Todd Tompkins Captured

By: Ron Nelson
(© 2014 by the author)

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 Part 1


Todd Tompkins found, after six months of research back in the lab of the Gadwell Foundation where he worked as a field research scientist, that one strain of the plant he’d discovered near the Turkish-Greek border, looked particularly promising for the production of certain natural chemicals which would better fight cancer. If he could find some more plants which had higher concentrations of the specific properties he was looking for, it might cut production costs and make the medicines even more readily available to the total market.


Further research and a review of his records indicated the particular plant he was searching for grew in areas that were particularly rich in limestone. He suggested to the Director of Research, therefore, that he return to that area in July to do a further study. He figured it would probably take at least four or five days to see if he could locate an area particularly rich in limestone, and then see if such better plants could be found there.


The necessary approvals by the governments of Turkey and Greece were quickly issued, and, a few days later, Todd found himself once again back at the same Turkish Border Patrol station where he’d stayed, and very much enjoyed, last time.


When he arrived at the TBP station by Jeep from Istanbul, where he’d first checked in with the proper authorities and the US Embassy, his very good friends Kemal, Denir, Cemar and Tayhut were waiting eagerly for him.


He barely survived their welcome as Kemal almost crushed him in his tight embrace, Denir lifted him high off the ground, and Cemar and Tayhut punched his hard pecs with blows that would have knocked an ordinary man down. The muscular Todd couldn’t help but laugh and appreciate their rough welcome of him, and gave each one back just a much in return.


He easily recalled the many warm nights on his first visit when he and they wrestled on the outdoor TBS mats, naked and oiled, Turkish style, in the dark, until they’d gotten so aroused they shot their big cum loads into each other’s face and mouth until they were completely drained and exhausted. ‘Yeah, that sure was good,’ he said to himself. 


After Todd and Kemal and the others all went inside the station, the lieutenant was eagerly waiting for him with his own embrace, and welcomed their honorary station member back to their fold. Todd then explained what his new mission was.


As he explained what he was looking for, and said his research on where these special plants might be found, in an area of rich limestone about forty miles away, the smiles of greeting he’d just received from the lieutenant and Kemal turned slowly to a questioning look, and then into frowns of worry. 

“What you say is all very good and logical, Todd,” said the lieutenant, “but I worry about the location you have selected.


“On one hand, it is only about forty miles away by the map. However, it is in an extremely rugged and remote area, and one in which we have very little Turkish presence and control. For centuries, it has been inhabited mainly by lawless brigands and gypsies who appear and disappear without warning, and have pretty much set up their own state. They are a distant branch of the Kurds, with whom Turkey has various disputes, and we refer to them as “Kurds” even though they are only distantly related to them.


“Over the years, in this region, we and they have come to sort of a 'mutual agreement' that they will not come out of their secluded mountain retreat to interfere with our regular Turkish citizens in their normal pursuits, and we will not interfere with them in their own activities in their area.


“I would be concerned, therefore, if your presence in their area might not be very dangerous to you if they see and know you come from our Turkish area, and they may think you, on behalf of us, might be plotting something against them!”


Kemal, Denir, Cemar and Tayhut’s frowns indicated they agreed with the lieutenant’s assessment of the situation, and the lieutenant then got up to show Todd their map of the area he intended to visit, while quietly expressing his concerns.


“Well,” said Todd, after listening carefully to their apprehensions “I really very much appreciate your concerns, and I can see your point. And I don’t want to put you in any hazard as I know you’ve been assigned to keep watch over me and give me your every assistance.


“But I’m thinking if maybe we could fly over their area in a helicopter and drop some leaflets over their three main villages and let them know what we would like to do and ask for their cooperation and understanding, or at least that we didn’t want to interfere with them, maybe I could get in, do my research, and get out before I ran into any big trouble?” 


The silent but dubious looks on his listeners showed they were listening and understanding what he was saying, and told Todd they would support him all the way no matter what, but it was still a hazardous undertaking.


