Tony Falcone - College Match

By: Ron Nelson
(© 2014 by the author)

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 Part 1


Tony Falcone walked into the Swanson College gym with just a little concern on his mind. He was only a sophomore in his own college, Byrnes College, located about thirty miles away. The two colleges were rivals, and every time the schools met to compete there was always tension in the air to see which was going to be the better that day.


Tomorrow afternoon, Saturday, Byrnes was to come up against Swanson, and Tony knew they were pretty evenly matched. Tony wrestled at 172 pounds, which was his normal weight these days. He’d built up over the past year and looked and felt real good, being about five-nine just about all solid and well placed muscle.


He knew his opponent tomorrow was going to be Ed Duggan, however, which would probably be a real challenge and maybe a big problem for him. Which was good but maybe not so good, depending on how it went.


Ed was about 175, a senior at Swanson, and a real good looking and muscular hunk. And a really good wrestler too. Tony had seen Ed wrestle in other matches, and it looked like he really liked to get into it with another guy.


That was Tony’s problem. Tony knew it was real easy for him to develop a big boner whenever he was wrestling with another guy. And, when the other guy was a real hunk as well, and if Tony felt physically attracted to him, his boner got even bigger.


And Ed looked like that kind of guy. Tony saw too, watching Ed wrestle and getting locked up with another man on the mat from other matches, Ed could easily get a big boner himself. Maybe they were pretty much similar in that respect, and their minds worked in similar ways?


When Tony last saw Ed, they were at a regional match, both working as mat assistants. Both were wearing tight wrestling singlets, and a couple of times when looked over at Ed, he saw that Ed was checking him out too.


When Tony saw Ed checking him out a small grin crossed Ed’s face, which got the same reaction back from Tony, and it seemed maybe sort of a bond was developing between the two of them. Tony also saw that Ed’s singlet showed signs of a growing boner, which was then matched by another and equally big boner developing in Tony’s own singlet.


After the regionals ended, it was the job of the mat assistants to clean up the place, wash down and clean the mats thoroughly, put away the equipment, and put the whole place back into its proper and normal condition.


Tony took care of his assigned chores, but only slowly, on one side of the mats, and noticed Ed working no faster on his chores on the other side of the mats. Eventually, all the other assistants, coaches and wrestlers had headed out and back to their locker rooms until only Tony and Ed remained.


“Hey, man,” said Ed, walking over the mat in his bare feet and still wearing only his tight singlet over his handsomely well muscled body, “I’ve sort of been watching you during the matches, and you look real good. You wrestle for Byrnes?”


“Oh yeah, man, and I’ve sort of been watching you too. You sure look good! I’m Tony Wycliffe.” was Tony’s easy reply, putting out his hand to shake Ed’s.


“Ed Duggan, here, Tony, good to see you! Wouldn’t mind messing around with you some time if you’d be interested,” said Ed, grinning at Tony and taking a glance down at Tony’s crotch where his boner had grown and stretched out long and hard in his singlet.


“Yeah, I know I’d sure like to mess around with you too any time you like,” replied Tony. Ed’s glance down at the big bulge in Tony’s singlet was matched by a similar glance by Tony down at Ed’s crotch at his even bigger man tool showing in his singlet.


Were Tony and Ed maybe thinking and wondering the same thing? 


*        *        *        * 


Tony’s wrestling coach back at Byrnes, Gus Grabonski, was a real good guy and all the wrestlers liked him. He was about 45 and real solidly built, all muscle, about five-eight and weighed maybe about one-eighty. He’d retired from the semi-pro ring about five years ago, having had a few injuries along the way and then had begun to figure maybe it was about time to hang it up before anything more happened to him. Having majored in physical education when he was in college, he had no problem getting a job as wrestling coach at Byrnes, plus teaching a couple of health and physical education classes as well.


Wrestling, coaching and weight lifting, however, were his main interests, and he devoted just about all of his time to them, spending most of his days, and many of his evenings, in his gym office, close to the mats or in the weight room in the big low-ceilinged wrestling and weight room beneath the main gym.


Tony liked Gus, and it was clear Gus liked him although he took a close personal interest in all his other wrestlers as well.


Gus’s coaching motto, which he had posted on a banner over the mats, was “Work - Strive - Enjoy.” In all of his workouts coaching his wrestlers, either in groups or individually, he talked about, and lived by, his motto.


Interestingly, Gus never really put much emphasis on winning. He said that every man had his own particular strengths and talents, some having more, and some maybe not quite so much. And as there could generally be only one winner, while a man should try to win, he shouldn’t mind losing if he’d done the best he could, and should enjoy whatever it was he had achieved.


Tony liked that philosophy. He knew he was pretty good as both a student and as a wrestler, but he knew he wasn’t really a high honors student nor was going to be a State wrestling champion either.


Gus said to him once when they were talking about that, “That’s ok - just be the best you can be, and then settle for that and enjoy it.”


There was something else he liked about Gus’s coaching technique. Some coaches, Tony knew, were all over the place and the wrestlers when coaching them. Those coaches spent more than half the time just talking about holds and exactly how they should be taken, and exactly how to escape them, and exactly everything else, while the men themselves just sat around the mat and listened, but not actually doing any wrestling themselves.


Gus’ technique was the opposite, After warming up, he’d generally get his wrestlers together and show them just two or three basic holds or moves, taking maybe only ten minutes of an hour’s session for that.


Then he’d leave them free to wrestle with each other, however they liked but hopefully trying out and experiencing the holds and moves he’d just shown them. Apart from that, however, he’d let them do their own thing, with maybe just a brief comment or two from the side as to how they could do something better, but otherwise letting the wrestlers figure it out for themselves. Getting more experience all the time, and getting into and out of all sorts of moves, positions and escapes, seemed to be the best training of all.


