Cat’s solid butt and butt hole to see about getting as deep as it could into Cat’s butt.


Tony was holding Cat in a bear hug under his arms, leaving Cat’s arms and hands mostly free.  Cat therefore almost instinctively moved one of his hands behind him to grope for Tony’s big cock which was trying to get into his butt.   Tony’s cock was as big as a horse.  Cat knew he’d sure not like to have that thing shoved up his ass.  In his mouth, that might be another thing - he figured he wouldn’t mind that at all.




Although Cat didn’t like to have another guy’s cock actually get into his butt hole,  he didn’t have any problem with the other guy trying to do so, and he liked the feel of Tony trying to get into him.  So while he grabbed Tony’s cock in his hand and began to try to crush it in his fist to keep him out, which Tony didn’t seem to object to at all, Cat succeeded in at least deflecting it from his butt hole at least temporarily take care of that problem.


‘Oh, oh,’ thought Cat, ‘Maybe this is what they have in mind.  Spike gets  his kicks out of me one way, and then Tony another way.  If that’s their plan, and only that, I think it’s going to be ok with me.’


That, indeed, was their plan. 


After Tony grabbed Cat in his tight bear hold, Spike moved around to stand close in front of him again.


“Ok, buddy,” said Spike, confident in his position with Tony holding Cat tight and not letting him loose, “Now how about if you take a little punishment in return?”


With that, Spike first began to smack Cat, but not too hard, on one side of his face and then the other. Cat tried to deflect the blows by turning his head first one way and then the other.  He took some hits and dodged the others.


Then Spike dropped his hands down a little and began to punch Cat more strongly and harder on his thick pecs and solid abs,  giving him about three

jabs with his right fist first and, when that got tired, a couple of jabs with his left fist.


With Cat being naked, each smack and punch landed with a slapping sound on Cat’s flesh.  This was a considerable turn-on for Spike as he didn’t often get the chance to slap and punch somebody around without them pretty quickly getting back at him and putting a fast stop to it - at his expense.


Actually, Cat didn’t have any problem at all with Spike’s hitting him like that. Spike was so small, with no real physical strength to make much of an impression on the muscular Cat one way or another whatever he did, that Cat had no problem at all taking it.


Nevertheless, rather than tightening up and defying Spike, which might only make him try and hit him harder, Cat grew a little limp, which he was aware also put a little more strain on Tony, who was still holding him tightly.  Cat also gave out a couple of moans as if Spike were really hurting him, which made Spike think he was being real effective with his punishment of Cat.


A couple of times, when Spike got closer to him, Cat did try to kick both legs out in front of him, trusting Tony not to let him go, to get Spike in some kind of leg scissors.   But each time he tried it, as he knew he wasn’t trying too hard but just mainly wanted to impress Spike, Tony pulled him back and Spike quickly pulled away too.


With Tony’s big rod still pressing into his butt, and liking the punishment Spike was giving him, and being hot, wet and naked as well, Cat soon got more and more aroused.  Then it was only a couple of minutes more until his big rod got all hard and began to jut out straight and fully from his body through his boxer shorts.


That made a new target for Spike, which he wasn’t long in exploiting.   From punching Cat’s pecs and abs, he now dropped his hands and began    to slap Cat’s hard cock back and forth, first from one side and then the other, just as he had smacked Cat’s face earlier.


Each time he did, Cat moaned some more.  Spike thought Cat was moaning from the hurt he was taking, while Cat was actually mostly moaning with the erotic pleasure it was giving him.   He knew he had a masochistic streak, like a lot of wrestlers, and now Spike, who was trying to hurt him, was actually feeding his most basic sensual desires.


Cat would have been willing to have Spike work him over all night like that as Tony continued to hold him tight and not let him escape.   But after ten minutes or so, it was the physically challenged Spike who got tired first, and it wasn’t long before he got too tired to continue.  However, by then he had now done everything he wanted to do to get back at Spike, and, with Cat’s moans, figured he’d given Cat enough too.