In the next couple of days, their daytime hours were concerned with the logistics of Todd’s mission. But at night, Todd, Kemal and the others couldn’t help but hit the mats outside under the stars, just as they had on Todd’s previous visit to the station.


And, with it, no small amount of sweat and their hot sweet cum juices were also very much aroused as they fought and wrestled back and forth with each other, nude and oiled. Then they got so aroused, with all the cock fighting they got into too, that they eventually were forced, once again, to shoot their loads all over each other until they were completely exhausted and then had to go to bed for whatever remained of the rest of the night.


The basic field research plan they developed for this visit was simple enough.


Kemal, Denir and Todd would fly over the areas Todd wanted to visit in a Turkish Border Patrol modified AH64 Apache helicopter to familiarize Todd with the general lay of the land he wanted to get into. Then they would drop leaflets briefly explaining his mission over the three or four villages they could spot from the air. They’d also check out more specifically the probable trails, valleys, ridges and streams Todd would have to traverse to get to the specific areas he wanted to check out.


Todd would be out about five days and four nights. Two days and two nights to get to and from where he wanted to go, and three days and two nights in the area to scout it out thoroughly.


He’d go in alone by foot to minimize his presence and indicate he represented no threat to the Kurds. Kemal and Denir would drive him in the TBP Jeep as far as they could by the single unpaved road leading into the area, where they’d then camp and wait until he returned, when they’d bring him back to the TBP station.


Going in alone, Todd would be simply dressed in his hiking and camping fatigues and boots, with only a small pack to carry sufficient provisions for those few days, plus some emergency rations along with his scientific kit to test out any field samples he might find and bring back the necessary specimens. Todd had already taken a number of “survival” hikes back in the States, so he was already familiar with how to live off the land and handle the unexpected.


As it was summer and Todd and the others were all lightly dressed, they could all see that Todd was just as powerfully built and muscular as on his earlier visit, and his big and solid pecs, bulging biceps, tight abs and thick and powerful thighs, which matched their own similar builds and which they’d wrestled so long and powerfully earlier, would still be up to any challenge he might meet with his new adventure.


Generally, his powerful build, however, meant by meeting the “unexpected” just unfriendly animals, terrain or weather conditions, not people. But it was that last which prompted the considerable concern of Kemal, Denir, Cemar, Tayhut and the lieutenant.


Nevertheless, in three days all was prepared. They’d overflown the area in the TBP AH64 helicopter and dropped more than a thousand leaflets over the three small villages they’d spotted from the air. Now Kemal and Denir drove Todd to the point at which they would have to leave him to continue on his own, while they would wait, hopefully, for his return. The area’s rough and mountainous terrain made radio communications difficult, so Todd would be even more on his own. 


They left him around ten o’clock in the morning. All day they waited, just in case Todd decided the approach was too formidable and he would be forced to turn back.


And then all night Kemal and Denir waited some more. And then all that second night and into the third day, hearing and seeing nothing of Todd.


They wondered how he might be doing. Was he succeeding in his mission, which should see him back by tomorrow or the next day? Or had he possibly fallen somewhere and gotten hurt, or even killed, in the rough mountainous areas with its steep cliffs and rushing torrents of water which could easily drown him if he slipped and fell in while trying to cross them? Or, worst of all, had he been captured by the Kurds and perhaps tortured or killed, his equipment and supplies stolen, with no one able to come into the area to even find out what happened to him?


Every four hours, as agreed, the lieutenant back in the TBP station radioed Kemal and Denir for a status report, not only out of his own concern about Todd’s welfare, but also as he in turn needed to report back to the authorities in Istanbul, and they to the Gadwell Foundation, as to Todd’s whereabouts and situation.


However, every time the lieutenant called Kemal never had anything to report, while he and Denir continued to camp at their agreed location and wait for something to happen - good or bad. 


In the late afternoon of the fifth day, after almost sleepless days and nights waiting for and worrying about him, at just about the last hour of the last day which Todd thought he’d need to complete a full survey of the wild and mountainous area of that part of Turkey did Kemal and Denir finally spot him coming down the trail.