Gus wasn’t too particular on the rules either. If a guy’s hand lightly grabbed the other man’s crotch, or one man sat easily on another man’s face, or squeezed some part of the other man’s body while grabbing hold of it, or if a man’s shoulders both touched the mat while he was rolling over, Gus pretty much ignored all that as being just part of the man-to-man wrestling experience. Tony liked that too.


Tony had also noticed that a lot of the wrestlers, including himself, when they were wrestling in their tight singlets and briefs, frequently got hard-ons, which sometimes got real big and lasted for a long time. Gus never minded or commented on a guy getting a hard-on while he was wrestling either.


He knew that a wrestler’s getting aroused was natural, and so long as it didn’t go too far, he had no problem with it. In fact, whenever Gus himself wrestled around with one of his wrestlers, particularly with certain ones, it wasn’t unusual for him to get a big hard-on himself. 


Tony knew that was one of the main reasons he liked to wrestle. He knew he enjoyed the sensual and erotic feeling of wrestling around with another guy, both of them nearly naked in their tight briefs or just their jock straps, and working over each other’s body giving and taking a lot of punishment on themselves. Skin against skin and muscle against muscle.


And, when wrestling privately or alone with another guy, he’d frequently get an even bigger hard-on and get more and more erotically aroused until sometimes he, or the other guy, or both, went all the way and couldn’t help but shoot their full loads of hot creamy cum into the other man’s face or mouth until they were completely exhausted. Yeah, Tony knew that was always good!


Tony also liked to wrestle with guys of different weights, experiences, and backgrounds. Sometimes they might be a lot bigger, in which case no matter how hard he fought them, eventually they would dominate him completely and force him to submit to them. In other cases the situation would be reversed, and he could dominate and force the smaller or less experienced man to submit to him. And in still other cases the two wrestlers might be evenly matched, or see to it that they were, and both could achieve whatever satisfaction they most wanted from it. He always liked it however it went.


Looking and talking with Ed now, he wondered what it might be like wrestling with him, and how it might come out. He knew he’d like it however it went, and the longer it lasted, the better. 


“Looks like the place is ready to close up, man,” said Ed, “and they’re turning off the lights. But I know they don’t lock the main gym doors until nine o’clock. I see we’re going to wrestle tomorrow, but I wonder if maybe you want to mess around some now? Sometimes things go better when wrestlers sort of already know what the other’s like. The regular wrestling gym and mats are down stairs next to the furnace room. We could maybe wrestle down there real private like and do whatever you like!”


Tony knew Ed was right in that wrestling with another guy always seemed to go better once you got to know him and could wrestle with him a second and third time and more.


“Oh yeah, Ed, sounds like a real good idea to me. I don’t have anything going on until I have to head back to Byrnes later tonight, and messing around some now sounds good too!” was Tony’s easy reply.


Both felt and saw their big man tools now grow even longer and harder, bulging out from their singlets even more and making big targets for whatever punishment each was ready to inflict on the other or take on himself in return.


‘Oh Yeah!’ both thought as they headed down to the wrestling mats below, ‘this might be real good!’ 


As they entered the dimly lit wrestling gym, the only light in the place came from the single lamp, with a low watt bulb, hanging down from the ribbed concrete ceiling directly over the middle of the mat. The surrounding area of mats, workout equipment and lockers was dark and wrapped in shadows. 


Ed and Tony, still wearing only their tight wrestling singlets, stepped on to the blue vinyl mat. They were already aroused and warmed up from their work as mat assistants during the regionals, just ended. Ed quietly figured, as they were wrestling on his home mats and knowing he most likely had both a weight and experience edge over Tony, he’d let him take the initiative and then they could take it from there however it went.


That suited Tony as he knew that ultimately, if Ed really wanted, with his edge in both weight and experience, Ed could probably beat him, even though it might take some doing to end it that way. 


Slowly and warily they approached each other, noticing that the big bulges their long and hard cocks were showing in their singlets even more and had now reached almost huge sizes, indicating what they both were thinking.


Tony made the first move by dropping to his knees while at the same time lunging forward to ram his head through Ed’s powerfully muscular thighs and get him in a crotch lift with the back of his neck to toss him over his back.


In making his dive between Ed’s big legs, Tony came in a little high and butted his head right into the big bulge of hard muscle, which was Ed’s now totally aroused big cock.


Tony felt his head butt hard against it just before his head continued its move between Ed’s legs. Ed took and felt the full and almost crushing blow to his big rod. He didn’t even flinch.


‘Man,’ thought Tony, ‘this guy’s really tough! Oh yeah!’


Ed liked it too. He liked the hard blow Tony had just given to his big rod, but, it being all muscle, it was no problem and felt real good to him. He also liked that Tony had no problem with it either, and went through with the rest of his move, jamming his head between his muscled legs, and then feeling Tony’s solid neck come up against his crotch, crushing his big rod and engorged balls as well, and trying to flip him over his back, all in one continuous move.


Tony was familiar with the move he’d just taken on Ed, and liked that it had gone as well as it had, even though he’d butted Ed’s big and bulging rod pretty hard as he got into it.


But as Tony now tried to lift Ed up with the back of his neck, Ed quickly reacted by reaching one of his strong arms through Tony’s own crotch, giving a hard blow to Tony’s own big boner as he first missed it but then getting his hand down between Tony’s legs against his crotch, with his forearm against Tony’s big boner so he could grab Tony’s butt it tighten his hold.


But with that, they now they suddenly found themselves deadlocked. Tony was trying to lift Ed up by the back of his neck and flip him over to the mat, crushing Ed’s big boner against the back of his neck. At the same time, Ed was crouching down and was trying to do a crotch lift against Tony’s rock hard boner instead.