“Ok, Cat, I’ll let you off this time.  But just don’t forget and try to mess around with me if we ever meet up again.” Cat hung his head and looked down at the mat and just gave another moan while, inside, he was grinning from ear to ear.


“Ok, Tony, he’s all yours now,” said Spike as he stepped back to sit down to rest himself in one of the two big leather easy chairs in the bunkhouse to watch and see whatever Tony would do next with Cat, and Cat with Tony. 


Tony and Cat were now both naked and could hardly wait to get into messing around with each other.  It was what they’d wanted to do ever  since they first wrestled in the prison laundry room.


Cat figured, despite their size difference, they were still pretty evenly matched.   Tony was bigger and heavier and at least as strong, but he wasn’t nearly as fast moving nor as experienced as Cat.  He figured if he could just keep from getting Tony on top of him too often and wearing him down, and if he could keep ahead of Tony, he’d be ok.


As Tony released him from the bear hug he had on him and Cat now turned around on the wrestling mat to face him, he glanced at the USMC wall clock Buck had hung there.   It was close to seven, and Buck wasn’t expected back until maybe nine or ten to come and save him if he got into bigger trouble with Tony and Spike.   He knew he’d just have to make do until then as best he could.   At the same time, he was looking to get into it with Tony as he knew both of them liked to wrestle around the same way, and so Cat didn’t want Buck to come home too soon either.    So he was good with it, either way.


It had already turned to dusk, and it was getting dark in the bunkhouse when Tony and Cat got into it with each other on the bunkhouse wrestling mat.   Cat liked to wrestle in the near darkness anyway, and as it turned out Tony did too.


Tony made the first move on Cat and, having been holding him before in a tight bear hug from behind with his big, long and thick cock still hard and jutting out from his body, he figured he’d now get Cat in another bear hug, but this time from the front and maybe try and crush and get into him that way too.


Cat looked forward to getting into a real good and tight bear hug with the physically bigger Tony, but maybe not quite yet, having already been  caught in it so long when Spike was working him over.


So, before Tony could move in on him, Cat dropped to his knees and rammed his head between Tony’s big, thick legs and thighs.   That of itself felt real good to him.  His plan was to lift Tony up in a solid crotch lift using the back of his neck to press hard against Tony’s big cock and balls, and, with the leverage from being on his knees on the mat, dump Tony over his back down to the mat behind him.  


Tony was a little slow to react to Cat’s move to dump him over his back and so the  next thing Tony knew was Cat had succeeded in his move and Tony was flat on his back on the mat with Cat now already on top of him and getting a real good body press on him, face to face.


Cat then quickly squared away his hold on the big Tony by dropping one of his legs between Tony’s legs, pressing it down hard on his cock and balls to hold him in place at one end, while at the same time wrapping his arms around Tony’s upper body in a real good bear hug to hold him down at the other end.  Then he pressed his own face down on Tony’s face to where, in the next moment, they got a real good lip-lock on each other so that then their tongues could start to wrestle it out inside each other’s mouth.


Tony didn’t have any problem with that, Cat was glad to see.  Cat then thought even more that maybe he and Tony really did like to wrestle the same way.  ‘If so,’ Cat thought, ‘this might turn out to be real good!’


Tony did try to struggle out from underneath Cat, but he wasn’t too successful.  And then too, maybe he liked the feel of the muscular and lithe Cat on top of him and their being lip-locked and all, and so maybe he wasn’t in any great hurry to break the hold either.


After a couple of minutes, it was Cat who broke it off instead as he slid his body up Tony’s a few inches until he got a solid headlock on him and was able to position his thick and muscular pec directly over Tony’s face.  Then he proceeded to drop down and stuff it, nipple first, as deep as he could into Tony’s open and waiting mouth.  That gave another couple of minutes of sensual and erotic pleasure for both wrestlers.