But when they worriedly ran up to meet him as he came around the last few huge boulders which bordered the trail, the worried and harried looks of Kemal and Denir were matched by the wide grin they saw crossing Todd’s face.


On seeing Todd’s grin, their own fearing grimaces quickly turned to wide grins as well, and as they reached him, they all but picked him up in their powerfully strong arms, not to wrestle with him this time, but to carry him back to the Jeep in triumph.


True, Todd looked pretty dirty and dusty, with a few rips and tears in the fatigues he wore, but it was obvious that he was just fine otherwise.


“What happened to you, our good friend Todd?” asked Kemal and Denir almost as one.


“Oh men, it was really something! But actually, it all went real well, and I found just the particular species of plants I was searching for. In fact, after my initial tests they may be even better than I’d hoped. I’ve got some specimens here with me to take back, and I’m thinking they’ll be really great!”


Kemal and Denir didn’t know what to make of that statement, as he wasn’t now carrying any pack with him at all, not even the pack he’d started off with let alone any sign of any plant specimens or whatever else he might have brought back with him.


Then, out of the corner of their eyes, they saw two powerfully built men, dressed in traditional Kurdish garb standing next to the last rock around which Todd had just come. The two looked to be about the same age as Todd, Kemal and Denir, and each carried a big pack on his back as well as an M39 Enhanced Marksman rifle slung over one shoulder, with an additional cartridge belt slung over his other shoulder. As they stood there, they watched Todd, Kemal and Denir talking and greeting each other. 


Todd, glancing back at them and grinning, motioned for them to come forward and he stepped back just as readily to meet them. Slowly and warily the two Kurds advanced to come up with Todd, while keeping a wary eye on Kemal and Denir as well.


Kemal and Denir, who were wearing pistols on their belts, seeing them approach and Todd’s warm greeting of them, quickly sensed the apprehension of the two strangers. However, noticing Todd’s warm welcome of them, Kemal and Denir quickly decided it was a time for peace, not war. As a result, Kemal first, and then Denir, removed their pistols from their holsters and put them in their Jeep to indicate they were unarmed. They then joined Todd in going up to meet the two men.


When they met, Todd said easily “Kemal and Denir, I’d like you to meet my friends Aras and Mako. Aras and Mako, I’d like you to meet my friends Kemal and Denir.” 


All four very tough and hardened military men were wary of each other, and at first not one put his hand out to shake the other’s. Then Kemal, a reluctant grin on his face, put out his hand toward Aras, fully expecting it to be either rejected or suddenly torn off his body in some sort of wrestling throw, which he was more than ready to counter.


At first, Aras didn’t respond to Kemal’s move, however, and so Kemal extended it a little further. And then, slowly and reluctantly, Aras put out his own hand for a strong shake on each of their parts, which then lasted more than just a couple of seconds as if they suddenly found it wasn’t really as bad shaking the other man’s hand as they had anticipated.


With that, Denir and Mako followed suit, and then all shook hands all around, ending with at least some semblance of grins on all of their faces as the initial tension eased.


“Hey,” said Todd to Kemal and Denir, “We’ve been walking for the last four hours just to get here before too late, and Aras and Mako still have to make their way back to their camp before it gets too dark.


“Any chance you can pull something together for us to eat? We’re sort of hungry!”


“For you, Todd, and for your friends here too, of course,” Kemal quickly replied. “We still have a lot of sandwiches and beers left, more than enough to go around. “And, if Aras and Mako would like, enough for them to take some back to their camp and have to eat for the next couple of days too!” was his easy reply.


As he said it, Denir turned to the Jeep to unpack the big hampers of food they’d brought, and proceeded to lay it all out on a big table-like rock nearby where they could sit on the ground and enjoy their repast.


As Denir laid out the food, Todd, Aras and Mako took off their back packs and walked over and set them down next to the Jeep. They then took off their jackets and outer clothes in the warm air as well, which very quickly revealed their powerfully built and muscular bodies underneath.