As he tried to lift Tony up, Ed could feel Tony’s own big and bulging man rod getting caught and crushed in his elbow, just as Tony was crushing his own boner against the back of his neck, as both tried to flip the other over.


For a couple of long minutes, while each was crushing the other’s hard tool, and feeling their own being crushed in return, neither succeeded in his move. Nor did either have any problem with their deadlock and predicament either.


‘Yeah,’ thought Ed as he knew he was crushing Tony’s long and hard cock while his own equally big cock was being crushed real hard at the same time, ‘this feels real good! I’m thinking we’re going to do just fine!’


Tony was thinking the same thing. 


Eventually, they slipped apart to go on to something else. As they wrestled back and forth, they knew their thick and bulging hard-ons, bulging out against their tight singlets, made targets which neither could resist going after time after time.


Both liked the feel of going after and grabbing and crushing the other’s big boner all he could, and liked it just as much as when the other did the same thing to him. Obviously, both liked a really good cockfight. And this was it. 


After they’d wrestled back and forth, give and take and cockfighting for almost twenty minutes, the shoulder straps of their singlets began to work loose and began to slip off. And then, with the upper part of their singlets loosening, it wasn’t long before the bottoms worked loose too.  


>From there, it was only seconds until they ripped each other’s singlet clear off his body and threw to the side. Neither was wearing a jock strap or anything else under his singlet. So that meant, from now on, they’d wrestle naked with their big and totally aroused rods jutting straight out from their bodies, both ready to give and take all the punishment each wrestler had in mind for the other.


Neither had any problem with that at all. It was clear both liked a real hard cockfight with each other, and neither was willing to give in and submit to the other before one or the other had to, or their fight ended some other way.


And to add to it, with their wrestling back and forth on the mat in the warm and darkened gym, their bodies soon became wet and slippery with sweat. ‘Ummm yeah,’ both thought, ‘this is feeling even better!’ 


For another twenty minutes or more, they traded holds and deadlocks with each other, both giving and taking evenly, and very much liking all the punishment they were giving and taking from the other.


Among all the holds and deadlocks they were getting into and escaping from, the one move or hold they soon seemed to be getting into more and more was when one got a tight head scissors on the other.


Sometimes they found themselves stretched out on the mat at right angle to each other, with one then trying to keep the head scissors and the other trying desperately to flip or bridge out of it.


At other times one was on top of the other and had him in a tight figure-four head scissors underneath him, pressing his massive naked, swollen man rod hard against the other’s face to choke or smother him in it.


Then more and more, instead of one getting a single figure-four head scissors on the other, the caught man managed to flip his powerful legs up and get the other in a similar head scissors to make it a double figure-four head scissors on each other. When that happened both felt the other’s huge cock and solid balls pressed hard against his face almost suffocating him in it.


And then from there, it wasn’t long before both managed, instead of just smothering the other in his hot wet crotch and his big boner and balls pressed hard against the other’s face, to stab his huge and bulging man tool deep down into the other’s mouth and throat to choke him on it as well.


Neither ever had any problem with any of it. They knew it was the way both liked to wrestling privately with another guy, anything goes, for however it might turn out.  


But that meant, with their continued cockfighting and stabbing their big hard-ons deep down into each other’s mouth, that their own big rods were becoming more and more aroused all the time.


And with that increasing sensual and erotic feeling they were getting from their match, both knew and began to feel all the creamy hot white cum, which was fast accumulating in their bodies, was beginning to accumulate to such a degree that soon all of their big loads of hot male cum juice would soon want to explode out of their hot, wet and naked bodies. 


After just a few minutes more, both knew each was just about ready to come. Ed, being the slightly more experienced of the two, and knowing he was on his own home turf, figured he’d let Tony come however he liked, and Ed would go along with it.


Once more and one final time, they found themselves once again in a double figure- four head scissors on each other, each one having once again stabbed his enormously big, long and hard cock deep down into the other’s throat. This time, Ed was on top.


Desperately, Tony struggled to get out from under him even though Ed had his head impaled on the mat with his big cock stabbed deep down into his throat.


Tony remembered Gus’s motto, however, about the need to always Strive for some more. So, in a final powerful move and with the help of the leverage he got from being on the mat, he managed to roll both himself and Ed over one final time. Now he was on top, with Ed on the mat underneath him. Ed didn’t resist Tony’s move either.


Now it was Ed’s head that was impaled on the mat, still caught tightly between Tony’s powerful head scissors on him, however, with Tony’s big rod stabbed deep down into his whole mouth and throat even though he still kept his own powerful head scissors on Tony on top of him.


For an instant more, they both struggled against each other, although Ed knew he didn’t have any trouble being on the bottom with the naked, muscular and sweat-wet body of Tony on top of him, and Tony’s big hard man rod stabbed deep down into his mouth and throat nailing his head down to the mat.


Then it was too late to make any more moves.


Suddenly, Ed felt Tony’s final groan and full body spasm, and in the next instant he felt his whole mouth and throat fill with the full load of Tony’s hot white cum as it exploded out of the red heart-shaped end of Tony’s big rod. And at the same time, being equally aroused, he felt his own big load of cum explode out of his own equally big rod and flood deep down into Tony’s own mouth and throat in return. 


On and on, as they remained tightly locked together, all of their sweet hot cream cum pulsed out in an almost endless torrent into the other’s mouth and throat until they were completely drained. Only then did their cum flows diminish and then finally cease. 


Now they found themselves totally exhausted, still locked together, but now only loosely. Slowly, in the dim light of the gym, they regained just enough energy to begin to get up so that they could head to the showers.


As they began to get up, they looked at each and grinned and said, almost together, “Yeah, that was real good! I wonder if we can do it again tomorrow at the meet?” 