After a couple minute’s deadlock in that hold, however, Tony was able to get one of his big arms free to slide against one of Cat’s pecs to push him off just enough to get Cat’s big pec out of his mouth.  Then he brought his other hand up to where he could grab Cat’s other pec in each fist and begin to squeeze and crush both of them in his fists as he tried to push Cat off him entirely, or at least as much as possible.


Cat liked the feel of his pecs being squeezed and crushed by Tony, and didn’t resist Tony’s move too much against him.   At the same time, he also eased up the rest of his total hold on Tony to let Tony take over the action for a while to see what he’d do with it.


Tony, it seemed, like after their bear hugs on each other, didn’t really have too much of a plan for what he wanted to do with Cat.  Instead, he mostly just tried to reverse whatever Cat had just been doing to him.   Which was entirely agreeable to Cat.


Now Tony got a solid body scissors on Cat, holding him tightly between his big legs, while keeping his hold on Cat’s pecs and upper body too, and rolled both of them over until now he was on top of Cat, pressing his full and big body weight down on top of Cat.  At first, Cat thought he was going to be crushed, but then he was able to move out from under Tony just slightly. 


Then he also realized that Tony had shifted his weight slightly off to the side too so as not to press down too hard on Cat either.   Cat liked that and was impressed that Tony should be aware of his effect on him.  Cat knew so often a bigger wrestler just got on top of a smaller guy with all of his weight and just totally wore out the lesser guy before a match hardly even got started.  Apparently Tony was aware of this problem and saw to it that this match between him and Cat stayed pretty much even.


Nevertheless and however, now it was Tony’s turn to position himself on top of Cat so that he could stuff his even bigger and thicker pec over Cat’s face and deep down into Cat’s mouth as far as he could to make Cat suck on it for a while.  It was no more than Cat had done to  him earlier.   Cat had no trouble with that all,  and was ready to eat Tony’s pec just as long as Tony wanted to feed it to him.


After a while in that deadlock, however, Tony, being on top of Cat pretty much immobilizing him and therefore knowing it was up to him to be the first to make the move to break the deadlock, eventually pulled his big pec back out of Cat’s mouth.  This then freed Cat up to breathe more normally again too.  At the same time,  Tony also began to slide down Cat’s body between Cat’s legs until his head and face were opposite Cat’s naked crotch and his big, hard and bulging cock and balls.


That suited Cat just fine.  As soon as Tony had positioned his head between Cat’s muscular legs, Cat caught him in a tight head scissors.  Now Tony was once again caught by Cat.   Cat then followed that up by reaching out to grab the back of Tony’s head and began to pull it in as tight as he could into his hot crotch and against his naked and bulging cock and balls to blind and suffocate Tony in his new hold.


The only thing Cat liked better than getting another guy in a nice tight head scissors between his powerful legs and bury the other man’s face hard into his crotch was to get caught in the same hold by the other guy himself.


Tony didn’t mind it too much himself either, even though all he could do to get back at Cat was to reach out blindly and again grab Cat’s pecs to squeeze them to try to force Cat to release his head scissors and let him go. But it wasn’t enough to persuade Cat to do so.  Instead, they remained in their deadlocked and punishing holds on each other for a few minutes until Cat then made the next move.


Keeping his head scissors on Tony, and continuing to pull in and bury Tony’s face hard into his cock and balls, he rolled both of them over until now he was once again on top of Tony.  That meant he could now begin to press his full body weight and cock and balls against Tony’s face even harder,  and try to stab his cock down into Tony‘s open mouth too.  Tony tried to bridge and flip out from under Cat, but he couldn’t quite do it.  But then maybe he didn’t try too hard either.


In fact, for a long time, Tony had  kept his muscled arms wrapped around Cat’s butt to keep him in place despite the pressure Cat was putting on him.  But then eventually he changed his hold on Cat  to get his strong arms and hands under Cat’s body right next to his cock and balls and push him away and make his escape. 


