Wrestler's Story
 Buck Barton & "Cat" Carson

Along the Appalachian Trail

By: Ron Nelson
(© 2011 by the author)

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Part 1.  Buck Has A Visitor


Buck Barton woke up fast by instinct from his easy doze on that late Friday afternoon as soon as he heard the light knock on the door.  Roscoe, his chocolate Lab who never met a stranger, didn’t even open his eyes.


Buck padded to the door in his bare feet.  He was wearing nothing but his camouflage cutoffs over his muscular body.


When he opened the unlocked door, in front of him stood a young man, muscular and maybe about an inch taller and ten pounds lighter than Buck’s own solid fifty-nine-inch, 190-pound frame.  The visitor had  tousled light brown hair and was wearing a wrinkled and not-very-clean work shirt and blue jeans at least two sizes too big for him.


“Hope I’m not disturbing you,” the young man said, “But I wonder if maybe you could help me out just a little?”


Buck wasn’t particularly surprised, although he looked a little out of the ordinary, by the appearance of the young man.  A lot of hikers who came to his door looked about the same.


“Sure,” Buck replied. “What can I do for you?”


Buck was spending the weekend in his cabin in the North Carolina Smoky Mountains.  It was a secluded and quiet place on a hillside and had a great view.  The Appalachian Trail ran only about four hundred feet below the cabin, with an open meadow between the cabin and the Trail.  Every so often a hiker would spot his cabin and come up to it.


Sometimes they might only want to rest for a short while, sometimes get a drink of water or fill their canteen, adjust their packs, or sometimes to take off their shoes to treat a blister.


Buck had no problem with any of that and was always glad to welcome them and help them any way he could.


It was not only basic courtesy, but the way US Marines always watched out for and took care of their buddies.



Part 2.  Buck’s Cabin


Buck had bought the cabin years ago when it was just a shack, with some money he’d saved up from working during his high school years.  He knew he always wanted a cabin up there somewhere, and his uncle, who wasn’t always that friendly toward him, had nevertheless told him about the place being an old abandoned farm that was for sale for back taxes.


For the past twenty years while he was serving in the Marines, Buck couldn’t come back to the cabin very often.  Still, whenever he was on leave, he came back and managed to clear away some of the overgrown land around the cabin and make enough immediate repairs to keep it from leaking or falling down any further.  Now, in the last two years since getting out of the Marines, he’d managed to fix it up real good.


After he got out of the Corps, Buck bought a small auto-and-truck-repair garage from its ailing owner.  Now it was called Barton’s Truck & Auto Repair, and it was getting a good reputation for quality work.  Vehicle maintenance was his specialty in the Marines.   The town and shop were located about forty miles away in the town, Gadwell, where he lived in an apartment during the week.  However, he came out most every weekend to stay at and work on the cabin.


The cabin had a big knotty pine-paneled-and-beamed ceiling living room in the front half of it, with a great stone fireplace.  Behind it on one side was a small kitchen and dining area for cooking and eating.  On the other side was a big bedroom facing the rear woods.  Between them were the bathroom and a utility room.  Across the whole front of the cabin was a long covered porch where anybody sitting there could enjoy the view down the whole valley, which spread out below the cabin toward Larson’s creek, which was about five hundred feet below the cabin.   


About a hundred feet  below the cabin Buck had re-built an old barn which had just about collapsed after years of neglect, and made it into a combination garage-shed-bunkhouse for his pickup truck, tools, and a place for any buddies who might be up at the cabin with him for a weekend to sack out.  A dirt driveway came in through the woods from the paved country road which ran below the property.  In all, Buck owned about twenty-eight acres, which included the whole area surrounding the cabin and stretched down beyond the Trail to the creek.


This particular weekend, he’d come up to the cabin Friday afternoon.  He planned just to relax for the rest of that day, then work on the place over Saturday and into Sunday morning, and then return to Gadwell late Sunday afternoon.  It was his usual routine for most weekends, and it worked out real easy and good for him.



Part 3.  Buck Gets Acquainted With His Visitor


“I’m Buck Barton,” he said with a smile on his face to the young man in front of him, “C’mon in - what can I do for you?”


“I’m Chip Carson,” the man said, “but my friends call me ‘Cat’.”  He explained the reason he was there was because, “I was just hiking the Trail real easy yesterday afternoon when  a couple of guys suddenly jumped me from out of the woods and stole my wallet and pack.  Then they took my shirt and pants too so’s it would be too hard for me to follow them and get back at them.


“So then, I had to walk along the Trail in not much more than my jock strap and my boots until I spotted an old farmhouse nearby just around dusk.  I stole this shirt and pants off their wash line just to have something to wear, and then had to sleep in the woods last night.  Didn’t have anything to eat the whole time either.


“So I wonder if mebbe you could … maybe … help me out with some food and maybe a place to sleep tonight? On the porch would be ok with me, and then I could head along tomorrow?” he continued.


Something told Buck the story didn’t sound quite right.  There was very little crime along the Trail, particularly against muscular young men like this who might be expected to put up quite a fight if anybody attacked them.  Then, too, Buck knew of no farmhouses anywhere along the Trail for many miles in either direction, although there were some small farms in the lower valleys, but they were about a mile or two distant from the Trail.


Still, Buck thought, Cat did look like the sort of young guy who might be in some kind of trouble and needed some help.  He reminded Buck of some of the younger men he knew who, before they joined the Marines, also needed a little help to bring them around and


bring some purpose to their lives.  Buck remembered way back when he was just such a young man himself and he needed some help, too.


“Sure,” said Buck, “I’ve got a good amount of extra food here, and I’d be glad to have you stay over, too, if you’d like.


“In fact,” continued Buck, “if you’d like to stay over a couple of nights, ‘til Sunday afternoon, and would like to help me with a couple of jobs I need to get done around the place, and which could use a couple of strong extra hands, which you look like you have, I’ll be glad to pay you for helping me out on that, too!”


“Hey, Buck, I’d sure appreciate that!  Whatever you’d like me to do, I’m your man!” was Cat’s enthusiastic reply.


Buck then described the jobs he had in mind.  One was some chimney and roof repair work that was necessary.  He needed to point up some of the stones at the very top of the big chimney where some cracks had developed over the winter.  They had to be filled and sealed to make them waterproof and air tight again.  Then some shingles around the flashing and ridgeline needed to be fastened down or replaced, too.  Buck said he thought it might be good to have two men on these jobs to secure the ladder and pass the necessary mortar, materials, and tools up and down as well as do the repairs themselves.


The other job, Buck said,  was to clear away a couple of trees which had fallen near the cabin over the past year, as well as clear away some of the brush which had grown up a little too close to it, too.  None of the jobs were really long or difficult, but it would just be easier if two men did them instead of just one. 


“Sure, Buck, I’m your man for all of that.  In fact, I’m sort of used to working on roofs and high places anyway, and helping you cut some trees and clear brush will give me a workout, which I’d sure like to get, too.”


Cat could see, checking out Buck just as Buck was checking him out, that Buck looked like an ex-Marine with his short military Marine haircut and solidly muscled build, which had added very little weight since he’d gotten out of the service.


“Tell you what, Cat … it’s still too hot outside right now to be doing any work, and you look like you could get washed up and need something to eat first.  Why don’t you go down to the bunkhouse there, get washed up, and I think you’ll find some better clothes somewhere around there than you’re wearing right now.  Then maybe you want to sack out for a while, too, to make up for not getting too much sleep last night.


“Then, when you’re fixed up again — say maybe around six — c’mon back up here to the cabin.  It’ll be just about time to eat then, and I’ll fix you up some chow.  I don’t want you losing any of that real good build you have there, and you’ll probably need some energy for whatever comes next,” said Buck.


“Thanks, Man; sounds real good to me, and I really appreciate it!  I’d like to sack out just a little, too, ’cause I really didn’t get much sleep last night out there in the woods,” he said.


“No problem on any of that, Cat,” replied Buck.  “Take as long as you like and make yourself right at home!”


“Thanks, Buck, I sure am mighty obliged to you for your kindness!  Haven’t had too much of that lately, and I appreciate it!” said Cat as he thanked Buck again and headed to the door to walk down the path to the bunkhouse.


Buck watched him as he walked down the hill.  Not only was Cat real lithe and muscular, but he also had a soft and careful step.  He reminded Buck of a powerful young panther who might be silently patrolling his territory or stalking some prey.  His name, Cat, seemed very appropriate by the looks of him.   And, speaking of his name, Buck very much doubted it was “Chip Carson” as when he first introduced himself.