*        *        *        * 


Which is just about what Coach Gus said to them now too. He’d watched the whole thing from the darkness beyond the mat. For a moment they were surprised and scared speechless, not knowing what Coach’s reaction was going to be.


But then as he came into the light with a grin on his face, they relaxed.


Looking at Coach, they both noticed the huge bulge in Gus’s own red singlet which matched their own while they were wrestling each other before they went naked and then shot their full loads of hot cum. They also noticed the now widening dark spread of wetness which covered the lower front of Gus’ own singlet as well.


Said Gus, “Maybe you don’t need quite the same ending when you wrestle at the meet tomorrow, men, but the rest of your match just now was real great!” 


With that, all three grinned and headed to the showers to get ready for whatever would come next.


Part 2




Tony Falcone knew he’d grown, in more ways than one, since his wrestling match with Ed Duggan last Fall. That was the meet between his own school, Byrnes College, and Ed’s school, Swanson College, traditional rivals in Georgia.


Tony was then just starting his sophomore year, and Ed, who pinned him after a long struggle, was a senior weighing a couple of pounds more than Tony at 175 pounds, and was a lot more experienced as well.


Tony’s coach, Gus Grabonski, or ‘Coach G.’ they called him, had been working him hard all year since then, and Tony had been working on himself even harder. Which, with his natural inclinations too, made him a very different man and wrestler now.


For one thing, he’d built himself up now to an all-muscle weight of 180 pounds, and, even more importantly, toughed himself up to both give and take a lot of punishment under the watchful eye, and no small amount of additional physical punishment too, by Coach G.


In fact, both Gus and Tony worked out on the mats more than an hour a day. Sometimes with each other, but more generally Tony with some of the other wrestlers on the squad, and Coach G. coaching all of the wrestlers.


Sometimes, however, as Tony watched Coach G. work out, and sometimes even when he just thought about it, he could feel his big boner grow long and hard and bulge out underneath his singlet or show out from under his brief workout trunks. He couldn’t help but fantasize what it might be like if he were to wrestle Coach G. privately some time, “anything goes,” and what might happen then. He knew, more and more, that’s what he really wanted to do and find out.


At the same time he also began to notice Coach G’s own big boner grow long and hard and bulge out from his own singlet whenever they wrestled around with each other. He wondered if maybe Coach G. was thinking of wrestling him some time privately, anything goes, and if maybe they were thinking the same thing.


‘Yeah,’ thought Tony, ‘one of these days Coach and I are going to have to get into it, and then we’ll see what happens!’ More and more, Tony couldn’t wait for that to happen. And then, with that thought, his already big boner got even longer and harder. 


It was now the end of the Spring semester, and Tony decided to stay over just a few days after the semester ended. He wanted to wrap up a paper he still needed to complete for one of his classes, and finish up a workout program in the weight room he’d started after his Christmas break. He also knew Coach G. planned to remain at the school over the summer months.


Maybe that would give him a chance to wrestle around with the Coach once or twice, privately. Yeah, he’d like that, come what may. Over the past year, whenever Gus was coaching Tony, they had already frequently locked up real tight with each other, with neither one ever pulling back on any holds or moves on the other. Or at least that’s the way it felt to Tony. Maybe Coach G. was giving Tony a message. If so, and Tony, wrestling back as hard as he could against Gus, was sending the same message back to Gus as they tested each other.  


It was the second night after the rest of the students had left, around eight o’clock, that Tony went to the gym to get in his usual workout in the weight room. And maybe get a chance to work out on the mats too if anybody else was still around and wanted to work out with him.


When he went into the wrestling and weight room, which was underneath the main gym, the whole place was dark except for just a couple of night lights. It was also silent except for the hum of the air conditioning, and he didn’t see anyone else around.


Then he noticed some movement over by the free weights and, as his eyes got accustomed to the darkness, saw that it was Coach G., dressed in his tight red singlet. Most likely he’d been working out in the weight room by himself, and maybe on the mats too. Tony knew Gus had his office just around the corner from the mats and spent a lot of his time there and in the weight room too. 


“Hey Coach,” said Tony with a grin on his face, “you staying late tonight, maybe looking for some trouble?”


“No trouble going to happen around here tonight, man, unless you mean you. And I think maybe I could handle that!” was the Coach’s equally grinning reply. The coach and all of the wrestlers on the squad were used to a lot of back and forth trash talk, and their exchange now was very much in line with that.


“I dunno, Coach, you been coaching me so good one of these days maybe I’m going to have to take you down just to show you how good I am!”


“Any time you like, man, I’m ready for you - however you like too!”


“Ok, what about right now?” asked Tony.


“Yeah, here I am! Do whatever you like, I’m good with anything you want to do with me. And of course, be prepared for the same in return!” was Gus’s easy reply.


Tony knew Gus was sending him a message, which explained the big boners both of them got whenever they worked out together, or even thought about it, and were getting real big right now. 


With that, Tony knew the time to wrestle Gus privately, for as long and however he liked, had come. He quickly felt his big man tool getting even longer and harder as he changed, at the edge of the mat, into his tight red wrestling singlet. He had a problem getting his big boner into his singlet, and saw that Gus’s big rod was getting even bigger and longer in his own singlet.


‘Yeah, for sure,’ thought Tony, we’re both thinking the same thing, and the time for it has come.’ It would be ‘anything goes’ for as long as they could give and take it. And how it would eventually come out would be the way it came out! 


Tony and Coach Gus slipped under the ropes surrounding the dimly lit ring from opposite corners of the mat ready to fight each other. All they wore were their singlets, nothing else, neither shoes nor jock straps. That meant that, except for their skin tight singlets, they’d both wrestle naked. In their singlets, both of their bodies rippled with their muscular builds. Now they were fully ready for each other and whatever would happen next. 