As they lightened up, all four, Kemal and Denir and Aras and Mako, quietly checked each other out. They all liked what they saw. As they first stood around and then sat down on the grass to eat their sandwiches and beers, Todd led the way in easy conversation to make it easier for all of them, and it turned out all spoke and understood at least some English.


Before sitting down on the ground to eat, Aras and Mako also removed their M39’s from their shoulders and stacked them against a rock a few feet away at the edge of the clearing, matching Kemal and Denir’s courtesy move in putting their pistols in the Jeep earlier.


Without their weapons, all four showed they were now just a little more comfortable with each other. And then too, as all of them were obviously powerfully built and most likely very good fighters and wrestlers too, each felt that if things didn’t turn out too well, they could still handle things physically too. 


As they ate quietly they said little. It was obvious Kemal and Denir wanted to hear all about Todd’s adventures over the past few days, including how he came to meet up with Aras and Mako. But Todd answered their queries only vaguely, although he grinned at Aras and Mako when he referred to his adventures, and they grinned back at him.


As soon as their meal ended, Todd looked up at the sun, beginning to descend in the western sky, and said to Aras and Mako, “Ok gentlemen, I told you these men weren’t all that bad, and I know they’ve really been glad to meet you. Maybe another time you can meet up with them again, and maybe even get into something else too!” said Todd.


All four knew what he was saying and grinned.


“Meanwhile,” he continued, “ I know it’s getting late and you want to head back, so let Denir here pack some sandwiches and beers for you to take back with you.”


A couple of minutes later, Denir had put together packs of food for them, and all five stood at the head of the trail leading back into the mountains. 


As the powerfully muscular Todd shook Ara’s hand, however, Todd suddenly reached out and grabbed Aras in a tight wrestler’s headlock, bringing both of them down to the grass underneath them. Which got a fast reaction from Mako, who then jumped on top of Todd, who then had to contend and wrestle with both of them for a couple of minutes as they all so unexpectedly began to fight and wrestle with each other. 


Kemal and Denir were so surprised at first they didn’t know what to do. Everything seemed to be going pretty good and friendly, and now here all three of them were wrestling each other on the ground.


But they saw that it was Todd who started it, and then they also saw the grins which covered the faces of all three wrestlers, including Todd. As a result, although watching carefully to be sure they weren’t hurting Todd, Kemal and Denir just stood by to watch the action.


In a couple of minutes, it was all over and Todd, Aras and Mako got up again, the grins on their faces even wider. It was actually Todd’s final expression of thanks to Aras and Mako.


In just a couple more minutes, it was time for Aras and Makos to take their leave, with now firm and easy handshakes all around.


Todd, Kemal and Denir watched Aras and Mako then pick up their own small packs and the provisions Denir had put together for them, sling their M39 Marksman rifles over their shoulders, and head back up the trail and disappear around the rocks to head back to their own camp somewhere in the mountain fastness where they lived. 


As soon as Aras and Mako were out of sight, Kemal and Denir both turned to a grinning Todd and said, “Ok, Mr. Todd, now what was all that about?”


Part 2


After Todd, Kemal and Denir stowed the two big packs, which Aras and Mako had carried down with them, and Todd’s smaller pack, in the Jeep, the three headed back down the deeply rutted dirt road leading back out of the mountains to the Turkish Border Patrol station where Kemal and Denir were based, and where Todd was their guest, and under their protection, for however long he liked.


At their questioning of him now that they were alone on his whole experience “Oh man,” said Todd, “it really was something. But I sure enjoyed it, even though for a while there I thought I was a goner. But in the end it sure turned out well!”


Then he continued “For the first day, after you left me off at the clearing, I hiked back up into the mountains along the trails we’d seen and generally laid out from the AH64.