Part 4.  Supper With Cat


Soon after five o’clock, as the sun was heading down toward the western horizon, Cat came back up the hill.  Buck liked what he saw.  Cat had washed up, shaved, and showered.  He’d also found a gold sleeveless t-shirt and some blue jeans that fit perfectly - and showed off his muscular body.  He did look good.


Buck figured Cat must be somewhere in his early or mid-twenty’s.  Buck himself had just turned forty-four, so he was old enough to be his father or older brother.  Cat had light brown hair, still wet from having washed it, sort of long, but not too long, while Buck kept his salt-and-pepper graying hair cut in a tight Marine Corps style — high-and-tight.  Buck had washed up, too, and as they looked at each other, both liked what they saw. 


“You want to put some dishes on the table there, Cat, while I’m fixing up some food?  We’re having real elegant dining tonight.  Steak, mashed potatoes, some greens, salad, some Buds and I think there’s some apple pie around here somewhere, too,” said Buck.


“Oh man, that sounds great,” replied Cat as he quickly found the dishes, glasses, and silverware and set the table.  Buck noticed Cat found the things very quickly and set them out unusually carefully and neatly on the table. 


He knew from his Marine Corps experience that generally it wasn’t a good idea to ask a guy too many questions, particularly personal ones, when two guys were just getting acquainted.  A lot of guys were trying to run away from problems, and they didn’t necessarily want to go back to them with a lot of questions too soon.


 But Buck knew there was more to Cat than he was saying.  He figured maybe he could ask just an obvious question or two without putting Cat on the spot, and to put him more at his ease.


“You got a great build, Cat; you work out?”  Coming from Buck, with his still solid and muscular Marine Corps build and appearance, Cat knew it was a friendly question, and was wondering about Buck, too.


“Yeah, I came to figure out a while back that it was a good idea to keep in shape.  It not only feels good working out, but it’s a good way to protect yourself from any guys who might want to hurt you.  So I’ve been working out pretty steady the past couple of years and it’s worked out real good for me.” 


“You’re in real good shape too, particularly for a guy your age,” said Cat.  Then he realized how he’d said it and quickly followed it by saying “Oh, I didn’t mean to say it that way, but, I mean, well, you know, a lot of guys let themselves go after a while, but looks to me like maybe you were in the Marines or something?”


“You hit it, Cat, and no offense taken at all.  I appreciate the compliment.”


“Yeah, I spent twenty real good years in the Marines, got out just a couple of years ago, and try to keep in shape.  Being in the Marines can do that to you. ‘Once a Marine, Always a Marine’ as they say.


“You probably saw the weights there in the bunkhouse, and the speed bag, and wrestling mat, too.  I’ve got a couple of buddies in Gadwell — where I work during the week — who like to come up here once in a while on weekends.  Generally I work out on the weights alone ’cause I’m the only one here.  But when one or two of my particular buddies come up, we like to wrestle around, too.


“We’re not into any kind of competitive or win-lose wrestling, but just like to mess around easy for as long as we can, give and take, for the pleasure of it, and for however it comes out.


“You into anything like that?” Buck asked casually.


“Yeah, some,” replied Cat.  “When I was a kid I liked to rassle around with other guys in the woods when we were alone.  That was always real good, too.  Then in the past couple, three years, I’ve been getting into some more rasslin’ around, too.  Nothing serious, probably like you like, but it’s a good way to get a workout and get rid of tensions in your body what with all the other problems a guy has going on in his life.”


“Well,” replied Buck, “maybe it’s something we could get ourselves into later.  In the meantime, these steaks are hot and ready, along with the rest of the food, so how about we sit down and enjoy it while we can?”


Buck and Cat ate quietly as the room darkened with the setting sun.  Neither said much.  Buck liked what he saw and heard in Cat.  He was more and more certain that there was more to Cat than he’d let on, but he was glad to wait until Cat felt he wanted to tell him more, or was content to leave it as it was, if Cat preferred it that way.


Cat liked what he saw and heard from Buck just as much.  He’d had a rough life so far, with a mostly absent or drunk father, and a mother who didn’t care much about anything either.  He’d finished high school, but only because a couple of the teachers took a real interest in him and helped him get through his teen years.


After he graduated from high school, Cat had wanted to join one of the military services, maybe the US Marines, but his record wasn’t up to their requirements.  So he’d pretty much bummed around with one job and another.  And then a few other things happened along the way, which were the things he didn’t want to tell Buck about.


Meanwhile, Buck seemed to him to be the sort of real good man and father, or at least uncle or big brother, he always wished he’d had.  Plus, not only had Buck been a US Marine, but he sure was real easy and good to look at, too. 


Cat also liked the way their conversation had gone, Buck’s interest and concern for him, and a chance to maybe disclose to Buck just a little more, maybe later, about himself.  And the part about both of them liking to rassle around, and seeing the weights and rasslin’ mats in the bunkhouse, sounded even better to Cat for his personal likes and interests.  He knew he surely would like to rassle around with Buck if he could.  Looking at Cat, Buck knew he’d sure like to wrestle around with Cat, too.



Chapter 5.  Buck and Cat Call It A Day


“Tell you what, Cat,” said Buck after supper as they sat on the porch overlooking the darkened meadow and forests, with the millions of stars sparkling overhead in the quiet of the night; “I think we’ve both had a pretty long day of it today and probably are ready for a good night’s sleep tonight.


“So how about if we start off tomorrow with breakfast around seven-thirty, no need to start too early, and then take our work chores from there?  I figure it’ll take most of the morning to take care of the chimney and roof repairs.   Then we can have lunch, and get to cutting the trees and clearing some of the woods and shrubs away.   I figure that’ll take us until about four to finish up.  Then we can rest for a while and have supper around six. That’ll then leave the rest of the evening free.   Maybe even for some wrestling around if you’d like!”


“Man, Buck; that all sounds great to me!  Including that rasslin’ around part!  I’d sure like to rassle around with you, and whatever you like will sure work for me.  I’m all yours!”


“Yeah, and you can do whatever you like with me, too.  It’s pretty hard to damage a Marine, and I’m sort of used to and like to take some punishment, too!” was Buck’s reply.


As they talked, each could feel his muscles tense and throb with the good feeling a wrestler gets, particularly certain wrestlers, when they set up to wrestle around with another similarly inclined guy.  Both Buck and Cat also felt their cocks grow long and hard, and their balls fill and thicken, for the way they knew they wanted to wrestle around with each other.  The anticipation of their match to come felt real good to both of them.


As they got up to call it a night and retire to their respective beds, before Cat headed back down to the bunkhouse, they quietly and instinctively wrapped their muscular arms around each other in a tight bear hug.  Both were still wearing only tight t-shirts and cutoffs over their muscled  bodies and legs. Silently and deliciously they held their tight hug on each other, their legs intertwined, and then their faces and lips came together as well.  Neither wanted to be the first to let his embrace of the other go.  


As Buck watched Cat walk panther-like down the path to the bunkhouse, he knew he could hardly wait for tomorrow.   Cat felt the same way.



Part 6.  Breakfast The Next Morning


Buck woke up the next morning to the smell of frying bacon.  For an instant he couldn’t figure out where he was or where the smell was coming from.  Then he got up and walked into the big front room of the cabin over to the kitchen area.


There was Cat, already up, making their breakfast.  He must have come up to the cabin quietly, let himself in through the front door, which Buck never locked while he was at the cabin for the weekend, set the table and was now preparing breakfast just as easily as Buck could have done himself.  Roscoe, as usual at breakfast time, was also in the kitchen looking hopefully at Cat for his breakfast, too.


Buck and Cat grinned at each other when Buck came into the kitchen.


“Good morning Cat,  you didn’t need to go to all the trouble of coming up so early and fixing breakfast; I’d’ve been glad to do that for both of us,” said Buck.  Not that he didn’t appreciate Cat’s doing it for him, however.


“No problema, Buck, just one of the house services we provide for our host!” was Cat’s good-natured reply


They ate quietly and unhurriedly.  It looked like it was going to be a great day on the weather side of things.  So, while they had their work cut out for them to do, they knew they had ample time to do it in.



Part 7.  The Day’s Work Begins


When they’d finished breakfast and washed up, Buck and Cat walked down to the shed where Buck had the materials and tools he needed for the chimney and roof job.   They put the tools and materials in the wheelbarrow, and before Buck could pick up the wheelbarrow handles, Cat had already taken them up and was almost out the door.


“Hey, man, you just made breakfast, least I can do is push the wheelbarrow up the hill!” said Buck. 