Both came out of their corners, crouching warily as they eyed each other. Gus had already decided in his mind he’d let Tony set the pace and do whatever he liked. Then he would react to that, but also get in his own licks back at Tony too as he knew Tony wanted to get a lot in return too.


As they got approached each other on the mat, now only about three feet apart with their powerful arms outstretched, Tony suddenly dived down to the mat on his knees and rammed his head hard through the coach’s massive legs and thighs, one of his favorite ways to start a match. Then, in the next instant, with the leverage he had by being underneath and closer to the mat, he started to pick Gus up with the back of his neck and flip him over his back and down to the mat to land him on his butt.


Gus quickly saw what Tony had in mind and went with it. He liked to see Tony’s sudden and powerful start as he also at the same time suddenly felt his own now thick and hard cock and solid balls being crushed under his own body weight against the back of Tony’s neck, while he felt himself being flipped up into the air.


But, as Tony’s head was solidly between his legs, when he was upside down at the top of Tony’s flip on him, he suddenly tightened the leg scissors around Tony’s head so that if Tony continued with the flip, Tony would have to go down with him, upsetting his plan to just flip him down alone.


In addition to getting a tight head scissors on Tony while he was upside down, and feeling his now swollen cock and balls being crushed against Tony’s neck, Gus reached one of his powerful arms and hands through Tony’s crotch to grab the full bulging package of Tony’s own big, long and hard rod and balls to support himself.


And, in the doing of that, he also threatened to crush and rip all of Tony’s own male equipment right off his body if he succeeded in dropping him down to the mat the rest of the way.


For a long minute it became a deadlock between the two, with Tony holding Gus upside down over him and wondering if Gus would really rip his entire man sack off his body if he dropped Gus down the rest of the way.


Tony decided to take that chance. As he felt Gus slide down off him to the mat, he began to feel his big rod and full balls being almost ripped off him by Gus’s tight grip on his cock and balls. But then, fortunately, Gus let go of his grip on his big load of male sex equipment as he dropped down to the mat.


Tony then knew he was free of that problem and close call, and now he had Gus sprawled on the mat right behind him.


‘Yeah,’ thought Tony, ‘that was real good! I liked that!’ It might have come as a surprise to Tony, but that was Gus’s reaction too. 


While Gus quickly scrambled to his hands and knees to resist whatever Tony might have in mind for him next, Tony moved just as fast to keep his advantage over Gus while he still could. That’s what Coach G. always stressed in their training workouts, and it was good advice now.


Before Gus could move any further, Tony leaped on his back in a full body drop which would have flattened anyone else but Coach G. As quickly as he landed to ride on Gus’s big and muscled back, Tony wrapped his two powerful legs around Gus’s lower body, crossed his ankles underneath Gus to tighten his hold and began to jam his heels hard into Gus’s bulging and swollen cock and balls to punish and distract him at his lower end. Technically, it was illegal to kick a guy’s balls in a body scissors from the rear, but Tony figured this was going to be an ‘anything goes’ match. And he knew he liked the feel of it when another guy did it to him, and figured Gus would be thinking the same thing. He was right about that.


Then he brought his two powerful arms under Gus’s arm pits and locked them together over Gus’s thick neck to get a full nelson on him too. That was an illegal college hold, both knew, but it was no surprise to either of them that Tony would take the hold on Gus if he got the chance.


In the next instant Tony did all he could to force Gus’s head and neck forward, almost breaking Gus’s head off his neck. Except that Gus’s 19” neck was well able to resist the force. Still, it was a lot of pressure, and Gus slowly dropped his head further and further down to the mat with the eventual intent of bracing it against the mat to relieve Tony’s pressure on it. At the same time, he began to raise his butt into the air to relieve some of Tony’s repeated heel blows to his crotch. And maybe he had something else in mind too.


Suddenly Tony realized that with the slope of his hold on Gus’s back, he was suddenly facing head down over Gus’s powerfully muscled back to such a degree he was about to slide off right over Gus’s head. Which he then did, landing on the mat just above Gus’s head and suddenly finding himself disoriented from losing his advantage on top of Gus.


Which Gus lost no time in now making his own move in return, which was to get a full body press on top of him, head to head. When their eyes met, Tony saw the small grin on Gus’s face with his move, and couldn’t help but respond with one on his own face.


Gus might then have grabbed both of Tony’s wrists and stretched them out over his head to immobilize him completely, but he knew that could be both painful to Tony and also tended to leave a stalemate when both of their arms and hands became useless in holding the other.


So instead, Gus reached one hand down and seized one of Tony’s big pecs in his fist, and began to squeeze it. He knew Tony liked the feel of that, as he did himself. Then with his other hand, a powerful and thickly calloused hand from all the free weights he’d been lifting all along, he pressed it down hard against Tony’s face to disorient him.


Which had its intended effect as he rubbed it all over Tony’s face, covering his eyes, nose and mouth. Gus knew that a wrestler needed his face, even though many wrestlers wrestled from time to time with their eyes closed, to keep himself oriented, which Tony knew too. Tony never had any problem with another wrestler messing around with his face, however, and then a moment later, having disoriented Tony enough, Gus removed his hand from Tony’s face and brought it down to grab and then squeeze Tony’s other pec, now squeezing and crushing both of them in his fists.


Tony quickly reacted to regaining the use of his face and orientation, and then in return reached up to seize and begin to crush Gus’s own massive pecs, now hanging down threateningly right over his own face.


For a moment, both remained deadlocked trying to crush each other’s big pecs in their fists, trying to punish the other as they did, while enduring the same punishment on themselves. It was deadlock which didn’t end any time soon as both liked what they were doing to each other, and suffering themselves.