Cat didn’t resist that too much as he knew he’d had a good thing of it with Tony for long enough anyway,  having held him in a real good figure four head scissors so long, and with his big long, and hard, rod stuffed deep down into Tony’s mouth and throat.  So now it was Tony’s turn to take the lead again. 


As Spike watched them, he wasn’t sure if Tony was really punishing Cat for what Cat had done to him in the prison laundry room when they had wrestled on the dirty sheets and laundry, or if maybe both of them were just enjoying what they were doing to and with each other right now.  Spike soon figured it was more the latter than the former.   But he knew he sure didn’t mind watching the two naked and muscular wrestlers fighting it out in front of him on the bunkhouse wrestling mat in the warm semi-darkness either. 


As Cat and Tony wrestled naked and wet, they had also gotten more and more fully aroused with all of the sensual and erotic pleasure they were getting from the whole thing.   Now both of their big rods were bone hard and stuck straight out from the bodies, and their big balls were full almost to bursting.   More and more, it had turned into a big cockfight between the two with a lot of hard cock and ball punishment as they tried to grab and crush, or pull, bend or rip the other’s cock right off his body. 


Both liked very much what they were doing with the other, and neither was in any hurry to end it, however.


Next, for a moment, they paused after one of their many escapes and sat on the mat facing each other.   So Cat reached out first and grabbed one of Tony’s ankles to pull him in toward him, while he jammed one of his feet into Tony’s crotch against his big and throbbing cock and balls to crush them hard into Tony’s crotch.


But then Tony just as quickly grabbed Cat’s loose ankle and jammed his loose foot just as hard into Cat’s crotch, crushing Cat’s own big cock and balls, to return the punishment to him.  And, being slightly taller than Cat with longer legs, he was able to put more pressure on Cat than Cat was on him.  Cat was used to the hold and punishment he was now forced to take from Tony but liked it, however, so it got to be another real good and punishing deadlock between the two.


Then Cat’s foot slipped out with the slipperiness of their bodies and he lost his hold, which made Tony then lose his same hold on Cat. 


As soon as they separated, Cat recovered first while Tony was still sitting on the mat and he quickly shifted behind Tony to get him in a solid body scissors from the rear.


Cat then quickly wrapped both of his strong and muscular legs around Tony’s big lower body, crossed his ankles above Tony’s crotch to secure the hold, and then proceeded to jam his heels repeatedly into Tony’s crotch against his long, hard cock and thick balls to continue to punish them all   he could. 


At the same time he got Tony in a solid bear hug around his upper body and grabbed one of Tony’s big thick pecs in each of his fists and began to squeeze them until Tony’s muscled flesh was almost squeezed out between his fingers.


Both holds combined felt real good to Cat, and, although Tony didn’t say so, Cat knew Tony liked the predicament he was in and the new punishment Cat was giving him just as much.


It was only after long minutes of this punishment that Tony was finally able to break Cat’s crushing holds on his pecs. Then he was able to break Cat’s ankles and legs apart from their repeatedly smashing into his crotch so that he was then able to twist around but still keep on top of Cat.  From there he shifted his legs around until he was able to kneel, with his knees and toes on the mat, on top Cat’s chest facing his feet. 


From there, before Cat could find some way to squirm out from underneath the big Tony squatting on his muscled chest, Tony had only to shift back a couple of inches until he was able to fully sit on Cat’s face, covering it completely.  Next he felt all of Cat’s whole face, eyes, nose and mouth, get buried deep into the dark and hot canyon of the crack between his naked and wet butt cheeks.


As soon as Cat felt Tony come down and position himself over his chest that way, he knew what Tony had in mind to do with him.  He knew he wasn’t going to mind that at all.  It was one of his favorite positions to get caught in, give or take.