“Naw, man, I already got it!” was Cat’s cheerful reply.  As Cat walked up the hill pushing the wheelbarrow, Buck carried the ladder.  Walking behind Cat, Buck couldn’t help but notice how easily Cat handled the wheelbarrow, and how his strong, lithe and muscled body pushed it with almost no effort at all.  “This guy is good,” thought Buck, “I still wonder what the rest of the story is on him?”



When they got ready to get up on the roof to fix the chimney and shingles, Buck had no sooner put the ladder up against the eaves and secured it, than Cat was up it almost two steps at a time. Then in only a couple more steps he was up on the roof ridge closely inspecting the cracks in the chimney.


“Hey, Buck,” he called down, you got only a couple of big cracks, and maybe a half dozen small cracks, up here close to the top of the chimney.   No problem at all to fix it real solid.  If you want to hand me up the trowel and wet chimney mortar-mix I can take care of it in no time at all!”


Buck marveled.  On one hand, he knew it wasn’t going to be any big problem.  But on the other hand, he didn’t expect it would be that easy, or, in particular, that it could be fixed so quickly.  And it didn’t escape his mind as to how fast and with such great agility that Cat went up the ladder, then went up to the roof ridge, then over to the chimney, and how easily and casually he handled himself when he was on top. 


And then, in not more than fifteen minutes of carefully scraping out and filling in the cracks with the mortar, the job was completed and Cat was back on the ground again.


“Oh, man, Cat, you’re real good, for sure!” said Buck.  “What would have taken me an hour or more, you did in only a quarter of that time!”  After Buck expressed his appreciation and admiration of Cat’s fast and well done work, Cat gave him only a modest and grinning response to say it was no trouble at all on his part.


Buck had the feeling that maybe not too many people had ever taken the time to say many kind words to Cat, and so he simply appreciated Buck’s words all the more.


Buck then passed up to Cat the dozen or so shingles, roofing nails, and caulk needed to repair some of the cracked shingles and flashing around the chimney.  That whole thing didn’t take Cat more than another fifteen minutes or so to do a really good job of it, and then Cat was down on the ground again helping Buck take down the ladder.



Another “Thanks, Cat; you really do great work,” from Buck, and a grateful smile and a “No problema, Buck, I told you I’m your man!” from Cat.


After putting away the left-over materials and tools from the chimney job, Buck and Cat returned to the shed to get Buck’s power chain saw and wood chipper to cut down the two big trees which had come down in the previous winter’s big ice storm, and to clear away the overgrown brush back about ten feet to the original tree line surrounding the cabin.


That job went almost as fast as the roof and chimney repair.  The day had grown hot, and both Buck and Cat stripped off their shirts to reveal their muscular bodies.  Both were tanned and wet with sweat as they worked.  Their tight cutoffs were also wet with sweat and clung to their muscled thighs, while their work boots were wet with the sweat that ran down their bodies and mixed with the dust and shredded branches and leaves they were cutting back.


They worked steadily but not too fast.  Buck knew from his Marine Corps days it was better to work slowly and always conserve some energy for whatever might come up next, rather than to work too fast and get all worn out.  ‘Sort of like wrestling around, too,’ he thought.  They alternated working the chain saw, chipper, and clearing away the brush, and paused from time to time to drink some water and check what progress they were making and what more they needed to do to complete the job.


They said little as they worked, but each couldn’t help but notice what the other man was doing, and how good he looked doing it.  A few times their wet and muscled bodies met and touched each other as they cleared away some of the thicker brush.  When their bodies met, neither pulled away.  Both were thinking of what it was going to be like when they finished their work, and would then have the rest of the day and evening to get into it themselves.



Part 8.  The Day’s Work Finishes Up


They finished up around four in the afternoon.  “Great job,” Buck said as they cleaned up the tools and equipment and put them back in the shed.


“You do really great work, Cat, you know?” Buck continued.  “I don’t know what you plan to do with the rest of your life, but whatever it is, I’m sure you’re going to be real good at it.”



“Thanks, Buck, I try,” he replied with a grin, but which Buck sensed he’d said with a mixture of both pride and yet sadness.  Buck knew there was still more to Cat than he’d let on so far.


“How about if we sort of sack out now and rest up for the rest of the afternoon?” Buck asked.  “Then we can have supper again around six, if that’s good for you, and then we’ve got the rest of the night free for whatever might come up after that!” said Buck.


“Sounds real good to me, Buck!  I guess we’ve had a pretty good day of it, and I’m sure looking forward to this evening and rasslin’ around with you if we’re still on for that!”


“We sure are, and I’m looking forward to it and making it real good and lasting as long as we can — maybe even all night if we can!” was Buck’s reply. 


Once again, as Cat walked back down the path to the bunkhouse, this time his lithe and tanned body, glistening with sweat over his rippling muscles, Buck couldn’t wait to get into it tonight.   Cat, going down the trail with the picture of Buck’s powerfully muscled body, also wet and glistening with sweat, in his mind, was thinking the same thing.



Part 9.  Supper      


As Buck was starting to put  things together for their supper, Cat came silently through the door into the kitchen.   Roscoe, as usual — and now knowing Cat from before — apart from two thumps of his tail, gave absolutely no indication at all that Cat had quietly come into the kitchen.


Cat then approached and came up to Buck from the behind him.  Normally, Buck, with his Marine Corps training, would have sensed someone coming close up behind him.  But not this time.


It wasn’t until he felt Cat’s warm breath on his neck and Cat began to wrap his powerful arms around Buck’s big chest, getting him in a soft but tightening bear hug from the rear, that Buck realized he was there.  Then Buck felt Cat’s strong hands grab both of his pecs through his tight t-shirt.  At first Cat gripped them only lightly, but then he tightened his hold on them until he could feel Buck’s muscled pec flesh between his fingers as he moved to hold Buck tightly in place.


As soon as he felt Cat’s warm breath on his neck, and then felt Cat’s fingers grab and begin to squeeze his big pecs in his fists, Buck realized instantly what Cat was doing.  He liked it, and had no problem with it at all.  Both grinned.  It was their first real contact with each other, and it felt good to both of them.


As Cat held him tightly, Buck said quietly under his breath, “Yeah, man, give me more.”  Then he put down the couple of steaks he was trimming with a steak knife and reached his hand back and into Cat’s cutoffs.  His hand soon found what it was looking for.  As soon as he had felt Cat’s fists begin to tighten around his pecs, he also felt Cat’s big cock, already long and hard, push and probe against and into his butt. 


Then, as Buck’s hand found what it was looking for, he began to wrap his fist around Cat’s big and hard rod and began as if to crush it.  Cat liked the feel of that just as much as Buck liked the feel of his big pecs being squeezed.  As he began crushing Cat’s big rod in his fist, Buck said, “Feels like all this meat is going to be real tough for whatever we’re going to eat tonight,” to which Cat replied, squeezing Buck’s hard pecs even tighter, “Yeah, man, the harder the better, just the way we like it!”


After their dinner and cleaning up, Buck asked, “What do you say we head down to the bunkhouse and the mats and see what’s up there?”


“Just what I was thinking, man; I’m ready any time you are!”



Part 10.  The Bunkhouse


Quietly they entered the bunkhouse where the wrestling mats were already laid out.  It was cool and dark inside but they left the door open to let in the moonlight and night air.  The light from the moon and stars was enough for what they wanted to do.  Wrestlers don’t need much light to wrestle by, and Buck and Cat didn’t either, being used to and preferring to wrestle in a dim light or darkness anyway.


Buck and Cat stripped off their t-shirts and cutoffs and boots, which were all they had on.  Both liked to wrestle nude, just like the ancient Greeks.  For any rules, there was only one.  That was, don’t cause any injury or harm which lasted after the match was over.


There was a small bottle of wrestling oil on the shelf over the mat.  Buck reached for it and poured some of the soft warm olive oil over Cat’s muscled body until it glistened smoothly in the moonlight.  He rubbed it in, first over Cat’s muscled chest and pecs and hardened nipples, squeezing Cat’s pecs just a little more as he did.  Then he rubbed the oil down over Cat’s tight and hard abs, and then down and all around Cat’s already long and hard cock and thick balls, squeezing them extra as he rubbed the oil over them.  Then he rubbed the smooth oil down over the front of Cat’s muscled thighs and calves to his feet.


After oiling Cat’s front, he turned Cat around and oiled his equally muscled back.  Then he went down over Cat’s solid butt, rubbing still more oil deep into the canyon between Cat’s butt cheeks, and from there, continued down the back of Cat’s strong and lithe legs to his feet.


When Buck had finished with Cat, Cat oiled Buck similarly, squeezing Buck’s big and solid pecs, and equally long and hard cock and thick balls as he rubbed the oil into Buck‘s skin and over all of his muscled body.  It felt good to both of them as they oiled each other slowly and caressingly until they’d completed the job.