As they struggled, however, Gus also shifted one of his massive thighs to a position between Tony’s muscled legs. Then he dropped his heavily muscled thigh down hard into Tony’s crotch, almost crushing his big swollen cock and balls under him as he did.


Tony took the crushing pressure on his now swollen cock and balls and, in fact, liked the feel of what Gus was now doing to him. And, even as he suffered with that, he managed to shift one of his own legs and feet quietly up to where Gus was slightly unbalanced toward one side.


Then, with a quick move, Tony suddenly brought his foot up the rest of the way and jammed it into Gus’ equally bulging crotch, and against Gus’s own thick cock and balls. From there, Tony then quickly straightened out his leg, now with his foot jammed hard into Gus’s crotch, until he’d raised Gus high up in the air over him, with Gus’s own heavy weight pressing down and further crushing his swollen rod and globes against Tony’s outstretched foot.


‘Yeah,’ thought Tony ‘got you now Coach. How ‘bout that!’


Gus, grinned to himself. ‘Man,’ he thought to himself, ‘I like what this kid is doing to me, for sure! Just like I trained him to do!’ 


After holding the suffering Gus in the air for at least a couple of minutes, or so it seemed, Tony had to relieve the burden of Gus’s weight on his foot, and let his leg go off to the side, and Gus along with it, and they briefly separated while on the mat, ready to try something else. 


Now both were on their hands and knees now facing each other. Actually, their sizes and weights weren’t all that different, so they faced each other pretty evenly. Both also saw the huge long and rock hard rods which were imprisoned inside their singlets, which now stretched out from their centers almost all the way to their sides.


They knew it was time to free those prisoners, which would also to serve to let them be used as clubs and tools of torment and destruction on the other, even though it also exposed them to the same punishment from the other. Both were glad to accept the odds on all that. They both liked to get into a great cockfight whenever they could.


Slowly they approached each other on their knees. Then suddenly, both having the same thought in mind, and both now wanting to wrestle completely naked, both wrestlers reached out to seize first the shoulder strap of the other’s tight singlet, and then not only rip it off the other’s shoulder and powerfully muscled body, but then continue to rip if off clear to the bottom of the singlet until it was completely torn off the other’s body, leaving him completely naked. They both knew that’s what they’d both been waiting for, and it was the way they’d wrestle from now on.


They’d be just like two powerful animals in the jungle, one older and one younger, naked and raw, to wrestle and brawl “anything goes” until one or the other would be forced to give in and submit.


Yeah, they both liked the prospect of that!


Gus now paused, waiting to see what Tony’s reaction would be to their new situation.


He didn’t have long to wait. 


Tony suddenly rose up to his feet and spun around to get behind Gus, who was still on his knees in front of him. From there, Tony dropped down hard on top of Gus, getting him in a powerful head scissors as he did. Gus then quickly countered that by dropping himself down flat on the mat, getting at a right angle to Tony, and ending up flat on his back while Tony continued his powerful and crushing head scissors on him.


Gus felt Tony’s big thighs completely encircle his head, which in turn cut off all of his hearing and most of his sight. In addition, the way Tony had caught him, instead of maybe facing out toward Tony’s feet, Gus instead found himself facing into Tony’s now naked crotch and Tony’s big, long and hard rod and thick, wet and solid balls as well right in front of his face. Not but what Gus very much liked what he was looking at.


Gus also knew what that might soon lead to. For a few minutes he thrashed about, like a fish out of water, trying to pull or bridge or flip out of Tony’s powerful head scissors on him, but nothing worked. An observant wrestler watching Gus’s predicament might have noticed that a couple of times Gus might actually have freed himself, but he didn’t. Must be he actually didn’t mind being caught like that too much anyway.


After Gus had for the moment just about exhausted himself trying to escape Tony’s crushing head scissors on him, Tony began to reach out to the back of Gus’s head and start to slowly pull him closer and closer into his crotch until he was able eventually to pull Gus’s whole face hard into and against his big male tool and thick balls to blind and suffocate Gus almost entirely.


Tony knew he liked that, particularly when he then rolled both of them partially over, still holding Gus’s head tightly between his big thighs, until he was on top of Gus, when he then proceeded to stab his big rod deep down into Gus’s mouth and throat to totally choke him on it.


‘Yeah,’ thought Tony as he felt his big rod slide smoothly down into Gus’s open and waiting mouth, ‘how do you like the feel of that?’


Had he waited for Gus’s answer, he would have heard Gus say, “Umm yeah, man, tastes real good to me! Gimme all you got, and I’ll also plan to return the favor to you before we’re finished!”


When Gus actually got to return the favor later on, he found Al had no more problem, despite the enormous length and thickness of Gus’s big Polish tool, than Gus had earlier with Tony’s own big Italian rod! 


For the next half hour, Gus and Tony wrestled back and forth in the dimness of the college basement mat room, trading “anything goes” holds, crushing each other’s bodies, arms and legs, and above all attacking the other’s big rods and balls over and over again while suffering the pain and punishment on their own at the same time. Neither had any problem with any of it.


A pattern of their back and forth, give and take, wrestling brawl also seemed to develop. That is, Gus never lost sight of the fact that he was actually the heavier, stronger and more experienced of the two, and that, tough and aggressive as Tony was, and despite all the punishment he was able to take, Gus still knew he still had to be careful and keep in mind what he was doing.


As a result, he generally waited for Tony to take some hold or make some move, and only then did he sooner or later reverse it back on Tony. That way, Tony could generally know what to expect and wouldn’t become only defensive in his actions. It worked well.


Gus knew Tony liked to get behind his opponent and then surprise him with some sudden move. Which Gus liked for the challenge it always gave him as to how he’d first have to take the blow and then be forced to react to it and come back and return it some way on his attacker.