“Then that first night I found a small glen to sleep in. Then, in the mid-afternoon of the second day, I found what I was looking for, or at least its general location. Going over that area took the rest of the day, and, while it was still light, I spotted a small empty hut, most likely used by some goat herders in season, and made myself comfortable for that night, planning to devote the next day fully to researching that area more closely.


“But then, around midnight, I thought I felt myself being bitten by some bug or something. So I halfway woke up to brush it away, and instead I found Aras kneeling right on top of me pressing his dagger right against my throat.


“Man, that woke me up fast, but at least I had the sense not to make any sudden move, and I just sort of, I guess, grinned up at him and waiting for him to make the next move.


“Which he did, and then I saw Mako was right behind him ready to get into whatever action might develop too.


“At the time, being a very warm night, I’d taken off just about all my clothes except my shorts, and Aras and Mako were wearing not much more than that either, so all three of us were pretty well naked. They were wet with sweat too for the tension of creeping up on me, and then I was now getting pretty sweaty with the situation too.


“So then Aras handed his knife to Mako to hold, and then Aras started trying to beat me up by coming down hard on me in a full body press, jamming his knee into my crotch and against my cock and balls, which were already getting long and hard with the fight it looked like I was about to get into, and him punching me on my pecs too.


“Well, you know how that goes. So, not to let Aras get away with too much, I started punching him back on his pecs. Then I shoved one hand, open palmed, against his face, and managed to bring one of my bare feet up and jam it into his crotch. I could feel it hit hard against his cock and balls, which were also real hard, and I thought maybe we were thinking the same thing.


“Then he slipped down off my foot, which was still jammed hard into his crotch, and then he came down on top of me again. But now this time he reached down to grab my cock, which was now all long and hard, in his fist and began to crush it. So then I then reached up and grabbed his own big tool and began to crush it in my fist in return back on him.


“I could see a grin come to his face with this, as I guess he figured it wasn’t going to be as easy to make me submit to him as maybe he’d thought, but might turn out in fact to be a lot more enjoyable for both of us instead.


“Meanwhile, Mako had grabbed one of my feet and had begun to tie one end of a rope around my ankle and then tie the other end to an iron ring which was embedded in the hut wall. This, of course, limited my action, and so I figured ok, I’ll ease up on my fight with Aras and let them take it from there.


“At the same time, I tried to give them my name and direct them to my pack which had my ID and copies of the leaflet we’d dropped from the AH64 to see if that would help the situation.


“They looked at it, but while I found they spoke a few words of English, I figured they couldn’t read it, nor much Turkish either. But I figured that at least maybe they were uncertain what to do with me, and hopefully weren’t inclined to kill me at that point either.


“So, instead, as by then it was almost one o’clock in the morning, and I guess we were all tired from the day, Aras checked the rope holding my ankle again to be sure it was tied real tight in such a way that I couldn’t undo it. Then they moved their own small packs and their M39 rifles and knives where I couldn’t get at them, and then, lo and behold, if they didn’t lay down next to me, one on each side, and we all just sort of sacked out for the rest of the night. Or at least I did anyway.


“When I woke up the next morning, I was still tied to the ring by my ankle, but I was otherwise able to stand up and move around. Meanwhile, Aras and Mako had both gotten up and were making a real good breakfast for all three of us. And, I think, all of us were feeling better as it was daylight now, I was still tied up, and there didn’t seem to be anything else to do for the moment.


“I had the feeling they were waiting for someone to come to where we were, maybe someone in a higher authority, who could decide for them what to do with me.


“Meanwhile, I couldn’t help but scope out again their really muscular builds, them looking like Turkish, or Kurdish anyway, wrestlers as well as real tough mountain fighters. And I got to thinking maybe they were thinking of me in much the same way.


“So after breakfast, I tried to explain again what I was trying to do in that area, which was to conduct some harmless research of the particular plants I was searching for. I thought I was where I wanted to be, but still needed to check it out to be sure. But they weren’t picking up on it, at least not then.