Part 11.  Buck and Cat Start To Wrestle Each Other


As Cat was finishing oiling Buck, he quietly put the bottle back on the shelf while still behind Buck.  The next thing Buck felt was Cat’s hot and oiled naked body press up against his own muscled body, Cat’s long and hard cock press into his butt looking for an entry into Buck’s body, and then Cat’s arms as they reached around his chest to once again, just as he had before when Buck was preparing supper, and again grabbed one of Buck’s big pecs in each of his fists.


It was a real good way to begin as Cat knew Buck would have no problem with it, and a slow and soft beginning was always a good way to start what would hopefully be a long and real satisfying match for both wrestlers.


This time, however, Buck felt Cat’s big rod, again long and hard, but now, with both of them oiled and naked, Cat pressed and pushed harder into the deep and now oiled canyon of Buck’s butt trying to find a way deep into his body. 


Buck never cared for the feel of another guy’s big cock go deep into his butt, but he had no problem at all with the other guy trying to get into him as long and hard as he liked while he kept his butt tight and resisted the move.  It was always sort of a challenge within a challenge, and both wrestlers liked to see how far they could go or resist it.


When Cat realized Buck wasn’t going to let him get into his butt, but apparently didn’t mind his trying, he decided to go on to something else, and maybe try again later on.  He began to loosen his hold on Buck’s big pecs, where he enjoyed the feel of all that big muscled flesh in his fists, and reached under Buck’s arms and clasped his hands behind Buck’s neck to get him in a full nelson and begin to pressure him that way instead.


Buck’s neck, however, was still as thick and strong as when he’d been active in the Marine Corps.  As a result, it was no problem for him to resist this move of Cat’s, too, although Cat again didn’t try to push the hold too hard either.


After all, both knew what they really wanted to do with each other that night, and it was to wrestle back and forth easy, give and take, to enjoy the pure sensual and erotic pleasure of the match and working over each other’s oiled, naked and muscled body for as long as possible.  Neither one wanted to use up too much of his energy and have to end it too soon.  A slow beginning was the best way to make this happen.


For a couple of long minutes Cat tried to bring Buck down with his full nelson, and at the same time he still tried to drill his hard rod up Buck’s butt, but it didn’t seem to work.  Cat didn’t know it, but Buck had been an Instructor down at Parris Island in personal combat moves and defenses, and pretty much anticipated, and looked forward to, whatever Cat might want do even before Cat thought of it.  He particularly liked what Cat was doing to him. In fact, he knew he was going to like whatever Cat wanted to do with him for the whole rest of the match.


While Cat then tried to figure out what else he could do to get Buck down, Buck moved to solve the problem for him.  Which move didn’t come as any great surprise to Cat either.


Slowly, despite Cat’s pressure on him, Buck leaned forward until he could reach his arms and hands down between his legs.  Then he grabbed first one, and then both, of Cat’s legs behind his knees and pulled them forward.  That made Cat lose his balance and both fell backward to the mat, with Cat underneath Buck but still keeping his full nelson on the back of Buck’s thick neck.  Then after they fell to the mat together, with Cat still keeping his hold on the back of Buck’s thick neck, he brought his legs up and wrapped them around Buck’s big body in a real good body scissors.


Buck knew he was heavier than Cat and therefore knew he didn’t want at any time during their whole long match to get or keep on top of Cat for too long or too fully at any time, not wanting to wear him out by having to try to escape by lifting Buck off him.


Still, Buck had no problem with getting on top of Cat every once in a while, nor did Cat expect Buck to do anything different.  In fact, Cat, like Buck, liked the feel of having the other man on top of him, holding him down, and trapping him under his body weight.


As a result, now feeling Buck’s naked, oiled, and muscled body on top of him while he held him in place, it felt real good to Cat, and he was in no hurry to let Buck get off him any time soon.  Buck always felt the same way every time whenever Cat was on top of him.


In fact, Cat wanted to take advantage of keeping Buck on top of him and holding him in place as long as he could.  So, with his powerful agility, and still being behind Buck, Cat continued to wrap his own slightly longer strong and muscular legs around Buck’s lower body and tighten his body scissors on Buck.  Then, to add to it, he crossed his ankles directly over Buck’s naked crotch, and began to repeatedly smash his heels down hard into Buck’s already thick and throbbing cock and balls.  He liked the punishment he was then able to give to Buck, and Buck liked the feel of taking Cat’s new punishment on him just as much.


But while Cat was smashing his heels over and over again into Buck’s crotch, at the same time, with Buck’s big body on top of him and Buck’s solid butt positioned right over Cat’s own throbbing cock and balls, every time Cat smashed his heels down on Buck’s cock and balls, Buck’s butt first lifted and then dropped back down just as hard crushing against Cat’s own cock and balls.  It was a deadlocked punishment for both.  Neither could get enough of it, and neither was in any hurry to break the hold either way. 


After a couple of minutes of deadlock, however, Buck knew it was up to him to break it off first even though Cat had him in his body scissors and pec hold, which he had gone to after letting his full nelson go on Buck’s neck.  After all, he was still on top of Cat, which put a strain on him, much as Cat liked it, and so it was up to Buck to go to something else.  Then, too, Buck knew he was the more experienced and probably stronger of the two in wrestling anyway, and they were also wrestling in his “territory,” so he had some big advantages there, too.  


Buck knew that even though Cat was holding him tight in his body scissors and pec squeeze, he knew, with his strength and the oily slipperiness of their bodies, he could break free when he wanted to.  More importantly, what Buck didn’t want to do in any event, was to come on too strong or put too much pressure on Cat and run the risk of possibly wearing him out too soon or psyching him out before they hardly even got started.


In the next moment therefore, with the slipperiness of their oiled and naked bodies, Buck eased up and twisted around within Cat’s body scissors on him until now he was facing Cat.  Then, in the next move, he rolled both of them over so that now their positions were reversed and Buck had his back on the mat with Cat on top of him.  As their eyes caught each other’s, they both had a grin on their faces.  The switch felt good to both of them, and Cat quietly appreciated Buck’s getting off him before he had to use up too much of his energy to accomplish the same thing to make his escape out from under Buck.


That didn’t mean Buck was going to let Cat go entirely, however.  With Cat now on top of him, and Cat having lost his scissors on Buck as they rolled over, Buck got a body scissors on Cat, coming down on top of him, instead.  Buck didn’t keep his scissors hold too tight to crush Cat’s body between his big muscled legs and thighs, but still tight enough so that Cat couldn’t escape either.



Part 12.  Cat Gets Caught In Buck’s Hot Crotch Hold


Then, before Cat could make a move to try to slide out and escape Buck’s scissors on him, Buck began to push Cat down lower in his body scissors.  Soon Cat’s head and face, instead of being over Buck’s face, were positioned over Buck’s pecs.  Then Cat’s head was over Buck’s abs, and then finally Buck pushed Cat’s head down even further until it was just above Buck’s naked and wet cock and balls.


While Buck was pushing Cat down the body scissors on him, Cat had managed to bring his arms out from under Buck’s big legs and thighs to see if he could use them to free himself from Buck’s scissors hold on him.  But before Cat could succeed in that, Buck, now holding his scissors around Cat’s head instead of his body, reached out to grab the back of Cat’s head.  Then he began to pull Cat’s head and face slowly but inexorably deeper and deeper into the hot wet darkness of his crotch until Cat would eventually find his face crushed hard into Buck’s big thick cock and balls, blinding him and almost suffocating him in the process.


However, Cat didn’t mind that at all, nor was it the first time he’d ever found himself in a similar predicament.  Nor did Buck figure he’d mind it, although he did pull Cat’s head and face into his crotch slowly at first just to be sure.


But then Cat turned his new predicament into a predicament for Buck, too.  When Cat felt Buck’s big, thick, and wet cock and balls pressing in against his face almost suffocating him, he searched around blindly with his tongue to locate Buck’s big balls pressing against his mouth.  As soon as he found them he opened his mouth and sucked both of Buck’s big balls into his mouth as far as he could.  Then he closed his mouth half way around Buck’s balls so that Buck couldn’t pull his balls back out and escape Cat’s trapping and keeping his balls in his mouth.


Now it was Buck who was in just about as much trouble as Cat.  It wasn’t the first time in  either wrestler’s life that he’d been trapped that way, with his big balls caught deep inside the other guy’s mouth, and had to consider the possibility of the other guy not releasing them, or of maybe chomping down on them even harder.  Both liked the predicament they were in at the moment, either way, and now it would be a question of which could keep their hold the longer.  Neither wanted to be the first to let the other go.