As Cat felt Tony’s butt come over his face to sit fully and squarely down on it, which he didn’t mind it at all, it meant his whole world suddenly went dark and hot, and what little air he could get came through only the small opening still left to him between Tony’s big butt cheeks.  Cat liked the feel of his new predicament, however, and was in no hurry to escape it.


What Cat couldn’t see, however, was that at that point Spike signaled to Tony to look at the clock on the wall.  They’d agreed earlier they’d most likely want to stay at the bunkhouse only maybe an hour or two so that they would be gone by the time Buck or anyone else came on to the scene.


It had already been almost two hours since they’d come up to the bunkhouse and found Cat alone, and while Tony was very much liking what he and Cat were doing with and to each other wrestling naked and wet on the bunkhouse mat, he knew that Spike was right.  


Eventually, Tony eased up and shifted around until he could get another body press on Cat and get his head in a solid figure four head scissors.   As usual, Cat had no trouble with that as he liked the feel of another man’s legs, particularly if they were as big as Tony’s, wrap themselves around his head.   Particularly if that meant the other man’s big, full and hard cock and bulging balls were pressed hard against his face.


Caught in Tony’s solid figure four head scissors, at first he only felt Tony’s big, long and hard rod being crushed against his face.  But then, when he had to open his mouth to breathe a little better in Tony’s suffocating hold on him, Tony lifted and shifted his big body slightly and then stabbed his big rod deep down into Cat’s mouth and throat.


For a couple long minutes they struggled back and forth, Cat to escape from under the big Tony and get his mouth free from Tony’s big cock stabbed into it, and Tony to keep it all just the way it was.   Cat knew, with all their sensual and erotic wrestling with each other, by now both of them had gotten very much aroused.  In fact, he knew he was going to have to come and shoot his load in just the next couple of minutes, and knew Tony was the same.


Desperately he struggled and tried to flip or bridge out from under Tony before Tony would come.  At the same time he was trying to bridge out from under Tony,  however, Tony had grabbed his own big rod, sticking up right in Tony’s face, and was crushing it in his fist, pushing it forward between his legs to the mat, and rubbing the end of it to stimulate him even more.  Poor Cat was being abused all over and didn’t know which part of him he should try to help first.  He also knew he loved every minute of it.


Then suddenly he knew it was all over for him.  After just seconds  more of Tony’s punishment of him, Cat felt all of the hot white cum which had been accumulating in Tony’s big body suddenly burst out of his big hard cock-end and flood deep into his mouth and throat.  On and on it pulsed and flowed until Cat couldn’t hold any more and it began to run down the side of his mouth and neck to the mat beneath them.


As usual, Cat had no problem at all with any of it, give or take.


Finally the pulsing flow of Tony’s cum ended and Tony slid off him to let him go so that for a moment both of them lay on the mat, naked, wet and exhausted.


As soon as Spike saw their match had ended and they‘d separated a little from each other, Spike said, “Ok, Tony, I’m thinking we’d better head out now pretty fast as there’s no telling how long it will be until the other guy with Cat here comes back and finds us still here.


“And don’t forget there’s just a little more we got to do so our man Cat here don’t forget our little visit here with him any time soon!”


‘Oh, oh,” thought a now recovering Cat, ‘Now what?” 


Before he could get up or move to defend himself against whatever they had in mind for him next, the now sufficiently recovered Tony, with Spike’s slight assistance, half carried and half dragged the now beginning to resist Cat over to one of the bunks and dumped him down on it.


Cat knew nothing good was going to come of whatever Spike and Tony planned to do next, and tried to get up and out of the bunk where Tony had just dumped him.   Tony, however, had no trouble holding him down on it while Spike went over to the kitchen counter where he’d already laid out half a dozen small towels and dishrags along with the roll of duct tape which Cat had been using when he was putting up the cabinets.