It was that way when he wrestled in the pro ranks, and now he liked it just as much as a college coach. 


This time, while Gus was on his feet, having regained his position after Tony had thrown him over and down hard on his back, Tony suddenly jumped him from behind and grabbed his left arm in a tight arm bar, bringing it almost half way up Gus’s broad and muscled back to almost completely immobilize him. And then from there he’d try to force Gus down to his knees.


But instead of forcing Gus down that way, Tony pushed him forward and into the ropes, which were only a couple of feet in front of them, until he had Gus almost hanging half over them with Tony on his back now holding his arm bar on Gus even tighter.


Gus had a remedy for that, however, and, after giving Tony the satisfaction of having him at his mercy hanging over the ropes, Gus suddenly twisted down and out of Tony’s arm bar and than turned around so that his back was against the ropes. Then from there he stretched his arms out along the ropes for support and leverage, and then flipped his two powerfully strong legs up and to catch the surprised Tony in a tight leg scissors around his waist, almost totally immobilizing him.


For a moment or two they were deadlocked, Gus with his back to the ropes and Tony caught in Gus’s tight body scissors hold on him. But then Tony began to recover, and slowly began to pull himself, and Gus along with him, back toward the center of the ring. First Gus lost his hold on the top rope, and then, dropping down, from the middle rope, and then from the bottom rope. And then from there he dropped with his back to the mat as Tony succeeded in pulling him away from the ropes entirely.


Gus didn’t let go of his tight leg scissors around Tony’s waist, however, so then Tony returned to the offensive by now moving forward on top Gus, who’s back was still on the mat, until he had just about folded Gus down on himself , with Tony on top of him pressing down on top of him, until their whole bodies and heads came together in one powerfully muscular deadlock.


It was only then that Gus finally let his leg scissors on Tony go. And then from there he was able to push one of his feet up first against Tony’s chest, bracing it against one of Tony’s big pecs to give him a better hold, and then shove his other foot fully, but not too hard, into Tony’s face to force him back even further.


‘Yeah,’ both of them thought, ‘that was a pretty exchange, wasn’t it!’


Having now freed himself of Tony’s attack this time, Gus then got back to his hands and knees in front of Tony, who had now also regained his feet, to await whatever Tony might intend to do to him next.


Which wasn’t long in coming.


Gus wasn’t surprised by Tony’s now once again jumping on his back while he was down on his hands and knees, this time landing on him like a cowboy mounting a bronco. As Tony came down on top of him, he knew to ride Gus as closely as possible to keep his hold on him before Gus would try to throw him off.


Which meant that Tony quickly wrapped both of his powerfully strong arms around Gus’ upper body to seize and begin to crush Gus’s big pecs and all of the muscled flesh in them as hard as he could. Tony knew it was a hold he liked taken on himself, and knew Gus liked to be punished the same way for as long as his opponent wanted to give it to him.


At the same time, Tony wrapped his powerful legs around Gus’s lower body. But this time he positioned himself so that his big, hard and stiff cock was right over Gus’s butt. So that now from there, in the next couple of seconds, he tried to ram his big rod deep and hard into the hot wet canyon of Gus’s butt and maybe even deep into his waiting body.


Gus didn’t much like to get fucked, but he nevertheless liked the feel of another guy trying to get into him, particularly if it was a good looking young hunk like Tony. As a result, for the next couple of minutes both naked and muscled wrestlers, now also wet with sweat, maneuvered back and forth, Tony trying to force his big tool deep into Gus’s powerful body and Gus trying to keep him out. Meanwhile, at the same time, Tony continued to crush Gus’s big pecs with his claw holds, and Gus taking both punishments just as long as Tony wanted to give them to him. 


By now, with all their other holds, moves, throws, deadlocks and punishments on each other, they’d been wrestling and brawling with each other for almost an hour on the mat of the dimly lit gym.


During that time, however, they’d also slowed down some too, with both settling into their brawl to see how much punishment they could each give each other, and take themselves too. 


After Tony found he couldn’t get into Gus’s butt one way, he suddenly twisted around on top of Gus and began to ride him backwards. With this, he got a solid head scissors on Gus’s head at one end, and then reached under Gus’s butt at the other hand to seize Gus’s big rod and thick and solid balls, hanging down heavily underneath him, in his fist and began to crush them once again.


Now, for a couple of minutes they remained deadlocked in this new position, with Gus taking, and very much liking, what Tony was doing to him. It was clear that while Gus could give a lot of punishment to the other man, he also liked very much to take all the punishment the other man could give him too. 


But then Gus figured maybe it was time to reverse the situation. Suddenly he reared up and, before Tony could react, he slid Tony down off his big back flat to the mat. Then, before Tony could recover, Gus got a solid body press on him, head to toe, now getting Tony in the same tight head scissors Tony had just been holding on him. And now, in addition, Gus seized the whole load of Tony’s big load of male equipment in his fist, his long, hard and big rod and his solid and throbbing balls, and began to crush them in his big fist, just as Tony had been doing to him only moments before.


Up until then, Gus had made certain he didn’t work Tony over too hard, not knowing how much punishment Tony could really take as he wasn’t really that experienced yet. But as they wrestled back and forth, Gus found that the young stud liked a really tough brawl too, and was not only able to give a lot of punishment to the other man, but was able to take, and liked, to take just as much punishment back on himself.


Both clearly liked as much cockfighting and ball bashing as they could get into. Just a short time before, when Gus was flat on his back and Tony was standing over him, Tony managed to pick up one of Gus’s feet by his ankle and lift it high in the air, while stepping on Gus’s other ankle to keep that foot down on the mat, in effect getting Gus into a real good leg split.  