Instead of Buck being the first to break a deadlock between them, it would be up to Cat to break it.  There was no telling how long Cat would be willing to keep Buck’s balls full in his mouth, but he knew Buck couldn’t pull away until he let his balls go if Buck didn’t want them eaten or chewed off his body beforehand.


Meanwhile, although Cat was still blinded and suffocating with his head and face buried deep into Buck’s hot and wet crotch, he further began to get back at Buck just as he had before by blindly reaching up Buck’s body to again grab one of Buck’s big pecs in each fist and begin to squeeze them some more. Buck’s big pecs made a really good target for punishment, and Cat suspected, correctly, that Buck liked to take as much pec punishment as the other guy wanted to give him.  Cat had no problem with giving it to him either as feeling Buck’s muscled flesh in his hands felt real good to him, too.


Their deadlock, with Buck holding Cat’s head and face hard and deep into his crotch, and Cat sucking Buck’s balls in his mouth and squeezing his pecs as well, lasted a long time.  Both Cat and Buck liked the sensual and erotic feel of the holds, and wanted to see how long they could keep them.  In fact, later on in the match, when the same holds were reversed, and it was Buck who was caught the same way in one of Cat’s head scissors and managed to suck both of Cat’s equally big and thick balls into his own mouth as well as punishing Cat’s big pecs in return, they kept the torture and uncertainty of their deadlocked predicament just as long.  Neither wrestler ever had any problem with any of it, give or take.  The sensual and erotic feel of it was delicious to both.


Finally, Cat opened his mouth and released Buck’s big balls from it.  Then Buck let go of Cat’s head so he could pull it out from Buck’s crotch and breathe easy again, and Cat released Buck’s pecs from his crushing grip on them as well.  As Buck had still had the main hold with the suffocating head scissors on Cat, he then paused to return the advantage to Cat as soon as he could regain his breath.


Cat moved quickly and easily to get back on top of Buck in a full body press until they were almost, once again, head to head.  Cat didn’t have any particular next hold in mind to get on Buck, but he nevertheless flipped one of his muscular legs over between Buck’s big legs and thighs just to bring added pressure on Buck to keep holding him down. That had the added advantage of being able to press his solid thigh down hard into Buck’s bulging cock and balls and crush them in the process as hard as he could.  It was payback time for Cat to get back at Buck for Buck’s deep head and face hold into his crotch, despite Cat’s sucking Buck’s balls into his mouth in return.  Buck had no problem at all with Cat’s taking the advantage, and waited to see what Cat would do with him next.


As Cat got his solid body press on Buck and jammed his leg hard into Buck’s cock and balls to hold him down at that end, he placed one hand, open palmed, hard against Buck’s face, eyes, nose, and mouth as if to push it in.  He didn’t push his hand into Buck’s face too hard, however, but just enough to distract Buck with it and keep him from seeing Cat on top of him.


Then Cat took his other strong hand and wrapped it around Buck’s throat as if he were going to choke him to death one-handedly.  But again, he didn’t choke Buck so hard as to really cut off Buck’s air supply.  But he sure did like the idea of threatening Buck to do so.


Cat had by then guessed that Buck had gotten into some tough fighting, voluntarily or by necessity, earlier in his Marine Corps days, and still liked to be threatened and pressured physically hard and forced to fight back to save his life. 


Buck did indeed like the threat of Cat’s hands jammed into his face and around his throat, which gave him a real charge.  And, both wrestlers knowing that frequently any hold or move one wrestler takes on the other guy is probably one he likes taken on himself, Buck was glad to know that probably Cat liked the same moves on himself, too.  Later, when their situations were reversed, Cat did like the pressure and threat on him just as much as Buck did now. 


Meanwhile, even as he was being blinded and suffocated by Cat’s face and chokeholds on him, Buck, knowing that Cat liked to punish his pecs all he could, and figuring Cat liked the same treatment on himself in return, Buck reached up and grabbed both of Cat’s pecs in his fists.  Then he began to crush them in his grip just as Cat had done to him earlier, which also served to hold Cat off from coming down any further on him.  The whole situation, as usual, felt good to both of them, with neither wanting to end that standoff.


It did end finally, but only when Buck got tired of holding Cat up off him, and so he let Cat come down on him.  With that, Cat released his holds on Buck’s face and throat and instead, got a full body press on top of Buck.  Their two powerfully muscled, naked and oiled bodies were lying one on top of the other in a powerfully tight body press.  Their heads and faces came even closer together as well, until finally, even their lips locked together leaving only their tongues to wrestle it out deep inside each other’s mouth.



Part 13.  Buck and Cat’s Wrestling Match Continues


Cat and Buck had been wrestling, their muscular naked and oiled bodies, locked together in hold after hold, on the mat in Buck’s silent and darkened bunkhouse, for almost an hour.  Through the open door and window, the light of the moon and stars shone in on their glistening bodies as they struggled back and forth with each other.  At one time an inquisitive raccoon passed by the bunkhouse and looked in the door to see what was happening inside.  As there was nothing of interest to him there, however, he soon padded away silently and disappeared around the corner into the darkness to continue his nocturnal rounds. 


Cat and Buck had also gotten used to each other’s wrestling likes and limitations.  Whenever two wrestlers wrestled for the first time, it always took a while until they found how the other liked to wrestle as well as his disinclinations, his pace and intensity, his strength and experience, and all the rest two wrestlers need to adjust to make the whole match as good as possible for both of them and to make it last as long as possible.


Cat found Buck liked to take a lot of pressure.  Buck was powerfully muscled and he liked to be challenged.  At the same time, from his Marine Corps training, he liked to go at a slower pace, always thinking ahead for his next move and then the moves beyond that.  At the same time he had almost endless endurance and patience, and was used to keeping at whatever he was doing, including all their many deadlocks, however long they lasted, until he and Cat themselves decided to move on.


Buck found with Cat that he moved quietly and powerfully, and at times quickly, just as a powerful cat would, with almost endless strength, agility, and suppleness.  He was capable of escaping almost every predicament he found himself in, one way or another, and also had limitless patience and endurance with any deadlock or hold he was caught in, liking them just as much as Buck did,  until, again, they decided it was time to move on to something else.  


They were a perfect match for each other.  They both understood the other’s nature and interests as well as their own.  And so their match in the bunkhouse would last a long time, however it would come out.  They were both liking it so much they hoped it would never end.



Part 14.  Buck and Cat’s Wrestling Also A Big Cockfight


Their wrestling also tended, as long give-and-take matches frequently do, to fall into certain patterns, one of which was that it soon also became an on-going cockfight between the two.  Wrestling nude and oiled, they both knew, and as they had intended, that it would also make the whole thing a sensual and erotic match for both of them.  They also knew their naked, long and hard cocks, as well as their full, thick and hard balls were not only targets for the other, but could be used as weapons of their own.


A number of times both were on their knees on the wet and slippery mat facing each other, their heads almost touching.  Then each almost instinctively extended his left hand to grab around the back of the other’s neck to pull him forward and down, while his other hand reached out to grab the other’s big, long and hard rod, jutting out hard in front of his body.  Then they would use the other’s hard cock like a lever or  hammer handle to pull the other in toward him or push him back or push him further down to the mat or lift him up bodily.


On the slippery mat, first Buck pushed Cat back.  But then Cat braced himself and pushed Buck back instead.  It was as if the struggle between the two would never end, each taking all the torture to his cock that he could stand, while inflicting just as much back on the other until finally one or the other lost his grip with the oiled slipperiness of their bodies and they broke it off to go on to something else.


At other times Cat might be on his hands and knees in front of a standing Buck.  Then he would drive his head between Buck’s big thick thighs and legs with the intention of lifting Buck up with the back of his neck to slide Buck down over his back to the mat.


But then Buck, anticipating Cat’s move, crouched down to reach under Cat’s body and seize hold of Cat’s own long and hard rod in his fist and use it like a handle to pick Cat up, upside down, solely by his cock.  When he succeeded in getting Cat upside down, with his head caught between Buck’s thighs and legs and his feet pointing toward the ceiling of the bunkhouse, Cat found himself unable to escape, until, with the slipperiness and the agility of his lithe body, he was able to twist and flip out of Buck’s grip on him.


Sometimes Buck was able to hold him upside down for a longer time when he could keep Cat’s head between his legs, and bring his cock closer to him, using Cat’s own hard cock as a handle, until he could press Cat’s smooth and tight butt hard against his own head and face for another point of contact to hold Cat in position.  Maybe that was another reason Buck liked to take the hold on Cat so much, as Cat did, too, and just as much, when he later got Buck in the same predicament.