Before Cat could stop him, Tony grabbed one of Cat’s wrists while Spike quickly wrapped a towel around it and then wrapped a long piece of duct over the towel and Cat’s wrist and over the edge of the bunk rail to tie him down firmly to the bunk.  One down and three to go.


In the next couple of minutes Tony had seized Cat’s other wrist, and then both of his ankles, with Spike wrapping a towel around Cat’s wrists and ankles and then wrapping long pieces of duct tape tight firmly around the towels and Cat’s other hand and both ankles to tie him up to the bed rails at all four points so he couldn‘t get loose.


Cat, naked and increasingly immobilized as Tony and Spike duct-taped him to the bunk,  couldn’t do anything but moan about it and complain of their treatment of him, which affected them not at all.


Then, for their final treatment of Cat, Spike folded up the fifth towel, placed it across Cat’s eyes and around his head so that he was blindfolded, and then duct taped that too.  They at least left Cat’s nose and mouth uncovered so that he could breathe easily enough, but that was about it.


“Ok amigo,” said Spike, “Now you will remember us so there’ll be no next time.   Hope your buddy comes back soon to let you go before the end of the week!” was his parting comment.


Tony said nothing, but he kissed Cat on the lips and gave a final squeeze to Cat’s now re-hardened naked cock and balls as they headed out the door.


In another minute, Cat heard the doors of their pickup truck slam shut and then heard the sound of the pickup diminish to nothing as they left him to his fate.


‘Oh man,” thought Cat, ‘I sure hope Buck comes back real soon and releases me from all this ‘cause I don’t know how much more of all this I       can take.’


Cat had no idea how long he lay there, tied to the bunk and unable to get free.  He even managed to doze off a little despite how uncomfortable he soon was, being unable to move.   Fortunately, however, about forty-five minutes later, he woke up when he heard the sound of Buck’s pickup come up the dirt driveway as Buck and Roscoe returned.


He knew he’d never been so glad to hear the sound of Buck’s pickup as he did right  then. 


As Buck came into the clearing below the bunkhouse and headed up to the cabin, he quickly noticed that although Cat’s old Ranger pickup was in the bunkhouse shed, there were no lights in either the bunkhouse or the cabin.  Cat generally would have waited up for him, but maybe he’d gone to bed early.


In the same instant, however, immediately after they entered the clearing, Roscoe suddenly sat up, bared his teeth and began to look out first the side window, then the front window, then at Buck and then back again.  With that, Buck, with his USMC instincts, instantly went on the alert too.  Something was wrong although he didn’t know what.


As soon as he got up to the cabin, stopped the pickup and opened the door to get out, Roscoe jumped out first right in front of him.  Buck quickly followed.  Roscoe then gave one look back at Buck, turned suddenly and raced down the hill to the bunkhouse with Buck following closely on his heels.


When he got to the bunkhouse Roscoe pushed the door open with his whole head, spotted Cat immediately duct-taped to the bunk, and leaped on top of the still naked Cat where he laid down on Cat’s muscled chest and began to lick Cat’s face while his tail wagged furiously.   At the same time, he tried to push the duct-taped towel off Cat’s face even though at first it didn’t give.


Buck came through the door only seconds later and quickly saw Roscoe on the bunk and Cat underneath him.   He realized instantly that Cat was duct-taped to the bunk rails.  In the next instant he had pulled out his sharp regulation  USMC pocket knife which he always carried with him, and in not much more than five seconds had cut all five of the duct tapes to set    Cat free.


For a couple of seconds, Cat could only sit up to get his circulation back and be sure he was still all in one piece.   Fortunately, he was.


“Cat,” said Buck, “What happened to you and how come we find you like this?”


Before he could reply, Cat moved over to one of the two big easy chairs in the bunkhouse to restore his circulation and get his head back together again.  As soon as he sat down, Roscoe immediately climbed up on his lap and continued to lick his face to help him recover while Cat held him in tightly as each comforted the other from their recent trial and shock.