Then, while Gus tried to pull both of his feet back to minimize the split, Tony proceeded to lift one of his feet and jam it slowly but with increasing pressure into Gus’s naked and exposed crotch, almost crushing his big and swollen cock and balls. To make it even worse on Gus, Tony then slowly twisted his foot back and forth and around grinding it into Gus’s now suffering cock and balls even more.


It was only when Gus finally managed, in writhing about to escape Tony’s punishment on his bulging and naked cock and balls, that Gus was finally able to reach out and grab Tony’s other ankle, which was the only support he had, and pull Tony down on top of him, with Tony also now losing both of his punishing holds on Gus.


Then, in the scramble which followed, Gus moved around until he was able to face Tony when both ended up sitting on the mat opposite each other. In that position, Gus then reached out and seized one of Tony’s ankles, right in front of him, and began to pull him in toward him while jamming his own foot hard into Tony’s naked, exposed and bulging cock and balls. Slowly and with increasing force, Gus then began to grind and crush all of Tony’s big male equipment under his foot to now reverse their situation.


Tony realized what Gus was now doing to him. And he liked it just as much as when he’d just been doing the same thing to Gus earlier. 


For another long spell, Tony and Gus continued to grapple and brawl back and forth, with both liking what they were doing to, and taking from, each other during all of it.


But as they wrestled, they also knew that both of them, with all of their erotic and sensual cockfighting, were becoming more and more aroused. That meant that pretty soon they would not only run out of most of their energy to continue their battle, but even more importantly, would soon be forced to shoot their full loads of hot cum juice one way or another and then be too exhausted to continue what had become their brawl.


Tony had probably kept the offensive against Gus for most of the match, although that was partly because Gus let him get away with it. Tony was still the younger and less experienced of the two, and Gus didn’t really want to dominate him anyway. Not but what Tony was turning out to be a real brawler and street fighter in any event.


Once again Gus was on the mat working from the bottom, with Tony having a full body press on him. Tony had also caught him in a tight head scissors with his big legs wrapped tightly around Gus’s head and, not for the first time, had stabbed his big naked boner deep down into Gus’s mouth and throat.


At the same time, Tony had also seized Gus’s own big boner, sticking up hard and straight right in front of his face, and was now not only crushing it in his fist but was also shoving it forward down between Gus’s big legs, like a stick shift in a pickup truck being put into reverse.


If Gus hadn’t been used to being tortured that way, and liking it every time he got into that predicament and pain, he might have been more concerned. But nobody had ever broken his big, thick and hard rod off him yet, and he hoped Tony wouldn’t break it off him this time either.


Still, knowing both he and Tony were just about ready to come, and with Tony’s big dick stabbed deep down his throat almost impaling his head on the mat, but knowing he wanted to end up giving it to Tony instead, Gus figured he’d better break out of his present predicament pretty quickly or soon it would all be over.


Despite Tony’s pushing his big boner down to the mat between his legs, Gus nevertheless suddenly flipped both of his powerful legs up, even though this put even more stress on his big rod. With the flip, however, he now caught the unsuspecting Tony in a tight head scissors of his own.


And then from there, in the next move, Gus rolled both of them over until their positions were reversed. In rolling over, they both hit against the ring post, which almost stopped the roll, but Gus quickly shoved his leg out against the post for leverage, and they were quickly freed of that interference.


Gus knew his tight head scissors on Tony, whose whole head was caught between his big thighs facing in toward his crotch, was blinding and suffocating him with his whole face buried as it was in Gus’s hot and wet crotch, and with his enormously thick rod and solid balls pressing hard against Tony’s face.


But by now Gus knew that Tony had no problem with that. Nor did he have any more problem with it when Gus then stabbed his own big long and hard man hose deep down into his mouth. He’d already done that a few times before and Tony was ready for more of the same any time Gus wanted to give it to him.


But now, with that, the end to their long brawl had come. Tony had by now used up just about all of his energy in getting into his brawl with Coach Gus, and Gus had used up a good part of his own energy in his battle with his best student wrestler ever on his wrestling squads. 


Desperately, however, Tony still tried to escape Gus’s powerful, wet and naked body pressing down on him while Gus’ huge thick rod was still stabbed deep down into his throat, almost choking him on it. At the same time, he also felt Gus’s strong hand manipulating and crushing his own big rod, which he knew was just as long and hard as it had been during all of their long match, but which was now just about to explode with all of the hot wet man juice which had been accumulating in his body all along.


Then suddenly Tony knew the end had come! With almost no warning, he felt all of Gus’ hot creamy white cum explode into his mouth, just about filling it until he was unable to swallow any more of it and had to let the rest run out of his mouth and down his chin and neck to the mat below.


Tony wasn’t too accustomed to the sweet taste of another guy’s hot cum in his mouth yet, but knew he liked it, and was ready to take all that Gus wanted to give him.


At the same time, Tony suddenly felt all of his own huge load of hot white cum race through his own loins and explode out of the heart shaped end of his own big rod as Gus manipulated it harder and harder in his fist.


In the next instant, while he still felt of his hot cum pulse and race out of his big rod end, he felt Gus’s tongue run up and down and over his big, long and thick man rod as Gus licked up all that he could of Tony’s own creamy cum juice, obviously liking to take in all he could.


Finally, neither had any more to give, and both lay exhausted on the mat in the dark and silent gym.


‘Yeah,’ both thought, ‘this is what I think we’ve both been looking for ever since we first saw each other! And now we got it!’ 


It might have been their first match and brawl, but it surely wasn’t their last. Tony still had two more years at the college, and Coach Gus wasn’t going anywhere either. Yeah, they’d get together again, and more than once, just as soon as the next semester began again. Yeah, the best was yet to cum!


The End

Posted: 06/13/14