Sometimes Buck found himself with his back on the mat and Cat was on his feet in front of him, preparing to pounce on him as a cat might on a mouse.  But then Buck, sensing what Cat was about to do, as Cat came down on him with his arms outstretched ready to hold Buck down, Buck raised one leg and jammed his foot hard into Cat’s crotch fully against his naked and exposed cock and balls.


Then, as Cat’s momentum forced him to come down on him, Buck reached his arms and hands up to grab one of Cat’s hands in each of his own so that their fingers locked in an unbreakable grip on each other.  Buck then proceeded to lift Cat high overhead with his foot in Cat’s crotch and suspend Cat high in the air by only three points, being his two hands caught in Buck’s tight grip, and Buck’s hard and calloused foot jammed into his crotch, which were then crushing his cock and balls with his own full body weight.  To add to Cat’s punishment, Buck then jiggled his foot up and down into Cat’s crotch just to increase the punishment on him.


As Buck completed that maneuver, a small smile crossed Buck’s face, knowing he’d caught Cat just as he intended.  It was met by a similar, if maybe somewhat agonized, grin on Cat’s face realizing how he’d been caught in the move.  But at the same time, Cat liked the punishment Buck was giving him, and he had no problem taking it just as long as Buck wanted to give it to him.


And, of course, when their situations were reversed in other parts of their long give-and-take match, Buck liked for Cat to take the same hold, and punish him just as much, as Buck was then doing.


Another deadlock they got into every so often was when they might be sitting on the mat opposite each other, with their legs outstretched toward the other.  Then one, with the other quickly following, would grab one of the other’s ankles and pull it in toward him, while at the same time he’d shove his other and free foot hard into the other’s crotch and cock and balls to push him away. 


Again, the double torture of both pulling the other in by his ankle while pushing him away with his foot hard into the other’s crotch was agony for both, but one which both also liked the feel of, and neither ever wanted to be the first to let go.  As usual, it was generally only the oiled slipperiness of their bodies which caused one or the other to lose his hold and then let both of them go on to get into something else.


In these and other holds their cock-fighting each other continued among all their other holds and moves with and on the other.  And, wrestling give-and-take, it was never long, after one deadlock, that soon their roles would be reversed and then the tormentor became the tormented and vice versa.  Either way, neither ever got enough of it.



Part 15.  Buck and Cat’s Wrestling Match Well Into Its Second Hour


The moon had risen higher and the stars had moved to their new places in the night sky.  The raccoon that had visited them earlier was, by then, almost a mile away pursuing his rounds, while Buck and Cat were well into their second hour of wrestling with each other, frequently deadlocked and motionless, naked and oiled, on the mat in the quiet bunkhouse.


From time to time they paused deadlocked in one hold or another, not only to regain their breath and let their energy rebuild for whatever they would get into next, but to simply enjoy the sensual and erotic pleasure they got from being in close and hard contact with each other.  It felt good to both, and was what both most wanted from each other anyway.  They were getting what they wanted, and neither wanted to see it end.



A great many other holds and deadlocks were a good part of their long match, too.  There were the headlocks that they liked to take on each other whenever they got a chance.  Cat always liked the feel of Buck’s massive arms and biceps wrapped around his head and neck, particularly when he and Buck were on the mat, which was most of the time, and Buck then not only got him in a headlock but got partly on top of him as well.  Buck would never take the headlock with all of his powerful strength which might strain Cat’s neck, but would take it just hard enough to keep Cat from escaping.  Which, liking to get caught in the hold, Cat rarely had any intention of trying to break out of it any time soon.


In his headlocks on Cat, Buck would keep his upper body on top of Cat to keep him in place while keeping the rest of his body weight on the mat so as not to put too much pressure on Cat.  Then, with the headlock,  he’d slowly pull Cat’s head in closer and closer to his muscled chest and big pec until finally he pulled Cat’s face right against his pec and then stuff as much of it as he could deep into Cat’s mouth to make him suck it.


Cat never had any problem with that as he liked the taste of Buck’s muscled pec in his mouth and then he’d let his tongue play around with Buck’s hard nipple until Buck would finally release him and let him go free again.


As usual, whenever Cat got the same hold on Buck, they both liked the reverse situation just as much.


Cat wasn’t without his own move in return, however, when Cat would sooner or later manage to twist his body around underneath Buck until he was able to reach one of his hands through between Buck’s thick thighs and seize Buck’s big, long, hard, and exposed rod in his fist.  Then, while Buck tried to stuff his big pec deeper and deeper into Cat’s mouth to force him to suck it, Cat in return pulled Buck’s big rod further and further back between his big legs until it seemed he might almost break it off Buck’s body.


Both always liked all the punishment each was giving and taking from the other in that deadlock, and liked it just as much, as in all of their other deadlocks, when their holds were reversed.  Then it would be Buck who was forced to eat and suck Cat’s muscled pec in his mouth, while Buck would try to rip Cat’s equally long and hard rod off his body instead.


Still another favorite hold they liked to get on each other, give or take, would be the many times one would find himself with his back on the mat and the other would be sitting or squatting on his chest, or have a solid body press and head scissors on the other.  Then it would generally take no more than a slight shift of the top man’s body to position his wet and naked butt directly over the bottom man’s head and, from there, raise himself up very slightly, lean back and then sit fully on the bottom man’s face.


As he sat fully on the other’s face, the top man could feel the bottom man’s face, nose and lips get forced deep into the hot, dark and wet canyon of his butt, while at the same time the bottom man would soon feel the top man’s hot, naked and wet butt come down and cover his whole face to soon blind and suffocate him.  That position would last as long as any other until the bottom man could find some way to escape it, or the top man might eventually ease his butt off the bottom man’s face when he felt he’d held it long enough or wanted to go on to something else.  Either way, it was another hold and predicament both men liked, give or take, and neither ever got enough of it.



Part 16.  The Match Goes Into Its Third Hour - Neither Yet Gets Enough


Their match was going into its third hour in the quiet darkness on the bunkhouse wrestling mat, and still neither could get enough of it with the other.  It was as sensual and erotic as they hoped it would be while it also gave them all the pain and punishment which both liked and wanted, too.  And, with their many almost motionless deadlocks, they conserved and regained their energy to make it last a long time.


The favorite holds of both, which they came back to more and more often, as it turned out, were when they caught each other in one or another body or head scissors hold.  In those, they would catch one or another part of each other’s body between their muscular legs and thighs, and then, with their oiled, naked, and well-muscled bodies now locked together, they got into a number of different holds or punishments from there.


Although both liked to get caught in the other’s body scissors on them, either from the side or the rear, they always held the other tight enough to keep him from escaping, but never so tight as to crush his ribs or do any damage, or use up too much of their own energy.  The scissors hold both liked most to take, and get caught in, was a head scissors on each other.


Buck found that Cat particularly liked to get caught in a head scissors between his massive thighs, with Cat’s face either facing into Buck’s crotch or away from it or halfway between, while the rest of his body remained free.


Whenever Buck caught him that way, Cat would try to twist or bridge or flip or pull or get himself out, or some combination or sequence of all four, to escape.  Which Buck always managed to foil until he sensed Cat was just about at the end of his line.  Then Buck relaxed his hold and let Cat escape anyway.  Sometimes, however, Cat, with his strength, agility and the slipperiness of their oiled bodies, escaped first anyway.  Then, many times, it wouldn’t be long before Cat let himself be caught again in the same hold and his torture would start all over again.


Cat’s actions reminded Buck of a cat which would try repeatedly to catch a mouse or a fish which it couldn’t quite reach and would try all sorts of ways to succeed.  Then it would give it up for a while, only to come again soon to try it all over again.  It was an instinct and action a cat enjoys, and Buck knew Cat also liked the feel of getting trapped, trying desperately to escape, doing so, and then coming again for more.


Buck knew, as did Cat, that he, too, liked to get trapped in the other man’s head scissors and forced to try and bridge out, and many times it was as much work for him to escape Cat as it was for Cat to escape him.  Both liked the feel of taking or getting his head caught between the other’s powerful legs and thighs wrapped around his head, and neither ever got enough of it either.


Sometimes, when Buck had a solid head scissors on Cat he would roll both of them over to keep the hold, or sometimes Cat would try to roll both of them over and make his escape.



Part  17.  Double Figure Four Head Scissors


Of all their many holds, however, the hold they both liked to get into with each other most of all, and one which they came back to more and more often as their long match continued, was when they got a single, and then more and more frequently a double, figure four head scissors on each other.