“Instead, I think both Aras and Mako, got to thinking more about our wrestling around last night, and I guess liking it, and I guess I was thinking along the same lines. So then Aras came up to me and began to get me in a bear hug and then a headlock, which I countered with a real good crotch lift on him. In addition, I next grabbed his big rod once again, which was real long and hard and looked like it was ready for some real cockfighting action, and both of us crashed down to the ground, locked together and wrestling again. 

“Right next to the hut was a grass covered clearing, with a small brook nearby which kept it moist, most likely to provide water for the hut. In a word to Mako from Aras, Mako then untied the rope from my ankle. I noticed that earlier, at some point, they’d taken away my pack and scientific supplies, and my shoes as well, so I wouldn’t be able to escape into the rough and rocky woods surrounding us.


“Then the big fight and wrestling around with Aras and me began, and I pretty soon figured they’ve got a different style, which is the way you like to wrestle, and which I now really like too. That is, real slow, with lots of deadlocks and pauses, to see which could take any particular punishment the longest, but also stretching the whole thing out and therefore enjoying it a lot more too.


“Aras got a real good headlock on me and lying on top of me too, but with the headlock not being too tight, it was just tight enough so that I couldn’t escape either. And then he pulled my head in against his big pec and tried to stuff it down my throat. Which, of course, I didn’t have any real problem with at all, and it tasted pretty good too. Meanwhile, I was able to reach around between his big solid legs and thighs and grab his big bull balls again and slowly try to crush them in my fist while also trying to pull them backwards through his legs as if to almost pull them right off his body.


“For at least five minutes, I think, we were double-locked on that, neither able to escape the other, but while hurting it also felt real good, but none of it so much as to have to give in either. It was, in fact, real good, now that I think about it.


“Then eventually, however, we did break off on that Then Aras got more on top of me again to get me in a full body press, which I didn’t mind at all. Like you know, I like the feel of another guy’s muscular body on top of me, particularly when he’s all naked and wet with oil or sweat - just like when it’s you, Kemal and Denir.” 


With that, Kemal and Denir each grinned and punched Todd sideways as all three sat crammed together in the modified front seat of the Jeep while they continued their torturous descent down the rocky and rutted road back to the more level land and the TBP station. 


Todd then resumed his story and continued, “I sort of figured I’d also let Aras get and stay on top of me as long as he liked so that he’d know I wasn’t trying to beat him. Actually, we weren’t too different in size, and he might have figured he didn’t want to take any chances with me even though Mako was also there to give a hand if need be. And, from my point of view, with them being tough Kurdish mountain fighters, if it really got down to it, they’d still be able to beat me any time or way they liked.


“It was maybe after Aras had body pressed me for at least ten minutes, first moving up on me to smother me by stuffing his big wet and naked pec in my mouth again, and then moving down to jam his knee and big thigh into my crotch again to crush my cock and balls, with me only trying only somewhat to escape, but also, of course, liking very much what he was doing to me. And, of course, giving him just at least some resistance so he’d know I wasn’t going to submit to him entirely, and make him continue his punishment of me too.


“Eventually, I think Aras began to realize maybe I didn’t present quite as much of a threat to him as he’d originally thought, or maybe he liked to get a lot of pressure on top of him too, just like me. In any event, after a while he soon rolled both of us over so that now our positions would be reversed, and so I could get back at him in the same way he had just been working me over.


“So, for the next ten minutes at least, we were still locked tight together, but now I was stuffing my pec into his mouth to make him suck it, and jamming my own knee and thigh into his crotch, and could feel his cock and balls being crushed under my weight, instead of the other way around.


“A couple of times I looked at his face, and both times I saw a small grin on his mouth, once with his eyes looking at me to check on me too, and the other time with his eyes closed as if he were just plain really liking what I was doing to him.


As Todd described his experience with Aras, all three were recalling Todd’s previous visit to the Turkish Border Patrol station a few months ago and wrestling around with both Kemal and Denir at that time. And how much all three liked to wrestle around with each other, all naked and oiled, late at night, getting more and more sensually aroused all the time, until all of them were finally forced to shoot their loads and ended up totally exhausted.