“Cat!” exclaimed Buck again as Cat had now pretty well recovered, “What’s going on here and what have they done to you?”  Buck, retired USMC that he was, never was much surprised at anything he saw, but this with Cat really pushed it.


“Oh, Buck, a couple of guys paid me a visit and we sort of got into it and this is the way they left me,” he replied.


From there, Cat explained how the two men, Spike Malone and Tony Taranto, whom he’d met and known back in prison, quietly snuck in on him just as he was finishing putting up the new bunkhouse wall cabinets.


Cat continued, “As they were feeling something hadn’t been right back in prison, they decided to come back to get me to settle the score.


“Tony, who’s a pretty big guy, a couple inches taller and maybe thirty pounds heavier than me, grabbed me from behind and held me, and then Spike, who’s a lot smaller and not very strong or physical, began to punch and slap me all around until he got too tired to keep it up any longer, while  I wasn’t able to get back at him.


“Spike was such a small guy, and not very strong, that he didn’t do me any damage at all.  In fact, I sort of like it,” said Cat, a slight grin on his face.


“Then Tony let me go, we got naked, which I was pretty much anyway from working on the cabinets in the heat, and then we rassled around back and forth for an hour or more.  He’s pretty strong even though he’s got some fat on him too.   But he isn’t too fast or good a rassler either, so we’re going at it pretty evenly.  Turns out he likes to rassle around like me, so we’re into a lot of squeezing and crushing each other and a lot of cockfighting too.  But we both liked that sort of thing so it wasn’t too bad at all.


“But then the time was going by too and Spike, watching the clock, figured they’d better finish up with me before too long and just in case you might come back a little early.


“So then Tony gets me in a real good body press and figure four head scissors, with my head caught between his big legs almost suffocating me, which you know I don’t mind at all, and with all of his big hard cock and big balls jammed against my face, which you know I don’t mind either.  But then he follows that up by jamming his big ol’ rod deep down into my mouth and throat, but, as you know, that’s ok too.


“So then, as you might expect, with all our rasslin’ around and cockfighting, both of us are ready to come, and the next thing I knew was he’d shot his whole big hot white cumload deep into my mouth and throat and near drowned me in it.  Which, as you know, is ok with me too.


“But then, before I could recover and get Tony off me, he got off first and then he and Spike dragged me over to the bunk bed and he and Spike tied me up with duct tape to the bunk so I couldn’t get back at them and left me just like I was when you and Roscoe just came in!” 


Buck listened to the story without interrupting Cat.  They sure had done a job of it on poor Cat.   And yet, for some reason, with Buck knowing Cat and having heard similar tales from the younger Marines he’d led over the years, that might or might not be the full story.


Nevertheless, he didn’t say anything except to go on and say “Cat, that’s just terrible!   Let’s you get some clothes on and let’s head down to the Sheriff and report the whole thing to him and see if he can find the two of ‘em.


“At the same time, as this all happened only an hour or so ago, let’s you and me go look around town and maybe over to the Cottonwood Bar to see if the two of ‘em might still be hanging around there to enjoy what they’ve just done to you!”


Buck wasn’t totally surprised when Cat seemed to hang back from that idea just a little.


“Or is there something else maybe I should know?” said Buck, a slight smile on his face.


“Well, maybe there is, Buck,”


“Ok, and so what might that be?”


“Well, you see…..” and Cat went on to relate the missing parts of the story.


He told Buck how he’d met Spike and Tony in prison, like he said.  But then one day, after he’d heard Spike was a pretty good poker player, without mentioning to Spike that he was pretty good himself, they got into a poker game one Friday night after they’d been paid the dollar or two they’d earned during the week doing various jobs around the prison.


As Spike didn’t have any cards to play with, and Cat did, they’d use Cat’s cards.


“And,” said Cat sheepishly, “I did maybe have them marked just a little, which maybe did give me some little advantage over him.”