That happened whenever either was on his back on the mat, it wasn’t long before the other moved to get on top of him   Most of the time they found themselves positioned head to foot.  Then, whichever was on top would wrap his big and muscular legs and thighs around the other’s head to hold him tight,  At the same time, he moved to position his hot, wet and naked cock and balls directly over the other’s face. Then press them down hard against the other’s face to suffocate and blind him in the hold as well.


In the earlier part of their long wrestling match with each other, they were content just to press their big cocks and balls hard against the other’s face in the hold until they went on to other holds.  That was just a regular part of “anything goes” wrestling, and neither had any problem with giving or getting caught in it. 


But then, as the match went on, more and more frequently the man on top not only first pressed his big, thick cock and balls on top of the other man’s face, but now also stabbed his big rod, which was getting longer and harder all the time with all of their sensual and erotic wrestling and cock fighting, deep down into the other’s mouth and throat impaling his head on the mat as well as blinding and suffocating him.


Neither ever had any problem with any of that either, give or take.  It’s what both most expected and wanted, in fact, and neither could ever get enough of it.


To add to it, whichever man was on the bottom, even though his head was staked to the mat by the other’s rod stabbed deep down into his mouth and throat, he would still try to twist or bridge out.  More often than not, however, this just gave the man on top a better chance to grab the bottom man’s own big rod, now sticking up right into the top man’s face. 


Then, in addition to the bottom man’s choking with the top man’s cock stabbed deep down his throat, it also gave the top man a chance now to grab the bottom man’s big stiff rod in his fist and try to push it down between the bottom man’s big legs to the mat to punish him even more.  It was an agony both liked to give and take over and over again.  They always sensed, however, when they’d gone far enough and then eased up before any damage would be done.


Sometimes, however, the bottom man was able in return to bridge or flip his legs up so he was able to catch the top man in a head scissors of his own, making it a double head scissors on each other,   Then both wrestlers had the same deadlocked hold on each other, which soon found them rolling back and forth over the mat, locked together, with first one man on top and then the other, with both of them having plunged their big, long and hard rod deep down into the other’s mouth and throat, while feeling and tasting the other’s equally big rod deep down into his own mouth and throat as well.


It was a favorite hold and deadlock of both and one which neither was ever willing to be the first to let go as they wanted to see which could take it the longer.  It was also yet another sensual and erotic pleasure for both which neither ever got enough of.


These double head scissor deadlocks became more and more frequent, and lasted longer and longer each time.  But it was also what both wrestlers ultimately most wanted from the other, along with all their other moves and holds, predicaments and deadlocks, and still neither could ever get enough of any of it.



Part 18.  Buck and Cat’s Wrestling Match Comes To An End


They had been locked together wrestling each other for almost three hours.  They’d started soon after dusk, and it was soon coming close to midnight.   Both knew, too, that as much as they enjoyed their erotic and sensual wrestling with each other, they were coming to the end of their energy and, even more importantly, with all of their cock fighting and their naked, oiled and muscled bodies locked tightly together so long and getting more and more sexually aroused all the time, all of the hot creamy white cum that had been accumulating in their bodies all through their match was totally full and demanding to be released.


In fact, both suddenly realized, as they felt and tasted each other’s big, long and hard cock deep down into his mouth and throat, that both had only seconds left before they would be forced, ready or not, to shoot their loads of hot white cum.


The end came suddenly just seconds later.  Buck and Cat had once again gotten each other in a double head scissors, and each had stabbed his big, long, and hard rod, now about to come, deep down the other’s mouth and throat while he tasted the other’s equally big and hard rod stabbed deep down into his own mouth and throat. 


They had rolled, tightly locked together, to the edge of the mat and then rolled back to the center. Buck ended up on top.  Desperately, although he didn’t mind at all being under Buck with Buck’s powerfully muscled and naked body on top of him holding him down, Cat tried to escape out from under Buck just once more.


That one final time he tried to twist and bridge out from under Buck just as he had so often before and then it worked.  But this time he couldn’t.  Buck held him in tightly under him.  Buck would have had no problem with being underneath Cat if it had ended up that way, but as it was, he was on top.  Both liked it either way.


Then it didn’t matter any more.  Suddenly, and in almost the same instant, each one felt all of the hot white and sweet creamy cum race through his body and then through his big long and bone-hard cock, as each gave one last spasm with their pleasure.  Then each felt his hot cum burst out of his hard and thick cock head to blast out deep into the other’s mouth and down his throat.


On and on each man’s hot cum poured and pulsed out into the other’s waiting mouth, while the other took in as much as he could take.  What they couldn’t take they had to let  run out of their mouths and down the sides of their faces and necks until it dropped to the mat which was already wet and slippery with all the oil and sweat, which had accumulated from their long match.


On and on their cum flowed until finally there was nothing left to come. They were completely drained.  After they’d finished, Buck and Cat still found themselves lying and locked together, but, for the moment, they were totally exhausted.  Their long match had ended.  It had been real good.



Part 19.  After The Match


Slowly, as they gradually regained some of their strength after their long wrestling match and shooting their enormous hot cum loads down each other’s mouth and throat, Buck and Cat began to get up.  Grins covered their faces.  A glance over to the clock in the moonlit bunkhouse said it was almost midnight.  


“Hey, Cat,” said Buck, “You’re real good, you know.  I sure enjoyed that!”


“Likewise, I’m sure,” replied Cat, “I’m ready to go again with you any time you like!”


“Sounds good to me, but what do you say for now, time for a shower and then maybe some shut-eye?”


“I’m good for that, sir;  you know I’m yours!” replied Cat with a grin on his face.


Buck knew he surely liked what they’d just been doing, and he knew that Cat liked it just as much.  And there that word was, again.  Yeah, it sure had been good.



Part 20.  The Next Morning - Breakfast


The next morning, once again, Buck woke up to the smell of frying bacon and brewing coffee.  ‘This Cat is a marvel,’ thought Buck as he woke up and realized that Cat had already gotten up, come up to the cabin, and was already and once again preparing their breakfast.  A glance at the clock told Buck it was almost nine o’clock.  Rarely did he sleep any later than seven, even on rainy days when he didn’t have much of anything else planned to do.


But wrestling with Cat last night had been real good, surely the best he’d had wrestling around with anybody in a very long time.  His longer sleep into the morning showed to that.


Buck got up and went into the kitchen.  Sure enough, Cat had once again laid out the tableware just as neatly as before, and if there was any mess in his preparations, there was no sign of it as Cat cleaned things up as soon as anything got dirty.  Despite all his Marine Corps training and spit and polish neatness, Buck knew he couldn’t have done any of it any better himself.



And here, too, was Roscoe, standing next to Cat with an anticipatory expression on his face, and an intermittent wag of his tail.  He had already seen Cat remove a can of his breakfast dog chow from the cupboard where Roscoe knew it was kept, and knew he’d get his breakfast very shortly.   Meanwhile, he was content to settle for the occasional neck scratch he was getting from Cat as he was putting everything else together.


It was Buck who stole up behind Cat, got a loose bear hug on him and murmered a soft “Good Morning” in Cat’s ear, to which Cat purred back softly, “Ummmmm yes!”


When they sat down in the sunlit room to enjoy the breakfast Cat had prepared, however, they said little and Buck sensed a note of concern or worry on Cat’s face.


“You ok, Cat?”  Buck asked.


“Yeah,  it sure was so great rasslin’ around with you last night Buck, and I’m surely real grateful for your kindness in taking me in and feeding me and giving me a place to bunk down,” replied Cat.


“That wasn’t anything at all, Cat,” replied Buck.


“A Marine always helps a buddy, and I not only sure enjoyed messing around with you last night, but you really helped me out with the roof and chimney repairs, and then in clearing away the trees and brush yesterday.   I’m the one who owes you!” he continued.


“Well, still and all, Buck, I think I’d better be heading on soon’s we finish breakfast here.  I’m thinking of taking off on the Trail again and heading over to my grandma’s over in Mutton, about ten miles beyond Gadwell, and maybe stay there for a while.  She’s probably got some chores for me to do at her place, and then we can see how it goes for me from there.”


Buck knew better than argue with Cat.  It was his life, and he still knew virtually nothing about Cat, who he was or where he was headed, either for the present or for the rest of his life.  Buck had known a lot of Marines in his life, some of whom found their way sooner while it took some others longer.  Buck sensed that Cat was somewhere between the two.


“Tell you what, Cat, I understand that you probably want to move on, and that’s your choice, except I’d sure like to have you stay on with me.


“I know you’re smart and talented and have your whole life ahead of you.  But I’d surely like to have you work for me at my auto and truck repair shop over in Gadwell.  If you came with me, you’d have a steady job and good pay, and you could then see what the future might hold for you.