Even now, as they rode in the Jeep, the big cocks and balls of all three were getting so aroused to their full long and hard state, that a few drops of pre-cum were oozing out as well. They were hoping that Todd wouldn’t have exhausted himself too much with Aras and Mako, and that maybe they’d all still have some left in them for tonight after they got back to the TBS. 


Todd then continued, “Man, Aras and I must have messed around for over an hour, with Mako standing by and getting just as horny as we were, and getting more and more aroused all the time too. 


“Then, at one point when Aras was on top of me, still body pressing me hard and tight, he shifted around until we were head-to-toe instead of face-to-face. And, of course, that meant we pretty quickly got into a double figure-four head scissors on each other, him catching my whole head between his big heavy mountain man’s thighs to block out all of my sound and light, and then jamming his big, long and hard rod hard against my face and eyes, nose and mouth.


“And from there, of course, next thing he did was stab that big thick and wet rod of his with its big red heart-shaped end deep down into my mouth and throat.


“That sure felt and tasted good, of course, and in the next couple of seconds I was able to flip up and get him exactly the same way, which he had no more trouble with than I did.


“For the next few minutes, I think it was, we rolled back and forth in the damp grass, all naked and sweaty, first him on top and then me, and neither willing to be the first to let the other go, while all the time feeling and tasty the other’s big hard rod jammed deep down into our own mouth and throat. And, of course, getting more and more aroused all the time, until we couldn’t hold back any longer.


“Suddenly, I felt all of my cum, which by then was a huge load, I knew, race through my body and explode out of my stiff rod right down into his mouth and throat, and at the same time felt a final spasm from him and then felt and tasted all of his hot creamy man juice suddenly burst out and fill my own mouth and throat.


“Man, did that feel and taste good!


“Just like when we mess around back at the TBS,” Todd added, watching the big grins of memories and anticipation of what hopefully lay in store for them tonight.


Then Todd continued, “After we both shot our loads, we were exhausted and so had to rest up for a while. But then, in about an hour, which is all it took, here comes Mako up, makes his move on me, which I was waiting and hoping for, and then he and I got into it just as hard and long as Aras and I had messed around, until Mako shot his full load into my mouth and down my throat, and I shot my own already fully replenished load down into his mouth and throat as well. 


“So by then it was just about noon, and while Mako and I were finishing up our messing around, Aras had put together some lunch for us, partly out of the provisions he found in my pack, and more from their own packs, so we had a pretty good lunch of it.


“It wasn’t more than a few minutes after we had lunch then that an older and powerfully built man in a rough Kurdish mountain soldier’s uniform came up to check on us. He had already seen one of the leaflets we’d dropped from the helicopter, and knew what the story was. I think, looking at the three of us, he figured we’d already been messing around some, but he didn’t say anything.


“However, I think his instructions must have been to find me, if possible, take care of me, and then assist me in my work and then get me back to wherever it was I wanted to go to get back to my own base. Which, of course, was where you were and where I’d left from.


“So Aras and Mako then got us all organized and even took my packs to carry back for me, specimens and all, and so, after a few hours on the trail, that’s when I got back and saw you again! 


“Oh Mr. Todd, you are one good man,” said Kemal, “and we’re very glad, of course, you got back in one piece. And you were very lucky they didn’t just kill you right off as soon as they found you.


“But then, of course, they wouldn’t have had the pleasure of messing around with you either, and so they were very lucky too!


“But now you are back, and we are very glad your research turned out so well too, which leaves you, we think, with nothing more to do?


“Except, maybe,” Kemal added with a grin on his face and a nod over to the grinning Denir as well, “you can show us some of the holds and moves you and Aras and Make got into with each other back on the mats at the station tonight?”


“Yeah, to both of you, I’m sure we can easily arrange for that! I’m ready any time you are, and as long and hard as you like with all the hot man juice we can bring up!”


Which is exactly what happened.


The End


Posted: 02/21/14