And then, as Cat went on to explain, the play went back and forth just a little until Cat had won a little more than nine dollars, or about a full month’s prison pay.


“With that,” said Cat,  “Spike figured out just what I had been doing to him and he was furious.  He was just about to jump on me right there, but at that instant the prison fire alarm went off and we all had to run back to our cells. So I scooped up both the cards and the money and ran back to my cell too.”


Then Cat continued and told Buck that both Spike and Tony, who had been watching the game along with some of the other prisoners, had to run back to their own cells and couldn’t follow him.  And Spike hollered after him that he’d get him yet.  But then Spike never did get another chance to get back at him before he was released from prison just a short while later.  So this visit tonight was payback time by Spike for that incident.


As for Tony, Cat explained to Buck that both he and Tony had been assigned to the prison laundry and, as both of them were physically strong, they were assigned to get into the big dirty laundry pit to sort out and separate all the dirty sheets, towels, prison uniforms and all the rest. 


It was hot work, and both had stripped off all their clothes down to their skivvies.  Then they got to touching each other as they worked.   Then soon they got to horsing around as no guards were there watching them, and soon  they ended up rasslin‘ around with each other all the way.


“We wrestled around for maybe twenty minutes or more and it was going real good.  With all our wrestling around, of course, we did get into a lot of cockfighting and both of us get pretty good hard-ons.   We knew we didn’t have all day just to wrestle around in the laundry room, however, so, as Tony is a real hunk but not all that fast, I sort of got him in a real good figure four head scissors.


“Next thing I knew, my pecker’d sort of gotten into his mouth, and next thing I knew, I’d shot my full load right down into his mouth and throat.  It kept coming, and Tony wouldn’t let me go as he was holding me tight with his big arms around my butt, until I was completely drained.


“I wasn’t sure whether he didn’t like what I’d done at all, or didn’t care, or maybe liked it a whole lot.  Or whether he’d just let it all go as being just one of those things when two guys are wrestling around as it happens lots of times anyway, or if he’d want to get back some time and do the same thing to me.


“I’m thinking now he had no trouble with it at all, but still wanted to return the favor to me some time if he ever got a chance.   Like maybe today.


“So what I’m thinking, Buck,  is maybe they didn’t do any more to me than I did to them in the first place, and so actually we’re even on that.


“As for tying me up, I’m thinking with putting the towels under the duct tape they meant not to hurt me with the tape against my skin, and just meant for me not to follow them when they left the bunkhouse.


“So maybe we just need to call it square - what do you think?”


Buck grinned at him, thought about it just a moment, and said “I think you’re right Cat!


“But now it’s getting late and I think we’ve all had a pretty full day of it, including Roscoe here. Why don’t you just rest up and sack out for the rest of the night and Roscoe and I’ll head up to the cabin and sack out too, and we can all get together tomorrow morning for breakfast.


“C’mon Roscoe, time we head back up to the cabin and let’s all of us get some shut-eye,” said Buck to Roscoe as he headed out the bunkhouse door.


But Roscoe didn’t move from where he’d been standing between Cat’s muscular legs which were holding him ever so gently.  It was a familiar stance of Roscoe’s, which both Buck and Cat knew from when there’d be lightning and thunder storms, which Roscoe didn’t like at all, and the big chocolate Lab sought comfort by standing between their legs if they were standing up, or sprawled on their lap if they were sitting down.


Buck saw that Roscoe didn‘t move when Buck suggested the two of them go back up to the cabin. 


“Ok, Roscoe, you’re a good man and I think too maybe you and Cat had just better comfort each other a little longer. I’ll see you both for breakfast up at the cabin in the morning.”


Buck walked back up the path to the cabin alone humming the USMC song while a grin crossed his face.


Within fifteen minutes, all three were in bed asleep, Buck in the cabin and Cat and Roscoe sharing the same bunk in the bunkhouse.


The End.


Posted: 02/17/12