“And,” Buck added with a slight grin and glance at Cat’s face as he said it, “I’d sure like to have you come back to my place here and maybe we could find still more things to do right here at the cabin if you’d like!”


Cat looked at him quietly, and Buck saw a smile, and maybe Cat’s eyes water just a little.  Buck knew Cat was having a hard time of it, and maybe couldn’t say anything for the moment.


Buck then said, “As for your needing to take off today, it’s going on toward late morning already, and you’ll never make much time walking the Trail any more today.  I need to go into town to pick up some supplies for the house and pick up today’s newspaper.  Why don’t I take you into town in my pickup?  Then I can leave you off at the Gate gas station.  I know a number of folks around here go back and forth between here and Gadwell, and maybe right into Mutton, too.  I’m sure you could pick up a ride from one of them and be in Mutton by late afternoon.   How about that?”


“I’d sure be obliged for all that, Buck, if it wouldn’t put you out too much,” was Cat’s grateful reply, a grin creeping back into his face.


“And,” Cat continued, “your offer of a job and coming back here with you, too!  I’m not sure where I’m going today or anywhere else from here, but I’m surely obliged to you for everything you’ve done for me — it means a lot!” replied Cat, his eyes growing no drier.


“Oh, and here’s what I owe you for your work yesterday, Cat; hope this will tide you over just a while, too,” said Buck.


Cat looked at the envelope Buck handed him.  In it were ten $20-bills.


“You didn’t need to do this at all, Buck.  You already gave me room and board, and I was glad to do the work just to help out there,” said Cat quietly.


“No way, Cat; this is what I would have had to pay to another workman to do the job, and you did it, so you’re entitled to it!”


“Thanks, Buck,” said Cat as he quietly hung his head so that Buck wouldn’t see his tears.



Part 21.  Buck and Cat Part Privately At Buck’s Cabin


As they were about to get into Buck’s pickup for the ride into town, they embraced once more. They held it for a long time, their two muscular bodies locked together one final time before they would head into town.  They knew when they got to the Gate station where Buck would leave Cat off, that wouldn’t be the time or the place for their final embrace. 


As they parted, Buck said only, “Take care, Cat, thanks for everything, and know that your job is waiting for you any time you want it, and that I care about you!”


“Thanks, Buck — for everything!” replied Cat, unable to say any more.



Part  22.  Buck Reads The Newspaper - An Interesting Article


Back in the cabin that afternoon, after cleaning up a few odds and ends before heading back to Gadwell and his shop and work tomorrow, Buck sat down to relax on his cabin porch.  He picked up the newspaper to check out the latest news.   It was just the local county paper, and most of the articles were about the town people, church news, and high school game results.


Then, on the front page, on the lower left, in a two-column spread, Buck read the headline:  “Sheriff Seeks Man For Questioning”.  That caught Buck’s eye, and he began to read the article in full.


“County Sheriff Tuck Townsend announced yesterday morning that he was looking for a Mr. Tim Timmons, a.k.a ‘Cat-man,’ for questioning about an incident on the Appalachian Trail late Thursday afternoon.


“It seems two men, later identified as Butch Burger and Benny Bellini, both having police records for minor assault and battery charges, break-ins, and car thefts, were walking on the Trail to get away from a break-in they had committed an hour earlier of a farm house close to the Trail.


“Suddenly a powerful and agile young man, presumably Mr. Timmons, who had concealed himself on a rock overhanging the Trail, jumped down on the two men with the probable intent of robbing them and then escaping before they could recover and chase him down.


“Mr. Timmons had just been released the previous Tuesday from the medium security  Creston County prison where he had served just a little over two years for burglary and theft, and was released early for good behavior.


“It seems Mr. Timmons’ M.O. as a burglar was to quietly stake out a prospective house which might contain some valuable jewelry.  Then, even if the victims were still in the house, he would scale the walls or roof of the house, enter a second-floor window, or gain entrance from a porch roof, seek out and find the jewelry he hoped to find, take only those pieces which were of the greatest value, and then silently make his escape by the same way he came in.  Many times the victims were unaware of the theft until they returned home or went upstairs to wherever the jewelry was, and noticed the loss.


“Mr. Timmons was sentenced to two-to-five years in prison, but as he had an almost perfect prison record and was considered a non-violent prisoner, he was ordered to serve only the minimum term.


“While he was in prison, it was noted on his record that he helped rebuild the warden’s office as he was a skilled craftsman, saving the County some expense.  He also won a Silver medal, second place, on the prison wrestling squad which competed with other prisoners and police benevolent teams which wrestled in local high school gyms for charitable purposes.


“At the time of the incident on the Trail with Burger and Bellini, it seemed those two recovered quickly and overpowered Mr. Timmons in return.  In addition, they took his wallet and also forced him to remove his shirt and pants to make his pursuit of them more difficult.  


“Burger and Bellini, after leaving Mr. Timmons, continued walking the Trail until it intersected with County Road 521 where they feigned an injury and sought help from any good Samaritan who might be passing by.  A local man in a pickup truck stopped to offer assistance, and the two overcame him and drove off in his truck.  As soon as they left him, the pickup truck owner called the sheriff on his cell phone to report the incident and the theft of his truck.


“The sheriff and his team of officers then staked out the road farther down before it intersected with State Hwy. 160 and caught Burger and Bellini, who put up no resistance.


“During a search of the two, the sheriff found Mr. Timmons’ wallet with his identification and the small amount of money still in the wallet.


“Burger and Bellini are now being held in the County jail pending charges of simple assault and car theft.  The sheriff, meanwhile, would like to question Mr. Timmons on the incident on the Trail for the record.  Mr. Timmons may also be in line for a reward posted by the farmer for the capture of whoever it was that broke into his farm earlier.”



Part 23.  Buck Finds Out The Truth About Cat


Buck chuckled.  So that’s how it was.  Cat’s real name was Tim Timmons and not Chip Carson.  No surprise there.  The part about two men jumping him on the Trail was true, but Cat didn’t mention that it was he who jumped them first.  No surprise there either.


And the part about Burger and Bellini taking his clothes was true, while Cat’s later stealing some farmer’s shirt and pants was not mentioned,  probably because it was of no real importance, and, judging by their worn appearance, the clothes weren’t much more than rags in the first place.


Cat’s own record of second-story house break-ins before he was caught was interesting, but it wasn’t that much of a surprise either.  Surely Cat was smart and agile, and so it was no wonder that he was able to get up on Buck’s roof and chimney to fix them so easily.  Apparently he was real good working with his hands, as he showed in fixing the chimney, clearing brush, and making their breakfasts, too.


And then the part of his winning a Silver medal on the prison wrestling squad was real good, too.  No doubt Cat had worked out steadily and hard to build himself up and keep in shape, both to protect himself from other prisoners who might have designs on that good-looking body of his, but also to work on his considerable wrestling skills and endurance, too.


No telling what his wrestling workouts were like at night in the prisoners’ off hours, or maybe wrestling around for the pleasure of it in such secluded places as the prison laundry or warehouse for his own pleasure.  But that was none of Buck’s business.


Although Buck kept the rest of the paper to use to start fires in the fireplace, he carefully cut out the article on “Tim Timmons AKA Cat-man” to keep in his desk.



Part  24.  Conclusion


Two weeks later, after another weekend at the cabin, Buck was, as usual, the first man to get to the shop on Monday morning.  He had gotten some more work done around the cabin, but it was awfully quiet without Cat.  Buck missed him more than he thought he would.  A lot more.


Although when he had closed up the shop office and turned out the lights on Friday before he left, when Buck arrived on Monday morning, the office light was on and he smelled coffee being brewed in the shop coffeemaker.


For some reason, he wasn’t totally surprised.  There was Cat.  He had found his way in, had already put the coffee on, and was in the process of emptying the wastebasket and picking up around the place.  Their eyes met.  Grins covered their faces.


“Hope you don’t mind my coming in just a tad early this morning, Buck.  But I thought mebbe you’d like your morning coffee hot, and maybe I could just clean the place up a tad for you, too, if you’ll let me,” said Cat, with a not-quite-certain-but-hopeful grin on his face.


“You’re my man, Cat, and you’re on the payroll right now, so many thanks,” said Buck, the grin on his face widening.


“And, if you like, after we finish our work in the shop this week, I think we’ve got some more things to do up at the cabin, too,” he continued.


“Sounds good to me, Buck; I’m totally at your service!” was Cat’s reply.  His eyes began to water again.  Maybe he was allergic to something.  They dried out as soon as he went back to the shop and started to work.  The grin on his face was even wider as he and Buck headed back to the cabin that following Friday afternoon.  Buck’s grin was just as wide.


The End.

Posted: 11/04/11